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Hey everyone, BK here! Just wanted to give a quick word of thank you for your interest x3 If you want to help support me, check out this link! https://www.patreon.com/AidenFlack

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What? Seriously? Luna is just gonna accept her fate so quickly? Sadly, I feel like that's damn near impossible. Other than that, this series is quite intriguing.

7106434 You must realize something here. Luna was -Nightmare Moon-. She had been willingly corrupted by a sick, dangerous, sadistic, and all around evil; entity. Imagine all the things she had done AS Nightmare Moon in this universe, or would have done. Then, place yourself in her shoes, realizing that you just broke everything you stood for.

Also, look at it this way. She's weakened, barely has the power to fight her way out of a wet paper bag (metaphorically) and she is going up against THREE trained Royal Unicorn Guards, armed with swords and magic. She would not have stood a chance against them.

I love it but the accents kill me sometimes

This is late but Plllleeeeeeeaaaaaaaassse!!!!!!!! I want more!!!!!! :heart::heart::fluttercry::applecry::raritydespair::raritycry:

I have read many of your stories The-Black-Knight and have not been disappointed with any so far. But I must say this, this story has gathered my attention and desire to read more at such a level that few other stories bring about. I hope you continue with it.

7339151 I'm glad you like the story ^.^

Drunk sailors and dockhands singing, tavern girls

plz more, this looks really good.

Aaahhahaha now see why celestias guard sux Luna's took initiative and got things done celestias went and and told her like they didn't know what to do

Vor Princess Luna, and vor Equestria!

Vor = forward
vor = ago
sooooo (forward Princess Luna, and forward Equestria?)
or (ago Princess Luna, and ago Equestria?)
sorry I just got up from bed and b e n A bit out their :derpytongue2:

7420628 Its the accent. Don't get it the wrong way. He's saying "For" not something in German.

7420684 I know I just thought it was funny :pinkiesmile:

7420684 when is the next chapter?

Comment posted by Zen-Aku deleted Aug 28th, 2016

7339829 i know the perfect song for this story send you the link https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UsLLIcWFaa8

7519566 sorry i meant when the group are back together, but if you want i can find a song for this fic if you like?

7526766 Not necessary. I go through songs and the like while I create scenes. I personally comb through songs I feel would be suit certain scenes. If a song is implimented, there is a reason why that song had been implimented.

7526771 ah just trying to help

7526771 by the way when is the next chapter coming up?

7527868 aaawwwwwwww that sucks, well i bet it will be awesome like the rest if not better then the previous 7 chapters

Oh man he is invocing merphys law so bad and i am guessing this is you auther oc backstory

Called it and two spelling errors i found you said healed not sealed and rust instead of trust

BWAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHA they guards reaction :rainbowlaugh:
I am know really hopeing lance and rarity work out

And any chance of the nobles vote against went up and smoke

Awesome story loving the action and how the characters interact with everyone!!

When I first started reading this, I thought Talon was a hippogriff.

I can't help but think LI means Lunar Inquisition

7723494 *chesire grin* you're very close.

I can't help but think Iron is Reinhardt.

I'm more curious about her? race. LI may be both a abbreviation or serial number (model L copy 1 or Roman numerals (drone no. 51) In this case, that could indicate both member of Changling race, golem or maybe even some sort of undead/eldritch, like Umbrum/ghoul/vampire[typical yet interesting] (gold mask / mute).
This curiosity, I must withstand...........somehow.

Comment posted by krieg gaurdsman deleted Dec 13th, 2016

I can't help but think talon is your OC.

Shouldn't it be "Germane Knights" or "Knights of Germaney" instead of "Germaney Knights"?

Vor Princess Luna, and vor Equestria!” Iron Bulwark roared, as he and a full Company of Fenrian Wolf Riders charged in!


I knew the wording of the contract would come into play you cheeky lil bugger:trollestia:

7723413 lions tail. I was thinking similar thoughts to yours, but then I realised...

7578561 everything about this chapter is hilarious!! And what do you wanna bet the masked ponies are of the neighponese type?

the song warriors of the world by manowar riley maches to this story

Is this in stasis?

I hope that new chapters will come... someday...

Seems like a good story. Hopefully more chapters will come out! Other than that, keep up the good work!!! :moustache:


The weight of a guilty conscience can make one do many things. While I do wish Luna had put up a fight, I also understand why she didn’t.

...that is not at all how the French are like.

“Your Majesty, please forgive us, but several reports have come in that require your attention.” The left hand Solar Guard announced, Celestia nodding. “A rock slide has trapped a train bound from Manehatten to here, Appleloosa is under attack from bandits, Vanhoover was just hit by a rogue tidal wave, and several dangerous creatures have started to attack Dodge City.

Ok...who challenged Murphy?

Not saying they are? Just that this group of PRENCH Mercenaries have a bad sense of direction and rather good with the ladies.

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