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The Map has called Princess Twilight, her friends, and even the Princesses themselves to adventure far outside the borders of their home to a strange new country called Pantheon. Here they will meet new friends as well as new dangers. There will be many mysteries to solve, but perhaps the most pressing one: “Why are there so many Alicorns here?”

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If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

You mean Hearthway and Crusher Hoof? Hmmn I never really thought about it that way before. I think the best way to describe Hearthway's voice would be like kinda like Tina Fey's. Crusher Hoof Is a bit of Karl Urban's Judge Dredd mixed with a more understandable Bane.

But honestly, they should sound like whatever they sound like in your head. And if they don't sound like anything then I've done something wrong.


So, I'm guessing when they get home the school will either be burned to the ground or turned into a communist education facility?

There might be some trouble but I don’t hink it will be that bad, :twilightblush:


You're right! They'll have graduated because the school will do better without them.

Oof! That’s harsh in the opposite way!

Now I’m curious why you asked.

Well then..... that took a turn for the worst.

Also when I looked at the title picture everyone was suprised except for pinkie pie and she was just acting likeep it was the most normal thing in the world :moustache:

Is the turn for the worst referring to the plot, Or the story quality? Beside I’d believe either :twilightsheepish:

The plot, in my opinion the story quality isnt the best but it is pretty good, but the story is a bit fast paced and when I said it took a turn for the worst I was mainly talking about how suddenly he found them and started fighting without giving then a chance to explain themselves.

Thank you! I hope to try and keep improving. I was kinda hoping to find an editor by this point, because I feel I can do so much better when I have a partner, and I know that pacing is a major issue of mine. Hopefully I can fix that going forward.

Hopefully the problem is fix. Just helped him edited the chapter. Take a look :pinkiehappy:

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