• Published 1st Aug 2015
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Crystal Hierarch - Spartan889

Simply cosplays as Hierarch Artanis from the Starcraft franchise and ended up in the Crystal Empire.

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New management and strange guest

"So I'm the new king of this palace right?" I asked?

"It appears so Hierarch.” Kratanis said casually.

I took another look at Sombra’s ash pile mixed with a bit of melted flesh and simply grabbed the silver crown which was still undamaged from the fight, and with a quick yank, I ripped the crown from Sombra’s burnt skull and placed the crown on my head caused Kratanis to face palmed at this.

Once I placed the crown on my head, I noticed a group of ponies looking at me awkwardly for a few moments, a female pony broke the awkward silence.

“Thank you so much for freeing us from King Sombra. And who are you?” She asked nervously .

“I am Hierarch Artanis. Leader of the Protoss race." I introduced. "Now, can you tell me what is this place?"

“You're in the Crystal Empire. Since you have slain King Sombra, You are the new ruler of Crystal Empire.” She explained.

"Crystal Empire...interesting. Anyway what's your name young one?" I asked.

"My name's White Pearl your majesty. I was once an advisor to King Sombra during his reign. " She explained and bows to me in respect.

"Its Hierarch Pearl, just drop the majesty." I said.

"As you wish your Majes-Hierarch." Pearl said.

“How long has Sombra ruled the Empire?” I asked.

“About one thousand and three years Hierarch.” She answered uneasily.

“One thousand and three years.” I said with a surprised tone. “Then why do you look so young?”

“Well a thousand ago, Sombra place a curse on the Crystal Empire before he was defeated by the Royal sisters. The curse caused the Empire to disappear from existence.” She explained.

“I see. Now tell me, what has Sombra done during his rule?” I asked again.

“When Sombra came into power, he forced many innocent ponies to work at the Crystal Mines. Also he took most of the Empire food supply for himself and nearly wiped out the Empire’s unicorn population and has killed over five thousand ponies.” Pearl explained until she clutch her head and squeaked in pain. Thankfully one of my Zealots grabbed her before she hit the floor.

“Are you alright?” I asked with concern.

“Yes I'm alright, I can't remember much.” Pearl said.

“I see. White Pearl, I have an important task for you.”

“What is it Hierarch?” Pearl asked.

“I need you to go and tell the populace that King Sombra is no more and is under new management. Executor Kratanis will accompany you.”

“Yes Hierarch. It will be done.” Pearl said before leaving the throne room with Kratanis floats besides her.

After Pearl and Kratanis left, an elderly stallion who had no wings nor horn but his coat was dark blue, light blue pupils and a small beard also he was wearing crystal armor similar to a High Templar armor itself which sort of baffled me a bit.

Soon the elderly stallion walks up to me and attempts to bow but I wave my hand and stopped him from bowing.”

“You no need to bow old one. Your wellbeing is more important than a bow. Just give me a nod okay.” I said which to he complied.

“Hierarch, I am Warden Shield. Guard Captain of Sombra’s Personal Guard .” He greeted.

“Greetings to you general, what is it you wish to ask?” I asked.

“Hierarch, I demand we should start rebuilding the Empire’s Guards in order to defend the populace from early threats.” Warden requested.

“True. But we lack the necessary resources to rebuild the guards now. But do not worry” I replied.

“I understand Hierarch, but how do you plan to defend the kingdom?” Warden asked.

“Oh, I my ways.” I said.

“I don’t understand.” Warden replied.

“You will soon understand.” I said. “Templars.”

One of the High Templars approached me and bowed.

“You called Hierarch.” The High Templar said.

“Yes I did, I want you to find Crux and tell him to build Photon Cannons and Pylons strategically around the city.” I requested.

“It shall be done.” The High Templar said and left the throne room.

“Zealots, I want you to find the castle’s food storage. Bring two Templars with you.” I ordered.

“You're command shall be done Hierarch.” The Zealots said at the same time and left the room with two Templars.

“Now tell me Warden, can you recall any past memories?”

“No Hierarch.” He answered.

“I see.” I pondered for a moment until a voice spoke.


I snapped out of my train of thought and see Pearl. “What is it?”

“The citizens of the Crystal Empire are awaiting for you now.” She said.

“I'll be there soon.” I said before I left the throne room.


The castle was nothing but a fucking maze itself! It took me half an hour to find the castle’s balcony. At least it didn't took me the whole day.

Now I stand at the said balcony feeling nervous while staring at the entire population of the Crystal Empire.

“Look, it's our saviour!” One of the ponies below said which resulted the entire population to cheer.

“Anybody got a microphone?” I whispered.

“What’s a microphone?” Both Pearl and Kratanis asked.

“Nevermind.” I said. ‘I wondered how Artanis did this in the trailer? Maybe he use his powers to increase his volume.’

“Greetings citizens of the Crystal Empire!” My voice boomed throughout the kingdom. “I am Hierarch Artanis and I bring you great news!”

The Crystal Ponies looked up to me with hopeful eyes.

“King Sombra lies dead! Dealt with like a vile criminal he is!” I announced.

The ponies below cheered happily as they stomped their hooves to the ground and clapped their hands happily.

When this happens, the ground shook violently as the ground below the palace glowed brightly. The ponies looked at the ground worriedly for the moment until a familiar hum was heard through the crowd.

Soon a high pitch sound rang throughout the kingdom as the ground split in half as a podium raised from ground carrying a large heart shape gem.

The gem soon shined brightly, blinding everyone close to the castle temporarily and released a wave of energy throughout the Crystal Empire. And later felt a surge of energy flowed through my veins.

I rubbed my eyes for the moment to deal with the sudden flash. I opened my eyes and look. The streets of the empire were no longer covered in snow, farm fields, grasslands, trees and parks uncovered. The weather within the dome was clear allowing the sun to shine upon the city. What caught me by surprise was that the ponies were crystallized. Their once dull manes and coats were now shining like gems.

“Amazing.” Kratanis said.

“I can agree with you on that.” I turn to my right and see Pearl in her crystalized form. Her mane was eccentric red and tied into a ponytail as her coat was light pink.

“Pearl, can you tell me what just happened?” I asked.

“Its the Crystal Heart! My memories are coming back, I got to go! I have to check on my family.” Pearl said as she rushed off to see her family.

Later, Kronos appeared out of nowhere with her Warp blade activated.

“Hierarch are you alright!?” Kronos asked with a concerned tone.

“It's alright Kronos. It just a small psionic surge.” I assured.

“A psionic surge?”

“Yes. It came from the Crystal Heart itself.” I said and look down to see the crystal ponies danced in happiness.

I later studied the barrier carefully and came up with an idea.

“Kronos, I need you tell Crux to meet me at the North-side edge of the city. There is something that I want to test.”

“It shall be done.” Kronos later disappeared into the shadows leaving a dark mist behind.

“What are you planning Hierarch?” Kratanis asked curiously.

“Oh I have a small theory about the Crystal Heart has similar functions like that of a Pylon.” I answered.

“What makes you think that Hierarch?”

“Think about it. The Crystal Heart powers that barrier we’re seeing. Also it caused the ponies to look like their made of crystals. Not only that, look at the weather.” I gestured to the clear sky. “So I theorized that the Crystal Heart acts like Pylon and it should power up our structures and defenses.”

“I see.”

“Now let us go and meet up with Crux.”

[North-side of the Crystal Empire]

“Are you sure this will work Hierarch?” Crux asked.

“I'm sure it will work. Also, make sure that the Phase Cannons don't shoot our new friends.” I said.

“I will get it done soon Hierarch.” Crux said. “Starting experiment now.”

One of the Probes later spawned a large warphole and backs away. A few minutes passed, the warphole turned into a Phase Cannon with power flowing through its circuits.

“Hey it work!” I said with excitement.

“It would seem so Hierarch.” Kronos said.

“Hierarch, what happens if the heart was by any chance stolen or destroyed?” Crux pointed out.

“I have that covered Crux. Just build Pylons near the Photon Cannons. Same goes for the other structures.” I said. “Oh, tell your Probes to build Photon Cannons and Pylons around the Empire’s borders.”

“I shall get it done Hierarch.” Crux said.

A week passed for the Crystal Empire, So the first thing I did in my rule was to issue out rations for the people bit by bit. Thankfully the Zealots found more than one food storage vault. Looking at the amount of food we had, it could last us more than eight months.

I opened the castle’s courtroom so that I could hear out the citizens demands. So far, they requested that I rebuild the guards, housing, educational buildings and lost farmlands.

Thankfully my new advisor; Pearl, who written all their demands down on a scroll. Well in the end, she’s pretty much chatty and fun person to be around and so far enjoys her job as my advisor. She already befriended with Kratanis as they usually discuss about the citizen’s wellbeing.

Four weeks has passed in the Crystal Empire, the ponies were slowly recovering from malnutrition and other sort of sickness. But for those who already recovered started working at the fields while others along with the Probes rebuild the city at a quick pace. Thanks to Crux, we manage to build six Nexus, several Assimilator, Three Forges, two Robotics Facilities, a Null robotics bay, four Cybernetics Core and six Gateways that can’t even spawn Protoss units for some reason! I still have yet to build other Protoss structures soon.

Well on the bright side, we did found a secret vault that was located under the castle and turns out to be a weapons vault. More than half of the vault is filled with what looks like a Scout fighter but crystallized while the rest is filled with tanks made out of a special type of crystal and bore similarities of a Crucio Siege Tank. Unfortunately the pilots of this war machines are long dead making these vehicles useless unless we could train more pilots.

So far, there’s been no invasion or whatsoever. The only units I could produce are Sentry’s, Observers, Warp Prisms and Colossus so far. But the Immortals, I can’t build at all.

I’ll just have to find another way to create troops to protect the kingdom.

Two months has passed during my rule. For the past several weeks, I sort of locked myself in my new study room to do research about the Crystal Empire. It’s people, culture, history, military, structures and secrets.

Well, locking yourself in your study for more than seven weeks ain’t a good idea because Kratanis, Pearl and several High Templars blast a big hole through my fucking study room door only to find me reading a large book while behind me was a huge stack of books, tomes and scrolls that I finished reading.

“Was that even necessary!?” I asked.

“You’ve been in your room for more than seven weeks Hierarch.” Kratanis defended.

“That still doesn’t give you guys the fucking right to blow a fucking hole to my study! I put a sign there for a reason!” I said with my right eye twitching.

“You mean this sign Hierarch” One of the Templars said while holding the very same sign I put on the door.

My face instantly darkened which caused Kratanis, Pearl and the High Templars worry a bit.

“Kratanis...for this act, you must face punishment. Same goes for the rest of you.” I said with dark tone.

Pearl’s face instantly paled while Kratanis and the High Templars bowed their heads in shame.

“We shall accept whatever punishment you give us.” Kratanis and the Templars said in unison.

“Oh I have one.” I said as my eyes flashed evilly.


In the hallways stood Kratanis, Pearl and the other High Templars wearing Maid outfits. In the hallway was me, Kronos, the Zealots, the Dark Templars and the castle staff laughing their ass off.

Six more month passed. Things are looking good for the empire as I created new type of soldiers for the Crystal Empire. Crystal Zealots, Crystal High Templar and Dark Templar. It turns out that pony magic is somewhat similar to psionic energy that the Protoss use for weaponry and other activities. So I had Crux craft armor and PSI and Warp blade gauntlets for the new Crystal Guards. Also I ordered the Zealots and Templars to train the recruits except for Warden.

Currently, Warden is too training the recruits. Warden is usually a calm and collected guy but when he’s training somebody, his like Gordon Ramsay mixed with Mike Tyson and Chuck Norris.

But for those who can’t be Zealots and High or Dark Templars, are train to pilot the Crystal Scouts and Siege Tanks we found. Thankfully I had Crux and the scholars reversed engineered them so that he can find a way to produce this war machines.

But soon the Crystal Empire will have a small yet capable army to defend its lands.

(Two more months later…)

I stood at the balcony of the castle looking at the city horizon. It’s been nearly a year since my arrival. A part of me me wonders what's happening at home?

“Hierarch, are you alright?” A voice asked.

I turn around and see Warden in his Templar armor and sighed for the moment. “I am alright Warden. Tell me, what brings you here?”

“Just want to check on you Hierarch.” Warden said as he walked up besides me. He glanced at the newly built schools, apartments, libraries and the streets as Zealots, Sentries, Templars and an occasional Colossus.

“Beautiful isn’t it?” Warden asked.

I looked at Warden for the moment before looking back to the city. “It is alright. Soon the fruits of our labour shall come into fruition. Unfortunately, we have several more projects to complete.”

“Ah yes…” Warden glanced at a incomplete golden wall surrounding the Empire. “The Wall of Hope.”

“Yup even though it takes up half of the building materials we have, it shall be soon complete.” I said.

“You think other kingdoms will try to invade us?” Warden asked.

“I don’t think so. Even if they did, we’ll be ready for them.” I said.

“But our army is about one-thousand strong. I don’t think our army is enough to stop a full-scale invade.” Warden pointed out. “Even if we fended off an invasion, I don’t think we’ll have enough men to defend the kingdom.”

“You’re forgetting we have superior technology.” I said. “Not only that, the Crystal Empire original army was one of the most advanced armies known across the lands.”

“Even so, we mu-” Warden stopped for the moment and noticed something in a distance. “Hierarch look.”

I looked at where Warden pointed and see what looks like hundred black dots. I use my psionic powers to get a closer look and see a swarm of insect-like ponies. Their eyes turquoise green and black chitinous shell with holes riddled on their hands and legs.

“Warden, raised the alarm and tell every available Templar to converge at the north gate of the wall.” I ordered.

“It shall be done Hierarch.” Warden said as he head off to sound the alarm. I looked at the swarm one more time before I teleported myself in front of the north gates and see a small contingent of fifty Crystal Zealots armed PSI Halberds, PSI Glaives, PSI Double-blades, PSI Blades and PSI War Axes.

Most of the Zealots formed a line with their weapons raised while five Colossus were behind them them and fifteen Sentries stand guard of the gate.

“Hierarch.” I turned around and see a Crystal High Templar approached me.

“Templar, what’s the status?” I asked.

“The intruders just stop outside the barrier and have been in the same position for five minutes. I’ve already assemble a small contingent of troops to guard the gates and strike the enemy under your command.”

“I see. I’ll go alone and talk to them first. If anything happens to me, attack.” I instructed.

“Hierarch, are you sure it is wise? If so, I suggest you have an escort to guard you.”

“Very well. I’ll take four guards with me.” I said. “You four, follow me.”

The closes Zealots to me nod their heads and followed me outside the barrier and through the freezing snowstorm.

Soon we meet the intruders face to face. I scanned through the insect-like ponies for a few seconds and found out most of them are civilians. More than eighty-nine percent are civilians while the rest are warriors. There’s like less than seventy soldiers. Their armor and weapons were severely damaged. Not only that, every single one of them even the children looked skinny due to the obvious fact that they were starving.

“Who’s the leader of this group?” I announced.

The intruders stepped away as a tall feminine figure walked up to me. Her mane was silky dark green, her eyes were dark emerald and she was wearing what looked like a Tal’darim Templar armor.

“I am Queen Chrysalis. Leader of the last Changeling Hives.”

“For I am Hierarch Artanis. Leader of the Crystal Empire and The Protoss race. State your intentions.” I demanded politely.

“We are here to seek refuge from the world as our home has been pillaged by other neighboring countries” She answered and gestured to the crowd behind her. “What you see here is all that’s left off our kind.”

“How many of your people are left alive?” I asked.

“About seven hundred and seventy-six of my people are left. Most of them are injured and sick.” She removed her helmet and dropped it on the snowy ground and placed her left hand on her chest. “I begged you….even if it kills me….help my people from extinction.” Was all she said and fell to the snowy ground motionless.

Author's Note:

There you have it! NEEEWWW CHAPTER!!!!

I apologize for the long wait due to lack of ideas and motivation to write it. But thanks to watching Legacy of the Void gameplay, it has now motivated me to continue this story right away!!!! And sorry if the ending or the chapter wasn't good. :(

Look forward for new chapters.

Pls leave a like and fav it.

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