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In the grim and dark future of the 41st Century, there is only war.
Or maybe not... Sometimes, war is not the only reality ponies of the Imperium face. Not even Spacemares only wage wars. Not even Equustodes. Sometimes, even in the middle of the battlefield, there are stories, lessons, bounds which can mark a pony forever.

These are such stories.

These are short stories, one shots and such narrating some of the adventures and banters of the Mane Six in the grim and dark future of the 41st millennium. While they are set in the same universe as them, I'll try to make them as independent as possible from The Mare in the Warp and the the other stories, but there may be some references from time to time (one way or the other).

I'd still recommend reading the Mare in the Warp.

Art by Nathan 2000

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A very good start! I await your further writings with anticipation.

Thank you :twilightsmile:
I'll do my best!

Hoo boy... this should be interesting...

Amazing work! You have pleased this Astartes!

I certainly hope so :pinkiehappy:

Thank you very much ^^

The sheer depth of the tactics and nuances of the world is staggering. You write with a fair bit of passion, though I'm not sure if you were feeling a little pressured to get this written. The slow methodical pace that you started with seemed to start accelerating quickly by the end of her fight, and it leaves a number of questions about what certain parts mean or how they should be interpreted. The progress was not a bad thing, even if a little quicker than expected at the end, it gave room for you to go into detail later on without essentially recapping what you explained earlier and gave an air of mystery to promote reading on but I also hope you do not forget the foundation you have built here and can use it to build further in the story and lore as you go.

May each action you take in this story lead it, and you, to a greater ending.

You're absolutely right.

I've put a lot of pressure on myself and my stories lately and I can feel it impact my writing. It's not easy to get what's wrong when you'rein the middle of it but the way you pointed it out helped me see a bit more clearly what bothered me...

Thanks (a lot) for your comments, advice and praises, it means a lot :twilightsmile:

A little pressure is a good motivator to get started though if you find yourself struggling to stay writing after you start, that would be a good time to go do something else, possibly something 40K or MLP related if you want inspiration for new ideas or a fresh take on old ones. if you are feeling burnt out, set anything related to the story down and find something else so that you have some time to get out of the depths of that world. These breaks probably shouldn't be more than a few days because then your idea for the story might start to warp too much and you may end up trying to write a story that just doesn't fit the intro.

When you feel like coming back to it, go ahead and reread the last couple chapters but focus on what you liked in the chapters and build off that. The mistakes in the story itself can't, and shouldn't, be changed if you ever want the story to progress. You have to just accept that they exist and move on. Now if you see a misspelling or grammatical error, that can be fixed on the spot but again focus on what you like about the story and try to base your next chapter on that in a way that makes sense to the story.

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