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Wendy Gowak

Using interrobangs for good and evil.


In the grim, dark future of the 41th Millennium, there is only war and it is the duty of the Dulce Pomum Battalion to protect PV-01 from the clutch of the xenos, mutants, heretics and horrors of an uncaring universe. This is the stories of those brave soldiers, their battles and sacrifices.

While the stories are mostly understandable on their own, a lot of their context will be found in the Mare in the Warp. I really recommend reading it before.

The illustration is a(nother) splendid piece from NC Mares

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The God Emperor protects you, writer of the Imperium!

The Emperor Protects!

(But since that only seems to work for the Sororitas, we carry Rosarii anyway.)

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