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dawn fire

Just another brony that enjoys reading fanfictions. Wait, now I'm writing them too? How did that happen?


Twilight and her friends are all enjoying a trip to Canterlot. They're all looking forward to lunch at their favorite cafe. Unfortunately, they get separated in the crowds and some of them have to wait for the others to catch up. But waiting's no fun.

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*snicker* Clever. And, if you decide to follow up with the competition, well, I wouldn't complain! :raritywink:


I was just going to make it a one shot, but I guess I did leave it open for that. I'll think about it... Glad you liked it!

For such a simple concept, I thoroughly enjoyed this nibble of a read. It was amusing to see the mane six try themselves at getting the guard to crack a smile. All the characters were written well, I especially liked Pinkie Pie. For a first story, this quite good and it also makes me realise that stories don't necessarily have to be long, complicated adventure stories. They can be simple and yet fun.

So, in return for amusing me and giving me a couple of laughs I suppose I could reward you.

Dawn Fire, I deed you 5/5 Hearts :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

This was really neat. I liked the different methods everyone tried and I applaud you for not taking a typical route of having the guard be asleep or an actual statue. I won't deny I was wondering if that would be the result which always bugs me a bit.

This was a lot of fun and I love the idea that the guards have a competition among themselves.

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