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The Map has called Princess Twilight, her friends, and even the Princesses themselves to adventure far outside the borders of their home to a strange new country called Pantheon. Here they will meet new friends as well as new dangers. There will be many mysteries to solve, but perhaps the most pressing one: “Why are there so many Alicorns here?”

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Cobalt never wanted to rule, he never wanted to be a prince of Equestria. He just wanted to see the world. Of course, he didn't realize how defenseless he was leaving his country, and his little sisters the Princesses Luna and Celestia.

Now, three thousand years later, He returns to Equestria, but not as he knew it. New towns and cities have sprung up in his absence, and everything seems unfamiliar. Even his family has changed and expanded. Still, he's visited culture of all different verities. He should be open to new experiences...right?

To preemptively avoid any issues with cannon, revealed later in the show, I'm going to make a point to say this story was mostly written between season 6 and 7, and therefore is set in that period

Special thanks to PlatinumPony for editing!

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Luna finds herself on a train to Trottingham. She is on her way to find some pony she hadn't seen for years now. Her daughter, named Shadow Saber, whom she birthed in the first year after her release from the moon. For her sister's sake Celestia suggested to let Shadow be raised by a surrogate. Now, nearly 16 years later she has come to bring her daughter home. But reuniting a teenager to a parent she's never know might be more difficult than it seems.

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Rarity has noticed that Spike has interest in her. For the most part, she simply brushed it off as a little child crush. However, when Twilight comes up with a new spell and needs a volunteer, Rarity couldn't help but raise her hoof.
After all, it's not everyday you get to become a dragon.
Special thanks to Quillin Words for assisting me in many ways.

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A strange filly snatched from the jaws of death bears s zebra stripes and an almost impossible tale. She clams to be the daughter of Nightmare Moon.
Meanwhile, in Canterlot, The monarch of the night turns her thoughts to the life and child she had before her thousand years imprisonment.
Rated T for reference of the use of studs (the pony version of a male prostitute) and some scary images.

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Notifaction:Editor postion filled! First Chapter has been fixed.
This is a story about how I met met the love of my life, Milotic
Come on this story isn't just bout me and you
It is mostly
not really
Fine, how bout this is a story when a Dragonair is caught a a pony and subsequently falls in love with a Milotic?
still too much emphases on us, what about Zoey and Angel?
FINE, this is a story about a pony loving dragonair and his adventurers in equestria. happy now?
yes, now come cuddle
(a purely for fun self instert, Teen for saucy parts here and there)

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Crystal is a unicorn mare who meets with her friends for tea, raises her son, and loves her lover. But this apparently average pony has a problem. A secret organization wants her six feet under!

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Twilight Sparkle is awoken by a crash in her library. She discovers and Alicorn colt with no memory crash landed in the history section. To rediscover himself he has to search Equestria's deep past. Which looks like a piece of Swiss cheese. He'll also meet good friends that will help him along the way like the cutie mark crusaders and Twi's brother Resilient Spirit. Who was turned into an Alicorn by a mysterious spell called "Healing Wings." Can he discover his destiny in time to stop an ancient evil before it engulfs Equestria in eternal darkness?

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