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Original username Zoddtheimmortalone. I'm a fan of anime, but I enjoy the classics more. As for My Little Pony, I may not watch it as much, but I do like the show and I also love EG

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Oooooo I like this on it gun be good

7341386 you are welcome also who did the cover art it is good

I'm sorry, but I can't read this any more. It's just another poorly-written cliche-fest, complete with awkward phrasing, wooden dialogue, and unrealistic sex scenes.

7341563 Ok, now lets try doing that again but being constructive instead?

That was constructive. I listed everything that was wrong with this fic.

7341644 Ya in a very mean way. They're pretty much insults. Constructive would be giving examples and how to improve them, not just saying "this sucks, and this suck and this sucks. This whole story sucks and I can't read it."
Why not give an example of how to fix it instead?


Alright then, for example, the author could start by removing the lactation scene. Unless Nightmare Moon is somehow pregnant, she shouldn't be lactating.

7341656 Or he could pass it of as just part of pony biology. I've seen it done before

"fuck this Moon with all your might!"

*Scrolls back up, hits like, scrolls back down.

This is fucking amazing please make more.

I like how popular this story has become and the number of groups it is already in PS do you have a step-by-step way to put stories into a group I still cannot figure that one out

7342824 that I know but the way is says to do it in FAQ does not make any real sense is there a simpler way of explaining it p.s moar is so good


Oh okay! I got it! Here's what you do:

1. Find a group you like to add it to

2. Choose the right folder to put it in (you may only choose one. Some may allow you to put in more folders)

3. Go to the folder and there will be a green button that says "add story".

4. Scroll for the title you want to submit; click on it and press add

Hopefull this helps


Your welcome. Are you mad? I apologize deeply if I offended you

7342885 no I ain't made its just bend frustrating trying to figure this out and you helped a lot may your stories live long and prosper

Yeah, I don't think I've read half of this chapter yet and I just couldn't go any further. Griff's characterization in this is kind of irksome, seeming to be easily emotionally swayed by little things like finding out how Teresa has a boyfriend and Nightmare Moon saying "I like you," in what may be a completely different context than what she really meant. I groaned internally when he thought of commiting suicide just over a girl he doesn't even know yet.

Speaking of Nightmare Moon, I think I'm way more thrown off from her characterization than Griff's. We may only had 2.5 episodes from the show to know who she is, but we already got the picture just from her actions and speech alone. THIS? I don't think OOC doesn't even begin to describe how she was portrayed here. I don't see why Luna wasn't in this instead as she fits the role at least a little better than her evil counterpart, and what's with that weird superstition involving her? Is it saying MLP doesn't exist and somehow anthro horses were present in a time much earlier before humans came around, or what? I just wasn't into her at all.

I won't give this a dislike as I didn't even finish the whole chapter, and I see it rather unfair if I did, I was just peeved enough to give my two cents and not let this go without some kind of complaint. If Griff seems like a relatable character to you readers, I have no comment. I just won't be on this bandwagon with the rest of you, and I gave my reasons for doing so.

that was awesome also great deadpool reference I couldn't stop laughing at that:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

It was FUNNY when John fainted after seeing Celestia and Luna.

This is amazing. You should write more stories.


Become my follower and you shall see more :raritywink:

Yes a deadpool reference

I like this I like this a lot.

I love it. It would be so cool if there was more of this story. But that's up to you. You did a great job. Very sweet story.


Why thank you. I plan on working on other stuff if you are interested

7354267 of course I am. That is how I find this one. The feed page shows me all what you put out.

You are my favorite author. No questions asked.

This story was pretty good.:twilightsmile: A little heartwarming too. I hope you got more stories because I'm definitely am going to be following you. Right after I fave this story.:twilightsmile:

7367794 Thanks! But you are the awesome one.:raritywink:

Deadpool? DEADPOOL??!!!! Of all fourth wall breaks jokes, you go with DEADPOOL??!!:flutterrage:

Well played. *tips hat*:pinkiecrazy:

Wait... A Deadpool reference?... Really?...
Good Job!

All out, this was pretty good. Luna/Nightmare Moon have been watching over his family for some time, and now Nightmare Moon talks with the one from the current generation. The talk of problems leads Nightmare Moon to find attractive qualities of Griff, and they make sweet love, which makes Nightmare Moon Luna again...

She Is Luna Again! She Is Luna Again! Griff Let her Happiness Bloom Like A Rose!...

That was a Beauty and The Beast reference... I Can Make References Too, Damnit!

Jokes aside, it's fascinating to me. Especially how they're getting married now.

Silence, you cheeky scrublords! Now go back to your rooms and think about what you've told zoddtheimmortalone.

Here's my response to them:

If this story is so bad, then do tell my I have 78 likes and 30 dislikes. Hmmmmm?

"a forth wall break inside a forth wall break. That's like... like sixteen walls. Anyway, stop mentioning me and let's get back to the story."

Hehehe I love the deadpool reference


There were tons of exposition you missed out on as you were writing this, but the raw talent and emotion you portrayed while writing this is what gave it such potential to be fleshed out. :raritystarry:
I'm torn between giddy and consternation when I think about that line you borrowed from Deadpool. it doesn't really take away from it per se but it does separate the reader from the feeling (flow) of the story. overall, I feel proud to have read this and actually had the opportunity to be a part of it.

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