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I'm a quasi-professional internet technologies specialist who dabbles in fanfiction. I write, draw, and sometimes edit. When I'm not creating, I'm sleeping. Mornings are my mortal enemy.

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Nice chapter, man.

5587841 Hah! Indeed he does! A nice story actually! Hope the sexual tension will keep on rising from here on out. :trollestia:

When's the next chapter?

5813331 As soon as Ron Jeremy pony and I can get around to writing it. :twilightsmile:

6125162 Eeyup. Ron Jeremy Pony just got promoted and most of his writing time is eaten up in appointments. (He's a class adviser at a small university.) We have part of the next chapter written up, I just need to add on to it. That has been difficult with my current lack of internet or half-decent machine to wrtite on. THankfully, I now have a small netbook to work on, so it's likely we can get working on that chapter soon. Well, as soon as we get through the chapter I'm colloborating on in one of his stories.

“No,” milky protested,

Missing Capital Letter Here.

Working on any more chapters? :pinkiehappy:

If Ron Jeremy pony is still to busy, have you thought about finishing this on your own?

Have you and Mr. Pony worked on the next chapter much? And if so, do you have any idea when we could see an update?

Sorry folks, no updates as of yet. I'll speak with RJP later today and see if we can get the next chapter established. We've been busy with Life In General and one of our other joint projects, As Ye Sew, So Shall Ye Rip. Latest chapter of that was posted yesterday, if you all are interested.

6878001 I understand with the whole life thing and I might just check it out.

6878078 RJP and I are at just over a thousand words in the new chapter. We should have something before the end of the month, pending any other bedlam that might take place.

whatever that milky way have then no other else has?

6907527 A massive pair of jugs that dribble magical milk. Oh, and a killer body coupled to a sexy accent. That answer your question?

Hat cycle... I don't want you to fix that typo.

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