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Cobalt the Kitsune

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Cobalt never wanted to rule, he never wanted to be a prince of Equestria. He just wanted to see the world. Of course, he didn't realize how defenseless he was leaving his country, and his little sisters the Princesses Luna and Celestia.

Now, three thousand years later, He returns to Equestria, but not as he knew it. New towns and cities have sprung up in his absence, and everything seems unfamiliar. Even his family has changed and expanded. Still, he's visited culture of all different verities. He should be open to new experiences...right?

To preemptively avoid any issues with cannon, revealed later in the show, I'm going to make a point to say this story was mostly written between season 6 and 7, and therefore is set in that period

Special thanks to PlatinumPony for editing!

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 37 )

Nice liked it besides some typos

This is really good so far, please continue!

7489932 I'm glad you like it...its been more than I year since I've worked on it though...I'm not sure if I'd be able to have it continue smoothly down this point....

7490107 That's a bummer... The description of the story and the idea of it is really neat. It would be a really great story, I do hope you'll maybe one day continue it or start a new one with the same idea.

7490119 I might continue righting on it...I know people that like my work would like me writing on Nobel Dragons too....and in all honesty, and I'm ashamed to say this, I'm
Not really up to date on all the episodes so I think I should try and do that before I start righting again.

7490401 Yea you should, things have change since then. Like there is Flurry Heart that just came in the series, she is the daughter of Cadance and Shining.

Pinkie smiled looking at all her friends that had gathered (they're). “I like him.”

Take away they're and switch it with "around her".

I’ll definitely come back (round) once I get settled down.”

Erase round or spell around right. It can go either way.

Anyways great so far, add little more and have fun!

7605651 Okay i took care of those issues. Are you saying I should add more to this chapter or the story in general?

7605668 Add more to the chapters. It's really good with 1,700 words in the past two chapters but I think you can get to 2k for each chapter.

Also since he hasn't been to Equestria since forever. Try adding more into exploring, character interaction and since he hasn't been in Equestria forever. He is going to get distracted by the world around him.

But don't feel bad! Your doing amazing job so far, and I can't wait to see more. :pinkiehappy:


An orange horse


You silly pony! You don't call a pony a Horse, that's being a mean pony. :twilightangry2:

I got that line from another story, but you should change that.

7605722 okay then, so I should add to the chapters I already have or just have longer chapters as I write more?

7605768 No, just keep going the other chapters are fine. The story more, you could add more as you keep going.

Two updates in three days? After nearly a year of not updating my other stories?

This is crazy... I thought it we'll take time but this soon! You made my day :pinkiehappy:

Oh yea I notice you put Cobalt has a she somewhere... but you did an awesome job!

I really love what you did with this chapter. As well having him doing neat jobs and have funny situations. having it longer help and made it enjoyable to.

Huh I have to ask this but since Candence was a orphan at a Earth Pony village. It was unknown if she was left there... Is it possible Cobalt is her dad?

I'm sure he doesn't know he has a daughter and granddaughter.

Remembering that Twilight was going to be meeting up with the other Princesses, (he decided that she shouldn’t interrupt,)

What does he mean about she interrupting? Who the Princesses or him?

If it was meant to have him not interrupt than here is a change that we'll fix it.

Remembering that Twilight was going to be meeting up with the other Princesses, (deciding he shouldn’t interrupt),

7609719 that's what I'm getting at. But where is Cadence's back story....I don't remember hearing about that.

There is a book called Princess Twilight & The Crystal Heart Spell that had a little bit of Candence backstory.

In one of the comics. Prince BlueBlood talk about how she is a orphan and how great she became Princess later on.

Here is a great story for you to read. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/206709/essenza-di-amore

This guy made this awesome story of Candence to help fill in the blanks of her backstory from the book didn't really had much. He did a really great job filling the blanks and having It feel like it's from the series.

But yea take a look at that, you'll really love it!

7615007 thanks I always love to hear my work is appreciated

7615009 i had something to laugh here :pinkiehappy:

Dat ending tho. One thought.



The worst part of this story is that it hasn't been updated in over a year.
Overall, I like it.

Is this story dead? on a cliff hanger?! Seriously!?

I unfortunately do have the bad habit of leaving projects unfinished. If I was to come back, I would need to catch up on MLP, and then try to get back into the momentum of writing this story.

:ajbemused: At least you admitted your habit, if you ever feel like catching up on the show it shouldn't be too hard... unless you stopped watching back before chrysalis, then your going to need to pull a few all nighters :derpytongue2:

2 years later..... STILL NO UPDATES :pinkiehappy::pinkiesad2:

It has better descriptions that my current project.... but a weaker main character I feel... perhaps I should come back to this though...

I'll get hold of Platinum, I think I have the next chapter mostly written down.

:ajsmug: Just to gave Yea a hit it’s back :ajsmug:

There is a good bit of world building here, especially with how short it is. It's good!

It's a good story.
now up-date it.

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