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Using interrobangs for good and evil.


What happens when a draconequus Chaos Spirit tries to seduce a nerdy unicorn?

There are questions that are best left unasked and if asked, unsolved. Unfortunately, Equestria is the kind of place where these questions are not left ignored. Chaos and mild property destruction ensue.

Illustration by me.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 9 )

Are the last paragraphs of this supposed to be bold? Just wondering... :pinkiehappy:

That's TOTALLY Pinkie's fault! :twilightblush:
See what you did Pinkie?

Thanks a lot for pointing that out by the way :twilightsmile:
I'm so ashamed... I should always check things twice...

I would have blamed a certain learned lavinder 'licorn. :ajsmug:

I don't have the slightest clue of what you mean :twilightblush:

It seems Moondancy has talent as a chef. She was able to get a smooth texture for the custard. Usually novices will "cook" the egg giving it a grainy consistency.

To sum it up the story was sweet and evenly paced but for my tastes it could have used a pun to top it off.

Thank you so much!

Not really into Pinkie Twi, but Disco Dancer intrigues me. I'd be glad to see more of this ship. I still think I prefer TwiCord though...

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

I admit I never envisaged DiscoDancer as a ship before my friend told me about it...

I too am very fond of TwiCord (this ship is so much fun) and TwiPie (obviously), although I'm more into the Mane Six in a big poly relationship.

Anyway thanks for your comment and your fav :twilightsmile:

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