Discord is feeling lonely. Inspired by a friend, he decides to look for his own special somepony, and he knows just where to find her. Little does he know, somepony else is taking the same road, with much darker intentions...

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I imagine discord with some kinda of harley quinn

Thus begins another epic adventure brought to you by Bluecatcinema!

Thank goodness that Caboose's antics found Isis' sanctuary.:pinkiehappy:


ZOINKS! IT'S OSIRIS!!!!! GET LOST!!!!!!!!! (flees rapidly in terror)

That statement was a tribute to the late Casey Kasem, the man who voiced Shaggy.

6202505 No, it's Osiris.

LMAO the references to movies, TV shows, Video games, and the others are too much for me oh Celestia. Like the Family Guy reference in Mists pregnancy it was just perfect. keep up the good work also I need help creating my OC and its explained on my page

Good grief. Osiris really needs to find a more optimistic perspective in life. After all, Shine used the Phoenix's power to ensure that he'd remain with his with wife and daughter.

That was most sadest chapter i've ever read, and i love it!

I really LOVED that chapter. I'm especially glad that Eclipse got meet his real mom for the first time.

what is Osiris up to? whatever it is, it can't be good

I swear. Osiris' jealousy is going to lead to utterly serious consequences.

I dont think its jealous that osiris have

6245698 Then what exactly?


I believe it is hate, no doubt about that

6245781 That's even worse.

When will the bad guys show up? just wondering

6261768 Soon enough. And trust me, it'll be worth the wait.

Question not related to the story but what happened to starlight glimmer?


we problably gonna see that in the S5 finale

But I love to see MIDNIGHT here, too bad she is a bad guy

I wanted to see her together with Cloud Skipper

6286228 Didn't you see that S5 finale animatic they showed at SDCC?

6286418 Yes I did I meant to say in your story not the season 5 finale

6286658 Until I know what becomes of Starlight Glimmer in the series, I don't think I'll be using her in my stories (that, and I don't have much ideas for her at the moment).

You made a grammatical error in one sentence: "But that mistake led to me falling in fall with Celestia,"

The word "fall" should be replaced with "love."

Uh oh. Shit just got real.

All right now that was big surprise

Oh, you've got to be kidding...Nalik, that douchebag, what does he want now?

How did I guess!!!

"No, he's right there!" The masked pony pointed to a window with Shine in it. "...Oh, this is even better than I'd hoped for! Not only do I get the ultimate power, but I can finally settle the score with that inbred hick! Increase fire!"

Still very suprising, well done!

I just hope that Nalik doesn't rob Shine of his immortality.

Are the forefathers like the Templars in assassins creed cause if they are they better watch out cause I Spyro the Night Fury will come at them with an army of Assassins from all across Equestria and of all species. :rainbowdetermined2::trixieshiftleft::twilightangry2::duck:

6316405 Well, I guess I was inspired by a lot of evil organizations for the Forefathers. Mostly from Organization XIII of Kingdom Hearts and the Son of the Patriots from Metal Gear Solid (hence why I chose Forefathers).

But these guys don't mess around. I doubt a bunch of assassins can take on a group like the Forefathers.

6316689 Well when they meet me when im finished with my origin story into coming into Equestria they will know the power that I wield. if your interested in my orign story ill tell you about it if you respond to my message. :duck::rainbowhuh:


If you need help let me know

6318144 do you want to know my origin for my OC? :rainbowhuh:

Nope only asking if you need help hehe


You dont get it, I said if your need help to fight the fore fathers
I was joking

6319652 Oh well I will need assistance so yes welcome to the brotherhood of assassins for Equestria. :pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2::raritystarry::pinkiesmile::raritywink::twilightsmile:

That sick genocidal wretch! I hope he's given the death penalty for this.


Are there fates worse than death

Sounds like Slink is gonna be the new prince of (insert name of the country here)

Good riddance to Nalik anyway. Also, I'm glad that Shine still has his immortality too.

Oh midnight is here in a diferent way

I will love to see Cloud skipper too

So shouldn't this be the end?

6344238 Not yet. There's an epilogue chapter still to come.

Question is the place where you can meet the spirits still intact cause I hope to celestia that it is?

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