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Vinyl Scratch is best pony. Luna is Best Princess. I do other things, but not really.


Everypony has secrets that they don't want others to know. Sometimes things, like drunkenness, happen and they are revealed to those closest to you.

Now with a reading by Scarlett Blade!!
And another reading by undead003!!

Written for The Writeoff Association's prompt #46, "Look, I can explain..."
Thank you to Stahl and Goldenwing for editing!
Cover Art: ©2012-2016 xPesifeindx. Find their art work on their deviantArt page. Permission granted by the artist for use of their image.

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I like it :) It creates a nice atmosphere, and it is a really nice and short story.
Keep up that amazing writing :)


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :)

i like this story im gona give this a tumbs up (sorry for my english)


Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :D

A Fun little Read. Now I want to see the Three of them write a song together,

That was rather amusing and well written. Though I feel you missed out with Tavi and Lyra when Vinyl revealed she was song writing for Sapphire Shore's and Coloratura. :twilightsmile: I imagine their jaws would have dropped even further.


Who knows what might happen!


I probably could have done more. Who knows. Maybe there will be a sequel.

Saw this via Twitter. Added to my reading list! :)


Didn't you participate in the Writeoff that I submitted this for?

6983186 Yep, though your entry didn't get onto my prelim slate, so I have not yet read it.

(I passed on voting in the finals, due to real life stuff leaving me well short of adequate time to fairly read/judge whoever made the finalist list)


Ah. Well, I'm going to be making a blog post with a link to what I submitted. This story has been heavily revised and edited compared to what I sent in :)

6983202 Ah, okay. Looking forward to it! :)

I love this story, it's sweet and made me laugh my ass off. :pinkiehappy:


I'm glad you enjoyed it!


I'm considering it. I can easily explore a secret that Octavia has. And even Lyra.

Ah man, this was a treat! You start funny, sneak attack my feels, and get a giggle at the end, all in under 2000 words. Bravo, my friend!


I'm glad you enjoyed it! For me, this is probably my favorite story out of what I've written this far. It went from a terrible terrible piece written for a contest to this. Mostly I have my two editors of this story to thank. Especially Goldenwing.

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