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When a clash of planetary proportions drives the Royal Sisters apart, Twilight Sparkle must find a way to make them reconcile with each other.

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Yes! So glad to see this up and marked "Incomplete"!

Love how crass Luna can be. In fact, she minds me of Nightmare Moon a lot more than I expected.

Something tells me that a certain pink party pony from Ponyville is coming to Canterlot!~ :pinkiegasp:

Oh God, I love this. :pinkiehappy:

This should be fun n_n

Oh god, she's going to involve Pinkie Pie. This won't end well.

Woohoo, Pinkie Pie time! :pinkiehappy:

Hmm looks promising...

Time to break out the big guns! Everything is better with gracious amounts of Pinkie Pie!
Now, how might Celestia and Luna try to bribe her? :trollestia:
"Access to a unlimited supply of cake" vs "posting party invitations in the sky, written in stars"

Sibling rivalries... Taken to the EXTREME! And a the end there? :trollestia: made an appearance. Poor Twilight. :facehoof:

Oh god. Not Pinkie.

Holy shit, this promises to be awesome ! Love what you did :pinkiehappy:. Speaking of love, Luna's confession looks like a Freudian slip, hehe :trollestia:

Some editing :
"Before they she could have said anything to save face, [...]" Too much words :coolphoto:

Can't wait for the next chapter :twilightsmile:

Wait what's a fiefdom? "Stops there and Looks it up"...fucking take it!

"I love you twilight sparkle" omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg

Well I'd be torn between those 2 as well if it was me...let's hope pinkie can solve this

Time to bring in the big guns. :pinkiehappy:


So, they're bringing in Rainbow Dash? [/sarcasm]

Time to bring out the big guns.

Mebbe not. She does hate losing, after all.

677471 Ack, no how in Equestria have I missed that? Thanks for pointing it out! :D

Hahaha! I just adore Trollestia and Lunatic! The madness has been 20% doubled!

I'm sure that's possible! Right?


Send in the trolls! :trollestia:

Here comes Pinkie!!:pinkiesmile:

Well, the good news for Twilight is that there going to be a lot of playtesting already done for the game. Possibly even some full-up analysis. Working from that should make the process of balancing and improving, (e.g. fixing the risk/reward of the Nebula), much easier than with a completely new game.

Now, presuming the new edition of the game is successful and makes both princesses happy: Does Twilight have it in her to say something like "I seem to recall a number of promises...."

Amazing! I love the characterization and the interplay between the Sisters. Can't wait to see where you are taking this, but it looks very promising.:pinkiehappy:


This is goodgoodgood, beyond entertaining! It's a shame it doesn't look like you're updating anymore...*hint hint, wink wink* :raritywink:

I demand a second chapter!

this is really good; I loved "HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE "reference, I hope you update soon

hope you add a new chapter soon

Please make more!

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