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After the usual drama when Twilight discovers her new alicorn immortality, Princess Celestia puts her in touch with an old colleague of hers; Star Swirl the Bearded. Now over a thousand years old, he knows the secrets and the costs, but when he demands a price for his help, how far will Twilight go to save her friends from the reaper? And what exactly is Star Swirl's problem? Only the power of friendship can help them now!

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This is a wonderful beginning to what could turn out to be an epic. I really like your take on Starswirl and gender stereotypes.

I'm not sure the inclusion of Peewee is a good idea though. Unless you are saying that he occasionally spends the night.
(Season 3 ep. 11, Picture timeline shows Spike returning Peewee to his nest)

I can't wait for more. :pinkiehappy:

Its... kind of weird, certainly. The romance tag shows that these 2 will eventually have a relationship, and i cant avoid cringing at the idea of an old pony like him with someone a thousand years younger.

Still, the premise is quite good and unique, no grammar errors and the flow is nice and smooth. Keep up the good work.

Ok, that was weird. Like eldritch kind of weird.

I can't quite put my finger on it, but I like the way you write. I look forward to more of this.

Geez, EVERY chapter is cringe worthy, but in a good way.

Why is the like/dislike bar not changing at all?

Twilight's plan... :facehoof: Wait a moment, did her plan just actually work? :trixieshiftright:


“I need you to get me drunk and drop me off at the hotel!”

Applejack just stared at her.

“It's for your own good!”

Made my day! :rainbowlaugh:

LOL I just LOVE the history of Starswirl the Bearded! And still wearing a single bell too... I'm guessing 'Luna'.

I'm guessing Spike was right... a mustache just isn't enough. Gotta have a beard to go with it!

Oh, and the feedback isn't changing because we need to find a way to get more people reading this.
I love Cozy's work, but it's just not getting the exposure it deserves.

Now, I'll have to make a vector based on one of Cozy's stories. I just gotta figure out what to make.

Twilight's character is turning too ooc for me. Unfollowing.

I hope its going to be Starswirl x Twilight. That would probably the first Shipping with them.

Admittedly, the presence of Flash Sentry sets me on edge.

I'm curious as to how you're going to spin it, but the presence of a non-officer royal guard that strays from the "uniform" colors of white and grey messes with my head-cannon. For this gem, though, I'm willing to look past it. :raritywink:

Rats :rainbowderp:

Now that's a new one. I like it!

“Well, it made you so happy, and it’s not like the children knew.”

This line had me busting up for so long... :rainbowlaugh:

I love where this story is going! :pinkiehappy:

Oh please not Flash. The whole Story, with the possibility of Twilight and Starswirl becoming a couple, was an awesome idea but with Flash now i fear he will get Twilight. I hope not but i cant decide how the Story will go and i will still read it.

Interesting turn of events, I look forward to seeing where it goes:twilightsmile:

Update!! I love this story, can't wait for more! :twilightsmile:

Lecher's Bells! i love that! I will never be able to look at Starswirl the same after this:facehoof:

I know a hole lot of women who would slap him for the gender comment

I like this story so when will u add more

Uh, yeah... The 'Reading Rainbow' incident.

Is this the home of the famous witch, Twilight Sparkle?

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