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And wait, how the hell did Applejack manage to send a Astartes into the air who is wearing Terminator armor. I thought Terminator armor is impervious to all kinds of physical attacks?

7051247 Because it's Applejack. She's one strooooooong pony.

Zu'hal: Here, have a seat!
Garble: Don't mind if I do! :rainbowlaugh:

That Sorcerer made the biggest mistake of his life!

And so ends the saga... But more stories are only just beginning...

Is it weird that in my head, I heard that song in Phil Collins voice.


7058352 No, it was not the biggest. The biggest was turning his back on the Emperor.

“With Brother Zu’hal, brothers! He leads the way!” A Salamanders Sergeant called out, before a regiment of Guardsmen came out into the charge, as well.

that is a yes

When Zu'hal was telling Spike about Vulkan, you left out that Vulkan is a perpetual.

7220019 No I didn't. Zu'hal didn't feel it should be mentioned. Wouldn't be much of a hero of story, if he were to tell Spike that Vulkan was pretty much Immortal. His heroics would have been deemed as "null in void" due to Vulkan can survive just about anything

Um… Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

and they shall know no fear?

7051247 By how I read it I think she just kicked him in the direction he was already falling and just added more momentum to it

Okay this is a much different Nyx history then I'm used to

I know his next project

if only there was a functioning teleportarium (or whatever it's called) that would allow him to use his armors teleporter

I will rip out his HEART!

which one

Wait, seeing as Nyx is Twilights biological daughter in this story does that mean that was Twilight born an alicorn in this universe or was she born a unicorn who gave birth to alicorn Nyx then ascended to alicorn herself? Ow, I just gave myself a headache.

7339781 She was an Alicorn before giving birth to Nyx

7339833 I hate being that guy but my Asperger's is making me do it right now, can I get a timeline please. seeing as she's the crusader's age that would mean the Twilight had to have had her before episode one. So unless the crusaders are younger in this timeline or the mane 6 are childhood friends things aren't adding up.

7343457 oh! The Crusaders weren't actually mentioned xD they'd be around their teen years at this point?

7343485 Oh, okay so this years after season 5. You did mention the crusaders in chapter 1 and in the gala chapter.

7343524 Yeah, while they won't seem much bigger, they are teens.

Never thought I'd get hit by so many feels with a war hammer 40k crossover

“Where are you getting all these folding chairs from!?”

*Possessed Pinkie Pie* He got them from Temperus Maximus who was standing just off screen.

“But I think more important matters will be on our hands right now.”

Shouldn't that be hooves instead of hands?

“Even though you’ve been here for nearly two weeks…. You’ve been a rather big impact in Nyx’s life, a very special pony to her.”

Shouldn't that be "barely"?

7339781 twilight is Nyx biological mother because in the spell that created Nyx, Twilight's blood was used

8169187 If you read the sequel, you would see that's not how it works.

That served in Deathwatch. The fact that he has a Balefire gun is the evidence of his service because it is a deathwatch exclusive weapon. Speaking of which, I feel bad for Zecora seeing as she will now have to cross a patch of land that has been irradiated to visit her friends in Ponyville and vice versa.

Comment posted by The-Black-Knight deleted Jul 16th, 2017

Sebaste is right, it is kin to what the Pyro Guard use. Nearly all Salamanders Terminators use wrist mounted flamers.

What I meant by the Deathwatch comment is the fact he had balefire in his flamer. seeing as balefire is a highly radioactive promethium used exclusively by the Deathwatch, it would mean that he had to have served to have received it.

8301052 He wasn't with Deathwatch.... Nor is he using a baleflamer. It is really just a regular wrist mounted flamer.


Someone should make a picture of Zu’hal carrying Nyx around the Gala.

Spike eyed the long strip of parchment, and began to read it. “ So long as I stand as their Honor Guard, no harm shall befall Princess Twilight, or her daughter Princess Nyx. I swear in Vulkan’s name, and on the Golden Throne. If a threat arises, they shall meet both my hammer and shield, before they reach the two Princesses. Willingly, I shall give my life, in order for them to escape. ” Spike went wide eyed at the purity seal. “Are all um... ‘Salamanders’ willing to give up their lives for others, with such ease?” He asked, looking up at the giant.

This made me tear up.

*Wipes tears* What a touching chapter especially the part with Vulkan.

Also Dragon Hammer is a fitting name for his new form considering his past, I wonder what his cutie mark is?

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