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Based off Villains Wanted

Villains Court is now in session! Pinkie has high hopes for this one, but it might exceed her expectations! The villains have really put some work into their plans this time! Let's hope at least some of them get into this.

All the villains have to do is fill out the waiver, merchandising forms, figure out when they go on, and a whole lot of legal business.

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Comments ( 17 )

A nice idea and your writing's good...

But I sadly have to add a 'but' onto that. These were some rather lame villain designs, and the central joke over-stayed its welcome with a wide margin. I'm quite verbose myself, but this really felt as if it could have easily been half the length.

Still, a really nice first try, and hope you keep trying. :twilightsmile:

One little tip, though, be sure to add this to at least a few groups. It adds a lot of exposure, and neglecting the groups is one of the most common beginner's mistakes I keep seeing.

Mad, mad props on such a good take on such a difficult character as Pinkie, though. She felt really in character without being just 'lol, random.'

Well that was bloody brilliant. Your portrayal of Pinkie was really accurate, and I loved the dig at Hasbro's incredibly lame villains.

Added to read later list, which means I'll probably never get around to reading it, but had to point out one thing:

Villains Recieved!

You misspelled "Received" in the chapter title.

I liked it.
Oh, and gratz on getting on the front page

Quite funny, and nice ending callback to the original, but the tense errors were pretty distracting. Stay in past tense!

:pinkiecrazy: from the Evil Guy Department , You're hired!


We quit ! the evil dudes get top wages, medical, 401k, time off, craft services and a killer retirement!

:trollestia: Oh roadapples!

Based off Villains Wanted

It's based off itself?

6405678 The ultimate meta fic... :pinkiegasp:

The note about Twilight being thrilled makes me think this could be combined into a truly ridiculous crossover with that other recent fic where Twilight finds out all the villain battles were staged by Celestia.


A strange biped emerges from a tear in reality and drifts into the office, "Am I too late to apply for a position?" the dreadful entity, currently wearing an Adventure Time-My Neighbor Totoro T-shirt, croaks.

Pinkie suppresses an instinctual shudder at the sight of the monstrosity. No one that old should have so many pimples. And what the heck is with the constantly dripping leg wound? "I-I," she responded nervously, sensing that this horrible creature was vastly more dangerous than anything Equestria had ever encountered. "D-do you have a n-name?"

The thing spoke just one word. A word which caused a great cry of anguish to emanate from all forms of life (and even some undead and totally dead ones... though I guess those wouldn't be forms of life... since they're dead... forms of 'un-life', maybe?) and drove Pinkie mad with terror... though she was already crazy... hmm, ok, so it made her more mad and also terrified, "Alondro".

Yes, the Deus Ex Insert had decided to become a villain for the day. The cosmos was doomed.


Somehow, it fits you :trollestia:

I really liked the Dark Sparkle idea... hasbro should do that.

6406789 It only be doomed until I blow it up, then I'll become good again and fix everything!

It all works out! :pinkiecrazy:

Yeah, Dark Sparkle sounds awesome. Does anyone know Hasbro's email address?

The pacing could have been a tad bit better, and you should probably get a pre-reader to assist in formatting in the future, but otherwise this was a nice fic! Lovable villains and some decent humor. I've definitely got some inspiration for a few additions to potential ideas of mine...I hope you continue writing. You've got potential!

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