• Published 1st Aug 2015
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Crystal Hierarch - Spartan889

Simply cosplays as Hierarch Artanis from the Starcraft franchise and ended up in the Crystal Empire.

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Snow...snow is all I see for the first three hours in this bloody snowy wasteland.

“Hierarch, are you certain we are going the right way?” A voice asked.

I turn my head back to see a group of High Templars and Dark Templars, a platoon of Zealots, a Protoss engineering/technology expert who goes by the name Crux which doesn’t sound like a Protoss name, but he has a small group of Probes following him.

“I’m very sure we’re going to the right way Executor Kratanis,” I said. “also Dark Prelate Kornos might finish her task early.”

How did this happen, well I was at Blizzcon for the new Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void announcement and cosplayed as Hierarch Artanis. unfortunately, I didn’t have enough money to replicate the Hierarch helmet until I saw that creepy merchant who was cosplaying himself as a merchant from Resident Evil 4.


“Holy shit. Can you believe it, now we can command a Protoss Archship.” I said excitedly.

“No shit sherlock. Still I hope it will be better than Heart of the Swarm. I’m betting fifteen bucks on that James.” An African-American said.

“Whatever Jake,” I said. “so what you want to do now?”

“I don’t know. Maybe grab lunch.”

“Sounds like a plan alright.” I said and head to the nearest pizza shop but a certain stall caught my attention. I make my way to the stall and inspected the merchandise on sale, but a certain item caught my eyes as it was a perfect replica of Artanis helmet from the Legacy of the Void trailer.

“I see that you're interested in something.

Please choose your pick.” The merchant creepily said

“I’ll take that helmet over there.” I said.

“You mean that Protoss helmet over there.” The merchant said and inspect my Protoss armor. “Since you want it so bad, I’ll sell it for Ten bucks. Deal?”

“Deal!” I said and take my wallet out of my pocket then pass ten bucks to the merchant and snatch it away from the Merchant's hand and put it on.

“I hope you enjoy your trip.” The merchant said.

“What?” I said and notice a portal open beneath me and. “OH FFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!”

(2 hours later)

“Hierarch! Hierarch wake up!” A voice spoke.

Once I heard a voice I slowly open my eyes only to see a High Templar staring me in the face. On instinct, I threw my fist right at the Templar's face hard and push him off. I quickly stand up and ready myself and see a snowy wasteland, but I quickly notice a group of ten High Templars, eight Dark Templars, twenty Zealots and some sort of Engineer Protoss or Phasesmith with a group of nine Probes.

“Hierarch, calm yourself.” The Templar said and slowly gets up from the ground. “We’re not in danger.”

“Where am I?” I said confused and glance at my body but realize my hands were not normal at all even my entire body. “What the fuck!? Am I a Protoss!?”

“Yes, you are Hierarch. You seem troubled.” The Templar said.

“Well, I wasn't like this at first.” I said.

“Your words confuse me Hierarch?” The Templar said confused at my loud statement.

“I was born as a human dude,” I said.

“A Terran? What do you mean?” The Templar asked confused.

“This is going to be a long story.” I muttered.

(1 hour later)

“So you’re saying that you were attending to this meeting of a game dressed as our leader and bought a helmet from a strange merchant.” The Templar said.

“Yes, that’s about it.” I replied.

“I see. I believe it is best we should introduce ourselves to you. I am Executor Kratanis.” The High Templar introduced.

“I am Dark Prelate Kornos.” The female Dark Templar leader said also giving me a distrustful stare for a few moments.

“My name is Crux.” The phasesmith said and bowed in respect and stares at me with curiosity.

“Good but first thing first, we must seek shelter first to shield ourselves from the storm itself. Kronos, I need you to scout for any nearby towns for us to seek refuge.” I said.

“It will be down Hierarch” Kornos said and disappears into the shadows.


“Hierarch, Dark Prelate Kornos has return from her journey.” Kratanis announced and on cue, a cloud of shadows appears and reveals Kornos.

“Hierarch, I have found a city at the East near to our position.’ She said.

“Good work Kornos. Now let us make haste.” I said.


About half an hour past as I slowly trekked through the snow and notice what was not a town, but a city or kingdom made out of crystals, but there were dark grey clouds surrounding the city and the crystal colors were dull and grey giving a depressing feeling, but I immediately sense something through my Psionic mind.

“Did you sense that brother?” I said.

“Yes Hierarch, I sense a great evil in the heart of this city.” Kratanis said.

“Then we must find the source of this evil and eradicate it.” I said.

“Agreed. But what is your strategy?”

“Crux, I want you to build a Nexus at the nearest mineral deposits. The Dark Templars will stay in the shadows and attack the enemy where they least expect. The rest of us will go to the heart of the city and take out the leader.” I ordered.

“It will be done Hierarch.” Crux said and makes his way to the nearest mineral deposits.

“We shall strike them from the shadows.” Kornos said and disappears into the shadows along with the other Dark Templars.

“Let’s move.”

As we calmly trek through the crystal streets, I could easily hear footsteps echoing in a distance also nearby residents shut their windows and doors in fear. Probably for some foreign reason.

Once we arrived at the heart of the city, I stare at the castle in awe as it looks like the Eiffel Tower but made out of crystals. But where are the guards? Like seriously, I mean who even leaves their castle unguarded at all.

“What fool leaves his castle unguarded.” One of the Zealot said.

“I do not know warrior, but we will soon find out.” I said and entered one of the castles four entrances.

A few minutes passed as I walk through the lifeless hallways of the castle wondering where the fuck are the goddamn guards for the castle. While strolling through the decorated halls, I see beautiful arts and pictures displayed on the walls. I suddenly heard a dark and sadistic laughter echoing through the castle walls thus making my units activate their PSI blades.

“We’re close.” I said and slowly approach a large crystal door leading to the throne room and push it open. I notice a dark anthro unicorn with a muscular build also wearing some sort of armor with a red cape attached, his horn was blood red and curve like a dagger, he has a pair of snake-like fangs and lastly his eyes were sickly green with a purple mist flowing out of the corners of his eyes.

YOU SHALL LEARN YOUR PLACE, FILTHY PEASANT!!!” The dark unicorn yelled in fury and tosses what looks like a female pony wearing a maid outfit to a wall knocking her unconscious. “LET THIS BE A LESSON TO ALL YOU SLAVES WHO EVER DARE DEFY ME!!!

Did he say slaves? Oh no, he didn’t! Now he has a one-way ticket to the pain train!

The dark unicorn soon took notice at me and glares at me intensely with eyes full of pure hate.


“Monster? Know your place fool as I am Hierarch Artanis. Leader of the Protoss race and the Akilae clan.” I said.

“No matter what kind of beast you are, I King Sombra shall defeat you and hang your skull in my trophy room.” He said. His horn glows dark purple with a mix of dark green and fires a black corrupted crystal shard at me but breaks in an instant once it makes contact with my shields.

“Fool.” I said. “Zealots charge!”

EN TARO TASSADAR!!!” One of the Zealot’s shouted and charge right at Sombra while my High Templars cast a Psionic storm to distract the unicorn, but Sombra quickly creates a group of crystal golems in all kinds of sizes also wielding large war axes. The Zealots quickly took notice of the golems and attack them head on. The golems swing their axes at them, but the zealots easily dodge their attacks and slice their legs easily thanks to their PSI blades and easily defeat the golems and continue their advance.

Before Sombra could cast another spell, Kornos appears out of nowhere catching Sombra by surprise and barely dodges her Warp blade and fires a spell at the Dark Prelate. In an instant, Kornos soon disappears into the shadows as the spell pass through the dark mist thus causing Sombra to yell in rage.

“Show yourself coward so I can give you a quick painless death.” Sombra said angrily and suddenly notice I was behind him and sucker punch him right in the face.

“Pow right in the kisser!” I said and activate my Warp blade and PSI blade while Sombra creates a dark crystal sword and swings it at my right.

I easily countered using my Warp blade and slice off his blade with my PSI blade cast Psionic storm upon him and kick him in the face thus sending him to the throne. Sombra recovers and roars in rage as he charges at me blindly with a new crystal sword to which I easily countered with my blades again and punch him away.

I SHALL SLAY YOU MONSTER!!” Sombra yelled in rage and comes charging at me again and tries to hit me with his sword but I easily dodge all of his attacks and swing my Warp blade at him, but the unicorn quickly creates a bubble shield and blocks my attack. Inside the bubble shield, a Dark Templar soon appears from the shadows and attempts to stab him but fails to notice that Sombra was ready this time and hits the Dark Templar with a blast of magic. Fortunately, the Templar’s shield takes most of the blast also Sombra was wide open for an attack.

I leaped at Sombra who notice me in an instant and launches another crystal pillar at me. I quickly dodge it and a High Templar cast a Psionic storm to distract Sombra thus giving me the chance to strike him. While Sombra recovers from the Templar attack, he soon sees me charging at him barely giving him any time to cast a spell of defending himself from me. Instead he swings his sword at me in hopes that he may distract me but I quickly dodge his counterattack and slice both of his hands off with my PSI blades causing him to scream in pain and I stab Sombra through his chest with my Warp blade causing him to cough out blood and grab his face and cast another Psionic storm on him thus frying his face.

“Pity! Your mind has been already fried” I said and swing my Warp blade across his neck making his decapitated head fall off and land on the floor with a thud as it slowly rolls away.

“Justice has been served to those you have tortured and killed.” I said coldly and again cast another Psionic storm thus turning his corpse into ashes. Later, Kornos appears right behind me.

“For a Terran, you fight like a true Protoss warrior. I must say I’m impressed.” Kornos commented.

“Beginners luck I guess,” I said. “keep his remains in a jar and set it as an example to those who follow his path.”

“It shall be done Hierarch.” Kornos said and disappears into the shadows.

“And somebody heal the maiden wounds, please.” I ordered and gestured to the injured pony maid who is lying on the floor unconscious and a High Templar approaches her and casts a healing spell from the looks of it.

After that, I look at another group of ponies wearing crystal combat armor staring at me wide-eyed.

“So I guess I’m the new king now right?” I asked and cue the ponies fainted causing me to facepalm and groaned in annoyance. “This is going to be a long day.”

Author's Note:

Hope you guys enjoy this new displace story. If you see any speeling errors or anything just inform me and please go easy on the criticisms too.

Pls leave a like and fav! And peace!:pinkiehappy:

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