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I've come a looong way from awkwardly smashing two plastic pony toys together whilst making kissy-kissy noises... Haven't I?

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YOU LIVE! :pinkiehappy: Joy of joys!

I swear, as soon as I finish the story I am reading right now, I will hit this up. :twilightsheepish:

Holy shit! A human x pony fic where the human isn't some loser guy?

What sort of madness is this?

There are others too you know. Both cloppy and not.

Woo - this was really, really sexy! I've always had a thing for Octavia, and I've done that swapping trick with both whiskey and (non-tobacco) smoke, so this got me joyfully twitchy in all the right places :yay:

I've been dubious about even experimenting with reading Pony-Human stories, but gave this a shot on a whim... and while I may never be a huge fan of the subgenre as a whole, I'm certainly a fan of your take on it <3 I can hardly wait for the consummation of all that luscious promise!

Mind if I add this story to the Fillyfoolers group?

*Stuttery exhale*
Woof. Need more of this.

We NEED more first-person stories from a female perspective. Straight, lesbian, anthro, humanized, regular, it doesn't matter. We just NEED more stories like this, from this point of view. Liked, faved, and awaiting more.

This is good... and I don't normally like non-satire clop, or HiE.

Yes! A F-Human fic! Don't get to read too many of those! :ajsmug:

Is good. Do go on :3

I know, right? Now, it's some loser chick instead! :D Wait...

Y'know, I never considered doing that with smoke. Huh. But hurray for twitchyness! I'm glad I managed to sell you on the concept. :twilightsheepish:

Oh, sure! Add away. Thank you!

I'm working on it as we speak! Well, okay, maybe not right now...

There is a bit of a dearth of them, true. I also still want to write a F-human / M-pony fic -- 'cause Shining Armor and Braeburn both totally float my boat, as far as animated characters go -- but I've yet to come up with a sufficiently creative concept.

And thanks for the votes of confidence, everyone else! I'll just get back to work now, then. :pinkiecrazy:

I hope you're all on the edge of your seat (or otherwise feeling edgy).

Well, yes, of course! I love the tension and banter and emotion shared between the two. Very sweetly done.

PS: Any chance of ever seeing a completion of Bechdel's Law?

Yes, definitely planning that. This is essentially, uh, finger-practice, given that I haven't written anything cloppy for a few months (ie. forever).

Whiskey swapping?

I like.

"Uh..." My brain balked at the prospect of explaining this human taboo to a magical talking horse, of all things, threatening me with summary implosion should I dare get it mired in that particular moral morass. "I just meant I like... guys. Males. In general."

Come to think of it, I have never seen a HiE F human M pony clopfic. It seems to be something everyone draws a line at.

I'm actually in the process of writing one. Or the tentative outline of one, currently weighing in at only a few hundred words still, at least. And it's a F-human / M-pony / M-pony fic, even. Because--Jeez, I don't know. Because I'm a terrible, terrible person, I guess. :twilightsmile:

Hmm, that was actually one of the most well done scenes I've ever read between a pony and a human. The next part should be very interesting if it's anything like this chapter.

Once again I find that you have an incredible grasp on the sensual aspect of these stories. This is very intimate and passionate, in a way I have simply come to expect when you write a story. It makes them a real joy to read. :twilightsmile:
They are also extremely hot. :rainbowwild:

Is good.

How did this get 2(+1) comments and barely a hundred likes? I'd really expect eight to ten times either by this moment.

Ponies aren't normally written to have incisors. Good chapter, though.

This chapter was fun and very sexy. Nice work! And by nice work of course I mean "Damn that was freaking sexy and hot and wow I love your writing." Sorry to be so brief. :twilightsmile:

2871685 Just for the info, Darf's Girl's Night runs on this theme. I'm looking forward to what you have to write, Aurora. You put a lot of soul into your writing that I really enjoy. Just sayin'...

Ah, thank you; I hope I can keep it up. :twilightsheepish:

Haha, well, that's generally exactly what I'm going for -- somewhere between funny and sensual and just plain hot. And thank you so much for your continued support and comments, Paladin... Really. It means a lot.

Well, I'm pretty happy with the reception it's gotten, given how rusty I felt and how nervous I was about releasing a story again. I mean, at first the likes and dislikes were nearly tied for a while, and I was once again convinced I'd written the worst thing ever... :raritydespair:

They aren't? I'm no expert on equine dentition, so I may very well be mistaken here, but... Without incisors, they'd only have molars and premolars and such -- how would they eat? They're grazing animals by origin, and they eat fruits and plants and the like, so they would need some cutting teeth near the front, right? R-right? :rainbowderp:

Oh, well, I'm very happy you found the work to be... nice. :yay:

And thank you for the tip! I believe I may have read that story in the past -- since I read pretty much everything by Darf; him being a master of the ancient and noble craft of clopsmithing -- but it sounds like I may need to look it up again. Y'know, for, erm, "reference material" and "inspiration."

Yeah. That. :trollestia:


As a side note, regarding the topic 2881076 brought up, I looked up equine teeth, and they do have incisors up front, and even canines.
Also, horse skulls are really creepy.

Comment posted by Uriel deleted Jul 17th, 2013


Yeap, I looked it up too. I am glad that pony mouths are not completely molars and premolars. That image is almost as creepy as horse skulls are, too.

I was under the impression that only carnivores and omnivores had incisors and canines. I know nothing! :raritycry:

Incisors are vital to being able to tear food from whatever it's attached too, and this includes plants too. A horse's canines are REALLY tiny from what the image showed, however, they are probably there because horses can, and on very rare occasions do, eat meat. (I repeat, this is vanishingly rare.)
The more you know! :twilightsmile:

(I have always wanted to say that. :twilightblush:)

I'm liking this even more.

This entire story is absolutely brilliant. In only two chapters, you've done what most writers don't do in a hundred, and that is write poetry. Every single word is exactly where it should be, perfectly describing the fervid lovemaking session between a human (a female one at that! I'm glad to see you break from the norm and do it so well) and a heartbroken pony. I can feel the lust and passion emitting from my computer screen as I read it. Your words are so strong and powerful, and yet so lighthearted. It's so entertaining to read the drunken fumblings of the two characters. The description is such that I feel like I'm sitting there in the room, both hands on a bag of popcorn (where else would they be?) as I watch these two clumsy and lovable characters engage in the sideways hokey pokey. The worst part of the story is the fact that it doesn't have upwards of fifty chapters out. It's so beautiful and I can't wait to read more.

Eep. I, uh, I really don't know what to say to that, other than thank you. :twilightblush:

I'll accept it. I don't think I need thanks for recognizing something beautiful, though. :raritywink:

I LOVE THIS STORY!!! :pinkiehappy:

srsly its so hard to find any human x pony stories written for female bronies, and this one is written so, SO well!! can't wait to see this continue!

Kinda sad but beautiful there at the end.

Well, I had to somehow justify the use of the 'Sad' tag, of course. :raritycry:

Comment posted by Fillyfooler deleted Aug 14th, 2013

3047374 Fillyfooler... I'm going to be very polite about this. I suggest you change that comment to something less offensive. Aurora is a friend of mine. If you are disappointed in her ending, say so, but that was uncalled for.

Fine, fine. I guess I was a bit mad. So here's the thought explanation.

Here, at chapter 3, dear author, you missed your opportunity. You were braking cliches left, right and center. And then something broke, horrifically. I liked this story, I truly did. It was fun, it was entertaining and just a touch steamy. It had Lez Ponies levels of meta, it was almost flawless in it's punctuation and presentation. And then this chapter and its shear, 1950's un-homoing of octavia. I personally find it offensive to the nth degree. Now this is perfectly fine as an authors choice is their own, then can do and say what ever they want (as long as it doesn't brake any morale or ethical laws) so what ever.

But since this is the internet and this I hope will not affect you or your bodies of work anytime, I'm going to give my personal rage? Annoyance? Something. This chapter is rage inducing, it is eye twitching annoying. Now not all of it is of course or I would of stopped reading, but just that stallion scene.

Now I have no problem with fluid sexuality, or fluid sexual arousal. But dear athena, this just crashed and burned.
But whatever, you do what you do.

I still liked the first two chapters, which are like I said expertly crafted pieces of HiE fic and the ending to this was fine if just that more rage inducing for it's implications. And of course I saw no bad punctation, or presentation.

But still lost opportunity, I think. Now others may disagree, and that's their right but for me. You had me at whisky, and lost me at stallion.

So good luck in further advantages, and I hope we can of course met again.

FF, out.

3047525 I have to agree with you ...I loved this story...there was finally a human in equestria story about a female! It was fantastically written and hot and steamy....and then this chapter happened....and although the twist was clever....I can't help but feel disappointed in the ending....still was a good read and I commend u author!

Comment posted by Yumberduddle deleted Aug 16th, 2013

The thing I take from this is much like what draws me into your other stories (and Steel's stories, for that matter.) While the rest of the story is, in and of itself, good, great even, it's the incredible way you handle the feelings and emotions of the characters within that make them so god-damn compelling. I follow many people of this sight, for various reasons. I follow Ghost of Heraclitus because he is a virtuoso with words, and can create some of the most incredibly detailed and real characters and situations I have seen. I follow Paleo Prints because he can capture a scene's emotion with incredible deftness. Casual Quill is a master world-builder. Skywriter has an amazing grasp of story.
And I follow you, because you write these stories, sexy stories, about ponies and people, sexy ponies and people doing sexy things, and they have so much passion, and emotion. Wants, desires, strengths and vulnerabilities. These characters feel incredibly real to me, like I can almost touch them. You see what they see, you feel what they feel. Probably your stories make me feel closer than anyone else's to actually being with (not THAT way. Exactly.....maybe.:scootangel:) these ponies. Of course, that just kinda makes me sad when it ends and I am not, in fact, cuddled with Twilight, or Rainbow, or Octavia. Especially Twilight.
It should go without saying I cannot wait for what you do next. :raritywink:

Now, I'm really not sure how to make the right comment here, but I feel that things need to be said, so I'm going to try to word it the best I can.

I found this story when it was two chapters long, and found myself enjoying the creation of the scenes, the well written dialogue, and despite some qualms from others, I think that this chapter is just as well written Beautifully so. Pretty much all of my problems stem from "CODA" Onwards and even then, I found it was still just as well-written.

But for all that it is a well-written, really surprising twist, it feels like it kills the spirit of what I'd been reading for the past two and 3/4 chapters. I wish I had a better way to explain it, but to me, the feel of the story just seemed like it took a direction change without much of anything to support it, in an "Oh, look the acid is kicking in" way. (Or in this case, the hallucinogen is wearing off.)

It was a great read, and it's got a spot on my favorites list, for being a rare treasure. Thanks for the great story.

Absolutely wonderful writing. I really like how you portray the feelings in a way that you can't but help to be drawn to and the banter was flowing really naturally. Also the choice of the pairing was just icing on the cake even when the human was not really fleshed out for obvious reasons. Can't believe how little good fics there are of this type.

I'm left wanting for more and bemoan that this was not a full fledged romfic spanning from first meeting to happy end. The criticism for third chapter is a bit over if only in my own opinion. The scene was very pretty (hot) and still female x mare, only the dirty talk pertained to Octavia's fantasy of actually going through with the sad experience previously backed out of with the help of a fantasy human female softly cooing --- wait this is getting confusing. So anyways yeah, the only thing that gets me is that now there is no chance of prequel/sequel. It was that much of a tease that I really would like a full blown rewritten romfic on this from you. One can dream.

Just a quick note to those curious:

I've unpublished the third chapter for now, since I am planning to rewrite it somewhat. I'll probably write a blogpost about this once I get home, explaining the how and why in greater detail.

My sincere apologies if this has caused any inconvenience to any of my readers. Hopefully it'll be back up soon, and better than ever.

I find the inability to locate a Chapter Three very disturbing....

Hey, is the third chapter still going to be reposted?

I linked this to my fillyfooler friend. She said:

>As if I would be interested in such things!
>I will read this later!

i just wanna say that i still check this out every day to see if the revised 3rd chapter is up et. i still love this story and im still really sorry i overreacted and said things that were too hurtful, i really hope ur still working on this and dont intend to give up on it, i feel terrible thinking that maybe im part of the reason that this story might not be finished, i should've kept my big mouth shut so at least some ppl could have an ending they liked at least

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