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Let's see, so far you have done the Space Wolves, Night Lords and Adeptus Custodes.It's up to you, but I would like to see the Imperial Fists, Adepta Sororitas or Soul Drinkers next.

7127148 .......... Would it be bad if I said I was thinking on a Fallen and Black Templar story?

7127152 No it would not be bad. Out of curiosity, would Cypher be in it?

Hell no XD all main characters I use are personally created. Off characters? Ehhhh no so much. I did a few with pre-created ones, in all honesty? I could have done better.... Hunter and the Shy was alright, and that involved Talos

7127170 I didn't say he would be the one sent to Equestria, I just asked if he would be in it. Or at the very least mentioned.

7127175 Maaaaaaybe. Only thing keeping me from attempting such on the two, is my limited knowledge on their lore

7127277 you do know, there is more to it then relying on one site, right?

Oh so he is an adeptus custodes nice

Found this and read it all up to now. Loving it!

7128578 Haha, thankyou! Glad you love the story x3

So is Silver Flash supposed to be Walter C. Dornez or something?

7128664 Lol he and Sebastian inspired the character xD

7128753 Ah, okay. I just thought of something, could you imagine if a member of the Ordo Xenos was sent to Equestria?

7128765 Already been done on FanFiction xD

7128909 not you... You've never seen Black Butler, have ya? XD

7128917 Nope, I haven't even heard of it until now:rainbowlaugh:

7128920 the demon Butler's name is Sebastian xD

it took me a bit of digging but Sun Guard is a "Adeptus Custodes". i had recognized his armor and weapon in the description and was thinking for several days what army he belonged to. At first i was thinking it was gray knight's but that was wrong so i dug through what ever army i could thinking he was a Librarian, but finally stumbled on what was correct.

7134014 o.o I honestly didn't know I made this into a mystery..... Thought the "Emperor's Companion" comment would have answered it instantly.

Omg the reactions of the mares :rainbowlaugh:

Bruh :rainbowderp: I did not expect Flash to have his wings cut off

7127968 I'm curious...Is he one of those naked guys in the ITEHTTSD?
I don't know much about WH and most of my knowledge is from that and online vs debates.

And since this is rather early, they aren't exactly xeno=dead? Though, one could argue that these ponies have Terra origin.

Grammar issues that I'm too lazy to point out. Mainly cuz it is not that bad.

Hero worship much, Nighty?

It's sapient!
Damn it!

So...Our little bat pone is somehow better at fighting than millenium old princesses?
I'm not sure how I feel about this...That seem...unrealistic...Especially when a few other stories that I have read put the princesses in armies wiping category with Celestia being the dramatic one and Luna being the boring one.
Unrealistic because her skill just seem to be above average, not god-send/chosen-one/Very talented/...But, meh. It's not really a turn off for me.

7136314 Ah that, well... That is how others like to write it. While I agree, they are combat related. One must also remember, the princesses don't ALWAYS train for combat, pushing and pushing and pushing; day in and day out.... As portrayed by Gale, she does. She has a stigma against her, as well. She is not only a mare, but also a Bat Pony. Her kind being looked down upon by most, and it is also implemented in many stories from what I have read. So, she has to push herself further than most ponies would. You also must remember, both Celestia and Luna have little tendencies, as caring individuals, to hold back in combat. Both Sun Guard and Nighting Gale do not. There is also the factor, there is no telling how many millennia Sun Guard has seen combat. Gale, while still younger, also has been training most of her days to keep herself in that Captain seat, along with not being seen as "weak". While Celestia and Luna make good leaders, both in politics and military... That does not exactly mean they are grand combatants. After all, Sombra had them on the brink, in many fanfics... Even before it was revealed that he was an Umbrian.... Before hand, he was considered just your average Unicorn with dark magic at his call. So, there is a chance a Bat Pony has learned to use their natural agility and could out flank said alicorns and out maneuver them in skills of combat.

7136169 No, he isn't xD consider him one of those.... "Great Crusade Badass" types. After all, it was revealed in chapter one, he was around during the Siege of Terra. Which was before the Custodes turned Emo and started to be oiled up body builders.

7136328 True, I guess. Thought I read somewhere that an author made princess Celestia the secret underground fighting ring champion that take a different allias to release all the daily stress of working with many of the nobles. Luna meanwhile has just come back from the moon and is still a bit stuck in a more turbulence time and still keep up with her combat training. But, again, this isn't a turn off. Just pointing it out. Mostly because in that same story, a regular unicorn with little power is actually considered a high level threat to the alicorn sisters due to how that unicorn can optimized the small amount of magic she has (said unicorn is second place in the underground fighting ring after 'Celestia'. She isn't the antagonist, though).
Also, is the oiled-body-builder look a fact for the emo custodies, or, was it just a rumor? If so, from where did that rumor come to be?

7136446 I believe it is just a joke the Fandom created, nothing more xD

7136169 no he is more like the custodes that actually where's his armor and fall more into the actual 40k universe not that funny internet series

Cant wait for the next chapter to come out!

Omg that hellsing ultimate abridged episode 2 reference :eeyup:

BOOM!!! Best use of that reference yet. Good job with the story

7127968 Yes, from before the Emperor was placed on the golden throne. Before you ask why I know that, It's because his cloak is red not black.

Gonna make a wild guess, Silver is Flash Sentry's grandfather, isn't he?

I haven't read anything in the HH era books about the custodes, but I do know a few things about them. They have incredibly long names, with a new name added to their own after every campaign/heroic action they complete. As a result they only use one or two names at a given time that they are known for. Also, I don't think the custodes take vows of silence, they just don't bother talking to anyone who they view as unimportant to their duties i.e. The Emperor. I think they also engrave their full names on their armor as a record of their deeds, though that just might be something Gothik made up for his fanfic Renegades. That said I could totally see a custodes in this situation adopting the name Sun Guard and adding it to his own.

7343489 The Vow of Silence thing is just something our boy adopted because he feels actions speak far louder than words xP you know how those things work.

Sun Guard swung his spear around, taking a more heroic pose.

Show off.

7343493 Fair enough. Are you going to try to make a full name for Sun Guard and reveal it to the ponies at some point? I can understand if you don't want to considering veteran custodes have names 200+ words long, but it would be pretty funny to see the ponies reactions to hearing it in full.

7344902 Sun Guard does have many names, yet there is a single name he'll always respond to. One he'll often use to listed under... One that MIGHT be revealed later in the story.

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