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Jlargent #1 · Jun 16th, 2015 · · · 2 ·

Actually, Cadence was a Pegasus before her ascension.

Hey, can we suggest a world and character Sunset, Trixie and Twilight visit?

garfan #4 · Aug 18th, 2015 · · · 4 ·

Just based on the description:

Celestia: "I never tell you what you need to know? Look me in the eye Twilight and tell me I could have put the fate of Equestria in your hooves knowingly and you wouldn't have had a nervous breakdown. And before you do that I would like to remind you of the time you were afraid a friendship report would be late, and the time you nearly drove yourself insane time traveling to your recent past."

Please tell me they picked up some rods, a hookshot and any other items.

Have them go to Nanoha's universe and get some devices please.

I'm glad that this story isn't dead. I was wondering when they're going to the Naruto world, but that begs the question: At what point in the Naruto timeline are they going to appear? I would think the aftermath of the Sasuke Defection Arc would be a good place to start.

Also have you considered going to worlds like: Destiny (After the House of Wolves but before the Taken King).
Yugioh Arc-V before the tournament in season 1 for some fun with cards.
or Sword Art Online...the Alfiem Arc

Anyways go chapter and love the darker takes on the worlds and stuff.

The Mistakes:

Twilight said as both she and Sunset were used like that before the just walk away.


"Star Wars be nice," Sunset said.

should add in 'would'

Yup and there's all that tech is just waiting for someone to take. We open the portal and using our magic just pull objects from thT world to ours," Sunset said.


This is an instant favorite. The characters using actual common sense and beating down plot armor? Amazing. C=

And I wonder. What would happen if Celestia and the Mane 5 tried to get Twilight back?

This makes so much sense. It's well written and shows common sense, the greatest power ever!

Though I hope that Naruto punches Sakura across her bitch ass face soon enough.

6952740 Make you wonder why the canon MLP show lack them so must.


Because the plot armor is too strong. Except for his version of these characters. Make way dude. He's starting a revolution. C=

Out of curiosity, was the Canterlot invasion thwarted? Or did Twilight leave at such a moment that all her friends and son/little brother are suffering? What about the Crystal Empire? I mean, suppose Celestia was manipulative, what about everypony else? Especially if mind control was involved, she may falsely blame them.

For some reason I can actually imagine Twilight somehow taking the journals and having them copied and published in the newspapers in Canterlot as a last means of revenge on Celestia. What better way for Twilight and Sunset to get revenge than to expose Celestia as a master manipulator than by using her own journals against her? And of course Twilight would take the originals as collateral against her in case Celestia decides to hunt them down.

Very interesting story so far, good work.

"We're going to keep on going till we find a world to call home," Sunset said.
"Picking up things on the way and meeting new friends as we do so," Twilight said.
"Really?" Kasumi ask as she remembers all the times when she was younger when she watch shows that she wish to go on a grand adventure. "When do we start?"

Sign me up too! :pinkiehappy:

Nice story so far, good work.

In fact if you could travel to different worlds, would you ever go to a world where you can easily die?

Would depend. If i was in there situation, i'd do it. or maybe if i was immortal or something, then fuck yeah. but if i was just me? i'd have to pop up right next to the main hero before i even thought of going to one of those places. but I look at it as thus; the more dangerous the world, the more you benefit. I mean, Fallout has perks that allow you to breath underwater, absorb power from the sun, and coat your bones in metal. tell that wouldn't be the shit.

Is Kasumi stayin' with the three Equestrians permanently? Also. I can't wait for Naruto to meet her.

This sounds pretty interesting. I would love to see how this goes.

Well things are getting interesting. Twilight is about to smack some bitches. And hopefully Kurama and Naruto will get along and have a common cause over hating the leaf village.

BTW, I truly love how your version of these characters use common sense.

Time to choke a bitch

It makes me wonder if Naruto's fellow genin are in on it? I can actually imagine Sakura and Sauske knowing Naruto's role and actively encouraging them to reinforce that fact. But I doubt Hinata, and the few others that actually care about him would know.

Will we see the ponies reaction twilight not being there soon

"As long as none of you do the over 9000 thing," Twilight spoke up.
"Yeah it's been over done," Kasumi said.

Ahhhhhh I like that old gag. :derpytongue2:


1 - Being immortal or very long lived does force one to get use to death of people close to you. As anyone with a pet you watch grow from baby to old age knows that you'll outlive them.

Indeed. :fluttercry:

7050062 That's pretty deep.

FINALLY, someone addresses the side effects of Celestia's machinations!

Celestia is looking for yet another replacement... When the cake addict alicorn will learn to take responsability for her own actions and/or stop relying so much in those stupid Elements?

Also if it hurts so much seeing their loved ones die, why in burning hell Celestia and Luna want more alicorns around? Why do they want more ponies with such acursed lifespam? I mean, isn't making others suffer what you suffered break the whole friendship BS? Wouldn't that make future alicorns going mad and turning themselves against Equestria?

This was a good chapter. Though I personally never liked Celestia. =P

Hopefully Twilight can eventually tell off those bitches she used to call friends. C=

In one ear and out the other with these characters. I kind of want to see Twilight and the others return to catch up on stuff, but kindly refuse to hang around. They got business traveling around after all, and had quit their former obligations. If Celestia cared so much, she can hire help or look to another world like the others learned to.

...OMG Celestia, stop acting like an uncaring idiot and actually try to fix things. You see Tia, this is one of the many reasons why a lot of us bronies and pegasisters hate you. Stop reliying on the Elements to solve your problems.

You lack imagination, you lack diverisity, you have many options availible for you but choose that poorer choice, you gamble too much on your kingdom's fate, and finally you had 1k yrs worth of planning and your only solution is ancient relics that only works with six ponies with little to no real training against a evil, angry moon goddess that want's to plunge the world into eternal night .Welp thanks for showing how much your ponies mean to you cake-butt.

Lakeguy #32 · Mar 25th, 2016 · · 9 · 2 ·

I really think that this story is kind of mean-spirited. Celestia did what she did to Sunset because Sunset would have become tyrannical if she had become an alicorn too soon. Also, I can not believe that Celestia sees ponies as tools.

I think Luna should tell the rest of Twilight's friends about Celestia's Gambit. Besides, it would not surprise me if she had a hoof in ensuring they stayed in Ponyville prior to Twilight's arrival.

Doesn't excuse her manipulation or Twilight's former friends selfishness.

The main human in G1 MLP is 'Megan', also people that would be called in to prove something with regards to the magic being performed are 'experts'. If someone 'expects' something that means they're aware of something and believe it will happen a certain way, if you're an 'expert' you're someone that's got a decent amount of knowledge in your field.

Feet - piece of anatomy usually at the end of legs that most mobile living beings move around on
Feat - something hard to perform as a general rule (World's Strongest Man has people pulling trucks as a feat of strength)

7061042 than you really haven't been paying much attention. not that i blame her, immortality does terrible things to the mind.

Hehehe (sniff):fluttercry: I know what you mean about outliving a pet. I had a dog who grew up with me as a puppy to an old dog(may she rest and have a great time in doggy heaven):twilightsmile:

Definitely got my attention with that mysterious opening.

Hooray for destroying plot armor!

I think one of the worlds that they should visit should be Senran Kagura since ninjas are also there and they can recruit the Hanzo and Hebijio ninjas to fight alongside each other.

"What you mean you look just like him,"

"What do you mean ? You look just like him."


Celestia is looking for yet another replacement...

*hmph* Good luck finding another unicorn with that much power as Sunset, Twilight or Trixie cake butt. There is no other unicorn that can...match...them.........oh shit *Starlight Glimmer*:twilightoops: ...welp we're dead.*jumps into a new dimension*

what about a visit to skyrim/fallout verse or deus ex human revolution universe.

I truly love the power of logic.

This is great!!! I can't wait for more! Please add a bit where Twilight runs into the princess again 'cause that would be one fun scene to read :rainbowdetermined2: And it would be interesting to see if the element of magic is really able to just change users just like that :twilightsmile:

I'm still rather interested to see where this story will go. I'm a tad sad that the protagonists haven't shared their pony forms with others, and instead seem to have traded their species away indefinitely. I feel that that could be an interesting thing to explore, with Kasumi and Naruto, in the future as a side-thing.

Yes, I know it's dumb but you must remember common sense in fictions like Naruto is a very rare thing that is only heard about in myth and legends.

Indeed... :derpytongue2:

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