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Contains ponies that stand on their hind legs.
We bring you Winona the Cowardly Dog! Abandoned as a pup, she was found by Applejack, who lives in the middle of nowhere (Well, Ponyville, but there's no real difference, is there?), with her brother: Big Macintosh! But creeeepy stuff happens in Ponyville, and it's up to Winona to save her new home!

For those that don't know, this is based on Courage the Cowardly Dog.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 56 )

Am I in the year where ponies and good memories mix together?

Because I'm lovin' it so far. First Pajama Sam, now this. I'll read this later to see how this holds.

EDIT: God dammit, I haven't had a chuckle this good since trying to pretend I was Santa for my younger sister. Excellent stuff in here. :)

7014771 Huzzah! He has finally returned and commented on one my stories...*takes out giant clippers* Now to steal his scales.

7014780 Aye! After 2-3 years on complete silence, I return to write stories (and remake that GOD AWFUL HiE I started long ago.)

You'll never catch me alive, coppers!

Liked just for the throwback to courage the cowardly dog. That cartoon was my childhood.

7015061 I tried to pace it like it were an actual episode. It didn't seem too rushed because of it, though, did it?

7015067 I think the pacing was fine and I got a good sense of nostalgia from reading it. I grew up watching that dog and you did him justice.

Retuurrrnnnn the sssssllaaaaaaaab...

Deleted scene (of course, by "deleted" I mean I totally just made it up):

Winona (while typing): Help... Applejack... trapped in book... must get her out!
Computer: Hmm... trapped in a book you say? Well, obviously that book must be magic, you twit.
Winona: Tell me something I don't know!
Computer: I suppose you want to get her out?
Winona: Just help me out already!
Computer: Alright, already! You don't have to get so defensive. if you want to get her out, perhaps the shaman can help you. For a price, of course...

IDK about you, but I wanted a scene with the computer in it. His sassy sarcasm was simply irresistible (try saying that three times fast, you twit!).

7016545 If you don't return the slab, you will be visited by three Christmas spirits...

7015812 If you want a sequel it will have to be part of this story.

7016554 I actually thought about Jeeves' ancestor, but forgot about it and replaced it with the shaman.

7014818 Isn't it glorious? :D

7014802 Good to see you back, dude!

7017300 So what'd you think of the story?

7017326 The story itself is a story I'm enjoying so far for being as close to the comedy of the show as possible, given that it's in fanfic format.

It definitely feels like a play, where characters we know are playing the part of the Courage Cast, which is not bad at all. There are spots where it feels just a tad empty, like a pause, but then again, Courage had those moments too.

Overall, I look forward to reading more of these, and I'm glad that a memory like Courage is being handled by who I believe is doing well. Keep it up. :)

7017411 Well, I'm going to try and think up some new scenarios, then. I'm getting two in mind with Pinkie and Rarity.

7017419 Jus finalized Rarity idea. Must finish Deer Me chapter first.

Two of my fav shows combined :twilightsmile: my only problem is Mac as Eustace he's too much of a gentlecolt to be that bastard

7018030 I know, but he was the only one that fit, hence the AU tag (if only thinking about that).

Also, yo commented?! WHAT FOUL SORCERY?!

Being Courage one of my favorite shows of all time, I had to read this and... it captures the spirit of the cartoon really, even if Applejack and Big Mac are a little out of character (it's comprehensible though).

May I give you some ideas? Just think about it:

Opal as Katz
Scootaloo as the Chicken from Outer Space
Trixie as Le Quack
Gummy as The Great Fusilli
Angel as Dr. Gerbil or a Weremole-like creature
Tank as the Hunchback
Bloomberg as the Magic Tree
Rarity as the Queen of the Black Puddle
Sweetie Belle as Shirley
Flim and Flam as the King of Flan
Apple Bloom as Freaky Fred
Ahuizotl as King Ramses
Cheerilee as The Teacher

7018065 Qu'est ce que c'est? Wouldn't Fleur De Lis be more befitting as Dr. LeQuack? Also, I'm not recasting everyone as a creature we've already seen, hence why Twilight was that book person. I have Rarity figured out, but still working on the rest. Could probably do something with the Spa Sisters.

Psycho... You fantastic beast!

7018045 Makes sense I guess

Only comment rarely I'm afraid depending

I'm not the only one that read the synopsis for this story and heard the reporter like at the beginning of Courage am I?

I FOKIN' LOVE CROSSOVERS M80!!! GIMME MORE O' DIS -neigh- Neigh.... neigh.... puyfection... puyfection that only such a cutie horse psycho can bring.

Comment posted by The Psychopath deleted Mar 13th, 2016

ANother good chapter. Keep it up! :)

7025843 But what did you like about it, and did it seem too repetitive in comparison to the previous chapter?

Hmm. Well, looks like everyone had their fill of Winona. Alrighty then. Glad you all enjoyed it.

I haven't read it yet but this is based off one of my fave shows so it must be good!

7056432 I hope you think so when you read it.

You did to of the best episodes, lol. I love this.do the one where the old guy lost his hat...that would be funny.

7056450 I don't get it. I designed these ones myself.

7056575 they reminded me of some episodes....

7056579 Really? The dress thing was inspired by the quilts. I wasn't expecting people to want another chapter so I used what I could as training. No one came afterwards so I just shut the doors.:ajsmug:

7056589 well the first one reminded me of an episode can't remember the name now...this was a great story.

I loved it! Especially the way you had written the story altogether, it was very interesting and unique. Could you maybe do a sequel please?

7244215 Not a sequel but maybe another chapter, if you want?

LOL oh man this was great who would've thought I see a courage the cowardly dog and mlp crossover like this this was really hilarious great job with these two chapters.

7790929 I feel like making a third one.

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