I Just Walk Away

by madhat886

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They're tired of mentors never telling them what they need to know. They're tired of always being expected to forgive others, no matter what. They're tired of always being the one who saves the day when the people they save aren't worth it.

They're tired of mentors never telling them what they need to know. They're tired of always being expected to forgive others, no matter what. They're tired of always being the one who saves the day when the people they save aren't worth it. Naruto, Twilight, and Sunset now travel to other worlds looking for a place to call home.

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I Just Walk Away -

A spotlight on a dark stage turn on showing a young boy standing underneath the light. His face looking downwards.

"My name is Naruto, I use to be a ninja. Even with the village abusing me for having the demon sealed within me. I kept on trying to be something other then that. But in the end all the village and the people, I use to think cared about me. Only saw me as a weapon in the end. No matter how badly, I was treated they would always expect me to just forgive them and save them. While never making up for anything they have done to me. For, I'm just a weapon to them and always be to their eyes. That's why, I walk away."

A second light came on showing two teenage girls standing side by side. One with purple hair and the other is a redhead. Both of them look downwards.

"My name is Twilight," the purple haired one said.

"My name is Sunset," the redhead said.

"We use to be students under of the princess of the sun. Both of us were just part of her plan," both said.

"I was the first. I did everything she ask of me. But it was never enough for her. Then she showed me a mirror and didn't like what, I saw within. Instead of explaining it to me she continue to be a stealth mentor. I tried to learn dark magic but she stop me and would have thrown me aside if, I didn't escape into the mirror," Sunset said.

"I was the second. Learning from her mistakes she did a better job in being a mentor to me. I was trained to be the one who would gather friends to use the Elements to free her lost sister from the darkness. As Sunset would have done if it had gone according to plan. After my friends abandon me for a wedding for an imposter. I found the mirror and met the one who, I replaced.," Twilight said.

"We were both tools to used as she pleased. Shaping us to be her prefect tool to defend her other subjects, while never caring about us. That's why we walk away," both of them said.

"No more," Naruto said looking up.

"No more," Sunset said looking up.

"No more," Twilight said looking up.

"We all walk away once we realize what was always planned for us," all three said.

"To be a weapon," Naruto said.

"To be a tool," Sunset said.

"To be a replacement," Twilight said.

"This is our story and how we met each other. And others who like us just walk away. All trying to find a better place. For we're no longer bond to the story that is written for us," all three said.



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I Just Walk Away -

"Everything, I have done for them and this is how they treat me," Twilight huffed for the hundredth time as she walks down a hallway. Her friends and mentor all abandon her for a fake.

How could anyone not see how wrong the fake Cadence had been after not seeing her for 2 years. Yet Princess Celestia who had most likely seen her on a daily basis didn't realized anything was wrong. And even with an invasion over her head she didn't see anything wrong with a wedding taking place.

Her friends didn't think of nothing to abandon her just so they could be apart of a wedding. They cared and trusted someone they just met over her who they knew longer. But looks like their friendship wasn't as strong as she thought it was. They would believe someone they just met over someone they knew longer, showed what kind of friends they are.

Her train of thought ended as a orange unicorn with a red mane came out of Princess Celestia's room. she had a saddle bag on her. She was about to shout out what she was doing in the princess's room but stop when she saw her face. Her face was strained with tears as she walks out of the room.

"Hello miss? Are you ok?" Twilight ask.

The orange unicorn turn to look at her, then she look away. "You're Twilight right?"

"Yes," Twilight answers.

"You're my replacement. The one the princess found to replace me when, I wasn't what she wanted," she said as she turns to walk away.

"Wait who are you?" Twilight ask.

"Sunset Shimmer the tool that the princess threw away," she answers.

"Tool? The princess wouldn't use any pony as a tool," Twilight said.

"That's what, I thought once before. Back when, I was her student. But when, I wasn't what she wanted she just threw me away. You had a better relationship with her because the chances of her finding some other pony with as much power as we have in the short amount of time she had left before her sister return from the moon," Sunset said.

"No it can't be the princess would never do something like that," Twilight said.

"You're just too close to her to see all of her manipulative tendencies she does to ponies close to her. She's been doing it for such a long time that she can't see ponies as ponies anymore, just tools. I discover the reason why she held me back once, I began researching the Elements. Because, I didn't follow what she wanted me to be, she held back so that, I wouldn't become an Alicorn," Sunset explains.

"Alicorn?" Twilight ask.

"You're old babysitter was just a normal pegasus before she changed. I was thanks to my magic was on my way on becoming one on my own. But she felt, I wasn't ready for it and did everything to keep me from becoming like her. She's doing the same with you. You won't believe me but why don't you go into her room and read her journals," Sunset said as she walks down the hallway.

Twilight couldn't help herself as she walks into her teacher's room and saw the books on her bed. She walks over to the bed and began flipping through the pages reading her teacher's personal thoughts. As she read through the books, the pedestal she had built around her mentor began to crack. The more she read through the books the pedestal began breaking in pieces till there wasn't anything left. Everything she been through and done has all been just part of her mentor's plan. If there was another unicorn with as much power as either her or Sunset who would be easier to manipulate, she would have been toss aside as Sunset was.


Down in the basement -

Sunset stood in front of the mirror which took her to the other world. It would return her back to the other world but it wasn't her home and there's no one there waiting for her. The same for this world too, where no one cared for her.

"Sunset," Twilight said appearing in the doorway. She had stop by her old room that was left as it was when she left. She had packed up with things that she might need and all the bits she had saved in her old room.

"You read the books," Sunset ask.

"Yes. There's no point in staying anymore. I left a letter in my old room explaining why, I left," Twilight said.

"So you want to come with me?" Sunset ask.

"There nothing here for me but to be use as a tool," Twilight said.

"I have no desire to return to the world that, I came from. I learn that there's another mirror smaller then this one and can go to other worlds. Starswirl created it a long time ago but decided to lock it away. I learn it from one of the books in the princess's room. It should still be in the old castle in Everfree," Sunset said.

"Everfree?" Twilight ask.

"Yes and you can use my power to boost yours for a long range teleport," Sunset said as she gave Twilight the boost she needs.

"Let's go then," Twilight said as she teleports both of them away.

No one would realize that she was gone till it was too late to do anything.


In Everfree -

Both of them teleported to the castle of the 2 sisters. Left in ruins after it was abandon by the princess after she banish her sister to the moon. It's just how Twilight last saw it from the last time that she was there. They enter the castle and made their way inside of it till they found the stairs to the lower levels. But they notice that there are signs that someone been living in the castle. The signs are there, the torches that had been burning and hoof prints on the dusty floors.

"No one is suppose to be here," Twilight said to Sunset as they continue down the stairs.

"Never mind that. The only thing that matters is the mirror," Sunset said.

Twilight just nodded in response as they walk down the staircase to the lowest levels of the castle. They used their horns to make light to see where they're going. Behind them the pony that's been living in the castle follows them.

"How are we going to pass that?" Twilight ask seeing the big door at the bottom of the staircase. She probes it with her magic and saw layers of magic protecting it. That door can only be open by the lock with a large keyhole.

"One thing, I have learn is that while something is protected one way it's not protected by another," Sunset said as she pulls out a metal pipe bomb she made incase she needed to blast open something.

"What's that?" Twilight ask watching as Sunset place it inside the keyhole.

"Think of a firecracker but with a bigger blast," Sunset said as she pulls Twilight with her back up the stairs. Once they were out of the blast range she magically lit the fuse and waited with a shield spell in front of them for added protection.

Twilight gave out a yelp of fright as the homemade bomb went off. The shield protected both of them but it also cause the pony who has been following them to lose her footing and rolled down the stairs. The pony rolled into them causing them to roll down the stairs hitting the door at the bottom that is now wide open as the lock was completely destroyed by the blast.

"Are you...?" Twilight began to ask but saw who is the one who rolled into them. "Trixie?"

"Yes it's Trixie the great and powerful," Trixie said as she got up.

"You know her?" Sunset ask.

"Yes but, I haven't seen her since she came to town for a show she put on," Twilight said.

"After which thanks to your friends heckling me and spreading the story. I couldn't put up a show anywhere since my reputation was smeared. I was force to work on a rock farm before, I came upon this castle and made myself home," Trixie said. (1)

"They're not much friends, I never realized that till now how bad they are," Twilight said.

"Wait what?" Trixie ask.

"Sit down and let Twilight tell you what happen," Sunset said as she began looking around the old workshop for the mirror. "It's going to take me awhile to find the mirror."

"Okay," Trixie said sitting down.

Twilight told Trixie what had happen to her and her going with Sunset to find someplace new where they could have a clean slate to make a new life. Sunset meanwhile disappear in the workshop as she search around for the mirror. She came back having found the mirror which is kept in a small heart shape brass locket.

"Found it," Sunset said as she place the locket around her neck.

"You know the right spell?" Twilight ask.

"Starswirl left a manual how to use it," Sunset said.

"So you two are just going to abandon everything to start anew?" Trixie ask.

"There's no point in staying here," Twilight said.

"Mind if, I come?" Trixie ask.

"You want to come?" Sunset ask.

"There's no place where, Trixie can put on a show now. You two have better reasons to seek a new place to start over but there's no place for Trixie to make a living as a showmare now," Trixie said.

"Maybe if, I had spoke up to the others when they started heckling you," Twilight began but was stop by Trixie.

"There's no need to talk about what ifs. Trixie just want to start over someplace where no one knows Trixie," Trixie said.

"Welcome to the party," Sunset said.

"Before we go we should take what we can from the castle before we go," Trixie said.

"Good idea," Sunset said remembering how that would have help her when she went to the human world.

The three ponies explored the castle together taking what they could find and the food that Trixie had with her. But some had to be left as Sunset pointed out that when she went to the human world she found she couldn't eat plants like grass anymore. The gems and bits that they found would be able to be exchange for the money of the world they found themselves in.

"So you two are ready?" Sunset ask her two companions.

"Yes," Twilight said.

"Time for a new start," Trixie said.

Sunset open a portal to another world and as one the three step through. They found themselves in an alleyway and they are no longer ponies but humans as Sunset told them what she turn into while in the other world. But to Sunset's surprise as she looks down on herself, her skin tone wasn't what it was in the human world. Looking at the other two she saw neither have the skin tones of their coats when they were ponies either.

"So this is a human?" Twilight said as she looks at both Sunset and Trixie. Walking on two legs was something that's going to take some getting use to. She does wonders where the clothes they're wearing came from.

"So this is what hands are like," Trixie said as she works her new hands and looking at her fingers.

"Yes but something is strange about this place. We should have the skin tones of what our coat colors were as ponies," Sunset said as she waited for them to get use to their new bodies.

"So what now?" Trixie ask.

"We learn about this world and if it's not for us we just go to another world. And don't worry we can go back to any world we have visited before," Sunset said.

"Wait so we could go back?" Twilight ask.

"If we want yes," Sunset said as she leads her two new friends out of the alleyway to learn about the world they found themselves in. (2)


Chapter 3

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I Just Walk Away -

"The great and powerful Trixie Lulamoon thanks you all for coming to Trixie's show," Trixie shouted out as she unleash fireworks from her hands lighting up the sky above her. She preformed on an open stage in the park by the bay. The crowd cheered as her display of magical firework images was something that they have never seen in real life.

"I hope she doesn't over do it this time," Twilight said who goes by Tammy in this world as going by the name Twilight besides using it as her stage name just made things odd here. Trixie kept her name as her name while not common isn't a strange as her friend's real names.

"Well you're the one who had the bright idea to go with her plan in earning us a living as show performers," Sunset who goes by Sam in this world said. Together they're known as 'The Horizons'.

They discovered that this world is very different from the one that Sunset had lived in. No different color humans like the pony world and while this world has no magic they did. They have also discovered that there's a show called, 'My Little Pony' a cartoon show that is like their world but the ponies there depended on the help from a human name Magan to save them. Of course that was just the first couple of seasons before the ponies started to learn to stand on their own feet. (1)

And to their surprise mostly Twilight's some of the adventures the cartoon ponies go through mirrors her own. And looking at it from the other side instead of being right in the middle of it, she can't believe how blind she was to what was completely obvious. Luckily she and the other girls have been learning to be genre savvy by watching shows and reading things from the net which Sunset showed both her and Trixie how to use. They depended on her to show her the ropes in how to be a human, which she learned the hard way.

One big difference between the world Sunset had been living in and this human world was that they all could use their magic. Which Trixie being the showmare began performing as a street magician to earn money and drag both of them into the act. Which ended up with them becoming big stars as videos of them using magic ended up on the internet and spreading like wild fire. As many tried to figure out how they do what they do is what draws the crowds in. There were expects in magic who came to the shows to reveal how they're able to do what they do. But none of them could prove how they were able to do what they do.

Trixie with her magic created fireworks out of nowhere and the illusions that she creates. Sunset with her fire magic making creatures out of flames. And her transforming objects from one thing to another. Cause many expects from the ones who reveal how it's done to those who work in their field to scratch their heads as they tried to figure out how they're doing what they're doing. And the shared magic that they share together, lifting things up in the air causing them to glow with their different colored magic auras, teleporting from one spot to another.

"Well we better make sure she doesn't go too far," Twilight said as one of the reasons why they're able to do what they do on stage was that no one in this world would admit that magic is real. Well the ones who matter anyways. One thing about frame in the human world that took some getting use to is that, they gain a following of crazy fans.

"Don't want a cult start up saying we'll grant them magical powers... again," Sunset said as they had to deal with that before it went too far.

"Come on lets give them a show," Twilight said as she and Sunset join Trixie on stage.


After the show -

The girls rested in their RV that not only serves as their transport but their home as well. They have been living in this world for almost a year now and learned much with the help of Sunset. One of the things that Twilight learn to love was the small computers that have called Ipads that allow her to download books for her to enjoy. Which Trixie and Sunset gave her once they learn how much she loves reading and collecting books which in their limited living space just took too much room. Trixie on the other hand learn about video games and became a gamer girl. She's into games that allow her to blow things up and destroy things with bombs.

"Another show and another killing we made," Trixie said as she counted the money from the cash box from the tickets showed.

"Well remember we still need to pay the guards we hired for the show," Twilight said. She's the one who organize things when they're doing outdoor events when unlike indoor shows the staff of the place are the ones who take care of things.

"Will do," Trixie said.

"Hey girls, I have been thinking," Sunset said getting their attention.

"Yes?" both girls ask.

"This world is nice and all but, I still want to see if there is something better out there," Sunset said. "I won't say that, I don't like the frame and the money we gain here. But still, I still wonder if there isn't something more out there."

"So you want to travel from one world to another just to see if there isn't something better?" Trixie ask.

"That's the plan but if the world isn't what we want we can just return to this world," Sunset said.

"I guess we could look around and check out other worlds. But we should use a remote control hover drone to look around just incase it's a world that is overrun with zombies," Twilight said having watched enough movies and played games to become genre savvy. (2)

"If nothing else we can use our trips to pick up things that we can't find here," Sunset said.

"And we can make our shows even better," Trixie adds.


In the new world -

Stepping through the portal the three ended up in a city in Japan of the world they found themselves in. They had used Sunset's hover drone she had brought to search the world first to make sure it's safe before going through. They already skip over a couple of worlds already, one world had zombies overrunning everything, another had giant monsters and the world before that had magical girls destroying the world. And that world was the worse then the others.

"Alright this translation spell will allow us to talk and understand Japaneses," Twilight said.

"Good it be helpful once we start a world tour," Trixie said wanting to see what this world is like.

"We just have to make sure our American money can be exchange in this world," Sunset said not wanting to use their limited gold or gems just yet.

"Well we could go and steal using our magic," Trixie said.

"Hey we can't do that," Twilight said.

"Twilight one thing you have to understand is that while breaking the law is bad. Sometimes you have to do it to survive," Sunset said remembering how she had to steal things to survive in the human world when she first came to that world.

"Only if we have to. Besides this is Japan where...," Twilight began but stop as the body of a beautiful young woman who looks to be a year or three older then they are fell in front of them. And she is badly hurt from the fall and she has wounds covering her body.

She has reddish brown hair that while a bit messy is very silky and long, with a yellow ribbon in her hair. She's wearing white stockings and a blue and while half-cut kimono around her shapely body. The bottom part is cut at the slits all the way to her hips so it reveals her shapely and long legs. Actually it's more like flaps are at the front and back and that's it. A short sword hung from her back and she's wearing blue boots that are actually ankle guards and blue arm guards. There's also a white collar around her neck. But what caught their attention was the fact that her body was something out of a male teenagers wet dream, like those comics and video game women that are busty with melon size breasts. All three of them had learned that such a figure is a sign of great beauty among females, which Sunset already learned and taught that fact to her two friends. All three of them have thin body types and a small chest size.

A group of 10 ninjas leap down from the rooftop where the young woman came falling from.

"Don't interfere. This is none of your business," the leader of the group said.

"...oh great this place has ninjas," Twilight deadpanned.

"Wait, I know this!" Trixie spoke up. "That's the runaway ninja, Kasumi. From the Dead or Alive games."

"Oh great it's going to be like that," Sunset said having seen enough shows where people ended up in a fictional world to know where this is heading for.

"Well there is only one thing to do," Twilight said as she see's the ninjas pointing their weapons at them.

"Let's get them girls!" Trixie smiles as she and her friend's hands glowed as they prepared to cast their magic on the ninjas who step back seeing the display of energy.

"Who are you three?" the leader ask seeing the three young women's hands glowing but feeling no ki at all coming from them.

"We're the Horizons," Sunset said casting fireballs, followed by Trixie throwing magical fireworks at the ninjas, while Twilight protected them with a shield spell that kept anything by hitting them while letting their own attack go out. Something that they had trained for two weeks before they began this little road trip. Just incase they needed to defend themselves. After all what kind of fool would go to a world without preparing themselves first for trouble.



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I Just Walk Away -

"Okay let me get this straight. You're saying magical girls calling themselves the Horizons. Made up of 3 young women around my age, one with pale cyan hair and from you managed to hear name is Trixie, a redhead name Sunset and a purple hair one name Twilight. Just suddenly showed up out of nowhere and stop you all from capturing Kasumi. They also knew her from the Dead or Alive tournaments. The purple one created a bubble around them that stop any attack you threw at them, the redhead threw fire and the blue one threw fireworks," Ayame said listing off all the information the group of ten ninjas had given in their report.

"That would explain why they're covered in burns," Hayate said having seen the group after they were recovered.

"This isn't an anime where magical girls pop out of nowhere," Ayame snaps.

"Magical or otherwise the fact remains that they took Kasumi after they defeated the hunters. No small feet to do," Hayate said.

"I have already sent more hunters after them. They won't have anywhere to hide," Ayame said as the hunters even now are searching everywhere in the city where the three were last seen in. They would be found sooner or later, they already watching all the roads, harbors and airports in the city. There is no way they would be able to leave the city without them knowing.


In a hotel in America -

Kasumi woke up to find herself laying on a bed. Getting up she saw she's in a hotel room and then looking at her body she saw her wounds have been healed. She also found her weapons are gone as well as her ninja clothes. Instead she's wearing just a white shirt that's very tight on her and her panties. Hearing noise from a tv in the other room she carefully slip out of the bed and press her back to the wall. The hotel bedroom she's in is connected to the main room but without a door.

Peaking she saw a blue haired young woman watching TV. But the strange thing was what's she's hearing is in English and looking around the room remained her of the times she was in America. Which couldn't be right as she was in a city in Japan the last thing she could remember. The front door of the room open and two more women came in, a redhead and a purple haired one. Both look to be around her age the same with the blue haired one.

"Trixie we're back," the purple haired one said as she brought in a laundry basket with her while the redhead held shopping bags.

"Did you and Sunset also brought Kasumi some clothes? She can't walk around with that revealing outfit," Trixie ask.

"Yes we did but finding a bra for her was tougher since, Twilight wanted to find a pretty one instead of one that just fits," Sunset said glancing at Twilight.

"Well all the magazines, I have read told how important it is for women to look nice. So, I wanted to get her something nice to wear," Twilight said.

"We just needed something to keep her breasts from bouncing around not to lure in men. She wanted to go into a Veronica Secret store. Besides seeing that she wasn't wearing one she doesn't seem to care about wearing bras," Sunset said.

"I don't get how she's able to move around with those meat bags bouncing around on her chest," Trixie said as she looks down to her own chest. While not that big they were prefect for her figure she reminds herself. "How the hell she has never hit herself in the face with them?"

"I have been wondering about that as well," Twilight said setting the basket down. Then she pulls out Kasumi's ninja outfit. "All she was wearing were panties and this. With someone her size she wouldn't have been able to move or fight the way she does with those on her chest. And that, I had to give her my shirt which is now all stretch out by now."

"Well you're the one who was the only one wearing a undershirt," Trixie said.

"I have to agree with you there. Women with breasts as big has her should wear a sport's bra for support. I guess it must be a ninja thing she learned to do. But still why would she want her jugs to bounce around like that? Sure to get eyes on her flesh and away from her arms and legs as they attack but still.. Flashing people with her sexy body like that? Doesn't she have any shame? Sure it works but only on some people... mostly men," Sunset said. She was the one who explained all the stuff that both Twilight and Trixie had to know about their new human bodies. That she had to learn the hard way. "Sure in the game she was just another over-sized female fighter but here in this world she's real. And why doesn't she have back pains?"

"You're right is is something, I learn in ninja training," Kasumi said stepping out from where she was standing making the three younger women to stop talking. She has a slight blush on her face hearing about them talking about her ample chest. "And what is this about me being in a game?"

"Oh boy," Twilight said sharing looks with both Trixie and Sunset.


Awhile later -

Kasumi sat at the table with the three young women who had saved her and who from what they told her are sliders. Like that TV show where that group go from one world to another with each world just a bit different. And from what they told her in their home world they're magical ponies, not just ponies but unicorns. They decided to leave their world behind for a new one and found themselves in a human world one. A world where she's a videogame character as well as the other fighters in Dead or Alive.

"I would say all three of you are crazy but you did in a day brought me from Japan to America and...," Kasumi began to say but was cut off.

"That we're doing magic right in front of you," Sunset said making a tiny fire pony appear in her hand while Twilight and Trixie were using their own magic to make pictures of their memories to appear on a magic screen.

"There is that," Kasumi said as what she's seeing can't be fake. And that Twilight turned a orange into an apple right before her.

"It's a lot to take in," Sunset said as many people wouldn't be use to the fact that magic is real.

"Well there is ninpo or ninja magic but to use the ninpo technique takes a long time for both the incantations and energy that is needed to use it. But you three are just using it like it's nothing," Kasumi said.

"We are magical ponies in human form," Trixie said.

"Yes ponies," Kasumi said as she had to fight the urge to give out a sqeek when she saw what they look like. In pony form they're just so... cute.

"Let me guess you just loved magical unicorns when you were younger," Sunset said having seen it plenty of times before.

"Kind of...," Kasumi said blushing a bit.

"Big time," Trixie said glad that she wasn't in her pony form or she would be buried underneath pony crazed girls.

"You two stop that," Twilight said.

"It's common in young girls," Sunset said.

"But more importantly, I have to know something," Trixie said staring at Kasumi. "How are you able to move so acrobatically with those weighing you down?"

"You mean my breasts?" Kasumi blushing a bit.

"Do that act like ballast?" Twilight ask wondering about that as well. When she and Trixie

"And also what's with your stripperific ninja outfit?" Sunset ask as well. "We told you about us so how about you tell us about yourself."

"I guess...," Kasumi said blushing as she begins to tell them about herself. (1)


The Next Day -

Stepping out of the portal Twilight, Trixie and Sunset came back to the apartment where Kasumi had been relaxing and recovering. Kasumi had taken the day to just unwind without having to worry about ninjas coming after her. And is enjoying watching some tv for a change.

"We're back," Twilight said looking dirty and worn from whatever adventure she and the others had been through. And each of them now carried a backpack which they didn't had when they had left.

"Wow you three look like you been through alot," Kasumi said.

"Well going to some different game worlds to collect some power ups. Since we now know there are worlds like the videogames we play. It would mean there are plenty of power ups for the taking," Trixie said.

"And since we have watched alot of shows and played games, we're dangerously genre savvy. Also, I had Twilight and Trixie read both the Evil Overlord List and useful guides before we began world hopping so they won't fall or do something dumb," Sunset said.

"Hey!" both Twilight and Trixie said glaring at her.

"Twilight wanted to go to that world with the underwater city and the one with the floating city, without really checking it out first. The underwater one is run by a control freak who runs it by his ideals that doesn't work when you use it in real life. Seeing his closed off world has no government, making his city into a true Objectivity Utopia... for a time. And the floating one is filled with racism, religious fanaticism, eugenics, and abusive work practices of the time period of that world. Run by a mad man who says he speaks for god," Sunset said.

"Those worlds were interesting," Twilight said.

"Then there were the cartoon worlds where Trixie wanted to go. But all those amusing injuries are just that for people in that world. But for us, it be fatal," Sunset added.

"Yes that's true," Trixie said seeing someone there getting his head smash by a anvil.

"That's the reason why, I made it a rule that we send in a drone in first to look around," Sunset said.

"You send in drones?" Kasumi ask.

"Yes to look around as the last thing we want is to go to a death world or a bad one. There's a world where there's a culture where all media is Christian fundamentalist propaganda, and it was really messed up and very disturbing," Sunset said.

"Don't remind me," Trixie said. (2)

"So what world did you go to?" Kasumi ask.

"Well, I couldn't help myself so, I search around till, I found the Super Mario Bros world. But before that we stop at the Zelda world to get some things there. I managed to get us all Goron's Bracelets that makes us all stronger. Not to mention the magic pouch that shrink items when placed in the bag," Sunset said during their quick trip to the Zelda world.

"Which, I transformed into backpacks for us," Twilight said.

"And, I put up a show to get money," Trixie said as she shows Kasumi a large green gemstone. "Simply amazing that something like this is worth only a dollar there like in our world, but in worlds like this one it's worth much more."

"Wait what?" Kasumi ask staring at the huge gemstone.

"I worked on a rock farm and gems from our world are grown from spiecal rocks," Trixie said.

"Really?" Kasumi ask as growing a priceless gemstone sounded like a fairytale.

"Dragons in our world eat them," Twilight said wondering how Spike is doing without her.

"So Kasumi want to try out some power ups?" Sunset ask as she pulls out from her backpack a red capped mushroom with white spots that has eyes on its stalk.

"Is it safe and better yet does it even work here?" Kasumi ask still getting use to how strange her life has become.

"Better believe it," Sunset said as she pop it into her mouth and ate it. Her body glowed for a second as she suddenly grew bigger along with her clothes. Standing from 5'6", she now stood 11'2" doubling her height, which caused her to hit her head on the ceiling.

"Wow," Kasumi said seeing how big Sunset had gotten.

"Ouch," Sunset said rubbing her head as she was force to crouch down to fit in the now smaller room.

"We better find someplace else to show off these power ups before something worse happens," Twilight sighed.

"And before we have to pay for anymore damage to the room," Trixie said looking at the dent on the ceiling where Sunset had hit her head.

"Works for me," Sunset said making a note not to do that again in a room with a low ceiling.


Chapter 5

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In the ruins of a city known as Tokyo a battle for the future of that world is taking place. Magical girls from different groups, some of whom are on the surface are the same but are very different. Some are like Cardcaptor Sakura, while others are like the ones from Black Rock Shooter, some are very young while others are like Cutey Honey and Devil Hunter Yohko. All of them have their own powers some being more powerful, while others having the fighting skills to back them up. But all of them are fighting each other to bring the future they want to the world or to stop the fighting that is destroying the world.

Nanoha drive for cover as the giant mechas the Magic Knights Rayearth did a bomb run, blasting everything underneath them taking out a number of magic users. She stared at what lay before her as three different Sailormoons all were lock in a beam of war against the other. It was put to an end as three of the Love Angels attack each of them from behind. As the six struggle against each other, bullets rained down on them followed by a jeep landing on top of one pair followed by a blond carrying a sword jumping out and cutting the heads of another pair. The last pair of surviving Sailormoon and Love Angel broke off fighting each other as they face Panty and Stocking. (1)

A pink bubble with a boy inside of it came down a alleyway bowling into the foursome, followed by a group of women with a gemstone on their bodies who bubbled them four up before they could move. They left being followed by a group of flying young girls who have wings on their backs taking down flying magic girls so the gemstone women can bubble them up. They came to Japan to put a stop to the fighting before the whole world is in ruins. And are just taking out all the magical girls they come across to do so as they just don't care what the different groups are fighting for. They're just fighting to save their world from those who claim to be making it a better place. (2)

Stepping out of a doorway in front of her was her younger self when it all started for her but she reminded herself that the little girl in front of her isn't herself from the past just a different magic girl. Nanoha was about to attack when a dome of energy appeared in the background destroying everything. Looking closely she saw at the center is the princess from another dimension Star with that magical wand of hers, along with Rainbow Brite facing off against Madoka.


"And you can see why we only send in drones before ever going into another world. And don't ask how all those magical girls can be all on the same world at once we have no idea," Sunset said to Kasumi who had watch the video of the drone that was sent into a end of the world by magical girl world. She and the three pony turn humans are in said three RV that they live in.

Both Twilight and Trixie are busy preparing a drone to be sent to another world while Sunset is showing Kasumi on a table computer some videos of some of the worlds they have seen and why they're so careful. Kasumi learning of different worlds ask if she could come with them as she's tried of running because of what she needed to do to save her brother. The girls agreed as while they're powerful magic users it's a good idea to have someone with fighting skills around and she could teach them.

"You three haven't been to any worlds where there are only a handful of magical girls have you?" Kasumi ask. Seeing how bad things can get if there were so many magical girls all in one world.

"Not yet," Sunset said.

"Ok drone is through the portal," Twilight said as she controls the drone by remote and flew it into the portal.

"Sunset turn on the video setting," Trixie said.

"Right," Sunset said as she switch to the live fee from the drone camera.

On the computer screen the four women saw the world the portal leads to is a mostly water world and one with pirates in it from the sail ship with a jolly Rogers flag on it that is a skull and crossbones with a straw hat on it.

"Hey look it's a One Piece world," Trixie said.

"You mean that anime?" Kasumi ask remembering seeing posters about it.

"Cool we can see if we can't get some devil fruit powers," Trixie said.

"But you'll sink like a stone if you do," Sunset said.

"Let us see what the.... Oh my god," Twilight said as she zoomed in onto the deck of the ship to see what the Pirates are up to. And quickly regretted it.

The Straw Hat Pirates in this world aren't pirates who do nothing, but are the types that rape, pillage, and burn. It looks like they just came from sacking a town and after pillaging all the loot their ship can carry, are now raping the women they took with them. The men of the ship all are raping young women as well as the female crew members joining in on the fun as well. (3)

"That world is a no go," Twilight said as she turn the drone around and flew it back through the portal. And Sunset and Trixie both sent a fireball and a firework through the portal before it close and hitting the sails of the ship catching them on fire. That event would cost the Straw Hat crew time and the navy to catch up to them, ending with them fleeing with the navy rescuing the women who were thrown overboard so the navy ship be busy rescuing them from the sea for them to chase the pirates.

"That world is a write off," Sunset said.

"The pirates there act like real pirates," Kasumi said.

"Yeah we found some worlds like that," Trixie said.

"Where things that are fiction in one world isn't the same in another, as many things that are fiction are written in board strokes," Sunset said.

"Really?" Kasumi ask.

"We saw a Harry Potter world where there is a war between the muggles and the magic world. From what we learn thanks to Dumbledore's love gambit roulette cause things to end in the worse possible way. Potter wand was destroyed and he's left crippled that magic can't fix and all of his friends died because of him. Then the dark wizards began mass killings that got so big that it couldn't be covered up anymore. Instead of seeking help from the muggles the magic government instead tried to erase everyone's memory in London which thanks to dark wizards attacking caused many muggles to become brain dead. And instead of trying to explain things the magic government began calling for all magic users to be ready to fight the muggles spreading fear and panic. So panicking magic users thinking the muggles would kill them strike first and learn that the muggles don't play fair. Entire magical communities been gas or simply bombed and it's a witch hunt for any magic users. The muggle born ones already knowing how powerful the muggle army is once motivated are helping them. As for old skull face he was caught somehow and seeing how he has that thing that makes him immortal. The muggles simply cut out a large section of his brain and replace it with plastic to prevent it from growing back somehow, then cut off his hands and his tongue so he wouldn't ever be a threat," Twilight explains. (4)

"Wow that a dark world," Kasumi said.

"It is but it's not the worse," Sunset said.

"Really?" Kasumi ask.

"There's a world that is a copy and paste of Moral Orel and is just as bad as the show," Twilight said.

"I never heard of it," Kasumi said.

"You're lucky then," Trixie said. (5)

"We like to avoid going to worlds with kid heroes being expected to save the day while the adults do nothing," Sunset said.

"It just brings too many bad memories," Twilight said as both she and Sunset were used like that before they just walk away.

"I'm holding out for a Jetson world," Trixie said. "It be nice getting some of those advance tech they have there."

"Star Wars would be nice," Sunset said.

"Star Trek?" Kasumi ask.

"The federation isn't that easy to fool as the show would like you to believe. Sent in a drone and it was quickly detected and surrounded before we knew what happen," Twilight said.

"What world would you like to go to?" Trixie ask.

"How about Naruto. I would like to see that world,," Kasumi said.

"Alright," Twilight said. "As soon as we find the right portal."

"And after we get some gear for us to survive," Sunset said as she turns to Twilight. "Turn the portal to the Mass Effect world."

"But wait the last time we saw that world that Earth is still fighting the Reapers," Trixie said.

"Yup and there's all that tech is just waiting for someone to take. We open the portal and using our magic just pull objects from that world to ours," Sunset said.

"I would like an omni-tool," Twilight said. "But what about the Reapers?"

"They shouldn't be able to see the portal and it be to small for them to fit through," Sunset said.

"And like with the pirate ship we'll be able to help some people out," Trixie said.

"So you girls are traveling to different worlds just to find one to call home and pick up items from them as you do so?" Kasumi ask.

"Of course," Trixie said.

"We're going to keep on going till we find a world to call home," Sunset said.

"Picking up things on the way and meeting new friends as we do so," Twilight said.

"Really?" Kasumi ask as she remembers all the times when she was younger when she watch shows that she wish to go on a grand adventure. "When do we start?"

Chapter 6

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"Omni-tool fully power with all the latest upgrades?" Twilight ask as she marks off a check list for the group inventory.

"Check," Sunset said.

"The power suits all working?" Twilight ask.

"Check," Kasumi said flexing her limbs in the skin tight suit she's wearing underneath her clothes. The suits are from a Jetson like world, that has body suits like Batman Beyond and where they upgraded the omni-tools. The suits exoskeletons are electronic circuits but is still malleable like regular clothing. And what's really gets them is that the suits are for that world every day clothes and the real power armor for that world is just beyond super. But with the level of tech of that world they couldn't risk being caught by the law there.

"Weapons?" Twilight ask.

"Already for action," Trixie said as she looks over the guns they took from the Mass Effect world. The guns can compact themselves into smaller size and unlike the guns with the heat-sink clips these don't have the upgrades. Which means they just cool down after overheating, they also gotten some upgrades as well. (1)

"Do we really need those?" Kasumi ask.

"Guns that fire gain size bullets at supersonic velocities by decreasing its mass in a mass effect field, that is near impossible to dodge when it's fired right at you? Of course it is. The ninjas of Naruto's world is fast but not that fast, for most of them anyways. And we're not about to go into a world of ninjas without some protection," Twilight said. She and the others have train using the guns on the firing range.

"And you can't tell me you don't like your upgraded weapons," Sunset said.

"No, I can't," Kasumi said as she held the plasma sword that got while in that future world. The sword is just a handle but once activated creates a blade of super-heated gas blade that can cut just about anything. And is used in that world as just a cutting tool.

"That world has just about everything," Trixie said as she created a hard light duplicate of herself.

"I still can't believe how advance that world is. But of course that Earth surface is now mostly covered in cities like that planet in Star Wars," Twilight said.

"They are space traveling to different galaxies. Besides all the stuff we got from the black market was paid by handing over fresh vegetables and fruits. Which in that world goes for a high price as those things can only be imported from other planets and are a display of wealth," Sunset said. "But of course what is rare on one world is another world's common. The people we got our gear from make a living by going from one galaxy to another trading and buying things. If it wasn't for the cost of flying from one galaxy to another more people would do it."

"And all the tech that world has gives us a real edge if we need to fight," Trixie said the suits not only acts as body armor but increases their strength. The suits also come with a skin tight force field that would protect their bodies as well as the parts not covered by their suits.

"But all of this stuff? Isn't it a bit too much?" Kasumi ask. She had tested out her suit and found herself much stronger and more powerful then before. If she had this suit back in her world she wouldn't have to worry about her clan. They would have to worry about her instead.

"Please. We seen enough worlds to have the common sense of not fighting fair. If someone who tries to kill us fights with some code of honor, we won't fight like that. They can kept their honor even if it means their deaths, we will live while they are just dead and be forgotten in a few short years. Besides we're just visitors in those other worlds and don't have to follow their rules. As some are just bad and dark worlds," Sunset said.

"Remember the world that is like that movie, The Purge," Trixie said.

"Don't remind me," Twilight said.

"Wait there's a world like that?" Kasumi ask.

"Well it was as we saw that world's America after the first purge. Which cause a global recession as there weren't any emergency services to put out the fires caused in the 12 hours crime was legal. The stores that were looted and having to rebuild everything that was destroyed. Left that world's America a shadow of it's former self and is having a civil war. That kind of plan would only work in the movies as reality hit that world hard," Twilight said. (2)

"Which is why we got the force fields that takes a battleship laser cannon fire to one shot it," Sunset said.

"And all it cost us was a potted tangerine tree," Trixie said. Remembering how she talk that crime lord into handing over the gear they wanted in exchange for the tree. She told him how he would be the envy of the other crime bosses when he shows off how he has freshly squeezed juice from his very own personal tangerine tree. Which is thought to be extinct, which he could also sell the seeds for a very high price.

"I still can't believe that happen," Kasumi said.

"Real food on that world was just worth more then gold," Twilight said.

"Kasumi remember that in some worlds people don't have common sense or are genre savvy," Trixie said.

"Remember that world we stop by that look normal till we met that family with the husband being an octopus who no one could see isn't a man," Sunset said. (3)

"I still don't understand how no one can't see it," Kasumi said.

"Well there's that chef who shouted that he's an octopus. But then again everyone thinks he's crazy," Twilight said.

"About this Naruto world? Is it like it is in cannon or is it like that One Piece world?" Kasumi ask.

"Why you think we stock up on all this gear. It looks ok but there is only so much we can learn from a drone," Sunset said.

"So it's either we gear up in tech that would give Superman a run for his money in fighting us or we simply look for another world," Twilight said. (4)

"Good point," Kasumi said then she thought of something. "While, I would like to look around in that world. The ninjas will be on the look out for people out of place."

"We're going to be traveling entertainers putting on magic shows," Trixie said.

"And if that doesn't work, we also are traders," Sunset said.


Naruto's world -

Tsuande the newly appointed hokage sat in her new office with her old teammate Jiraiya. They're meeting to talk about Naruto who had help Jiraiya in finding her and bringing her back to the village. Both of them worried about the weaken seal that contained the fox, and the jutsu that kept the most powerful weapon in the village under control. The jutsu Naruto's parents place on him made him want to always forgive the villagers and make him want to be apart of it.

"Will you be able to repair the seal?" Tsuande ask.

"It won't be an easy thing to do. I need to repair it as well as the mind altering jutsu as well. What our old teammate did, he targeted the mind jutsu because he knew what will happen once it fails," Jiraiya said.

"We'll either have to deal with Naruto wanting to destroy the village or him quitting in being a ninjas. Both would be a lost of a powerful weapon for the village," Tsuande said.

"I will take him on a training trip and will repair the mind seal safely outside the village," Jiraiya said.

"And what happens if the mind jutsu breaks and Naruto decides to run?" Tsuande said.

"I just have to bring him back won't I," Jiraiya said.

"No it be too risky. You might lose him," Tsuande said.

"Alright, I do it in the village then," Jiraiya said.

"How long till the mind jutsu breaks down?" Tsuande ask.

"I'm surprise that it hasn't broken yet," Jiraiya said.

"So it can break at any time?" Tsuande ask.

"Yes," Jiraiya said.

"We need to keep him lock up till you can fix the seal then," Tsuande said. "What be the first signs if it does break?"

"Naruto would begin to act differently and won't be so forgiving as he is," Jiraiya said.

"I have all the ninjas be on the look out for the signs then. We can't have our most powerful weapon become disloyal," Tsuande said.

"It will help if we stop anyone from harming or upsetting Naruto till, I can fix the seal. It could decrease the amount of time left on the seal," Jiraiya said.

"Yes and this time they do their jobs," Tsuande said having read the old reports in how badly the ninjas did their jobs before.

"We can't lose our greatest weapon. Resealing the fox into another body would be too much of a risk. Naruto is the only one who can contain it, till he's old enough to father children," Jiraiya said.

"We don't have to wait. I'll just do an exam to see if he's producing healthy sperm. Seeing he is the last of his clan we can place him under the clan restoration act. Any girl who can birth a healthy child be given to him to birth children," Tsuande said.

"That act? I thought you didn't like it because of who you were....," Jiraiya began but was cut off.

"You know that, I can't have children anymore even back then when we were young. That's the cost for what, I can do," Tsuande said as she remembers how she and Dan had cried when they discovered that because of what she had done to her body to become strong, the cost was she can't have any children. All the dreams they had together to start a family died, and then Dan died.

"Well he should be old enough to be able to father children," Jiraiya said.

"It's been done before. In our line of work few ever live to our ages," Tsuande adds. (5)

"Alright we'll break the news who Naruto's parents are and keep him in the village," Jiraiya said.

"And you can act as his godfather," Tsuande said in a huff. "You know if you actually did that. We wouldn't be facing the trouble of keeping Naruto loyal and be a weapon for the village."

"You know, I rather be out in the field then raising a kid," Jiraiya said.

"Well since you need to repair the seal you're going to be acting as his godfather and staying in the village till it's repaired and we don't have to worry about Naruto becoming disloyal," Tsuande said.

"I understand," Jiraiya said knowing it's what needs to be done for the good of the village.


In Naruto's Apartment -

Naruto lay on his bed deep in thought, going over his life. There is something different about himself now but he doesn't know what it is. For the last few days he's been feeling strange as if he needed glasses and only now he's seeing the world clearly around him. He's been thinking differently too, as why should he just accept how others treat him. Why should he be trying to apart of a place that doesn't want him, why should he become friends with people who treat him badly. Why should he defend people who would never welcome him to be apart of this village.

"Why do I want to be hokage anyways?" Naruto wonders as he never questioned why he wanted to be hokage ever. It was like someone told him that's what he wants to be and he just obeyed.

Chapter 7

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Twilight sat behind the wheel of the RV driving it towards the Leaf Village, the RV has transformed into a strange steam powered vehicle to fit into the world setting. The RV is now rolling on tank like treads allowing them to travel easily on the dirt roads. They discovered the world of 'The Magic School Bus' where they found where Ms. Fizz gotten her bus and ask the man who made it to do the same to the RV. Now the RV can transform into just about anything and non of it is magical, just pure tech which, Twilight can't put her head around how it's even possible given what the guy work with. Sunset just said don't think about it and it works so don't think about how it works. (1)

"Alright girls we're almost there," Twilight said.

"So Kasumi why do you want to come here anyways?" Sunset ask Kasumi. Both of them sat at the small kitchen table, Trixie is taking a nap in the bedroom.

Twilight has been driving for awhile now as they didn't want to just appear out of nowhere. So they teleported in the land beyond the boarders of the Land of Wind and have been taking turns driving. Using a translation spell the girls could understand what the people of this world are saying as well as them being understood. What would have taken weeks or months to travel, only took them 6 days with stops along the way to learn about how things are in this world. They would have gotten to the Land of Fire sooner if Trixie didn't put on shows at every village they stop at. But they did earn money that is used in this world. And many people did stare at wonder at their stream machine like train.

"I want to see if, I can't learn how to use the jutsus here and it be interesting in seeing how a world full of ninjas is really like," Kasumi said.

"Wait that won't work as they use chakra," Sunset said.

"I know but, I might still learn something by studying them," Kasumi said.

"Well that's true. And don't forget to use the data glasses," Sunset said as she puts on her pair that collects data and gives the users a read out.

"It's like those glasses in Daragonball," Kasumi said as the glasses also allows her to see how much power something is giving off. Which the glasses have for the uses to see how powerful some of the machines and energy weapons are. They are for the army after all.

"As long as none of you do the over 9000 thing," Twilight spoke up.

"Yeah it's been over done," Kasumi said.

"We still need to be careful even with our new tech we don't know how strong it will make us compare to the ninjas here. So don't get full of yourself," Sunset said.

"Hey keep it down," Trixie said poking her head out.

"Trixie we're almost there so get dress and make sure that if you put on a show that you don't go overboard," Twilight said.

"Right," Trixie said.

"And make sure you don't use any of those bombs," Sunset said.

"What? Those bombs can come in handy," Trixie said.

"I'm just glad we got those data storage devices," Twilight said not liking the idea that the RV is full of bombs. The storage devices turn solid objects into data, a simple device that replaced the shopping bags.

"Also Trixie did you really have to get that mini black hole?" Kasumi ask as she's doesn't like the idea of being near something that can destroy just about anything.

"What? It's just for getting rid of trash," Trixie said.

"Well it would come in handy in getting rid of something that can't be destroyed. But you are sure it's safe?" Twilight ask.

"It can only maintain itself with how much charge you give it and it's contain in a force field that only let things in and is inside a container with safety locks. And it turns on and off like a light switch," Trixie said.

"Just don't leave it on then," Twilight said.

"By the way Kasumi how will you be getting the knowledge needed to learn jutsus?" Sunset ask.

"Use your body?" Trixie ask bluntly.

"NO!" Kasumi snaps at her.

"Well didn't you said that the reason why you have such a sexy body is because the women of your ninja clan use it to get information? And thanks to generations of breeding you and your sister have such busty bodies," Trixie said. (2)

"Yes but, I might be train for that kind of work. I have never done it," Kasumi said.

"So you never had sex?" Sunset ask as she and the other girls stared at their ninja friend.

"No," Kasumi said blushing a bit.

"Just remember our story if anyone ask. We're traveling performers who also do odd jobs to make end meet. Kasumi is from a small ninja clan that was destroyed during the last ninja war and is our friend who also acts as our bodyguard," Twilight reminded everyone.

"Yes we know," Trixie said.

"You had us go over it 10 times already," Sunset said.

"It was only 9," Kasumi said.

"I was rounding it out," Sunset responded.

"Well we're here," Twilight said stopping at the massive wooden gates. "Be ready in case this world isn't like the show or manga. Everyone pick a powerup."

"Right," the 3 women responded as they grab a power up from the Mario verse. (3)

"And don't forget to listen in," Trixie reminded Twilight.


Inside the Village -

"Well?" Kakashi ask a ninja guard. Like many of the adults of the village he is injured from the recent invasion and has his arm in a sling.

"Never seen anything like it before. It's like a train but doesn't need tracks," the man reported. He and other ninjas have been following the strange machine once it got near the village.

"I heard of this machine," Jiraiya said appearing next to Kakashi.

"You have?" Kakashi ask.

"Yes one of my informants send me a message that a strange traveling group of 4 women are making their way across the Element Lands, putting on magic shows. The report came from a small village in the Land of Wind. From what my agent managed to find out they're from the western lands and are traveling around in their RV as they call it. He couldn't find out where they got a machine like that from. That Rv of theirs is very fast and able to travel through just about any kind of terrain. The report he sent me was 5 days old," Jiraiya said.

"Wait 5 days from Land of Wind to here?" Kakashi ask.

"Yes that machine of theirs can travel from here to Land of Wind in 5 days but of course they were putting on shows and stopping by villages on the way here," Jiraiya said.

"So is it safe to let them in?" Kakashi ask.

"Keep a close eye on them," Jiraiya said. "We're still weak from the invasion."

"Yes," Kakashi said as waves for the gate guards to open the gate.

"By the way how's Naruto?" Kakashi ask once he and Jiraiya were alone.

"The seal is weakening, the other one not the one containing the fox. Soon it will no longer be effecting him," Jiraiya said.

"He won't be under control much longer then?" Kakashi ask.

"No and we can't have him thinking of any thoughts that isn't about the good for the village. His parents knew what kind of life he would lived and made sure he'll stay loyal," Jiraiya said.

"At least he has his godfather looking after him," Kakashi said looking at him.

"I rather be out and gathering research for my books," Jiraiya said. "I have to teach him so much while fixing the seal. You're not a very good teacher. The only thing he learn from you was tree climbing and that's it."

"I could say the same about you being his godfather," Kakashi said.

"Just remember he's no longer apart of your team. He's my student and I'll be training him as the weapon he should have been for this village," Jirayia said.


In the RV -

"You girls heard that's?" Twilight said as she turn on her hearing device in her ear piece to listen on in what's happening around them. It work like those listening devices that people use to hear what people are saying far away but better thanks to all the advance tech they gotten from the future world. As they didn't want to enter a place that is planning on robbing them. It help them in the last few villages where some people wanting to take their wheels or treads with the RV being on tank treads now.

"Naruto in this world is only seen as a weapon and seems to have a mind Jutsu on him?" Sunset ask.

"Just great a board strokes kind of world," Trixie said. "This is just like Pokemon world all over again."

"You three been to a Pokemon world?" Kasumi ask.

"Yup and it's just like the anime but with one big difference. The humans in that world also breed and raise Pokemon to eat," Sunset said. (4)

"That must have been shocking," Kasumi said as she noticed that the girls don't eat meat. Well they have no problems eating eggs and milk and what's made out of them, but not meat.

"Yup it was. And this world ninja world sees Naruto as nothing more then a weapon even placing a mind control spell on him," Sunset said.

"So what do we do?" Kasumi ask.

"Well we can go to another world?" Trixie said.

"But Naruto is being used as a weapon," Twilight growled being reminded of how the princess had used her. She drove the RV into the village once the gates were fully open.

"To protect a village that doesn't care about him and a godfather who would rather have fun then take care of someone who needed him," Sunset said on the same train of thought as Twilight is.

"Well here we go again," Trixie said seeing the looks on their faces.

"Again?" Kasumi ask.

"They get like this when they discover that someone is being used as a tool. As the princess did with them. So we're going to be here for awhile," Trixie said.

"This happen before?" Kasumi ask.

"You have no idea," Trixie sighed.

Chapter 8

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A door that badly needed to be oiled crack open for the first time in years. Celestia step into a room she had ordered lock and no one enter till she allowed it. The room is a bedroom that was as she last seen it, the maids had clean up the room before the room was lock shut. The bedroom is that of her former student Sunset Shimmer when she was living in the castle. And the one who took away Twilight Sparkle.

She had the guards search for them, following every rumor about sightings of them. Before the mirror portal closed for another 30 moons she personally went to the other world with an escort much to the surprise of her human counterpart. They had no idea where Sunset is either and while there was a Twilight in that world it wasn't her Twilight.

They did discover where Sunset had lived while in the human world. A old store building that's been abandon for years. Sunset had been living in the old office room which from its state and repairs done to it was the only home Sunset knew in that world. There was power but it came from a extension cord that was connected to a nearby building. And what few belongings she own showed how she lived and how she survived in the human world. She collected cans and bottles to make money as well as stealing to survive. Something she was already use to before Celestia found her.

Celestia look around the bedroom covered in dust, remembering the past. She remembered the little filly that use to run around in the room and the look of joy when she was shown her room for the first time. She was living in the streets when Celestia discover her after she started that huge blaze when she wanted to stay warm for the night. She never seen someone with that much raw power and she took her in as her student. She train her so that when the time came she'll be able to free her sister from the evil that bound her. But Sunset only had eyes on her and didn't made any friends, instead she only wanted to be with her. Celestia realized that Sunset only wanted her attention and none other. It was by sheer chance that Twilight magic revealed to be as powerful as Sunset.

After she caught Sunset learning dark magic she replaced her with Twilight who unlike Sunset already had a family. She planned on keeping an eye on Sunset but she escape into the mirror. Learning from her mistakes with Sunset she began training Twilight into becoming the one who will free her sister from the evil that has her in its grips. But Twilight also came with her own problems and rather study then make friends. It was just blind luck things work out as well as it did. If Sunset was still around at the time she would have been her backup incase Twilight failed.

Now both of her students are gone. Both leaving letters to her, with Twilight leaving letters to her friends and family. Now the greatest defense for Equestria is now gone. Without the bearer of magic the other elements are useless. She is now searching for a replacement for Twilight. She remembered a talented unicorn name Trixie but she became a stage pony instead and after a show in Ponyvile she just disappeared.

"Sister?" Luna ask entering the room.

"I lost both of them," Celestia said. "I had such high hopes for both of them."

"Playing the trickster and stealth mentor has backfired on you. Hiding things and sending Twilight to handle things with no help at all. It's surprising it took her so long to see it," Luna said.

"I was only doing what I had to do to free you," Celestia said.

"Yes and I am grateful for it. But all of you manipulations that you have done to both of them. I know what you wanted to happen with Twilight and with Sunset before her. But that wasn't how either of us became alicorns. Now both of them are gone," Luna said.

"And with Cadence calling off the wedding till Twilight returns. There is no hope unless either of us marries, to see if one can be born as one," Celestia said.

"Her friends and family are still looking for Twilight. So you mustn't give up hope," Luna said.

"I know but without her. The elements are now powerless and the Changelings are still out there along with others. I going to take in another student and I won't make the same mistakes that cost me both Sunset and Twilight," Celestia said.

"Taking in another student already?" Luna ask.

"It's been more then a year and still no signs and if they're in the human world it be years till the mirror opens again," Celestia said.

"Remember dear sister of what you done to drive both of them away. Or you'll be seeing the next one leave your side as well," Luna said.

"I know but after watching so many dear friends and love ones, I knew from foal to old age come and go. Neither of us can afford to feel as our ponies do," Celestia said sadly. (1)

"I know sister," Luna said as she and her sister will outlive so many till they to will finally die.

Chapter 9

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Tsuande was doing paperwork in her office when a loud crash got her attention. Looking out of the window she spotted what was causing all the noise. Jiraiya was running down the street being chase by.... a train? Well the engine part of the train anyways. And there's a woman poking her upper part of her body out from the top throwing what looks like firework jutsus at him. And he's leading the strange vehicle towards the Hokage tower.

"Shizune!" Tsuande shouted out.

"Yes?" Shizune said coming in.

"What's going on?" Tsuande ask pointing out of the window causing Shizune to look out to see what her teacher is pointing at.

"What the?" Shizune ask wondering what's happening.

"GET BACK HERE YOU SHAMELESS PERVERT!" the girl throwing the fireworks shouted out loud enough for all to hear.

"Oh that's why," both Tsuande and Shizune deadpanned.

"Better stop this before the village is wreck," Tsuande said leaping out of the window.

Tsuande leap down and landed in front of the train like vehicle and grab the front of it. She expected to be able to just stop it dead in it's tracks but to her surprise the vehicle didn't stop it actually push her backwards, making her dig her feet into the street just to slow it down. She tried lifting the vehicle but to her surprise it's really heavy, much heavier then she would expect for something of it's size. She had to pump more chakra into her body just to lift it into the air causing the driver to stop Then she drop it and caught her breath, she hadn't needed to use that much power since she fought with her old teammate. The ninjas of the village quickly surrounded the vehicle.

"Hey!" Trixie shouted still sticking halfway out of the top of the RV. "Can't you see we're after that pervert!"

"And wrecking the village while you're at it," Tsuande said before turning to Jiraiya. "What did you do this time?"

"I have no idea. I don't remember ever using her as research," Jiraiya said.

"What else do you really expect from him? So many women he peak over the years and only interested in their bodies. I would bet if I was naked he would remember as that's all he cares about," Trixie said.

"True," Tsuande said.

"Hey!" Jiraiya shouted.

"All me and my friends want is to stake him to the ground by his limbs then take turns kicking his balls. And any woman here is welcome to join in," Trixie said.

"Hmm," Tsuande said stroking her chin with that thought.

"Hey!" Jiraiya shouted. "Are you forgetting all the damage she and that thing has done?"

"He's right," Tsuande said.

"We'll handle that. After we take care of him," Trixie said as she bang the top of the RV. "Sunset it's your turn!"

"RIght Trixie!" a voice boom inside the RV. The side door of the RV open and to the surprise of the ninjas a giantess step out. She stood over 11 feet and is dress in a red and yellow body suit that covered all by her head. She is armed with gauntlets that made her forearms look bigger then they are.

"Alright pervert this time you're not dealing with a little girl!" Sunset shouted as she glared at Jiraiya.

"Wait you peek on her when she was a little girl?" Tsuande ask glaring at Jiraiya.

"I...," Jiraiya could only say as he found himself at the center of death glares from the other female ninjas.

"He peeks on women at the baths. Are you really surprise he also peeks on young girls while he's at it," Trixie shouted out.

"No," Tsuande admitted with the female ninjas presents all nodding in agreement.

"So get out of the way so, I can pound him," Sunset said.

"Sorry but, I can't let you do that. He does deserve being beating but he's needed to be in good health," Tsuande said.

"Then, I'm going through you," Sunset said as she stomps towards Tsuande to get to Jiraiya who is behind her.

"Sorry but that's as far as you go, you might be bigger then me but...," Tsuande was caught off as Sunset pick her up and toss her aside. Tsuande landed on her feet and jump back in front of Sunset and grab her hands when she leaned down grab her again. But to her surprise like when she tried to stop the RV she found herself being push back.

"You're pretty strong for an old woman," Sunset said as her servos of her powersuit work at full power to overcome Tsuande's increasing strength as she pumps more chakra to push back.

"And you're strong for a girl your age," Tsuande said surprise of how strong the giant girl is. She's has to increase her chakra to a level that she saves for real fights.

"And, I'm taller then you are," Sunset said as she stood up at her full height lifting Tsuande by her hands off the ground and began spinning in place with Tsuande being spun around like an adult doing the same with a child. Sunset let go of Tsuande sending her flying through the air.

Tsuande quickly right herself as she flew towards a building and hit the building with her feet. She pump her feet with chakra to stop her from damaging the building and her legs. She sprang herself back in front of Sunset, this time ready for her. She's quickly realized that not only Sunset is a giantess but she is just as strong as she is, but only as long as she's holding back that is. But if she does go all out the village would be damage from the fight, as she doesn't know how much Sunset is also holding back. And while the Leaf ninjas around her would help her in the fight, the villagers who have gathered around would be caught up in the fight as well.

"Alright that's it. This ends here," Tsuande said as she firmly plants her feet into the ground and pumps herself full of chakra.

"You're right. I don't have to beat up Jiraiya," Sunset said.

"Oh you come to your senses?" Tsuande ask.

"No. My friends already did it," Sunset said pointing behind Tsuande.

The Leaf ninjas turn around and saw Jiraiya is a beaten mess with 3 young women standing around him. The white haired one who was throwing those firework jutsus now wore a cape and a strange hat covered in stars. The other girl who look to be the same age as the first one but has purple hair. Then the last who looks to be older, who while dress in a blue and white bodysuit like Sunset and isn't a giant. She is clearly the oldest with a figure that is showed off by the bodysuit she's wearing that hug her figure very tightly. Tsuande stared at the long woman with a figure that while she isn't as big as she is, she might still be in her growing phase, as she puts her ages in her early 20s. And there was the way she carried herself, she's a train ninja.

"Hi. My name is Twilight and while you all had your attention on those two we just went and beat him up for peeking on us," Twilight said. (1)

"And he's not going to be getting up anytime soon," Trixie said as she and Twilight might not be skilled fighters, but they did have the same power armor underneath their normal clothes that gave them super strength.

"Well let's go girls. We're here for a reason and, I waited for years to do it," Kasumi said.

"And what's that?" Tsuande said holding her hand up to stop the ninjas around her from attacking.

"I spent years training myself to become like Minato the 4th Hokage," Kasumi said.

"And don't let Kasumi go on about it," Trixie said.

"She just goes on about it," Sunset said.

"She met him when she was younger when her family was on a trip here and got her wanting to become a ninja. So once her family left the Element Countries and back home in the western lands, she train herself, even finding a runaway ninja who taught her. And once she learn that we her friends are heading here. She tagged along so that she could come here and fulfill her dream of meeting him again," Sunset said.

"You're here to meet Minato?" Tsuande said her tone soften as she realized that these girls didn't know about what happen to him. News of what happen only spread because of the other ninja villages and they coming from the western lands who don't have ninja villages wouldn't had heard of what happens here. (2)

"Hey! What's happen!" Naruto shouted as he came running up to the beaten form of Jiraiya.

"He was being a pervert and we beat him up," Twilight answers.

"Again?" Naruto ask.

"This happens alot doesn't it?" Sunset ask Tsuande.

"Sadly yes. But not as bad as your friends did," Tsuande said.

"No wonder he keeps doing it then," Sunset said.

"Hey what are you looking at?" Naruto ask as Kasumi is staring at him. She is studying his face like she's looking for something.

"You look just like the 4th Hokage," Kasumi said pointing out something that's been in everyone's faces but no one ever saw in all the years, Naruto has been alive.

"What?" Naruto ask caught off guard.

Tsuande's eyes widen as the woman before her saw something that no one else ever saw in the village. She already knows who Naruto's parents are and would keep it a secret as long as she could. She looks around at the other Leaf ninjas and the villagers who are watching. It's clear that all of them are seeing how much Naruto looks like Minato, now that it's been pointed out to them. (3)

"You must be Minato's son. This is great you can take me back to your home and, I can reintroduce myself to him. It's been years since, I saw him last," Kasumi said.

"But I'm not his.... son," Naruto said as his mind began racing with the very idea and how much it made sense.

"What you mean not his son? You look just like him," Trixie said.

"And isn't that his face up there on the side of the mountain? It's not that hard to see how much you look like him," Sunset ask pointing to said mountain.

"Even from what, I'm standing at. I can see how much you look like your father," Twilight said.

"Granny?" Naruto ask looking at Tsuande his face lost with the storm of emotion welling up inside of him.

"We need to talk in my office," Tsuande said as she walks up to Naruto and picks him up carrying him to the Hokage Tower.

'I hope this plan works," Kasumi thought to herself as she's going along with the plan that her new friends thought up of after learning how Naruto is being treated and being groom to become.

Chapter 10

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Tsuande let out a sigh as Naruto left her office after she and him had a long talk. She was force to reveal so much which she had planned on telling him when he was older and deeply connected to the village. She was planning on telling him after she place the clan restoration act on him and he has kids on the way which would keep him in the village. Now thanks to those girls pointing out that he's Minato's son she has to change and step up the time frame of her plan. Not only that but because of those girls the whole village will know who Naruto's parents are by tomorrow, then the other villages will learn that too. She ordered ninjas to be posted to keep an eye on Naruto, she couldn't risk him doing something stupid, not with the mind seal weakening.

"Kakashi what happen?" Tsuande ask looking at the ninja who remained hidden during her talk with Naruto.

"The moment Jiraiya appeared to talk with the girls in their transport, the girl Trixie pop out and shouted 'It's that pervert! Hit the gas Twilight." The girl Trixie began throwing firework like jutsus at Jiraya while their transport tried to run him over," Kakashi explain. (1)

"I see," Tsuande said. "How is he?"

"He's still being work on by the doctors. It be months before he's back on his feet. Those women broke most of his bones and his privets... well it doesn't look good for him ever using them again," Kakashi said.

"They have super strength too. Just great. I'll see what I can do for him," Tsuande said.

"I still can't believe they figure out that Naruto is Minato's son," Kakashi said.

"He does look like him," Tsuande said. "I'm just surprise how they connected it when no one else has done. Speaking of which where are they?"

"They step up shop just outside the village close to the training grounds. They're a traveling band of performers and traders," Kakashi said.

"I read Jiraiya's report on them. It's hard not to know about them, not with that machine of theirs. But the report didn't say anything about one of them being a giant," Tsuande said.

"She might be using a jutsu to make her large," Kakashi said. "But then again there was something strange about them and Trixie throwing all of those jutsus around like nothing. It didn't feel like chakra."

"Bring one of them here. The Kasumi girl, I have much to ask her," Tsuande said.

A ninja entered the room.

"You have something to report?" Tsuande ask.

"Two of the female travelers have disappeared," he reported.

"What?" Tsuande ask.

"The travelers Kasumi and Twilight walked into the village and just disappeared. The other two are still at their RV as they call their machine setting up a stand," the ninja reported.

"How did that happen?" Tsuande ask.


Elsewhere -

Twilight and Kasumi walk down the streets of the Leaf Village looking for where Naruto lives. No one was taking any notice of them after they ducked behind cover to hide from the ninjas following them and came out in a disguise. Which is nothing more then a straw hats and glasses. Which to the surprise of Kasumi fooled the ninjas who were following them.

"Is this normal?" Kasumi ask her eyes darting around but saw and sense no ninjas watching them.

"Pretty much. It gets some getting use to but places like this one. You'll be surprise how easy it is to fool people," Twilight said having casted a spell that would keep anyone from overhearing them.

"But this is... this is just... this would have never work back home," Kasumi said as there is no way it's this easy.

"You are from a game base world with it's own rules. This world on the other hand is base on either the manga or the anime. Which follows the rules that are use in them," Twilight said.

"So this work?" Kasumi ask.

"Till you point it out to someone or reveal yourself," Twilight said. "As long as it works, it works. Just go with it. Besides common sense isn't something everyone has in these worlds." (2)

"But aren't there people who can see through this?" Kasumi ask.

"I guess but it only works when the plot demands it. Or if people know the person well, which none of these ninjas know us well enough to see through this getup," Twilight said.

"This doesn't happen in my world does it?" Kasumi ask.

"I don't think so. But once we return to your world, let us test it out," Twilight said.

"This is like putting on a trench-coat and hat," Kasumi said.

"We're going to test that out in a superhero world and see if it works," Twilight said.

"Really which one?" Kasumi ask.

"Don't really know. It depends," Twilight said as she looks around. "Well were are we going?"

"The anime and manga never showed where he lives," Kasumi said.

"Good thing, I can locate him with magic," Twilight said as she cast a spell to locate Naruto.

"Wait how?" Kasumi ask.

"Oh, I went and cast a locator tag spell on him when we saw him," Twilight said.

"Or we can just follow him," Kasumi said spotting Naruto walking down a side street with a escort of two ninjas. They're keeping people from talking or getting near Naruto.

"Or we can just follow them," Twilight agreed.


Naruto's Apartment -

Naruto sat down on his bed after shutting the blinds of his window too be by himself in the dark, his head spinning with all that he has learned. He learn so much of his past, who his parents are, and that Jiraiya is his godfather and that Tsuande is the only living family member he has left. She told him she was going to reveal it all to him when he was of age as his parents wanted, but thanks to those travelers revealing that he's Minato and Kushina's son she had to reveal it to him sooner. She said she is going to make it official that he is the heir of parents clans, hers, and Jiraiya's. Then she sent him home with an escort and told him she explain more later.

Naruto was just left with his mind numb with all that he has learned. All this time he thought he was alone and now he found out that he's the son of the hero of the village and that he has two family members who could had... raise him when he was younger. There was something that was telling him to just accept it and forgive them. But that voice that was always in the back of his head was fading away. He never notice it before till he started to think why he's always forgiving people and wanted to protect them. He slowly realized that there was a voice telling him to remain loyal and forgive people. He thinks it started when Orochimaru did something to him during the exams. Now that voice is fading away and he's thinking about things he has never thought of before.

"Why did they never came and look after me?" Naruto ask himself as he lay on his bed.

"Because they never cared to do it, till they had to and only to keep you as a weapon for this village," Kasumi said as she and Twilight step out of his bathroom. Twilight had cast a spell that would keep them hidden to anyone outside of the apartment.

"What are you two doing here?" Naruto ask.

"To talk to you. Sorry about revealing the whole secret about your parents like that. But it's the only way to get any answers out of Tsuande. And the whole chasing Jiraiya was just an act as we overheard him talking about you with Kakashi," Twilight said.

"What about?" Naruto ask ready to attack if he needed to.

Twilight didn't say anything as she cast a spell making a glowing orb appear in her hands. The spell played the audio recording she made when she was listening to Kakashi and Jiraiya in case she needed to hear it again in case she missed something. Seeing that movie Zootopia gave her the idea to record things just in case she needed it for something, and to test out the recording app she gotten for her omni-tool. Which came in handy to prove to Trixie and Sunset that she did ask them to do some clean up around the RV which they said they didn't agree too, and she played the recording of them saying yes.

Naruto stared at the orb as voices of Kakashi and Jiraiya came out of it.

"By the way how's Naruto?" Kakashi ask.

"The seal is weakening, the other one not the one containing the fox. Soon it will no longer be effecting him," Jiraiya said.

"He won't be under control much longer then?" Kakashi ask.

"No and we can't have him thinking of any thoughts that isn't about the good for the village. His parents knew what kind of life he would lived and made sure he'll stay loyal," Jiraiya said.

"At least he has his godfather looking after him," Kakashi said.

"I rather be out and gathering research for my books," Jiraiya said. "I have to teach him so much while fixing the seal. You're not a very good teacher. The only thing he learn from you was tree climbing and that's it."

"I could say the same about you being his godfather," Kakashi said.

"Just remember he's no longer apart of your team. He's my student and I'll be training him as the weapon he should have been for this village," Jirayia said.

Twilight made the orb disappear and stared at Naruto. She knows the look too well on his broken face. She sees it when she looks in the mirror or Sunset whenever they talk about the past. All 3 of them are just tools for either their mentor, or even their own parents.

"Why are you doing this? Showing me the truth? That everyone I thought cared about me... just see me as a weapon?" Naruto choke out.

"Because, I'm the same as you," Twilight said. "I was nothing more then a replacement for a tool that my mentor threw away. That both of use have been used and only seen as something to be used when it's needed. Then put away till we're needed again. That's why when, I heard them talking about how you're being used as a weapon and that they're using mind control to make you stay loyal. I had to help you."

"Why?" Naruto ask.

"Because, I care," Twilight said.

Chapter 11

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Inside the RV both Twilight and Kasumi return and inform Trixie and Sunset of what happen with Naruto. Kasumi was still having a hard time believing how easy it was to fool the ninjas just wearing a hat and glasses. Which both Sunset and Trixie weren't surprise at all, having watch and read plenty of fiction of the type that Naruto is. And one thing they learn is that common sense is thrown out the window and nothing makes sense in how people do things. Which is lucky as they wouldn't have gotten this far if the ninjas were using common sense, and that Naruto wouldn't need help if they did either.

"So Naruto knows the truth now. What do we do from here?" Sunset said who is still in her super form which she gotten to like being a giant.

"Fire tons of my fireworks around the village?" Trixie ask.

"No. We're not at that point yet," Twilight said.

"But what about the fox inside of him? Do any of you have a spell to get it out of him?" Kasumi ask.

"That's the hard part. It's not magic but chakra which is different. I tried sensing it but couldn't, and it seems the ninjas can't sense magic either," Twilight said. (1)

"That explains so much," Trixie said.

"I never heard of a spell like that. And using a spell on him when we have no understanding of magic might kill him," Sunset said.

"So the fox has to stay in him," Kasumi said.

"Well there is someone we know who can handle it," Twilight said.

"Who do we know who can pull an energy being out of someone without killing them?" Sunset ask.

"Sure we met some magic users but none of them have that kind of power," Trixie said.

"Not magic but with sciences," Twilight said.

"Who? Doc Brown?" Kasumi ask.

"No we haven't gone to a 'Back To The Future' world yet," Sunset said.

"Who is it that you're talking about?" Trixie ask.

"The sociopathic yet brilliant scientist Rick Sanchez," Twilight said.

"WHAT!" both Sunset and Trixie shouted.

"That asshole?" Sunset said.

"I thought we all agreed to never go back to him for help," Trixie growled.

"He's the only one that we know who can simply invent something, as long as we pay him of course," Twilight said.

"Who is Rick?" Kasumi ask.

"Think of Doc Brown with no morals and is a raging alcoholic. He's from a cartoon world that is real life base in the worse way. As if you freeze someone they're just frozen in ice, harmless freezing. But in his world if you freeze someone and they fall over, they break like glass. He already invented inter-dimensional travel and seen more worlds then we have and learn so much from what he saw and stole. He's more then smart enough to figure out a way to free Naruto from the fox, as long as we pay him," Twilight explains.

"Pay him?" Kasumi ask.

"We have a deal with him. We ask him for something and he'll make it for us for a price. Think of him as the merchant you buy things from in games as the stuff he makes shouldn't work but it does," Sunset said.

"But we can't stand him. He's so... he just never never considers the full consequences of his actions. The things he makes when we ask how it works. All he does is say we're too dumb to ever understand," Trixie said. (2)

"But then again he does have what we need. And if not we can always go to that place where all those counterparts of his hang out," Twilight said.

"Fine," Sunset said as she walks over to the computer and type in some keys on the keyboard, bringing up the video phone app that they gotten from Rick which can connect to other worlds.

Kasumi watch this wondering what this Rick is like. Then she saw a man who looks to be in his 60's with white spiky hair appear on the screen. And he was drinking a beer and then stop giving off a burp.

"Oh it's you girls? So what problem you three are facing that you're useless magic can't handle?" Rick ask.

"Our magic isn't useless!" Trixie snaps at him.

"Sure miss show pony. If that's the reason then why are you calling me?" Rick said while making jaw snapping with his hand.

"We need something to take out a energy being from a kid in a ninja world. I collected data...," Twilight began but was stop as Rick held up his hand.

"Let me guess. You're in a world of ninjas that's you know as fictional where you came from called Naruto or something dumb like that," Rick said as he walks off screen.

"How do you know that?" Twilight ask.

"Remember the Council of Ricks?" Rick ask off screen.

"One of them came from a Naruto setting right?" Sunset ask.

"Yup he did and he went and took away all chakra from that world and is now running a big company there making things that everyone needs. Boy, I sure wish my world was a magic or something like that. Those Ricks always have some much fun taking away the powers to show everyone the power of sciences beats their dumb magic or what not. Of course some of them just combine it making them techno magic something. The Rick I'm talking about is Naruto's grandfather and when he learn what happen, boy was he pissed off. He went and took all chakra from his world and now selling weapons and tech to the Lords for big money," Rick said as he brought out was looks like a vacuum cleaner.

"What happen to the Leaf Village?" Kasumi ask.

"Oh you girls have a new party member. What a minute you're the ninja chick in that game that my grandson jacks off to," Rick said bluntly.

"Rick!" Twilight said gross out like the other girls.

"What? Can't handle that men jack off? News flash that's what happens. Like you girls never do that," Rick said causing the girls to blush.

"What happen to the village?" Kasumi ask again wanting to talk about something besides self pleasure.

"He went and shrunk the entire village and is using them to power his car battery. They work themselves to power up his battery and if they stop he just kill all of them," Rick said. "He also gave out blue prints at the Rick Council for any Rick to use if they ever have to deal with chakra. And lucky for all of you, I happen to have this vacuum that is able to suck that fox right out of him. For a price that is, but of course I'm willingly to make it half if you girls go and give me the fox after you're done."

"Why?" Twilight ask.

"Do you even want to know?" Rick ask.

"No," Sunset said. "How much?"

"10,000 gold coins," Rick said.

"WHAT?" Twilight shouted out.

"I am taking off half if you give me the fox. Besides have any of the stuff, I sold you are bad?" Rick ask.

"No," the girls admitted.

"I'm many things but doing a bad job on something, I sell isn't one of them," Rick said.

"But still 10,000 gold coins?" Trixie ask.

"Adam smith hates your guts," Rick stated.

"It will safely suck the fox out of Naruto right?" Kasumi ask.

"Yes it will. I used it a few times. It works on any kind of energy being. But, I will also expect half of that with some gems from that world with that gay elf," Rick said.

"Alright," Twilight said as she walks over to their truck of holding and pulled out rolls of coins till she had 5,000 coins. Then she started pulling out rupees.

"You girls been to many game world?" Kasumi ask seeing all those coins.

"Yup been to plenty of worlds where gold coins are just about everywhere," Trixie said.

"And there is no hero discount," Sunset said.

"Well unlike you girls, I have bills to pay. The stuff, I need to make my inventions aren't cheap," Rick said.

"Here," Twilight said placing the money on a platform.

"What's that?" Kasumi ask.

"It's a teleporter that sends me money and for me to give them what they pay for. Something, I hook up after, I was paid to rebuild their RV with the technology they pick up in other worlds," Rick said.

"And it cost us an arm and a leg," Trixie said.

"Well you got what you paid for," Rick said taking the money and sending them the vacuum.

"Alright," Trixie said grabbing the vacuum.

"Also the power-up pills will be ready soon," Rick said.

"Power-up pills?" Kasumi ask.

"It beats eating a flower or mushroom," Sunset said.

"Yup and once I'm done working on it, I'm going to make alot of money," Rick said.

"We did gave you the samples so you shouldn't be making us pay you that much," Trixie glared at him.

"I'm not talking about you. I'm talking about how the mushroom makes you bigger. I have already figured out how to make it so it just grows certain body parts and not just make you into a giant like bacon hair," Rick said.

"HEY!" Sunset growled.

"You're making pills that make penises bigger," Twilight deadpanned looking at him.

"Yup as well as with women who want bigger breasts or butts or both," Rick said.

"Well thanks for your help. We'll call you again when we have the fox," Twilight said shutting off the vid.

"Is he always like that?" Kasumi ask.

"Nope. We caught him on a good day," Trixie said.

"Now what?" Sunset ask.

A video screen pop up showing the outside of the RV. Two ninjas are outside knocking on the door.

"What is it?" Sunset ask bringing down the shield to allow them to hear what's happening outside and people from outside to hear.

"The Hokage wishes to speak with Kasumi," one of the ninjas said.

"Alright, I'm coming," Kasumi said.

"What's the plan?" Sunset ask putting up the shield again. She and the others all stared at Twilight.

"I'm going to need some time to think about that," Twilight said.

Chapter 12

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Kasumi sat down in front of the Hokage desk with Tsuande locking her eyes on her the moment she walked in. She wore her normal ninja outfit but wore her powersuit underneath it, and have power-ups just in case. If things go bad she's going to need all the advantage she can get her hands on. She stared at the older woman in front of her a ninja with years of combat experience and is very powerful. She does have the advantage of having read the manga and watch the anime that she knows all of her powers and abilities, of course she remembers what the girls told her about fictional worlds having board strokes in what is made in other worlds.

"You really made a mess of things. His parents didn't want him to know who they are till he was of age," Tsuande said.

"It wasn't like you had signs around telling people not to point out who his parents are. I'm surprise no one ever pointed it out before. It's not like it was that hard to see how much he looks like his father," Kasumi said.

"I'm surprise myself," Tsuande admitted. Thinking about it she wonders why no one ever said anything about it, the villagers she can understand with them hating the fox but the other travelers and visiting ninjas from other villages who knew Minato never saw it either.

"So why am, I here?" Kasumi ask.

"The ninjas watching you and the girl Twilight lost the two of you after you two walk into the village. You two disappeared about an hour, which I had everyone searching for you two. They couldn't find either of you two till they saw you two walking back to your transport. So tell me what did you two did during that time?" Tsuande ask.

"Looking around," Kasumi said.

"You went to see Naruto didn't you," Tsuande stated.

"Do you have any proof?" Kasumi ask.

"I had Naruto brought to me and, I question him myself. What did you two did to him? He's now believes that he's nothing but a weapon for this village and that there's a mind jutsu place on him by his parents," Tsuande said.

"Told him the truth," Kasumi said.

"Who are you? You and your band? Where did you come from?" Tsuande ask.

"Why so interested?" Kasumi ask.

"Some members of one of the clans tried to scan you girls and to their surprise they found that none of you have any chakra at all. Which should make all of you dead. No one has no chakra in them," Tsuande ask.

"Simple we never had any to begin with," Kasumi said.

"Did you girls came for Naruto?" Tsuande snapped at her suddenly.

"Well since you ask. Me and my friends came here to see this village and see the place that Naruto's father came from. But as we waited to be let it, Twilight overheard Jiraiya and Kakashi talking about Naruto and the seal that made him always forgive and want to be apart of this village," Kasumi explains.

"So you four overheard what was happening to Naruto and decided to help him?" Tsuande ask.

"My friends have issues with him being only valued as a weapon for this village. And how the people he trusted only see him as a tool reminds them of their old mentor," Kasumi said.

"Oh, so that's why," Tsuande mutters before glaring at Kasumi. "Well it doesn't matter. He's going to have his mind wipe and the seal restored."

"And making him into nothing but a weapon, for a village that hasn't earn it," Kasumi said.

"It doesn't matter what he wants. He's just a weapon and nothing more," Tsuande said.

"Then there is nothing left to say," Kasumi said. "We're taking Naruto with us."

"You really think you can-," Tsuande began to say but was cut off as Kasumi kick her deck with enough force to send it flying into her and through the wall.

Kasumi quickly used a Cape Feather giving her the yellow power cape that allows her to glide in the air. And more importantly allows her to take damage up to the point of dying but once the power-up wears off she just goes back to normal. With any effect or things that effected her in her power-up form gone. Just like in the game.

She spun around as kunais were thrown at her from the ninjas hidden in the room. Her cape deflected all the projectiles and to the surprise of the ninjas she spun into them. The cape hit them with the force of a boulder sending them flying into the walls of the towers or through them. Kasumi stop to look around surprise how strong the cape is, but then reminds herself that in the game a cape hit was a one-hit kill for the enemies.

Her train of thought ended as Tsunade came up from behind her and punch her in the back of the head. Tsuande blink as Kasumi's body glowed for a second and the cape she wore disappeared. Kasumi used that shock to jump backwards from Tsuande before she could follow with another attack.

"That should had killed you," Tsuande growled.

"Not holding back?" Kasumi ask.

"Not this time," Tsuande said.

"Good," Kasumi said as she activates the special power-up she and the other girls have when they don't have time to play around.

Tsuande blink as Kasumi started flashing different colors but shake it off and leap forward at her. She slams her fist into Kasumi's face holding nothing back, causing the entire tower to rock from the blow, windows breaking and the building itself cracking. Tsuande let out a scream of pain as her entire right arm broke, she would be surprise that any bone was left intact and that including her right shoulder.

"Starman power-up, completely invincible," Kasumi said as she returns the punch with her own to Tsuande's face sending her flying towards the Hokage mountain. (1)

The people of the Leaf Village look upwards, first at their hokage and her desk being thrown through the wall of the tower, then the shockwave the broke nearly every window around the tower when Tsuande jump back up. Then finally at Tsuande again as she was sent flying from the tower and slam into the Hokage mountain. She slammed into her grandfather's head with enough force to send much of the rock face to fall from around the impact hole she made. Everyone look upwards from where Tsuande was sent flying from to see one of the young women who revealed Naruto is Minato's son standing in the hole she made. And her body is flashing different colors before stopping.

"Girls you heard what's happening. Twilight you and Trixie go and find Naruto," Kasumi said over her omni-tool.

"Right," Twilight's voice responded having been listening to everything.

"Hold it right there!" Shizune shouted as she and a group of ninjas appeared behind Kasumi.

"Me and Sunset will keep them busy," Kasumi said. before closing the link.

"Sunset?" Shizune ask looking around and didn't see the giant anywhere.

"Over here," Sunset said as she pokes her head out from between Kasumi's breasts. Sure they're covered by a power suit and Kasumi wore her normal ninja outfit over it, but Sunset still felt it strange to be hiding there.

"What?" Shizune ask shock seeing the giant who threw her mentor around now the size of a small doll.

"Mini Mushroom," Sunset said as she leap out from between Kasumi's breasts and ate a Mega Mushroom.

Shizune and the other ninjas all step back as they stared upwards as Sunset grew right before their eyes. She became big, much bigger then they saw her last time and getting bigger with her breaking through the roof. The Hokage Tower already weaken by Tsuande's shockwave began to buckle underneath Sunset as she kept growing bigger and bigger. The ninjas run for it as the tower began to collapse underneath Sunset's weight. Kasumi leap onto Sunset's back using her long hair to climb on till she reached her shoulder, finding it safer to be there as the tower fell over on its side.

The villagers and ninjas alike all stared upwards as a now Giant summon size Sunset stood among the ruins of the tower.

"Kasumi ready?" Sunset ask looking at her shoulder which Kasumi is ridding on.

"Ready," Kasumi said as she used another Cape Feather and flew down at a group of ninjas and did a power slam into them before gliding back up into the air.

Sunset followed suit as she used her massive size and strength to destroy buildings as the ninjas's attacks did nothing to harm her. All the ninjas of the village leap into action. The combat train ones run to defend the village while the non combat ninjas lead the villagers to safety. And while that was happening, Twilight and Trixie in their RV race into the village heading towards Naruto, who still has the tracking spell Twilight put on him.

"Where are we going?" Trixie ask as she's driving through the village, as in through anything that's in her way.

"The ninjas who took Naruto look to be Root members, so we should be heading to their base," Twilight said. She had place a spying spell in Naruto's apartment before she and Kasumi left. And the ninjas who came in and took Naruto wore the uniforms that the Root members wore.

"Dazon should be there then," Trixie said.

"He should be," Twilight said.

"Good," Trixie said having read the manga knows he's the cause of many of the problems in this world.

"We get Naruto then you get to blow up stuff," Twilight said.

"Right," Trixie said before hitting the gas sending the RV speeding up to rescue Naruto before his mind is wipe.

Chapter 13

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The Leaf village became a battleground for the second time in less then a month. But unlike what happen during the exams where they were invaded by two other ninja villages, this time was giving many of the older villagers flashbacks of the demon fox. Trixie was in the driver seat driving the RV at full speed and at full power, smashing through anything in it's path. The ninjas escorting the villagers to safety are clearing a path for the RV by grabbing any villager in its way. As Trixie just tore through buildings as the RV was made to withstand things that a vehicle of the same size would never be able to survive, and the force field also protected it from any long range attacks the ninjas are throwing at it.

"Twilight are the weapon systems online?" Trixie shouted into the intercom.

"It's ready. All guns are armed with rubber bullets and launchers with flashbangs and teargas," Twilight said as she programs the auto-turrets of the RV.

"Rubber bullets. flashbangs and teargas?" Trixie ask.

"There are kids out there and we're trying to keep the collateral damage low," Twilight said.

"Sure the ninja rookies attacking us," Trixie said as the ninjas all around the RV are throwing everything at them. "They're throwing everything but the kitchen sink at us."

The RV made a loud clang sound as one of the ninjas throws a kitchen sink at the RV.

"Tell me that just didn't happen," Twilight deadpanned over the intercom.

"I thought that only works in cartoon worlds," Trixie said. (1)

"Don't go around speaking out loud of things like that," Twilight said.

"Right," Trixie said as she flips the auto weapons on and turrets and launchers pop up from all over the RV and under it just in case.

The ninjas attacking the RV were blasted away as the auto-turrets lock onto them and fired a hail of rubber bullets at them. And the launchers fired teargas all around the RV causing a cloud of tear gas to form around the RV, which Trixie turn on the filter on the view screen allowing her to see where she's going. The teargas causes severe eye, respiratory, and skin irritation, pain, vomiting, and even blindness. The ninjas tried to put on gas masks but unlike other gases the ninjas are use to, the teargas the girls are using also works on skin contact. The flashbangs cause deafness, stunning, temporarily or even permanently blinding the ninjas who were in the effected blast zones. (2)

"Make sure that you won't start blasting away once we get to the Roots HQ," Twilight said.

"Don't worry, I'm more then competent enough with the guns not to blast Naruto," Trixie said.

"Once, he's in range, I can teleport him," Twilight said.

"Why don't you just do it now?" Trixie ask.

"I only place a tracking spell on him not one that, I can lock onto and just teleport him to me. A spell like that would had taken too long for me to cast," Twilight said.

"Just teleport him when we see him. And make sure the main guns are ready. We're going to be blasting our way into the HQ," Trixie said. She flipped a switch and twin cannons came out in the front of the RV.

"The energy cannons are ready," Twilight said. The energy cannons are routed directly from its own plasma engines, giving the cannons the ability to punch through just about any shield target. Which the plasma engines can power an entire city which is made possible thanks to the RV being bigger on the inside.

"Good," Trixie said. She's using the computer screen to zero in on Naruto. She spotted where she's heading to, the side of the Hokage mountain with big metal doors in her way. Trixie smiles as she blasted the doors to pieces and drove into the Roots HQ.


Elsewhere in the village -

Sunset lifted Choza Akimichi up into the air over her head and slammed him into several buildings. He had grown into a giant to try to take her one on one but Sunset proved to be much stronger then he is. She then jumps high into the air and lands with all of her weight onto his stomach. The impact cause Choza to cough up blood and he puff in a cloud of smoke transforming back to normal size. Sunset lifted her foot to crush him, when Choza's son Choji can rolling in a ball and grab his dad as Sunset foot stomp on where he was.

"This is no good she's too big and strong," Shikamaru said to his father Shikaku. Too many ninjas were walking wounded and spent thanks to the invasion during the exams. He and his clan members have been trying to stop Sunset with their shadow jutsus. But it doesn't work on her as she just powers through their clan jutsu. (3)

"We got this!" Shino said as he appeared along with many members of his clan and they released their bugs to swarm Sunset.

"Look out!" Ino shouted who is with her father. She and the other members of her clan have tried to use their mind jutsu on Sunset but it didn't work, something is blocking their attacks.

Sunset had pulled out two teargas grenades from her data storage device. She pulled the pins and drops the grenades around her engulfing the village in a giant cloud of teargas. The gas created a great cloud that covered the entire village like thick smog that choke anyone who tried breathing it. She activated her helmet that pulls her long hair into it as the helmet wraps around her head. (4) With her entire body covered in an airtight seal the teargas wouldn't effect her. The bugs that were swarming around her were all quickly died from the gas as it acted like bug spray. The ninjas who lack full body protection had to flee for safety, lead by Kiba and the rest of his clan members who along with their dogs couldn't stand the gas.

The few ninjas in full body protection were either helping or busy trying to fight against Sunset. Kasumi still powered by the feather cape kept busy by taking off the gasmasks that the ninjas are wearing or damaging them where they didn't work anymore. With both her and Sunset in their sealed power suits they didn't have to worry about the gas or the limited vision the gas is causing. The suits are also spacesuits so there's noway the gas is going to effect them. (5)


At the hospital -

Jiraiya having been awaken by the noise had to call a nurse who had ninja training and strong enough chakra. Together with him talking her way through the the summon managed to summon one of the toads. Gamakichi was the one who was summon.

"Jiraiya and... whoever you are. Why did you summon me?" Gamakichi ask as he looks around the room.

"I need you to summon your father, Gamabunta," Jiraiya said.

"Why don't...," Gamakichi began asking only to see Jiraiya holding up his hands showing both them them are in a case.

"We're being attack so go and summon him," the nurse shouted as she grabs Gamakichi and runs him over to the window showing him the village engulf in a foul smelling smoke that he can smell and a giant woman smashing buildings. The room they're in is high enough where it's over the teargas cloud.

"Ok!" Gamakichi shouted as he summons his father. Which is something that him being his father he is able to do.

Gamabunta appearing right next to the hospital wondering why his son summon him. Than he felt the teargas stinging his skin but because of his size his head is above the cloud. Looking around he saw that the Leaf Village is once again under attack and this time it's by a giant woman in a body suit.

"Dad you need to stop her!" Gamakichi shouted out.

Gamabunta look to his side and saw his son along with a woman and Jiraiya sticking their heads out of a window.

"What's going on?" Gamabunta ask.

"We're being attack and you need to take...," Jiraiya began but was cut off.

Sunset seeing the giant toad appearing had reach down and lifted the fallen Hokage tower up. She slam it down on Gamabunta knocking him down to the ground and then lifted the tower up again repeating slamming it on him. She kept slamming the tower on him till the building finally broke in her hands. Not losing the momentum she took what large pieces of the destroyed building and kept hitting him, then when those broke she hit him with anything she could get her hands on till he puff away going back to the summon world. (6)

"Nice try," Sunset said as she got to her feet and turn her attention to the hospital.

Tsuande being force to use her rebirth jutsu after waking up in what was left of her grandfathers stone head, found the village covered in smoke and a giant Sunset is wreaking the village. Tsuande watch as Gamabunta was summon only for him to be knock down by Sunset and beaten till he puff away. She tore off a large chunk of her grandfathers stone head and throws it at Sunset's head. The rock face slam into the back of Sunset's head sending her falling to the ground and disappearing in the cloud of teargas.

Tsuande seeing Sunset is gone began leaping towards the hospital using the buildings that are sticking above the gas cloud. She doesn't know what the cloud is but the smell of it made her realize that whatever it is she can't breathe it. As she got closer to the hospital where Jiraiya is a giant arm burst out of the cloud trying to grab her. She managed to dodge it and landed on a nearby roof top. The building she's standing on began shaking as the building broke apart and fell over. Tsuande leap to another building and looking down saw through the opening in the cloud caused by the building falling that Sunset is still on the attack and is crawling on all fours using the cloud as cover. Tsuande began running as the buildings she stood on began falling down as Sunset seem to know where she is at all times and knocking down the buildings she's on.


Roots HQ -

Danzo shouted orders for his Root members to stop or delay the machine that's tearing its way through the underground base. Behind him strap to a gurney is Naruto who he finally has his hands on. He's been waiting for this day to come, he'll be able to turn the boy into the weapon he always should have been. Tsuande had him brought to him so that he be kept lock up till the seal could be restored and he would be train into being the weapon for the village. But those girls are ruining everything.

A wall burst apart as the RV came through and the autoguns blasted all the ninjas in the room before they could move. The guns stop firing leaving Danzo standing behind Naruto who is still strap to the gurney with a kunai ready to slice his throat. Twilight seeing this quickly teleports Naruto into the RV dropping the shields of the RV for a second to do so. She enjoys the look on Danzo's face when he saw Naruto disappear in front of him.

"Come out of...," Danzo began to say but was cut off as Trixie blasted him with the main guns reducing his body to nothing but a bloody mess.

"No fight for you," Trixie said.

"Twilight?" Naruto ask finding himself in a strange room with her.

"Welcome to the RV our home on wheels," Twilight said.

"You came for me?" Naruto ask not believing that someone he just met would come to save him.

"Of course we did," Twilight said as she lifts a vacuum cleaner up. "Now hold still while, I get that fox out of you."

"What?" Naruto ask.

"We're taking you with us and away from this village," Trixie said over the com as she shifted gears and turn the RV around.

"Away?" Naruto ask.

"I'm sorry Naruto but we couldn't just leave you here to be used as a weapon for a place that mistreated you like this," Twilight said as she activated the vacuum and place it on Naruto's stomach.

"Why?" Naruto ask feeling something being sucked out of him.

"We can't just leave you here. We're going to take you far from here and you can make a new life for yourself or come with us," Twilight said.

"Come with you?" Naruto ask.

"We're the same. Both of us had people who had a take all but give nothing back relationship. Tsuande would had been nothing but a drunk or any of the people she owned money too finally managed to get her. And she would had wipe your memory of all of this and made sure you'll be nothing but the all forgiving hero your parents made you be," Twilight said as she shuts off the vacuum once it had suck the fox out of Naruto.

"The mentor you mention?" Naruto ask.

"I saw what she and who, I thought were my friends and family really thought of me," Twilight said bitterly. She place the vacuum on the teleported and sent it to Rick.

"Just leave everything behind?" Naruto ask.

Twilight was about to say something when the computer screen behind her turn on and Rick appeared on screen.

"Hey, I only wanted the fox," Rick said.

"I did sent you the fox," Twilight said.

"Then why do, I have two ghosts here," Rick she making the screen grow bigger and reveal the fox trap in a test tube like container, who is much smaller as the container sealed away all of its power. But in two other containers have a man and a woman, Minato and Kushina, Naruto's parents.

"I forgot about that," Twilight said remembering how Minato and Kushina had sealed a piece of themselves in the seal when it looks like it was breaking and Naruto was losing control.

"My parents," Naruto said staring at them.

"Naruto?" both parents ask seeing their son on a screen.

"They're unstable and won't last long if they leave the containers they're in," Rick said looking at the data he's getting. "I have no use for energy beings like them. Well not now anyways. But of course, I could always freeze them and trade them to another Rick who has use for them."

"Do it," Naruto said shocking his parents. "Go and trade them away and have horrible things happen to them like they did to me."

"Naruto?" Minato ask.

"What's wrong with you. We're your parents," Kushina said.

"Parents who made me into a weapon, seeing me as nothing but a tool, a thing to place a mind jutsu that would keep me from questioning why I'm being treated as, I was. A thing that would be the all forgiving and loving hero no matter what. I disown both of you as my parents," Naruto said shocking both of them as the jutsu should have kept him under control.

"And my family thinks I'm a bad parent," Rick said as takes a drink from some beer.

"The seal broke?" Kushina ask.

"Yes it did and it's no longer controlling me," Naruto said.

"Naruto please it was for your own good. The ....," Minato began but his voice stop.

"Mute button got to love it," Rick said as he gave the finger to the two trap ninjas.

"Thanks," Twilight said.

"Sure whatever," Rick said before eyeing Naruto who is staring at his parents with pure hate. "Hey kid you know there is a way to bring down the whole ninja world."

"How?" Naruto ask.

"All you need to do is destroy the big tree thing where your ninja, whatever came from. Heard enough stories from other Rick's to know how to bring the ninja world down. At least in your world sitting anyways. But it's always the same destroy the tree and it causes a whole chain reaction that totally destroys the energy field that allows ninjas have powers. Or will cause the planet to be destroyed as some times the chain reaction causes it to blow up," Rick said.

"Why are you being so helpful?" Twilight ask.

"I just feel like it. Count yourself lucky, I'm helping. Besides, I count this as taking down a whole way of life of an entire planet. That will show the other Rick's and I'll be on the score board," Rick said.

"I.... no I don't want to know," Twilight said.

"How can, I destroy the tree?" Naruto ask.

"Well to do it right, I could sell you a black hole...," Rick began but was cut off by Trixie.

"No need, I have a black hole trashcan. I can turn it on and setup a bomb that will destroy the container breaking the force field and release the black hole. The black hole won't last long without power but it should destroy the tree and won't cause the entire world to be destroyed while we're on it," Trixie spoke up.

"Sure that would work but it wouldn't destroy the whole world like one of my bombs," Rick said.

"I don't want to kill them. I want them to suffer," Naruto said.

"Ok we're going with the black hole," Twilight said.

"Leave the screen on, I want to watch," Rick said. Behind him both Minato and Kushina had heard everything and are now pounding their fists against the walls of their containers shouting at the top of their lungs for Naruto to listen to them. But outside their containers no sound came out.


Leaf Village -

Sunset rose out of the teargas clouds towering over the building that Tsuande is standing on. The building is the hospital and is the last building that is above the cloud line, all the others have been destroyed by Sunset. Tsuande no having nowhere to go and low on chakra thanks to using her rebirth jutsu to restore her body. Tsuande knows that Sunset was already as strong as she was before she became a bigger giant, and is now much stronger. This is going to be a fight of her life.

"Sunset!" Trixie voice called out as she flew out of the teargas clouds in the RV in it's aircraft mode.

"What?" Sunset ask as she kicks over the hospital building over to the surprise of Tsuande who fell with it along with all those in it, disappearing into the teargas clouds. Tsuande had been expecting Sunset to just stand there and talk with Trixie in that flying thing, not talk and destroy the building she's on.

"Shrink down we're going. Kasumi is already inside," Trixie said.

Sunset despell the power-up turning back to normal and teleported into the RV, which blasted off flying away from the village left in ruins. Inside Sunset step off the teleport pad where they all ended up when they teleport in so they wouldn't have to worry about anything being in the space where they teleport into. Sunset saw Naruto watching as Twilight was doing something to the container with the mini black hole that Trixie got. And Kasumi has gotten a whole bunch of scrolls.

"You raided the clan compounds while, I was attacking?" Sunset ask.

"Well you didn't really need my help. So, I help myself to the clans secrets and vaults," Kasumi said.

"Got some good loot?" Sunset ask.

"Got everything that's looks like its worth something," Kasumi said showing Sunset some silver and gold items.

"Great, it's wasn't a whole lost then. So where are we going?" Sunset ask.

"We're heading for the chakra tree and set off Trixie's black hole trashcan and let it be suck in. Which according to Rick will cause the whole world to lose chakra," Twilight said.

"How...," Sunset began but stop when the ship stop.

"We're here," Trixie shouted as she followed the tracker on her view screen zeroing on in to the chakra tree. Which wasn't that hard to figure out it was the tree when she saw the mountain size plant.

"Ok bomb is set and ready to teleport," Twilight said placing the bomb which is the trash container with the mini black hole with several bombs to break containment. "The trashcan would turn on building up a good charge before the bombs blow up breaking the trashcan and the force field that kept the black hole from sucking up everything in check. The tree would be suck in, falling into the black hole as the teleporter will teleport it in a small cave created by it's roots right underneath it."

"That's it?" Sunset ask.

"I would think it be something else. Something more then that to take away chakra," Kasumi said.

"Nope," Rick said watching from the computer screen.

"What the?" Sunset ask looking at Twilight to why Rick is watching.

"He wants to watch," Twilight answers.

"And, I want them to watch as, I their weapon destroys their world and the ninja way of life," Naruto said looking at his parents who are shouting in their containers but with the mute on he heard nothing.

"Just press this button and it will give us 5 minutes to fly into space," Twilight said showing Naruto the button to press.

"5 minutes?" Sunset ask.

"Do you really want to be anywhere near a black hole?" Twilight ask.

"Don't worry the force fields, I put in can protect you," Rick said taking a drink. "Unless you're right next to it that is."

"I'll leave a drone to film it," Trixie said firing off a spy drone from the bomb launcher.

"No more ninjas," Naruto said as he presses the button to the horror of his parents watching. The bomb teleported away and a countdown clock started.

Trixie hit the gas and flew straight up into the sky till she was in space. She kept going till she was beyond the orbit of the moon.

"Rick is this a safe place?" Twilight ask.

"I would get as far as, I can," Rick admitted.

"Right," Trixie said flying deeper into space and further from the planet.

"Trixie it's time," Kasumi said as the countdown reaches zero.

They all watch from the drone's camera as the chakra tree was suck into the black hole. The charge powering the black hole lasted for 20 seconds. Long enough for the tree from the very top to fall into the black hole before the hole disappeared. And as Rick had explain with the tree gone, it caused a chain reaction that wipe off all chakra from the planet and beyond.

"I can't feel chakra anymore," Naruto said.

"Then it works," Rick said turning to Minato and Kushina who had fallen to their knees as they watch their son destroy the ninja way of life. Then he turns to the fox who is growling at him, now reduced to the size of a real fox. "Looks like being in another universe left them safe and unaffected."

"Naruto how do you feel?" Kasumi ask wondering what he's feeling now.

"I feel great," Naruto said. "I have destroyed a entire way of life the ninjas don't have any chakra anymore and many will die because of it. And it's worth it for all what the Leaf Village has done to me!"

"And, I'm going to have the drone reveal the reason and cause for all chakra be gone from that world. If you like and since you're no longer be around the Leaf Village will be the target instead," Twilight said.

"Do it," Naruto said.

"There you go," Twilight said programing the drone with a message to be played for all the leaders of the ninja villages and lords.

"Well it's been fun," Rick said turning off the screen and the last that Naruto would ever see of his parents.

"We're heading back home. We need some rest before we're going to another universe," Trixie said to Sunset and Twilight.

"Twilight can you and the others please tell me what's going on?" Naruto said as he sat down and started looking around realizing that he was so caught up in getting revenge he has no real idea where he is or who the people who save him are.

"It's going to be a long story," Twilight said sitting next to him.

She began telling him about herself with the others adding in their own tales about themselves, and where they came from and where they're from. Leaving Naruto stun at what he has gotten himself into and something welling up inside of him. Twilight and her friends had came together to walk away from their worlds as they just had enough and leave. And are now traveling from different universes with different worlds in them which some like his are fictional in other universes, looking for a place to call home. He began to smile as he is now part of their group also looking for a place to call home. For he like them just walk away, to find someplace better. (7)

Chapter 14

View Online

"Rick do you have it?" Twilight ask Rick by computer screen. She is in the the armory of the RV taking stock of ammo and what needs replacing. The repair drones she gotten from that Jetson like world handled all the maintenance and repairs for all the equipment and the RV.

Rick on the computer screen put on the table in front of him, a ray gun. It's small handgun size with a radar disk barrel. It doesn't look much but it's something that's hard to make even for the Council of Ricks. Which is way it's a rare weapon and only found besides high ranking members of the council with Rick's who have the money or resources to make their own.

"This is the Emotion Gun, it the combine work of hundreds of Ricks all pouring their minds and research into it. It's the brainchild of a Rick in a Carebears world. He studied the Carebear stare for years before he managed to make the first gun that fires a ray that's like those sickening sweet bears. Then other Ricks from other worlds join in to make the prefect gun. A Rick from Wedding Peach, another with Sailor Moon being his daughter, Rick in Winx Club with Believix powers, Rick from Ghostbusters with positively charged slime, another from DC researching the Indigo and Blue power rings. There are more Ricks from many other worlds some with very high level of technology and others with high levels of magic but I won't bore you. These guns work on anyone making anyone no matter what lack of empathy they have, how twisted their morals are and blue and orange outlook, to feel compassion and guilt. Everyone from evil Ricks, demon lords, self aware robots like Megatron, gods like that spider goddess Lolth, and even those beings with a complete lack of emotions like the Incubators are all left complete sobbing wrecks once used on them. The Rick's who had to deal with either Megatron or Lolth can testify how well it work on them.Then there's that Rick in that world turn all of the Incubators into labrats that other Ricks use as they never run out and they stole all of their stuff as well. That Rick's, Summer was turn into a magic girl by them and he did what, I would have done. So you don't have to worry it's been tested and all the models work on anyone with no exceptions. Well there are those brain fungus zombies, but any being that is self aware will be effected by it. So for the price of 700,000, I will sell it to you," Rick said to Twilight.

"Does it really worth the money?" Twilight ask.

"Well it is an older model that, I traded those two ghosts for but it does the job. You're lucky that, I managed to find a Rick willing to trade for it in the first place. Do you have any idea how much it would cost if you tried to buy it at the Citadel of Ricks? The newest models are at the lowest is a million and that's for the older models, it only goes up from there. So horse face ready to deal?" Rick ask.

"Fine," Twilight said muttering about being called horse face.

She left the room and then came back with a plastic box full of platinum coins. She and the girls gotten that in a world set in the past, thanks to the mirror allowing them to travel to any world's timeline, but of course the mirror locks the choice once they enter that world so they won't mess up time in that world. Which is fine with her as she had enough of time traveling. They went to that Earth in the 17th century and took the the entire stock of platinum that the Spanish had dump into the sea. There was also the trips to ancient Egypt where they dump gold into the sea to bring up the price of gold when there was an overstock of it. They did trips like that in many times in many worlds, getting the loot that would have been lost, like the pirate booty in Pirates of the Caribbean world, to have money when they need it.

"Alright here's some platinum for the trade," Twilight said.

"Great," Rick said.

"I put them in the counter," Twilight said pouring the platinum coins into a sorter machine. Which is a large metal box that had a slot that items can be poured into it. Coins began being sorted out and coins began coming out of another slot into another container.

"Counter?" Rick ask.

"It's something that, I pick up in the future world where we pick up much of our tech that we traded for real food items. This machine counts the coins or items place into it scanning them to see what they're made out of and can sort out how much the items are worth. I type in the price amount and the machine is gives out the amount in worth of what was put into it," Twilight said.

"Oh really?" Rick said taking a drink from a bottle of beer. "Got anything else you want?"

"We are planning on going to some ghost worlds so how about some Ghostbuster gear?" Twilight ask waiting for the machine to finish.

"There are some Ricks from those worlds but they're not the types to just give out those kinds of things," Rick said.

"Aren't you able to make them?" Twilight ask.

"Yes but not my cup of tea making stuff to trap ghost. I have stuff but not to trap ghost but to destroy them. I'm good but other Ricks have it down to an art in the kind of stuff you want," Rick said before putting a gauntlet on the table in front of him.

"What's that?" Twilight ask.

"It's a power gauntlet I picked up that fires different beams depending on what setting you have it on. One setting has the agony matrix. Direct neuro-stimulation of pain receptors, no defense against it unless there's nothing to feel that is. The no sell beam that any target that is hit by it becomes frozen in the beam like that villain used in that movie about the superhero family.... ah fuck it. All you need to know it works on any type of being from solid to energy even undead types," Rick explains.

"Gods and demons?" Twilight ask.

"The Rick who made it, made sure it works on them before he slaughtered all of them. This was an early prototype he made before making bigger weapons," Rick said.

"What happen to him?" Twilight ask.

"Died by a car crash," Rick said.

"That's it?" Twilight ask checking the machine after hearing the ding sound meaning it's done. (2)

"What? It happens," Rick said.

"So what you want?" Twilight ask putting the box with the coins into the teleported.

"More treasure be nice but got anything else you can trade," Rick said sending her the emotion gun.

"Well in one world we found some ore that's called Tyrenium. It's a key component of plasma cores, used to power top of the line military grade ship weaponry. It was sufficiently rare and in such huge demand that the price for a ton of the element was astronomical to the right buyers in that universe," Twilight said.

"Really?" Rick ask.

"Ok let's make a deal then," Twilight said. "There are also some other items I like you to work on while we're on our down time."

"Going for the whole terrifying precision and ruthless efficiency thing?" Rick ask.

"We're not going to do any fighting. If we need to take down someone or defend ourselves, we're not going to handicap ourselves by fighting with some honor thing or something. No-nonsense fighting and no holding the idiot-ball for us," Twilight said.

"I taught you well," Rick said.

"In some things anyways," Twilight said. "I also want to know if there's any cross dimensional places that me and the girls can go that is safe?"

"Well seeing how much of pussies you girls are," Rick began to say earning him a glare from Twilight. "The other Ricks have setup some trade centers around that is heavily guarded and patrolled for people like your group traveling from one universe to another. To stop by for repairs and resupplying. For 10 percent of all sales anyone can setup shop in total safety, with rules that they have to follow or be kick out if they're lucky. There is a fee for anyone to enter the trade center and anyone who enters must have some business to do. Otherwise they have to leave," Rick said.

"You seem to know a lot of this even with you not wanting to be part of the council," Twilight said.

"What can I say. Even I need someplace to find things I need and to sell what I picked up," Rick said.

"Do they buy things like circuit boards, cell phones, scrap metals and other stuff we picked up here and there? We gather them for spare parts but the storage rooms are getting full," Twilight ask.

"Yup. There's a huge market of recycling old stuff to make new stuff or reuse. Cheaper that way, of course they buy by weight," Rick said.

"Point taken," Twilight said. "So how do I get there?"

"I'll give you the location for the nearest one close to you. I'll just add that to your bill," Rick said.

"Of course," Twilight said. The relationship between her group and Rick is money. Which from what they learn about him is something that works for both sides.


Elsewhere -

Naruto watched as Trixie preformed her magic show in front of a cheering crowd. It's been about a month since he was taken from his home universe by Twilight's group and brought to this new world. And he couldn't be happier. The Leaf village just saw him as a tool to be used and treated whatever way they wanted. Thanks to the mind jutsu his birth parents put on him he would be the all loving and forgiving hero they made him to be, he would never question anything he would just be a all but mindless weapon. Which is why he would never go back and he burn his past so there's no going back. The ninja world is finish with the chakra that allowed the ninjas to have power is gone from that world.

He's been learning about this world and been getting the help he needs to adjust to his new settings. They have been helping him and for the first time in his life he's with people who care about him. Twilight had given him a helmet that fed him information, which she explains is a teaching tool she gotten a hold of in a future world setting. It downloaded so much into his head and now he's able to do things he couldn't before and know things he never knew either. All he needs is life experience and Twilight is also thinking of him going to school, but the others told her he needs time to adjust.

"This is what you girls were doing before you all started traveling?" Kasumi ask to Sunset. Both them are watching the show with Naruto hoping that Trixie wouldn't go overboard again.

"Putting on magic shows is what we did here to make a living," Sunset said.

"It looks fun," Naruto said.

"It is but we got to be careful. This world is one where powers and super human abilities are only found in fiction. The last thing we need are people realizing that all of what we do is real," Sunset said.

"That be bad," Kasumi said. She herself had to take measures so that she wouldn't be recognized by gamers. Luckily she's just been thought of as a cosplayer when people got a good look at her. It helps that she wears baggy clothes that hides her figure, as Twilight points out that very few women in this world has a figure like hers. (3)

"Is that why, I had to change my hair style?" Naruto ask. He now has a buzz cut to hide who he is and without his whiskers he doesn't stand out anymore.

"Yes," Sunset said.

"What about all the technology you girls pick up?" Kasumi ask.

"Saving that if we decide to live here for good. We'll open up a business and give out the technology slowly so people will get use to it," Sunset said as she check her text messages on her smart phone. "Besides most of the stuff we have, this world doesn't even have the infrastructure to make the tools to make the tools and so on." (4)

"Also did we really need to do that Overlord test?" Kasumi ask.

"We did that and so you two had to as well," Sunset said.

"Really?" Naruto ask.

"You do realize that the only reason why I had such an easy time at the village was because everyone followed rules that don't make sense once you're not in the middle of it and seeing it from the outside?" Sunset ask.

"Good point," Naruto said.

"I have realized how strange it is for everything is fighting in my world," Kasumi said.

"And how if you were armed with guns it would make things so much easier?" Naruto ask.

"Yup," Kasumi said as guns would had made fighting off her clan so much easier.

"Twilight thinks there's something that causes your worlds to be like that, ours as well. It does explain how the power of love and friendship was all she needed to beat her past foes. If, I didn't showed up when, I did she said she might had just gone back with her so call friends and old sun butt," Sunset said.

"None of you ever want to return do you?" Kasumi ask.

"No," Sunset said. "That world runs on rules and mindsets like that pony cartoon we showed up. The ponies there just kept on relearning lessons and just forgot things like it was a cartoon show. Which it is in some worlds which means we were all following the rules and mindsets till we went to this world. And why everyone but Twilight's old group are completely useless, like in a show with them as the main cast. It seems to have an effect on us making us realized things that anyone using common sense would have seen."

"Really?" Naruto ask.

"Some people around here don't use common sense but people will point it out instead of never. And for people in power who are dependent on people voting for them. Once they make a huge mistake that is costly they will never be able to keep their position, unlike how Danzo even with all he had done was allowed to keep power. Where here he would had ended up losing everything or be in jail," Sunset said. (5)

"How long are we're going to be staying here?" Kasumi ask.

"We can make short trips but we shouldn't rush things," Sunset said putting her phone away. "Also Twilight talk with Rick and she wants us to go to a big trading hub that is controlled by the other Ricks."

"Why?" Kasumi and Naruto ask.

"To sell the stuff that we pick up while world hoping and to see what we can find there. From what Twilight text me, the hubs the Ricks run are places that world hoppers like us or sliders to others go to for one reason or another," Sunset said.

"That sounds fun," Kasumi said.

"Can we see the cartoon about Twilight?" Naruto ask.

"Sure," Sunset said.


Council of Ricks Trading Hub or C.R.T.H. -

The trading hub is one of many such hubs that the Ricks had made to deal with the many travelers from different universe. For a price that is, the hub generates much in resources from the many travelers looking for a safe spot to stop by. Which the Ricks had made sure is safety within the station and the space around it. Many of the more business end Ricks invested much into making the station a safe place for world travelers to the point where one would have to look far to find one just as safe. The space station trading center is the rebuilt and upgraded Titan Station from the Dead Space universe. The Ricks had taken the station after the events of Dead Space and made sure all the undead were gone. They did it to save time and resources in building a new one. They kept much of the old parts of the station that are still good or remodel them, the station solar array and fusion reactors still power it with some upgrades.

After getting docking clearance Twilight park the RV in one of the many hangers where a repair crew would go and do some repairs and upgrades to it. Twilight stayed behind to look over the prices of the upgrades she wanted and for the work crew of robots that came to pick up all the salvage they wanted to sell. The others would look around the station and would have to the currency exchange as the station use credits to buy and sell things.

Which is where Sunset is right now, waiting in line at the currency exchange which is like a bank to her and is more heavily guarded. Looking around she spots a number of cameras and turrets along with robot guards all watching. The others are waiting at a bench outside the exchange. The people with her reminds her of life back at the castle, where she would see many different races coming to meet the princess. Some are humans or human shape while others have more animal bodies along with some that she couldn't even make heads or tails of. Finally she made it to the front of the line and went to a window booth where with a robot teller, which all the tellers are.

"How much will this give me?" Sunset ask taking some gold, silver, and copper coins out from her pack that is a back of holding.

"It depends on the amount you wish to exchange. But those coins aren't worth much unless it's in bulk," the robot teller explains.

"Gemstones?" Sunset ask holding a gemstone in her hand.

"Yes we take them. We take just about any type of currency used in most universes," the robot teller said.

"Bottle caps?" Sunset ask.

"Only as scrap metal," the robot teller answers.

"What about pocket lint?" someone behind Sunset ask. Sunset turns around to see Jamie from Megas LXR behind her.

"We do not expect pocket lint," the robot teller answered.

"That's just great," Jamie huffed walking off.

"First time here?" the robot teller ask.

"Yes," Sunset said. "Know any good place for a bite to eat and have a good time for my group to visit?"

"There is Moe's Tavern. You can pour the coins and gemstones into the slot," the robot teller said activating a drop slot for the coins and gemstones.

"Moe's?" Sunset ask as she pulls out her bag of holding and begins pouring the entire pack of coins and gemstones into the slot.

"Moe's Tavern is an entertainment center that is very popular with travelers. It has a music stage, arcade machines from all over the muiltverse, dart boards, pool tables and a fully stocked bar to cater to all kinds of travelers. I see you have a omni-tool, I just download the station map and the location of Moe's for you," the robot teller explains as he adds up all the loot put into the slot and gives her a cred card.

"Thanks," Sunset said looking over the card that has the amount of all the loot she had in her pack of holding. She then walk back to her group.

"You have the money now what?" Trixie ask.

"We're going to get something to eat at Moe's Tavern," Sunset said.

"Moe's Tavern?" Trixie ask.

"The robot teller gave me the location," Sunset said waving for them to follow her.


Moe's Tavern -

Moe Szyslak had no idea how he got struck traveling from one universe to another, but he finally ended up at the C.R.T.H. where he setup his tavern like back in his world. He made himself a good life on the station with the Rick's being some of his best customers. He has built up his tavern to be big where all sorts of games and food items from all over to be found. He hires people who can travel from one world to another to supply him with what he needs. His staff are made up of mainly robots and some people who like him live on the station. He's able to do it by expecting just about any type of currency used by any traveler who stops by and expecting trade goods. Which he learned that long ago that one beings trash is another's treasure. He first ended up in a Star Trek verse and ended up on a Ferengi controlled planet where he learn fast.

Moe still stands behind his bar counter serving drinks while his staff handles the rest. The bar area is separated from the more family friendly part of the tavern as the people in the bar aren't known for being civil. Moe also works as a mission giver, he posted jobs that people wanted done for them as well as for bounty hunters to pick up jobs, for a cut of the reward he hooks anyone with a job. He also sells items that he gotten his hands on, one way or another mainly as part of his cut. But of course he does have to deal with some travelers who had just started and using currency that is normal for them but is worthless for him.

"I keep telling you. I don't expect anything from your ingredients based economy Toriko! I could use what you're offering for the kitchen but it's not worth enough here and not for what you're trying to buy. Eyebot get him out of here!" Moe shouted at said man. And Toriko was engulfed in a energy bubble by a floating drone eye and he was taken out of the Tavern.

"Alright you were right it is Moe," Sunset said to Trixie. They're waiting in line to be seated at a table.

"This looks like some of the places I have been to," Kasumi said.

"Were they fun places?" Naruto ask.

"Some of them," Kasumi said.

"How many in your party?" a floating eyebot ask.

"5 with our other member be joining us later," Trixie said.

The bot led them to a table with 6 chairs and told them to wait for someone to take their order. While waiting they look around seeing many people from frictions they know about. At one table Shinji is sharing a table with Rei and Asuka, while in two tables has his counterparts sharing with just one of the girls from the first table. One table has the cast of Azumanga and the other looks like Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus along with her class who are younger versions of Monster High cast. Ranma is sharing a table with all the girls who wants to marry him. The Avengers are all together eating a meal and the next table is the Justice League. Another has what looks to be Jack from those pirate movies along with samurai Jack sharing a table. And walking out of the tavern is a Big Daddy and a Big Sister.

"First time here?" a voice at the table next to theirs ask.

Looking at the voice Trixie and Sunset blink seeing who it is. It's Sailormoon along with the rest of the scouts and all of them look like they seen hell. All of them are covered in scars and missing bodyparts that are replaced with cyborg parts or grafted one bodyparts of what looks like monsters or aliens or completely changed into one. Moon has metal wings on her back and one eye replaced with a robot eye, Mercury seems to have all but her head replace by metal, Mars body is part raven with her arms clawed wings and bird feet, Jupiter like Mercury is now mostly metal, Venus is a purple skin woman, Tuxedo looks normal but has glowing white eyes, Pluto lower body is that of a snake, Uranus entire body looks to be patch together from different bodies, Neptune arms and legs are now that of a cat, Saturn body is like an old black and white photo, Mini Moon is the only one who is unchanged but has dead eyes.

"Yes," Sunset said.

"Are you and Trixie here with anyone else from your world? Besides just Kasumi and Naruto," Moon ask. The rest of her group are busy eating and not saying anything.

"Just Twilight," Trixie said. "You been traveling for a long time?"

"None of us remembers how long its been, I think I was the first. Besides Mini and Saturn, all of us have just forgotten how long it's been," Moon said.

"So... what happen to you all?" Trixie ask.

"Have you all learn how many universes obey laws and everyone in it follow a mindset that makes no sense when you actually think about it?" Moon ask.

"Been there done that," Kasumi said.

"I can't believe how, I use to think," Naruto said.

"We're what happens when all but the villains follow that mindset. All of us are the last of our universe's scouts and one way or another ended up traveling through different universes and ended up all together," Moon said. (6)

"Trying to find a universe to settle down like us?" Sunset ask.

"No. We're traveling around and making sure that what happens to us doesn't happen to other scouts whenever we can. I can't believe how, I use to be," Moon said.

"A big cry baby who panics and made things bad," Mars said.

"Yes," Moon admitted.

"Yes but you are much better then the ones we all knew," Mercury said and all the others at their table nodded in agreement.

"Any advice for new travelers like us?" Trixie ask.

"There are many apps that you can download into your omni-tool for that. Just sign into the wi-fi and you can download the apps," Venus said.

"Thanks," Sunset said and did just that.

"One rule you should know is that while it's normal in your universe you can't get away with what you do outside of it. Awhile ago the cast from Love Hina ended up here and almost all the girls ended up dead," Uranus said.

"They went and acted as they did in their show didn't they?" Kasumi ask.

"Yes and quickly learn that unlike the people in their world. The people here aren't going to stand them acting and treating people as they did back in their world," Pluto said.

"They did learn that but of course that's the last thing they learn," Jupiter said.

"They had it coming," Neptune said.

"Sure did," Mini Moon said.

"Yup," Saturn said agreeing.

"Anyone who does something like that and expect everyone to just allow them to get away with it. Don't last long or are shown how much people actually think of them," Moon said pointing to a display case on the wall with two people looking through the lone window, which are Allen Gregory and his father Richard Gregory.

"How in the world did those two get here?" Sunset ask.

"No one really knows. But they went and got on the Doctor's bad side and he time lock them. A second for us is a year for them if I remember right. They're aware of the world but can't ever interact with it and no one cares enough to help them," Moon said.

"Girls!" Twilight said walking up to the table and took her seat.

"Everything is taken care of?" Trixie ask.

"Yes and it be a few days before they're done with the ship. So we're going to be staying here for awhile, I already gotten us a room," Twilight said.

"Spending a few days here?" Sunset ask.

"It be a day at the most," Twilight said.

"Ok," Sunset said.

"And while we're here we can get somethings that will make things so much easier for us," Twilight said as she shows her group an ad from her omni-tool. The ad showed like any ad shown on a screen back in the other world which is like a used car sell. But this one is selling robots created by RobCo with Robert House giving the pitch.

"Fallout robots?" Sunset ask.

"Well they made to last and survive a atomic war that left most of the planet a wasteland. And many of them still up and running over 200 years without any repairs done to them. And it be nice to have some securitrons around to help in fights and Mister Handies and protectrons around the ship as crew. We can't just be going around in a ship with only this many people we need a crew to help, we need to be ready for anything and plan ahead. Like how we always scout any world with a drone first and make sure we have supplies for just about anything. Plus he is having a overstock clearance sell and its in our price range," Twilight said.

"Sell is right Mr. House is selling all of his older models so he can replace them with upgraded ones. He is also selling a robot workbench to do your own repairs and such. His store sells almost everything from his world and he likes doing the ads himself as he use to on tv when he was still walking around on his own," Mercury said.

"Robots would had helped with many of the things we had faced," Mars said.

"Your group is one of the few, I have met who does the universe traveling the right and smart way right off the bat. Many learn to do what your group is doing the hard way if they're lucky to survive that long," Moon said.

"Thanks....,"Twilight said looking at the scouts.

"They were telling us about the station before you came," Naruto spoke up.

"Oh," Twilight said as a server droid came to take their orders.

After her group ordered, they waited for their food and past the time talking with the scout party about how things work around the station. Then Twilight saw something that made her blink, coming into the tavern is what looks to be that guy who hangs out with Superman, Jimmy Olsen but looks like a space Mad Max. His face was harden and grim from what he has seen and had to do to survive, he walked into the bar area of the tavern.

"That's Jimmy from DC verse and was the friend of Superman before he died, from what I learn of his past that is from Moe," Moon said seeing what Twilight was looking at.

"What happen to him?" Twilight ask.

"Since your group been reading fictions to learn about some of the worlds you visited. Are you familiar with the DC comic Act of God?" Moon ask.

"The one where all the people with powers on Earth suddenly lost them and it was just a big fanboy story to show how great Batman is? Yes, I am," Twilight said.

"He's from that setting and everything played out as it did in the comic but for the ending. Darksied of that universe was the one who depowered the strongest heroes and villains of that world. He waited for years building up his forces before attacking. Without the heavy hitters like Superman, all the non-powered heroes and the villains who fought with them quickly fell. Darksied publicly unmask a beaten Batman to that world while explaining he was the one who got rid of the powers and if the people there had tried they might had been able to restore their greatest heroes powers before it was too late to stop him. He killed Batman with his eye beams and enslaved the Earth. Jimmy there managed to survive long enough to come across something that allowed him to jump to another universe. What happen to Superman he refuses to tell anyone. He now works as a bounty hunter," Moon explains. (7)

"What happen to his world?" Twilight ask.

"He said they had it coming to be happy that someone who gave up so much and using his powers to help others was just gone," Moon said.

"Like me and my world," Naruto said.

Twilight began to think about the world she left behind and how it was doing without her.

Chapter 15

View Online

The Omnidroid one of the most powerful robots ever built. Design for the sole purpose in killing those with powers. It's the model 9 with some upgrades the Ricks made to it. It has many power cores throughout its body and an incredible amount of redundancy that prevents it from being taken down by simply ripping its main CPU out. And comes with a internal nanobot repair system that repairs any damage to its body. It also can be control by a control center that allows anyone control it remotely and their face can be shown on a screen on its sphere body.

"Ok it's powerful but along with all the stuff we brought, the treasure vault is almost empty," Trixie said looking at the amount of valuables they have left which isn't much.

She and the others are watching as the dock robots are loading their ship up with all of the stuff they brought. The station does have just about everything and they went shopping, enjoying themselves while they waited for all of upgrades on the ship to be finish. And with their bags of holding now much lighter and treasure vault near empty. The RV hallways are now being patrolled by the Fallout robots, making sure the entire ship is maintained and secure. Mister Handies are on standby in case of something that needs to be fix along with Protectrons. A full medical staff of Protectron medics, Protectron fire brigadier to take care of fires, and Utility Protectrons to help the Mister Handies. Eyebots are scanning the ship along with Securitrons, Assaultrons, and Sentry Bots. Twilight had brought up most of the overstock robots that Mr. House had in stock.

"Also what's with the weapon drones straight out of Batman?" Kasumi ask.

Twilight had also brought a Rattler, Twin Rattler, Cobra, Mamba, Diamondback drones. As well as several dozen Dragon and Serpent drones. Along with many different types of gun turrets that were on sell. Not to mention all the other weapons and gear that she brought, which she gotten, as well as several factory machines that will allow them to use junk to make anything from weapons, armor, machines, food items and even vehicles. Twilight said it's for making sure that in case of something goes wrong they'll be able to take care of themselves.

"I don't want us to be helpless or low and supplies," Twilight said.

"And we're broke thanks to you," Trixie said.

"I never thought, I would see a treasure vault that has mounds of treasure filling the room," Kasumi said.

"So we'll go in treasure hunting trips like we did when we first started out. Besides we now have the batmobile that can change into a tank," Twilight said watching as the copy of the batmobile is loaded into the RV.

"Worth it," Sunset said as they watch as the last of the cargo is loaded into their ship. They have brought and loaded up their RV with all the supplies that can come in handy and with the RV being bigger in the inside they have room to spare.

"And the RV now has a full size crew," Kasumi said as she and the others had to handle things themselves but now with a robot crew things be much easier.

"The robots are ok right?" Naruto ask having played the Fallout games.

"Yes the robots are all working as, I got a warranty on the robots. And gotten some Ricks to look over all of them just to be sure that their programs are all working and won't be easily hack or be effected by viruses that will make them go on a rampage and no Robobrains head with organic brains but syntactic ones. I even had them be upgraded with their own personal force fields and auto-repair systems. I also had the Securitron's screen faces replaced with an eye so it won't show human faces. And, I even gotten one to be program with the Yes Man V.I. to oversee all the robots," Twilight said.

"Why?" Trixie ask.

"So there be a robot we can talk with and he can download himself into any Securitron to help us out," Twilight said. (1)

"We also gotten rid of almost all the junk we have picked up. Good thing they buy vendor trash like in games here," Sunset said.

"How does that work anyway?" Kasumi ask.

"They recycle them or have buyers that will pay for what's junk for us but is a treasure for them. We could try that but unless we want to spend alot of time making the right connections it's just easier to just sell at the junk dealers. Not to mention it's safer," Trixie explains. (2)

"It is safe here," Naruto agreed.

"Where do we go next?" Kasumi ask.

"Let's just see where the portal takes us next," Twilight said as she and the others enter the RV to head back to home.


Inside the RV -

They travel back to their home base world and while the others are searching for another world to visit, Twilight is keeping herself busy. Twilight is in the new robotics room where the robot-workbench is located along with all the parts needed to build a robot. Thanks to the Star Trek replicators they are able to make just about anything as long as there's enough power and matter to make whatever they want. Right now she had built 7 new robots with personality chips installed in them with programs that wouldn't allow them to attack her or the others.

Forklift a Protectron model who is built for heavy lifting and is the strongest in terms of brute force. Forklift has a male voice and personality subroutine operating. He is build with Protectron parts with his hands being Vice Grips and his armor all Hydraulic Frames allowing greater strength in lifting, his head is protected by a Actuated Frame to go with his yellow paint job. He's slow but powerful and design for heavy lifting.

Bolt a Mr. Handy model that can fly thanks to his thruster with 3 thruster arms with two of them being pincers and the 3rd being a saw. He has Factory armor with a aqua paint job as he isn't meant for heavy lifting. Has one eye and two arms replacing the standard two other eyes slots. The left arm is a RoboBrain arm with a Hand Flamer. The Right is a Protectron arm with a Hand Nailgun. He is made to screw, weld, and nail things.

Tunnler with a female voice, has a Assaultron top and a RoboBrain bottom. Her top is armored in Hydraulic Frames and her bottom has a Mid Warmonger Serrated Plate with an orange paint job. Right arm has a Construction Claw, the left has a Hand Drill, and her head is a Assaultron Head Laser. She is design for digging and excavating, with her head laser for blasting through what her drill can't break.

Jolt another female with the limbs of an Assaultron and the body and head of a RoboBrain. All but her head is armored in Voltaic Frame and her head has a Cyclops Helm in a Manilla paint job. Left hand is an Assaultron Shock Claw and the right is a Lightning Gun. She is design for restarting power by jump starting them.

Wreck another female who's top half is that of a Sentry and bottom an Assaultron with a Assaultron Head Laser. She is armored in Hydraulic Frame. Left arm is a Hand Hammer Saw, left is a Construction Claw, on her back are two Shoulder Launchers. She is design for tearing down buildings, with the twin launchers for bringing down a building fast.

Weld a male who has a Sentry Head, RoboBrain body, Mr. Handy Thruster, and Protectron arms. He is armored in Hydraulic Frame for his head and Thruster, Actuated Frames for his torso and Grim Plate for his arms in a pink paint job. Left arm is a Cryojet and right is a Protectron Hand Laser. He is design for both welding and putting out fires or stopping something from overheating.

Tow a male who has a Mr. Handy body, Sentry Legs and RoboBrain arms. Is armored in Hydraulic Frame from top to bottom in a blue paint job. Left arm is a Protectron Hand Automatic Laser, right is a Assaultron Shock Claw. Tow is design for towing anything from vehicles to other large objects, with the shock claw for jump starting an engine. (3)

"You went and made construction robots?" Naruto ask Twilight who has been watching her build robots all of this time.

"Yup just in case we need them. Besides we got enough war robots already," Twilight said.

"Can, I make my own robot?" Naruto ask.

"Sure just tell me what you want it to look like," Twilight said but was cut off as Trixie's voice came over the speaker.

"Found a world that, I have been wanting to visit after seeing the movie that is base on it," Trixie said.

"Oh what it is?" Twilight ask.

"Come and see," Trixie said.

"No robot?" Naruto ask.

"Later," Twilight said walking with Naruto to the control room.


Jumper Verse -

A large spaceship appeared in the sky over Canada before it began flying all over the world. As the ship flew over the different parts of the world, from the ship probes of some kind with what many think are search lights scanning everything. Some people tried to shot the probes but they learn that the probes are all protected by force fields, the probes did not react being shot and continue scanning. The people of the world either watch the sky or stare at a TV watching as an alien craft flew around the world, ignoring all attempts in contacting it.

The ship suddenly stop and all the probes it sent out that have been flying around it all came back to it. Then the ship flew straight up into the sky and into space. The tv screens across the world were cut off as the board cast was hijacked and the news feed replaced by a face of two eyes and a smiling mouth.

"Hello people of this planet you call Earth. I am Yes Man a V.I. of the scout ship that is currently flying above your world. I am currently translating all of the different languages that you humans speak so that all will be getting the following important message," Yes Man said.

The screen change to that of a humanoid female judging from her female figure that is hidden from view by her spacesuit.

"Yes, I am an alien. I won't bother with small talk or telling you humans where, I'm from or what race I am. All you humans need to know is that, I just submitted my report on your planet and been given the order to give you this message. So if there are anyone around you who isn't watching, take this time to call them in to watch," the female alien said.

The world held it's breath waiting.

"Alright, I gave you all enough time. Your planet is coming up in our invasion plans and from the level of tech you humans have, my ship alone can take you all out. Right now as, I speak all the satellites that are in orbit around your planet is under my control and right now the milliliters around the world are trying to regain control of all the long range missiles that, I have taken control of."

The screen now shows military command centers with the people there trying to get back control of their different nations defense networks. With their main screens showing that all the missiles are arm and ready to launch. The screen goes back to the female.

"But of course a nuclear wasteland isn't something that my race wants. I'm doing it just to prove how useless your weapons are. And before you think that your standing armies can beat us on the ground. Tell me why would we waste time like that when we can simply fire from orbit where none of your weapons can hit our ships. I can end your way of life simply by towing a big hunk of space rock and let it fall on your planet. And according to the data of the history of your planet that's been downloaded. All it will take is a piece of rock around 3 miles to end all life. But of course that also isn't the reason why we want your planet. Is because it's a life baring planet in this section of space which in terms you would understand is the only island in a vast ocean. So we're just going to unleash a virus or gas on you all. Which lucky for all of you my ship doesn't have and the rest of the space forces are busy dealing with more advance races that are putting up more of a fight then you humans would ever be able to."

"The reason why, I was given the order to tell you all this is simple. There's nothing you humans can do to stop us. So prepare for what's coming in your own ways. Or just give up when we come we could always use a cheap work force. You humans could have given us a real fight and might even force us in coming to the table for peace talks. But thanks to the never ending efforts of a group who believe that only god which is seen as a form of mental illness for all advance races, that no one should have the power that could have made you humans be able to stand up to my race. I like to take this time to thank the ancient order of Paladins who have been hunting down and killing the only ones with the power who could have stop us. The Paladins are a group of religious fanatics who since the Medieval times have been killing off all the teleporters or as they are known here jumpers."

"Yes there are people on your world who can teleport which is a gift from a now dead race which my race already killed off. The power to teleport if research is done on how the jumper's power works would have been the stepping stone you humans would have needed for long range teleportant like all the advance races like mine have. And I'm uploading all of the identities and the places they live and HQ are at. I'm doing this because it's people like the Paladins with their only the make believe god should only be the one with that kind of power, thinking is the reason why my race has no challenge in our takeovers. In fact that's one of the reasons the reason why, I did the planet wide scan. Because every time my race comes across a world like yours with some people on it with powers. There is always a group with the belief that no one should have that kind of power and hunt them down. So people of soon to be conquered world that will either be enslaved or exterminated. You now have the information on the group of people who are to blame for making your planet a target and even if the jumpers were to come forth and let themselves be researched on. The time it would take for anything you humans be able to make in the time you have left will not be enough to fight back. As unlike many other planets my race has always embraced those with powers to make ourselves stronger as a whole. While you humans on the other hand have cut off your legs or is it shooting yourself in the foot... oh well. Maybe if you humans work your butts off, you might be able to do something before the invasion fleet gets here. See you never."

The screen now showed the ship in space with a portal of some kind opening in front of it. The ship flew into the portal which closed behind it. The screen shut off and the world reacted.


In the RV -

"Well Trixie you really did it this time," Sunset said watching how the world they left behind is reacting.

"As you or Twilight can say you never did something like this before," Trixie said taking off her suit.

"She's right," Twilight said.

"From what, I'm seeing looks like the governments are cracking down hard on the Paladins. Who are seeking to be lock up as there have been lynch mobs after them with many of their numbers being killed," Kasumi said.

"But the jumpers who came out are now being protected and researchers are now studying how their powers work and see if they can't make a machine teleporter," Trixie said.

"But they going to be use in tests to see how their powers work," Naruto said.

"Yes but its better then them being hunted down by those cult members," Trixie said. "And the world will advance because of it." (4)

"They're not a cult," Twilight said.

"Close enough," Trixie said.

"Where next?" Kasumi ask.

"How about we let Naruto choose next," Sunset said.

"Really?" Naruto ask.

"After scanning some safe worlds you can pick which one we visit," Sunset said.

"Thanks," Naruto said.

Chapter 16

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The Clone Wars that tore apart the galaxy is now a memory as one era ended and another began. The galaxy saw the rise of The First Order and Starkiller Base, with the rise of a new Jedi. But relics of the Clone Wars could still be found for those who look hard enough. In an asteroid field an old droid base sat forgotten, it use to be a supply base to fuel and resupply Separatist ships in that sector. Then the war ended and the universal control signal shut down all Separatist war machines. Most of the warhouses filled with stockpiles of droids were sold off by a few entrepreneurs over the years, but some like the supply base are still there for the taking.

"Alright looks like we're now the owners of our own base in a Star Wars verse," Trixie said as she looks at the storage room filled with battle Droids. They ranged from the common B1 Battle Droids, B2 Super Battle Droids, to the Destroyer Droid and Dwarf Spider Droid, which she recognized. But to her surprise there are 6 B3 Ultra Battle Droids who stands at 4.0 meters high and from the shipping logs were being ship to a battle when the off signal came to turn all of them off. There is also a dozen MagnaGuards which General Grievous had before his death had spread them out to supply bases so that if the ones with him are destroyed he could quickly replace them.

"This is great!" Sunset said as she looks over all the equipments that have been kept intact thanks to the base being vacuum sealed when it shut down.

"Just wait till Yes Man can reprogram the droids first," Twilight said as the Fallout robots are working over the base getting it back up and running. Yes Man is currently reprogramming all the droids so that they follow orders from Twilight and the others. Which is thanks to Mr. House adding that feature to him for an extra price, Yes Man is able to reprogram just about any kind of robot known in the multiverse.

"So we have our own robot army now?" Naruto ask.

"And they can fold themselves up so they can be pack in tight. How many are there Twilight?" Trixie ask.

"In all there are over 20,000 battle droids that are ready to go and more who just need to be put together or repaired. There are around 800 other droids who maintained the base. Made up of mostly Astromech, Protocol, Pit, Power and Treadwell Droids. They all shut down and the base went off line when the war ended. This base is staff only by droids with a small living quarters for visitors," Twilight said reading through all the dated that Yes Man is translating for her.

"Do we really need an army? We already spent most of our funds in just buying Fallout Robots and other things," Kasumi said.

"Which is why we been treasure hunting and we were lucky to find a planet that we could loot all we want," Twilight said.

"It was fun," Naruto said as he had fun in finding treasure.

They went to that dead Earth thanks to a virus and looted places like Fort Knots if he remembers the name right and other places on that world. Of course they all had to keep their suits on and Twilight only let the robots do the work that could led to an infection. Then they went to that big white house where they discovered the sole living humans left on that world. They learn that he's the president of the United States who had released a virus around the world to reduce the world population while only giving the vaccine to Americans. Which ended up being hastily mass-produced and certain production regulations were neglected which the president's administration cut out for being a nuisance to business, that resulted in the vaccine being inefficient. And only him being the one with a vaccine that work survived. He wanted to come with them, but Sunset just punch his face knocking him out and they left him there in a world he made. (1)

"And we got so much loot," Trixie said as they spend several days there.

"Which we do need. All the stuff we get are expensive and be reusing and repurposing what we find we can save lots and only spend when we need to," Twilight said.

"These droids can come in handy one day. Which reminds me we should be on the lookout for a Death Star like machine," Sunset said.

"Yeah," Naruto shouted.

"Why?" Kasumi ask.

"There is no way I'm passing up the chance to have a Death Star," Sunset said.

"But the sheer cost of running it. We're not galaxy spanning empire with massive tax revenue from numberous star systems and planets. Not to mention why would we need to when the RV can just change into one," Kasumi ask.

"Oh yeah," Sunset said.

"And we need a full crew just to maintain it. There's a reason why we keep the rooms that were not using in the RV power down till we need to use them," Twilight said.

"I have finish reprogramming the droids," Yes Man said.

"Great," Twilight said.

"Now what?" Kasumi ask.

"Make sure this base is defended from attacks and the droids are all repaired so that when we need them they're ready to go. We also need to leave some Fallout Robots here to supervise everything and to give the droids some upgrades," Twilight said.

"And then?" Naruto ask.

"We wing it from there," Twilight said.


Ranma 1/2 verse -

What was suppose to be a short stop in Japan for some food where Kasumi wouldn't have to worry about her ninja clan attacking her. Ended up with Ranma slamming into the ship by hammer swing from Akane. Which to make a long story short ended up with them dealing with with Ranma's girlfriends who upon learning that they're from a world where they're just a manga are demanding on them telling who marries Ranma. Which wasn't something that they could hide as Naruto and Kasumi are just fiction in this world.

Ranma's rivals tried to attack him, only for Trixie to blast them leaving them smoking on the ground, and as for the small panty thief old man he made the mistake of stealing the girls underwear. Which is why he's somewhere floating around in space, trap in an escape pod somewhere around Pluto. After that the rest of the cast members of Ranma are just watching from the sidelines. With the exception of Nabiki who is trying to talk Trixie into selling some things to her or giving her one of the robots they have.

"I just wanted to get some food," Kasumi said watching the shouting match between the four younger girls. Who didn't like her one bit as she didn't believe it till she saw it, that their faces turned green upon seeing her. Which is only one of the things that she only saw in anime happen in this world.

"I should have did a better scan," Twilight said remembering how things usually go for them in worlds like this one.

"Alight that's it!" Sunset said as she cast a bubble spell on Ranma and his girlfriends shouting the shouting match. She then shoves them into the RV. "Come on gang we're going to show them one of the better ways this can end for them all."

"What?" Naruto ask.

"This isn't the first time we run into Ranma and his girls," Twilight said. "We met older ones who settled their differences in one of the ways a harem plot ends."

"In what why?" Kasumi ask.

"What many think is a golden ending," Trixie said waving for Naruto and Kasumi to get into the RV.

"Hey what about my robot?" Nabiki shouted out as the RV disappeared.


In another world -

Kodachi was the first to step out and she's standing in front of her family manor in the backyard. Looking around she saw many things are different from what she remembers, as there's a big metal fence around Green Turtle's pond and other things. The sliders did said that this world is a future world of one of the outcomes of the world she came form.

"Mama?" a small girl ask looking up at her who can't be more then a year old who just learn to talk.

"Mama?" Kodachi ask looking down at the little girl who looks like her when she was around her age but with one big difference, her eyes are blue like Ranma's and has red hair.

"WHAT!" Akane, Uyko, and Shampoo shouted seeing a smaller version of Kodachi but has the eyes and red hair of Ranma's girl form.

"Oh boy," Ranma said who got off the RV to see what has the girls attention.

"Oh Ranma this world is prefect!" Kodachi said as she picks up the little girl and hugs her. "We has such a cute child together!"

"Reki where are you?" a woman voice called and stepping out of the house is an older Kodachi who has blossom into womanhood. And is heavy with child.

"Mama?" Reki shouted from the younger Kodachi's arms.

"What?" the older Kodachi said staring at her younger self holding her oldest, her husband and the other girls all as they were in the past.

"Kodachi what's the matter?" an older more mature Ranma wearing a police uniform ask and stopping seeing what she's seeing.

"Hi Kodachi!" Twilight said waving to her.

"We run into your younger counterparts and decided to bring them here to show them one of the outcomes that can happen," Sunset said.

"Oh this is great!" the younger Kodachi shouted as she grabs the younger Ranma's hand and drags him to their older counterparts holding Reki. The other girls are holding themselves back as they produce dark auras around them as Kodachi is holding a child.

"I should be more surprise but, I'm not," the older Ranma deadpanned.

"With what we been through, this is tame," Kodachi said taking Reki from her younger self.

"See darling we're happily married! You can forget those other hussies and we can focus on our soon to be married life!" Kodachi said hugging Ranma.

"RANMA!" Uyko, Akane, and Shampoo growled appearing behind them. Only to be stop as three toy building blocks hit their heads.

"I can't believe how we use to be," an older Uyko said stepping out from behind the older Ranma and Kodachi, followed by two other older women.

"Well not as bad as Akane," adult Shampoo said.

"The doctor's anger management classes fix my issues," the older Akane said.

"What are they doing here?" Kodachi ask before looking down seeing 3 more little girls the same age as Reki all clutching to their mother's legs. It wasn't hard to see who their father is, as they all have blue eyes and different shades of red hair.

"Classic harem ending," Sunset said causing the four girls after Ranma to glare at him. While the older Ranma just sighs remembering all too well what's that like and still is for him.


Inside the manor -

"All of them?" Ranma ask his older self as they sat at the large dinning table that fit all of them. Twilight and the others are watching the children.

"It wasn't by my choice. They all went and did got the idea to make a love potion. Which to make a long story short, ended up all of them mixing their potions together and cause them to go wild on me. And ended up with me marrying all of them and ," the older Ranma stated which all four of his wives responded leaning over to him and pinching him. "Hey!"

"But it's worth it," Uyko said.

"And we work things out," Shampoo said.

"The kids are more important and they're perfectly fine with how things are," Akane adds.

"And they're all looking forward in having a little brother," Kodachi said patting her stomach.

"The kids are the bright spot in this marriage," Ranma said causing all four of his wives to glare at him.

"He still puts his foot in his mouth?" the younger Uyko ask.

"Yes but he is a good father," the older Uyko said.

"But sharing husband?" Shampoo ask her older self.

"It's no longer an issue," older Shampoo said.

"And why is that?" Akane ask.

"We all just gotten use to each other and there are all the fun stuff we can do together," Kodachi said as she turns to Uyko who is sitting next to her and kisses her on the lips which the older Uyko enjoys.

"What?" the four younger girls ask watching the display of affection wide eyed and faces turning red.

"I introduced them to the joys of girl on girl fun," the older Kodachi said.

"What?" the 3 younger girls said turning to the younger counterpart.

"All girl school ok. I seen and heard much from other girls," Kodachi said blushing.

"There's nothing like getting Ranma into the mood then seeing us having sex," Akane said causing the younger one to gasp.

"WHAT!" she shouted.

"Well things just happen after having Wendy, me and the others just bonded," the older Akane said.

"She walk in on us after, I gotten Uyko and Shampoo to try it and them liking it. She said we're perverted, which we responded by grabbing her and showing her what she's missing," older Kodachi said with a smirk.

"Turns out she gets turn on when she is helpless," Uyko adds.

"And not to mention the spankings," Shampoo smirks seeing the 4 younger girls faces turn red and brains freezing up.

"Do they do this all the time?" the younger Ranma ask his older self.

"Yes and you just better get use to it," the older Ranma said.


Back in the other Ranma Verse -

The RV reappeared dropping off Ranma and his girlfriends who are all red faced in a daze. They're reeling from what their older selves from that future world told them and how open their sex life is. But the four girls even with how they're feeling right now wonder if that future is really that bad. Sure they have to share Ranma with each other but the kids are fine and they all get along... maybe a little too well. As for Ranma he has no idea how to feel about that future he saw. The kids are great as his older self explain how he wants to be the dad he never had. But there is the fact that he has little to say in that future as there are 4 wives and only one husband. He did like the idea of him using his skills to becoming a cop. (2)

"Ok that was interesting. Now off to another world," Twilight said.

"Can, I pick?" Naruto ask.

"Ok what world would you like to go to?" Twilight ask.

"How about a ghost world and we can be ghost busters?" Naruto ask.

"That sounds fun," Kasumi said being a fan of the movie and cartoon.

"And we do have gear for it," Sunset adds.

"Better then the cash grab bad movie that came out," Trixie said thinking of the new ghost buster movie with an all female cast that was just another cash grab movie that got the fans mad.

"So true," Twilight agreed.

"Twilight to avoid this Ranma thing we went through from happening again. Make sure you do a deeper probe of the next world," Sunset said.

"Without a panty thief running around," Kasumi said glad that he's going to die a slow death in space.

"I'll send in the smaller robots," Twilight said.


Bleach Verse -

Ichigo Kurosaki walk into his classroom after what felt like years being away, he came with his friends Orihime, Yasutora, and Uryu. All of whom had fought tooth and nail to save Rukia in the spirit world, but discover something bigger while there. But right now they just want to relax and try being normal kids while they can. And that's when they saw all their fellow classmates surrounding something.

"What's going on?" Ichigo ask.

"Chizuru came in with a robot from that game Fallout and it talks," Tatsuki said.

"A robot?" Uryu ask as he and the others got in close to see the robot. And as Tatsuki said there is a robot in the classroom.

All four of them having played Fallout Vegas recognized the robot as a securitron with a familiar face of Muggy. And like Muggy in the game the securitron is toy size and is on a desk. But unlike the one they seen in the game this one looks newer.

"Excuse me, I must continue my search," Muggy said.

"This is so cool," Shinji said as he and the others stared at the small robot.

"Chizuru where did you get the robot?" Yasutora ask.

"I found it wandering around," Chizuru answers.

"Wow," Orihime said looking over the robot.

"How did someone make this?" Uryu ask out loud.

"Invisible targets located," Muggy said staring at Orihime it's antenna on top of it's body began glowing. "Weapon systems are online, EMP system reconfigured and ready."

"How cute," Orihime said wondering what will happen next along with her other classmates.

Having built up enough power, Muggy let out a EMP wave that cut off the power to all electronic devices causing a blackout throughout the school and the surrounding buildings. The EMP wave didn't just depower everything that run on electrical power but also other powers as well. To the surprise of the students 6 fairy like figures suddenly appear flying around Orihime, which her 3 other friends also could see for the first time. And chaos took over as everything happen at once.

Chapter 17

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Yggdrasil is the heavenly supercomputer which organizes and runs the section of the universe, under the care of that sections gods and demons. In their sector of space the computer allows the gods and demons to bend reality to their will. That was until today where they're all been locked out and unable to do anything even Kami and Hild the leaders of the gods and demons couldn't do anything.

"This doesn't make sense!" Skuld shouted having come back to heaven to try to fix the problem. But every turn she couldn't do anything, she was completely locked out. She wasn't alone as Belldandy and Urd also been called back to help.

"It's like someone used the master control," Peorth said.

"Who could do that?" Belldandy ask.

"What about Hild?" Urd ask.

"Nope think again," Hild said as a screen appeared who is in the main control room of Hell. Demons are all working to regain control of the computer with as much luck as the gods.

"So it's not you?" Kami ask who step out of his office to see if anyone managed to make more progress then him.

"Of course not. If I could do something like this, I would had done it long ago. For something like this to happen where both sides are lock out would be higher on the ladder then either you or me," Hild said.

"Higher then either of you?" Marller ask looking at her boss.

"Yes there are beings higher then them," a new voice said.

Turning to the voice the gods and demons saw it's a man with white hair and dress in a clown like clothing without the makeup. And he's riding on top of a giant cat, that is floating in the air. Both Kami and Hild eyes widen seeing someone that they haven't seen in eons.

"What are you doing here?" Hild ask looking worried with Kami sharing the same worried look on his face. Which shocked all the gods and demons seeing their bosses worried.

"Care to explain Kami?" the man ask.

"He is Shinkohyo who is while technically a demon immortal, he isn't from Hell. He normally restricts himself to the concern of staving off the ennui of millennia, by just standing off to the side watching. He finds great amusement in watching the unfolding of interesting events through his all seeing senrigan. He rides on Kokutenko a spiritual beast and wields Raikouben a immense lightning summoning weapon," Kami explains.

"And he's the one who oversees all the gods and demons in our sector of the universe," Hild said. (1)

"Our section?" Urd ask.

"You really think that in the vast space of this universe that there's only one planet with life. Or that there is only one tree? Or that Kami and Hild are the only ones like them? That on other planets there aren't any life like humans and there aren't any gods or demons?" Shinkohyo asked.

"Yes," Skuld said.

Shinkohyo turns to Kami and Hild. "I see that both of you haven't told anything to your underlings. Did you two also claim to have created everything?"

"They didn't?" Urd ask making both Kami and Hild to glare at her to shut up.

"I see. That would explain why there are so many problems," Shinkohyo said letting out a puff of air. "This won't look good on your work review."

"You have been spending more time with the more advance races in this sector," Kokutenko said.

"Review?" Skuld ask.

"Yes a review on how well they have been doing their jobs and how good they are in keeping order. Which Hild for demon standards is doing well. But for Kami with how out of control the gods under him were before mortals stop believing in them and them unable to interact with them on a large scale. Well it's not looking good for you," Shinkohyo said making Kami sweat.

"Excuse me?" Belldandy spoke up. "How do you know Hild and Kami?"

"I'm their boss," Shinkohyo said shocking all the gods and demons. "Or one of many managers who oversees gods and demons like them in this sector of the universe. Making sure that everything is going well and that they're doing their jobs right. After humans became self aware, both Kami and Hild were place in charge of this sector of space. Earth being out of the way, like an island in the middle of a sea is the reason why, I hadn't visited sooner. And why this is my first job review I'm giving them. That and all the others whose races still believe in them have been busy over seeing their races spreading out to other planets. While both Kami and Hild haven't been doing their jobs, which is to serve the races who believe in them, by looking after them and giving them hope. Kami your brother Frawn race the Cesis have made galaxy spanning empire as well as Hild your sister Reaq is the most well known demon in that empire."

"What?" Hild ask just as two screens appeared and two beings who look like Kami and Hild appeared but different.

"Hi brother it's been awhile," Frawn said who looks like Kami but in better shape and looks younger then him.

"Sister, I see you're still the loser you have always been," Reaq smirks at her sister who is fuming seeing her sister again. Who is still better looking then she is in every way possible.

"Why are you two here?" Kami ask.

"Yes why?" Hild glared at her sister. She reminds herself that she does have something that her sister doesn't have, a daughter. She doesn't contact her sister but she does keep an eye on how she's doing with the demons in her section, which is even better then her. But she managed to start a family while her sister hasn't started one.

"To see how badly you two mess things up," Reaq said before eying her niece Urd. "So you're my niece. Well at least my little sister did something right for a change."

"One thing, I got that on you and the best," Hild smirks at her sister who is doing her best not to show not having a child of her own isn't bothering her.

"And to see you two lose your standing with your underlings and board-casting this to the other gods and demons. I mean you two filling your underlings heads that you two are the highest beings in the whole universe and the ones who control everything. You two are just too full of yourselves and haven't earn anything. Like Garon who has the race of the planet he serves thinking he's the creator but unlike you two who only moved in on a planet with life already on it. He went and work on a lifeless planet and made life, so while he's still full of it, at least he did create life on his planet," Frawn explains.

"So you two went and got us lock us out!" Hild growled.

"Nope," Reaq said. "Both of us haven't thought of either of you two for eons. Too busy with working in a wide galaxy empire to bother. While you two have been keeping track of our progress with ours."

"While Hild followed Reaq's lead in ruling her demons fairly and not just killing, tormenting, or raping them for fun. You little brother have let the gods under you run out of control uncheck. While that has happen to me under my watch, I have a galaxy wide empire with many planets and races. While you on the other hand just have one small planet. I never understood why you are our parents favorite when, I'm the one who does everything better," Frawn said.

"Then who did?" Kami ask.

"That's me dipshits!" a new screen appearing showing Rick on it.

"RICK!" the gods and demons all shouted at once.

"That's right assholes, I'm back," Rick said. "I'm the one who called your boss on you for messing up big time. You should see the looks on your faces dipshits."

"Why don't you come here and say that to my face!" Hild growled.

"Better idea. You come to my universe where you'll be completely depowered leaving you mortal like me," Rick snorted as he took a drink from his flask. "And seeing how you two asses with their heads up their asses don't tell their underlings what's real. Let me tell you dipshits what's what. Gods and demons once they crossover to another universe like mine, lose all of their powers no matter who they are."

"It's too keep gods and demons from different universes from warring with each other or taking over other universes. Those universes usually depower all magic, divine, and demonic powers, no matter who or what they are, even someone like me. And they act as buffer zones between universes with powerful beings in them," Shinkohyo explains.

"What did they do?" Urd ask wondering what her parents did to get their boss to come down on them.

"Just a little something called, The Soul Society which is ruled by a demon called the Soul King who you two allowed to create his own afterlife for some dumb reason," Rick stated causing all the gods and demons of Earth to stare at their bosses.

"The Soul King who you two have kept hidden from the other gods and demons has been feeding off the souls he has taken from around Japan for thousands of years. The afterlife he has created is completely out of control with souls being able to have children and have almost no limits in what they can do. I'm surprise that they haven't destroyed the planet with the power you two allowed them to gain. Which is why, I have locked all of you out of the system to fix the problem. But it seems that the deal you two made with the Soul King is so hard wired into the computer the only way to get rid of him is to take him out of Soul Society to kill him as otherwise it would cause his afterlife to be destroyed along with the planet. Or do a complete reboot that will delete all you gods and demons connected to this world," Shinkohyo said to Kami and Hild.

"WHAT!" Skuld shouted out.

"We... be... deleted?" Belldandy ask.

"Yup," Rick smirks.

"You really mess things up big time," Frawn said to Kami.

"Wow this is really big. I can't wait to tell the rest of the family how big of a loser you are," Reaq said to Hild.

"And seeing how the deal doesn't let any god or demon from interacting with anything to do with the Soul King. I would simply delete you all and hope that the next head god and demon do a better job," Shinkohyo said to Kami and Hild who are scared of being deleted like all the others.

"But unfortunately you're being saved thanks to me," Rick said.

"What is this going to cost us?" Hild ask.

"You hate us," Kami said.

"Yup, I do and would had just called your boss over just to see you all be deleted and watch as it happens. But some customers of mine are on your world right now," Rick said.

"Let me guess you have them doing something for you jerk," Skuld said to Rick not liking him one bit. And it isn't because he's smarter then she is.

"What's the matter jail bait? Still mad that, I hack your files and made you fart out rainbows till you begged me to stop it?" Rick mocks her. "Of course, I just got tried of you farting out rainbows and me seeing it." (2)

"That was a horrible thing to do," Belldandy said to Rick getting angry which is causing the other gods around her to step back as they seen her angry before and once is enough.

"Shut it cock tease," Rick snaps at her causing all the gods and demons eyes to widen at Rick trying to set off Belldandy.

"WHAT!" Belldandy growls showing anger and gods around her to get as far from her.

"You heard me. Still have that boy toy of yours lust sealed away so that he can never fuck you?" Rick ask.

Belldandy eyes widen hearing that.

"Don't worry about it. I called him earlier and told him all about it," Rick said enjoying Belldandy's face breaking out into terror before teleporting away.

"Keeping mortals from loving any of your underlings," Shinkohyo said eyeing Kami. "You know Tophat doesn't like that."

"Did you... call her?" Kami ask completely scared out of his mind.

"Not yet. Tophat and the other Hats are too busy to bother checking every universe one by one. I just submit my report as always and see if she decides to increase the punishment you and Hild are going to receive," Shinkohyo said.

"As for my customers, they're doing this all on their own. They only came to me for ghost hunting gear and learning what they're planning on doing. Which is to bring down the Soul King seeing how unfair things are in Soul Society, after I mention that if the one who rules an afterlife is beaten and taken out of their realm and that there are other afterlifes then all the souls in it and rules set are voided and another afterlife ruler takes over. I just didn't mention all of you dipshits and only told them there's more then one afterlife in this universe. Which reminds me, I need to set things up for them," Rick said as a clear glass container was teleported to Yggdrasil.

"Who are they?" Urd ask worried that is shared with everyone else.

"Watch," Rick said bringing up another screen.


On Earth -

"Obstruction detected, composition: wood and alloy supplemented by spiritual resonance barrier. Probability of mission hindrance: zero percent!" Yes Man said as he stood in front of the small shop owned by Kisuke Urahara who is hiding in his store with his employees Tessai Tsukabishi, Jinta Hanakari, and Ururu Tsumugiya from the robot that showed up out of nowhere.

They couldn't use any of their powers as the robot had used an energy wave that depowered them. Yoruichi had tried to make a run for it, but Yes Man had simply blasted her with his arm blaster that left nothing behind. Which is why the front door is barricaded by anything the spirit reapers could get their hands on. Urahara had tried to call the Visored by phone for help but got nothing.

"What do we do?" Ururu ask not wanting to be step on.

"Let's call Ichigo," Tessai said.

"He's be in school," Jinta pointed out.

Ichigo suddenly burst in from the backdoor with his friends and classmates who had followed them. All of their fellow classmates are all wondering what's going on, with the robot and the 6 fairies flying around Orihime. Ichigo held Muggy and had followed the directions Muggy gave him to find where he came from.

"You won't believe what happen. This robot Muggy went and used some kind of energy thing that depowered us and made everyone be able to see Orihime's fairies," Ichigo explains.

"Girls stop that!" Orihime said to her female classmates who are trying to grab her fairies. Uryu and Chad are doing their best to hold them back, as the fairies hide behind Orihime.

"Hey that robot looks like the one that blasted Yoruichi," Tessai said.

"What?" Ichigo ask.

The front door was blasted to pieces along with the stuff used to barricade it. Rolling out of the smoke is Yes Man was has been upgraded. Unlike the other securitrons his body been heavily modified, two round shields on the sides of it's torso and two smaller ones on it's shoulders. And on the top of it's body looks like a small eyebot.

Once inside the building the four shields and eyebot detract themselves from Yes Man. The two shields on the torso unfolded themselves revealing themselves to be Serv-O-Droid DUM-Series Pit Droids, but modified with larger heads that are heavily armored and their eye being able to fire eye blasts. The two smaller shields revealed to be hovering turret drones armed with twin blasters, and the thing on top of Yes Man's body is a small eyebot. Yes Man was rebuilt to be like Soundwave being able to deploy smaller robots to aide him in battle. Which Muggy is also one of Yes Man's drones with him being place on Yes Man's back.

"Greetings, I am Yes Man and I'm here to trap the spirits into the main container," Yes Man said.

"And don't forget about me," Muggy said waving to Yes Man which Ichigo still held him.

"Container? Trap? Like Ghostbusters?" Orihime ask.

"Yes," Yes Man said as he and his mini bots blasted Urahara and his workers sending them to the containers where the other spirits are being held.

"So what do we do?" Uryu ask as spirits are one thing but robots with energy weapons and without powers is another.

"In coming transmission," Yes Man said as his face was replaced by Twilight's face on the tv screen.

"Hello there, I'm Twilight. I know you are worried what happen to your ghost friends but don't worry they're along with others are being held in ghost buster like containers," Twilight said.

"What about your deadly robots armed with energy weapons?" Chad ask as fighting spirits with swords are one thing but against energy weapons is another. (3)

"As long as you don't try to leave till our operations are over then none of you be harm," Twilight explains. "Also put Muggy down."

"Right," Ichigo said putting Muggy on the ground who quickly rolled over to Yes Man.

"And don't worry about your friends in the spirit world they're safely contained in the ghost traps and while tightly packed inside they won't died. Here you can talk with your friend Rukia," Twilight said as the TV screen turn static.

"Rukia are you ok?" Ichigo ask before the tv screen cleared up revealing Rukia.

"DO I LOOK LIKE I'M OK!" Rukia growled finding herself in a very lewd situation. The invaders weapons would hit any soul and trap them inside a cage of some kind. Which are a pair, one from men and one for women. That are already full of Arrancar who were trap along with the rogue reapers.

With all of females trap in a small tight space that seems to only expand as more of them are sealed inside. All the females with her are stuck in whatever position they find themselves in. Which in her case is her head trap between the bust of Yoruichi, Isane, Retsu, Rangiku, Kukaku, Harribel, Mila Rose, and Nemu. All of them are circled around her with their chest thrust outwards and breasts mash around Rukia's head giving her a taste of marshmallows hell. Which caused the Karakura student's with the main four to either blush namely the girls and the boys and Chizuru to drool at the sight.

"It's not great for me either," Rangiku said as she's the one in front of Rukia and the one whose breasts she's talking into.

"We would move if we could," Isane said wondering who is it who has their face pressing on her butt.

"I wish I was there," Chizuru moans wanting to be in Rukia's place.

"Fine be like that," Trixie voice said as she took the container and began shaking it and the reapers inside of it. The tv screen went static before clearing up once the shaking stopped.

When the scene came back on, Rukia was in the same position but this time all the women around her were all bend over and their butts are pressing on her face.

"YOU CALL THIS BETTER!" Rukia shouted out more red face then before and hoping no one is feeling gassy.

"So lucky," Chizuru crying as all the good stuff happens to Rukia. Which earn her weird looks from her classmates.

"Some people are just never happy," Twilight said her face reappearing.

"Why are you doing this?" Orihime ask.

"Oh just invading the spirit world and take down the Soul King that's all," Twilight said.

"WHAT?" the four who just been to Soul Society shouted out.

"You heard me. Once we catch him and remove him from Soul Society he will no longer be the ruler of that afterlife," Twilight said.

"There's more then one afterlife?" Chad ask.

"Did you really see people from other countries while there? Everyone in Soul Society are just the ones in Japan and surrounding area. Why you think there aren't that many dark skin people there?" Twilight ask.

"Oh yeah," Chard's friends said looking at Chad who is the only person from another country in their school. (4)

"With how bad things are in Soul Society and the Soul King being the reason why Hollows are even around. Me and my friends are controlling drones and leading an army of robots who are all armed with ghost blasting blasters that teleport any ghost into a container. One for men and one for women. And using a modified EMP wave that depowers all ghosts within range," Twilight explains.

The screen change to an overview of Soul Society being overrun by a robot army. The students could see Fallout robots fighting along side with Star Wars battle droids of all types and fans spotted hulking B3 battle droids. In the air are Droid Tri-fighters and Vulture droids, blasting reapers and destroying positions. The robots have pushed back the reapers to the center of the city and with most of the captains and their lieutenants left the reapers leaderless, as they were the first ones who were targeted by the flying robots when the invasion started.

"It took a lot of time in resetting their energy weapons to have ghost blasting modes," Twilight said as her face reappeared. "We got most of the captains and lieutenants during the start of the battle. The rest of the reapers are useless as they don't really fight against foes who fight above their level." (5)

"There are the royal guards," Ichigo said.

"Oh we're not only attacking the city but the royal palace too," Twilight said.

The screen changed showing the royal palace, with Kasumi and Sunset leading a battalion of robots blasting the royal guards who only number less then a dozen strong. The screen change again to show, Naruto and Trixie controlling the robots in a control room. Then change again as Twilight is shown inside the Omnidriod control center controlling the massive robot as it tore through the palace of the Soul King. Then the screen change to first person view as the Omnidroid finally found the Soul King who is limbless and incase in crystal. Then the Soul King was blasted and teleported to his very own special container.


Back at Yggdrasil -

The Soul King blink as he found himself awake and sealed in a container and back in Yggdrasil. He look around and saw Kami and Hild on a screen glaring at him. Then he saw the contract he made with both of them appeared on a computer screen and the words voided appeared on it as he broke a clause in the contract. That he must never leave the afterlife he created. He was then blasted by the inbuilt Emotion ray built in the container, making him feel guilt and shame for the first time ever, he actually felt emotions that gods and demons can't feel. And the reason was simple, as he broke down sobbing and drop to the floor of the container. (6)

"You gods and demons act so tough but one blast from an Emotion Gun and you all just break down sobbing and crying for forgiveness. Which is why you will never catch me praying or respecting you pieces of shit," Rick said.

"I'm very disappointed in you two for allowing someone like this to make such a contract. His own personal afterlife and these hallows and reapers running wild. You two need to remember who you two need to serve, and I mean all of you," Shinkohyo said to Kami and Hild and all of their minions.

"Want me to setup a big wide range Emotion Gun?" Rick ask wanting to get in on this.

"There's no need," Shinkohyo said as he made a keyboard appear in front of him. "User Shinkohyo. Clearance Level Hat. Activation of Code - Emotion."

With those command inputted into the World Tree of Earth all the gods and demons all were given emotions of that of mortals. Making them feel the emotions that they were never given before as they were never given to them in the first place. And now all of them felt the unknown emotions, feeling for the first time ever the guilt and shame for their past actions. And all of them broke down as they couldn't handle the new emotions making them feel and think as a mortal, as a human that they were always meant to serve, never to rule over or do as they please with them.

"Well sister you may have a daughter but at least, I never did anything to get a Code Emotion done to me or any of my demons," Reaq said coldly watching her sister breaking down.

"And little brother you had this coming for a very long time. Allowing your gods under you use the mortals as their play things. You're lucky that Shinkohyo didn't just delete you like others who did the same as you," Frawn said enjoying the sight of his brother breaking down sobbing.

"Well it's been fun but, I got work and watching these shits crying just gets boring," Rick said closing his screen.


Dimension G-2963

Rick shuts down his connection to that universe as he had his fun and brought up another. The news of the destruction of the Citadel of Ricks sector A-82 is still making big time news and how Rick C-137 was the cause of it and killed all the high members of A-82 Council of Ricks. Rick had to admit that Rick C-137 is something to be able to take down both the galactic government and the Council of Ricks at the same time. But he just left too many bodies in his wake. The surviving Rick of sector A-82 would just join with the nearest Council close to their dimension, as it's not like this is the first time a Citadel of Ricks was destroyed for one reason or another. (7)

A screen pop up as a white haired woman appeared on it. She kind of looks like Rick's sister but took much better care of herself then he did. She looks younger then her real age, both due to her taking care of herself and some genetic engineering.

"Hello Rick G-2963," she greeted him.

"Hello Rita F-7823," Rick greeted his female counterpart. (8)

"I saw your update and, I must say you did a nice job with your group," Rita said.

"Well, I can't say your group hasn't done well for themselves either," Rick said as like him, Rita is selling weapons and tech to the gender bender counterparts of Twilight and her gang of friends. Who are having the very same adventures as his group are having.

"Yes, I have been selling my boys some of my best work," Rita said.

"So have, I," Rick said.

"Rita N-727 and Rick H-728 both lost their groups. Which from what, I heard is because they been selling them equipments that they sold high but are cheaply made," Rita said.

"Now that's just bad workmanship," Rick said.

"Yes and now even the shit eating Ricks and Ritas are making fun of them," Rita said.

"Oh man that's good," Rick said as when the shit eaters are making fun of you. Means that you really messed up, big time.

"Yes it is. I hope you don't make the same mistake in selling bad products. It just makes you look bad in the end," Rita said as she's been posting what her little group of universe hopping adventures are doing with her work that she's been selling to them. And her business has been picking up because of it.

"No way. I'm not going to do that. Besides it's more fun for me in selling stuff to my group and watching them use it, then it is watching another Rick or Rita doing it," Rick said.

"It is more fun and makes more money," Rita said.

"Yup that's so true," Rick said agreeing.

Chapter 18

View Online

Kami along with Hild from both of their offices watched the video link from Universe 2812-278Y as their counterparts judgements was delivered to them. It seems that in universes where they're not the head god and demon of all of their universes. Their counterparts just aren't as good as they are in doing their jobs. The reasons differ from one verse to another but few of their counterparts just don't measure up to them. But Kami and Hild do wonder what it would be like to not be the head god and demon of their universe and what it be like to have brothers and sisters. Well if they're not like their counterparts older brother and sister of that verse that is.

"As you can see my little brother is now on probation," Frawn said to Kami who he knows from a party Madhat invited both of them to.

"Where's Reaq?" Hild ask where her, 'cousin' is.

"Oh she's dealing with a demon lord who gotten the idea in her head to destroy the planet she's on," Frawn said.

"So what will happen now?" Kami ask.

"Both of them will have their powers cut in half and be under watch and made sure they do their jobs," Frawn said. "Mom and dad are falling over themselves to try to save my brat of a brother. They gave him the easiest world to govern while they gave me the worse. But even with him not doing much in guiding and serving his mortals of his world. They still love him the most when, I'm the one who turn a race of monsters as in their entire culture was one of nightmares into a galaxy wide empire that brought order to their galaxy."

"But still you were happy that he and the others might have been deleted?" Kami ask.

"Happy that he would be gone and my parents couldn't blame me for it. As every time something happen to him while we were growing up they blamed me for it. And Reaq has a strain relationship with her Hild because of something that happen between them that both refuse to talk about," Frawn said.

"How is your Hild doing?" Hild ask wondering about her counterpart.

"Oh her," Frawn said bringing up another screen. On the screen shows a ragged looking Hild who is busy at her desk with piles of paperwork covering it.

"What is it?" Hild said not even looking up from her work.

"Hi Hild 2812-278Y," Hild greeted her counterpart.

"Oh great one of you," Hild 2812-278Y said muttering under her breath.

"She's been place in charge of both Heaven and Hell of her world for her punishment for not doing her job in keeping her Kami from causing problems. Kami on the other hand is being punished by him having to undo all the problems he caused the hard way. Of course unlike you two her and she doesn't have your backgrounds," Frawn said.

"Yeah, I'm not lucky like you who was simply born without having to deal with a large family," Hild 2812-278Y said.

"What you mean by that?" Hild ask.

"You don't have a con artist of a dad Loki or a overbearing mother like Angrbooa. Then there's my other silbings who my mother keeps reminding me I'm nothing like, Fenrir, Jorungandr, Reaq to name a few who we share the same mother, Narfi, Nari and Sleipnir who dad was a female horse at the time... I pick this small planet out of the way just to get away from my family," Hild 2812-278Y said slamming her head on the desk.

"Well unlike them you been more concern in keeping your position then anything else," a new voice said.

"Oh ho," Hild 2812-278Y said eyes widening hearing the voice she hasn't heard for a very long time.

On the new screen that appeared is an older woman who looks like Hild but larger both in size and body mass.

"Hi grandmother Laufey," Hild 2812-278Y said sweating.

"Don't hi me young lady. You had an easy job on an easy planet but you fuck it up young lady!" Laufey shouted at her granddaughter. Then she saw the other screens. "Oh it's you two."

"Frawn was telling us about what's happening in his universe," Kami said.

"Well you two idiots stay out of this. Seeing how you two follow the advice of that idiot gate of judgement. The one that my idiot no good granddaughter used and didn't even try anything else, has been fired from her job and is now working in the mail room. But of course with her and you," Laufey said as she turns to Hild. "Seeing how both of you dress like shameless whores, it's no wonder you two never settle down. Only looking for someone to have sex with you."

"HEY!" Both Hild's shouted only to be stared down by the older woman.

"And worse of all you two have the same bad taste in men," Laufey said.

"Hey!" Kami said only for his screen to be click away by Laufey breaking his connection. Which Frawn followed suit not liking where this is going.

"Now...," Laufey was saying but Kami screen came back on.

"What's with you?" Kami asks.

"I don't like you or your Hild as the universes that are like yours you two started at the top or near it. The most common ways you two got where you are, is being first, someone just let you two take over, or everything was already there for you two to just step in and run things. Then there are the rare few who built everything on the ground up with no help from anyone else or have anyone above them, which I know for the fact that you two have bosses. So which one that I just listed is it for you two?" Laufey ask.

"Well....," Hild and Kami said trying to think of something.

"I thought so," Laufey said.

"Hey wait a minute! I might not have built everything from the ground up but, I earned my place. You can't say that I'm not one of the best Hild's you have seen," Hild said.

Laufey said nothing as she activates a screen showing a picture of another Hild who is standing next to her Kami and with Urd between them.

"As you can see unlike you there are counterparts of you who got around the orders you obeyed. Some did it on their own, while others asked for help which you never thought of doing. But I will help you by telling you how this Hild of universe 828TAH3 did it. She simply went over the heads of her bosses and ask for help from the Hat's," Laufey said. (1)

"Wait the Hat's?" Kami ask.

"Yes unlike you who never goes anywhere. Hild of that world met the Hat's at a wedding. She ask for help and their help her. She is still with her Kami even if he is lacking as a man like yours. I seen Kami naked and all of them are the same, not being much of a man," Laufey said causing Kami to mutter under his breath, while Hild couldn't help but giggle. "And Urd can call her mother without it changing her against her will."

"So, I can just call the Hat's and I can see Kami face to face without the universe ending and have my Urd call me mom?" Hild ask.

"Yes," Laufey said. "But are you going to go back to him?"

"I got over him a long time ago. I want my Urd to be able to call me mom," Hild said overjoy having a way for her to have a real relationship with her daughter.

"I see...," Kami said sighing.

"Now back to you," Laufey said turning to her granddaughter.

"What is it now?" Hild 2812-278Y ask.

"I learn that the overseer who been assigned to over see both you and Kami is Mary Poppins. My old nanny who will still be a no good stick in the mud who has a stick up her ass," Laufey said which Hild 2812-278Y began waving to her and making zip motions to stop talking. "She's going to be sticking her nose into everyone's business again like the last time she was here. She's such a uptight miss no nothing and a pain in the ass. She might be older then me and almost everyone else but she is nothing more then a big blow hard nag who isn't as smart as she makes herself out to be."

"Nag am I?" a voice ask.

The screen widen to reveal that standing next to Hild 2812-278Y desk is Mary Poppins who has just been standing there listening in. She used her bird headed umbrella like a cane and tap the tip on the floor. Laufey started to cough as soap filled her mouth making her gag as she tried to use her powers to make it stop but nothing she did would stop the soap.

"Still have that mouth of yours. I thought with the amount of soap I wash your mouth out with that you would had learn your lesson. But it seems you need a refresher in manners," Ms. Poppins said calmly as she watches her old charge cough up soap. "Don't worry it won't kill you. After all I done it enough to you before and you don't died that easily."

Ms. Poppins tap her umbrella again and the screen showing Laufey click away. She turns her attention to Kami and Hild who were also sweating under her gaze. One of the things that remain the same in most universes is that when there is a Mary Poppins in it she always gets the better of children no matter who they are or what they can do. Sometimes she is a cosmic being above gods or just a simply mortal, but the fact remains that as long as she views someone as a child there is little anyone can do against her. Both Hild and Kami heard and seen the video of an evil counterparts of them trying to outright kill their universe Mary Poppins. She simply stood there and took everything they threw at her, and nothing they did made a mark on her. She turn them into chalk drawings and summon rain to wash them away. (2)

"Kami, Hild of universe 15-TS. I have taken the time you two were talking to Laufey, to review your files. You two are better then the ones I'm overseeing but you two still can do better. The main thing to improve on is that you two are out of touch with the mortals. In which you understand what it is like to be like them. And contracts with mortals are little more then offering children candy to behave and then there are the demons luring mortals into sinning, which for some only did so because a demon came along. I know that some of them would had ended up in Hell but for others they only in Hell because of a contract. Which Hild here is personally looking through all the paperworks to see which ones fall into the later and be given a second chance and for the demon who made the contract punished," Ms. Poppins said eyeing her Hild 2812-278Y.

"This is the first of 5392 wheelbarrows that I have to go through," Hild 2812-278Y moaned.

"Which is just to empty one room in one of the many warehouses of hard copies she has to go through besides her being in charge of both Heaven and Hell. And before you ask what Kami is doing, do you actually want to know?" Ms. Poppins ask.

"We don't want to know do we," Kami said.

"I'm doing all of this because it's either this or what he's doing," Hild 2812-278Y said before planting her face on her desk. "Is there any Hild doing worse then me?"

A screen appeared showing a depressed looking Hild dress in a woman's business suit working in a small office with plies of paperwork crowding the room. The door to the office open as an adult Mandy from the show The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy step in. She spoke to Hild who cowered at the sight of her before leaving. (3)

"As you can see Mandy took over and that Hild is now nothing but an overworked underling. Mandy is actually making sure that Hell doesn't get overcrowded by not letting anyone temp mortals and has the demon keep mortals from going to Hell by showing trouble mortals what's in store for them. Which she is doing all of that just to be smug at the gods by having demons replace angels as the ones who save mortal souls. Which all the demons obey her as the ones who don't, I won't say as it will just haunt your dreams. Her plan is to weaken the gods of her universe first by having mortals stop believing in them before taking over," Ms. Poppins explains.

"Isn't that bad?" Kami ask.

"It's one of those universes where gods and demons play with mortals as toys. She couldn't do worse. And yes I know what she is like, but that universe is so bad she couldn't possibly make things worse," Ms. Poppins said.

"Well our universe isn't that bad," Hild said.

"It isn't but seeing how you two are out of touch with mortals. I'm already overruled the orders that kept you two from being near each that would cause doomsday and your Urd from calling Hild her mom. And to make sure that your bosses don't cause trouble like that again, I'm sending Uncle to help you two," Ms. Poppins said cutting off the link.

"Uncle?" both Hild and Kami ask.

Suddenly both of them heard a crash outside their office and rush out to see what happen. Outside in the command center of both their main computers, a RV had crash through a wall and is an RV that they haven't seen in eons. A strange man burst out of the side door of the RV wearing strange clothes, followed by a dino man, a tiger, and a walking pizza wearing sunglasses.

"Good morning!" Uncle Grandpa greeted everyone.

"WHAT?" both Hild and Kami said as they look around seeing that what's happening where they are is happening with their counterpart.

"What are you looking at?" Uncle Grandpa ask appearing sitting in their chairs.

"What?" both Hild and Kami said flatly, glancing around to see that the Uncle Grandpa standing in the command center is still there greeting their underlings.

"Don't worry, I heard you two are in trouble so, I'm here to help," the Uncle Grandpa's said who is sitting in their chairs.

"Not again," both Hild and Kami said feeling a headache coming having to deal with Uncle Grandpa... again. (4)


Elsewhere in Universe 2812-278Y -

Keiichi Morisato sat at the airport waiting for his flight to America where he has transfer to a college there. He just needs to get away from it all, after he broke off the contact with Belldandy after learning the truth about their relationship. All because of a gate they couldn't be together and his lust sealed away so that could never be anything else. He had asked her after learning the reason why she couldn't tell him, that if she could would she had. She didn't say anything and he left the temple.

"Hello Keiichi," Belldandy said walking up to him with a large suitcase with her and taking a seat next to him.

"Here's to make another contact?" Keiichi ask her.

"No. I can't anymore. Father has been strip of his position and power with his punishment having to repair all the harm he has done, Hild is now in charge of both Heaven and Hell. Which she is being watched by an overseer to make sure she doesn't cause problems," Belldandy said.

"The gate or those above them?" Keiichi ask.

"No they're on probation as well, with all the gates being fired from their jobs and working elsewhere," Belldandy said.

"So why are you here?" Keiichi ask.

"To be with you," Belldandy said.

"Why? You no longer have a contact with me," Keiichi said.

"I want to prove it to you that, I do care about you. I talk with the overseer and she agreed to what I wanted. The contact, I signed has all the gods and demons being unable to be anywhere close to me or you. That includes my sisters, so that it will just you and me. And most of all, I have given up my godhood," Belldandy said.

"You're mortal now?" Keiichi ask.

"Yes, I am. To show you, I'm no longer bond by anything that would keep us apart or taking our relationship closer," Belldandy said.

"All for me?" Keiichi ask.

"Yes for you," Belldandy said.

Keiichi heard his flight being called and got up heading for his plane. Belldandy watch him go, walking away from her. She wondered that all that she had done was for nothing that he still hasn't forgiven her.

"Belldandy don't you have a ticket?" Keiichi ask not looking back.

"Yes," Belldandy said.

"Then let's go. It's just too soon but if you're truthful about this. Let's start over and get to know each other, instead of something forcing us together," Keiichi said looking back giving her a hopeful smile that this time it would work.

"Yes let's go," Belldandy said getting off the chair and join him.

Both of them walking off along side each other heading to a new country to start over and be a real couple. Belldandy smiled as she takes quick looks at Keiichi as they walk together. She is no longer bound by anything and nothing to interfere with her relationship with Keiichi. And most of all she can be a real girlfriend with him and nothing is going to be standing in her way this time. (5)


Elsewhere -

Twilight and the others are back in their RV having return to their homebase world which is the world Twilight, Trixie, and Sunset are famous in. Naruto is going to school in this world as he needs an education and he has made some real friends in this world unlike his world. He's on file is Kasumi's little brother in this world. They're taking a break from world hopping for a bit after what happen in the last world. Twilight has been going over all the tech they been picking up, while the others are sitting on the couch watching TV.

"Twilight what are you doing?" Trixie ask watching as Twilight is working on a large machine that they had gotten from the Rick trading hub.

"It's a Material Recycler that recycles any object into components for crafting for use in a fabricator. Even the Star Trek replicator still needs matter to use to be able to work," Twilight said.

"Don't you have Rick to do that?" Kasumi ask.

"NO!" Twilight barked out.

"We only go to Rick when there's something we need that we can't just find ourselves or make," Sunset said.

"We're skilled in magic and magic base tech for Twilight but when it comes to super science that Rick does...," Trixie was saying but was cut off by Twilight.

"I would have to study for years or study with someone to be as good as him. But I'm not that kind of pony anymore. I'm not going to be the replacement tool old sun butt made me into or how people expect me to act like. Remember my counterpart with her friends we met at the hub. She went into panic mode learning that I abandon old sunbutt and my ex friends. Going on and on how I could do that and how I could abandon everyone. Till I stuff an apple in her mouth and put her into a head lock forcing her to stop and listen why I left in the first place," Twilight said. (6)

"Shut her up real fast when she learn that you're just a replacement for Sunset to beat Nightmare Moon and that she might be too in her world," Kasumi said.

"And your friends counterparts couldn't wrap their heads around that you're completely different from their Twilight," Trixie adds.

"They thought you would just forgive their counterparts and return back to helping others," Sunset said.

"I hated it when people expected me to solve all of their problems back in Ponyvile. But I went with it because I wanted to please the princess. Remember what the doctors found when we went to this world the first time?" Twilight ask Trixie and Sunset.

"You had very high blood pressure and large amounts of stress related illnesses," Sunset said.

"Which is why she's nothing like she was before. At the rate she was going she would had a heart attack before she was 40," Trixie said.

"So I stop studying like it was the only thing in my life and started to enjoy life for a change. And with Rick around I don't have to be stress that as the smart one, I just have to pay him for what we need. Instead of spending a large amount of time researching and building something or getting the parts, or me spending so much time in the lab that no one ever sees me," Twilight said before her eyes narrowed and she started to frown. "But only when we really need him. No matter what he is still an asshole."

"You don't have to convince us," Kasumi said with Sunset and Trixie nodding in agreement.

"Well you are smart enough to do the repairs and the stuff needed to maintain our stuff," Sunset said before eyeing one of the many robots that now help run the ship. "Well not anymore now that we have a robot crew."

"Which gives me more free time," Twilight said as she got up from the recycler and summon a Mr. Handy and a R9 Astromech to finish up the repairs and putting the machine back together.

"Come we're watching shows from other realities," Trixie said.

"Really?" Twilight ask.

"Got a crystalized zanthanite tv set at the hub," Sunset said.

"We already saw the TV show where you all come from," Kasumi said.

"Really?" Twilight ask.

"Yes and how you shake your booty for your old babysitter," Trixie said grinning.

"Oh... that," Twilight said turning red.

"Yeah it's interesting to see what would had happen if the mirror didn't turn on and I didn't meet you," Sunset said.

"Enough with what ifs. I wouldn't change a thing, I like how my life is like now," Twilight said joining them on the couch. "What are you watching now?"

"This Save By The Bell," Trixie said.

On the screen Zack is making out with Slater.

"They're gay?" Twilight said her face reddening as she watched two guys make out.

"In that reality all the girls are mean girls or ones who always expects men to know what they're thinking all the time and even if it's their fault will just blame the guy no matter what. Which has turn almost all the guys gay and the women form harems around the few straight guys," Trixie said.

"Which makes this a harem world," Kasumi said. (7)

"Wait does that mean... the dork of the show is the harem guy?" Twilight ask eyes twitching.

"Yes," Sunset said flatly.

"Change the channel," Twilight said shuddering.

"Yeah it's too strange for me," Kasumi said having seen Save By the Bell and the very idea that all the girls are after... no it's just too much for her to even think about.

"Right," Trixie said who has the remote and change the channel.

The next show has Looney Toons showing but with a very female Sylvester trying to get a very female Tweety.

"What the?" Sunset ask as she stares at the sexy and naked female furry Sylvester.

"Looks like in that world people have no problems with furries or showing cartoons who are naked with drawn sex parts," Kasumi said. "It's like hentai back in Japan."

"If that's true...," Sunset said turning her attention back to the show.

The show is the classic Sylvester trying to get to Tweety while avoiding the pitbulls of Granny's dog farm. Which has Sylvester trying to use a swing to get across but goes lower then expected. And the dogs are also furries... very male furries who aren't interested in mauling Sylvester.

"Enough with that," Trixie said switching the channel.

"That's tame to some of the stuff, I have seen," Kasumi said.

The screen change showing another cartoon show where its a deconstruction of what they're use to. As they watch Jerry hit Tom in the head with a wooden mallet. And instead of amusing injuries the show has Tom suffering a crippling head injury that leaves him in a wheelchair and Jerry in jail.

"Next," Sunset said taking the remote and changing it.

Now the tv has a used car sale like ad but instead of cars the salesman is selling used slaves.

"A world where slaves are still a thing," Sunset said changing the channel.

"With the power of my cock! I will Fuck you!" said Sailormoon on the tv.

"What you know a futa Sailormoon hentai," Kasumi said watching as Sailormoon and the monster of the week... had a sex battle.

"Looks like the creator just said screw it and made it into a full blown hentai," Trixie said.

"Next," Twilight said changing the channels faster.

A Ghostbuster like show but with Lovecraft monsters tracking down and capturing humans.


A Steven Universe where Steven is Nora Universe.


A game show that has two teams in a real life Tower Defense game. One team creates an army of robots while the other creates towers to defend their home base.


A cooking show with a zombie as the cook and she's cooking a live human.


Crocodile Hunter where it's Dinosaurs.


A Spongebob cartoon where Spongebob and Patrick are actually arrested and punish for all the mayhem they usually do.


A Love Hina anime where the girls are also punished for all the stuff they do.


A school drama show set in a world where women rule and keep men as slaves.


Another school drama where men lead women around on leashes.


A Full House like show where all the guys in it are cardboard cutouts of sport watching, beer drinking, dirty men. Like every guy is one of those dumb dads to one degree to another or that everyone guy is like Homer Simpson.


A show where young boys are preyed upon by cougars. And not the big cat kind.


A show where young women in school girl outfits are molested by full grown men.


An interesting take on Charlie Brown where he's still Charlie Brown but is a member of a superhero team made up of his friends who are all aged up.


A Star Wars like movie set in a steampunk world.


A show about a little girl like out of, The Ring films, who mother looks like an aged up Ring girl and a normal guy. A slice of life show with a cute monster girl. (8)


Game of Thrones but has armies armed with guns and war blimps.


Another Game of Thrones but taking place in a Fallout Universe. With the wall protecting against radiation monsters.


Zootopia that went with the more racist story line where all the meat eaters have shock collars on them. (9)


Doctor Who set in a Mass Effect universe and the Doctor changing into the different races instead of just human.


Another Doctor Who set in the Star Wars universe and the Doctor's sonic screwdriver can change into a lightsaber.


Pokemon set in the pokegirl verse.


Transformers G1 set in Fallout universe.


Pokemon set in the pokeboy verse.


A Back To The Future crossover with Terminator. Where said Terminator is sent back in time to protect Doc Brown from another Terminator sent to kill the creator of time travel.


A Dark Knight film where Batman is replaced with Adam West Batman.


A trailer for God of War game but instead of just the Greek Gods, it's the entire cast of gods and demons from Oh My Goddess.


A battle of the bands between Josie and the Pussycats and Jem and the Holograms. But with the two bands actually fighting each other for the right to play for the fans.

"Hey want to go there and fight?" Sunset ask.

"Just because we play songs for some of our shows. We're not a band," Twilight said.

"You just want to fight and only Kasumi would be backing you up," Trixie said. She and Twilight have been learning fighting skills from Kasumi and holograms in the training room. But it's Sunset who's been really getting into it, in unarmed fighting style which she uses the Super Mushroom pills that grows her into a near 12 foot giantess. Sunset train with Kasumi learning to fight someone small and fast while she's big.

"Why don't we just go back to Kasumi's world and take part in Dead or Alive. You'll be all but unstoppable," Twilight said.

"Sunset is a good fighter but she depends on being a giant too much," Kasumi said.

"Like you won't be using some of the stuff we picked up here and there. We petty much have the tech to take down just about anyone. Like how the Jokers from Batman Beyond got such advance tech that they were able to kill just about all the Justice League members," Trixie said being a fan of superheroes. "That also reminds me. Why haven't we gone to a superhero world?"

"Because dealing with supervillains isn't something I want to do," Twilight said.

"Besides with all of the villains in those world with some of them can takeover the world all by themselves," Sunset said. "Or have a vast army under their command. Besides with how some of the villains being able to fight Superman or Batman level heroes, it's better safe to stay away from those worlds."

"Maybe we need a filter for the portal," Kasumi said.

"Filter like sorting through worlds that we don't want to go to?" Sunset said.

"I'll go and give Rick a call," Twilight said.

"Too hard to make on your own?" Trixie ask.

"You try it and tell me. I'm just going to ask Rick if he has a device that can work with our portal so that we can just use a search engine to find worlds we want to go to," Twilight said.

"Alright," Sunset said. "And ask if he's making any improvements on the power up pills."

"Right," Twilight said going off to the com room.

"So any ideas where to go next?" Trixie ask.

"How about a fighting world like Kasumi's world," Sunset said.

"You just want to fight don't you?" Kasumi ask.

"It be fun," Sunset said.

"By using power ups and a super suit," Trixie said.

"So?" Sunset ask.

"Good point," Trixie said.

"Can't say I wouldn't cheat like that," Kasumi said.

"Like if you're fighting your sister?" Trixie ask.

"Yes," Kasumi said.

"Oh a mega cross world where almost all the fighting games are in the same world," Sunset said.

"Good plan but we do have the upcoming show next week that we setup. So after the show we take a break," Trixie said. They're still known as traveling entertainers who travel across America in their RV in this world.

"Give us time to read up on fighters," Sunset said.

"And we can help with some problems while we're there too," Kasumi adds.

Chapter 19

View Online

“One small step for man... one giant leap for mankind," a human said as he made the first steps on a surface of a space rock other then Earth.

The world cheered as Neil Armstrong, US astronaut, became the first human being to set foot on the moon.

The static images, going live to Mission Control and millions of homes around the world, showed the space suit form of Armstrong slowly turning around.

“What is THAT?” came his panic-ridden voice, and on the feed he stumbled backwards and fell against the lander with a dull clang being heard as the vibrations traveled to his helmet mike.

“Tranquility, this is Houston. What is what?” the communication came to him, quickly and seriously.

“That’s impossible,” he muttered.

"Stay with us," the voice from Earth said.

“Houston, I think I may be experiencing hallucinations...” he paused catching his breath. “But, just in case, could you take a look at the area right in front of Tranquility?”

“One moment, Tranquility,” Charlie Duke, the Capsule Communicator for Apollo 11, said, before conferring with the other people at Mission Control.

“Do we have a camera there?” someone ask.

“I think we can get a look at that angle, yes,” came the reply.

Tens, no hundreds, of millions around the world held their breath at this unexpected turn of events. What had he seen?

“Tranquility, this is Houston. Can you describe what you’re seeing so we know if we catch it too?” Charlie asked.

“Uh, Houston, it’s something you just have to see. But it looks like a robot of some kind standing under a banner,” Armstrong answered.

“Tranquility, a robot? Does it have any markings on it?” he asked, before hissing, “Why don’t we have that camera feed up yet?”

“Houston, I don’t think it does, or if it does, I can’t see it. It’s just standing there, looking at me... I think,” Armstrong said.

“Copy, Tranquility. We’re working on getting a camera now. Hold one,” Charlie said.

“Got it!” one tech exclaimed triumphantly.

The camera switched abruptly, and all activity stopped dead for a moment.

“Tranquility, this is Houston. We see it too.”

The gasp could be heard in almost every locale on the globe. 'Robot' or 'Alien' came the mutter, in a hundred languages and a thousand dialects. As they stared at the tv screen showing a strange robot standing underneath a banner with words written in English 'Welcome Humans'. The robot has a humanoid body shape, the robot has a insect like hard with bulging compound eyes, spindly claw tipped limbs and pointed mouth pincers. (1)

"Houston what should we do?" Buzz Aldrin ask looking out of the space craft.

"Tranquility....," Charlie stop as the signal coming from the moon suddenly went static before becoming crystal clear.

A cartoonish smiling face appeared on the screen of every television, made up of two eyes and a mouth. The it spoke in the most common language of each region of the world watching.

"Greeting humans of planet Earth. I am Yes Man and I have taken control of your airwaves to give you this message. Please take this time to calm down and for anyone not watching to come over to watch," Yes Man said waiting a minute before continuing. "I am a artificial intelligent name Yes Man. I have given all of you an upgrade to allow all of you to watch this important event that will change you humans view of the universe. You are not alone. There are many planets with life on them. Some less advance then yours and others like the one I was built on, more advance then yours. Our ship came across your planet some time ago and been watching your planet. We stayed around this long because of this space race you humans been having, and have learn much about you humans through your tv and radio shows. Which is how we learn most of your planet's different languages."

The screen shifted back to the moon.

"Michael Collins inside the ship Columbia, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, please continue with your mission. But seeing how we're already here, we're going to be giving you three a ride back to your planet. Our ship will appear when all 3 astronauts are in Columbia. We don't want to overwhelm all of you and cause you humans to panic. We're not here to invade or anything like that. You're planet has nothing that we can't find elsewhere. So do not panic and start rioting because you learn you are not the only advance lifeforms in the universe. Think of it as you are just meeting people living in another country you never heard of before," Yes Man said. "Mr. Aldrin and Armstrong there be a small ship coming to pick up the robot."

A small ship appeared above the robot landing behind it. The ship is a vulture droid that used a energy grappling hook to pick up the J0 Worker Drone. The ship droid took off leaving the humans to wonder what's next.


Several hours later -

After collecting samples from the moon Neil and Buzz they got back into the lunar pod and blasted off to dock with Columbia. That's when a massive ship appeared from behind the moon, the ship is close to two kilometers long. The ship Columbia was nothing but a fly compared to the massive ship. The ship tracker beam lock onto Columbia bringing the ship into the hanger bay. (2)

The tv screens came back crystal clear as the alien ship took over the airwaves and began broadcasting the feeds of several Cam Droids filming everything. The viewers on Earth watch as the space shuttle Columbia landed into the hanger, that is protected by a forcefield that kept air from rushing out. The viewers saw the hanger full of vulture droids, as well as several other ships of different designs. With utility robots and droids working on some of them, with Power and Fuel Droids walking around to fill up any ship that's low on power or fuel.

"Welcome humans to Horizon. Please step out of your craft, the air is breathable to you humans," Yes Man's voice called out from a speaker.

The 3 astronauts after speaking with mission control did that but first putting on their spacesuits on first before getting out. The cam droids followed the humans filming them from different angles. A B1 Droid came up to the 3 humans driving a cart with seats in the back. And a Eyebot came flying to the 3 humans before stopping in front of them.

"Please have a seat and we can take you to meet the organic crew members, or in other words non robots," Yes Man's voice said through the eyebot.

"Thanks," Neil said as he and the others climb on board the cart.

"If you have any questions I can answer them while we're on transit," Yes Man said as the cart started driving towards the command center.

"What's with the size of the ship?" Michael ask.

"It's an old mining ship that was brought from a fire sale after the mining company that own it went under," Yes Man said.

"This is a mining ship?" Buzz ask.

"Yes this ship is a planet cracker. Planet crack is a term used to describe when a planet is literally split open to be mined for valuable resources. A large chunk is broken off with powerful lasers, and then brought inside a "Planet Cracker"-class ship via gravity tethers where it is then stripped and its ore content is studied. And is also used for asteroid mining. We're a freelance mining and salvage crew out, out exploring and finding any valuable resources," Yes Man explains.

"What's with all the robots?" Neil ask.

"We were all brought from a clearance sale, the company was getting rid of their old robots to replace them with newer models. You can think of it of one of your vehicle companies cutting prices to get rid of their older models to replace them with newer ones," Yes Man said.

"Wait the place you're from sales an army of robots as a clearance sale?" Michael ask.

"Yes," Yes Man said.

"What kind of robots?" Buzz ask.

"Industrial, utilities, domestic, public service, and military," Yes Man said.

"Military?" Buzz ask.

"Yes we were discovered in an old Separatist supply base and been reprogrammed," the B1 Droid who's driving the cart said.

"Separatist?" Neil ask.

"A group that was part of a galaxy wide war about 100 years ago, in a galaxy far away," Yes Man said.

"In another galaxy?" Michael ask.

"Yes in another galaxy. Some races have discovers ways to go travel to other galaxies either by a hyper drive or a warp gate that is a long range teleporter," Yes Man said.

"Teleportation?" Buzz ask.

"What you think of fiction is often common place for others," Yes Man said. "We have arrived."

The cart stop in front of large door that separated in two and slide open. The 3 humans stared into the chamber before them looking like a control room, from the number of computers and other things inside of it, with what they had seen in comics and could make out as some of the lights are out. They step off the cart and entered the chamber, with the whole world watching as the cam droids continue to follow them.

A figure stood with it's back to the 3 humans as they continue to walk forward. The figure is watching screens showing the 3 humans and several places on earth along with some tv shows and news all over the world. The figure turns to face them, revealing a purple skin woman with purple hair. She is wearing a more form fitting suit then the 3 humans showing that she's a female by human standards. And that she has four tentacles coming out of her back. (3)

"My name in your tongue is Twilight, I'm a unicorn. I lead this crew of travelers," the woman said in English. "Let me introduce my fellow crew mates. First up is Trixie a Wookie."

A small hovering platform came down out of the shadows revealing another woman. This time the woman is blue skinned and has white hair. She is wearing the same suit as Twilight is but is wearing a cape and pointed magic hat both blue and covered in stars.

"Now here's Sunset a Dwarf."

Lights turn on revealing a massive female form standing around 12 feet tall. She is an orange skin woman with red hair with yellow highlights that make it kind of like bacon. She wore a green suit of a different design.

"Kasumi a Xenomorph."

The lights all came on and revealed a insect like woman. She is wearing a yellow suit that's made to fit her body, which has some parts human like but has black exoskeleton on the rest. The lower part of her head is human like but the top is a black elongated, banana-shaped head exoskeleton with no eyes. Her long arms and legs are insect claw like, and she has a long tail that ends with a stinger. And she is big, matching Sunset's body mass.

"And her little brother Naurto."

From behind Kasumi came a small flying figure, which looks like a boy with insect like wings. He landed next to Kasumi showing how small he is to his sister. He is wearing an orange suit and is more human like then his sister. He has hands and feet like her but has a smaller head dome then her and has a shell on his back which his wings are pulled into like a beetle.

"We already know who you 3 are so lets get to it. We came across your planet some time ago and decided to stay as you 3 were already in space at the time. We been sending down drones to Earth and listening in to your broadcasts to learn about your planet and your primitive ways," Twilight explains.

"Primitives? Is that what you think of us?" Neil ask.

"Your country holds itself up as the example for the rest of your species when it cannot even govern itself. Holding the high morel ground while people who aren't light skin like you 3 are, don't have the same rights. A government that covets what does not belong to it, and chases shadows of threats with utterly reckless paranoia. The same goes for your country's counterpart, that is the same in how they do things. I do not think you are primitive, Armstrong. I know it," Twilight brutally explains. (5)

"Tech wise you humans aren't doing that bad. Of course depending on oil for fuel will only last you so long before there isn't any left. Which is due to the companies and people in power not wanting to change things how they are. Being too comfortable to mess with the status quo of how your world works is why many species suddenly find themselves at the mercy of more advance species," Trixie said.

"Not by conquest as that does happen but rarer then you think. What normally happens is a group of raiders or pirates come along and decide to have some fun. As while there are galaxy spanning empires out there, it's just bad PR for them to conquer a race that are primitive like you humans. But with that said they also won't go out of their way to save such planets either," Sunset said.

"People will just not care about what happens to a race on a planet that they never heard of. As right now on your planet, wars are happening but no one cares enough to help either side. And I'm not talking about wars you see on the news. Mass slaughter and other horrors are happening right now but no one cares to report on it. It's the same thing with planets that no one has ever heard of," Kasumi said.

"And all of this conflict with this Cold War you humans are having. If you humans don't learn to work together. You'll be struck on your planet and have a slow death like other planets, whose race completely wasted everything and depleted their resources," Naruto said.

"But unlike what happen in that Earth film we saw, 'The Day The Earth Stood Still'. Where the alien just told you humans what you are doing wrong and just leaving. We're going to give you humans a hand," Twilight said as she made a screen appeared in front of the 3 humans.

The screen shows the robots in a hanger loading a ship with items, ranging from machines to things from comics. And the ship isn't alone as other robots are loading up round pods with the same machines.

"We're giving you humans some working models and blueprints to help you along. Think of it as a gift, from a passing stranger riding through your town before going in their way. What you do with it is up to you humans," Twilight said.

"And please don't listen to those people who shout out that no one should ever have that power. It gets real old real fast. One such planet did that and destroyed the gift a group like ours gave them. which would had help them to either prevent or rebuild after a comet struck their planet. It's a nuclear winter on that planet that has lasted for about 30 of your human years, with no signs of it ending anytime soon," Sunset said.

"So use what we have given you to advance yourselves. You humans aren't or will be the last race who has been helped by a more advance race. And don't just make weapons to destroy yourselves. That's a dead plot device in fiction. Advance races gives like a power source that is unlimited and the other race use that to destroy themselves," Trixie's said.

"You 3 will be taken back to the hanger and the ship you on screen has an auto pilot that will fly you all back to your planet. As for the pods each of them have the same gifts as we given you 3 for your nation. One for each major nation with the infrastructure needed to use them," Twilight explains.

"That's it?" Buzz ask.

"You talk down to us humans and then give us gifts?" Michael ask.

"Yes," Twilight said looking at the 3. "Don't think that we're like you humans. That's how wars are started between planets. If another race is doing something that is very offensive to you, instead of just lashing out you ask them not to do it in front of you. There's a race that finds viewing someone else eating like you to walk on a couple mating, which for some races they have no problems in doing in public. If you humans actually use our gifts to start exploring other planets. Do remember to talk to the other race you encounter so that misunderstandings won't go and cause a war."

"And remember too, that you humans aren't special, you aren't the chosen race that some creator made. You humans aren't alone in the universe and no where special enough that other races be in awe at you," Trixie said as she snaps her fingers and created a ball of lightning surprising the 3 humans and the ones watching from home. "As you can see I have powers that you humans think of as magic."

"My race is large and powerful thanks to us living on a planet with denser gravity then your planet," Sunset said.

"You can see how different me and my brother are. We're far stronger then you humans and our exoskeletons are natural armor plating," Kasumi said.

"My race is known for our great intelligence," Twilight said. "As far as, I can tell from my scans of you humans. The only thing you humans have as a whole, is being able to adapt to different environments. Which is one of the most common things found out there."

"If you humans start having some of your younger race start displaying abilities or powers. Don't go around killing them as that just makes you humans look bad, and when something bad happens... Well there have been more then one race that has died out because of their past actions that made no one want to help them," Sunset said.

"Yes Man escort them to the ship. And have some droids empty out the craft they came in and put it in the ship," Kasumi said.

"I will," Yes Man said appearing in front of the 3 humans.

"Thank you for the gifts," Neil said as he and the others followed Yes Man back to the cart.

Twilight turn to one of the camera droids, broadcasting everything back to Earth.

"We're giving you humans a gift. So don't waste it. Also the ship will drop off the 3 humans back on Earth and the droids inside will unload the gifts. We're expecting it to come back and not shot down. If it's shot down, we will strike back. This is still a fully operational mining ship. A good size space rock sent falling to Earth is more powerful then any of those atom bombs you humans have made. I'm saying this because you humans of the country of the United States have already shot down an alien craft before. But this time you won't be able to cover it up. You are in the right to defend yourselves to something unknown but seeing how we just explain things. You can't pretend you didn't know as this is being broadcast all over your world. End transmission," Twilight said as the feed was cut off.

Leaving the humans of the planet Earth to deal with all the information they just learn.

Chapter 20

View Online

Once again Twilight and the gang are back at the Council of Ricks Trading Hub or C.R.T.H., for some shopping and selling items they have picked up here and there. Which is made poissble thanks to Trixie finding a bunch of worlds center around games. As in the whole world follow the mindset that everything revolves around a game and nothing else matters. Each world was nothing but a planet of hats all following the rules of the game in question, and that no matter how powerful someone is in that world if they lose in a game the winner gets to take what they want or take that persons position in that world. (1)

Seeing a My Goddess world where everything is cannon but for the fact the entire world is base around the game of marbles. And that worlds Hild and Kami have been strip of their positions in ruling over the universe, just because they lost in a game of marbles. They still have their powers but won't do anything to take back power because they lost a game of marbles to a guy who is running the entire universe to the ground as he kept beating anyone who face him in a game of marbles.

So Trixie got behind the wheel of their Winnebago Minnie Winnie and drove into that world. Where she beat the guy in a game of marbles and restored everything back to how it was by giving them back their positions. Not to mention her going through their personal collections before hand and grabbing lots of powerful items from them and having both gods and demons fill the vault with treasure for saving the day. And before she handed power back she made a new rule that the game of marbles if the person who wins a position of power does a bad job it goes back to the loser.

Then after that Trixie got the rest of her group to go to other game worlds with the same hat. She beat the old gods in a Lovecraft world in the game of Chutes and Ladders. Faced the Greek gods in Connect 4, the Roman gods in a game of jacks, the Norse gods in Candy Land, the India gods in Operation, the Omni King of Dragonball in Rock Paper Scissors, the D&D gods in horseshoes, the gods of Elder Scrolls in ball and cup and God and the Devil from the world of 'God, The Devil and Bob' in a game of pong. To name a few of the really powerful people who gave up really powerful or valuable items just because they lost a game.

But the last one God sat Trixie down and had a long talk with her. Explaining why he has things being settled by a game of pong. And that she shouldn't take advantage of worlds like his, sure its easy for outsiders to win most of the time because they're not stuck in the mindset of the rest of the universe but it is a way of life for the people in those worlds. Trixie agreed to stop taking advantage of people like him, she would only do it to the ones who have it coming to them like villains. God just sighed and wish her luck before giving her the prize, but Trixie just gave it back saying she didn't earn it as she cheated by using cheat tricks. Which he told her he already knew and happy to see her being honest with him. (2)

"Well that was a fun trip," Trixie said as they walk to Moe's for something to eat.

"Yeah sure," Twilight said not listening as she has her eyes glued to her omni-tool screen.

"What are you doing?" Sunset ask.

"I'm studying the tech behind how to make powerful biofuel using plant matter," Twilight said.

"Why?" Naruto ask.

"When we get back to our homeworld. I'm going to be making some patents with some of the tech we been picking up here and there. So I'm studying the tech and making research papers to show my work so people back home will think I am the one who made it instead of me somehow stealing it," Twilight said.

"Trying to be as smart as Rick?" Kasumi ask.

"Him please. Almost all the Ricks are born with something like a 9th level intellect and depending on other factors turn out like the Rick we deal with. And just to remind you all, he is one of the nicer Ricks," Twilight said. (3)

"Well of the Ricks we have met so far anyways," Sunset said.

"If we meet that Doofus Rick we should use him," Twilight said.

"He seems nice but that's just from the show and doesn't he eat poop?" Kasumi ask.

"No he doesn't, well if he's anything like he is from the show," Trixie said having watched the dvd set and the creator saying Doofus Rick doesn't eat his own poop. (4)

"Well with me, I'm going to be practical in what I do. Besides there is no way I'm going to learn or do any kind of research into something like, finding out how many Mortys have to be tortured to create matrix of pain to hide from other Ricks. Or any other sick stuff that Rick knows for one reason or another, mostly because he doesn't have much value in life. Rick creates life forms just so he can experiment on them or use them as a power source for his car," Twilight explains.

"Not counting our downtime when we're in our homeworld we only been traveling for about 6 months," Sunset said.

"I can't be expected to become super smart in such a small amount of time. Well unless I get a brain upgrade or cyborg up so, I can just upload information. I'm smart but, I wasn't born super smart were I could talk and read before I could walk, I had to work for it to get where I am now. Not to mention how many branches of science he knows. Also some of them would be completely useless for me to learn," Twilight said. (5)

"And that before we began traveling you basically quit studying besides learning the technology of our homeworld," Trixie said.

"It was nice to spend a year not having to worry about anything going wrong around Ponyvile, or having to write a report, or pleasing the princess," Twilight said.

"That and you we're under doctor's orders not to stress yourself out," Sunset said.

"Which is why she has so many video games," Naruto said.

"Yes that's one reason. It was a way for her to vent out and relax. Then she became a gamer, which lead her learning all about computers so she can make her own mods on the computer games," Trixie said.

"So I'm more of a programmer then a builder, so what," Twilight said.

"I rather have that then her being like Dexter," Sunset said.

"You mean that kid with a laboratory in his room?" Trixie ask.

"Yes and after meeting him, and I mean an older version of him. That version became nothing but a shut in who made a living as a computer help center by phone. The majority of his experiments have no conceivable practical use and he had no intentions of them ever leaving his private underground lab. And all he could say why he does all that research and study, was FOR SCIENCE. I for one want to be more like Doctor Jones, knowing what he needs to know for his adventures," Twilight said.

"That and I don't want to deal with you building something like a machine to suck away all the air off a planet to give you a clearer view of the stars, even if that means everyone dies. Creating a magic powered machine that brainwashes anyone into what you want them to be. Making a bunch of bats from fruit eaters to killer meat eaters," Sunset said listing things off.

"Then there's creating a machine that recreates the Big Bang just to prove it happen that way, not caring it will destroy everything. A gravity machine that will either move the sun and the moon around, or turn the sun into a black hole. Seeing everyone around her as nothing but guinea pigs, turning them into something like chimeras for science. Or improving something that is already dangerous and deadly just to see what happens," Trixie also listed off.

"Let me guess all the things you listed off are what Twilight's counterparts have done," Kasumi said.

"Yes," Twilight said sulking.

"We viewed many worlds of our counterparts and Twilight counterparts tend to be single minded in what they do. Especially when it comes to what she thinks would please or impress the princess," Sunset said.

"That's why I change my lifestyle to be more then just the brains," Twilight said.

They enter Moe's for a bit to eat and saw a wide array of people from different worlds. They waited for one of the staff members to show them a free table, and to their surprise the staff member is a Lolth from a D&D world. She explains that she's from a world where she was defeated and was inflicted by a massive penance like stare that caused all of her sins to be used against her. And the person who did it who did it to her also trap her in a time loop, making her repeat the penance stare from start to finish over and over again. She doesn't remember how the time loop ended, only that afterwards she fled her universe in shame and guilt for all that she had done. Doing so she lost her powers, which happens to all gods and demons once they cross to a different universe that isn't just a branch of their main universe. And she ended up here at the hub and working for Moe.

"So you been working here ever since?" Kasumi ask.

"Yes and it's not that uncommon around here," Lolth said pointing to the kitchen where the group saw Trigon coming out with arms full of plates, and Darksied as a cook.

"Ok what happen with those two?" Sunset ask.

"From what, I heard Darksied was overthrown when his father Yuga Khan broke free and took back what is his, thanks to the help of someone name Skullmaster. Darksied was inflicted with torture, mind rapes, and other things that would just give you nightmares. To keep him from getting use to it, he was repeatedly mind wipe and his memories of the torture was saved. When he died his father just brought him back to life. Then his mind was completely wipe so he forgotten who he was, and his form was changed back to how he use to look before he rename himself as Darksied. He was place on a normal planet and lived a normal life even starting a family, till his father sent an invasion fleet to said planet in the name of Darksied. In short he lost the family, where he became a rebel leader fighting against an army he believed is being lead by Darksied, who he grew to hate. Then during the last battle where he stormed the main ship of the invasion, instead of meeting Darksied he met his father. Who restored his memories, form, and all the torture that he was put through. For the first time in his life, Darksied felt what it was life to be invaded and how it was like to be on the other end of his own evil deeds. The result was Darksied being completely broken with his mind shattering at the truth of who he is. He left the DC multiverse and ended up here," Lolth explains.

"What about Trigon?" Naruto ask.

"He was defeated by a rival demon lord who transformed him into the body of a weak human child. There with the body and mind of a human but the soul of a demon, he was at the mercy of all the other demons. He was given a immortal body that could never aged or die, which allowed the demons to do what they want with him. For eons he was sold and traded from one world to another He was mostly used as a toy by the other demons both male and females, and those who are both. Then there are those who found his soft and tender body sweet tasting," Lolth said.

"What?" Naruto ask.

"What she means is that some of my fellow demons enjoyed eating me," Trigon said having overheard Lolth talking about him.

Which brought back many nightmares that still haunted him. Often after the demons had their way with him to their satisfaction that would eat him. Like that one big, fat demon who had a mouth on his belly who swallowed him whole. Many of the demons loved to swallow him whole so that they could feel him struggling inside their belly, where their stomach acids ate away at him. Then he was pooped out where after awhile his body just reformed whole. Then there were the ones who enjoyed feeding him to their pets, like a pit filled with leeches, a giant clam, and other creatures. And no matter what happen to him, he always just came back, no matter how much he wished it to end. His mind turn inwards as the eons pasted, trying to find a reason why he was suffering as he was, why he was given this fate where he couldn't die. He entered the realm of madness where he met with the youngest of the Endless and was told by her maybe it's for all the evil he has done, is the reason why he was suffering. He insulted her for that, which she showed him that making an Endless inside their own realm angry is the last thing anyone should ever do, even with the Kindly Ones killing the first Dream and a new Dream replacing him, they would had never dared to try it while in his realm or before he finally allowed himself to feel guilt for what he did to his son. And allowed himself to be be killed by them, as while they are powerful they had waited till he was at his weakest to kill him. He was made to care, to care for all the evil that he had done, to feel guilt and shame. Then she left him, to suffer his fate.

Then one day while he was being used as a living power source in the mortal realm, he was saved by the team of heroes that his daughter was apart of. The realm of demons like him live in, time moved differently. For him eons had pasted but for his daughter just a few years had pasted for her. She and her friends defeated the demon lord and freed him, making him feel hope. His daughter's team of heroes made him feel not so worthless... they were willingly to give up their lives to save him and save whatever the demon lord was planning on doing, like maybe there's hope for him... and it terrified him. He quickly left so that his daughter wouldn't know who it was she had just saved, he couldn't face her. She is the only good thing he had ever left, to showed he was even alive and not something that brought fear, but hope.

"Short story I was changed by what I went through. And after being freed, I gave that life behind and ended up here," Trigon said.

"And you're back in demon form how?" Sunset ask.

"I paid a Rick to do it," Trigon stated.

"Oh," Sunset said.

"Your group is still new at traveling right?" Trigon ask.

"About 6 months of traveling give or take," Twilight said.

"Well get use to seeing people from fiction not being like they are," Trigon said before heading back to the kitchen.

"So what do you want?" Lolth ask taking their orders.

After Lolth got their orders she headed to the kitchen to give it to the cook. And while they were waiting, Twilight began scanning the different worlds they could visit next. Making sure that there be no big surprises waiting for them if they randomly jump to another world. Like that world where they met a Washsu from Tenchi Muyo, which was a huge mistake as that woman who seem to be a great replacement for Rick. Turned out to be very sex hungry who likes to wear leather and favorite prey are young women like them. She's smarter then Rick but what she wanted in payment was more then what they're willing to pay. Like when they met that witch Bayonetta, whose magic powers would be useful to learn but like Washsu wanted more of a personal payment.

'What's with older women being so sex hungry?' Twilight wonders as before they met Kasumi they seem to kept running into sex hungry older women. Made her glad they weren't trying to learn how to fight from one of those old pervert masters, which she guess was because most of them haven't spent much of their youth training and more training. By the time they became masters of their art they had wasted their youth and found themselves as old men who had made little in personal connections to others. And their long suppressed sex drives are making up for lost time. (6)

"Ah Twilight you and your group are back," Eskel the Witcher greeted her.

"Oh hi Eskel," Twilight said.

"Heard that your group went and cause a big mess with a Bleach and My Goddess crossover," Eskel said.

"How did you hear that?" Sunset ask.

"Hel's blog," Eskel said.

"Don't you mean Hild?" Naruto ask.

"No she's Hel from the original myth, the one who has half of her body alive and the other a corpse," Eskel explains.

"Wait isn't she suppose to be half white and half black?" Kasumi ask.

"Different version but the main thing to remember that those Hel's appeared long before the My Goddess versions. They see them and the ones from Marvel universes to be just sup up copies," Eskel said. "And the Hel whose blog I read has been following up what happening in that world. The gods and demons are being supervised by a Mary Poppins. I hate dealing with any of her counterparts, they're just so prefect in just about every way possible."

"Well they did cause the mess in the first place," Trixie said.

"There is also the blog that Belldandy been writing ever since he gave up her godhood to be with Keiichi, in one of those live as a mortal till death type of thing and comeback as a goddess but with the experience of living as a mortal," Eskel said.

"She's living as a mortal?" Twilight ask.

"Yes and living in Stardrew Valley which is a modern farming town with Keiichi going to a nearby college near there. Belldandy from her blog is still keeping in touch with her family by her blog and took up bee keeping to help in paying the bills. They also went to a license couple therapist who helped them with the issues they had with their relationship," Eskel said. (7)

"That's nice," Sunset said.

"Seeing how your group are into getting into a mess. How about joining the Witcher guild?" Eskel ask.

"No thanks. If we're not going to be going around to do that," Twilight said.

"Going around hunting down bounties isn't for us," Sunset said.

"And we're still new to this and some of the bounties, I have seen are way above our weight class," Trixie said.

"It's not all about those with wanted posters people like me get paid for. There are people and groups who would pay to see someone or something destroyed," Eskel said.

"Like what?" Naruto ask.

"There's a Samurai Jack or should I say Emperor Jack pays a bounty for anyone who if they come across a universe of is universe set in the past before Aku was given form and a mind, destroys the mindless pool of evil before what he went through even happen. And he's not the only one who pays bounties like that. There are plenty of people who go around and make sure the Xenomorphs never get created or stop humans from finding them," Eskel said.

"Well as we could do that," Twilight said. "But for really big stuff like stuff in Warhammer or Berserk we stay out of that."

"Those universes are for only vets," Eskel said. "I took part of a group hunt in Warhammer to deal with a warp tear opening to another universe. It was a complete nightmare even with the people I was with, only half of our group survived. We should had waited for one of the A or S rank members to come with us."

"Just one but isn't Warhammer known for having millions of soliders?" Sunset ask.

"Yes but some of the A rank members and most of the S rank members are one man armies. Able to turn the tide of battle, or able to take on a entire army without effort," Eskel said.

"What's a S rank like?" Naruto ask.

"Here let me show you," Eskel said as he used a Omni-tool to show them a video.


On the screen for those who seen the anime and the manga, is right out of Berserk. What was once rolling hills and blades of grass are replaced with human faces mashed together. The night sky is filled with black clouds; only the eclipsed sun is seen while it emits an unsettling dark magenta glow. The ponds are filled with blood, and the last, but not the least, geographical transformation occurs when the God Hand arrives. That transformation makes a gigantic hand and arm appear, which are made of a myriad of human faces. The hand settles itself as if to balance the eclipsed sun within its palm.

There the members of Godhand are watching their newest member becoming truly one of them. There is Void the oldest of the group and acting leader, Slan a sadomasochist who thrives on cruelty and the effect it has on others, but the last two have been replaced by twisted versions of Hild and Kami. And they're not alone.

Replacing Griffith is Celestin, replacing Guts and Casca are Keiichi and Belldandy. The Band of the Hawks are all but dead having been slaughtered and eaten by the Apostles. Now Keiichi having lost his left arm and right eye is being held down as he watch helplessly as Celestin rapes Belldandy in front of him. Right on cue came the Skull Knight riding in to the rescue. He immediately attack Void, who diverts the attack back at his assailant via a dimensional portal.

"You're too late," Void said to Skull Knight.

"Too late to stop you but not to put a stop to all of you," Skull Knight said.

"All alone?" Void ask.

"Not alone," Skull Knight said.

Coming out of the vortex that Skull Knight came out of, came a man riding down on a flying motorbike. He's dress in power armor that looks to be baseball termed, with the helmet looks like a baseball helmet and the armor looking like a uniform colored mainly yellow with black highlights. He's armed with a high tech looking baseball bat, gauntlets that cover both of his arms and was looks like a baseball like grenade bandolier. And his bike looks like it's carrying heavy weapons, and carrying the gear that he couldn't carry on himself.

"It's time to play ball," the man said.


"Wait a minute," Kasumi said blinking as she stared at the image of the man in the video who is single handily fighting all the demons at once and winning. "Is that who I think it is."

"Charlie Brown from the comics. Yes that's him. I help train him when he was younger and now he's one of the best of the guild, he's known in other guilds simply because of who he is and what he's usually is like. He trained wth just about every master you can think of learning either by training or by learning on his feet as he followed whoever was teaching him on a mission. The one who mentored him the most was Flash Gordon, teaching him how to deal with things and places he never dealt with before," Eskel said.

"He was mentored by Flash Gordon? No wonder he's so good," Kasumi said. (8)

"Especially seeing how that Flash's universe is a crossover one with just about every single space fiction you can think of in it. Name it and he has dealt with before," Eskel said.

"If we join the guild do we have to do anything?" Twilight ask.

"For 10 percent of the bounty the guild handles the paperwork and claiming the bounty to the person or group who is paying. Also if you're in a jam you can transmit a S.O.S. for help from any guild member whose near you, with you doing the same for anyone who is calling for help. If you want that you can apply to have that option when you sign up," Eskel explains.

"Well, I guess we can just join if it's to do bounties when we can," Twilight said.

"Yeah, I'm don't want to just be a bounty hunter," Naruto said as he doesn't want to be anything like a ninja anymore.

"I'm ok in doing pest control," Trixie said.

"Some of the lower rank guild members do just pest control and leave the tougher jobs for higher rank members," Eskel said.

"Everyone ok with that?" Twilight ask.

"Yeah," everyone said.

"Ok then," Twilight said. "I'll sign us up after we eat."

"Also you all should look up the high level bounties. So you know what to look out for, if you're in a universe with one of them. Some of them are like Charlie Brown, complete jokes in cannon but aren't funny in others," Eskel said.

"Like who?" Naruto ask.

"Toiletnator is the current big hitter who's the most active right now," Eskel said earning some laughs from Twilight's group.

"That lame villain from the Kids Next Door verse?" Sunset ask.

"Yes but that Toiletnator is as deadly as he is lame in cannon. He killed just about everyone on his world before he became a world hopper. The normal ones are usually have a head injury that gives him brain damage, which he gain when he got his toilet base powers. Which is how he killed his world, he went around causing all the toilets to backup flooding whole cities with toxic sewerage and waste. And the ones that tried to stop him, well he does control everything to do with toilets, and what makes up a toilet. Toilet paper that can act like razor wire, controlling water, stonework and metal that makes up a toilet. Which makes him, a water, earth, metal, and paper master, and that's not counting the chemicals used for toilets. With that power set and him not being dumb or short sighted in how to use them. He made the saying, 'Heart Is an Awesome Power' scary. He has killed hundreds of different versions of Marvel, DC and other superhero verses groups. If you spot him, just run as he has a bounty of 1 trillion credits for a reason," Eskel said.

"We keep that in mind," Twilight said as she makes a note to see if she can't find a scanner that can tell her if there is anyone with an active bounty around.

A big group suddenly enter Moe's made up of Lolth, Trigon, the 4 Chaos gods of Warhammer, Lord Chaos, Nyarlathotep, and the 5 members of God's Hand. But all of them look down beaten and all wearing suits. They walk straight for the bar and Moe served them their drinks.

"Those are the big bads who lost everything to Mandy and are now working under her," Eskel said.

"From grim adventures?" Naruto ask.

"Yes that Mandy. She has created a small but powerful muiltverse empire, made up of different planets or systems under her control. She's lawful evil and runs it as a business, all the big bads that thought she was nothing but a human with a big ego quickly learn she is anything but that. She set Billy loose on them and he quickly either destroyed everything or drove the big bads crazy. Allowing her to easily takeover, and either they end up like the group at the bar after she steals their powers, reducing them to working for her. Or end up being sent to a Carebears world, where because of the very nature of that universe prevents them from doing anything worse then hurting someone's feelings. You should see how lame the 4 Chaos gods are like in a Carebears world. They try to be like they were in Warhammer but just end up being harmless villains in that world no matter what they try, which isn't much as they simply unable to do anything like they use to be able to do, and the Carebears stare one shot them, sending them running away," Eskel explains.

"Does that mean the carebears villains are monsters when they're not in their universe?" Naruto ask.

"No. They're worse," Eskel said. (9)


Later -

After they ate, Trixie went off to sell the treasures and magical items she gotten from the game base worlds, that she couldn't use for one reason or another. Naruto went off with Kasumi to look for more robot stuff as he's been making robots, and wants to make a mech for himself. Kasumi went with him keep an eye on him so he doesn't get lost. Twilight went off to sign them up with the Witcher Guild as beginner level, pest control.

As for Sunset she went off to the weapon sellers to see what they could use. Checking a shop that sold stuff from Bioshock verse, she found a spear gun. The spear gun has an upgraded scope, a railgun like rotary mechanism, and all of it reinforced down to it's firing spring and barrel to handle the increased power. It can also fire nets to capture targets. Then there are the Adam selection, which are drinkable instead of injecting it.

The Rick who ran the store explain to her that unlike in the game, his Adam products are completely safe as long as you follow the instructions on the label. Taking the instructed doses of Adam over a weeks time, depending on your body type and other things. You get the kind of body you want, and incase of a bad reaction there is an antidote that remove all the Adam from you. And he does a scan so that he knows what to give you, so there isn't any problems on his part.

"So what you think?" Sunset ask Twilight and Trixie who she called to meet her at the shop. Kasumi and Naruto were still busy looking through the shops selling robot parts and mechs.

"This has no side effects like in the game?" Twilight asked the Rick.

"Nope unlike those hacks, I discovered Adam in my world and mass produced it. And made sure that what, I sell is safe. I'm may not be able to make stuff like my other counterparts but when it comes to bio and chemistry, I know what I'm doing. Besides I wouldn't be able to sell this stuff here if they weren't safe, as long as you follow the instructions that is, if you don't and just drink it all at once. It's not my responsibility anymore," Rick explains.

"If we get powers wouldn't our hands morph like in the game to use them?" Trixie ask.

"Yes," Rick said.

"I don't like the idea of my hand bursting in flames," Twilight said.

"How about just passive gene tonics?" Sunset ask.

"Sure I can give you the standard package. Increase your body strength and endurance levels. Make your body more shapely and tone, for men muscles and women the most common superpower, like you see in superheroines. You'll be much stronger, standard super strength, with a body that is like a sandbag making it very hard to hurt you. It also increases your lifespan and with youth too so you can be in your 80's and still look like you're in your 20's," Rick explains.

"What do you think girls?" Sunset ask.

"I'm in," Trixie said as she wouldn't mind looking young and feeling young in her old age.

"Sure why not we can remove the Adam if something goes wrong. We can get our orders and wait for Naruto and Kasumi to finish what they're doing," Twilight said.

"Well since you're just going to be waiting around how about some other perks?" Rick ask wanting to see how much he can make on this sale.

Chapter 21

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The place known as the outback in the preworld days before the end came, turning Australia like most of the world into a wasteland. Which is the setting for the world of Mad Max. The world had ended, but as is standard in the series, it's not really clear exactly what happened, though evidence seems to point to 'everything, at once'. Global warming thawed the ice caps and flooded the world while plagues and war ravaged the population, nukes shredded the already tattered biosphere and dried up the oceans, and the governments collapsed completely as they failed to protect and provide. Most animals went extinct as people ate them to stave off starvation, and everything devolved into the scavenger world it is today. Where even a small puddle of clean water is worth dying for.

Then there's the world covered in water, known as Waterworld which is the opposite of the Wasteland. The polar ice caps have melted and flooded the world. Most of humanity has not survived, and the remnants have been reduced to living in makeshift rafts and cities of flotsam. There's 'almost' no dry land left, no agriculture, and no real industry, and relics from the old world like simple technology, uncorroded metal, plants and soil are rare and worth fighting for. Which like the Wasteland world setting is slowly dying as no matter how well maintain a ship is, it will break down from rot or rust. (1)

Which people of both worlds became shock as something happen in both worlds. In the Wasteland world water began appearing in the dry seabeds, filling the empty seas with water that only the old ones who even remember what the world was like before the end. The water is salty but the people who survived in the wastelands knew how to desalt water. And clouds filled with water began appearing and pouring their fresh clean water down on dry land that hadn't seen a drop of rain in years.

For Waterworld the ocean began to emptied letting dry land to appear for the first time in years, that none were even alive to remember what dry land is like. People didn't noticed at first but land began appearing here and there as the water level drop. The water receded to the point where islands began appearing and large pieces of land rose from the land since the ice melted. Many people found themselves on dry land with only some large bodies of water remaining as the ocean return the land it once covered.

In the command center of the RV, Twilight watched as one world's water is transferred to another. She open a portal at the bottom of the ocean of Waterworld connecting it to the Wasteland world. She did it slowly so that the people of the Wasteland could retreat from the raising water that's filling the empty seabeds. She had several drones spying on people to see how they're reacting to the sudden change to their worlds. The people of Waterworld are settling on the new islands appearing and doing their best to grow plants on the new earth. As for the people of the Wasteland, are settling near the new ocean or the large bodies of water created by the rainstorms, she, Trixie and Sunset made with magic.

Twilight viewed the area around Gastown in the territory of Gutgash and Jeet, both of whom are the only ones who managed to build something even resembling a functional living situation there. Seeing that their people are getting use to all the water that suddenly came filling the dry seabed. The area known as the Outer Graves the lowest part of the Great White have been covered in water among other pieces of land, forcing many to abandon their settlements for higher ground. Scabrous Scrotus, son of Immortan Joe began having his War Dogs to gather up people to begin farming the lands around the large bodies of fresh water using seeds from his father's stronghold. And gathering as many people with knowledge of plumbing to get water flowing in the water ways that are still working. Pink Eye and her urchins who are train mechanics are making water pumps and filters to make clean drinking water.

"You really think this is a good idea?" Kasumi ask Twilight.

"Making two post-apocalyptic worlds to be more livable. What's wrong with that?" Twilight ask.

"What about the warlords?" Kasumi ask.

"Well as bad as they are they are the only ones who maintain any sense of order. All the people who live by some code of honor and rules are long since died. The ones who survive are now jaded survivors who learn the hard way what they need to do to survive," Twilight said.

"But shouldn't we kill them off?" Kasumi ask.

"Then what?" Twilight ask.

"We...," Kasumi began to say but saw what Twilight had already figured out.

"To help them we would have to stay for a very long time. We already gave them something they never had before, a homer hopeful future. And it's not up to us to help them more, but for someone from those worlds to stand up and lead people to want a better life," Twilight said.

"Just lay the ground work for a hero to appear?" Kasumi ask.

"Were already doing enough for them and also spending a lot of resources in giving both worlds a better biosphere," Twilight said bringing up two screens one is Trixie in a scout ship in Waterworld seeding the new islands with wildlife and plant life. Which are mainly plants like coconuts and palm trees, with animals like pigs and chickens. Sunset and Naruto are in Wasteland world, letting out herds of desert animals like goats, camels, spreading seeds on the now wet ground. With Naruto releasing many mud crabs who made their home around the new coast line where coconut trees have been planted. And other shellfish like lobsters and shrimps both salt and freshwater."

"Naruto really has gotten into raising crabs," Kasumi said looking at the screen with her bother on it.

"Well he did say he's through with snakes, slugs, and toads. He likes raising mud crabs and we are making some money in selling crabs to Moe. And they're so easy to care for and to feed with it just use giving them our leftovers," Twilight said. "But he is kind of over doing it by releasing so many mud crabs all over the place."

"At least we're not releasing any pest animals," Kasumi said.

"Also with how easier things will be it can soften how many people act. Like that world where that Rick, Morty and Summer went to and gave them a power source to allow them to built a more advance way of life which soften them. Seeing how they no longer had to go around living day by day hoping to get enough food and water to see another day and them having a much higher standard of living then they had before, just made them go soft. Which caused the kids to leave," Twilight said.

"And for that Rick to steal the power source. It was just lucky we were there to help them by giving them another power source and the know how to build machines, that are found in Fallout worlds," Kasumi said.

"It's nice to help people like that. They were only so hard and jaded because anything less wouldn't make it in that world like the two worlds we're helping now," Twilight said.

"Well there is always hope that someone who come along and help them," Kasumi said.

"We're just visitors and we can't just stay in either of those two worlds we do have our own lives," Twilight said. "All we can do is give them hope and make things a bit easier for them. And if they can't make it on their own after that, it's all on them."

"How about we release some other animals into those worlds. Like the ones we saw in that Future is Wild world? It would help them and the give the world more animals," Kasumi suggested.

"Well I was thinking of just adding some more water animals to the new Wasteland world seas and lakes, some land animals too. Like the Desert Hoppers you know those hopping snails who can survive easily in deserts. Silverswimmers the diverse group of marine crustaceans from the Global Ocean, 200 million AD, that fills in the niches left by most ocean-going fish dying off. But we shouldn't add anymore to Waterworld as there are enough already, well we can give both worlds nugs from Dragon Age worlds as they can survive just about anywhere," Twilight said. "But we need to give both worlds more plant life, also some insect life as well."

"Alright just no mosquito. We don't need to spread them around. Some bees, beetles, ants and worms will give both worlds plenty of insects," Kasumi said.

"I also remember that we need to use some radiation scrubbers to clean up all the fallout," Twilight said.

"Twilight what about Immortan Joe? We are about 2 to 4 years before the events of both the game and the movie," Kasumi said.

"And who will take over after him? His son Rictus is a man child who is all muscle, his other son Corpus is physically stunted, and Scabrous is too much of a psycho that Joe sent him to guard Gastown because he knew what would happen if he took over. As for the heroes, we have no idea where Max is and Furiosa is still loyal to Joe. Then there are the People Eater and Bullet Farmer who work with Joe to maintain any sense of order in the lands they control. Without them it be plain anarchy with people all fighting to be at the top," Twilight said. "That's how they survived since the fall. Inside the areas the warlords control there is pain, terror, and brutality, ture but there is also opportunity and relative safety. Outside of that there is only chaos. With a world that isn't a wasteland to live in where it's either you or them mindset, the people will begin to see a better way of life then killing someone for what they have to be able to survive another day." (2)

"You really think that will change people like Joe?" Kasumi ask.

"No but there is who comes after him," Twilight said.


The Rick Hub -

Once again the gang are eating at Moe's after they brought in the bounties they had done. Which is mainly helping out world's with a problem, like the Mad Max world and Water world. The guild they're apart of does give money for helping worlds like that, as they're funded by people and groups who like it when people go around helping others. Which are seen as an investment, as some of the worlds that have been helped have lead to the helping of some of the people who fund the guild one way or another.

Twilight and the gang have been visiting some other worlds which would had become post-apocalyptic worlds if they hadn't step in. Buying Audrey 2 from the Little Shop of Horror's world before it grew big, and turning it in to the guild. Restoring power to the Dies the Fire world from the book series by S.M. Stirling. Using many rad scrubbers on worlds that saw nuclear war. Grabbing zombies from worlds overrun by them and taking them to the guild to find which counter virus would be able to wipe them out and stop more from raising up. As well as doing the same for people from world's with a world wide virus killing everyone. Keeping the light from the meteor shower from blinding nearly everyone in the world of The Day of the Triffids. Then there were the worlds they saved by towing large pieces of space rocks away from slamming into the planet.

"With what I'm already offering to you, I'll throw in 16 cases of Spice, 30 gallons of Blue Molk, 4 kilos TAR, plus 4 kilos of Ultra," Twilight said listing off the supplies they found while in the Star Wars universe to Lobo who is sitting with them.

"Alright you get one prepaid job up to Tiger Level," Lobo said who is using the One Punch Disaster Levels for the price of jobs he does.

"Twilight you aren't being a drug pusher are you?" Sunset ask.

"No but seeing how the old ship we found in space had all those drugs in them. Might as well use them, and Lobo here is just going to use them himself," Twilight said.

"That's so true," Lobo said.

"And he's one of the most powerful bounty hunters out there. Who we can call for help and seeing how he is able to fight just about anyone in his universe. He can take one just about anyone," Twilight said.

"If I'm not doing something when you call," Lobo said.

"But won't Lobo just destroy everything?" Naruto ask.

"Yeah that might happen," Lobo agreed.

"He can just be called when we're really in a jam or don't care what happens," Kasumi said wary of Lobo who is one of the few beings who can duke it out with Superman, with the later not holding back anything. Seeing that he's immortal with no one willing to take him in any afterlife. Which happens in any universe he does die in, which the ones in charge of the afterlife there quickly learn why no one takes Lobo in when he dies.

"We could had just let Lobo loose in the Bleach Universe and let him go wild," Trixie said.

"Ooooo, I haven't done that for awhile," Lobo said.

"We don't want to know do we," Twilight said.

"You should had seen their faces when they finally figured out that their powers don't work on me," Lobo said smirking. (3)

"Well we're done eating and you're done dealing with Lobo," Trixie said to Twilight. "So let's go and see Lina Inverse."

"Wait you mean the Inverse who lives at the hub and runs a magic shop here?" Lobo ask.

"Yes why?" Trixie ask.

"You're going to her to learn some of the spells she uses right? Well she caused just about as much destruction as me in her old world. In fact that's how she ended up here as she was force to flee after she blew everything up," Lobo said.

"In blowing things up what do you mean?" Twilight ask.

"She blew up everything leaving nothing but rubble in her wake," Lobo said.

"Wait you mean like in the toon worlds where the people there can be blown up and be covered in ash?" Naruto ask.

"Yup," Lobo said.

"Wait that doesn't sound like her in the show," Kasumi said earning her looks from everyone around her who heard her.

"You do realize how dumb you sound right? This is Lina Inverse we're talking about," Jack from Bioshock said.

"That be saying like Goku hates fighting," Chichi said who is with her husband and family.

"Or how me and Ferb don't like building stuff," Phineas said at another table with his family and friends.

"Or how, I wasn't a jaded washout," Bojack said who by accident found a portal gun and ended up as a world hopper till he ended up meeting a Rick who he became drinking buddies with help him out.

"Or how, I don't try to make an snowball out of my semen after I put it into some topple ware," Muscleman said who is with the other members of The Awesomes. Which caused everyone to stare at Muscleman in disgust.

"Wow, I didn't think there's anything that would ever be something at this point would weird me out," Lobo said.

"That's it we're out of here," Twilight said taking off with the rest of her group.

"Sorry, I wanted to join in and ruin it," Muscleman said.

"Yes you did and we're getting new topple ware," Impresario said.

"And you're out of here for disgusting everyone trying to eat," Moe said as he waves for his guard bots to throw Muscleman out.


At the magic shop -

The magic shop is much bigger on the inside then the outside as it's the size of a small supermarket store. The store is being run by workers all wearing a bright red vest with their name tags on them. The store is more like a mart then the magic shops Twilight and the others have seen in other worlds. It's more like one of those marts stores with its pristine clean walls and stock shelves, with displays showing what's on sale.

A much older Lina Inverse who still wore the same outfit is at the counter talking to Bayonetta and Jeanne, is what Twilight and the others walk into when they enter the shop. From the looks of things, Lina had used something to alter her body to a taller and much, much bustier figure. Which she went overboard to the point that she stands at 8 feet tall with breasts so big that if she was standing backwards and her arms at her sides, you could still see the sides of her breasts. Both Bayonetta and Jeanne stand around 7 feet and are very sexy but both of them standing next to Lina look like young teenage girls trying to compared themselves to a fully mature full figured woman.

"Welcome to the shop," Lina said seeing Twilight and the others coming in.

"Look Jeanne the group that cause a big fuss in that Bleach/My Goddess world," Bayonetta said.

"Oh so that's them," Jeanne said.

"Not bad for newbies," Bayonetta said.

"Newbies?" Naruto ask.

"Yes newbies. Around here there are plenty of people who have done what your group have done and on a much larger scale," Bayonetta said.

"Your group are just a side note in the paper. To make headline news well you have to do something really big. The issue your group was in had a group of Burger King kids taking on the Star War's empire, mix with sith Reapers, tamed xenomorphs, and Convert forces all under the rule of the dark lord of the sith emperor. And they did it with no special skills or powers before they accidentally found a portal machine sending them to that crossover universe. They learn on their feet as they found themselves in a world where they didn't even speak basic, they had to learn everything on their own. That's more impressive then someone who is already talented in something and finding themselves in a world where they can actually use those skills," Jeanne explains. (4)

"Too much big fish in a small pond," Lina said.

"Well we did buy advance tech and weapons from here and there. Then there's what we get from Rick," Twilight said.

"And using something that most people don't use, common sense," Sunset said.

"I never realized what lack of common sense my world had before it was pointed out to me," Naruto said.

"Makes me wonder what will happen when we get back to my world," Kasumi said.

"Well never mind that," Trixie said as she walks up to the counter and look up at Lina's face. "I would like a book or any learning device that can teach the spells you use."

"Oh that," Lina said as she pointed to one of the shelves that held some devices that look like the TM machines from Pokemon. "Over there all you need is to buy one of those TMs and use it on yourself. The spell labeled on it you will learn how to be able to use."

"Really it's that easy here?" Twilight ask.

"Pokemon world where it's the humans who battle for their pokemon trainers by using magic. It's easier for me to do this then it is for me to actually train someone," Lina said.

"And that you'll be thrown out if you did after what happen the last time," Bayonetta said.

"What happen last time?" Naruto ask.

"Forget it. I don't want to talk about it," Lina said.

"So all the spells you know are on those TMs?" Sunset ask.

"Yes and they're one time use. And the prices for them are mark on the shelves," Lina said.

"Can, I learn spells?" Naruto ask.

Lina pulled out what looks like a scanner and used it on him and the others.

"Nope you don't have magic as does Kasumi. You two can still use magic items but for casting spells, sorry you two can't. Unless you use a magic infusion thing which allows you to use magic. But that's costly and I don't do it here," Lina said.

"Wow girls we're huge!" the voice of Sailormoon shouted out getting their attention.

Looking to where the voice came from they saw it's the cast of Sailormoon from cannon the inner scouts who are standing in front of their counterparts who came from Warhammer 40000 universe. The five scouts from the 40K verse are all dress in power armor that made them much bigger then they're really are. And unlike the cannon scouts all have the faces of battle harden soldiers.

"It's the armor," the 40K Moon snaps at her.

"Hey... don't be mean," Sailormoon said.

"Oh great another cry baby," 40K Moon said.

"Cry baby?" Sailormoon ask.

"Yes a cry baby and a soft one at that. Let me guess if your ward is knock out of your hand you're completely helpless. You maybe from a cannon verse but I haven't met one yet who be able to deal with what, I have to deal with daily. From the chaos gods or their followers spreading their madness, xenos launching attacks, planet wide riots, fighting in war zones with armies in the millions on both sides, and with me being the daughter of the Emperor of Mankind having to keep it all together. You are expected to lead a small star system if you ever expand beyond Earth that is which many don't once they become queen. I on the other hand deal with a galaxy wide empire with threats that are either as strong or stronger then any of the so called villains your group ever had to faced. And they're not stupid like the villains your group deal with in only sending a monster of the week and having vast armies. If I was anything like you, I would be dead a long time ago," 40K Moon explain to Sailormoon before walking out of the store with her scouts following her.

"Does that happen alot here?" Kasumi ask remembering Twilight meeting her counterpart.

"You should see how my counterparts react seeing me," Lina said.

"But yes many of the more you can say harden ones, look down upon their softer cannon counterparts," Jeanne said.

"Many people from a cannon world don't last long as they're too use to things just going their way or it's just how their universe works. And when they suddenly find themselves facing people who aren't dumb or do things like they're use to or they're not the center of attention with people going out of their way to help them in some way. They simply lose it in some cases and get themselves either in trouble or end up dead," Bayonetta said.

"Hey you two are skilled fighters right?" Sunset ask.

"Yes we are," Jeanne said.

"Then you two would know where I can pick up some fighting skills," Sunset said.

"Oh there's the training planet run by some Rick's who put up an immortal field on it. You can't die as long as the field is up so you can learn fast as you can go all out without having to hold back because of fear of dying or being crippled. In fact I can train you and anyone else who wants to learn," Bayonetta said.

"Really but what's the cost?" Sunset ask.

"Just look at her and Jeanne. Both of them are the kind of women who you need a safe word for," Lina said causing Sunset eyes to widen.

"Well that or your group can help us out when we need someone to go and get something for us," Bayonetta said.

"Besides we have a week before we need to be somewhere. So we're only going to be training your group who want to learn for only a week," Jeanne said.

"Ok," Sunset said.

"I could learn something in fighting against magic users," Kasumi said.

"Well then after your group gets what you all came for we can start," Bayonetta said smirking.

"You're going to be killing us alot aren't you?" Twilight ask.

"Yes but you can't die. It's the same logic in how Deadpool is so skillful. Since he can't die he just keeps on fighting and learns to be able to counter what kills him the last time. But of course unlike him after training in the immortal field training grounds, you have to remember that you can no longer take killing blows," Jeanne said.

"Well we do have extra life items from game worlds," Trixie said.

"Smart," Lina spoke up.

"Well only do that to us when we're training," Kasumi said.

"Don't worry we won't be killing you when we're not on the training grounds. The Rick's who run that planet also use it as a high price resort for a guilt free vacation where people can do what they want without worrying about killing themselves. Which they charge you more if you don't follow the rules they set down in the places where you can do certain activities. And while the guest are immortal, the buildings and other items aren't so they setup rules to keep the damages cost down," Bayonetta said.

"Wait how much will this cost?" Twilight ask.

"Well if your group pays for our stay at the resort we'll train you all for free," Jeanne said.

"It's very expensive isn't it?" Twilight ask Lina.

"Yup," Lina said.

"There's always a catch," Sunset mutters.

Chapter 22

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The Bank of England, formally the Governor and Company of the Bank of England, is the central bank of the United Kingdom and the model on which most modern central banks have been based. Established in 1694, it is the second oldest central bank in operation today, after the Sveriges Riksbank. The Bank of England is the world's 8th oldest bank. It was established to act as the English Government's banker and is still one of the bankers for the Government of the United Kingdom. The Bank was privately owned by stockholders from its foundation in 1694 until it was nationalized in 1946. And is now the scene of the latest case solved by Sherlock Holmes and his partner John Watson where they met with their client the bank manager, to pick up their pay check. (1)

"This was a waste of my time," Holmes said to Watson as they made their way out.

"We have bills to pay," Watson said pocketing the check.

"Yes, yes bills to pay...," Holmes said but stop as a woman step into the bank dress in a purple stage magician with a cape covered in stars, matching pointed hat and wrap around goggles. But what caught everyone's attention was her blue skin and long white hair.

"Greetings one and all, you're in the presents of the great and powerful Trixie!" the woman shouted out.

"Hi," Watson said not knowing what's happening.

"Well this is a surprise. The famous detective Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson," Trixie said.

"Been reading Watson's blog?" Holmes said scanning her.

"Doing the Sherlock scan on me, finding clues about me from the small details on my clothes and body," Trixie said. "Nice power for a detective but you're no Batman."

"Well, I can tell you're American by your speech or been living there long enough. Plus there's you comparing me to Batman," Holmes said.

"That's because you're smart and clever like Batman but you're no match for a supervillain like me. As you just don't have the fighting skills needed to take on someone with superpowers," Trixie said.

"Just because you're all dressed up doesn't make you a supervillain," Watson said.

"And just because you have skills in slight of hand and what not, doesn't mean you have superpowers. This isn't a comic," Holmes said.

Trixie smirks as she pointed her finger at Watson and fired a beam of energy at him. Trapping him up to his neck in red rock crystal, surprising everyone watching with the display of magic. And before Holmes could move Trixie zaps him as well trapping in rock crystal as well. Both men tried to break out but found themselves unable to move in their crystal prisons.

"Sorry but you're in a comic now and you two are the closest thing to superheroes London has and you two suck," Trixie said as she began zapping all the security guards trapping them as well in crystal.

Trixie walk past the panicking customers and bank staff, continuing to blast random bank staff as she made her way to the main vault. Meanwhile both Holmes and Watson continue to struggle trying to free themselves, as people fled from the bank one of them ran into Watson causing the crystal to snap from where it was grounded. Watson seeing he has some movement he began rocking back and forth managing to tip himself sending himself falling to the floor. The rock crystal cracked in several places weakening the entire construction enough for him to break free, he also gotten some of the crystal into his mouth causing him to blink as he tasted it.

"It's rock candy," Watson said taking a large piece and lick it. "And it's cherry."

"Watson some help?" Holmes ask as his rock candy prison is still glued to the ground.

"Right," Watson said as he ran over to Holmes and began trying to tip him over to free him.

Watson was suddenly zapped again as Trixie came back from the vault carrying a small lockbox under her arm. This time Watson was trap in taffy and he's glued to Holmes as he was still trying to tip him over when he was zapped. Sounds of police cars came from outside the bank, as the police quickly rushed to the bank once the alarm was sounded.

"Well looks like the show is over," Trixie said as she took out a what looks like a long neck bottle with a red liquid inside of it, from her pocket.

"You really don't think that will do anything to that many police out there," Watson said.

"Nope but it will give me a blast," Trixie said before eyeing Holmes. "You know this was way too easy. I expected more from someone like you. But then again you just solve cases and never had to deal with a supervillain before."

"You're not a supervillain," Holmes snaps.

"Well, I got magic powers," Trixie said.

"Just tricks, there is no such thing as magic," Holmes said.

"Then explain this," Trixie said tossing the bottle behind her and a red door appeared from a cloud of smoke. Trixie open the door leading to somewhere hidden in shadows and step through it and closed the door behind her, with the door disappearing once it was closed.

"Sherlock what was that?" Watson ask not believing what just happen right in front of him.

"Some kind of trick," Sherlock said refusing to believe in magic.

"So how did she trap us in candy then?" Watson ask.

"I'll figure that out later," Sherlock said.

The police entered the bank and spread out helping to free the people trap in rock candy. The police freed Sherlock but had to take Watson outside to wash off the taffy off of him. Sherlock joined the police in searching the bank for Trixie but found no trace of her anywhere in the building, even reviewing the video from the cameras came up with nothing. They did discovered how she entered the vault which was still there but with a chalk door drawn on it. The footage showed Trixie drawing on the vault door and she pushed the chalk door open letting her inside the vault. Which still worked even with her gone, leaving Sherlock to wonder how it was even possible for something out of those old American cartoons. But one thing Sherlock knows is true is that he's not going to rest till he finds out what's going on.

Chapter 23

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The world is one where a man name Eric Forster who on his world is the first human being to with superpowers after he survives an explosion in his apartment building. After using his new powers to rescue other survivors in full view of TV cameras, Eric becomes an immediate sensation. That where things go downhill, fast. (1)

Discovering his powers causes Eric to become more religious than he already was, believing he has been chosen to act as God's messenger in a manner reminiscent to the Biblical Samson or Jesus. This quickly develops into megalomania as Eric starts regarding himself as an actual god and decides that regular humans are far, far beneath him. Once Eric realizes the people he wants to save so desperately fear him because of his power he goes completely manic and decides to treat people as ants to be squashed under his whims. His first act was to cripple his brother Hugh and brutally rape Hugh's wife Alma. He went on a rampage for 3 years across America, till Twilight and the others came to his world.

"What did you do to me?" Eric shouted out as he tries to use his powers but couldn't.

He had walked into another town when three young women had appeared out of a portal in front of him, one with purple skin and purple hair, one blue skin and white hair, the last orange skin and red hair. Before he could do anything the three blasted him with energy beams from their hands. And now he's on his knees in front of them as people of the town surrounded them, some of them using their phones to record or sending images online.

"Strip you of your powers. We know who you are Eric Forster," the purple one said.

"You gain powers and decided that you're a god from another universe," the blue one said.

"And decided to go around killing just for fun," the orange one said.

"You're not special, not the chosen one, not a god, you're just some guy who was lucky enough to be in the right spot when someone like us drop something which you were the only one close by at the time to be effected by it. Which gave you your powers in the first place," the purple one said.

"So you're just some guy who got lucky and that it. You gaining powers was a complete accident," the blue one said.

"And now you're nothing like you were before. And now that you don't have powers and they'll never coming back to you ever thanks to what we did to you," the orange one said.

"You just did this... to... me?" Eric said trying to find words.

"What? That it's wrong? Oh wait, you have the mindset that wrong is just a word people who don't have power made up," the purple one said mockingly.

"Well seeing how you are now powerless now. You can use the word wrong now," the blue one said.

"And now we'll leave you to face the punishment of your fellow powerless humans who you are now like now," the orange one said.

With that the three disappeared into another portal. Leaving Eric there on his knees wondering what just happen. Then he was knocked down by a pair of cops who been watching with the crowd and once the three women were gone ran up and tackled him to the ground. Eric struggled but without his powers, he's just a normal human again and not special anymore. He was cuffed and hurled away as the crowd around him jeered and mock him while taking pictures of the self proclaimed god who is now powerless.


Rick's Hub -

Sunset was once again viewing other universes to visit, they're currently having some down time after the mission to Sherlock universe and the stop over in that other world with that power mad super. It was one of those prevention missions that the Witcher guild posted on their online mission billboard. The lock box that Trixie took was something that would had resulted in a world wide outbreak straight out of the ‘Crossed’ verse. Where infected people have a bloody cross on their faces and all become insane killers. But because of what Trixie did there’s a craze going around about superheroes and villains. Which Trixie wants to make her return as a reoccurring villain.

That she and the others don't want as they already did enough. It's not like they're all superpowered... well she and the others have been using the plasmids that they gotten from Bioshock Rick, which are showing results. They been taking the doses as labeled on the bottles and like any other medicine as long as they followed the directions there be no side effects. Her body is getting really toned with muscles while keeping her figure. She likes her new stronger body, as she likes to think of herself as the muscle of the group and that she likes keeping herself big using the super mushroom. (2)

Which is why she's at the sports area of the Rick's trading hub. Where she spent sometime in the training room where she learned to be able to move around as a giant. And now she's at the wrestling center where a group match had taken place, between Sailormoon and the inner scouts from a cannon verse, vs the ones from a Warhammer 4000 crossover verse. Who Sunset saw in Lina Inverse's magic shop.

The match is the cannon ones using nothing but their enhanced strength in their magic forms against the Warhammer 4000 ones. Without any other magic or anything else, as the cannon ones thought that the Warhammer ones are like them but in power armor. Which that train of thought ended when they step out of their suits revealing that all 5 of them are 7 foot tall amazons. Who are all have powerful muscular bodies thanks to body altering technology found in the Warhammer 4000 verse, on top of the magic enhanced magical girl forms. Which gave them a much higher base line strength level when they transformed then the five normal high school 14 year old girls.

And the match was completely one sided with the cannon girls getting their butts handed to them. With the Warhammer scouts showing the cannon ones what would really happen if the villains they faced are smart and not just attack one at a time but as a team. Which the cannon ones are just too use on outnumbering the villains. And that without their magic attacks they suck at hand to hand combat. The match ended with the cannon scouts being piled on top of each other and for the Warhammer ones to do a power group butt slam on them. And Sunset took a picture of the Warhammer scouts sitting on top of the cannon scouts who are piled on top of each other with Moon being on top and Lita on the bottom.

Then the cannon Neptune and Uranus came in with their Warhammer counterparts who are from the same universe that the ones who just kicked the cannon inner scouts butts. Who had their own match like the scouts. Which pair won is more in what you define as losing and what you define as winning. Warhammer 4000 Moon told cannon Moon as she and the other Warhammer scouts continue to use her group as chairs. That they’re lucky that her group aren’t like some of the other scouts who like taking advantage of a defeated foe sexually or are the futa ones.

After the older scouts helped the younger ones to the medical ward of the gym, which will put their broken bodies back together. Which is the reason why the Warhammer scouts didn't hold back as much, seeing how advance the medical care is where you can be riddled with laser blasts and be brought back to life. Then she noticed something on her computer screen as she was scanning one universe after another.

On the screen is a world like the one she came from but with ponies spraying some kind of liquid on humans that transforms them into smiling ponies. She noticed that there's a transparent word 'dark' on the bottom of the screen. Flipping to another world she saw a world where Pokemon who lose too many times are sold to a slaughterhouse to be made into meat products, with the same 'dark' text on the bottom of the screen. A world of Sym-Bionic Titan where the giant space bat having paralyzed every human on Earth for 3 months ended with everyone but Octus dead. A world where Spongbob Squarepants is the results of a toxic waste spill. A world where people died when the Power Puff Girls had played tag and are outcast and abandon by their father. A world where Kim Possible is captured by Shego and an army of her clones who use her as their sex toy, using a holodeck to fulfill any of their depraved sex fantasies. Then a Dexter's Laboratory world where Dee Dee rather then being just dumb and clueless, is a cruel, destructive jerkass, who completely destroyed her brother's life's work, openly belittles, insults, humiliates, and abuses him for shits and giggles.

"From that look on your face you finally discovered the dark multiverse," a Rick said who sat next to her to watch the one sided beat down.

"Dark multiverse?" Twilight ask.

"The Dark multiverse is the dark reflection of every multiverse there is, where every fear and bad decision ever made is found. It's a place where everything that could have gone wrong happen, with things ending up going horribly wrong or right depending on what world you're talking about. I stay out of there for a reason, as the Ricks there... well you think I'm bad the ones found there are worse then me even on my bad days. Most Rick's around here do have standards, while the ones over there don't," Rick said. (3)

"And the dark label on the screen is a warning," Sunset asked.

"Yup," Rick said burping.

"Meatball head, if you think of an idea like us fighting counterparts of us again who are from a place like Warhammer 4000. I'm going to kick your butt," Mars said as she and the others limped out of the medical ward.

"I thought they wouldn't be amazons," Moon said.

"That's because you girls are magic casting magic girls. Who are completely out of your league when you have to fight someone who doesn't rely on just stock footage magic attacks," Sunset said speaking up.

"What do you mean by that?" Moon ask.

"From what, I have seen magical girls like you girls all rely on magic attacks out of Pokemon and Digimon. Using the same attack again and again, like you Mercury with that bubble attack that just made fog, till you finally learned to use a spell that didn't make you all but helpless in battle. You are all just use to having the villains being dumb and never just stepping out of the way of your attacks or just attacking you all when you're doing your transformations. Then there's those outfits that you all wear that only keeps villains from ever taking any of you seriously. Which is why, I can't take you magical girl types seriously," Sunset said.

"Hey!" Venus said.

"She's right. There's a whole lot of porn staring you girls," Rick said. "Sure the younger ones come off more as cute, but seeing how all of you are 14 and older. It's just fap material."

"EEEWWW!" the scouts all said.

"Plus there are better scouts then you from cannon, not to mention a Moon who isn't a dumb blonde," Rick said as he pointed to different groups of scouts.

A Moon who is dressed like Goku. "Over there is a Moon who is the daughter of Goku."

A Moon dressed like Catwoman. "One whose parents are Batman and Catwoman."

A Moon dressed as a pirate. "One from the One Piece world."

A Moon dressed in a retro spacesuit. "She's the daughter of Flash Gordon."

A Moon wearing a outfit that matches Doctor Fate. "Doctor Fate and his wife kid."

One who is wearing the outfit minus the mask. "Daughter of Doctor Doom."

A Moon who is dressed as a monster clown who is grinning. "Daughter of Joker and Harley."

A Moon who is dressed in dirty and stinky clothes, who is walking with an adult Ed and May Kanker from 'Ed, Edd N Eddy'. "Daughter of those two."

"Eew," the scouts said glad that she's not their Moon.

Another who is wearing a yellow trench coat and matching hat. "She was raised by Dick Tracy."

Then finally to one who is walking with a Rick and is wearing a coat like him. "Then there are plenty of ones who are a Rick's granddaughter."

"What?" Moon ask her eye twitching.

"You girls suck when you're out of your world setting. Deal with it bitches," Rick said getting a glare from the scouts.

"Here," Sunset said giving her a card. "I got this from Bayonetta and Jeanne who taught me and my group some fighting skills. And there are classes where magic users who actually learn magic and not having it just handed to them, will teach you all how to use more then one set of spells that came with your magic item."

"Learn spells?" Jupiter ask.

"Any real magic user can easily defeat you scouts. One antimagic or a mute spell and you all be completely helpless. The only way you would win is if they like your villains just played around with you or you manage to take them by surprise," Sunset pointed out.

"Or you can just buy weapons from one of the Rick's selling weapons to deal with magic," Rick said.

"True," Sunset said before turning back to the scouts. "Me and my group encountered a group of scouts who all came from different worlds where each of them are the last survivors of their groups. They're all messed up in one way or another. You all should speak to them. The last time, I saw them was at Moe's so just ask there about them."

"Thanks," Moon said as she and her group left the gym.


At Moe's -

Twilight had return from the Witcher guild having cashed in the bounties she and the others had earned. And that world with the power mad super did counted as a bounty thanks to them filming it. She spotted Kasumi eating with Naruto and Trixie, waiting for her to join them. And she noticed that in the table next to them is a group of 3 Hild's. Twilight joined her party and couldn't help but overhear what's happening at the Hild table.

"I don't see what you have to complain about," Hel who is the classic myth goddess and whose body is half white and black.

"You have any idea how much stress I'm under in keeping things running as I do," Hild said to her older counterpart. "You're from the classic myth while, I'm from the My Goddess verse. Where I'm in charge of all over hell and all the other world's hells in that universe. I have to keep the different demons from many worlds from doing something dumb. I had to make so many examples till they finally got the message. You don't have to deal with all of that."

"And you don't have to deal with my family. Loki being my father and sometimes mother isn't something I like to deal with. Not to mention the rest of the family. You're actually very liked and demons under you respect you seeing how good of a ruler you are. Not to mention thanks to how your universe works you are able to use more powers then me," Hel said.

"At least you two are able to use your powers freely," the 3rd Hild said. "For anyone in my universe who is a god or demon no matter who you are. To be able to use my powers, I need a blood offering of mortals just to use a simple spell. Do you have any idea how long it's been for anyone on my Earth to be able to use our powers, thanks to mortals not into killing others as offerings to us anymore. Sure there's a few cults here and there and some killer who kills people and offering their souls to me. And no old offerings don't get added to like a spell counter that shows how many spells left you can use. It has to be fresh and done right when I need to use a spell."

"Which is why you're using high tech stuff instead of spells?" Hel ask.

"Yes," Hild said who while looks just like the other Hild is wearing a cyber suit instead of a revealing dress. "On the plus side my Urd can call me mom and that brat sister of hers can't use her super intelligence without an offering. So she can't be high and mighty."

"Wait, I thought Skuld was super smart," Twilight spoke up.

"She is but the lion share comes from her godhood. And without it she's smart but not that smart compared to Skuld's who can use all of their powers that comes with being a goddess," Hild explains.

"You should see what a limp dick wimp Zeus is without his god powers," Hel said.

"So without the powers that come with being a god or a demon. What's left isn't anything to speak of?" Kasumi asked.

"The only ones who still have something without their powers are the ones who were mortals before they gain godhood or demonhood. And the ones who give up their powers for a time to be a mortal before returning as what they were. The ones like us who are born as gods and demons....," Hild was about to say.

"They're all little wimp bitches who are nothing without their powers," Rick said as he walks up to Twilight's group.

"Rick what are you doing here?" Twilight ask.

"Oh just came over to get something and seeing how you're here," Rick said as he gives her a bottle of pills. "The order of power up Starman pills."

"Thanks," Twilight said.

"Thank you for the bucks," Rick said before turning to the 3 goddesses. "Well see you bitches later."

With that Rick left, while the 3 goddesses remind themselves that attacking Rick would just end horribly for them.

"Rick would just strip you of all of your powers and then mock you and do stuff. Till he loses interest with it and just leaves," Naruto asked.

"Yes," the 3 Hilds said.

"One of the Rick's went and reprogrammed the world tree where the only way for gods and demons to retain their powers is for them to appear as ugly losers. Hild of that world is a fat, balding, zit ridden, farting, booger eating, bloated festering sweaty pusfilled malformed, shameless pig. And she's the pretty one," Hel said.

"So you all just let Rick's do what they want?" Twilight ask.

"It's easier and safer," Hild said.

"And you all seen what happens to those who tried," Naruto said.

"Oh yeah," Hild said.

Chapter 24

View Online

With a swing of a wooden bat Trixie knocks a couple of teeth out of the mouth of Senator Ethan Roark Sr. who has been stripped naked in the center of Basin City, with many news crews filming the scene. The reason why no one is stopping Trixie from beating the senator is because of the army of battle droids covering the crowd. Then there's the warships and the big warship that's hovering over the city, which kept the arm forces at bay. The big warship is using a tractor beam to hold a big piece of space rock which if anyone tries to interfere with Trixie would drop the rock which not only destroy the city but most likely end all life on the planet.

"You know Roark if you would had just merely let the fact that you lost in a game of cards to me go. None of this would be happening," Trixie said as she swings the bat again this time aiming for the senator's chest, breaking a rib or two.

"Stop!" Roark pleaded to her.

"Oh please as if you had listen as you had beaten your wife to death," Trixie said.

"I didn't...," Roark began before he was kicked in the face.

"Please, I know for the fact you did. Seeing how you said that to me after you sent your goons to grab me so you could steal my winnings back. Which I recorded with my holo-glasses that I was wearing," Trixie said as she brings up a hologram screen into the air where everyone could see it.

On the screen Trixie is sitting in Roark's limo after she was pulled into it by his goons and sat in the chair that's facing him. And he was telling her how things work around here and how much power he has. Trixie just sat there unaffected as she egged him on in revealing how much he gets away with. Then when he told his goons to beat and rape her is when she finally acted. Displaying her magical powers ripping the limo apart then blasted Roark and his goons destroying their clothes leaving them naked before she flew off.

"There I just showed everyone what you told me in your limo thinking that your goons would take care of me. But instead I showed you where you stand. Me being an alien from another world who has her own personal army of robots. Which truth to be told are all just security and worker robots for the giant mining ship that's hovering over the city. But here on this planet is enough for me to do what I want," Trixie said.

"What more do you want?" Roark asked seeing how helpless he is. There are several robots around him who all are aiming their weapons at him ready to open fire. There isn't even a chance for a sniper as he's inside a force field.

"I want you to put in your bank information here," Trixie said showing him the laptop computer with a transfer of his entire bank account waiting for his password. "All the money you and your family has is going to go up in smoke. Transferred to so many places on this planet that you'll never get it all back."

"No," Roark said knowing that if he is going to survive this if he'll need all the money he has.

"Yes you realize that once I make you do this then there's nothing left to stop the wolves from huffing and puffing your door down. So many enemies that you have made over the years not to mention rivals in the government who will be doing everything that they can to bring you down, dragging you through the mud. And without your money there is no way to pay off the right people to make things go away, well there is still all the blackmail you must have gathered but still, with me being the first alien that show herself in such a way that there's no way to ever cover this up. With my ship which is just an old mining ship that is holding a rock big enough to kill all life on this planet overhead and an army of old security robots having taken a major city, not to mention this is being broadcasted all over the world. The whole world is watching this senator, the whole world watching this where me an alien is holding the whole world hostage just so I can beat and humiliate you without anyone trying to stop me or the rock drops and all life ends. All because you couldn't stand the idea that someone beat you in a game of cards," Trixie said as she taps her bat into Roark's mouth.

"Just kill me," Roark shouted.

"What and end your suffering? I think not. No I want you to live like you did with John Hartigan the police detective who refused to bow to the corruption that has engulfed this city. His last case prior to his retirement is the investigation of a serial killer and rapist, who preys on prepubescent girls. He eventually discovers that the killer is Roark Junior, your late son Senator Roark. Despite rampant corruption in the legal system and numerous attempts on his life by you, he pursued the case," Trixie said followed by another swing of her bat at Roark's torso.

"Not true," Roark said.

"On his last night on the job, Hartigan is called to rescue Junior's newest intended victim, 11-year-old Nancy Callahan. His partner Bob who was secretly accepting bribes from you petitions him to let the case go, but Hartigan refuses, punching Bob out and proceeding to the crime scene alone. Once there, he dispatches Roark Junior's henchmen and brutally punishes Roark Junior, shooting off the rapist's left ear, right hand, and genitals. Before Hartigan can kill Junior, Bob arrives on the scene and shoots Hartigan in the back several times, and in the chest shortly thereafter," Trixie said.

"No!" Roark shouted.

"That night, you Senator Roark visits Hartigan in the hospital, telling John that he will be framed for raping Nancy, and threatens to kill anyone who knows the truth. You pays to cure Hartigan's angina to ensure the detective will not be spared any misery. Hartigan is tortured by Liebowitz of the police department and never confesses to the crime during the trial, but he doesn't say a word concerning Junior's guilt and allows himself to be convicted as a child rapist," Trixie said.

"You can't prove it!" Roark shouted out.

"Oh really?" Trixie said as she snaps her fingers and two robots came with Ethan Roark who is being held up between them. And he was tossed next to his father.

"You had Junior undergoes years of surgeries to repair his limbs and genitals. Not because you love him, oh no you don't love him anymore as he loves you as he hates you for killing his mom. No you had him rebuilt because you hope to get some grandchildren from him to continue on with the family name as you and your two brothers are the only ones left of your generation. But as everyone can see the surgeries leave Junior horribly disfigured; he now has bright yellow skin and blood, and emits a disgusting stench," Trixie said.

"He's not my son!" Roark shouted out hoping to save face.

"Oh come on now? Why lie at this point? Besides unlucky for you, your son loves to video tape his rapes to enjoy them later. And here's one that has you in it," Trixie said as a screen appeared in the air again.

Junior is in his room in the Roark mansion with the dead body of another girl he had just killed. When his father entered the room and began talking to him about giving him some grandkids and to stop with his games. It goes back and forth till Roark Sr. leaves the room.

"I have copied the tapes and given them out all over and I mean all over to every police department, news station and government agencies all over the world. And given the originals to your old friend senator Brovo who hates you and now has hard evidents of you aiding your rapist son in his killings. In fact I had my robots also upload all your files in your money matters to the IRS who be coming after you for all the tax frauds you have done. Also thanks to your connections to the local crime families I also broke into their files and given the information of their money laundries to the IRS as well. And unlike other agencies you can't just threaten them or blackmail them into submission as anyone does ends up under a microscope. Which you, Roark are now under," Trixie explains. (1)

Trixie pulls out a ray gun and points it at the two Roarks. She pulls the trigger and fires a beam of energy at the father and son pair. Both of them began screaming and losing bowl control as their bodies shake underneath the beam of energy.

"It's called the Agony Matrix. Direct neuro-stimulation of pain receptors... All of them. Imagine the worst pain you have ever felt in your life times a thousand. Now imagine that pain continuing forever. ...Oh, that's right. You two don't have to imagine," Trixie said as she lets go of the trigger.

"No more!" Roark Sr. begged.

"Type your password and I'll stop," Trixie said.

"Yes," Roark Sr. said as he type in his password and the transfer of money started emptying the entire Roark family wealth from the different bank accounts and holdings.

"Good and now, I take my leave," Trixie said as a portal opens in front of her. She turns to a camera of a news crew. "And I do hope the Roark family gets what's coming to them or maybe, I'll spread the word of this planet to some space pirates and other low lives in the galaxy of how easy it was for me to do what I wanted here."

With that Trixie enters the portal and the robots all teleported away and the spaceships all flew into space. Leaving behind a shaken planet who were under threat of a world ending event by the giant space rock that was hang over them. All because of Senator Roark Sr. being a sore loser. Which everyone attention was turned to them and the wrath that would follow would leave Roark wishing for his death.


Later -

In the ruins of Tokyo Sailormoon gasped for breath as she pulls herself from the rubble of the building that she was thrown into. Dazed she tries to remember what happen and how she got here. Then she remembers the nightmare that her world has become.

From space a warlord that no one on Earth had to ever face appeared seeking the Infinity Stones. They are singularities that existed before the Big Bang that created the universe. And all six ended up on Earth, which is why the warlord name Thanos came.

He began by seeking the Mighty One in America a young boy name Max. For in his red cap that Max wore is the Space Stone. That allowed him and his two companions to open portals to anywhere they wanted. Thanos killed the 3 and gain the power to open portals to other dimensions.

Thanos traveled to the dimension of Mewni seeking the Power Stone that rested on the head of Glossaryck. Only Princess Star was the only survivor of her family who escape with the help of queen Eslipsa who escaped with her daughter and husband. They escape to Earth where Marco an earth boy who Star befriended told them to alert all the other heroes.

But even with the warning some didn't listen thinking they be able to handle things. Thanos army attacked the Soul Society next to take the Soul Stone from the Soul King which allowed the dimension of spirits to exist. Once Thanos took the Soul Stone, all the spirits simply broke away into ash.

Then Thanos set his sights on the Ghost Zone where Clockwork the ghost of time dwells. Even with the help of Danny Phantom, XJ-9, Jake Long, Juniper Lee, Ben 10 and his friends with the help of another Time Traveler Professor Paradox with other American heroes. They couldn't stop Thanos as he ripped the Time Stone from Clockwork's body.

Thanos then came for the Mind Stone that lay inside the Millennium Puzzle that Yugi Mutou wore around his neck. Which is where Sailormoon came in, with other heroes from all across Japan. Everyone who could fight threw themselves at Thanos to stop him, all the magical warriors and girls, demons, gods, robots, even highschool kids who knew how to fight step up to fight.

Moon had used her wand to try to destroy the Millennium Puzzle to keep Thanos from getting it and she did destroy it. But Thanos had used the Time Stone to reverse time back before the puzzle was destroyed. He grabbed her wand when she tried to destroy it again, blasting her into a building.

"Funny I thought that the final stone would be located far from here. But you gave it to me," Thanos said as he held the moon wand that held the silver crystal.

"What?" Moon asked taken by surprise when what he just said.

"Your family had this for generations which had seeped its way into you," Thanos said as he crushes the wand to pieces and held the crystal. "The Reality Stone that you and your line never truly understood which power is inside of you."

"Inside me?" Moon asked.

"Yes," Thanos said as he places the last stone in place on the Infinity Gauntlet giving him complete control over the power that each of the stones held. Moon gave out a scream as the power that the Reality Stone had given to her and those who held the the bloodline of the royal Moon family.

"What have you done?" Moon asked unable to move from where she had fallen.

"What must be done," Thanos said as he snaps his fingers before teleporting away.

From where Moon stood she could only gasp in horror as the heroes who had shown up to help fight began turning to ash before fading away. Across the universe half of all life in the universe and the dimensions connected to it, turn to ash before breaking apart and leaving no trace behind. Moon looked down at herself as her own body broke apart, she looked up in time to see her fellow scouts calling to her before she finally faded away.

Outside the universe Twilight had been scanning universes to visit and saw the last part of Thanos erasing half of all life in that universe. Seeing how powerful Thanos is and that he still has the Infinity Gauntlet with all the power stones, he's way above their weight class. She alerted the guild and a veteran squad would handle things.

Across the multi-verse the guilds alarm was sent for one of it's many teams to handle someone of Thanos threat level. On his little planet the Little Prince hitched onto a shooting star into the portal that opened over his planet. On her ship a adult Pippi Longstockings set sail into the open portal. From her home Wendy the good witch and her friend since childhood Casper both step into the portal. From the town of Frostbitefalls, Rocky and Bullwinkle put on their gear before stepping into the portal. And the final member of the team, The Iron Man a towering iron giant step into the giant size portal to join his team. (2)

"Wait those guys are veterans who can handle Thanos who has the power of the Infinity Gauntlet?" Kasumi asked.

"Why are you so surprise? Charlie Brown is a one man army," Naruto said.

"True," Kasumi said.

"What do we do now?" Twilight asked.

"I for one would like to...," Trixie began but was stop by Sunset.

"Oh no. You got to pick the last one and we ended up holding that Earth hostage so that you could beat that scumbag after he acted like a sore loser," Sunset said.

"It did end well with him being exposed along with his rapist son," Trixie said.

"How about we go around collecting treasure?" Naruto asked.

"Ok," Twilight said liking how Naruto is getting back that spark he had before he learned the truth of himself and what his village really saw him as. Nothing but a weapon to die for them.

"So back to looting some dead worlds again?" Trixie asked.

"That and where we can easily get treasure," Twilight said taking the controls and opening up the portal machine.


Later -

Their first stop took them to the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' verse. Right after the events of the first movie. The treasure cave that the cursed pirates had amassed over the years for the day when the curse is broken. Had sunk underneath the sea before anyone could get to the treasure. At least before the people of that world did, Twilight took the cursed gold coins to see if the curse still works even in another universe while the others took all the other loot. The only one who knew they were even there was the undead monkey.

The next stop was the 'The Jungle Book' verse. The huge treasure chamber of the temple deep in the jungle of a now vanished dynasty that Mowgli discovered. Kasumi led the robot team to loot the treasures within, while Naruto showed King Louie how to make fire.

Then the 'Banjo-Tooie' verse was next. The treasure chamber in the Mayahem Temple that is full of piles of gold. Which no one seemed to want so Twilight and the gang went and took all the treasures within.

In the world of 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' the Disney version. Seeing how the dwarves throw away the gems that they don't want and don't sound good. Trixie traded some barrels of beer, ale and wine, and some food stuff for the gems.

In the world of 'Congo' with the ancient mine guarded by trained killer gorillas. Which is the reason why the lost city of Zinj was abandon as the race of hyper-territorial gorillas bred by the people of Zinji, did their job of guarding the city too well. With the robots scaring the gorillas away and setting up force fields, the gang took all the diamonds.

They came to an Earth in the Marvel Verse, the one where after a nuclear war left only the Hulk alive. They recovered the intact machines and valuables underneath the ground in long forgotten underground bases and what nots. They also discovered the Hulk who after Banner's death from a heart attack, was the only one left. Who even after they offered their help in taking him someplace else refused to leave, wanting to die on his terms.

Then they went to an Earth in the DC verse, of the Justice Friends cannon. Where after the Legion of Doom tried to kill the Super Friends with a solar flare and the heroes using a force field to stop it but the solar flare combine with the force field created a radiation field that killed all life on the planet. With only Superman surviving long enough to leave a recording, which eons later a group of travelers with god like powers would reverse time and stop it from ever happening. But before that the gang help themselves to all the advance technology and items found in the DC world.


On another Earth -

"This place is a dump," Trixie said who is like the others is wearing her spacesuit.

The Earth they found is something they have seen before, a heavily polluted planet with the human race having died off. The air unbreathable, the water nothing more then toxic sludge, the ground barely seen in most places thanks to all the garbage piled up. There is little life left on the planet with it only being bugs and mold. It looks like the humans of this world tried to survived in dome cities before they failed too and from the looks of the domes from fighting among themselves.

"But it's full of resources," Twilight said.

She is overseeing the robots as they brought in trash by the truckload. Which are dump into the recycling machine that broke down the trash into 4 main raw materials, organic, mineral, synthetic, and in rare cases exotic. With each material having sub categorizes from what kind of metal, what kind of organic materials to if it's oil based. The machine is an industrial size Material Recycler that Twilight got from a Rick from the Prey universe who used some upgrades he got from the Fallout verse to break down things more. It made things easier to deal with worlds that are covered in garbage.

Twilight even deployed the machines she got from a Rick from Horizon Dawn universe. Which she's doing so that she could get a supply of blaze and chillwater, which are a bio-fuel and a liquid nitrogen like chemical coolant from the terra-former and the purifier machines. She's also using the recycler machines the Glinthawks and Scrappers to help in breaking down large pieces of trash to fit in the transports, with the transport class machines helping with the load. And the recon machines to find the good trash sending data to the Tallnecks the communication class machines.

"And the money here are the same besides the date," Sunset said having broken into a couple of banks and emptied them out after confirming the paper money and coins are the same. As sometimes the money is too different to be passed off in other worlds they normally go to.

"Girls!" Kasumi voice called to them on their coms. "Me and Naruto found something you all need to see. Teleport to our location."

"You heard her," Twilight said as she and the others teleported away leaving the robots to continue on their work.

Twilight and the others founds themselves on an island with the ship that Kasumi and Naruto took when they went off to explore. Kasumi was there waiting for them and lead them to a underground cavern that Naruto found when the scanner picked up some strange readings on the island. Once in the cave they saw why Kasumi called them, as the entire cavern is made out of some kind of white crystal, with a center room that has a giant broken crystal orb in them middle. The dried husk of a woman laid on the floor, in her hands that are cupped together are 5 rings. And Naruto is standing in front of the woman.

"Why did you call us for this?" Trixie ask.

"She asked for it," Naruto said.

A ghost appeared over the dead body of the woman. She is a beautiful, mature woman with tan skin, dark hair with lighter streaks and light-colored eyes. She wears a long, purple dress, purple shoes, a thin, golden headband and two long, light-colored decorative pieces of material, one of which is wrapped around her left upper arm and the other is tied together with a hem of her dress on her right shoulder.

"Gaia?" Sunset ask recognizing her from the cartoon, which means this world is one that the villains 'won' if you could called it winning.

"Yes, I sensed you all when you started to clean up my world," Gaia said. "I'm still too weak and used up to do anything more then this. But I thank you for what you're doing. Naruto has been telling me about you. It's been a very long time since travelers from another universe have visited me."

"We can leave some of our robots here with a factory to make more to clean up your world," Trixie said.

"But even then it will take many years for your world to be like what it was before humans started to kill their world," Twilight said.

"It be enough, I can wait and see new life return to my world. I have done so in the past. I hope that the new life won't follow the same path as the humans of my world. I only wish that the humans had listen to my planeteers," Gaia said.

"Some worlds have humans who do and others don't," Kasumi said.

"Here take their rings, as my thanks. Captain Planet needs to see worlds that did see their errors and did save their earths," Gaia said.

The 5 power rings floated up and flew to the gang. Twilight got the Earth Ring, Trixie the Water Ring, Sunset the Fire Ring, Kasumi the Wind Ring, and Naruto got the Heart Ring.

"You are now the new planeteers," Gaia said before disappearing having spent what's left of her energy to appear in front of them. Now she will rest and recover as the machines the travelers brought heal her world.

"Well this is going to be interesting," Twilight said wondering what her new magic ring can really do.

Chapter 25

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"So you're all planeteers now?" Johnny Bravo asked Sunset as they sat at the counter at Moe's.

"Yes Johnny we ended up in a crossover world with Captain Planet and Wall-E. We turn on all the other Wall-E robots and reprogram them to continue on crushing the trash into squares so other robots can put them into the recyclers. Which breaks down the trans so they can be use to make robots from Horizon Dawn and more Wall-E's to clean up the planet. Not to mention give me and the others a supply of resources to use later," Sunset explains.

"That's going to give you alot of brownie points with the different Gaia's and other eco friends," Johnny said.

"Yeah and raise our ranks in the guild," Sunset said.

"So where's the old captain now?" Johnny ask.

"Over there," Sunset said pointing to a table that's full of Captain Planets from other universes both male and female and between.

"Needs time to adjust to everything?" Johnny ask.

"I thought spending some time with his counterparts who come from a good future world help him," Sunset said.

"So how powerful is he?" Johnny ask.

"Planet level," Sunset said.

"Planet level?" Johnny ask.

"He is as powerful as the planet he is on. On a normal planet he can use all the elements and powers of said planet and if it's a planet with magic he can use all the magic. He's a powerhouse on the level of Superman, with some weaknesses mainly to pollution and strong negative emotions. In fact he draws power from any form of light like Superman does, with any other element there is but for toxic. Making him all but unbeatable while on a planet. The only reason why he's cheesey in his world is because of the logic that universe runs on. Like that plane the planeteers ride in that runs on solar power and can travel around the world very fast, none of them ever bothered to give an eco-friendly machine to the masses where it could had done alot of good," Sunset said.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. Most of my counterparts are just like the cartoon. But lucky for me my dad is Duke Nukem and he taught me a thing or two," Johnny said.

"He's your dad? Well that explains why you're dating so many women," Sunset said.

"Yeah, I'm a chick magnet but don't worry I'm not the kind of guy who sleeps around," Johnny said.

"Really?" Sunset ask.

"That's what my mama taught me. Dating lots of women to find if there's a connection is one thing but I'm saving myself for the gal I want to marry," Johnny said. "By the way where are the others?"

"Twilight and the others have used one of the station's gateways to go visit one of the worlds that is a portal hub," Sunset said.

"Oh right one of the worlds that has it's own dimensional network. So which one?" Johnny ask.

"The one that's a Jetsons and Harry Potter world," Sunset said.

"Wait the one with the muggles all living in a high tech world of floating cities while the magic users refusing to give up their magic because their magic short out technolgy of that world and caused entire cities to fall from the sky in the past. That the muggles created anti-magic fields that depowers anything magic in nature. Which caused the magic users to live in overcrowded magic islands and ramshackle floating communities right out of a Waterworld, with only the rich and power of the magic community having any real space?" Johnny ask.

"Yup," Sunset said.


Jetsons/Harry Potter world -

"435 years ago the planet's atmospheric temperature peaked. Earth's remaining ice melted and the planet lost 22 percent of the remaining land mass worldwide. Every country did what it could to adapt, but then the Hanlon meteor struck what was known as the Pacific ocean. Chaos ensued. The Hanlon was two hundred miles across and three miles high and made up of 95 percent ice. Before long, it melted, pushing water levels far above even the highest places left on the planet. Add the earthquakes and eruptions the entire planet was no longer suited for human life. What remained of mankind headed into orbit and took residence in the space stations they had built for just that kind of emergency. The number of people left behind was staggering, but nothing could be done. After many years in space mankind return to the planet building floating cities. That is now home to not only humans but also the surviving magical non-humans," Twilight said as she read the guild book as she, Trixie, Kasumi, and Naruto were stopping at a fast food place called Star Burgers.

"What about the magic users?" Naruto asked.

"Here we go," Twilight said flipping through the guild and finding the brief history on the magical world. "The magical world having long isolated themselves from the muggle world, when the water rose they used their magic to make pieces of land to float on the water. With how dense the muggle cities became with more advancements in technology the magical world retreated to the floating islands abandoning old magical settlements that became covered in the raising waters. Using magic they remain hidden from the muggles. When the Hanlon meteor struck it caused tidal waves that sank many of the islands while others sank as the impact disrupted the magical laylines of the planet. Causing magic to either fail or be weaken, with many magic users have to combine their magic together to perform spells that has continued to this day. The magic laylines caused the magical creatures hidden by magic to be revealed once the magic fields weaken...."

"And then what?" Trixie ask.

"There's a lot here so I'll just give you the main points. The magic users refused to take in muggles who were left behind or the non-humans, who survived the best they could on ships and anything else that could float. When the muggles return from space and began building the floating cities some magic users tried to move in but because of their magic caused several buildings to fall. That caused the muggles to build anti-magic machines to keep them from using magic. Also because of how the magic users refused to help the muggles and the non-humans, they were in return left to fend for themselves. Which in the last couple of hundred years has caused them to become stagnated and the overcrowded islands become slums. Many of the magic users refuse to give up their magic and is the reason why they remain on the floating islands and those who are muggle born refuse to learn magic," Twilight said summing up the information.

"The magic users are only living in the slums because they don't want to give up on their magic?" Kasumi asked.

"Yup from what the guide book says," Twilight said.

"Wait if the magic users are all isolated on a few floating islands and muggle borns refuse to give up their lifestyle here. Meaning there's little new people coming to live there. Wouldn't that mean they're inbreds at this point?" Naruto ask.

"Well since we're only here to shop around there's no reason for us to check," Trixie said. "Besides I want to go off and visit some other worlds before we head back to our homeworld."

"Our fans will be wondering what happen to us," Twilight said.

Her comlink began ringing and when she answers it to her surprise Skuld face appeared on the screen.

"Get Rick on the line," Skuld snaps.

"What?" Twilight ask.

"He block my calls," Skuld said.

"Ok," Twilight said calling up Rick.

"What is it horsebutts?" Rick said appearing on a second screen.

"RICK!" Skuld shouted out.

"Oh it's you what you want?" Rick ask.

"Do you know what you did! You challenge me to see who's smart and I spent over a quintillion on equipments and other resources just to show you who's smarter. Then you just up and say I win after I spent so much on it and effort in making it!" Skuld shouted.

What did you make?" Kasumi ask.

"She made a giant machine that serves no use other than being used for a very specific interest. A galaxy size air hockey table that only beings who can make themselves galaxy size being able to use it," Rick said.

"What? That's it?" Naruto ask.

"Do you have any idea what kind of work you have to put into in making a galaxy size air hockey table that works on that scale? Not to mention all the resources that I had to gather not to mention the money," Skuld said.

"Wait how did you get that kind of money and resources?" Trixie ask.

"She hack her way into the bank of the gods and demons. Which caused both gods and demons of that universe to become bankrupt," Rick said.

"Bankrupt?" Twilight ask.

"Gods and demons do have a banking system in most universes anyways. And this turd went and cause a market crash that crippled her universe gods and demons," Rick said.

"And now we're all have to work extra to pay off the loans from other universes," Skuld growls.

"Which is why you're wearing a weenie on your head?" Naruto ask.

"It's part of my uniform," Skuld sighed as she's wearing a hat with a weenie on it.

"You're punishment for getting everyone into the mess you made?" Kasumi ask.

"I'm force to work at a fast food place and unable to do anything else till, I paid off what I took out of my wages. Do you have any idea how long it will take me to pay off the bill on my low wages?" Skuld said sulking.

"Wait you went and tried to outdo Rick, wasting tons of money on it and didn't expect him to pull a fast one on you?" Trixie ask.

"Gods and demons are so easy to fool," Rick said laughing.

"You planned that didn't you," Twilight said to Rick.

"So what? I'm not the only Rick who does it," Rick said.

"That's so true," Zeus said dress as a worker for Star Burgers.

"You too?" Trixie ask.

"Pretty much," Zeus said.

"I might be the devil but Rick is the devil," Satan said dress as the manager of the store.

"Yup and don't you forget it," Rick said signing off.

"So what well you have?" Zeus said going back to doing his low paying job.


A Wind Named Amnesia verse -

The screen showed an alien city in chaos as an energy shield covered the entire planet making all technology on said planet to fail. Sophia who came to Earth to study the humans could only watch as her world is torn apart. The other aliens who appeared on Earth had restored all the memories of the humans undoing what her race did. Then the older alien who appeared on a viewing screen had gone and destroyed her planet. (1)

"Well at least we don't have to worry about your race repeating what they did on Earth," Twilight said.

"Do you realize what you have done?" Sophia shouted struggling to free herself from Yes Man who is holding her.

"Destroyed evil aliens who go around destroying other races just because they see them as a threat even if the humans had no idea there were other races on other planets to begin with," Twilight said.

"It was for their own good!" Sophia shouted.

"Well what we're doing to your race is for your own good too," Rick said having finish up on the energy field to use the light of that system star to power it, making it last forever. "And I'm broadcasting this all around your planet so that everyone knows why all of your race technology no longer works and nothing more advance then a steam engine will ever work on your planet forever or till someone like me decides to take down the field."

""You monsters!" Sophia shouted.

"That's the kettle calling the pot black. Yes Man throw her back home," Twilight said as she opens a portal to Sophia's planet and Yes Man tossing her in to join her people in surviving on their world without their advance technology.


Star Trek Enterprise -

After giving the Valakians the cure for their genetic disease, Twilight stared at the screen with captain Archer on the deck of his ship.

"Well seeing how you captain Archer could had given a cure to the Valakians but didn't because you didn't want to play god. Is it so much to just help someone or a group of people who need help? Well it's clear your Federation or whatever isn't a group that my group should have anything to do with. Have fun dealing with Q," Twilight said as she activates the portal teleporting the RV in the form a space ship away.


Star Trek Reboot Verse -

The Enterprise had just saved the primitive inhabitants of the planet Nibiru from a cataclysmic volcanic eruption. Which exposed them to the natives in order to save Spock. When a massive space ship appeared in front of the ship.

"We're getting a hail for the ship," Uhura said.

"Put it on screen," Kirk said.

The screen shows a purple skin and haired woman.

"Kirk it's been awhile," the woman said.

"Do I know you?" Kirk ask.

"Oh yes I forgot thanks to the time travel with the Narada change things. You haven't met me yet. It's so hard to keep things straight after the timeline is changed," the woman said.

"Are you a time traveler?" Kirk ask.

"Kind of. I'm teleporting a little gift for you for what you did. I was kind of worried that you wouldn't be like the Kirk I knew but you showed me otherwise. Still alot of work to do but you did showed how you are willing to save a primitive race from being wipe out, saving your friend by exposing yourselves to said race to do so. Which is why I giving you a gift. As I never like how that prime rule keeps people from doing the right thing, especially when a race is asking for help," the woman said.

"What's the gift?" Kirk ask.

"Blueprints for a recycler machine and some other things," the woman said.

"Who are you?" Kirk ask.

"Now that's... a secret. But if you meet Q you can ask," the woman said cutting off the screen. The massive ship just disappear from sight and none of the computers could track it.


In the RV -

On the screen is a massive pile of men all having gay sex. With characters ranging from anime and manga the likes of Dragonball, Bleach and stuff like that to Marvel, DC, and many others. All the hot sexy males are all pairing off and having a sex in a massive pile of bodies. Twilight, Sunset, Trixie, and Kasumi are glad that Naruto is off spending some guy time with Captain Planet and is away from the RV.

"Why did you switch to this?" Trixie ask red faced.

"My counterpart told me about this world saying it's something to be seen. But she didn't tell me why," Kasumi said still watching.

"A mega crossover world with just about everyone in it. The women are all into yaoi and the men are all gay and like being in piles of.... and....," Twilight began to say but lost steam as she couldn't look away. She could spot her human counterpart and the others either watching, taking pictures, recording or collecting... well at least that explains why there are still children around.

"We really should turn it off," Sunset said spotting a few guys here and there that she recognized.

"There's no hurry," Kasumi said as she and the others all continue to watch.

"We turn it off when the guys come back," Trixie said.

"Agreed," all the others said.

Chapter 26

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"So this world is where kids have the role of adults and adults have the role of kids?" Kasumi ask.

"Aging works the same but only kids are in charge of adults. This entire world is built around it," Twilight said. She and the others have decided to get some R&R time and spend some time in a nice world. They're having lunch inside their RV after spending time around the town.

"I'm still trying to figure out how this works," Sunset said reading a history book, which seeing how it's written by children doesn't make much sense to her and she's having a hard time figuring things out.

"And why this girl who is running for office," Trixie said pointing to the tv she's watching that's tuned to the tv networks of this world. "Is doing so by telling a fairytale."

"But isn't that how everyone does it?" Naruto ask who has been enjoying being in charged of the group while outside.

"Yeah but the whole playing hopscotch to cross the streets is slower then just walking," Kasumi said.

"Is that just because for some reason you suck at it?" Trixie asked.

"Leave me alone," Kasumi said blushing as she crossed her arms.

"I do enjoy the bug theme vehicles," Twilight said.

"And that I'm in charge," Naruto said who being the youngest is the one in charge of things.

"It's nice to see a world that lives with nature," Captain Planet said.

"I'm still surprise how quickly the people here got use to you," Sunset said.

"They all think he's playing superhero," Twilight said.

"With all the crazy stuff we been through a nice safe world like this one is nice," Trixie said.

"RUN!" a kid scream as a mob of children ran down the street.

"What's happening?" Naruto ask one of the kids.

"Harry's IT!" the boy shouted before running off.

"A game of it causes a panic?" Kasumi asked.

"Childhood is the time of extremes. Like the news story of a brother and sister going to court over a toy from a cereal box," Twilight said.

"You're it!" the boy Harry said tagging Naruto.

"Sorry but Naruto isn't playing he's spending time with us for today," Captain Planet said.

"Nope doesn't count," Harry said as he runs off.

"This kid rule world does have it's downsize," Sunset said seeing the children around them running from Naruto or hiding.

"Well it's not like I'm going to play," Naruto said.

"Just go and play. We'll be fine on our own," Captain Planet said. "You never did get to play much did you."

"No I didn't. You're right I should enjoy myself," Naruto said running off to tag someone.

"This better not end like it did with Lord Hater," Trixie said.

"Oh yeah that didn't end well," Captain Planet said.

"Kami and Hild who are as powerful as their cannon counterparts were scared off by him and Peepers went and took control of both heaven and hell," Kasumi said.

"Well till Wander came along and wanted to make friends and sing silly songs. Ending with him somehow stopping everything with his banjo. Last I heard there are plenty of Rick's and others like them trying to figure out how that happen," Sunset said.

"I was watching and I can't explain it," Twilight said.

Chapter 27

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"Welcome master to the Council of Ricks Trading Hub or C.R.T.H., this is the place where many travelers like us gather," Jeannie said to Naruto having open a portal to the hub.

"So this is it?" Naruto asked seeing different versions of him walking around even with people from the Leaf Village and even their parents.

"And master remember there are different versions of you here from different universes and all that. That includes different versions of the people you knew," Jeannie said.

"I'm just still overwhelmed by the fact in some worlds, I'm just fiction," Naruto said who had just watched the anime of his world. Seeing what his world would had been like if he didn't found Jeannie.

"Master remember to be careful around here especially with the Rick's. They can easily do just about anything when they put their minds to it," Jeannie said.

"And this is where we'll be able to get what we need to go around in different worlds?" Naruto asked.

"Yes traveling from one universe to another without knowing where you're going is dangerous as you have no idea what world you'll land in. All worlds have different rules that effect anything that isn't from that world. Like in some worlds my magic is just gone, and others where the very laws that rule over almost all the other universes don't work. So here at the hub is where we'll be able to get what we need," Jeannie said.

"But what about money?" Naruto asked.

"I have money," Jeannie said producing a treasure chest that is carried by two buff copies of her.

"Bottomless chest of treasures that we picked up here and there," one of the buff Jeannie's said.

"They don't accept magical made loot here, as it would just devalue everything," the other Jeannie said.

Another Jeannie appeared dress in a suit. "I'll handle the transaction with the bank. You two just go to Moe's and get something to eat and learn about things," bank worker Jeannie said.

"Now master hold onto my hand and don't wander off," Jeannie said leading Naruto deeper into the hub.


Moe's -

"Dog what do you want? Can't you see that I'm making a business deal here?" Cat ask his former brother.

"Cat please take me back! I need you!" Dog pleaded with him.

"What part of I never want to be your brother didn't you get? Besides, I gotten use to using the bathroom like normal," Cat said. Both he and dog had been cut apart by a Rick who also grew them lower bodies as well, giving both of them legs. And more importantly allow both of them live our lives without being attached to each other.

"Cat please. Ever since you left things just fell apart," Dog said.

"Let me guess all the things that you usually got away with and I'm punish for, are now being done to you. Well what do you want me to do about it? I'm not going to be your shield anymore Dog. You're just going to have to learn how to have some self control and not go and do dumb things like you use to, as I'm not there to take all the blame anymore," Cat said looking at Dog. "Not so fun is it anymore is it?"

"No it's not," Dog said looking down. "I need you. I can't survive on my own."

"You're the idiot sidekick who gets the main star in trouble, as you're totally self centered not caring how much harm you do to your brother. And now that you're actually having to face punishment for what you normally do and don't have Cat to take the heat for you want things to go back to normal," Twilight said who is sitting at the table with Cat. (1)

"Yeah back to normal, so I can have fun again," Dog said.

"He's too dumb," Cat said.

"I know too dumb to realize that he's to blame for what's happening to him," Twilight said.

"No I'm not it's just that Cat's not there with me to help," Dog said.

"That's it," Twilight said blasting Dog with the Emotion gun that Rick sold to her. She uses it for times like this to make anyone to realize what they have done, when they simply can't or won't accept that what's happening to them is their fault.

"What's that?" Cat ask watching as Dog sank to the ground rolling into a ball sobbing.

"Emotion gun, it works on anyone making them no matter what lack of empaty they have, how twisted their morals are and blue and orange outlook, or in Dog's case how dumb he is, to feel compassion and guilt. Right now he finally gets why you left him in the first place," Twilight said.

"Good maybe he'll clean up his act," Cat said paying no attention to Dog crying on the floor. "But I'm done with him."

"This has come in handy in taking care of people like Dog," Twilight said.

"Yeah you should had seen what happen to my sister after I blasted her with it," a adult Dexter said who is sitting near them.

"What happen?" Twilight ask.

"After she finally realized what she's been doing to me. She gave up being what she was and is now working as a clerk in a store somewhere from what mom told me. I don't keep track of her as I told her in her face that I will never like or love her for all that she did to me," Dexter said. "And no I don't need her around for me to do my work. I'm now running my own company and rich."

"The emotion gun works even on Joker," Harley Quinn said.

"I did the same with Bloo," Mac said.

"Spongebob and Patrick killed themselves when they realized that everyone be alot more happy without them," Squidward said.

"Who makes the burgers?" Twilight ask.

"The new hire, Fran is doing a good job of it," Squidward said.

"So anyways do we have a deal?" Cat ask Twilight.

"Yes," Twilight said shaking his hand.

"Good, I'll make some calls and the cargo will be delivered to your ship," Cat said.

"And your buyer will have the cargo shortly," Twilight said. Seeing how big the RV is Twilight decided to start hurling cargo on their downtime and when they're traveling between ports where world hoppers travel to. It helps to spread their names around and give them some extra income.

Over at the bar Moe was busy serving up a drink to one of his barflies, a counterpart to his old friend Homer. This Homer came from a Fallout universe and thanks to the nuclear fallout, Homer and the rest of Springfield became ghouls. The world of Fallout for all the horrors and super science didn't change much of what happen in the town being like the Springfield that Moe came from, even before the bombs fell.

"So, I said to Bart if you're going to have a Deathclaw as a pet you're going to have to clean up after it and keep it out of trouble. And he went and got Orson to go and wreck the school. Now, I have to go and gather the building supplies to rebuild the school," Homer said.

"Wait aren't all of you ghouls? Why would you all need a school?" Moe ask.

"Oh Skinner and the other teacher teach classes to the smooth skins that have come to live at Springfield. The town wasn't hit by the bombs so it's completely intact," Homer said.

"So what happen to make you all ghouls then?" Sunset ask waiting for her order from Moe.

"The power plant," Homer said.

"That figures," Moe said.

"Hi Moe," a new comer greeted Moe.

"Hi Jeffro," Moe said.

Sunset turned to see the newcomer and saw a heavy set middle aged man. He wasn't all that fat but more of a mix of fat and muscle, a large belly, bronzed colored skin, thick and long limbs if he was skinny he would had look taller then he really was. He wore a baggy pair of green long baggy shorts that were held up by red suspenders. A pair of heavy work boots, a white shirt and a wide brim tan colored hat with a pair of goggles resting on the top completed his outfit. The only piece of armor that he wore was a placket, a metal plate covering his belly tied with a shoulder harness making it hard to knock it off of him. He's armed with a large oval shape shield and has a large double-bladed battle axe that's on his back.

"Hi," Sunset said as the man Jeffro sat down next to her.

"Aren't you the Sunset traveling with a Twilight and a Trixie, with a Kasumi from Dead or Alive, a Naruto and a Captain Planet?" Jeffro asked.

"Yeah," Sunset said. "You heard of us?"

"Rick the one you all use has been bragging about how his stuff is allowing all of you to take on just about anything," Jeffro said.

"Oh," Sunset said. "So are you big around here?"

"Big nothing. Jeffro here is a worker of the Hat's," Moe said.

"Hat's?" Sunset asked.

"They're the top all powerful beings that there are, and if there is anyone above them. Well I have been a worker for eons and I can tell you that they're not chatty about it. They're the ones who made the rules that all universes follow and the ones who give orders to the top rulers of high level beings. There's nothing that they can't do as they can just go and rewrite the rules and laws that rule any universe they're in. No matter who you are, they can just think of changing you into something else and that's it. A god can be made mortal and mortal turn god. Even the Rick's are careful around the Hat's," Jeffro said.

"Really?" Sunset asked.

"Yeah but of course meeting a Hat is a hard thing to do as they're so busy. Which is why they hire us workers to do the leg work for them. To look into things and making sure everything is working right," Jeffro said.

"Wait, I remember that Bleach world that's crossed with My Goddess. After we took care of things with the Soul King, a Mary Poppins took charge of things and made sure Kami and Hild were doing what they're suppose to," Sunset said.

"Those worlds are what we like to call crossover worlds and some are crazy. Like that crossover world with Steven Universe and those gem eating creatures from Secret of Mana or whatever Mana. That Steven is all kinds of shell shock having to fight to save gems from being eaten and all that," Moe said serving Sunset a drink.

"Yeah Mary is making sure all the Earth based gods and demons are following the new rules there," Jeffro said then he spotted Jeannie walking in with her Naruto. "Jeannie over here!"

"Uncle Jeffro?" Jeannie said seeing a friend of her family and hurries on over to him.

"You got a new master already?" Jeffro ask.

"Yes uncle," Jeannie said as she sat down next to her uncle and began telling him what happen to her and her new master Naruto.

"Sounds like what my Naruto did to his world. Of course he's younger and had me and the others helping him with Rick telling us how to destroy chakra of that world," Sunset said.

"And you wished that Jeannie can go out of her bottle anytime she wants. Now that's a nice thing you did there kid," Jeffro said to Naruto.

"I just wanted to repay her for what she did for me," Naruto said.

"She isn't a jerkass genie is she?" Moe asked serving drinks to the group. Homer from Fallout had passed out drunk like usual.

"No her brand of genies aren't like that," Jeffro said.

"Good, I hate those jerks," Moe said before going off to serve drinks to other customers.

"I have to agree with Moe. I go out of my way to give those genies what's coming to them," Jeffro said.

"So you're powerful?" Sunset ask.

"Uncle Jeffro is one of the most powerful warrior in the multverse," Jeannie said.

"Yup, I'm one of the best workers that Tophat one of the Hat's has working for her," Jeffro said.

"How does one become a worker?" Sunset ask.

"Two ways a Hat offers you the job or someone like me takes you to them to ask for a job," Jeffro said. "But I should warn you. The Hats don't like anyone abusing their status as a worker. But of course it does depend on which Hat you're working for."

"So what is Tophat like?" Sunset ask.

"She's very sex hungry when it comes to women," Jeannie said blushing remembering the one time she met Tophat at a wedding.

"Jeannie here made herself a fool when Tophat came on to her," Jeffro said.

"Uncle!" Jeannie said blushing.

"But didn't you said you had that woman who made the wish to make copies of yourself?" Naruto asked.

"That was a long time after, I met Tophat," Jeannie said. "I was alot younger back then."

"Yeah before she open herself up to new ideas," Jeffro said.

"What about you?" Sunset ask eyeing him.

"Oh me and having sex. Nope, I'm just not interested," Jeffro said.

"What?" Sunset ask.

"Uncle Jeffro is asexuality. He doesn't showed any interest in anything that Tophat does and no matter how hard the women who work under her do to get him to join," Jeannie said.

"How do you know that?" Naruto ask.

"My aunt Shanta works for Tophat and tells me how there's a betting pool where there's a bottomless pot of holding that has been filled with eons of coins beings tossed in every time an idea was used to try to get uncle to have sex willingly and not by force which Tophat made a rule to stop them from just mobbing him. Besides the women who tried keep ending up in the hospital when uncle fought them off," Jeannie said.

"Tophat made that rule as she got tried of repairing all the damage the fights cause. Now the women just pile on making piles of bodies all having sex to try to get me to have sex with them. And seeing how that I'm immortal they been trying for a very long time that I just gotten use to it and immune to it. It's one of the reasons that Tophat hired me as she mainly hires women for fun and men like me who either not interested or committed to a single woman," Jeffro said.

"So if I work for Tophat I'll be hit on by women who want to have sex with me?" Sunset asked.

"Even doubles of you and the others from your world," Jeffro said.

"Oh right that's it, I'm out," Sunset said as the idea of herself making out with herself or.... it's just too much for her. And she got up and walked away.

"So what you two have plan?" Jeffro ask Jeannie and Naruto.

"Traveling around to some safe worlds or just stay at a resort for awhile," Jeannie said.

"Yeah I'm just need sometime to settle down after all the drama with my world," Naruto said.

"Well once your copies come back you should stock up on supplies and get yourself a ship," Jeffro said.

"Know any?" Jeannie ask.

"There's a Rick selling used spaceships on level 26. And there's the Salvant Resort that you two can go to for a relaxing time," Jeffro said as he reaches into his pocket and pulled out a card. "Here, I have a free month stay there with guest."

"Thanks uncle," Jeannie said taking the card.

"Also here just in case you're really in trouble," Jeffro said giving a strange remote with a single button. "Only use it when you're facing something like an all powerful being that wants to destroy everything."

"Ok," Naruto said taking the remote.

"And also kid welcome to the multverse," Jeffro said to Naruto.

Chapter 28

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Celestia stared at the little filly in the garden from her window who she had chosen to be her new student. She wasn't going to make the mistakes she did with Sunset and Twilight. She was too close to Sunset and as for Twilight she simply look up at her too much. This one she'll won't teach or mentor as she did with either. Celestia turned around to see Sunset there standing behind her.

"Sunset?" Celestia asked staring at the little pony in front of her. She looks around and found that both of them stood in a abyss of shadows.

'So you found a pony in a place where the grass is greener.'
'And you jumped the fence to the other side.'
'Is it good?'
'Are they being somepony I could never be?'

Sunset sang as she stared at Celestia who looks down in shame.

'Well I hope you're proud of your big decision.'
'Yeah, I hope it's all that you want and more.'
'Now you're free from the agonizing student you had before.'

Sunset turns her back to Celestia before looking back with a fake smile on her face.

'And you say what you need to say to me.'
'So that you get to walk away from me.'
'It would kill you to have to stay trapped with me.'
'When you've got somepony new to replace me.'
'Well I'm sorry you had it rough with me.'
'And I'm sorry I'm not enough for you.'
'Thank God they rescued you from me.'
'Thank God they rescued you from somepony like me.'
'Who only wanted to be your daughter!'

Sunset sang staring at Celestia as tears strained her eyes. Mirrored by Celestia who stared at the pony who wasn't her student, she was her daughter. She just couldn't see that till it was too late.

'So you got what you always wanted.'
'A pony who won't see you as her mother.'
'So you got your dream come true.'
'Of a pony becoming an ailcorn.'
'Good for you.'
'Good for you, you , you.'
'Got a taste of a life so perfect.'
'So you did what you had to do.'
'Good for you.'
'Good for you.'

Sunset steps back fading in to the shadows leaving Celestia alone.

Twilight appeared stepping out of the shadows. She stared at Celestia also with tears running down her face.

'Does it cross your mind to be slightly sorry?'
'Do you even care that you might be wrong?'
'Was it fun?'
'To replace your daughter with somepony like me?'
'Somepony who will always do as you say?'
'Somepony who always see you as prefect?'
"Somepony who wouldn't see you as her mother?'
'Well I hope you had a blast while you dragged me along.'

Celestia step backwards as a puff of smoke appeared with Trixie appearing behind her. She wasn't crying just has a look of disgust on her face as she stared at Celestia.

'And you say what you need to say to them.'
'And you play who you need to play.'
'And if somepony's in your way.'
'Crush them and leave them behind.'

Both Twilight and Trixie stood together as they stared at Celestia both singing.

'Well, I guess if I'm not of use to you.'
'Go ahead you can cut me loose.'
'Go ahead now.'
'I won't mind.'

Celestia step backwards from the two ponies. Only for Sunset to reappear from her right walking forward, forcing Celestia to walk backwards.

'I'll shut my mouth and I'll let you go.'
'Is that good for you?'
'Would that be good for you you you?'

Twilight appeared on Sunset's left as they walk and sang as one, forcing Celestia back.

'I'll just sit back while you run the show.'
'Is that good for you?'
'Would that be good for you you you?'

Trixie joins Sunset and Twilight on Sunset's right as they continue to walk forward as one, forcing Celestia back.

'I'll shut my mouth and I'll let you go.'
'Is that good for you?'
'Would that be good for you you you?'
'I'll just sit back while you run the show.'
'Is that good for you?'
'Good for you.'

Celestia looks back to see she's been forced back to the edge of nothing, nothing but an empty abyss.

'All I need is some time to think.'
'But the boat is about to sink.'
'Can't erase what I wrote in ink.'
'Tell me how can I change the story?'

Celestia sang as she tries to think of something.

'All the words that I can't take back.'
'Like a train coming off the track.'
'As the rails and the bolts all crack.'
'I gotta find a way to stop it, stop it, just let me out!'

Celestia sang out as she couldn't think of a way to get the ponies in front of her to forgive her. The three ponies continue to walk towards her singing.

'So you got what you always wanted.'
'So you got your dream come true.'
'Good for you.'
'Good for you, you , you.'
'Got a taste of a life so perfect.'
'Now you say that you're somepony new.'
'Good for you.'
'Good for you.'
'Good for you.'
'Good for you.'

The three ponies horns glowed as they sang.

'So you got what you always wanted.'

With a blast of magic they push Celestia off the edge and down into the abyss.

Celestia awoke in her sweat strain bed and wipe the tears away from her eyes. She looks around seeing that she is alone, then she looks down. No she is alone, because of the path she choose to follow long ago.

Chapter 29

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In the same alleyway where he lost his parents, so many years ago. Batman stood facing a man who call himself Butcher who showed up out of nowhere. He always wore a full face gasmask to hide his identity, along with a dark green hooded military trench coat and matching pants, gloves and combat boots. Butcher has been going around Gotham killing off villains, starting off with the Joker. Now after weeks of tracking him, Batman finally corners him in the very alleyway where he was born.

"Really now are you really that upset that, I have been killing off people who no matter what they keep on killing people?" Butcher ask Batman.

"I don't kill," Batman said.

"I went and killed the Madhatter on live tv and the girls he kidnapped thank me after, I killed him. Even giving them all the choice of letting him live or die. And they all said to do it. People are just fed up in the fact that the villains have more rights in allowing them to continue on in what they do," Butcher said.

"I do things by the book, never taking justice in my own hands," Batman said.

"That's all nice with normal people you throw in jail. But the Joker kept on killing just because he knows no matter what he'll never be put to death because of laws of this state. How many people have you murdered by always saving him when all you had to do was not always save the villain?" Butcher asked. "Oh wait you did keep count."

"I did," Batman said.

"You know with how much the police and you heroes have put in trying to catch me. It's really telling how much you people care about bringing me to justice when if a villain was doing it to civilians none of the manpower would have been used. This world puts more value on the people who break the laws and harm others then the people they're suppose to protect," Butcher said.

"There are lines we can't cross," Batman said.

"You need the villains don't you? You need to be able to beat up people and let out the rage inside of you. You need Gotham to remain as it is, just so you be able to do what you do. If you really wanted to stamp out crime, you would had given the cops a fleet of Batmobiles and the equipments that you have. No you need crime because of your self-righteous sadism streak you have," Butcher said.

"It's not like that," Batman said.

"Yes the problem is deeper then that. Arkham Asylum is a derelict piece of property renovated by the rich "gatekeepers" as a place to treat the mentally ill as prisoners rather than patients. The reason why there is a massive amount of wealthy families still living in Gotham despite the city being overrun with crime and poverty is because of the big real-estate scam going on. Rich developers like Pierce Chapman buy up marked-down properties from the city in areas where Batman fights crime, then quickly flip them for profit rather than demolish them and construct something new. Pierce also mentions being an investor in Arkham Asylum, bringing the problem full-circle," Butcher said. "But of course you only focus on the villains and not the ones who keep things as they are."

The Butcher steps aside to reveal a man far down the alleyway looking around the corner of the alleyway looking at something.

"Down there is a man who is about to mug at gunpoint," Butcher said as he pulls out a meat clever from his coat. "I can give myself up after I kill him to stop him or you stop me which ends up with us fighting."

Batman didn't answer as he throws a batarang at Butcher hand knocking the clever out of his hand. Batman was about to throw another at the man down the alleyway when Butcher activated a device in his other hand. A forcefield of somekind appeared down the alleyway where the mugger was cutting off that part of the alley off. It looked like a tv screen thanks to the red forcefield in place.

"I just lock down the portal so that nothing can enter it," Butcher said as he held up the portal device in his hand. "I have been using portals to go around and leaving you all trying to figure out how I keep evading all of you."

"Portal?" Batman ask looking down the alleyway as he uses his bat version to have a closer look at the man on the other side of the portal. His eyes widen as he made out the face of the man. "No."

"Yes that's right," Butcher said as he pointed to the camera drone that's been broadcasting everything live. "The portal is also a time one and right there is the man who killed your parents in front of you so many years ago and made you into what you are today. And you who so firmly believe in never killing that you prevented me from saving your own parents from being killed. They be so proud of you never allowing any villain to be killed even the one who killed them."

The mugger darted around the corner and the sounds that played out in Batman's mind since that night were played out again.

"You always blame yourself for their deaths because you wanted to leave early. Well you are to blame, just not the kid version of you that is," Butcher said leaving the broken man behind as he steps into a portal.


At Moe's Tavern, Rick's HUB -

"And that's how I broke Batman in the worse way ever," Butcher said as he sat at the table where Twilight and the others were sitting as they been listening to former villains stories. He had joined in after hearing the tale of the White Knight Joker who was more of a prankest then the monster clown he is in other universes.

The entire tavern was quite as they had all listen to Butcher's tale. Of how one man got to the Batman of one universe in the worse way any of them had ever heard before.

"Alright, I'm a devil but that's just going too far," a Rick said who was sitting at the bar section.

"Tell me about it. I save that for punishments not when they're still alive," Satan said sitting next to him.

Chapter 30

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"So you 3 want to know an easy and safe way to be able to use the magic that you three are able to safely use," Moe said to Twilight, Trixie, and Sunset.

"Yes seeing how opening a small hole to another universe, just to be able to use magic is hard even for a master magic user. Not to mention how often magic doesn't work because of the rules that govern that universe we're in," Twilight said.

"Well from what I heard from the old timers, before those rules were made the mixing of the different types of magic from one universe to another wasn't pretty. Like how in the Land of Oz magic users melt with water, with someone opening a hole to that world connecting to the Harry Potter world," Moe said. (1)

"Let me guess when it rained magic users all started to melt," Trixie said.

"Yup and it was a complete mess," Moe said. "But now when there's a pretty powerful magic user that's causing problems, all it takes is a portal to Oz and some water. No matter what as long as they're magical water melts them."

"Wait I saw that movie with how the wizard first got to Oz," Sunset said.

"There are some worlds of Oz that don't follow the melting thing but there are many more worlds with the melting thing then there aren't," Moe said.

"Alright none of us are going to be visiting a land of Oz then," Twilight said. "So is there anything else?"

"Well stored magic works in most worlds but once you're out, that's it till you go to the world where you got the magic from. But as I said before sometimes the magic even stored just won't work. The only magic that will work in any world no matter what is True Magic," Moe said.

"True Magic?" Sunset asked.

"Remember Jeffro? He's a worker for the Hat's who uses True Magic. There are only two ways to ever use True Magic, one is being born into a universe that has it which is ultra rare to even find one, not to mention that you have to be born with the ability to use it in the first place. There is also just becoming a worker for the Hats and bam you get the magic," Moe explains.

"There's more to True Magic then just being able to use anywhere?" Trixie asked.

"Yeah the reason why it's so rare is because it's the one hit kill for any gods, demon, and things of that class level. There's a being that can never die, bam one hit from True Magic and it's gone, even if you try traveling back in time the thing that got zap be gone as well. Don't ask me how that works it just does. And there is no defense against it. The only thing that can stop True Magic is with True Magic or one of the workers or a Hat. With the Hats being able to just change the rules anytime they want. Like in that Overlord crap thing, where the Skeleton rewrote the bio of that sex demon into being in love with him. The Hats can rewrite anyone so that like someone at level 100 is reduce to level 1 or they're all powerful to them being all weak. It's the reason why the Hild and Kami of that Bleach crossover world couldn't do anything, as the worker... that clown guy riding the giant cat was able to override them. The Hats give some of the long time workers who have proven themselves the power to rewrite things like them," Moe said. (2)

"So how do other magic users handle things then?" Trixie ask.

"We stay in the universes that allow us to use our magic," a Harry Potter said from a nearby table.

"Ok we just use the tech stuff then. They always work thanks to the upgrades Rick did," Trixie said.

"Come on we still have a job to do," Twilight said.

"What kind of job?" Moe ask.

"Stealing something before it cause the end of the world type of thing," Sunset answers.


England -

Sherlock Holmes and his partner John Watson were busy as they help to guard an event taking place inside a warehouse, converted into a convention center. The convention is to display a shipwreck of a pirate ship discovered and brought up from the ocean depths. With it came a treasure that no one expected, a giant red crystal of some kind that was shaped into a obelisk that stands around 20 feet high. Heavy guard are station around the convention center as the other treasures were also on display.

"This is a waste of my time," Holmes said.

"Yes but we need to pay the bills," Watson said.

"At least people are more interested in the obelisk then asking me questions," Holmes said.

"Everyone is still talking about Trixie and her magical powers," Watson said.

"Don't remind me," Holmes said.

"There really isn't anyway to explain how she was able to do that without magic," Watson said.

"I still refuse to believe that what she did was magic," Holmes said.

"The candy was real and the chalk doorway worked till the chalk outline was erased," Watson said.

"I simply refuse to say it's magic when there has to be something she was able to do that made it look like it's magic," Holmes said.

The warehouse suddenly began shaking as screams were heard coming from outside. The metal roof was lifted and folded open like a lid of a can of spam. Peering down was the face of a giant woman with orange skin and red hair, standing around 50 feet tall. She reached inside not paying attention to the screaming people as she grabbed the obelisk taking it with her as she disappeared from view. Holmes and Watson raced outside just in time to see the giant woman running down the street still carrying the obelisk with police cars racing after her.

"Ok that was a giant, a giant woman," Watson said shaking his head in disbelief.

"Giants I can believe in," Holmes said as there was no other way to explain it, not to mention how many people saw it with them taking pictures and videos of the giant woman.

Chapter 31

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A crowd had gathered around the royal palace trying to see the object that fell from the sky and landing in the palace garden. The royal guard as well as other government agencies had the palace grounds on lock down with the police keeping the crowd back. Holmes was there with Watson after the later had dragged him there, having gotten onto a roof to see what's happening on the palace grounds.

For the past few weeks Holmes been pouring his energy in figuring out the female giant, looking over all the clues left behind. The hand prints she left on the metal roof when she folded it open, the foot prints, not to mention the strand of hair she left behind when she brush up against a building while fleeing the cops. She also managed to escape somehow after entering a dense pact of woods after running out of the city. Holmes been trying to figure out how a giant was able to move around like a normal size human. And how she was able to disappear.

Holmes did something that he rarely did, he looked up information both online and books about giants. Which lead to a dead end as there was nothing like what everyone in London had seen that night. Then he went and researched about the crystal and the pirates that found it. But that came up empty with the ship's logbook having long ago been destroyed by the ocean with nothing to tell how and where the pirates had found the crystal.

"You really need a break," Watson said to Holmes.

"This is a waste of time," Holmes said.

"You need a break. You been doing nothing but sitting around for days now," Watson said.

"That giant was real and she couldn't had been a robot. The hair samples proved that much," Holmes said.

"What about your brother?" Watson ask.

"What about him?" Holmes ask.

"He would know something and you can just call him up," Watson said.

"I already did and he has no idea what to make of the giant and is as stump as me with what Trixie did," Holmes said.

"Well there is that she can do magic or something like it," Watson said.

"The giant I can believe in but magic isn't something that I can say is real," Holmes said.

An uproar from the crowd got their attention causing the two to look at the portal that had open up in front of the crater with the space object still there. The researchers and the guards fell back as a horde of giant insect like creatures burst out of the portal. They're all wearing a yellow suit that's made to fit their bodies, which has some parts human like but has black exoskeleton on the rest. The lower part of her head is human like but the top is a black elongated, banana-shaped head exoskeleton with no eyes. Their long arms and legs are insect claw like, and they have a long tail that ends with a stinger.

A small flying figure, which looks like the size of a young boy with insect like wings hovered above the horde. He is wearing an orange suit and is more human then the larger ones below him. He has hands and feet like her but has a smaller head dome then the others and has a shell on his back which are open like a beetle.

The horde quickly surrounded the space object paying no mind to the scared researchers and guards. The small flying creature barked out something in their tongue. Which the bigger creatures responded by one of them grabbing the object and as one they all race back into the portal which closed behind them, before anyone knew what just happen.

"Did that just happen?" Watson asked.

"A portal opening up and a horde of creatures came out and grabbed the object and ran back through said portal. Yes that just happen," Holmes said wondering what else is going to happen next.

Chapter 32

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The RV been set to Planet Breaker setting so that they be able to mine the asteroids in a star system they traveled to for a job for Rick. Besides picking up some precious metals copper, silver, and gold, with iron and tin like that, Rick gave them a list of what he’s looking for. Twilight looks down at the list and the amount that Rick is looking for, with the extra being advance payment for anything they need from him.

"Iridium a hard and dense precious metal with a number of industrial uses. Osmium a dense and brittle metal most commonly used in alloys.Palladium a very rare precious metal with a range of uses. Platinum a metal with a wide spectrum of uses. Rhenium a heavy metal with uses in jet and rocket engines. Rhodium one of the rarest and most valuable precious metals. All this could set us up for a long time back home,” Twilight said reading through the list of metals they’re after. She’s in the control room as the many robot crew are operating the mining machines and bringing in carts of ore.

“Why do you use Rick and not someone else?” Naruto ask being in the control room with her. “Like Washu or Skuld?”

“The reason why is unlike those two and others he really doesn’t care what we ask from him and only cares about being paid. If we go to Washu well it does depend on which one, she really isn’t interested in being paid and wants to do test on us or want us to do something for her in return. Which like with your world Naruto, would had taken a lot of time instead of just giving some gold and getting what we need right away. As for Skuld she being a goddess is bond to rules and can’t just be building things, also most of the stuff is magictech and don’t work in most other worlds,” Twilight explains.

“Oh,” Naruto said.

“Not to mention how they wouldn’t really be into helping to destroy the culture of a world like we did with your world, ending the ninja way and all that. Then there was dealing with that alien race that made the humans of that universe forget everything because of the fear they would be a danger to them later. You really think Washu or Skuld would be ok in creating a field around that alien race planet to cause a complete blackout for all their technology forever? No it’s just easier to pay Rick to do the dirty work that needs to be done,” Twilight said.

“So it’s just easier to get what you need from someone like Rick?” Naruto ask.

“Yup and believe me, he’s safer then the others who would make the things we need,” Twilight said. “Like you know that Jetson like world that has Potter in it. Well me and the others came upon one just like it but reverse with the magic users living on floating islands while the muggles lived in slums. With the magic users creating a field of magic that allowed their islands to float while also keeping muggles from traveling to other planets.”

“What happen?” Naruto ask.

“Unlike with the other world where all the magic users had to do was give up using magic to have a better standard of living that they refuse to ever change their ways, like people who refuse to change to fit in a new country and continue to act like they’re still living in their old one and not caring if how things were done back where they came from isn’t done where they’re now living. Which because of the comet destroying the magic laylines. No one could use magic by themselves anymore and even the most basic spell needs groups of at least 15 just for them to cast and in keeping their islands floating needs everyone casting the same spell over and over again, with their living standards falling to the 1800s standards of living. And with them forcing all the non humans off the islands and muggles trying to seek help during the bad times. Even with a government controlled by pure bloods it was still the other magic users breaking into homes and dragging and chasing non humans and muggles off the islands. With many non human races dying off as they were force to live on crowded boats and whatever they could find that floated, causing the magic users to be so hated that almost no one wants to help them,” Twilight said going on having read the history of that world.

“Twilight get to the point,” Naruto said seeing her going on a rant again.

“Oh yes the counterpart of that world the magic users were just like in the Potter cannon but for the fact their magic needed them to make offerings to be able to use, which they did so using muggles as offerings with the more powerful spells needing newborns to be use. After we discovered that we went around trying to find someone’s to help, which for one reason or other could but wanted something that would take more then what we’re asking for or would take too much time. And then there was one who was so PC that they went on and on in how it was wrong to destroy someone’s culture and way of life no matter what, even after we told them what kind of magic they used they still said it was still their culture and we shouldn’t destroy it. That’s when we first met Rick who overheard with him offering to help and when the person we were talking to protested, Rick went and teleported them away with his portal gun. Which later we found out that he teleported the person to the world we were talking about and they ended up being used as an offering from the very people they said we should respect their culture no matter what. So Rick went and cause magic in that world to stop working and the floating islands losing magic all slowly fell and sank into the sea. We didn’t want all the magic to just disappear like what happen in your world so that when they did fall, it wouldn’t cause giant waves or them falling onto one of the floating muggle cities,” Twilight explains.

“So why didn’t you help the magic users of the other world,” Naruto ask.

“They're breeding unicorns for the sole purpose for their blood and horns thinking it would restore their magic,” Twilight said. "would you really want to help people who raise and breed humans as livestock?" (1)

“Oh,” Naruto said.

"By the way where are the others?" Twilight ask.

"They said something about going to Earth and entering King of Fighters or something," Naruto said.


On the universe Earth -

The King of Fighters tournament brought fighters from all over in teams of 3 to show who is the best. This year tournament saw a new team of all female fighters joining. Kasumi a female ninja who is the teams best fighter, Trixie the great who is dress as a stage magician with a blue pointy hat with stars on it and a yellow cape, and the 12 foot giantess Sunset who has overwhelming strength and size. They called themselves Horizon team.

All the fighters wondered about the new team who just showed up to the tournament out of nowhere. They just went and signed up which turns out anyone could just do. Howard who setup the tournament informed everyone that the tournament had always been up for anyone who wanted in and didn’t had to make a name for themselves in smaller tournaments first, it was just that no one had ever done so up to that point.

The first fight was between the Horizon team vs the Fatal Fury team. Terry and Andy the Bogard brothers waited as their friend Joe Higashi entered the ring to fight Sunset. With them are their friends wanting to see how these unknown fighters would fight.

The fight at first had Sunset powering through anything that Joe threw at her with him making sure he wasn’t hit by her as from the hits she got in showed how strong she is. Even his ki attacks did nothing to her as they just hit her with nothing to show for it. Then Joe did a flying kick trying to knock Sunset off her feet but she caught him and spun him around before tossing him nearly out of the ring. But she had grabbed onto him by his shorts, which came off along with his underwear.

“Hey give that back,” Joe shouted as his face turned red as his friends and the crowd are all laughing at him. He didn't dare to get up as he's on his belly and didn't want to expose himself.

“You mean this,” Sunset said smirking as she held his shorts and underwear and rip them in her hands. “Too bad you can’t fight anymore.”

"Here!" Terry said as he tosses Joe a towel to cover himself.

"Thanks," Joe said covering himself and ran to the backstage.

"Alright who's next?" Sunset ask looking at the brothers.

"Terry, Andy be careful with her," Mai said.

"Everything that Joe hit her with, she didn't even felt," Mary adds.

"That's right I'm a juggernaut," Sunset said who is using both the Super Mushroom from Super Mario world and a skin tight force field to protect her.

"I'll go," Terry said getting into the ring, all fun and laughs with what happen to Joe but still he needs to stand up for his friend. Even if he and the others will never let Joe live it down.

"Sunset enough I'm next," Trixie said getting into the ring.

"Alright, I give up," Sunset said getting out of the ring.

"I have been looking forward to this," Trixie said.

"Have you?" Terry ask.

"Sure have and you're not the only one who knows the Tasmanian devil move," Trixie said.

"It's not the Tasmanian devil move," Terry said.

"You spin around really fast like a twister or like Tas the Tasmanian devil," Trixie said.

"You know that move does look like the twister Tas makes," Andy said never thinking about it till now.

"Let's see who's stronger," Trixie said as the bell rang to begin the fight.

Trixie began spinning around with her arms crossed against her chest as she began spinning around like a top. Terry eyes widen as she charge forward at him spinning with her cape acting like a copter blade. Terry used the Hurricane Kick spinning himself as well and charged forward. The two twisters struck together with them two being knock backwards once they made contact. The force cause both of them to stop spinning.

"That wasn't bad," Terry said.

"I notice something about fighters, none of you can throw energy attacks one after another can you?" Trixie said.

"Of course not, it waste too much energy," Terry said as no one can keep throwing energy attacks without wearing themselves out.

"Too bad for you then," Trixie said as she made her hands glow. "Unlike you fighters, I skip fighting training to learn to use energy attacks."

Trixie began throwing one ball of energy that blew up like a firecracker on contact. Terry had to dodge the energy attacks with Trixie showing no signs of letting up. He never seen anyone being able to do what Trixie is doing, firing one energy attack after another, never letting him get close enough to hit her. Even blocking his own attacks with hers.

"I never seen anyone being able to do that before," Andy said watching as Terry run around the ring dodging Trixie's attacks.

"She did say that she never learned to fight but to do that instead," Mai said.

Terry seeing he needs to do something before he's hit, rush forward with Trixie firing another volley of energy attacks at him. Only for him to jump sideways dodging the attacks and dart forward with his Burn Knuckle. He saw Trixie's eyes to widen as he struck her and sent her flying out of the ring for a ring out victory. But to everyone's surprise she recovered and stop herself in midair and simply floated in the air.

"Is she flying?" Mary ask the people around her.

"That's right. Instead of learning to fight I learn to control my energy to allow me to not only use energy attacks like you fighters with punches, but I can also fly," Trixie smirks. "And I know for a fact that there is no fighting style that is made to combat someone who can fly is there."

Still flying in the air Trixie began raining down energy attacks on Terry all awhile keeping herself well out of his attack range and her easily evading any energy attack of his own. As Trixie said there is no fighting style that is made to fight someone who is able to fly, especially one who can rain energy attacks down at you. All the fighters watched as something out of Dragonball was happening right in front of them, someone being able to fly and throw energy attacks like in the show. Finally having driven Terry back to the edge of the ring, with a final volley all of them hitting at Terry's side but for behind him Terry was thrown backwards from the blast knocking him out of the ring.

"Terry are you ok?" Andy ask him as he help his brother up.

"Yeah," Terry said shaking it off. "Look out for her, while it looks like she isn't much of a fighter. She has mastered her energy far above any of us."

"Looks like Howard is very interested as well," King said seeing how intense Howard is looking at Trixie.

"I wonder if we can do that," Joe said having return with new clothes in time to see some of the fight.

"Andy what are you going to do?" Mai ask him worried.

"Well seeing how Howard isn't going to make any ruling against flying. My best bet is getting her down to the ground and taking her out. It looks like she's a glass cannon, with the hard part is getting close to her," Andy said.

"Well too bad for you," Trixie said hovering above them. "I'm not going to be fighting you."

"I am," Kasumi said stepping into the ring.

"Can't have all the fun can we," Sunset said as she glance at Joe. "After all I could had just gone and rip your pants off like I did with him."

"Hey!" Joe said glaring at the giant woman.

"What's the matter don't like how no one is ever going to let you live it down?" Sunset ask. "But then again I did do something that hasn't happen to you before."

"And what's that?" Joe ask.

"I'm the only woman who has pulled your clothes off. Something that will never happen to you again," Sunset said.

"What?" Joe ask.

"Please as if you actually can get yourself a girlfriend," Sunset said.

"Hey!" Mai said.

"Would you knowing what he's like would date him or anyone of you other women?" Sunset ask the crowd of fighters. Which said women all did their best to look away as Joe look at them.

"Thanks alot," Joe grumbled seeing all his women friends all looking away.

Andy entered the ring to get attention away from Joe. He stared at Kasumi seeing that unlike Trixie she is a train fighter with the form fitting bodysuit she wore that hug her tone body. Seeing how she is like Mai she will be fast and use ninja tricks like her, but he has trained with Mai long enough to know how to fight a female ninja.

"I know that thanks to your girlfriend that you know how to fight a ninja. But let's see if you can handle this," Kasumi said as she uses a Double Cherry power-up pill. With the power-up that's been made better thanks to Rick unlike before where you can only make 5 doubles, she can make as many doubles as she wants but with the doubles still puffing away once enough damage is done to them. And the doubles only lasting half an hour tops before they just puff away.

In front of Andy are 6 Kasumi's who all rush him at once. At first Andy thought she was using a trick where it seems that there is a group of her when it's just one person using a illusion. He ignored the others as he focused on the one who is keeping back figuring that she's the real one. Only to be hit on his back as one Kasumi kick him, followed by another hitting his side and another, followed by another. Kasumi the real one smirks seeing Andy falling for her trick, thinking her doubles are all nothing but illusions. And unlike what normally happens where a group never all attack at once in worlds like this, she and her doubles don't play by those rules. She joined in the beat down on Andy attacking him all at once and then four of them each grabbed a limb and swinging him between them throws him out of the ring.

"We're nothing like any fighter any of you have ever encounter before," Kasumi said. (2)

Chapter 33

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Princess Celestia looked over the map as the latest reports from the scouts showed the position of the soldiers of Sombra. The mission that Cadance and Shining Armor went on to save the Crystal Empire ended in a failure with Shining Armor barely alive. The crystal ponies have been encase in armor that made them all slaves to Sombra's will and with every captured pony only adds to their numbers. She wished that she and Luna had gone with them and none of this would had happen.

Celestia has been force to over see the battle by leading the fight on the front lines. Her sister Luna is taking care of things back in Canterlot and keeping things running. All the ponies are working in giving what is needed to fight against Sombra, the Element bearers are also helping in the fighting. Pinkie and Rainbow are fighting on the front line as soldiers, Fluttershy has taken up taking care of sheep who's wool are being made into uniforms by Rarity. Then there's Applejack has upgraded her farm to a factory one to mass produce food for the soldiers. It's all that they can do as the elements no longer work for any of them. Without Twilight the elements just no longer work.

Celestia has Luna looking for new element bearers while she fights. But it's slow going with many ponies trying and failing. There is also the humans of the other world who are the counterparts of everypony on this side. She has ponies looking into opening the portal so that the human counterparts of Twilight and the others could use the elements.

But there is also another way. Celestia turn her attention to the book that connects to the one that she gave to Sunset. In all the years that had past since that day, she had never once written to Sunset. Now the only way to contact Sunset and Twilight since they disappeared, is right there. But she is held back by the guilt and shame of all what she could had done and what she should had done. If she could only bring herself to use it and ask the two ponies who she hurt for aide in her time of need. But will the two even answer her call for aide after she had only seen and used them as tools to be used and thrown away when they're no longer needed. (1)

Chapter 34

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A man was thrown through a wall of cement and metal, the blast from the explosion having sent him flying. The man known as Butcher stared at the hole as Batman as worn and ragged as he is step out. They're in the main power room of the battle station that's hovering over the world that is the combination of several worlds all merged together. The world where Batman came from, The world of My Hero Academia, Grrlpower, Empowered, fusion world of Cartoon Network cartoons, Hasbro Cartoons, American Dragon, Kim Possible, and Hanna-Barbara superhero cartoons. Outside the ranging battle could be heard as the heroes who got through the shield are fighting their way to bring down the shield that protected the base.

"You got me," Butcher said as he's impaled on several pieces of wreckage of the machine he landed on.

"How do I shut the machine down?" Batman ask.

"Before it fires off the big energy blast?" Butcher asked. "Of course thanks to that heroine with that costume that's like wet paper and her friends. The coolant system that's keeping the gun cool is out of control. This entire sector is going to blow up. And seeing how I'm stuck and dying there isn't anyway I'm going to survive. Be proud you got me back."

"I will save you, I do not kill," Batman said.

"You killed before. You killed Parademons when Darksied invades, the demons, the aliens and other non-humans over the years," Butcher said. "I'm the first one that you killed that's human. But that's all the differences that matters to you isn't it. If I was non-human you wouldn't be milking all of this drama if I was." (1)

"That's not true," Batman said.

"Oh yes it is," Butcher said. "You have killed before but as long as they weren't human. You just wave it off as only human lives matter to you."

The room shake as the machines that powered the gun overheated, causing pieces of the ceiling to rain down.

"I do understand why you don't kill and others like you. But it's one thing in saving someone who can change and then there's saving someone who will just keep on doing what they're doing no matter what. I would repay you saving me by simply firing the cannon and killing everyone on your world. To make you finally understand how pointless it is in saving someone like me when there isn't anyone left but the two of us. But you would even knowing that would still save me. Because saving the villain is more important than anyone else's life," Butcher said mocking him.

"Even you can be save," Batman said.

"I'll tell that to your parents who if you had just let me go and kill that guy would be alive. They'll be so proud that you rather save the life of the man who killed them, putting his life above theirs and preventing me from stopping him just before he killed them," Butcher said mocking him more. "You have any idea how fuck up in the head you have to be to think that's what they would want?"

Batman could only stare at the man who made him be the one who got his parents killed.

"It's the reason why everyone close to you have abandon you. Your Bat family all left, seeing how low you would go to save the life of villain, even the one who if he had been stop your parents would be alive. You rather have innocents be killed so that the villains who let you be Batman live, just so you can go and do your thing. Why is it that you treat the death of someone like me who has done just about everything and yes I have done much to children as I do adults. As it's the end of the world and the one who killed someone like me worse then the person they killed. Some people like me just have to die," Butcher said.

The room shaked again.

"But really sealed the deal, where you are now the villain in everyone's eyes. Is how I made the Joker sane and got him to tell his side of things in that recording. Blaming you for not allowing him to be killed, when it wouldn't be by your hands. Keeping on saving him no matter what. Saying that he's a mad dog and that he could and will never be able to make up for all that he had done. But you kept on saving him when he would rather die. And then I gave that child who the Joker had just killed their parents in front of them, just like yours. Helping them bring the blaster to his face and held the gun steady as they pulled the trigger, thanking them before hand," Butcher said to him.

"You could had saved the parents," Batman said.

"I would but I didn't get there fast enough, unlike you who should had just let him died so many times. But that's was just the icing on the cake. When you came in and after a fight with me and me wrapping the rope around you. The child got us to stop when they ask you why you value the life of the Joker above their parents. And when you answered back, that sealed your faith for good. Too bad the rope was the rope Wonder Woman uses to make people tell the truth that I stole from her the last time we fought," Butcher said.

"You ruin me," Batman said.

"No I didn't, I just made you tell the truth and everyone didn't agree with your answer. The other heroes want nothing to do with you and the villains. Well even they have standards, well most of them anyways," Butcher said.

"Tell me. Why did you do this?" Batman asked.

"I could tell you that someone asked me to. One of the many people who's life was ruined because of the villains you rather save and protect then theirs. But then again even if that was the case, I would had just done it anyways," Butcher said as the room began to blow up as the machines finally hit the limits of the backup cooling systems safe guards.

Batman ran back towards the hole and leap down using his cape to glide as the gun was destroyed and leaving Butcher behind to die. He saw the leaders of the station having been driven back by the heroes who they been fighting. The five leaders who lead the army of robots group together as they each held up an arm thrusting upwards. Beams of energy came out of the rings they each wore and merged together.

"I'm Captain Planet!" the man who was created from the five rings shouted out as he floated above the crowd below.


"Alright that's it!" Megaman said as he stops the recording and turns to Twilight and the others.

"What it's getting to the good part," Twilight said.

"Yeah the other heroes finally got through the shield and it was us vs them," Sunset said.

"Captain Planet really shows how powerful he is when the world he's on is made up of many all merged together," Naruto said.

"But what does this have to do with the mission?" Megaman said. He's part of the higher ranks of the guild that Twilight and the others are part of and his job is to review mission recordings when something like this happens.

"Well the job was to separate the worlds before the merger caused more harm to each of their home universes," Trixie said. "Which we did at the end."

"Then why are the heroes of those worlds are fighting you?" Megaman asked.

"It's hard to say how that happen. It just all snowballed into us having to use the RV Deathstar mode to do the job and.... well it just ended up with so many other plans set into motion by ll of the different villains that were on their worlds at the time they all merged together, all going off at the sametime," Kasumi said.

"So it's just the old heroes think other heroes are villains and it all becoming a mess type deal?" Megaman asked.

"Yeah something like that," Captain Planet said.

"Ok but how does Butcher fit into this?" Megaman asked.

"Actually he just showed up and started helping us set everything up. Which is one of the reasons why the heroes thought that we were villains," Naruto said.

"Ok but now each world that was merged are now being ruled over by their own Gaia's," Megaman said.

"Well all of the world merging together just caused the spirits of the planets to wake up and is the reason why it all worked out in the end. They gave us the power needed to separate their worlds," Twilight said.

"This is a big mess," Megaman said.

"Well it's better then the merged Earth's causing their universes from slamming into each other like one of those folding beds that slam together while you're on it," Sunset said.

"There's that," Megaman said wondering how he's going to write this entire mess into his report.

Chapter 35

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Sherlock and John were at a stand off with Moriarty who had brought along multiple snipers targeting both of them. He's after the flash drive that Sherlock has which has important defense plans on it. Sherlock is pointing his handgun at the explosive vest that was on John, so that if the snipers fire he'll pull the trigger and cause the vest to blow up killing them all. Which the mood was utterly ruin as the giant robot with a big screen on it had burst through the wall of the school's pool building.

"A friend of yours?" Sherlock asked.

"None of mine," Moriarty said as surprise as Sherlock and John.

"James Jim Moriarty," the purple skinned woman said appearing on the screen of the giant walking eye like robot. "I heard of you and while you're impressive. You're nowhere in my league of villainy."

"Villain? As in Supervillain?" John ask.

"Yes just like Trixie. But I'm more into tech then magic," the woman said.

"Do you know anything about Trixie or her?" Sherlock ask Moriarty.

"Truth to be told, I'm just as lost as you with what Trixie did and all the other things that have been happening," Moriarty admitted.

"Name's Twilight and unlike you English gents. Me and the others are in the superhero and villain weight class," Twilight said as gun ports open all over the ball shaped robot's body. "Like having a giant robot to do my work for me that is covered in weapons and completely immune to anything short of anti-tank weapons. Because really what are you really going to do against this robot? The snipers will be torn to sherds by the guns thanks to the trackers locking onto them, their guns wouldn't be able to make a dent to the tank grade armor. The only thing that would do anything be the bomb vest but I'm more then sure that my robot be able to survive the blast, while you 3 be dead."

"But then the flash drive be destroyed too," Sherlock ask.

"You actually think, I'm after that?" Twilight asked.

"Than what?" John asked.

"Just to make a statement to Jim boy there," Twilight said.

"And what's that?" Moriarty asked.

"You maybe smart, a mastermind who runs a world wide crime ring with a finger in just about every other crime ring, mob, and all that. But I'm a supervillain, with technology that allows me to build robots like this one. And there is one thing that, I don't want is for you're little crime ring to get in the way of mine," Twilight said.

"The robot is impressive but you really think, something like this would scare me?" Moriarty ask.

"Go ahead then, only so that it be more fun to see how small you really are human," Twilight said.

"Human?" John ask.

"What you think technology like this and what Trixie can do can be found on this planet?" Twilight asked as the screen turns off and the roof of the pool building broke away.

High above the school is a space ship that used a tracker beam to lift the roof away, breaking it apart before turning off letting the pieces to fall back down around the school. As the pieces of the roof fell, a small wooden chest fell that the robot caught in one of it's tentacle legs. The robot leap into the air firing rockets from it's many legs flying upwards to the ship. A hatch open up under the ship allowing the robot to enter and sealed after it. The ship then flew off into space. (1)

"You got to be kidding me," Sherlock said with utter shock on his face like Moriarty has on his.

Chapter 36

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During the Cold War shortly after the Soviet Union launches Sputnik 1 in October 1957, an object from space crashes in the ocean just off the coast of Maine, then enters the forest near the town of Rockwell. Nine-year-old Hogarth Hughes investigates and finds a giant robot attempting to eat the transmission lines of an electrical substation. Hogarth eventually befriends the Giant, finding it docile and curious. When it eats railroad tracks in the path of an oncoming train, the train collides with it and derails, and Hogarth leads the Giant away from the scene, discovering that it can self-repair. While there, Hogarth shows the Giant comic books of the adventures of Superman.

The incidents lead a cowardly and paranoid U.S. government agent named Kent Mansley to Rockwell. He suspects Hogarth's involvement after talking with him and his widowed mother, Annie, and rents a room in their house to keep watch on him. Hogarth evades Kent and moves the Giant to a junkyard owned by beatnik artist Dean McCoppin, who reluctantly agrees to keep him. Hogarth enjoys his time with the Giant but is forced to explain "death" after witnessing hunters killing a deer.

When Kent discovers evidence of the giant after finding a photo of it next to Hogarth and brings a U.S. Army contingent led by General Shannon Rogard to the scrapyard to 'prove' the Giant's existence. That was till a spaceship appeared in the sky above them, getting everyone's attention. Followed by a small metal ball coming out from it which fell to the ground and floated in the air in front of the group of humans. A projection of light surrounded the ball before a purple skin woman with purple hair formed out of the light. She is wearing a more form fitting suit showing that she's a female by human standards. And that she has four tentacles coming out of her back.

"Greeting primitives of this planet. I am Twilight Sparkles an alien from another world and I have come to your world to get back my robot that accidentally fell off my ship," the woman greeted the crowd.

"Your robot?" Kent ask.

"Yes this robot," Twilight said as she projected the image of the iron giant. "This is a Iron Sentry model 8238, it's equip with retractable weapons and armor that are fully automatic unleash when any weapon is detected thanks to it's auto defense system. The sentry doesn't even have to be aware of danger for its weapons to be active. And thanks to it's auto repair systems it's able to repair, refuel, and rearm itself from the metal that it eats. Of course seeing how this model hasn't had its programing downloaded into it, the robot is running wild and has no idea how to use any of its equipment. I'm really surrprise that it hasn't done any real damage to this place."

"General Shannon Rogard of the U.S. army. If I understand this, the robot is yours and you come to get it back?" General Rogard ask taking command.

"Yes and its a good thing too as you are all armed and it's auto defense systems will fire at all of you," Twilight said as eyebots came flying down from the ship and surrounded the hanger where the robot is. "My eyebots will turn off it's defense systems so, I can transport it back to my ship."

"You're taking him away?" Hogarth asked.

"It is my robot," Twilight said. "But with that said unless you're willing to buy it. You can't just claim a giant war machine that can think as your own. And I'm guessing you found him first and been keeping him from causing problems."

The Iron Giant steps out from the warehouse with the eyebots flying around him.

"Miss that robot from the reports Kent here has given me," General Rogard said motioning to Kent. "Has cause damage to the town since it landed here."

"And you want me to make it up for the damage my robot caused. I'm a trader so I can offer you level 2 technology," Twilight explains.

"Level 2?" General Rogard asked.

"I would lose my license as a trader if I went around selling and trading advance technology to a primitive race like yours. It's basically don't give the ones who just masted how to make fire a energy weapon. That's just asking for trouble," Twilight said.

"I understand that we might lack the technology and all that, but we're not primitives," Kent said.

"Your country holds itself up as the example for the rest of your species when it cannot even govern itself. Holding the high morel ground while people who aren't the skin color like you, don't have the same rights. A government that covets what does not belong to it, and chases shadows of threats with utterly reckless paranoia. The same goes for your country's counterpart, that is the same in how they do things. I do not think your specie are primitive, I know it," Twilight brutally explains.

"How did you know that?" General Rogard ask.

"Listen to the radio and watch tv. That's how I'm able to understand and talk to you," Twilight said. "Now about the payment for the damages my robot caused which will go to the town and afterwards what your government is going to be trading for what, I'm legally able to trade to you."

"What's going to happen to him?" Hogarth ask pointing to the Iron Giant.

"Going to have to reprogram him and wipe his memory. But seeing how I do need to pay for all the damages it has done. I have an idea of what to do with its personality chip," Twilight said.


2 Months Later -

Hogarth rode on his bike down the streets of Rockwell, which has changed since the alien ship appeared in the sky and repaired all the damage the robot caused. The alien woman Twilight had gifted the town with advance solar panels that dotted the roofs of the buildings, and a water purifier that makes dirty water drinkable. At the junkyard Dean got a material recycler that broke down all the trash that town makes into raw materials which he sells to companies who need them.

Then in the new factory built around the last machine Twilight gave the town. Is the fabricator that can make just about anything as long as it's in its programing and the materials needed is there. The town is now taking in garbage from the surrounding towns and cities where it's first sorted then fed into the recycler. Where the materials are either shipped out or be used to made something from the fabricator. For the organic waste, its all sold off for industrial use or for fertilizer.

As for the things that Twilight gave to the government, they're tight lip about it but things have been happening. Once news broke out of how there is life on other worlds, there has been lots of talks between governments around the world. With Twilight addressing the entire world before leaving Earth to return to her world along with her crew who made themselves known. It caused the world leaders to begin talking with each other, seeing how they're not alone, and how Twilight made it clear how other aliens see humans because of how they acted.

But all that didn't matter to Hogarth as he rode into the junkyard.

"Hi Hogarth," Dean said spotting the boy on his bike. He's busy overseeing the workers he hired to help out after his business had expanded.

"Hi, Dean," Hogarth said riding by as he spotted who he's looking for.

Pushing a cart of trash is Giant who's computer brain was downloaded into a smaller 8 foot one, that's design for heavy industrial work. He now works with Dead in the junkyard, and helps keep the machine running. For Hogarth all that matters was that he still has his friend.

Chapter 37

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Night had settle in the city of London with a thick fog rolling in, Big Ben the iconic clock tower of the city of London that overlooked the river Thames. Which is a conjoined building of the House of Parliament and the seat of government of England. Crowds had gathered both on the Westminster Bridge and along the shore of the St Thomas' Hospital. All staring at the screen that covered much of the part of the Palace of Westminster that faced the river.

Everyone is wondering what's going on with the screen, the police have blocked off the area shortly after the screen suddenly appeared on the side of the building. The screen lit up as the theme music of the game series Fallout began playing. The screen revealed a computer generated city of London.

A cat walk on top of the rooftops of a London of the Fallout universe, as it did so the land scrap change showing how it look in the past and after the bombs fell. Showing the people of London before the bomb fell and how they change like the ones from America. In the Fallout version of London the people are either dress in worn out clothes or in salvage clothes made out of whatever they could find. Some carried melee weapons either created out of scrap or what could be created, some are armed with guns but mostly flintlock guns thanks to the ban of guns in England. A man in full armor of a knight stood on top of the walls of the Tower of London. Knights and soldiers patrolled the streets walking pass open air markets or dirt roads outside the city passing by farms. Patrolling Buckingham palace grounds are protectrons design to look like royal guards continue to serve their duty. New mutant animals could be seen as they darted in and out of sight, the ruins of the Battersea Park Children's Zoo, with the zoo animals who survived and thrived could be seen.

Then the scene change to the ruins of the U.S. Embassy. Breaking through the clouds came the USS Constitution from Fallout 4, commanded by Captain Ironside and his robot crew. The ship crash landed on top of the ruins of the embassy. The scene changed to first person as the player climbs up from below deck and walk pass the robots on the deck as they turn their glaze to the city of London.

Then the title drop, 'Fallout London'.

As some in the crowd cheered seeing a new Fallout game, the screen fell off the side of the building just in time as a section of the wall swung open like a door. Stepping out into the spotlight is Trixie waving to the crowd with one hand that held a small leather bond book while the other held a umbrella. Bursting out of the fog came the USS Constitution of Fallout, with Captain Ironside and his robot crew on the deck of the ship. Trixie open the umbrella and like Mary Poppins, flew to the ship and onto the deck. The wooden ship rose out of the water as the 4 rockets strap to it's hull fired and lifted the ship into the sky. And the crowd watch as it flew into the sky till it disappeared into the clouds. (1)


Elsewhere -

Sherlock could only shake his head having watched what just happen on tv. With what happen with the woman Twilight and her revealing herself as an alien which many people saw thanks to her ship appearing overhead with many people filming it, things have gotten strange. People have been showing up in London just for a chance to see something strange happening. His brother from their last talk, has been trying to handle things but unlike a few years ago there is no way to cover things up like before. Especially with the strange visitors not being subtle in anyway.

"Alright, now they're just trolling us," Sherlock said wondering how his life had gotten to be like this.

Chapter 38

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"So what's the story with this world?" Captain Planet ask as he sits with the rest of the group. No one paid much attention to him because they're in a superhero world of My Hero Academia. They're all sitting at a restaurant waiting for their meal to come.

"Yeah it's different from the last one we were at," Naruto said.

"People seem to down about something or angry," Kasumi said.

"I'm still looking," Twilight said as she read through a newspaper. They stop onto this version of My Hero Academia to see what kind of gear they could get and to restock on supplies like food when they were suddenly hit by how people are acting.

"Twilight you really should just use a phone," Sunset said as she looks up the news online using her smart phone.

"Ok so what's happening?" Trixie ask drinking from the glass of water they were given while they waited.

"Oh my. It seems Deku in this world is a villain thanks to All Might breaking his dream of being a hero because he didn't had powers," Sunset said.

"And what happen?" Twilight ask. As all she got from the news paper was the scandals about heroes that she didn't know of from cannon.

"He became this world's Joker, just without the clown thing. He killed a number of heroes and tons of others from planting bombs to just plain murder, all to show the world how someone who has no powers could become the worst villain ever, that a hero without powers could do the same. Derailing trains, destroying airport control centers causing planes to crash, causing a fire in an oil depot, releasing toxic waste around Japan causing a drop in sea life, destroying major harbors by destroying oil tankers preventing most imports from coming in, putting a chemical that kills plants in manure to destroy many farms, poisoning major water supplies, bombing the Japan Wallstreet to cause a market crash and his last crime was him setting off Mt Fuji by stuffing it with so many bombs that earthquakes rock Japan on the 10 and upper scale," Sunset said reading through the articles.

"So that's why things look so run down," Trixie said having seen things here and there that needed to be fix or replace.

"Yeah the market really crash and with Deku also releasing information that the hero agencies have been hiding about the heroes working in said agencies, like that fire hero what his name who replace All Might in cannon as number one hero. All the information about him being a abusive father and husband came out with how he cause his son to kill himself and drove his wife mad all came out. He's no longer a hero and his kids all left him with them doing what they can to help their mom now, and him unable to go out without reporters mobbing him. He's awaiting a court hearing about his son's death as it's being treated as a murder case thanks to public outcry about it and being world wide news," Sunset said.

"From what I read in the paper the hero agencies are closing down and many heroes have lost their licenses. The whole hero culture has fallen apart and the government along with it because of how the government branch that handles the heroes had been hiding crimes that some of the heroes have done and only allowing those with flashy powers to be heroes to look good to the public. And because of how Deku revealed the truth about All Might being like him without powers and how it's because he destroyed his dream of being a hero because he didn't had powers, is the reason why he became a villain in the first place. Has cause people to lose their faith in him and all the heroes as well," Twilight said.

"Tell me about it," Sunset said still looking at her phone. "The hero schools are now allowing students without powers and those who had powers but weren't seen flashy enough to be a hero. They also replace that hero Eraser something with the eye power to depower people as a teacher seeing how he expels students, who Deku recruited to be his minions and actually teach them how to use their powers. The minions once captured revealed how the schools and agencies expel them while letting the students with the flashy powers stay no matter how bad they are, because of their flashy powers. The schools and hero agencies that are left are doing everything to improve their image by doing what they can to get students without powers to join, by giving those who sign up gadgets and power armor. Which is what Deku used as a villain, showing how anyone given the right tools can be strong. And also the ones with less flashy powers to join up too with the teachers no longer able to expel any student unless they commit a crime. And to make sure there are cameras in all the classrooms so that the teachers will always be on camera so they have to do their jobs and follow the new rules." (1)

"They're really going all out to look good," Captain Planet said.

"Yeah according to some of the post of the students. The schools don't want to look bad by expelling students or having students leave because of how they're treated. Some schools have already closed because of that," Sunset said.

"So what happen to All Might?" Trixie ask.

"He's a fallen hero now keeping out if sight out of shame for being the one who made Deku into a villain. Not to mention he can't use his power anymore because of him going over his limit. He's going to give his power to the first non-powered hero who becomes a pro-hero," Sunset said.

"He's not going to pick or train them himself?" Naruto ask.

"No he's not as he stated that he lost the right to pass judgement when his mistake cost so many lives. He and the older heroes are part of the old system and the new ones to take their places. But the turnout for new students are low with some classes only having 5 students at the smallest because of the low turnout rate. Till a new hero comes along to inspire people and for them to put their faith in, the hero culture is dying," Sunset said.

"Then what about the villains?" Kasumi ask.

"The would be students just switch to police schools to train there," Twilight said.

"Oh yeah there are police here who have powers already," Naruto said thinking about it. "So why don't the heroes just be cops when it isn't like Marvel or DC where for some reason people with powers can't... wait thinking about it. That's dumb in not letting people with powers be in law enforcement when there are supervillains with powers around." (2)

"Worlds where that happen there isn't much bang like in worlds where costume heroes are around. And that most heroes in those worlds don't want to be held back by red tape and all that," Trixie said.

"Hey, I have an idea for something we can do," Twilight said.

"Oh not this again," Sunset said as she and Trixie shared a look as they seen the face Twilight is making.


In another My Hero Academia world -

Izuku Midoriya stared down at the destroyed giant robot the zero-pointer. He remember the stories his mentor told him about his adventures and how that all giant robots have a weak point if you know what to look for. The zero-pointer's weak point was the fuel port where the the engineers fuel the engine that powers the robot. Thanks to a girl with gravity powers giving him a boost, he made it up on top of the robot and stuff a pipebomb he made and used the parachute he's been wearing to jump off as the robot blew up once the blast made it's way down into the main fuel tank.

He landed right in front of the girl Uraraka who he saved after her legs were caught under some rubble. The other students gathered around him cheering. The staff of the school who have been watching were all shock seeing what just happen. The only one that wasn't was the mentor of the only powerless child trying to enter the school of heroes.

"As, I said the kid only needed a chance to show what he can do and for someone to believe in him," Duke McQueen said.

"You taught him how to make a bomb?" All Might ask.

"One thing I learned after ending up on an alien planet. Is that you never know when you be able to pick up a weapon when you need it. So it's better to have something at hand and know how to make it," McQueen said. (3)

"You're still going on with you being a space hero?" Nezu ask. It's been months since McQueen in that retro looking spaceship crash in the city and him claiming to be an space hero who doesn't have powers. And that he's from the early 1900's where his plane flew into a wormhole ending with him in another galaxy and thanks to how time works while being in a wormhole he ended into the far future. Everyone just figures he's an American who got his hands on a ship and ended up crashing in Japan. The only one who believes him is Uraraka who was the first one to greet him and became his student.

"I given up in getting anyone here to believe me. All I need is one person who believes in me as I do with him," McQueen said. "It's just sad that, I have to go."

"You're finally going back to America?" All Might ask.

"No, back to space," McQueen said as he pointed to the large spaceship suddenly appearing in the sky above the school.

McQueen just walk out of the control center ignoring the heroes trying to get him to answer their questions. He walk till he got to the training grounds where a small shuttle was waiting for him. Sunset in her 12 foot tall giant form and Trixie were waiting for him, with the things he wanted to give his student. And speaking of which he was there waiting for him with the other kids who have crowded around the pair and their ship.

"You're really leaving?" Izuku ask.

"Sorry kid but there isn't anything left for me here and the family I left back in space. All the people I met and befriended are waiting for me. And you who, I been training and mentoring all of this time. You no longer need me to hold onto the handles of the bike. You know how to ride now and it's time for you to learn how to do it your own way," McQueen said as he kneels down to meet Izuku's eye level. "You knew, I would be leaving once someone answer my S.O.S."

"I just thought you would be here longer," Izuku said losing the man who believed in him when no one else did.

"I'm sorry kid but, I only return here because, I thought I still had people waiting for me here. I'm part of the Star Commands that, I help start to bring peace and help the Galactic Alliance to expand," McQueen said.

"I'm going to miss you," Izuku said hugging McQueen who return his hug.

"I know kid, I'll miss you too," McQueen said.

"Cheer up kid you got to be personally trained by a living legend. Who is known as the greatest current hero alive in 3 galaxies. Well you can argue in 5 or 6 if you're really reaching," Trixie said.

"McQueen here has saved those galaxies many times over. From one tyrant, warlord, and space creatures. Using nothing but the skills he has picked up here and there. That was before he started using the standard space ranger suit," Sunset said.

"That reminds me. You two have it right?" McQueen ask.

"Here it is," Sunset said as she pulls out a spacesuit.

"I am leaving you but it doesn't mean I'm not going to be leaving you something to remember me by," McQueen said as he gave Izuku the suit. "Standard Space Ranger suit, the fabric is an armored something or whatever and has a force field to add another layer of protection. Has a collapsible helmet that allows you to survive in just about any environment, inbuilt jetpack and wrist mounted energy blasters. In built servos that increases your strength and has an auto repair system where it will just repair itself using materials you give it. And the whole suit will reshape itself to fit you," McQueen said.

"Don't forget the genetic lock that will prevent anyone but you to be able to use the suit," Trixie adds.

"From now on kid you're a cadet of Star Command of this planet," McQueen said. A Mr Gutsy appeared next to McQueen. "And this is a Mr. Gutsy who will takeover for me in your training and will help you in the upkeep of your equipments."

"What equipments?" Izuku ask looking around and saw nothing.

"Subspace pocket," Mr. Gutsy said as it pulls out a long metal rode out of a side compartment on it's side.

"Super advance alien tech," McQueen explains.

"Goodbye McQueen. Thank you for believing in me," Izuku said.

"And remember if you don't like how things work here in this school. There is no shame in going to another whose teaching style is right for you. I didn't train you like the others, I mentored. I taught each of them differently as you aren't like my last student and she wasn't like you. You can just see what the other schools are like or even try schools in other countries," McQueen said.

"I'm sure there be plenty of schools and countries who would love to have a space hero. Besides these heroes on this planet," Trixie said waving to the teachers who followed McQueen. "Sure I guess they're ok but space heroes are the ones who go out and protect entire planets and handle things that planet bound heroes can't."

"Go to another school or country?" Izuku asked.

"You're still young and just because you don't meet the standards of this school. Doesn't mean it's the only path for you. Just go and find the one that works for you and show what a real hero is. By not just being the most flashy or have the coolest power. By doing the right thing when no one else will. Like when you were the only one who was willing to try to save bomb boy from that slime villain when no one else would had," McQueen said. "But with that said and how he continues to treat you even after saving his life. You don't have to keep saving someone like that. Some people who refuse to change aren't worth saving. I learned that too many times where, I kept saving someone who never earned me risking my life and having it thrown back in my face, till I finally let them die."

"I remember the stories you told me," Izuku said.

"Learn from them and the mistakes that I made in them. And remember that killing isn't the hardest thing you can ever do, it's the easiest," McQueen said as he enters the ship followed by Sunset and Trixie.

The door closed and the ship lifted up into the air and flew back to the bigger ship. The bigger ship lifted up into the air becoming smaller and smaller till it disappeared from sight. Leaving behind Izuku still holding onto the spacesuit with his new robot teacher, to remember the space hero who believed that a boy without powers could become a hero.


Chapter 39

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After being check in and scan Katsuki Bakugo was allowed to enter the chamber that held the worst villain in Japan's history, Izuku Midoriya the quirkless villain. The cell that held Izuku is a isolation cell with instead of bars is a heavily reinforced plastic wall, so that the guards could always see him. There are auto gun turrets on the ceiling and walls all aimed at Izuku. With only a slot and a door being the only openings in the cell. The cell contain standard prison bed, a toilet, a sink, and a bookcase with some books in it.

"Izuku," Katsuki said as he stared at his old friend behind the plastic wall.

"It's been awhile since you last came," Izuku said as he stood face his old friend. "How are the new arms? New models?"

"Yes new ones," Katsuki said looking down at his robotic arms.

"It took me slowly stripping away the flesh of your arms till there was nothing but bones for you to finally change from the person who help make me into a villain," Izuku said. (1)

"I know," Katsuki said looking at Izuku sadly.

"Don't bother saying sorry as there is no point. I will never forgive you and everyone still blames you for what I have done while, I was freed," Izuku said.

"I came to tell you that Yumi has become a fully licensed hero," Katsuki said.

"My baby sister already told me all about it," Izuku said.

"I see," Katsuki said.

"She's the first quirkless hero, Quiver who uses a crossbow with trick arrows. Using support gear to help her do her hero work, which I remember the teachers of U.A. telling me how that wouldn't allow me to be a hero. They change their tunes once, I became a villain and using the very things they told me that wouldn't allow me to be a hero to be a villain instead. How many are still working at the school?" Izuku ask.

"Not many. The ones you didn't kill in the aftermath and backlash of how they drove you into being a villain, were either fired or having been exposed by you of things that the hero agencies had covered up ended up losing everything," Katsuki said.

"Exposing how much the hero agencies and government covered up just so that the faith in the heroes wouldn't be broken, only allowed me to break everything so much easier. Which reminds me how is Eraserhead doing? Has he become like that old Marvel comic hero Daredevil? Being a blind hero?" Izuku ask.

"He tried for awhile but stop as people just didn't trust him," Katsuki said.

"Hard to gain people's trust when you're the reason why I became a villain. After I used the very support gear I used as a villain to get through the gauntlet to show the school how someone like me without powers could be a hero and he went and expelled me. Which I repaid in kind by taking his eyes, as well showing how bad of a teacher he is by actually teaching the very students he expelled in the past how to use their powers better and become villains like me," Izuku said. (2)

"Everyone knows he's a bad teacher now and have ban him from ever teaching again or being in any form of over seeing students again," Katsuki said.

"It only took me being a villain because of him and all the past students he expelled becoming villains as well to finally get them to realize that fact," Izuku said. "So tell me why are you here?"

"I'm here because people are worried about what will happen if something happens to Yumi," Katsuki said.

"My little sister can handle herself. After all the new staff of U.A. knows not to be anything like the old staff," Izuku said.

"Most of the new teachers are our old classmates and made sure that they were supportive of her and how she does things. I stayed away from her, your mother had a court order for me to never interact with her seeing what happen with us. No one wants her to become like you," Katsuki said.

"Imagine what would had happen if the old staff had treated me like the new staff did with Yumi. And I already know All Might tried to give her All For One which she didn't want. She made quite the scene with All Might offering the power that made him into a hero in the first place. Telling him she doesn't want it as she doesn't want to be anything like him. Wanting to show the world how without a quirk she can be a hero as I was a villain without a quirk. Telling him that he was never the Symbol of Peace as without the quirk given to him that he is nothing without it. Saying it's more marketing then him being the worlds symbol of peace. While her and her team who don't have quirks can still be heroes. Seeing how many heroes just quit being heroes after I her brother cripple them robbing them of being able to use their powers like I did with you," Izuku said. (3)

"All students are now trained to be able to handle themselves without their quirks now," Katsuki said.

"How sad it was when after I cut off or cripple the part that lets them use their powers, how many heroes were just helpless without them. Like they thought of people without quirks. How is life like now that you lost yours?" Izuku ask.

"I had to learn how to live all over again," Katsuki said.

"At least the support items are no longer just saved for heroes. Or you wouldn't had gotten those robot arms. The new government really change things from the old one," Izuku said.

"And they're worried about you," Katsuki said.

"Don't worry I made my point. It's time for my sister to show what a quirkless hero is able to do. Something that the old system and heroes all told me I couldn't be," Izuku said.

"But will you do anything if something happens to her?" Katsuki ask.

"Of course, I would. What kind of a brother would I be if I didn't. What I will do depends on what happens to her. And I know people are listening to what we're saying. The only reason I haven't broken out is because, I had no reason to. Make sure I never have a reason to do it," Izuku said.

Katsuki said nothing as he walks out the room. Wondering what it would had been like if he hadn't been a bully and stayed friends with Izuku. All he can do now is hope that Yumi be the hero Japan needs. Outside the room and the check point, All Might waited for him.

"How is he?" All Might ask, unable to use All for One anymore after going over the limit.

"Same as always," Katsuki said.

"He is my greatest failure as a hero," All Might said.

"Both of ours," Katsuki said.

"His sister is the best hope now for someone the people can put their faith in," All Might said.

"Remember both of us can't interact with her. We done enough harm to her family already," Katsuki said.

"I know, I know," All Might said.


The RV -

Twilight came back from the restroom to find the rest of her group still watching what's happening in the My Hero world. Which is the one that got them to help out the Izuku in the other world by getting the help of the Flash Gordon stand in of that universe to help him out. And they're still hanged up on it for some reason.

"Still watching this world?"

"Yeah but everything is working out it seems," Sunset said.

"Why are you all so work up about that world?" Twilight ask.

"We wanted to see what happen afterwards," Naruto said.

"With all that happen we just had to find out what happen there," Kasumi adds.

"And it is one of the worlds that I can be out and about and no one gives me a second look," Captain Planet said.

"Plus it was fun when we got to be the villains in that one merged world," Trixie said.

"You just want to go and be the villain again to Holmes," Twilight said.

"So what. You had fun too," Trixie said.

"Fine, let's find a world where we can be the villains and in doing so make things better," Twilight said.

Chapter 40

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"Let me get this straight just so that everyone late understands it. You are the first quirkless student of U.A. who wants to be in the hero classes but was put into support. Even with you wanting to be like the old western comic heroes of the likes of Batman, Green Hornet, and the likes where you use support gear to make up for the lack of a quirk. The staff of U.A. refused to let you use support gear, saying that if you're caught without it you be helpless. And refuse to support you in anyway in this mecha suit you're trying to make with bits and pieces of junk?" Trixie ask Izuku Midoriya who is in the old storage shack for ground's keeping supplies, which he's been using to build his exosuit. Around them are eyebots broadcasting to all the TV screens around the world.

"Yes... I been trying to make something like what Iron Man from the comics use but none of the staff will help me," Izuku said as his exo-frame that he's based on the old cartoon Exo-Squad but so far he only has the frame for the legs.

"Let's see with the mind reader," Trixie said as she reach into her cloak and place a helmet on Izuku's head.

"What will this do?" Izuku ask.

"Project a screen above your head so I can see your memories," Trixie said as she began looking through his head.

The machine created a screen above Izuku's head and showed his memories from his point of view. Showing his interaction with the staff and them turning him down each time he talk to them about using support gear to be a hero. Going back to see older memories revealed his interaction with All Might and revealing to the world the secret of his power as he went from buff to wimp. Then showed Bakugou telling him to kill himself so that he could be reborn with a quirk in the next life. (1)

"Why is someone like that being allowed to be a hero? He'll be like Endeavor with him abusing his children where his first son killed himself and putting his wife in the metal ward when she lost it from his abuse," Trixie said.

"He did?" Izuku ask.

"Hack into all the hero agencies databases and found out a lot of things that they been covering up. Not to mention what the government agency that handles heroes have done to make sure that the public only sees the good in their heroes," Trixie said as she uses her datapad for something. "Which I have just posted on wiki leaks and anyone can look it up right now. Also you should know that All Might who told you that you couldn't be a hero without a quirk was quirkless. His quirk can be pass down from one user to another."

"He is?" Izuku asked.

"Yes the government keeps tabs on heroes and been keeping track of the users of All for One, since the villain One for All gave it to his brother over a hundred years ago. Just look it up on the wiki leaks," Trixie said.

"So all of this time where he said I couldn't be a hero without a quirk. He didn't had a quirk either just been given it," Izuku said.

"And thanks to the random generator I used to decide which hero or student in a hero school will be the champion of your planet who will fight against one of my crew members for the fate of your world. Thanks to the utter lack of any of the so called heroes being supportive and actually teaching you how to be a hero in your own way. You are utterly lacking in everything to be able to fight, which means you have to forfeit," Trixie said.

"You can't choose someone else?" Izuku ask.

"Nope as this is too good. The kid that no one tried to help and look down upon, the kid who's hero broke his dream, and even with him doing his best, none of the other pro heroes bother to be supportive or bother teaching him. Is now the only one who can save the Earth from being invaded," Trixie said. "Tell me do you know unarmed combat?"

"No," Izuku said.

"Are you be able to build your mecha in time for a fight?" Trixie ask.

"No," Izuku said looking at his project that he's been working on for months.

"Thanks to everyone around here putting you down and telling you that you can't be a hero without a power. You have no confidants or motivation to be able to fight. Even if the so called heroes of Japan were to go and give you the gear to be able to fight, how are they going to be able to train you to use them when they never and forbid you from ever learning to use them in the first place. They taught you nothing in how to fight and somehow expect you to be able to learn all of the combat skills and have the will to fight, with such a limited time to do it," Trixie said.

"How long?" Izuku asked.

"An hour," Trixie smirks.

Izuku looks at his mecha in the making and just walk over to the lone chair and sat down.

"Yeah there is no time for the last minute training or getting the gear up and running. As the conquer law states that only the one chosen by the conquer can fight and any outside help will be an automatic lost. And once the invader wins and the planet continues to fight, I can go and wipe out your entire race and no one else in the galactic community will do anything about it. For once the planet agrees to the conquer law that was made to lessen the collateral damage to a planet, they have to follow the rules to the letter. No one will ever help a planet that loses and still fights against the winner," Trixie explains.

"Better just get it over then," Izuku said.

"That's right just make it official that you're giving up so me and my crew can get this invasion over with," Trixie said.

"Hold it!" a man shouted as he knock on the door of the shack.

Trixie open the door and behind the door is Mr. Awesome a American superhero. The founder of the original Awesomes and its leader for the past 60 years, and Prock and Perfect Man's father. Although his powers slow his aging, he announced on his 90th birthday that he was retiring (to outer space, so that he wouldn't be bothered). He wanted Perfect Man to take over who is his son but his other son Prock volunteered when Perfect Man turned down the offer. Mr. Awesome's powers are similar to the comic hero, Superman he has superhuman strength, speed, flight, super breath, laser vision, and invulnerability. He wears a red, white, and blue outfit with a red cape and a 100-ton metal "A" on his crest.

"Mr. Awesome?" Izuku ask seeing the oldest hero who is still active standing in front of him. All Might is the symbol of peace but Mr. Awesome is the hero who set the standards.

"Yup, I"m here and flew over to stop you from giving up. I know it looks like it's impossible to win but if Trixie here would kindly give us more time. I will personally mentor you to become the hero you dreamed of becoming," Mr. Awesome said.

"Really?" Izuku asked.

"Yes, I will do what the heroes and teachers around here should had done, being supportive and teaching you how to be a hero. My son Prock even without using powers made a great leader of the new Awesomes. Coming up with excellent plans and assigns jobs to everyone on the team, making use of all of their powers and skill sets. And unlike here in Japan in America there are plenty of quirkless heroes, like Concierge of the new Awesomes who started off as just the secretary with her being very good at organizing things before becoming a full member of the team. And on the old team there is Black Irish who is the world's greatest detective who is so good you don't have to find him, he will just figure out you're looking for him and he finds you," Mr. Awesome said.

"But we only have an hour," Izuku said.

"Yup only an hour and once that's over and he loses. The planet is conquered by the conquers law," Trixie said.

"I know all about that law but so far till now no one used it when they invaded," Mr. Awesome said.

"Well," Trixie said pointing upward out of the door where the RV is in giant space ship mode. "Me and the others would like to be able to takeover this world without having to wreck most of it. Besides you know what happens to planets and invaders who break it once it's been declared."

"Yes, I know all about it. By the way why what kind of ship is it?" Mr. Awesome ask.

"Old mining ship," Trixie answers earning her looks from Mr. Awesome and Izuku. "What do you have any idea how much a warship cost? Besides unlike warships the old mining ship is made to slice off landmass size pieces of a planet at a time. In fact if your planet fights back we'll just use the gravity beam toss space rocks down on the planet. Sure heroes like you Mr. Awesome can stop the rocks but not all of them and all it takes is one really big one to wipe you all out. As for the ones who can survive the impact, without anyone left but them it be a simply matter of hunting them down or just using the ships big guns to blast them. But that's why we're trying to conquer your planet with the law behind us, so it won't cost us more then we'll make."

"Got a point there," Mr. Awesome said.

"But what are you going to do with Earth?" Izuku ask.

"Build factories, making you people work long hours with little pay so we can mass produce goods to sell on the galactic market," Trixie said.

"What about that robot army there?" Mr. Awesome ask pointing to the robot army outside the shack that are spread out around the school to protect Trixie.

"It's actually cheaper to have a non robot work force. Besides this planet is going to be a farming planet," Trixie said.

"A farm planet?" Mr. Awesome ask.

"Food is always going to be a big seller. Besides its safer then trying to go into the more black market things, which would get the space police on our backs not to mention getting the attention of bigger and stronger crime groups in the galaxy. With my group having a farming planet and selling the food to planets in need of food and companies, we can make a good profit while staying under the radar of others," Trixie said.

"Got to say that is a good plan," Mr. Awesome said. "But isn't there anything that can get you to give us more time?"

"Not really," Trixie said.

"Hold on," All Might said in his power up state.

"Give it a rest, Toshinori everyone knows about your secret now," Mr. Awesome said to the younger hero as he glares at him. "I can't believe you, Toshinori. You were just like Izuku before Nana gave you One For All and you still told him only those with powers can be a hero. You sicken me."

"He is the symbol of peace for this world right?" Trixie ask.

"No that's just marketing, seeing how I been doing the hero stuff longer then him. He just have more PR and the spotlight with Japan, who been marketing him as the symbol of peace since he moved back from the states. Japan hero system is more like their pop idols system where it's all about ratings and having the most eye catching gimmick then actual hero work. As for being the symbol of peace, when's the last time he actually did anything outside of Japan? No the whole hero system of Japan is self centered to only what happens in the country and not outside of it. Seeing how you compared to me wouldn't even come close to being what I am. As I never broken the dream of a kid who wants to be a hero like you did to Izuku here. Sure I snip the bub to kids who aren't able to be a hero because of health reasons and what not but never to a kid who can be a hero," Mr. Awesome said to All Might.

"You're right," All Might said as he powers down to his skeleton form. "I'm not a hero like you are. Izuku, I'm sorry you can be a hero."

"Too late," Izuku said. "You're not sorry for breaking my dream you're sorry for what's happening right now. If I wasn't the one pick to fight, you wouldn't even care."

"Of course I wouldn't. You didn't matter till now," All Might said before he gasp in shock.

"Truth ray," Trixie said as she pointed a flashlight like device on All Might. "Anyone in it's beam will always tell the truth when something is ask to them."

"Well, I hope you're proud of yourself. Why Nana pick you of all people... no she pick you because she felt sorry for you when you tried to be a quirkless hero and failed at it. You were a mistake," Mr. Awesome said.

"Yup and there is no way you'll be able to do anything to give Izuku here a chance to win. Seeing how actually trying to teach him at this point is useless. Not to mention his heart isn't in it," Trixie said.

"Everything you and the other teachers could had done when it would had meant something is long gone. Tell me what could you do for me? What can you and the other heroes here be able to do that would mean anything at this point? How can I have a suit ready in time which you repeatedly told me would be useless? Wait how about training me in unarmed combat. Oh wait you and the others told me I couldn't learn because I don't have a quirk," Izuku shouts at All Might.

"There has to be something to give us more time," All Might said to Trixie.

"Nope," Trixie said.

"Promise me you'll keep him alive and force him to do humiliating labor," Mr. Awesome said pointing to All Might.

"Well do," Trixie said.

"Give me One For All," Izuku said glaring at All Might.

"What?" All Might ask.

"It's the only way, I'll have a chance. And you have no choice, the world is watching," Izuku said.

"You're right," All Might said as he pulls out a hair and gives it to Izuku. "Eat it and you'll gain One For All."

"Just like that?" Izuku ask as he eats the hair.

"Yeah that's how it works. Knew just about all the past users," Mr. Awesome said.

"And I can give it away anytime?" Izuku ask.

"Yes that's how it works as long as you give it away willingly to someone who takes some DNA into into them that's how it works," Mr. Awesome said.

"Good," Izuku said as he plucks a hair from his head and offers it to Trixie.

"You're giving me your new power?" Trixie ask.

"To give me more time to train and be able to fight," Izuku said.

"The kid who no one believe in who has just been given the power of the very hero who destroyed his dream. Giving the power away to be able to have what he needs to save the world?" Trixie ask herself as she taps her chin with her finger. "Alright deal."

"What have you doing?" All Might shouted.

"Doing what it takes to save the world," Izuku said.

"Now that's what a real hero sounds like," Mr. Awesome said.

"You'll have a year's time. But with some rules, first you can't have anyone controlling you in anyway, so you'll be scan for the fight with any mind, soul, or whatever being detected you'll automatically lose. Also you have to build the suit yourself so you can't just have someone else go and make it for you. You have to be there working on it, either by hand or at the controls of the machines building it. Also just to make sure you're heart is in it you'll be hit by the truth ray and be ask if you're willingly to do battle, no being force to do something you don't want. And just to make sure I'll having this drone follow you around for a year," Trixie said as she made a metal ball appeared with a surface is like a mirror.

"Agreed," Izuku said handing over his hair to Trixie.

"But he gets to choose who he fights from your crew and from crew members that he has a chance to be able to win against. No going up against someone who can beat me one on one, that's just not fair," Mr. Awesome adds.

"Very well, he'll be only facing against crew members who he stands a 50/50 chance at beating. But that's if he's ready to fight that is as if he hasn't improved that much in a year then even the weak crew members who are able to fight would still kick his butt," Trixie said.

"Young Midoriya me and the other teachers will teach you to be a hero as we should had done," All Might said.

"Forget it Toshinori you and this school had it's chance and you all showed that you only care about students with quirks. Seeing how you and the Japanese let those with the flashy quirks get away with so much. The number 2 hero of Japan Enji Todoroki, Endeavor is a abusive husband and father, causing his wife to lose her mind and his first son to kill himself. Which the government covered it up just so that the people of Japan won't lose faith in the hero system. Which only going to cause more chaos now that it's all out there," Mr. Awesome said.

"You're welcome," Trixie said. "Seeing how you Mr. Awesome was turn evil and everyone knows about Prefect Man being your son. There isn't much left to expose."

"Izuku take it from me. Don't live up to a standard that no one can ever live up to. My sons team the new Awesomes are what you see, with all of their flaws being shown. They do their best to set a good example, while still displaying flaws. Which is better then what's being exposed right now with the Japan hero system, covering up everything just to make it appear all the heroes are flawless. Like the so called symbol of peace here," Mr. Awesome said glaring at All Might.

"Young Midoriya, we need to train you so that we can build up good PR...." All Might was saying but stop as he looks at Trixie who is using the truth ray on him again.

"I'm the villain. I'm suppose to be bad," Trixie smirks.

"You just want to save face. You don't care about anyone who doesn't have a quirk. You having no quirk and still looking down on people that you use and now are just like again,quirkless," Izuku said.

"Come I'll help you pack," Mr. Awesome said as he push All Might away from the doorway and walks out with Izuku. Around the shack the rest of the student body and staff had came over while staying far from the robots that are all armed and waiting orders.

"Then we'll take a plane or you'll carry me?" Izuku ask.

"Carrying you and your things over the ocean would be hard for both of us," Mr. Awesome said as Gadget Gal appeared holding a TV remote in her hands.

"Got the old teleporter working again," Gadget Gal said.

"You have a teleporter?" Izuku ask.

"Yes something I made a long time ago but can only teleport me to someone with a transponder or teleporting them to me. If they're in range and nothing is blocking it of course," Gadget Gal explains before she spots an old foe. "Well, well looks like time has cut you short."

"Arlene, it hasn't been long enough," Recovery Girl said glaring at the now younger and taller old foe of hers.

"Not only I had aged better then you, but I now back to a hot tomato. But then again, Chiyo you never were a match for me even in your prime during WW2," Gadget Gal said. (2)

"What?" Izuku ask.

"Both of them are WW2 era heroes like me who is also WW1 era. Don't you kids learn about that kind of stuff in school?" Mr. Awesome ask.

"No, it's not taught just gloss over," Izuku said.

"Typical they started the war and got their butts kick and now pretending that it wasn't that big a deal. Maybe some more nukes would had gotten the message of how badly they lost across," Gadget Gal said causing many in Japan to be offended.

"Remember she's really is in her 80's before she was made younger," Mr. Awesome said.

"But it still shows how things are just gloss over and covered up to make everything look better," Izuku said. "Let's go. I would like to be somewhere where people don't look down upon me and only pretend to care only when they need me."

"Good boy," Gadget Gal said patting Izuku on the head. "You really shouldn't be with people like these people."

"Hang tight," Mr. Awesome said as he grabs both of them and flew off with Izuku telling him where to go to reach his home.

"Well things are really going to be interesting when, I come back," Trixie said as she teleports away along with her robots leaving Japan to deal with the aftermath of what she has done.

Chapter 41

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The training of Izuku Midoriya is something that the world has been watching, looking for any updates or breakthroughs in his training. Mentored personally by Mr. Awesome the world's oldest active hero and the greatest in the world, Izuku has been growing under his training. But the training wasn't physical as Mr. Awesome knew that there be no way Izuku would be able to fight the alien champion with just his body, no he needed to know how to use the equipments he will be using to fight with. Mr. Awesome called in the best heroes to train Izuku in that field while he taught Izuku how to think on his feet and pass down all the battle experience he gain over to him.

Seeing how Izuku only has a year to get ready to fight, they're not holding back in what they're giving Izuku to use. They gave him a power suit along power armor to go over it, then a mini-mech that fits inside of a giant robot. They're going with layered defenses incase of one being destroyed, Izuku be able to bail from one and continue to fight.

The first hero he called is the South Korea heroine D.Va, a former professional gamer who now uses her skills to pilot a state-of-the-art mech in defense of her homeland. She's teaching him how to pilot the mini-mech he's been given.

Then there's Kim Possible a young quirkless heroine from USA, she use to go on missions with nothing but what she had on her tool belt till she upgraded with a battle suit. She's been called in to teach Izuku how to fight using the power suit and gear he has, as well as teaching him how to fight against foes with powers when you don't like her.

From Mexico is Grandpapi Rivera aka Puma Loco who is a villain who still does crime in his old age thanks to his robotic suits. He was called in to teach Izuku how to fight using power armor as he's one of the best, even giving Mr. Awesome a hard time in his younger years. And being a villain he's able to teach Izuku how to fight dirty.

Then there's 'Coop' Cooplowski the pilot of the giant robot Megas XLR. He is the most unlikely hero of all as he's a big fat gamer and proud of it. He is also the best damn robot pilot there is, thanks to his years of gaming he went and rebuild a future robot into a custom one that because of the controls being made by him that only he knows how to use, no one can figure out how to use the controls at all. Seeing how the dashboard includes buttons like "Destroy The World," "Smite The World," "Destroy The World WORSE," and "Save The World." He designed the controls of the robot to simulate a video game, complete with Nintendo, Sega and Sony controller pads. Meaning that the most powerful robot on earth can only be used by him. Seeing how even D.Va a fellow gamer has no idea how to use the controls. Is teaching Izuku how to fight like him, seeing how he is undefeated. (1)

Of course that training was done with their own gear as Izuku's gear was still being built by him. Izuku is being taught by the best engineers and heroes who build their own gear, as Izuku has to be the one who builds his stuff as the alien orb left behind always followed Izuku around making sure his end of the deal was being kept up. So the engineers walk Izuku through everything in how to build his gear, with Mr. Awesome making sure that they explain everything and not just expect Izuku to already know things. With the planet being on the line, anyone who did anything to cause Izuku to start doubting himself or damage his self-confidence was quickly fired and they find themselves black listed from most of the fields they use to work in. Izuku being the only person who can stop an all out invasion which Mr. Awesome admits that he wouldn't be able to keep collateral damage from being it would had been better to give up then fight.

There was some that wanted Izuku to train to be a fighter but then Mr. Awesome ask what's the point of training someone to be able to run, do push ups, or throw a ball far, when the one they're training is only going to be fighting in a giant robot. Which anyone who said it would help, Mr. Awesome made them fight Coop who is fat and out of shape using a giant robot. Which Coop beat them all in very public matches. Mr. Awesome made it clear that anyone who thinks that training Izuku into a fighter would help him control a giant fighting robot better. Has to beat Coop first in a robot match, or fight him without him holding back. After that no one dared to try to tell them how to train Izuku. (2)

There was some mostly in Japan saying it would allow Izuku to fight like in G Gundam where the pilot controlled their robots like their own bodies using bodysuits. Which Coop said that it's dumb design to have a control system that copies the pilot's body movements or having one with a pain feedback. The reason to using a giant robot isn't to fight like a human but to fight in a way that no human could. (3)

Mr. Awesome also had the Japanese heroes of Izuku's old school ban from entering to the states. For the reasons that they did enough harm and anything that could cause Izuku trouble must be stomp out at once. In fact the current school that Izuku is going to, anyone who tries anything with Izuku was quickly suspended or kicked out of the school. With the toxic relationship with his old friend, Bakugou who because of the fallout of what the school allowed him to get away with had come down hard on him with him either improving or being kick out of the hero school and ban from ever becoming a hero. No one wants to have that happening again to the only person who could prevent a full out battle for the planet.

As for All Might, with his powers being taken from him, he has continue to be a teacher but given up being a hero. Seeing how people of Japan just lost faint in the hero system as it's just like the old pop idols culture before the superhero one replaced it. Then there were all the things that were hidden by the Japan hero agency to keep the heroes looking good and how they would only help the injured heroes who could still be heroes. Like one of the heroes who was cripple by the hero killer of Japan, who could had still be able to walk with the proper medical equipment but seeing how he wouldn't be able to be a hero anymore, the agency just let him be bond to a wheelchair. Using the money to pay off people for the damages that other heroes caused.


At the Hub -

"And that's what is happening with that world's Izuku," Trixie said to a group of superheroes who are at Moe's. She's been showing the crowd what she had done and what's happening in that world.

"What's the plan for the end of the year?" Captain Atom ask.

"Big show of a fight to show everyone in Japan of that world that you don't need powers to be a hero," Trixie said.

"Who's going to be the one who be fighting?" Mighty Mouse ask.

"We're still deciding," Trixie said.

"Never did like the whole only those with powers are allowed to be heroes under that system," a Izuku said who is dress as Flash Gordon who he took up the mantle from his mentor who is said man.

"Sure showed my world," the Batman Izuku said.

"Don't worry I'm going to really show how someone without powers with the right equipment and people who actually believe in them can do," Trixie said.

Chapter 42

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"Now this is what we needed," Twilight said as she and the others relax at a small motel called Waikiki Inn. Which is a Hawaii themed motel that they spotted as they were driving in the middle of the heartland of America.

"A nice little time off from traveling," Trixie said.

"And from those mess up worlds," Kasumi adds.

"I still can't believe that those people kept refusing to just give what we needed to save them," Sunset said.

"I'm glade that we just left after that guy wanted a plant that can only be found growing at the bottom of the sea," Naruto said.

"And they still wanted to save us and instead of just giving us that crystal we needed. They still wanted us to complete the chain of deals for us to get it," Captain Planet said. He's using a hologram bracelet that makes him look normal and not a blue skin and green haired superhero. (1)

"Well, I hope they enjoy being enslaved which they could had been prevented if they had just giving us the crystal," Sunset said.

"We could had just beaten them up and take the crystal," Trixie pointed out.

"Don't you remember what happen the last time we did that," Twilight asked.

"They suddenly went from helpless villagers to super warriors who should had been able to fight off the demons instead of getting us to save them instead. And the moment they saw a demon they lost their backbone and ran away crying for help," Sunset said.

"Like that GTA world we went to. The cops do nothing but suddenly when we do something to stop someone from killing someone, they all suddenly can't get off their butts fast enough to arrest us," Kasumi said. (2)

"I hate game worlds," Captain Planet said.

"Well we did go and blasted that GTA's world government to raise the white flag and we took all that stuff from their Area 51, while revealing everything to the world," Twilight said.

"As if they didn't had it coming," Sunset said.

"But shouldn't we go and free that world?" Kasumi asked.

"After how we were treated and not being paid to do so, nope," Naruto said.

"Besides they're just like their enemy nation only that they're not strong enough to fight back," Trixie said.

"So it be a waste of time to go save them," Twilight said as she fools around with her computer showing what world they should go next.

The first world has the muggle world rounding up and either executing the magic users or using a device to remove their magic.

"Ok in this world the magic users of Harry Potter world have been discovered and tried to mind erase the muggle world. But instead the spell was messed up leaving almost half the muggle world brain dead and the rest immune to magic. And now the muggle world is killing off the magic users or depowering them. The pure bloods anyways while the muggle born are actually using their magic to help more then one closed off culture," Twilight said.

"Isn't there at least one world where magic users actually live along side with muggles?" Trixie ask.

"What about all those worlds we been to," Twilight ask.

"Not the ones that from the start and not alternate versions of the cannon one," Trixie said.

"Can't really think of one," Sunset said.

"Yeah there are not really a world where magic is as part of life a technology is," Captain Planet said.

"What about Outlaw Star?" Naruto ask.

"Yeah that is one world where magic is around and isn't hidden in a closed off world," Trixie said.

"And there's the world of Little Witch Academia," Twilight pointed out.

"That was a fun world," Kasumi said.

"I like the one with Chuck Norris who is just as powerful as that book this world wrote about himself," Sunset said.

"Now that was one OP. He fix global warming by punching the gases that cause it out into space," Captain Planet said.

“Hey remember the Starship Troopers world the one with the bugs not being technology advance but more giant bugs?” Sunset ask.

“Oh yeah where it turned out that the government was the ones behind the entire bug war. That was to keep their civilization from falling apart as they didn’t had anyone to fight but themselves. And they started the entire pointless war by blaming the bugs for the space rock. Which would had to have the bugs sending the rock to hit Earth millions of years in the past seeing how the rock wasn’t moving at the speed of light and the two systems are light years apart,” Twilight said.

“I don’t remember that,” Kasumi said.

“We hadn’t met you yet. We went and exposed everything after the government there tried to kill use for the technology we got,” Trixie said.

“We left as planet wide riots broke out on their planets. And I want to know what happen to them,” Sunset said.

"Ok," Twilight said bringing up the Starship Trooper world. "Looks like the old government collapse due to in fighting and a civil war. The Sol system is over run with bugs and the other human planets are now independent. And the bugs have made peace with the human planets as they fought together to bring down the old government."

"That world is just like the movies and not the book right?" Captain Planet ask.

"Yup," Trixie said.

"Good then," Captain Planet said.

"Hey what about the My Hero world?" Naruto ask.

"Who is going to fight Deku?" Kasumi ask.

"Oh, I will. Plus it will allow me to finally get some uses out of the Omnidroid," Twilight said.

"Wait isn't that the robot design to fight and kill superheroes?" Captain Planet ask.

"Yes but I'm going to be inside controlling it," Twilight said.

"Still have a couple of months before we have to show up in that world," Sunset said.

"And not to mention all the bets that are going to take place. There are plenty of people at the Hub want in on this," Trixie said.

"A lot of non-powered heroes want to be there acting as part of our crew," Kasumi said.

"Or just showing up in their ships," Naruto said.

"Yeah there's a lot of credits on the line for it," Twilight said.

"Which is why we're going to be doing this right," Sunset said.

"You're not thinking in doing the South Park Satan thing? Acting like you're going to win then losing just so you can cash in?" Captain Planet ask.

"Of course not. Do you have any idea how many Rick's are betting on this and would be mad if I did anything like that?" Twilight said.

"They be mad if they lose but if someone does something like that they get even," Trixie said.

"Till then we plan and get ready," Sunset said. "But till then we just relax and have a nice vacation."

Chapter 43

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A map of the universe appeared on the screen before zooming into the Milkyway Galaxy and showing the surrounding galaxies that boarders it.

"I'm not going to be using the names you humans call these galaxies but the names used by the races that live there," Mr. Gutsy said. "I'm only going to be talking about the galaxies closest to the Milkyway."

"Everyone listen up. Mr. Gutsy is going to tell you all the big power players found in the different galaxies. All of them are much more powerful then anything found on Earth," Izuku said.

"How powerful?" Momo ask.

"On the power scale of 1 to 10 on the galactic scale. McQueen said that All Might would only be a 4 at best," Izuku said shocking everyone in the classroom.

"The Yonder Galaxy is home to Lord Hater who leads the Hater Empire an intergalactic evil empire. And is the last known location of Lord Dominator who with her planet size warship with an army of Dominator-Bots has destroyed 4 galaxies. Emperor Awesome who while has his own army spends all of his time doing pointless things like picking on nerds and partying, rather than setting any actual goals, but said parties are so massive they destroy the planets they're on. Sourdough the Evil Sandwich and yes he is a sandwich. A body-snatching villain who spent thousands of years building an immense fleet of destructive warships. While only as physically dangerous as one would expect a talking sandwich to be, he still retains his fleet and is still conquering worlds.Then there's, Something The So-And-So, an incredibly insecure and pathetic excuse for a villain. But only by the standards of the other villains in that galaxy, seeing how Something was able to conquer two planets by himself. The only thing keeping them from all from being a real threat is a hero name Wander who is a fuzzy orange alien who wears a green hat and plays the banjo with his friend Sylvia who acts as his steed and best friend. They're the only ones who keep the different villains from being as evil as they should be as they stop them from doing so. And the Yonder Galaxy is the more peaceful galaxy of the ones I'm talking about," Mr. Gutsy explains as he goes down the list.

The Casper Galaxy is plague by the Rulons, a galatactic empire made up of many different races. They have taken over about a quarter of their galaxy adding systems and smaller empires to theirs. They're lead by Emperor Krulos.

In the Aniverse Galaxy, the S.P.A.C.E. organization, which stands for Sentient Protoplasm Against Colonial Encroachment is in a brutal war with the Toad Empire that is lead by KOMPLEX a massive computer that was designed to run the consumerist toad culture but instead took it over and militarized it.

The Graman Galaxy is split between the Galactic Protectorate made up of many planets join together and the Martian Empire of planets ruled by Queen Tyr'agnee.

The Java Galaxy is under attack by the imperialistic Irken race who are bent on universal conquest and whose social hierarchy is based solely on height rather than any type of skill or intellect. Which is why their leaders who are the same height aren't what you expect for being leaders of a race of theirs. But each Irken with the proper equipment can takeover planets by themselves.

The Yumae Galaxy where the biggest threat is the Cluster Empire who are a race of robots who are ruled by Queen Vexus.

The Hura Galaxy was in the middle of a war between the Primus Union and the Denebria Union before McQueen broke a peace treaty between the two groups.

The Fernea Galaxy is home to an intergalactic mob the Monstar Mob lead by Mon*Star.

The Murew Galaxy has been completely taken over by Horde Prime the leader of the Horde. It has become a safe house for all the intergalactic villains, no space government or law enforcement dares to go to the Murew Galaxy in fear of provoking Horde Prime into action and making him turn his attention to the other galaxies then being content in ruling his galaxy.

The Nevra Galaxy is home to the Gem Empire lead by the Diamonds. They're a race of magical, humanoid alien gems who drain entire planets of life to produce more of their kind.

The Beta Galaxy is home to the Galactic Guardians, an elite team dedicated to interstellar crime fighting and law enforcement which works with Star Command time to time. They keep the biggest villain Maximus I.Q. who rules his own section of their galaxy in line.

The Zom Galaxy is home to Star Command who defends their galaxy against Evil Emperor Zerg.

The Milkyway is home to The Benevolent Alliance who are at war with the virus. The virus is threat on the galaxy that infects any living organism and turns them into monsters that wreak havoc on whatever world they're on. Then there's the Syndicate lead by Genocide, who leads an army of bio-engineered super criminals in his bid to takeover the galaxy. Only being stop by Captain Commando and his team of crime fighters. Then there's the Triceraton, Lorwardian, Salamandrians, Jurai, and the newest power the Cyclonians. All of which have control of some parts of this galaxy.

"The kind of advance weapons and gear they have is more then enough to fight anyone on this planet. All For One would only rank as a class C villain," Izuku said.

"Your spacesuit does make you unbeatable," Hiryu said. He and the other students of Class B came to see the wide galaxy that would be shown.

"We'll you don't have to worry about that anymore. My transfer went through and I'm leaving for the US next week," Izuku said.

"What?" the two classes asked.

"Unlike here in Japan there has always been heroes with no quirks. Isn't that right Pony," Izuku said looking at the American transfer student.

"Yeah there always been heroes who don't have quirks working along side with all the hero teams. My uncle Sureshot is his team's sniper, and then there's Black Clover who has no powers who is the tactician who commands his team. And in the top 10 heroes of the US has Jester who has no powers just using clever tricks and gadgets," Pony said.

"And why I'm going to be going there to train as a hero. Seeing how none of the teachers here can teach me anything useful that meet my needs," Izuku said. "The only one that has been teaching me anything is Mr. Gutsy who knows how to train someone who doesn't have powers."

"Haven't you tried talking to the teachers?" Tenya ask.

"Why bother none of them ever believe that a quirkless kid like me could be a hero and they only care now because of my mentor being a spacehero a better hero then any of them can ever be. And I learn from him that somethings are just not worth the effort. Me being the first Japan hero who is quirkless, and sharing the tech my mentor left for me with Japan. I just don't see why should I work for it here when there someplace else that won't look down on me and already have a system and a culture where people like me can be heroes unlike here. Why go thought the effort when all they want is my tech," Izuku said.

"Come now," Kan said who is in the room with Aizawa but stop as Izuku turn to face him.

"I forgot to mention this. Mr. Gutsy is also a lie detector and I have only been given lies in why I'm wanted here," Izuku said stunning both teachers.

"So my charge is going to transfer and his mother has already sign all the papers," Mr. Gutsy said.

"And I'm already signed up for the mentor system they have there and learn from a retired hero," Izuku said.

"Which hero?" Aizawa ask.

"Underfist," Izuku said shocking everyone in the classroom.

"The hero who has mentored just about every top hero in the US?" Pony ask.

"Unlike All Might who said he would mentor me and has done nothing in all this time. Underfist after retiring from active duty has trained a entire generation of heroes both with and without quirks. And they all agree that he's the best and I have the honor of being his last student," Izuku said. "What can anyone here in Japan offer me better then that?" (1)


In another world -

"So that's what that Izuku has been up to," Sunset said checking up on that My Hero world.

"I can't wait to see what the one I'm going to be fighting is going to do," Twilight said.

Chapter 44

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At the river where all the rain gutters of that part of the city emptied out in, Izuku sat by the old fishing shack that use to sell items for fishing, when fishing was still allowed. The shack was where McQueen lived after the ship he was on crash landed. Izuku remembered how they met after the crash, with him running into McQueen as he was putting a new lock on the door of the fishing shack. He was the only one who believed that McQueen was a space hero as the government just waved and covered things up, so they could keep the ship. Which wasn't much as the ship was just a escape pod for his real ship that was destroyed in space.

Izuku like to hear the stories of McQueen's adventures in space and how even with him being quirkless he still able to be a hero. Then came the slime monster and Izuku rushing in to save his friend... no he was never his friend, not friends in a very long time. From the crowd came McQueen armed with nothing more then a plastic box, he leap onto the slime villain and race up till he got to the villain's head. Where he used the plastic box to scoop up the villains head and slam down the lid cutting off the slime villain control over the rest of his body. Izuku learn later how McQueen had encountered slime creatures before and learned that if they have a head then taking it out, sometimes is all that's needed to stop it.

All Might showed up which McQueen shove the box to him and told him if he was around to see it he should had done something sooner. Seeing how everyone else in the crowd would had done nothing as the villain killed people in front of them, expected a hero to do something for them. It took the boy who he told he couldn't be a hero without a quirk to step in and do something, while the crowd of people with powers did nothing. And him an old man with nothing but a plastic container taking down the villain, being the only other brave person to step in and help someone.

Now here in the present he is along with Mr. Gutsy as they waited for their plane to come and pick them up. He's not alone as his mom is there with him to see him off. And in the background reporters are being held back by the airport security. News of him leaving for America had spread and for the last few days people have been trying to get him to stay. But all of it was only for the advance alien tech he owns and only works for him. His spacesuit makes him all but unstoppable with none of the pro heroes being able to keep up with him at all.

"Hello Midoriya," a old man in a super hero costume greeted him.

"Who is he?" Izuku ask Mr. Gutsy.

"Sorahiko Torino retired hero known as Gran Torino. He is the one who trained All Might his only student," Mr. Gutsy said.

"That explains alot," Izuku said.

"What do you mean?" Gran Torino ask.

"You're here to offer being my mentor and training me to be Japan's greatest hero. Heard the samething from All Might and he had done nothing to train me in all of this time. And only cared to try when he and the rest of the staff learn I'm transferring to America and going to be learning from Underfist. Who is unlike All Might who is only the symbol of peace of Japan which is mostly marketing. Underfist wasn't only one of the best American hero but as his team worked for the U.N. he was sent around the world when the local heroes weren't enough. He's the one who defeat Doctor Death a greater villain then All For One, seeing how All For One only worked in Japan while Doctor Death and others like him are global threat. Underfist face him and other villains who were all label as global threats. With him finally retiring only after he ended the threat of The Terror for good. Then he went and trained a entire generation of heroes both Americans and heroes of other countries who came to learn from him. All of them having either made a name from themselves or followed in Underfist's footsteps in mentoring younger heroes. While you only trained one hero All Might," Izuku explains. (1) (2)

"I admit I only had one student but I will train you to be better then all the rest," Gran Torino said.

"What kind of training did he do to All Might?" Izuku ask Mr. Gutsy.

"In interviews All Might has shown freaking out and shakes profusely because of the memories of the brutal training," Mr. Gutsy said.

"I did showed him how to use his powers," Gran Torino said.

"And I don't have any powers. I need someone who has used equipment and powersuits like my ranger suit. Not someone who has only trained one student who needed to learn how to use his quirk. What are you going to do? How will you train me in using equipment when you don't use any? Train me without it and think someone teaching me like I have a quirk and not in how to use my ranger suit will actually teach me anything? Tell me if I didn't have any of the tech McQueen left me would you have cared to mentor me?" Izuku ask.

Gran Torino could only look away.

"He is only here as a last ditch attempt to keep you from leaving. The entire Japanese government have been trying to keep you from leaving. The advance technology you now own is the only reason they care," Mr. Gutsy said.

"Which is why I'm here," an old man a western said coming up from the ramp leading to the plane that would take Izuku to America.

Everyone in the airport gasp seeing one of the greatest heroes still alive. He's dressed in an outdated green suit and missing his robotic arm that he's known for. He's supporting himself with a cane as he walks over to Izuku.

"Torino it's been awhile," Underfist said.

"Not in your suit?" Torino asked.

"Well, I can still fit in it unlike you having to make a new one after you gotten smaller," Underfist said smirking at his shorter fellow old hero who grumbles. "I gave it to the National Hero Museum along with my old robot arm. Can't support the weight anymore and puts too much strain on my heart."

"Here to make sure your student isn't detain?" Torino asked.

"Of course. He's going to be with me and I'm sure that any government agents listening in," Underfist said looking around. "Knows that I'm not going to let anything happen to any of my students once they're under my protection. And while in my old age I can't do much. The aftermath will cause Japan to lose face seeing how it's me we're talking about. After all I have save the world more then once and have friends all around the world and many of my old students are now high ranking heroes. Isn't that right Starbolt?"

"Starbolt?" Torino ask looking behind Underfist to see a woman at the ramp. The woman is around Izuku's mother age and dressed in a form fitting yellow and red suit that covers her entire body but for her face. Which she wears a full face helmet to hide her identity.

"Starbolt the number 1 American hero?" Izuku asked going in fan mode.

"It is her jet we used to get here," Underfist said.

"The Star Slam!" Izuku shouted out running to the window to see the famous superhero jet.

"She was happy to give me a ride here. Now come along even with how fast her jet is it will take us a few hours to get back to the states," Underfist said as he walks back to the jet.

"Coming," Izuku said as he gives his mother a hug as he leaves with his luggage being pulled by Mr. Gutsy.

Leaving behind a country and culture that never save any value in him. Who now wanted him more then he wanted from them.

Chapter 45

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The dragon fire should had burned the thief to nothing but to the surprise of said dragon, his flames failed. The young woman just stood on the pile of melted gold with her arms cross as she stared at him. True it wasn't a powered breath of fire but it should had killed her.

"Are you done?" Sunset ask.

"What are you?" the dragon ask.

"To tell you the true I'm a unicorn, who was the student of an alicorn or to you a winged unicorn, who had the power to control the sun. So your fire breath isn't going to cut it, I had to learn how to protect myself from something hotter than your flames," Sunset said.

"Well then a spell caster who I can't burn. You forget that I'm not bound to just using my fire. I have my claws that are like spears and teeth like swords," the dragon said.

"And I have Captain Planet on my side," Sunset said smirking at the giant dragon name Smaug.

"Who?" Smaug ask.

"Me," Captain Planet said bursting out of the rock surface of the cavern like it was water.

Sunset watched as Smaug spat out a burst of fire at Captain Planet which he just absorbed adding to his strength. Captain Planet slammed into Smaug sending him crashing into the wall of the cavern. The dragon swung his claws at Captain Planet who darted out of the way and formed a crystal shard, throwing it at Smaug. To his surprise the crystal punch through his scales hitting his heart, followed by the coins around him shaping into hands that held him down. Smaug in his death throws tried to free himself but could not and found himself face to face with Sunset. (1)

"Remember, I gave you a chance," Sunset said watching as the mighty dragon struggled till he finally died. She turns to Captain Planet. "So, is it done?"

"Yes, I found the ring and encase it in a block of solid rock. Then I will drop it into the volcano," Captain Planet answers. (2)

"Alright now we just need to take the body and some of the treasure. I wonder if the others are having an easy time with their job," Sunset said.


Skull Island -

After flying through the storm, the group of helicopters flew over the hidden island in the center of the storm. But they were not the first ones to get to the island. In the distant they could make out what looks like a blimp further in the center of the island. The closer they got near it the more they could make out of the ship which was not a blimp but an airship of titanic proportions, about a quarter mile in length. The ship resembles that of a large bird of prey. With the prow is shaped like an enormous beak, while her towering stem sail and the protruding designs behind the bridge vaguely resemble giant feathers. The airship is equipped with twelve vertical propeller engines, six on each side of the upper runway. In addition to the vertical engines holding the Iron Vulture aloft, two massive rear-facing prop engines drive the ship forward. (3)

"Can anyone make out anything on the airship?" Preston Packard ask over the radio.

"I can," William Randa said looking through his camera. Making out the red color and the gold hammer and sickle painted on the side. "Looks like the Russians beat us to it."

"Colonel to your right," James Conrad said over the radio.

To the right of the group of copters is a clearing where a group of Russian soldiers have setup a camp. They're stripping what looks like a big two-legged lizard like thing. A large cargo copter is being used to carry the bones and the meat.

"We're being hailed," one of the copter pilots said.

"Put it through," Packard said.

"Americans we have setup a landing field near a native village. Head towards the airship we will signal where to land. The doctor would like to meet with Mr. Randa of Monarch," the almost robotic voice said over the radio.

"Anything you want to tell us Mr. Randa?" Packard asks.

"It's above your pay grade," Randa said.

"But seeing how we're all about to learn about it soon you're going to be telling us," Packard said.

"It's a secret government organization of a joint coalition between several governments in order to hunt and study massive unidentified terrestrial organisms, or MUTOs. Like that giant two-legged lizard we just pass. And looks like we are going to be meeting with the Russian version," Randa explains.

"So, what does this mean?" one of the soldiers ask.

"When we get back, we're going to be signing alot of papers and such to keep us from talking about what we know," Packard said knowing about what kind of operation this is now.

Arriving at the native village pass the giant wall, from what they could see there have been many shipwrecks to the island with some ships of newer design left rusting. The copters located the landing sight thanks to the smoke signals the Russian soldiers laid out for them. The Russian camp was setup away from the native village, with several tents and buildings having been setup. Waiting for them were several Russian soldiers all wearing fully enclosed gasmask and helmets. Along with a short woman wearing a labcoat and an older man in what looks like an old pilot US uniform.

The woman in the coat waited for the Randa to get off the copter he is riding on followed by Packard. The woman and the man in the American uniform walk to them. The Russian soldiers stayed where they are not moving a muscle.

“Greetings I’m doctor Twilight head of this operation. And this is Hank Marlow Who crash landed here during the war and been stuck here since. We were going to drop him off at the nearest American base after we were finish here but seeing how you’re here I be leaving him to you,” Twilight explains.

“Didn’t know you Russians still have your branch in operations,” Randa said.

“It’s fully operational and fully funded. We did not stop funding after the atomic testing on those islands to take care of the two problems that pop up. And I know about what happen to you on the U.S.S Lawton. One of the active Titans known as Manda brought it down, who resembles one of those Chinese dragons. And now you are here trying to prove to your government that the Titans are still a threat and it depends on the Titan in question. This island is on top of an opening into the hallow earth which are large caves and tunnels that the Titans have been surviving in. And you already saw the Skull-crawlers large two-legged lizard like creatures. Thanks to them being born starving like shews who need to eat all the time or die, they are eating machines. They killed all but one of the guardians of this island which are giant apes. Of course, we already killed off the big one after luring it up to the surface and bombing it from the air. It made Kong angry, but he got over it after seeing the dead big one,” Twilight explains.

“Why are you telling me all this?” Randa ask.

“Marlow would have told you what he knows already. And I'm waiting for the team I sent to come back with the samples. Me and my team will be heading back to base. You and your team came pick up where we left off. Also tell your people not to fire on the giant ape," Twilight explains before turning around and left. The soldiers with her followed her.

"Hank Marlow is it?" Packard asks.

"Yes," Marlow said.

"What can you tell us about them?" Packard asks.

"The Russians are being led by Ms. Twilight and two other women. Trixie who says she comes from a long line of stage magicians, using smoke to disappear and reappear all over the place and throwing fireworks everywhere. Even seen her using those tricks on a Skullcrawler. Then there's Kasumi and her younger brother Naruto, both of them are like monkeys in the trees being able to leap around and climb line one. As for the soldiers none of them gave out their names and only respond to codenames. They hardly ever speak and sound very strange as I haven't seen any of them ever taking off their gasmasks," Marlow explains.

"What have you gotten us into?" Packard asks.

"Something big," Randa said wondering how the people in Washington will react to this.

Chapter 46

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“Ok so this world is one where the Nazis are the good guys?” Kasumi ask Twilight as they viewed a world.

“Different leadership with the idea that instead of remaining pure like the normal Nazis. These Nazis believe in mixing of different races to create the prefect human. They also made it law that some people can’t have children because of a genetic disease that is pass down their family line. Which cause in one generation of people who live under their rule to be rid of all genetic defects,” Twilight said.

“What about those people with glasses?” Kasumi pointed out of seeing some people with glasses.

“Poor eyesight isn’t listed as a genetic defect as it’s easily fixed by glasses. Anything that is easily fixed by medical aid like giving someone some glasses isn’t grounds for that person to not to have children. Besides there are still plenty of ways to ruin your eyesight like reading in the dark,” Twilight pointed out. “The kind of defects are the ones the have children born with short lives or defects that leave them horrible deformed. That can’t be easily fix like a cleft lips being operated to make it normal.”

“Reminds me of what that one Rick did to that one woman lawyer you know the one who deeply believes that mercy killing is still murder no matter what. He got piss off by her sending that father to jail for removing his brain dead baby breathing tube off as the hospital refuse to do it and billing the family,” Kasumi said.

“He went and hit her with a ray that cause her to only be able to give birth to a limbless brain dead child. Which she had the child aborted Once she learned about it. Which Rick spread the news about how she who was so passionate about life matters and there is no such thing as a mercy kill. Went and had her child aborted before she could give birth once she learned it was going to be limbless and brain dead. Which completely ruin her and force her into hiding as she was revealed to be a hypocrite. With Rick mocking her how she only cared of preserving life only when she wouldn’t have to raise and pay thousands to keep a child who could never be anything because of being brain dead which she said even that kind of a life still matters. But showed that she didn’t even think twice in ending the life of her child who would had been brain dead and have no limbs,” Twilight said. (1)

“And that Rick wasn’t the most evil Rick we had seen,” Kasumi said.

“Which worries me when that doesn’t count as Rick being evil,” Twilight said.

“At least it’s not our Rick,” Kasumi said.

“So true,” Twilight said.

“So the Nazis of that world aren’t racist?” Kasumi ask.

“Nope not in the race but are in the them believing that the race they're making by one generation after another better then the other by cross breeding desirable traits. Like how you would do with a dog. And the countries that don't are lesser then they are as they took in people from all cultures and colors. As long as they didn't have any bad traits that could be passed down. Like the person with the trigger temper that goes on wild mood swings have been ban from breeding in the country. Which I can see where they're coming from as they would make horrible parents,” Twilight said.

"They sterilize them don't they?" Kasumi ask.

"Yup anyone who lives in the country who has bad traits are sterilize so they won't mess things up. In fact those who commit violent crimes are sterilized as an added on punishment. And that mindset has caused people to marry for someone who has something that the other lacks. Like the nerd marrying the jock so that their child would have the best of both and so on," Twilight explains.

"So visit?" Kasumi ask.

"Naw. Not right now anyways. Sunset really wants to go to another overpopulated Earth and help out," Twilight said.

"She really wants to do a repeat on that world that's like that movie, 'Whatever Happen to Monday?' doesn't she?" Kasumi ask.

"She has a thing to rub it in peoples faces that everything they had done was for nothing and their cause is meaningless. But it was nice to see the look on the woman in charge of killing children when she realized that everything that she did was for nothing once we showed up," Twilight said.

"I still don't get how worlds can get so overpopulated like that. For that to happen the people would have to all but having up to 5 to 9 kids to do that. People only had so many kids was because they couldn't count that all of them would live to adulthood, Kasumi said.

"Yes it doesn't make sense at all," Twilight said. (2)

Chapter 47

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"Ok what happen?" Sunset ask seeing the mess that Moe's tavern has gotten while she was in the restroom.

"Twilight here went and ask Dredd here how can Megacity One can have a overpopulation problem when just about every other month there's something that kills off a huge number of people and the yearly big crisis that kills off billions or millions," Trixie said.

"Even taking account of people having to live in much smaller living space because of destroyed buildings wouldn't have that many people being born to replace them so quickly. And not counting people coming into the city to live there," Twilight said.

"And the mess?" Sunset ask.

"Oh that was Bluto and Popeye," Naruto said pointing to the two sailors being escorted out by some robot guards.

"So where is Dredd?" Sunset ask.

"He's over there," Kasumi said pointing to Dredd sitting at the bar.

"I thought he wasn't allowed to drink," Sunset said.

"It's not beer," Moe said serving Dredd a soft drink.

"Couldn't take the idea of how illogical his world is?" Sunset ask.

"His world is more like the comic then real life," another Dredd said.

"Really?" Sunset ask.

"I'm from the Dredd film universe and has more of a real life setting then the mess that Dredd's world is. No things like the Dark Judges or a sickness that transformers you into a spider. But we still had some wars like the robot war lead by Call-Me-Kenneth and the war with East-Meg One. Which afterwards the population never recovered to the old levels. Which actually freed up living spaces and after coming in contact with a Rick, trading with other worlds has gotten things better for my world," Dredd said.

"No status quo is god in your world?” Sunset ask.

“You mean where no matter what nothing will ever change? Yes things have changed for my world. Advance machines cleaned up the wastelands and gotten rid off the radiation. Allowing people to once again settle the lands and unlike in many worlds a few years going by had a explosion of plant life,” Dredd said.

“Same thing happen in my world,” another Dredd said. “After the nuke war and the great die off once the population limit finally hit. Where there wasn’t enough water or food to keep a huge population alive in the mega cities, not to mention the riots, fighting, plagues and even several city wide fires. Caused the population to just drop where there was only about 100 million all across American compared to over 800 million.”

“So you judges still rule?” Sunset ask.

“Nope once things settle down we went back to the old ways as the extreme law enforcement was no longer needed. We judges went back to what we were suppose to be doing in enforcing the laws that people actually wanted and not having laws upon laws like so many other worlds. Not to mention that we actually use all the advance technology in fixing the world from the mess it became instead of doing nothing. After which we just decided to start on a clean slate and not do the same mistakes that lead to what happen,” Dredd explains. (1)

“Which is why you’re eating cake which has sugar?” Trixie ask.

“Or not wearing your uniform?” Twilight pointed out.

“Isn’t against the law in my world and I’m on vacation,” Dredd said.

“But once he’s on duty he has a stick up his ass like all the other Dredds out there,” Rico said joining his brother at the table.

“Time and a place for everything,” Dredd said.

"So no instant justice?" Sunset ask.

"Depends on the crime," Rico said.

"So your world isn't the type that will just slap someone with your laws that they have no way of knowing that are just plain dumb and meaningless that doesn't do anything but punish people?" Trixie ask.

"Nope," Dredd said.

"And one of the reasons why the universes that he and others come from are allowed to make deals here," a Rick said.

"What do you mean?" Rico ask.

"Most of the universes that you and your brother come from are hell holes that could be solved but you judges care more about maintaining the status quo then doing anything to make things better. Because once things are better then why the hell are you guys are in charge? Seeing how you all go out of your way in making sure anyone who tries is punish. Like you judges went and kidnap a pro-democracy leader and made her brain dead so that you all maintain power. Or your world being a brutal police state with just about everything is against the law and often times people from other universes who go to yours to help are either arrested or killed by you judges," Rick said.

"It's true me and the others stop a living star from destroying the sol system when that universe's Dredd hailed us to arrested us," Twilight said.

"So what did you do?" Rick ask.

"We powered down like he said as the force field holding the living star powered down as well. The star flew at the Sol the star of the Sol system and ate it," Twilight said.

"As well as the other planets of the system. We escape while the judges were too busy trying to stop the star. And last time we check the surviving humans of that Earth are refugees on convoy of ships looking for a new planet. We also played out the reason why everything happen and the survivors while not attacking the remaining judges have split off from the few judge ships leaving them to police no one but themselves," Sunset adds. (2)

"You have no idea how many times that happen with the judges ruining any chances of anyone ever helping them or helping them again," Rick said.

"So a lot of our universes are left to die or fend for themselves?" Dredd ask.

"Yup as doing the right thing is one thing. But with your universes the right thing is against the law. So they're just left to fend for themselves and lay in the beds they made. Even if it leads to their entire world being destroyed and the survivors doing what they can to make a new living. And many Dredds find themselves with little line of jobs after messing up," Rick said.

"How does that happen?" Dredd ask.

"I don't want to talk about it," a Dredd dress as a janitor said passing by.

"At least in our world you're not going to end up like that," Rico said.

Chapter 48

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Kaer Morhen is an inaccessible mountain stronghold which has been the headquarters of the witchers' guild for centuries. The name comes from the language of the elves, the original Caer a'Muirehen translates into Old Sea Fortress. The castle's time of greatness has passed, the battlements and moat have deteriorated, and a cold wind blows through the spacious halls. Currently, only a handful of Witchers live here, but once many young boys underwent gruesome training along the infamous "Gauntlet" near Kaer Morhen.

Geralt of Rivia has been gathering allies to help fight off the Wild Hunt that have been hunting Ciri. And has managed to gather a sizeable group of friends and allies that he has made over the years. Ciri had told Geralt of some of the many worlds that she had travel to in her escape from the Wild Hunt, of her meeting a group of 3 powerful witches who defeated the Wild Hunt party that was after at the time. They like her are travelers from a different world and before they parted ways, they gave her a small blue crystal that all she would have to do is break and they should be able to locate her. But they did told her that they might be doing something else and might take them awhile to get to her.


The Wild Hunt appeared ready to take their prize that they have been hunting for years. The magical field surrounding the castle kept them from just opening a portal into it, so they had to open portals outside of the castle and had to take the only road leading to the castle. With their numbers and how powerful they are they didn't even bother hiding themselves. Their portals appeared out in the open letting out their hounds acting as the first wave with them following right behind them.

Only for the sounds of gunfire which they haven't heard for a very long time erupted in the night air. As before in the worlds they attack that have guns, the hounds were cut down along with the Wild Hunt members. Their armor withstanding some of the bullets that struck them but the sheer amount of bullets hitting them quickly broke through and found their weak flesh.

All along the wall of the castle machinegun turrets mounted on a tripod fired on the attacking Wild Hunt soldiers, mowing down warriors who are centuries old. Many never even got far from the portals before they were cut down. Once the soldiers learned that somehow the defenders how somehow gotten ahold of guns, the soldiers broke out the armor and shields that would give them greater protection from those weapons that they avoid from facing.

They tried using a human wave tactic that had allowed them in the past to just overwhelm the defenders with just sheer weight of numbers. Using their hounds to charge in first. But the gunfire never wavier for a second as the guns didn't seem to need to reload at all.

The new wave of soldiers came with armor that was made to withstand bullets and them carry big shields to protect them more. They formed what is known as a turtle formation as they march towards to the castle using their shields to protect them. Only for a fireball to strike them sending all of them flying. Where those who survived the fireball were riddled with bullets.

The soldiers finally spotted that the gunfire was coming from machines that they have encountered before in some worlds. They used whatever long range attacks they could do against the machines, while staying out of the range of the weapons. But found their attacks being block by a barrier, that only allows things to come out not in. Suddenly the attacks found themselves being fired upon by cannon fire and rockets.

Caranthir Ar-Feiniel watch from a far as his soldiers were cut down by the advance weapons that they have encountered before in some worlds. In those worlds the only time they got the better of the people of worlds with advance machines were when they attack small and isolated places. Other times they did managed to raid and capture people of those worlds but if they weren't fast enough the guards of those cities would appear. Their armor offer some protection but their guns are still fatal when they hit a weak point. Then there are the worlds where the guards are arm with guns that just rip through their armor like they weren't even there. Not to mention the ones where the guards have guns that fire beams of energy that they had no defense against.

Which is why the avoided worlds that have advance weapons and machines. Seeing how their king's son was killed in one of those worlds and the war of revenge ended with the lost of so many soldiers. That it took them centuries to recover from that lost.

"Caranthir Ar-Feiniel?" a strange blue skin man with green hair ask who is floating in the air having flown out of the portal behind him.

"Captain Planet?" Caranthir ask in shock. The men with him also step back sensing how powerful he is.

"So you met a counterpart of me before. Then you would know that I'm just as powerful as the planet I'm summon on. And seeing how this world has such a rich source of magic, I'm also powered by the combine magic of their world along with everything else on this planet," Captain Planet said.

"I know that you don't kill," Caranthir said.

"Wrong Captain," Captain Planet said as he simply willed all the air in the lungs of the soldiers around Caranthir to leave them. All the soldiers fell as the air they need to live was just gone. "Amazing how people don't just think of doing that."

"What did you do?" Caranthir ask stepping back in fear.

"I simply took away the air from their lungs and they just died. I don't fight anymore, I just kill," Captain Planet said. "I went to your world and talk with the spirit of your world after giving her a mind of her own. And she was very disappointed with what your kind have been doing. So she like I just did with your men, took away the very air you all need to live."

"What?" Caranthir asked in shock.

"Don't worry she only killed about half of your people and made your king press his head on the ground before her. Right before she transformed him into a tree. Your people are now under your planet's rule and if any of you does anything that she doesn't like she just takes away the air you need to live," Captain Planet explains to all the soldiers around loud enough to hear.

"What have you done?" Caranthir shouted.

"Gave your people a choice. Either do as what your world wants or she'll just take away your air. Simple as that. Reminds me of one world I been to with people who can become so strong that nothing could stop them. Till I pointed out and showed that no matter how powerful someone is that they still need air," Captain Planet said before flying off leaving the remaining Wild Hunt to decide to either make on last charge or go back and kneel before their new goddess. (1)

Chapter 49

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"Ok what just happen?" Twilight ask looking at the screen in front of her.

"I just went and used my new invention, the bullcrap eraser," Rick said over the computer screen that connected him to Twilight.

"Which is what?" Sunset ask watching as things in the world of Baki the Grappler are going crap for the fighters.

"I went and rewrote the world so that the bullcrap reason why fighters in that world are able to do anything they want, no longer works. It's now reality ensures and more realistic setting now is the law of that world," Rick explains.

"Which is why bullets are working on the fighters now," Sunset ask watching as Yujiro Hanma is gunned down. (1)

"Yup, all the bullcrap reasons why fighters are able to just dodge and be bullet sponges doesn't work anymore. Not to mention that the people doing the shooting don't all have bad aim that they wouldn't be able to hit a wall if they were standing right in front of it," Rick said.

Rick then shows other worlds that he had used his new invention on. Black Lagoon no longer running on action movie rules, the entire city where the anime takes place is in flames. Many food base worlds finding that people no longer either just great cooks or cooks so bad that they burn soup, but there are now people who can cook that's in the middle. The Blue Seed world no longer needs people who had a sickness that are the only ones who can pilot the robots the used to fight the giant bugs. Many other worlds where only someone who has a rare blood or bullcrap plot point reason why only they can use something. Like a Speed Racer world where only the racer for 'insert reason why' only they can drive cars. No longer works and anyone can now drive a car. (2)

Then there are all the magical girl worlds where the bad guys suddenly find that yes conventional weapons can effect them. And the magical girls find that people aren’t morons anymore. Mainly how Sailormoon with her unique hairstyle which only she wears and how she acts like both normal and magical forms around people she interacts with all the time. Figured out she’s the magical girl, and her parents quickly stop her from going out and putting herself in danger. Which also happen to her friends as it wasn’t that hard to figure out that her friends are also magical girls.

“Have you tried it on my world?” Kasumi ask.

“Yup,” Rick said showing how in one version of Dead Or Alive world the big bads found that a well arm strike team are more then able to take care of them no matter how skilled they are.

“And me?” Naruto ask.

“Turns out once I hit the ninja world with my machine. It all just fell apart. The entire ninja way of life is now broken and the world is creating a new culture,” Rick said showing a ruined ninja world.

“Same with our world,” Trixie ask.

“Yeah you ponies are a riot. You’re all such control freaks that once the world no longer can be controlled by you ponies. You all panic and are running around screaming your heads off. Especially Twilight’s counterpart who gone off the deep end,” Rick said showing a Twilight gone completely crazy seeing how her belief in Celestia being able to undo what happen unable to do so.

“I can’t believe I was ever like that,” Twilight said blushing.

“Sunset’s counterpart went and took over as the pony world now operates like the human world. And she’s living there was able to get things up and running using human technology and skills like farming without magic that lets you just grow plants fast,” Rick said.

“Really?” Sunset ask.

“Yup there are plenty of worlds where you came back and because of something happening that destroys the culture of the ponies like this one world where it’s a big merge of many different worlds and bits of others, caused magic to disappear. Well most magic anyways, and your counterpart took over and is now in charge. And she looks down on the ponies for being sissies. Like how the arm forces of the ponies tried to get her overthrown which she had one of those fake Chinese dragon floats with people inside of it, appear and start eating the ponies. Which just showed how dumb ponies are to fall for such a trick and shows the pony arm forces to be cowards who hide while the ponies they’re suppose to be protecting are eaten by a fake dragon. Which that Sunset filmed and showed to all getting the whole movement to fall, apart and her disbanding the pony arm forces as they’re a waste of money,” Rick said.

“They are a waste of money,” Twilight said as the pony soldiers never do anything.

“So you want to go back and see how things are going?” Trixie ask.

“Might as well to see how things are going,” Sunset said.

Chapter 50

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In the world of duel monsters, the world is built around the cards. With all the cars and bikes made to be able to duel while on the road, even the police cards can only shut off the vehicles they’re chasing only if they’re able to beat the person in a duel. And then all the people driving while dueling suddenly end up crashing. The roads didn’t just keep on going in a straight line, the roads weren’t all empty of other vehicles.

All across the many worlds from the classic to the latest version of the duel monsters worlds, everything was falling apart around anything to do with duel monsters. People just treated it as a fad which hit its peak and is now dying out. People who spent just about everything they had in building up decks found fewer and fewer people to play against and even then people weren't into it anymore. The schools that were made to teach people to play cards soon found their schools running out of students as younger kids got into things like videogames then card games. Soon the entire culture of duel monsters became nothing more then just another subculture like D&D or Warhammer players. It has fans and people who play time to time but it was no longer serious business anymore. With some places and companies that were built all around the card game no longer brought in the money it once was. (1)

"So it all just fell apart once the bullshit reason why a card game could become a way of life," Sunset said.

"Yup," Trixie said remembering how she went and dominated many game centered worlds.

"And here's one where Rick hit it earlier before that rich jerk took over the other rich jerk's company. The fad for the game died down to the point where it's just another game for people. Like how the beanie babies fad died," Twilight said.

"And the whole plot line of duel monsters being the way of life just becoming another game. Ends with with Yugi still going on an adventure but no longer centered around duel monsters but those rare times the action takes place in one of those places that still have those duel holograms machines," Kasumi said.

"Like those places that still have laser tag," Naruto said.

"Yup you really have to look for it," Sunset said.

"Rick also hit many horror movie worlds and unless the action takes place somewhere isolated. Many of the stuff that happens in horror movies that allows things to happen like the cellphone not working doesn't work. As by law all phone companies must pick up any 911 calls even if the person calling isn't covered," Twilight said. (2)

"And people aren't too dumb to live," Naruto adds.

"Yup," Twilight said switching to show some western cartoon worlds.

"And people keep on believing the one who keeps coming up with plans that end up with them trying to ruin someone's life. Suddenly find that people aren't just going to forget about it and fall for the same trick in a week. Or that people will just forget all the destruction and deaths," Sunset said watching as Peter Griffin was lynch by an angry mob.

"So how is our old world doing?" Trixie ask.

"We already seen my world," Naruto said. He enjoyed seeing the entire culture built around ninjas fall apart. And the ruins of the Leaf village after people discovered why chakra disappeared and who to blame.

"My world is pretty much the same," Kasumi said.

"Here we go," Twilight said showing what's been happening in her old world.

"Wow I didn't think it be that bad," Sunset said watching as the royal guards are actually doing some fighting against an army of ponies all wearing evil looking helmets.

"Who's the evil pony with the crystals?" Trixie ask.

"It's King Sombra," Twilight said.

"So we go save them?" Naruto ask.

"Might as well," Sunset said wondering how much has change since they left that world behind.

Chapter 51

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Char a four-armed salvage who travels around in space in a ship called the Flying Furnace. He calls himself the best blacksmith in the galaxy of the Thundercats universe. Sunset and the others came across him early on their travels and used him to forge things that needs someone with the metal working skills that he has. In exchange they gave him state of the art equipment and tools, from places that they had traveled to.

"So, you're in a contest with Bismuth?" Sunset ask as she and the others waited in Char's workshop of his ship.

"Since you open my eyes to other universes, I have been traveling like you. Thanks for the portal by the way. I met her when I traveled to her universe. Being able to swim through molten metal and shape shift her limbs into hammers and other tools, makes her more flexible then me. So, we're coming up with something in a year's time base on our skills. And the rules are anything but using something like the Forge of Solus Prime, a hammer capable of forging just about anything that's only limited by the individual's skill level. If we used something like that for the contest there be no point. Also, no using magic as that is another type of skill set needed," Char said.

"Like Toutousai from Inuyasha's world?" Naruto asks.

"Yes, like him, he can use teeth from demons. Or like those dwarf brothers who used things like screams of the innocent to forge with. Which is all magic and such, they are still good in forging weapons without magic but the lion share of their craft comes from magic. Not something that can just be taught to anyone and useless when something comes along and takes away that special power leaving it just a metal sword or whatever," Char explains.

"That happen when we attack a Bleach world. All the reapers lost their powers and their swords were all nothing but iron blades or steel. All made the old fashion way which were all completely useless in fight me and the others," Trixie said.

"I never got how a weapon made out of iron or steel, just because it's made in an old forge thing is better then something made out of the most advance alloy and with the state of the art equipment," Twilight said.

"Remember how my sword went and cut right through Dracule Mihawk's sword?" Kasumi said.

"Serves him right trying to use that sword against one made out of something that Rick created. Like a copper sword against a steel one," Naruto said. (1)

"Well my sword is liquid metal nano... something," Kasumi said.

"Actually, some of those swords are a work of art. I'm more into making my pieces do the job right. Like why make a hammer you're just going to be hammering nails to have curved engravings. Only good for display not in being used in battle," Char said as he takes out the weapon he's been working on for the group.

A metal rod with a pointed end like a stake.

"Here you go this will stop any magic stuff that Sombra has and will stop him from coming back," Char said.

"Thanks," Twilight said giving Char the payment of rare metals from different universes.

"Now we're ready to save Equestria," Trixie said.

"And see mom again," Sunset said darkly.

"Is Celestia really your mother?" Naruto ask having met many different Sunset's which some are either by birth or adopted by the princess or has a family that she doesn't talk too.

"Close enough," Sunset said taking the rob from Char and headed back to the ship.

Chapter 52

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Sunset look down at the metal pole that she had impaled Sombra with. The unicorn had let out a scream as he was killed off for good. The rod did as Char had said it would, kill him and he wouldn’t be coming back this time. Sunset turn to Celestia who just stared at her across the battlefield. Sombra's soldiers were freed from his spell their helmets coming off their heads. But that didn't matter to the two of them.

"Came back to deal with another problem that you couldn't handle yourself, mom," Sunset said.

"You always did see me as that," Celestia said sadly.

"Too bad, I fooled myself into thinking that. As if you could ever be a mother," Sunset said causing Celestia to flinch at that.

"It doesn't mean we can't start anew," Celestia said.

"Me, Twilight, and Trixie have been traveling to different universes you know. It's where we picked up our new friends, Kasumi, Naruto, and Captain Planet. We ran into lots of our counterparts on our travels. In so many worlds that is like this one but slightly different, it’s always the same. You only started caring about me only after it’s too late to make amends,” Sunset said.

“I never stop caring about you,” Celestia said.

“Then why did you never once contact me? You had the journal, any time in the years I spent in the human world, not once did you ever write to me once. And when I return and sneaked into your room. I read your journals and know that because you felt I wasn’t ready for the power of an alicorn you did everything to stop me,” Sunset said.

“I felt you weren’t ready for that kind of power or responsibility,” Celestia said.

“And you’re wrong as you’re too use to everyone thinking you can’t do any wrong. It’s the reason why you were losing. The soldiers and wonderbolts are a joke. It’s amazing that they lasted this long. Of course, what do I expect from someone who sends their students to handle things,” Sunset said.

“I failed both you and Twilight. I’m sorry,” Celestia said.

“And that’s supposed to mean anything at this point?” Sunset said as she showed Celestia the worlds where she actually went and made up with her Sunset.

“What of the ones that are like us?” Celestia said seeing what could have been if she had acted when she had the chance to make up with Sunset.

“Far and few between and those Celestia earned their forgiveness. At this point mom there is nothing you can offer me,” Sunset said as she activated something she rarely use, blinding everyone as light surrounded her.

The light faded revealing Sunset now wore what looks to be a military uniform. A thigh length grey coat and matching pants with red and yellow highlights. She had on red tinted armor, gauntlets, boots, a metal chest plate and what looks like metal wings on her back. She wore a helmet in the shape of a unicorn with a glowing horn, in the place of the crown. She held a battle axe, it’s the length of her body and has a massive blade on it that run down about half the staff that it's attached to. That blade is attached to staff by thick metal clips that held the blade in place, while letting Sunset grasp it and use it like a staff if she needed to.

“You’re an alicorn?” Celestia ask.

“Human version and unlike the old model namely you, much more powerful. Me and the others only use our alicorn forms when we need the firepower. Unlike you who thinks it’s better to put their students in danger instead of sending ponies who would be better suited to do the job,” Sunset said.

“Secret test shouldn’t have lives on the line,” Twilight shouted out. She’s standing with the others of their group.

“You have no idea what it took to get Twilight to become relax from the pony you made her to be. You messed up with me and mess up Twilight. Both of us only got better only after we left you and stop believing that you couldn’t be wrong. I’m surprise that you haven’t already replaced Twilight and messing up another young pony in what you think they should be,” Sunset said.

“I want to make it up to you and Twilight,” Celestia said.

“I don’t need you anymore. I have my parents, who I need to see before we leave,” Twilight said.

“And I’m not your student and you never wanted me to be your daughter, mom,” Sunset said.

“Sunset can’t we put our past behind us and start new?” Celestia ask.

“How about a heart song to answer that,” Sunset said as she used the magic of Equestria to start a heart song.


‘I'm not your student anymore‘
‘I'm not that filly that you came here for‘
‘I'm not your student anymore‘
‘I just walk away’

‘You threw me out of your sight’
‘And look what happens’
‘Not one of your ponies anymore‘
‘It's worse than you could imagine’
‘You set me down this path’

‘No more family vacays together‘
'Cause your only daughter's no long that filly’
‘And if you actually paid attention to me‘

‘You'd see, I'm not your student’
‘I'm not your angsty daughter’
‘No matter what you believe‘
‘The apple's fallen far from the tree‘

‘It's not my life anymore‘
‘No more teacher’s useless lessons’
‘It's not my life anymore‘
‘No more waiting for mom to spend time with me’

‘Did you know that I wanted to be your daughter?
‘And when you needed to be one, you gave that up without a fight’

‘Did you know mom, I wanted to be your daughter?
‘And you know, I push myself to prove it to you’
‘Nothing was good enough for you’
‘I had to research more and more forbidden magic just to please you’
‘And if you wonder what led your daughter astray‘
‘Well, mommy why don’t you look in the mirror’

‘Not your student‘
‘I'm not your perfect daughter’
‘I'm fucking filly’
‘At least I was before you abandon me’

‘Why does it hurt to love you?’
‘Why am I in pain?‘
‘Why does it hurt to know you?‘
‘You'll let me down again’
‘If I turned my insides out, would you even know that I was there?‘

‘Why does it hurt to love you?‘
‘Why does it hurt to love?‘

‘I'm not your student, not your daughter, not your child’
‘Now maybe you'll listen to me’
‘Or do you let me bleed?’
‘Now your daughter's not a pony no more’

‘Not at all your child!‘

‘Cause I'm not your student anymore‘

Celestia could only stare at Sunset having just used the heart song to reveal her true feelings towards her. Which unknown to her, Trixie had used eyebots to film the musical and broadcast to all of Equestria. Showing everypony what’s happening.

“Do you even have friends?” Sunset ask suddenly.

“What?” Celestia ask.

“Friends. You know what you always told me to go and make friends. You always said it’s easy and anyone could do it. But there’s an old saying ‘those who can’t teach’ which fits you well. Seeing how you don’t have any friends, just subjects,” Sunset said then she turns and walk to her group.

“Sunset don’t go,” Celestia shouted out.

“You don’t matter anymore,” Sunset said as they all teleported away. (1)

Chapter 53

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Sunset was by herself as she waited for Twilight to finish her visit with her parents Night Light and Twilight Velvet. Trixie was showing off, Kasumi and Naruto were exploring the pony world and Captain Planet was doing his own thing. She's been wandering around Canterlot as it's been a long time since she been there.

Of course, the city was dirtier and more worn down thanks to all the funding going to the war effort. And the ponies were all staring at her as she's the only human around. But it didn't bother her as she took in the sights of the city that use to be her home. As Sunset did, she came across a familiar looking alleyway. Being drawn to it she walks into the alleyway, leading her to a dead end.

She stares at the dead end that caused her to have flash backs of her time of living on the streets. The dead end alley had a door leading into a building that was always lock and several trashcans. But she remembers it as it was before, it was full of old wooden crates. Which she used to make her...

"I'm home," Sunset said remembering that this was where she use to live. In a shack made from old wooden crates.

"You are home, Sunset," Celestia said appearing behind her.

"My first memories are of me living here. In this alleyway," Sunset said.

"I know, I tried to find out where you came from and never could find anything," Celestia said.

"Sometimes in other worlds. My parents just plain abandon me or died. Other times, I am your daughter. Other times I'm your sister's," Sunset chuckles. "Luna always made a better mother then you in those worlds."

"I had so much time to reflect on my past actions," Celestia said.

"Which means nothing at this point. I want action not words. But at this point there nothing you can do either. Make me your daughter, have a big grand display with you making me your heir? What's the point? You will never be the mother I needed, when it would have matter. Why couldn't you had even wrote to me?" Sunset ask.

"I...," Celestia began to say then couldn't think of a reason why she couldn't had written to her. She just kept putting it off and off.

"Couldn't even say you were too busy getting ready for Luna's return. At least I know what kind of Celestia you are. The ones who are always a bad mother. You act as a mother to everyone else but the one that actually wants to be your daughter. But you made sure that all of my attempts to be your daughter failed. Well you did it. You made it crystal clear to me that you never wanted me to be your daughter. And all of this is just an act for your subjects, to make them think you care, when you don't. What can I expect from a pony who banishes her sister to the moon when she had so many chances to prevent it from reaching that point. But she just kept putting it off till it's too late to do anything," Sunset said.

"I want to be your mother," Celestia said.

"I don't want to be your daughter," Sunset said back.

"What can I do?" Celestia ask.

"The Celestia's that did earn their Sunset's forgiveness had to do it themselves. Why don't you do it yourself. Or transform into Day Breaker like how Luna transformed into Nightmare Moon. You wouldn't believe how well your dark form is a mother to their Sunset's. As you are now you can't earn my forgiveness as you're still the same old mare who thinks she's always right. That's my test to you. Figure out how to earn my forgiveness. And have no help at all as you did to me and Twilight," Sunset said before she teleported away. (1)

Leaving Celestia alone in the alleyway dead end. The same spot where so many years ago she came across a small filly, during winter. She remembers how the filly had looked up at her and ask her one question that has haunted her.

"Can you be my mommy?"

Chapter 54

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"So this world is base on the cartoon Roman Holidays?" Kasumi ask as she and the others are at one of the restaurants enjoying a meal. And seeing how the entire city is in holiday season with people dressing up, they fitted right in.

"Yes but instead of using bamboo technology and animals like in the Flintstones it's more modern," Twilight said as while there are chariots pulled by horses, there are some cars on the road.

"Reminds me of the turn of the century worlds we been to, where the horse drawn carts are being fazed out for cars," Sunset said.

"And that mountain of broken vases is gone," Naruto said as the Monte Testaccio wasn't there anymore.

"They used that as landfill and as foundation for new buildings," Sunset said.

"The aqueducts the same," Trixie said.

"According to this," Captain Planet said reading a travel guide. "The ancient aqueducts are maintained as they are a famous landmark and it's cheaper to maintain them then installing new ones like in other cities."

"Well at least unlike other places like Wakanda where they're super advance even if they're completely isolated. Rome has the network and all the other boxes checked in why they're so advance," Twilight said. (1)

"You really don't like places like that do you?" Kasumi ask.

"It's doesn't make sense. At least with Rome it has the infrastructure for advance technology and a trade network for new ideas and materials that can't be found easily in other places. Wakanda would need all of the raw stuff all found in their country and supersmart people being born there all the time for it to work," Twilight said.

"Well there is those worlds that do," Sunset said.

"There is that but in others it just doesn't work," Twilight said.

"We seen plenty where Wakanda does have the metal but aren't advance because of logical reasons why a small isolated country wouldn't be advance," Trixie said.

"Bad?" Naruto ask.

"Many are just like other African countries. Poor and war torn," Twilight said.

Chapter 55

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Lyra look around as she taps her I-glasses that are recording everything that she's seeing. She had discovered a portal that lead to wherever this place is, at the base of the horse statue in front of the school. Now she's recording everything that she's seeing, which is some kind of fancy building from the looks of things.

"Bon Bon you hear me?" Lyra ask.

"Yes I can," Bon Bon said back on the other side of the portal.

"Good. Don't make any calls or anything to me. I don't want to end up like that guy in that alien movie where someone called him and got the monster's attention," Lyra said as she began exploring the chamber.

The first thing that Lyra noticed was how big everything is compared to her. There was a massive wooden chair in the chamber with her, it reminded her of how as a young child everything was just so much bigger. The chamber looks to be a storage room with several things covered in dust, but the mirror looked like it was new to the room from the lack of dust on it.

She found a massive door that while is in the shape of a door, like the chair and other items in the room, is much bigger than she's use to. Opening the door Lyra found herself on an upper balcony overlooking a long hallway. She could hear voices coming down one end of the hallway, which sounded like there were hundreds but she couldn't see from where she's at. Lyra was careful in not being seen as she looked around waiting for someone to come.

She didn't had to wait for long as the sound of trumpets playing caused what sounds like massive doors opening down the hallway. Which the sounds of the crowd down that end could be heard better now that the doors were open. Lyra could than hear the increasing number of shuffling footsteps from the other end of the hallway.

Looking down could see a number of what she could only described as bat women. They're covered in dark blue fur with bat wings coming from their backs. All of them are wearing armor and all held a halberd. But what got to Lyra was how all of them were so big. From where she was at she could tell that all of them were giants. All easily standing over 12 feet tall and all powerfully built.

Then came a shocker as Lyra saw a sedan chair being carried by what look like antro-whatever they're called pony like humans of some of the girls from school. Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and a sixth purple ponygirl. Of course Rarity and the purple girl had horns making them unicorns, and Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy had wings on their backs. All six of them only wore skimpy shirts that showed off their breasts and loincloths that revealed their long legs. All of them look like all their spirits have been broken and had a glazed look in their eyes.

Riding on the sedan chair is someone that has been missing for the past year, Sunset Shimmer. Lyra had wondered what had happen to her, after she had just disappeared. Sunset look horrible, she showed burn marks that covered her body. She only wore pieces of red cloth that covered her breasts and a red loincloth, that covered her body. She also wore what looks like the crown that she always won every year.

As the parade of soldiers march by underneath her, Lyra could heard the roar of the crowd on the other end of the hallway. Not wanting to be found Lyra headed back to the storage room, closing the door slowly and as saliently as she could. Lyra quickly drove into the mirror returning to the human world.


The RV -

"Another universe where I came back early and sided with aunt Luna while she was still Nightmare Moon," Sunset said looking at the data from the world they're currently looking at with the portal machine. To make sure it's safe for them to travel to before going.

"But looks like she was burnt when she was hit by the elements when my counterpart and the others tried to stop Nightmare Moon. Now they're slaves to Sunset after Nightmare Moon had broken them in for her niece first," Twilight said.

"Well that's one world where we're not going to be visiting anytime soon. Besides according to this, thanks to Sunset being with Nightmare Moon and getting her to allow the sun to shine a couple of hours a day for plant life and all that. Nightmare Moon turns out to be like Doctor Doom whenever he managed to takeover the world. He rules with an iron fist but he rules it well," Trixie said. (1)

"I really hate it when the villain turns out to be a better ruler than the heroes," Twilight said.

"Well he's not really a villain," Sunset said having met plenty different Dooms.

"Nope, he's a ruler," Trixie said.

Chapter 56

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The Thai city of Roanapur was under siege as an army had rolled into the city. The main roads leading out of the city are guarded by sentry guns that shot at anything that tries to leave. Anyone who tried to stay off the road would be attack by flying mini drone units called Boas that are armed with an electroshock weapon and larger flying quadrotor drones called Serpents that are armed with a Vulcan Gun. Those who try to escape by air are shot down by missiles, from stationary missile sentries called Pythons. They are also blow up any boats that try to leave the city, backed up by unmanned flying helicopter drone units called Dragons that are armed with a dumbfire rocket launcher.

As for the city it's streets are being patrolled by tank drones. Rattlers: The most common tank unit found in the streets which fires single cannon rounds. They are also armed with a Vulcan gun. Twin Rattlers: A tank similar to a Rattler but slightly larger and armed with two cannons which fire simultaneously. They do not have a Vulcan gun. Diamondbacks: A tank unit larger than a Rattler that shoots three rounds at once in a spread pattern. They are also armed with a Vulcan gun. Mambas: A more durable and dangerous drone that has homing missile launchers. Cobras: The most dangerous mass-produced unit. Armed with detector rays, Vulcan guns, and very heavy cannons. With the weak point of the armor being the exhaust port on the back of the tank being covered by a thick vent.

The entire city is in flames as the drones are destroying buildings and killing anyone they come across. The many different crime lords and gangs that run the city are being slaughtered with none of them being able to handle the attack of the drones. And unlike what happen many times in the past all the major news networks are covering the attack placing the city of sin in the spotlight.

"That will show them not to mess with me," Rick said as he personally controls the Cobra thank that is attack that Russian bitch HQ. He's on screen as he uses the drones owned by Twilight for his revenge.

"Ok so what are you mad at them about again?" Twilight ask.

"They tried to kill me after I won big time at cards," Rick said.

"Which you cheated," Trixie said.

"Of course, I did as they were doing as well. They just didn't like it that I someone that just showed up went and beat them," Rick said, smiling as he guns down the bitch.

"At least we're getting use out of those drones we picked up. They just been in storage since our first trip to the hub," Sunset said.

"I forgotten all about them," Naruto said.

"We have been using the Fallout and Star Wars robots and droids," Kasumi said.

"They are easier to rebuild than the drones," Captain Planet said.

"There is a reason why all the Gotham supervillains who funded the Arkham Knight's army were all going after big money crimes. They were strapped for cash after paying for an army," Twilight said.

"Tell me about it. Without us going to other worlds and collecting resources from dead worlds there is no way we would be able to afford having a robot army," Twilight said.

"Like how the Monarch after his trust fund was finally overdrawn, he had to move back to his parent's home as he couldn't afford anything else. But he did used his dad's old equipment to make up for it," Sunset said.

"And remember how in the Samurai Pizza Cats world. The Big Cheese bankrupted the kingdom, thanks to him embezzling all the money to the point where there wasn't enough to buy ice cream," Trixie said.

"Or like that Bond villain Blofeld. Every film he showed up in till he finally dies in the opening of the last film he's in. Went from a worldwide organization to being flat broke," Kasumi said. (1)

"Tell me about it. I steal alot just to have what I need for my experiments. And for fun I used the bullcrap eraser just to see what would happen. And turns out many worlds like Marvel and DC once the reality of the villains spending thousands or millions for one of their villain things, finding themselves with less money than whatever crime they do that has them getting away with it. Many had to give up as they couldn't afford it or go low tech. The only ones who didn't had to change were the Doctor Doom's and Luthor's seeing how one rules a country and the other a mega company. Man, I wish I had that kind of money," Rick said.

"Well you could just sell your inventions and trademark it," Naruto said.

"That's not what trademark means but that is a good idea," Twilight said.

"Naw," Rick said.

"He just gets too bored quickly," Sunset said.

"So about the payment for using our drones?" Trixie ask.

"Yeah, I'll supply you with more power up pills. Free of charge," Rick said.

"Hey Rick, did you use your no bullcrap ray on the Star Wars universe?" Sunset ask.

"You mean in how The First Order somehow managed to build the Starkiller Base when they only had no obvious means of funding it? Or how Palpatine's new Star Destroyers were built on a world that nobody can access and inhabited only by his personal cult, with no clear way how supplies could be ship to them. That he somehow built and crewed what's explicitly stated to be the largest fleet ever assembled. And every one of those ships has a main gun that can blow up planets. In the background information guidebook does say that the fleet was built by several companies and organizations secretly run by his cultists across the galaxy. At least that's an explanation. Yet, it's impressive that all of this was kept a secret from the New Republic and other space civilizations for decades, and that these various NGOs, in secret, managed to build an explicitly larger navy than the Galactic Empire, which ruled the entire flipping galaxy and nationalized most of the major corporations," Rick ranted off. (2)

"Did you?" Naruto ask.

"Yup and all the bullcrap that allowed the villains to do what they did was just gone," Rick said.

"So the First Order couldn't build the base? Or the Sith lord couldn't build the fleet?" Captain Planet ask.

"Nope, and the villains had to be more creative which would had made a better movie series," Rick said.

"We really should find a world that does have a good Star Wars new film series," Naruto said.

"That be something at least," Captain Planet said being a fan of the series in his homeworld.

Chapter 57

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In the Everfree forest, in the old castle of the Two Sisters. The underground chamber that was once was the workshop of Starswirl was once again being used. Celestia has been working in the workshop, reading the old notes and using what she had learned from her mentor to create her own mirror portal. Since Sunset left, she's been working none stop to create a way to go to other worlds to search for her.

"Sister you need to rest," Luna said who is now the only remaining ruler of Equestia.

"No, I can't stop," Celestia said as she experimented in creating another portal mirror.

"Sister I know you want to find Sunset but you can't let it destroy you," Luna said.

"There is nothing but you here for me," Celestia said.

"But what about your friends?" Luna ask.

"What friends? All I have are subjects. Sunset made me see that for all my talk about friendship, I have no real friends," Celestia said.

"You can make friends," Luna said.

"After I make things right with Sunset," Celestia said.

"You do know that even if you do create a portal. It could take you years just to find her," Luna pointed out.

"I know that, but I have to find her and earn her forgiveness," Celestia said.

"Is she really that important to you?" Luna ask.

"How could you ask such a thing?" Celestia ask.

"You never cared before," Luna said.

"I have been suppressing it long enough. I could had been the mother she needed and yet I couldn't be one to her. I kept putting it off after she went into the mirror. Thinking that I have all the time to do it," Celestia said sadly.

"But now she isn't the filly you knew anymore and isn't looking for a mother anymore," Luna said.

"I have to make it up to her while I still have a chance to do it. I will not put it off anymore now that I have nothing else but you to keep me here," Celestia said.

"Stepping down from the throne and leaving me to rule while you go off to look for your wayward daughter? Many of the ponies want you to stay," Luna said.

"I have someone more important to find. For all I have done as princess of Equestia. It has left me with just about nothing in my personal life. Sunset is the only daughter I had, and I didn't see her as mine till it was too late. I will make it right between us no matter the cost," Celestia said.

"But if you go through with this you be going to one world after another with nothing," Luna said.

"And that was what I put Sunset through when I didn't try to get her back for years. I could had written to her, but I didn't. She was just a filly having to live in an alien world all on her own. I won't let anything stop me from being the mother she wanted and needs," Celestia said. (1)

"And does she need you anymore?" Luna ask.

Celestia didn't say anything for a very long time.

"I can only hope at this point," Celestia said finally.

"I read stories about parents who stayed or been apart of their children's lives for most of their life. And suddenly wants to be in their kid's lives again. When their child has already lived most of their life without parents or knowing anything about each other. The parents have missed out in so much of their child's life that all the things that a parent should know about their child, they just don't know," Luna said.

"I know that. I have to do this. I have to have my daughter back," Celestia said.

Chapter 58

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A strong wind blows in and an ominous shadow is cast over the Cinderella's Castle. The Mickey and the rest of the Disney cast who came for the annual party all look up at the cloudy sky and spot a strange Injector-like ship lowering from the clouds. It looms over the Magic Kingdom and points towards the hill. Just then, a silhouette is seen at the top of the ship.

"Hey are you Mickey?" the figure on top of the ship shouted down.

"Yes," Mickey shouted back.

"Prefect," the figure said.

The silhouette's finger transforms into a giant horn, and they blows it. Legs and a pointed drill then emerge from the bottom of the ship.

"Move!" Oswald shouted as he and other Disney cast members all ran as the ship's legs grip the sides of the castle. The ship then thrusts itself forward, driving the drill into the ground of the hill as the crowd gasp in shock.

"Hey! Nice park job, dingus!" Donald shouted.

A black liquid inside the ship begins to gurgles, as it cruises down the drill and into the ground. The figure on the top of the ship jumps down to the bottom, revealing to be a black cartoon cat.

"Well, well, well, well, well. Lemme get a look at the menagerie," the cat said as he shapeshifts his hand and eye into a telescope.

Everyone back away as the cat stares at them with it's telescope hand and eyeball. Before the cat pulls back to look at the group that's with Mickey.

"You must be Donald. You must be Goofy. And Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Wow, Disney got you back. Isn't that just...," the cat grits his teeth. "Swell?!"

"Felix?" Mickey ask staring at the cartoon cat.

"Really now? Has everyone forgotten me?" the cat ask.

"You do look familiar," Oswald said staring at the cat.

"Ok what's going on here?" Pete shouted as he push his way to the front with his family following him. His wife Peg, their son P.J. and daughter Pistol. He was in the restroom when everything happen and when he came out he sees a giant space ship on top of the castle.

"Well you see," Goofy began but Pete pushes him to the side and looks down at Mickey.

"Now see here mouse. If you have something like this plan for the party you better make sure it doesn't cause trouble for people who are in the restroom," Pete growls.

"Hello Pete," the cat greeted Pete.

"Oh hello Julius," Pete said before turning to Mickey to rant some more but stops and turns back to the cat name Julius. "Julius!"

"You know him?" Mickey ask.

"It can't be," Pete said being the oldest re-occurring cartoon character in Disney, since the very early days where Disney was still trying to make a name for himself. "I haven't seen Julius since the 'Alice Comedies' shorts back in the early days. I was going by the name of Bootleg Pete at the time." (1)

"Oh, but it can be, and it is. I got a new style and a few new toys that are gonna put an end to your "happily ever after" once and for all!" Julius said smiling with sharp teeth showing and his hands transforming into sharp claws. "I will never be forgotten again!"


"Ok so this is like Steven Universe the movie but with the Disney cast instead," Sunset said watching the action from the view screen of the different worlds they could go to.

"Yup and Julius is using the injector to punch ink into the ground so that he can redraw everything. So that he wouldn't be forgotten," Twilight said.

"Well let's just watch and see what happens," Trixie said.

"If it does play out like the Universe movie. We really don't need to do anything," Naruto said.

"It is a family issue," Kasumi adds.

"I get the drinks and food," Captain Planet said.

Chapter 59

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This is a zombie world?" Naruto ask watching the screen with the others.

The world in question looks to be in the 1970's by the look of what kind of clothes the people are wearing. And zombies have risen up and are attacking people in the classic zombie movie. With the zombies only being able to be killed by either beheading them or destroying the brain. But unlike in other zombie films the zombies are rotting away, or being eaten by animals that eat rotting flesh. There are zombies being eaten away by maggots, and birds that like rotten flesh. There are zombies covered in mushrooms and other plant life that grow on dead things.

"Yup unlike in other zombie worlds, these zombies are still rotting bodies and will fall apart. Not to mention that they're blind and deaf due to the eyes and ears rotting away. The only zombies that don't have to worry about that are the ones in cold places but of course they do freeze. With the ice destroying their bodies or brains. And the ones in the water are eaten away by the life forms from those small creatures too small to be seen and other creatures. Unlike in other worlds these zombies are only deadly for a couple of weeks at best before they're too rotten to move," Twilight said. (1)

"So realistic zombies that while undead still follow how a dead body works and not last forever and never rotting away," Kasumi said.

"Yup like those worlds where women like you with a big chest, actually have to deal with the problems that having a big chest does. Like back pains and sagging," Trixie said.

"Don't remind me," Kasumi said.

"I find those worlds of buxom just too much. Like that last world where all the ponies are anthro.... whatever, they're all walking around naked and have bodies that are all sexy," Captain Planet said.

"Don't remind me," Sunset said.

"At least Celestia in that world is doing whatever your counterpart wants. Seeing how she's cripple and stuck as a human because of Celestia putting the mirror in that vault," Trixie said.

"And my counterpart using how the scent of humans drives both sexes into a sex frenzy," Sunset said.

"Don't forget her using Twilight's overwhelming need to please the princess, like getting her to clean the sewers because the princess said so," Trixie said.

"I can't believe I would had done that," Twilight said flipping to another world which is a Godzilla Earth one.

“I don’t like those Godzilla worlds. It’s always no matter what technology is bad and humans living like cavemen is the only way to live,” Naruto said.

“I’m all for living with nature but all Godzilla Earth does is destroy and make the world to be what it wants,” Captain Planet said.

“And Godzilla Earth is protected by a force field and all the other plot armor,” Sunset said as she loads a gun that is loaded with a mini-mushroom pill that is made for giant size monsters.

Sunset fires the pill shell into the portal and it flew into Godzilla’s mouth and the once giant king of the monsters grew small. Godzilla shrank till he was about the size of a adult human and he was quickly teleported away. Godzilla reappeared in a containment cell and with it outside of his universe, no longer protected by the rules of its universe. Twilight hit Godzilla with the emotion gun making Godzilla fully understand what it’s been doing, right before a portal open with Rick hitting it with his no bullshit gun to get rid of all the bullshit reasons why it couldn’t be stop. (2)

“Well now we’re even,” Sunset said to Rick who teleported Godzilla who is curled up in a sobbing ball to his world.

“Yeah there are plenty of Rick’s who will be paying lots for this lab rat,” Rick said.

“Good,” Sunset said before turning off the screen connecting her to Rick and flipping the portal to another world.

The next world has realistic vampires. As in the vampires drinking blood but needing to drink a lot to get what they need. Which also cause them having to pee, a lot. Seeing how blood is mostly water to begin with. The vampires don’t have superhuman strength and all the other powers found in fiction. Or that they’re undead and can live forever. They’re human vampire bats not the vampires of fiction. The vampires mostly drink the blood of farm animals from slaughter houses to keep themselves fed. As the old rule of the only being able to feed on one type of blood isn’t in effect.

In a vampire infested world, they just had all the humans which the vampires could only feed on and nothing else, pills that changed their blood. Their blood became deadly poison to all vampires that killed them the moment they tasted the blood. And in one year all the vampires were dead and the surviving ones were too weak to fight back. And the ones who tried to sleep till humans forget about them, the humans changed blood just past down to their children and the few humans that didn’t had the pills if they have kids with someone who did take the pills would have their kids having the change blood.

In some worlds all it took to take care of the vampire problem was to put chemicals in the drinking water and all water on that world. That made all water to as deadly to vampires like the vampires who are harm by holy water. All the vampires in those worlds quickly died. They can hide from sunlight but water is something else, even dewdrops and the moistness that appears on surfaces will harm the vampires. Which also meant that the blood that the vampires need to live, being made of mostly water, killed plenty of vampires. The few vampires that are left have to live in lab conditions to keep, as dry as possible and can only feed on blood that has been dried first. (3)

“You know I never understood how vampires came to be in worlds where they evolved on their own. How they could have lasted if they can only feed on human blood and nothing else. It’s the reason why Pandas are losers, seeing how they need bamboo to survive. The only reason why they haven’t died out is because they’re cute,” Twilight said.

“Remember how we cured the vampires by just using that time reverse gun. Turning back time till their bodies reach the point where they were human before turning into a vampire. And the one who started the plague, said that he’s a true vampire and can’t be change into human because he never was one. We just reverse him till he just disappeared,” Trixie said. (4)

“Well he did had it coming,” Captain Planet said.

“I really can’t stand worlds where bull crap reasons is the only reason something could work to begin with,” Naruto said.

“True but some worlds can only work because of those reasons. Remember what happen when Rick used his no bull crap ray on One Piece?” Kasumi ask.

“The entire world just fall apart. Like where do the giants get the materials they need and how can a reverse mountain even works to begin with and all the other stuff like sailing upside down works,” Twilight said.

“I find many anime and manga worlds only work when you don’t think of it and don’t ever use logic or common sense,” Sunset said.

“Tell me about it. If logic and common sense was a thing in my world I wouldn’t have a reason to leave,” Naruto said.

“All the ones that did have logic and common sense, your counterparts actually have a pretty good life,” Kasumi said.

Chapter 60

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Lyra look around as she taps her I-glasses that are recording everything that she's seeing. She had discovered a portal that lead to wherever this place is, at the base of the horse statue in front of the school. Now she's recording everything that she's seeing, which is some kind of fancy building from the looks of things.

"Bon Bon you hear me?" Lyra ask.

"Yes I can," Bon Bon said back on the other side of the portal.

"Good. Don't make any calls or anything to me. I don't want to end up like that guy in that alien movie where someone called him and got the monster's attention," Lyra said as she began exploring the chamber.

The first thing that Lyra noticed was how big everything is compared to her. There was a massive wooden chair in the chamber with her, it reminded her of how as a young child everything was just so much bigger. The chamber looks to be a storage room with several things covered in dust, but the mirror looked like it was new to the room from the lack of dust on it.

She found a massive door that while is in the shape of a door, like the chair and other items in the room, is much bigger than she's use to. Standing in front of the door brought back memories when she was younger and smaller where she had to reach up to reach the door handle. Opening the door Lyra found herself on an upper balcony overlooking a long hallway. She saw at one end of the balcony is a door and walk down to it.

Through the door, Lyra found herself in a massive bedroom. It’s like something out of one of those hotel rooms that cost a thousands a night to stay at. Expensive looking art and furniture dotted the room. But what caught Lyra’s attention is the person laying on a massive bed.

On the bed next to a stack of books on a table near the bed, is Sunset Shimmer who had disappeared from school last year. She’s laying on her stomach as she read a book with a blanket covering her body. Sunset look different from the last time she saw her. Gone was the queen bee and someone that reminded Lyra of Fluttershy but worse replaced her.

“Sunset?” Lyra ask looking down from the stairwell.

“Who's there?” Sunset ask looking around hearing someone calling her name and froze once she saw Lyra. “Did you come by the statue portal?”

“Yes I found the portal at the base of the statue,” Lyra said worried as she saw the panic look on Sunset’s face.

“Quick you have to carry me so we can get back to the human world,” Sunset said.

“Carry you why?” Lyra ask.

Sunset flung the blanket covering her and revealed that she’s only wearing a night dress and she’s missing her legs.

“Sunset what happen?” Lyra ask with a horrified look on her face.

“Mother and aunty don’t want me to leave,” Sunset said with a look of deep pain on her face. “We got to get out of here before she knows you’re here.”

“Ok,” Lyra said as she rush down the stair and got to the bed.

Sitting down on the bed Sunset got onto Lyra’s back and wrap her arms around her neck. Lyra got up carrying Sunset on her back like a backpack. Lyra carried Sunset up the stairs and closed the door behind her. She got to the storage room where she found Bon Bon halfway through the portal waving to her. Out of the portal came Flash and Applejack who help carry Sunset into the portal.

Once Sunset was on the other side in the human world, she found the whole school had gathered around the statue. Celestria ran up to Sunset having been worried sick since she disappeared. And to her surprise Sunset wrap her arms around her and started crying. Celestria looked down at the crying girl and hug her back, seeing the once queen bee of the school reduced to a scared child. Wondering who her mother is and what she did to Sunset.


The RV -

“A very dark world where the anthro ponies are very sexual active and find the scent of humans intoxicating. With my counterpart ending up in that world instead of the world she came from, and stuck as a human. Ending up in the castle just when aunt Luna came back and was facing off with mom. And once they saw her and caught her scent, mom transformed into her own nightmare form and both she and aunt Luna rape my counterpart. It stop the whole plot that happen to you Twilight but my counterpart ended up as a sex slave. Both mom and aunt Luna ruled together, while giving my counterpart anything she wanted just not her freedom and them having sex with her whenever they wanted. And tried of her running away they cut off her legs, for her own protection. Seeing how the last time she escape from the castle she was brutally gang rape by the ponies,” Sunset said as she read the info of the world they just seen.

“So what do we do?” Twilight ask having seen that both princesses allowed her counterpart and her friends rape Sunset too.

“Fix it so that human scent isn’t intoxicating to ponies where they become rape happy and hit them with the emotion gun so they know what they did to that world’s Sunset is wrong,” Sunset said.

Chapter 61

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Lyra look around as she taps her I-glasses that are recording everything that she's seeing. She had discovered a portal that lead to wherever this place is, at the base of the horse statue in front of the school. Now she's recording everything that she's seeing, which is some kind of fancy building from the looks of things.

"Bon Bon you hear me?" Lyra ask.

"Yes I can," Bon Bon said back on the other side of the portal.

"Good. Don't make any calls or anything to me. I don't want to end up like that guy in that alien movie where someone called him and got the monster's attention," Lyra said as she began exploring the chamber.

The first thing that Lyra noticed was how big everything is compared to her. There was a massive wooden chair in the chamber with her, it reminded her of how as a young child everything was just so much bigger. The chamber looks to be a storage room with several things covered in dust, but the mirror looked like it was new to the room from the lack of dust on it.

She found a massive door that while is in the shape of a door, like the chair and other items in the room, is much bigger than she's use to. Standing in front of the door brought back memories when she was younger and smaller where she had to reach up to reach the door handle. Opening the door Lyra found herself on an upper balcony overlooking a long hallway. She saw at one end of the balcony is a door and walk down to it.

Through the door, Lyra found herself in a massive bedroom. It’s like something out of one of those hotel rooms that cost a thousands a night to stay at. Expensive looking art and furniture dotted the room. But what caught Lyra’s attention is the person getting dress. Sunset Shimmer who has been missing for the past year. She’s putting on what what looks to be a military uniform.

A thigh length grey coat and matching pants with red and yellow highlights. She had on red tinted armor, gauntlets, boots, a metal female chest plate and what looks like red bird wings on her back. She wore a helmet in the shape of a unicorn with a glowing horn, in the place of the crown. She held a battle axe, its the length of her body and has a massive blade on it that run down about half the staff that it's attached to. That blade is attached to the staff by thick metal clips that held the blade in place, while letting Sunset grasp it and use it like a staff if she needed to. (1)

“How long are you going to hide?” Sunset ask suddenly finishing putting on her helmet.

Lyra froze where she stood.

“I know you’re there on the stairs leading to the storage room. You came through the mirror didn’t you,” Sunset said turning to where Lyra is hiding.

“Hi Sunset,” Lyra said as she stood up from where she was hiding.

“Lyra, it’s been awhile,” Sunset said as she looks her over. “I-glasses right. So the others know already, thanks to you board casting this.”

“Yeah,” Lyra said.

“Welcome to Equestia a magical world and where I am from. I’m a member of the royal family with my aunt Moon ruling the kingdom after I help her dethrone my mother,” Sunset explains.

“You’re a magical princess?” Lyra ask surprise.

“Yup I am and seeing how you’re here. You can show the human world my revenge on the human magical world,” Sunset said.

“What?” Lyra ask confused.

“Follow me and I explain on the way,” Sunset said as she walks to the main door of the room using her battle axe as a walking stick as she waves for Lyra to follow her.

As they walk Sunset began to regale her tale to Lyra explains what happen between her and her mother. With her ending up in the human world where her mother who is the counterpart of Celestia of the human world. Which Lyra quickly figured out that Sunset aunt is Luna’s counterpart, which Sunset confirmed and told her how she became Nigtmare Moon and was banish to the moon. And once she return around the same time her aunt did they teamed up and took over, with her aunt renaming herself Moon and taking the title of Queen.

Anyways while in the human world Sunset ran into trouble with the human magic users calling themselves wizards and witches. Who already know about Equestia thanks to the Sirens a trio of sisters from this world and them feeding off of negative emotions causing conflict. The magic world of the humans are dead set in that no matter what the humans or muggles as they are called, can never be trusted and must be mind erased so that they have no idea that magic is real. They believe that muggles will never expect magic and will always be evil to them, even if the whole reason why conflict happen is because of magic users doing things like mind erasing muggles being the reason why conflict happen in the first place.

Sunset had her magic when she first came to the world which was taken by the magic users once they caught her using her magic helping others. Before the wizards and witches took her magic and mind erase everyone in Canterlot of the human world. She was using her magic to help people and then the human magic world took that away from her and made everyone think she’s nothing but a trouble maker. The only reason why her mind wasn’t erased was that she’s immune to it as it wore off after a couple of days.

“Because of the spell the wizards and witches used on me, I’m stuck like this. I’m a hybrid between a pony and a human,” Sunset said.

“What’s wrong with that?” Lyra ask.

“Well I am an alicorn now who is immortal and have vast magical powers. My magic isn’t at full power till aunt Moon can fix it. Not to mention as you can already tell I’m undersize like you,” Sunset said.

“Yeah I know,” Lyra said eyeing the guards that have joined them. The female bat ponies who are a sub species of Pegasus ponies who live underground and live like bats. All of them stood over 10 feet tall and powerful built like amazons. “Why are there nothing but women here?”

“Another side effect of the spell that was casted on me. My scent cause male ponies to go into mating mode and the only ones who can be near me with any self control are the females. Even then they only hold back because of how small I am they see nothing but a filly. For the older ones who had children at least,” Sunset explains.

“So that’s why there are nothing but older women around here?” Lyra ask.

“Yup,” Sunset said as she opens a door into a room that has a big crystal tree in it.

Standing in front of the tree is a giant alicorn easily 12 feet tall, dress in armor. Around her are a number of female unicorns who have finished creating the runes for the ritual. All eyes turn to Sunset and Lyra who suddenly felt very small, like being the only young child in a room full of adults.

“So this is the human who found the mirror portal?” Moon ask as Sunset walks to her followed by Lyra.

“Yup and she’s linked to the human world thanks to those I-glasses she’s wearing. But at least all the magic users of the human world be able to see my revenge on them,” Sunset said.

“How are you going to get your revenge?” Lyra ask worried.

“Cutting off their magic that’s what. Turns out the magic they’re using is nothing more than magic of Equestia leaking into the human world. Turns out wild portals between our two worlds that was caused thanks to magical experiments that created the mirror portal, are allowing magic from here to enter your world. So here we're going to seal up all the portals and magic in the human world will all be gone. And the spells being maintain there will be gone so all curses be gone as well. Meaning I’ll go back being normal and all the spells used like mind erasing spells will be undone giving everyone their real memories back,” Sunset explains.

“Wouldn’t that cause chaos?” Lyra ask.

“Yes but mostly with the hidden magic world which is closed off and are self centered. Where nothing else matters but what happens in that world. Where me using magic to help muggles is seen as an unforgivable crime because I’m actually using magic to help muggles and not just magic users and only magic users. So why care about a culture and people who rather hide away and pretend that nothing outside their world matters. Remember that fire in that apartment building where everyone somehow escape, even when the fire started at the basement and burn the entire building which burn down?” Sunset ask.

“I was living there... wait you save me and everyone else?” Lyra ask.

"Unlike the wizards and witches of your world who would and have watch people burn to death. I went and used my magic to save all of you because it was the right thing to do. Something that the human magic users can't understand unless it's for a fellow magic user. Which is why I'm doing this," Sunset said as she stamps her battle axe on the activation rune.

The rune activated the ritual circle using the tree of harmony like a broadcast tower. Sending a wave of magical energy around the planet that closed off all the wild portals around the world of Equestia. With the portals closed all the magic that was leaking to the human world was suddenly cut off. Like cutting off the water supply from the source, causing all the wizards and witches losing their magic. The spells that were being maintained thanks to the magic coming from Equestia just turned off.

Sunset glowed as her body grew bigger and her clothes grew as well. Lyra look up at the now 10 tall Sunset who now is as big and powerful built as the other women in the room. And Lyra head was suddenly filled with memories that were erased thanks to magic but with the magic that maintain the spell gone, the memories all came back to her. Like everyone else in the human world.

"I remember now, I remember everything," Lyra said as rage was filling her.

"Yes alot of things that the wizards and witches have done and made everyone forget is now all coming back. And that means that the now powerless wizards and witches are now at all of the muggles that they use to toy around with," Sunset said.

"Can I borrow a mace?" Lyra said.

"Sure we can pick one up on our way back to the mirror portal," Sunset said.


The RV -

"And this is the start of the purge of wizards and witches in the human world. Thanks to all the crimes they had committed and used their magic to erase it from memory," Sunset said watching the view screen.

"Purge is right. The muggles went to town on the magic users," Twilight said.

"Well it's not like they didn't had it coming to them," Trixie adds.

"Asking for mercy when they never showed any," Kasumi said.

"Like what happen in my world," Naruto said.

"Can we watch something else?" Captain Planet said grabbing the remote and switching to another world.

On the screen is Sailor Moon screaming after her leg was cut off by the monster of the week. The other scouts are protecting her as Sailor Pluto reattaches the leg and told Moon to use her healing powers on herself.

"Let's see," Twilight said reading the info of the world. "The magical outfits offer protection only for the parts that are covered. So the unprotected legs of the sailor scouts are wide open to attack."

"Like that Queen's Blade world were their swimsuit style armor offered as much protection as they should. As in none at all?" Kasumi ask.

"Yup and all those fan service shows where the armor shows off lots of skin. Till Rick used that bullcrap gun and those who wore then were all cut down very quickly," Twilight said.

"I can't understand how armor like that works?" Naruto said.

"Well there are the superhero worlds. But then again some women and some men can be naked and tank missiles," Trixie said. (2)

"Well mostly anime and manga worlds have the female cast dress like strippers. When they're not bulletproof or anything else proof," Captain Planet said.

"Tell me about it," Kasumi said as meeting her counterparts and how revealing their clothes are. Made her wonder why she use to dress like that.

Chapter 62

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Lyra looks around as she taps her I-glasses that are recording everything that she's seeing. She had discovered a portal that lead to wherever this place is, at the base of the horse statue in front of the school. Now she's recording everything that she's seeing, which is some kind of fancy building from the looks of things.

"Bon Bon you hear me?" Lyra ask.

"Yes, I can," Bon Bon said back on the other side of the portal.

"Good. Don't make any calls or anything to me. I don't want to end up like that guy in that alien movie where someone called him and got the monster's attention," Lyra said as she began exploring the chamber.

The first thing that Lyra noticed was how big everything is compared to her. There was a massive wooden chair in the chamber with her, it reminded her of how as a young child everything was just so much bigger. The chamber looks to be a storage room with several things covered in dust, but the mirror looked like it was new to the room from the lack of dust on it.

She found a massive door that while is in the shape of a door, like the chair and other items in the room, is much bigger than she's use to. Standing in front of the door brought back memories when she was younger and smaller where she had to reach up to reach the door handle. Opening the door Lyra found herself on an upper balcony overlooking a long hallway. She saw at one end of the balcony is a door and walk down to it.

Through the door, Lyra found herself in a massive room which cause her to be stunned silence by what’s in the room. The chamber was like some sort of obscene, theatrical representation of all the World's lust. The piles of squirming nudity were like indecent sculptures of semi-artistic depravity. The chamber was almost 1,000 feet long, and three-stories high, with balconies for observers on several levels. Which is where Lyra found herself with her looking over the railing to see that the level below is more of a pit as there was no door anything down below. The female bodies were literally piled in naked heaps of thousands of individuals, packed more tightly than any human audience could tolerate.

From what Lyra could see all the bodies in the room are females and are all monster girls. Like the ones in those animes and mangas, having incredible sexy bodies ranging from slender to incredibly busty that no human woman could have. Thousands upon thousands of bouncing breasts, sweaty bodies and couples throbbed and pulsed throughout the chamber. The piled bodies seemed highest towards the end of the room, and any human under these massive mounds would surely suffocate, yet these voluptuous monstrosities did not seem to share that limitation.

A ringing bell caused all the monster girls in the room to stop as they all looked up to one of the balconies with a large doorway. The door slide upwards as two figures entered the room. Which to Lyra’s surprise both look like Celestia and Luna. Expect that both are standing around 15 feet tall, have horse like ears and have wings on their backs. They also have what looks like gemstones on their foreheads. Celestia has metal manacles and a collar on her and dress in a simple white dress that did little to hide her ample body. As for Luna she has the same body type as her sister, but skin is black instead of dark blue and wearing armor.

The monster girls in the pit all merged into one pile and rose upwards as they climbed on top of each other. Till they formed a pillar of bodies that rose up till it was at the height of the balcony that the two sisters are standing on. Something rose up inside the pillar of bodies as Lyra could make out a bulge that traveled upwards.

Popping out of the mass of bodies was someone that Lyra hasn’t seen for over a year. Completely naked and sporting horse ears and a gemstone on her forehead. Lyra also couldn’t help but notice that Sunset’s body is starved to skin and bones. And the monster girls around her are more mature looking then the other monster girls, more like monster women. Not to mention they’re all the same size as Celestia and Luna.

“Well?” Sunset ask being supported by the monster women around her.

“Celestia is sending Twilight to search for a way to free you,” Luna said.

“Just one pony to search and not groups of ponies sent all over to find a way to free me?” Sunset ask staring at Celestia. “This is the reason why I help aunt Moon dethrone you in the first place.”

"She is a capable pony," Celestia said weakly.

"And you're being a trickster mentor like you did with me, in some hopes that Twilight will be able to figure out what you have plan for her instead of telling her what she needs to do. But then again when you can't control a pony you just get rid of them like you did with me and aunty," Sunset said.

"She's right," a large purple mature woman with the lower body of a snake snake as she extends herself from the mass of bodies. "You always did like being in control."

"And couldn't stand it when others didn't follow your commands," said another mature snake woman but is a very pale purple instead. "But worse you went and made my daughter go down the path that got this mess to happen in the first place."

"Your daughter?" a very busty brown skin woman with bat wings and horns on her head ask.

“Don’t you mean our daughter,” said another brown skin woman ask who looks to be a dragon woman.

"Now Shiva remember we all had a hand in bringing Sunset back. After Celestia nearly killed her,” a nine tailed fox woman said to the pale purple snake woman.

“I didn’t try to kill Sunset,” Celestia said.

“Well let’s see mom,” Sunset said as she sat back on the lap of pale skin woman with a pair of mix matched wings, one of a bird and the other a bats. Using her as a chair resting her back on her ample form. “You stored the mirror in a vault that can’t be open from the inside that left me trap inside for over 6 months. Only surviving thanks to all the ingredients used in potions and spells stored there as well. Then there is this mess thanks to Twilight who you replaced me with blasting me with the elements of harmony. Causing me to be fused with all the monsters that were sealed in the orb I found that I thought was just another magical item that you stored and forgot about.”

“I have seen rat kings before but nothing like this,” Luna said. “At least you all kept your minds and not all fused together.”

“You have any idea how hard it is to coordinate when you’re fused with thousands of others?” Sunset ask. “The only reason why the monsters who are a part of me now aren’t going crazy is because I’m still the holder of the orb and the one in charge.”

“It has forced us to get along,” said a normal looking woman with long white hair.

“That and you all have been having sex,” Sunset snorted.

“We do feed in sexual energy dear. And thanks to you being fused with us, it actually feeds us and not just gives us pleasure,” Shiva said.

“Don’t remind me,” Sunset said before glaring at Celestia. “You go and send teams of ponies and not just one pony. Or I’ll see if you can’t be added to the group. With you fused with the rest of us, I’m sure you’ll be caring to be set free faster than if you weren’t. You only care when it affects you.”

“That’s not true,” Celestia said.

“Like you care for me and never once in all that time tried to find me or even write to me with the journal? No you just replace me with Twilight as the only reason why you even had me was to be a weapon to use against aunt Moon. And when I wouldn’t follow your commands you just replace me. But then again seeing what you did to Aunt Luna and you leading me into becoming the new demon lord who is made up of all of the demons that you sealed away. I'm not surprise," Sunset said.

"I never wanted this," Celestia said.

"And yet now, I'm now this. A fusion of monsters like that villain in that anime Inuyasha," Sunset said. (1)

"You mean Naraku?" Luna asks.

"Whatever, also I would like my tablet back," Sunset said.

"The humans entertainment is much more interesting than anything around here," Luna said.

"It's the only thing that keeps the others from having sex all the time," Sunset said.

"Now dear it is to keep you fed. After all you are nothing but skin and bones," the fox woman said.

"And I need a new body. I was already on the verge of death only being kept alive by my hatred for you mom," Sunset said glaring at Celestia. "This fusion is the only thing keeping me alive now. Or even when I'm free from this mess, I'll remind like this thanks to all the potions and other magical things I had to consume to stay alive."

"Sunset you can't be thinking of transferring your mind into a new body," Celestia said.

"Of course not, my new moms have come up with something so that, I can be reborn in a new body," Sunset said. "But that be useless till, I and everyone else can be separated from this blob body."

"I'll be handling the search for a way to free you all," Luna said.

"Good at least, I can count on you aunty," Sunset said as she sinks back into the mass of bodies.

Lyra seeing enough sneak back where she came from. As she was slowly closing the door so that she wouldn't draw attention the door was lank open sending her falling forward. Looking up she sees a mass of bodies looming over her. Coming out of the mass came Sunset to see what the others had found.

"Lyra," Sunset said flatly looking down at her.

"Hi Sunset," Lyra chuckles nervously.

"Is she a friend of yours?" the brown skin woman with moving hair ask.

"The portal is open again," Sunset said as she looks down the hallway and spotting some students who had followed and narrows her eyes seeing Flash Sentry.

The woman whose hair moved like it's alive, shot forward and wrap itself around Flash and pulled him to her. The woman drops Flash in front of Sunset who glared down at him. Flash gulps seeing that look in Sunset's eyes when she's really ticked off.

"Flash came to peak on me? Or is it all the other women that make up my new body?" Sunset ask.

"Sunset who is this?" the big purple skin snake woman asked.

"A boyfriend sister?" a younger purple skin snake woman ask.

"He was till he dump me," Sunset said.

"WHAT!" the other monster women around Sunset snap before all locking their sights on Flash.

"Gulp," Flash said seeing the group of older and much bigger monster woman looming over him.


The RV -

"Welp he's dead," Trixie said.

"I do not want to know," Sunset said as she shuts down the portal screen.

"But don't you want to know how it all happen?" Twilight asks.

"Like that world where all ponies are futas?" Sunset ask.

"Right," Twilight said turning green as the ponies of that world didn't see anything wrong in having sex with their family members.

Chapter 63

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"Shiva Revilis the goddess of balance." Her upper body is that of a pale purpler skin woman with long thick silver hair that's kept in twin pony tails by a huge skull like helmet. The lower half of her body is that of a long silver snakes. She wore what she passes off as a dress with more of the front missing, with two sections of cloth covering her breasts with a plunging neckline that just barely stays above her groin.

"Alice Fateburn the 15th." Her upper body is that of a large purple skinned woman, with long white hair with two horns growing on the top of her head. Her lower body is that of a large purple scaled snake. Her slender but busty form betrays her hidden strength, she wears a black skimpy top that barely covers her breasts and a short black skirt.

"Fan Mei the fox queen." She wore a sleeveless white kimono that showed off her huge chest. She wore nothing underneath as anyone looking could only see naked flesh, she also wore a long white fur scarf and a golden hairpiece. She also wore a collar with a large bell on it.

"Dragona the dragon queen." Her buxom shapely body is only covered by a skimpy leather armor. The armor if it can even be called that, left much of her body exposed. More like an open leather coat, barely covering her ample breasts and panty like bottom. Her skin is light brown with patches of red scales here and there, mostly on her arms and neck on her body. She has short light pink hair with two horns coming out and yellow eyes. On her back grew a large pair of leathery bat like wings and lower down is a long lizard like tail.

"Lei Ling the orochi queen." She unlike the others appears as a young slender woman with long black hair and red eyes. She is dressed in a many layered kimono of different shades of red. She's like one of those dolls that are dress up in kimonos. She is the smallest in size and has the figure of a slim young woman.

"Xueli the angel demon queen." A white skin demon with very long black hair that she keeps in twin pony tails that reach the ground. Her pale body is covered in tribal tattoos and has four pairs of wings on her back, the set on the right are demon wings and the left angel like wings. She's wearing a red Chinese style dress that has a hole in the middle that shows off the deep valley of her huge breasts and expose her flat belly. The dress is also cut to show off her long shapely hips, the long sleeves of her dress aren't connected but held up by straps on the arms.

"Sei Mei the nurarihyon queen." A dusty skin beauty with black hair that moves on its own. She's a powerful demon who uses her hair as a weapon, even hardening them to razor wire in strength. She has her long black hair done up making it look like there's a circle on the back of her head, held by a large hair piece that looks like a hat. She's wearing a green kimono that is worn loose revealing her shoulders and her large burst.

"Sharia the Great Demon Goddess." She is a long haired beauty who has large golden bat like wings on her back. She also wore next to nothing, wearing nothing but what could loosely be called panties, a collar, and sandals.

"Benfelite Neuros the demon queen." Who is a very busty dark skin woman with long purple hair. She's a bit taller then the others and she has a far more busty figure. She has large firm breasts much bigger then the others and a much curvier body to go with it. She has two large horns poking out of her hair, two pairs of wings one pair on her back and a smaller pair coming from her lower back. She also has a long purple tail. She's wearing nothing but armor that showed off 98 percent of her body. With strips and barely there underwear that just covers enough to hide her naughty bits.

“Lunatine Sakiess the Divine goddess.” Who is the rival of Benfelite. She is the opposite of her rival with her being a pale skin woman with long white hair. She is as tall and as busty as her rival. Only wearing a long white cape, with wrappings on her breasts and a skirt that's long in the back and mini in the front.

“And this is Alice the 16th my sister since her mother as well as every other woman here has taken me as their daughter,” Sunset said as she’s sitting up on her sister’s snake body. That has formed a chair for her to sit on, both wearing clothes that are little better than underwear. (1)

They’re all standing in the balcony that overlooks the pit where the rest of Sunset’s body is in. The reason why they’re not apart of main body and moving around on their own is because of the slime girls that are attached to each of them. And Sei Mei is using her hair to make a screen to separate them from the rest of the body. Which is one of the few ways that any of them can have some as close as being alone as they could get.

“And they’re your new family?” principle Celestia ask.

“Seeing how each of them are lords of different groups of monster girls before they were all sealed away. And I thanks to the elements fusing me with the orb that kept them sealed. I became the monster lord as I’m the one in control of the body. And they decided that seeing that I’m still a child they would all make me their daughter so that once we’re all free they all have a common leader,” Sunset said.

“Sunset shouldn’t you be wearing clothes that cover more?” Celestia ask.

“This is as close as decent as we get,” Sunset said. “I spend about a year stuck in a mass of bodies, so at this point I’m way too use to it.”

“But you all could wear something than being naked all the time,” Celestia said.

“All the monsters who are apart of me are living aphrodisiacs. Their body fluids are all full of aphrodisiacs than there are the pheromones they give off. And than there is just the way they look and they give off lust energy that cause anyone near them to be be horny. Like you are feeling right now,” Sunset said.

“Can you please tell them to stop,” Celestia said blushing.

“They are it’s just that this room has been saturated with all of it for a year now,” Sunset said. “But anyways because of that and that they need to feed on sex energy they been feeding off of each other. Which in turns keeps me fed as well. Besides it's either energy feeding or thee old fashion way. Which would be a nightmare of waiting in line for the bathroom."

"Oh yeah," Celestia said getting where Sunset is coming from.

"What about me?" Flash as who is wrap in hair and hanging upside down over the pit.

"What about you?" Sunset ask.

"Can, I go home?" Flash ask not liking how the monster below him are looking at him.

"Not till you're punished for dumping our daughter," Xueli said glaring down at him. Made easy because of the fact that she and all the other monsters around him are all around 15 feet tall. Expect for the younger Alice who is the sister of Sunset.

"Sunset, I have been dump before but this is getting out of hand," Celestia said.

"For a monster being dump is a big no no. You see the reason why all of them are so sex hungry and are so sexy is because even with them being able to live a very long time. Monsters are very infertile, to the point where they can have sex with as many men as they want and be lucky to have one child in all of that time," Sunset said.

"Mom was lucky to have me," Alice the 16th said.

"But you're too young to have children yet," Celestia said.

"Yes but my moms are very protective of me," Sunset said.

"Well you can't be close to someone like we have for a year without becoming attached," Dragona said.

"At least being force together like this allowed us to work through all of our issues with each other," Benfelite said.

"Sunset please tell them to let him go. For me," Celestia said.

"Well you are better than this worlds one," Sunset said. "Let him go moms."

"You got off lucky," Sharia said as Flash was release from the hair holding him and he quickly fled down the hallway where the mirror is.

"Thank you," Celestia said.

"Just make sure that your side of the portal doesn't have people just coming in. Have enough trouble with that here," Sunset said.

"People sneak in here?" Celestia ask.

"There are thousands of sexy, horny monster girls here who are very willing to have sex with any male that comes in," Sunset stated.

"What happens to them?" Celestia ask.

"Crushed pelvises, exhaustion, suck dry, and being eaten," Sunset listed off.

"Eaten?" Celestia ask.

"When the male just cums before anything can happen or when they just are bad lovers," Lunatine said.

"Well don't worry about human men. Seeing how big you all are, they be too scared to do anything," Celestia said.

"That's so true," Shiva said.

"When men are too scared they just can't get it up," Fan Mei adds looking down the hallway.

Turning around Celestia saw that one of Fan Mei’s tails had extended and had wrap itself around Flash dragging him back.

“Sunset,” Celestia said.

“I never said how long I was going to let him go,” Sunset said as Flash was brought before her. And before Celestia could protest she was lifted by one of Fan Mei’s tails and taken back to the mirror.

“Sunset what’s happening?” Flash ask finding himself alone.

“Either face my moms punishment or they just get you later,” Sunset said.

“And what is it?” Flash ask as the mothers all glared down at him.

“If you thinking of it being sex well you’re right about it. Just not in a way you’re going to enjoy it. My moms are the types that you need the safe word for. By the time my moms are done with you, they will ruin you,” Sunset said.

“Yes and let’s see what we have to work with,” Shiva said as she use magic to take off all of his clothes leaving him naked before them.


Canterlot High -

Celestia was toss out of the portal and finding the area around the statue been blocked off by the police. After Flash was captured, Celestia quickly got all the other students back on their side of the portal and told Luna to keep anyone from entering the portal. While she tries to talk to Sunset to let Flash go.

“Celestia what happen?” Luna ask helping her sister up.

“They’re going to do something to Flash,” Celestia said heading back to the portal but stop as Dragona pops her upper body out of the portal. She drops Flash who looks to have been roughly manhandled by the state of his clothes in front of Celestia.

“Too small had to toss him back,” Dragona said before popping back to her side of the portal.

“Ow,” Flash said having his pride shattered.


RV -

“I said I didn’t want to know,” Sunset said to Trixie.

“Well I wanted to see what happens to Flash,” Trixie said.

“Let’s stop before that Sunset gets a new body,” Twilight said having read ahead of what would happen in that world.

“Let me guess they use Celestia as a womb chamber. Where that world’s Sunset moms all go and dump their DNA into so that the new body of Sunset be one that truly makes her their daughter. And she’ll be the most powerful monster lord ever thanks to her body being made from the strongest of the monster girls and one alicorn,” Sunset deadpans.

“This makes the 26 time we seen this plot line happen,” Twilight said.

“And you’re counting,” Trixie said.


Chapter 64

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“Let me explain how things are going to be like form now on,” a rockman said in front of a host of many gods and demons from the world of Forgotten Realms. He’s sitting in the throne of the head god of that world and using the head of the dark elf spider goddess as a foot stool. By his side is a female angel.

“The reason why we’re all here is because of someone using a wish to bring back all the universes that were destroyed by lord Zeno. And luckily it also meant for our universe too. To make sure that isn’t going to happen again. I have been traveling around and getting rid of any trash that brings down a world's rating. Like this trash right here,” the rockman said pressing down on Lolth’s head who is using all of her power to keep her head from touching the ground. The moment it does, she will be killed.

“Your world rating is very low. Namely because while it was advance, after the fall the only ones who have any advance technology is one small group that hordes it all to themselves. I won’t have any world with a low rating be around. Which is why I’m giving you all this one chance to turn things around in one year. I don’t care how you do it. You gods and demons either make this world more advance and have a better rating or all of you will be destroyed and my counterpart will just make a new world with new gods who actually help the mortals. Unlike this goddess underfoot who acts more like a demoness in the amount of crap she has been doing,” the rockman said as press down on Lolth’s head. “Completely useless as gods like her don’t do anything but keeps the rating of a universe low. Like her friend Quadisha.”

Hearing her friend’s name Lolth turns her eyes upwards.

“Yes she and her followers on that planet have been given a chance to redeem themselves. By rebuilding and bringing back every single culture on the planet she’s on back. Like you she like have a cult of sex freaks who go around and raping, slaughtering and preventing everything they come into contact with. Which is the reason why her planet never advance beyond the main transport being a beast of burden. My counterpart in her own universe has most of her mortals having ways to travel through space. And yes I know about how there is a group that hordes that level of technology on this world. But that doesn’t count as it didn’t count when lord Zeno destroyed all of us. You should have seen her face as she look up at me having press her face in the ground in front of all the other goddesses of her world, hearing what I wanted of her in exchange to spare her life. She realized that she would have to use all of her powers and treasures in rebuilding all the lands her followers had destroyed. And even then she would never be able to restore all that she had destroyed. I beat her and made her beg in front of her followers, I did it for hours as they all watch her reduce to a wreck. Then I gave her a choice she lives and all of her followers die. And she quickly said yes in letting her followers die, which I did. Sending a wave of energy that destroyed everyone of her followers thanks to all of you lesser gods needing people to believe in you to survive. Utterly powerless and alone I left her to face the wrath of her fellow goddesses,” the rockman said.

“Don’t forget you also destroyed all the demons of that world too,” the angel said.

“Yes thank you for reminding me. I went and did this,” the rockman said. Then he raised his hand releasing a burst of energy that spread through all the realms at once. The wave once it touched a demon reduced them to nothing. And in seconds there wasn’t a demon left in all the realms. Which horrified the gods.

“It’s not the amount of power you can throw. Anyone of with the power to do so, can destroy a world. It takes a master of destruction to be able to refine their power so they can destroy only what they want and nothing else,” the rockman said he then lifted his hand again and release another burst of energy.

“Nnnnooo!” Lolth screamed out as all of her followers were destroyed robbing her of a great deal of power. She wasn’t the only god screaming as other dark gods and goddesses were left powerless with the destruction of their power base.

“Yes,” the rockman said stomping his foot onto Lolth head and smashing it into the ground. Followed by a blast of energy that destroyed her. The rockman looks at the crowd of fearful gods before him. “Do not allow anyone like her or that cult she made to ever become a thing on this world. I will come back and if I find one dark god or a perverted cult. I will just destroy this planet along with the realms connected to it,” the rockman said as he and the female,angel left the world to visit plenty more worlds. (1)


The R.V. -

“And afterwards the god of destruction Gero went and dealt with the Greek gods of the Saint Suy... whatever the anime with the fighters who wear magical armor. He killed the gods and destroyed that Earth after those warriors attack him after killing those gods left them completely normal with just their skills of fighting,” Twilight said reading off the data of that world.

“Couldn’t handle being brought down to normal,” Kasumi said.

“Happens so many times,” Naruto adds.

“I rather like how the gods and demons react when facing against the biggest fish in their universe. I did wonder what the universes that were already erased are like,” Sunset said.

“Some of the gods and demons would be a match for a god of destruction even an angel if it wasn’t for the fact. They’re already apart of that Dragonball multiverse and the higher level gods and angels already know all of their tricks and already know how to counter anything they can do,” Captain Planet said.

“Look one of the gods from one of the erased universes is destroying the warp to kill off the Chaos Gods,” Trixie said looking at the screen with Twilight.

“Wouldn’t that cause the way of faster than light travel not to work and the races that use it be cut off?” Naruto ask.

“Yes but at least without the warp they can finally come up with a safer way of travel. Like the reason why no one in Mass Effect verse came up with a warp drive is because of those mass relays. Plus it’s a whole crap sack setting and wiping the slate clean is the only way to make things better. Besides it’s the warp and with how it is destroying it is the only way to make sure nothing else will ever come out of it,” Twilight said.

“We stay out of both Warhammer verses for a reason. Way too dark for us and even the good guys will be trying to kill us,” Sunset said.

“There is that one world we saw where you’re the emperor’s daughter,” Naruto said.

“Don’t remind me,” Sunset said before looking at Trixie. “Which reminds me isn’t it almost time for you to fit Deku?”

“I’ll get to it,” Trixie said.

Chapter 65

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Lyra looks around as she taps her I-glasses that are recording everything that she's seeing. She had discovered a portal that lead to wherever this place is, at the base of the horse statue in front of the school. Now she's recording everything that she's seeing, which is some kind of fancy building from the looks of things.

"Bon Bon you hear me?" Lyra ask.

"Yes, I can," Bon Bon said back on the other side of the portal.

"Good. Don't make any calls or anything to me. I don't want to end up like that guy in that alien movie where someone called him and got the monster's attention," Lyra said as she began exploring the chamber.

The first thing that Lyra noticed was how big everything is compared to her. There was a massive wooden chair in the chamber with her, it reminded her of how as a young child everything was just so much bigger. The chamber looks to be a storage room with several things covered in dust, but the mirror looked like it was new to the room from the lack of dust on it.

She found a massive door that while is in the shape of a door, like the chair and other items in the room, is much bigger than she's use to. Standing in front of the door brought back memories when she was younger and smaller where she had to reach up to reach the door handle. Opening the door Lyra found herself on an upper balcony overlooking a long hallway. She saw at one end of the balcony is a door and walk down to it.

Opening the door Lyra found herself in a throne room. Before she could get a good look of the room a scream caught her attention. Looking down to where the scream came from she saw Sunset who she hadn’t seen since she disappeared over a year ago. Even from where she’s at Lyra could tell that Sunset body size now matches the size of everything in the building, showing that it’s not that everything is bigger in this place, but Lyra is just small for what is normal here. Sunset is wearing what looks like a blue toga or tunic that is backless. Allowing her wings growing out of her back free movement. She also has a red gemstone embedded on the middle of her forehead.

And she’s torturing a man who is being suspended in the air by chains wrapping around each of his limb, coming out what looks like portals floating in the air. Sunset is using a whip that left deep cuts on the man’s back, only to stop as she throws handfuls of salt onto his wounds causing him to scream in pain. There are several others in the room, soldiers dress in dark color armor and have bat wings coming from their backs. There is also a statue that looks like Celestia coming out of the wall above the throne. That has the wings and gemstone on her forehead like Sunset.

“Sunset what is this?” someone who looks like Luna but has black skin instead of dark blue ask as she enters the throne room.

“Another teacher who thought that by teaching me his way I would learn. Another fly or die type, I would think after the public execution of the last teacher. They would learn, that I hate that, especially when he didn’t even bother to listen to me in what I wanted to learn and what he taught I knew already,” Sunset said.

“Oh so that’s what happen,” Luna said looking over the former teacher. “Guards toss him out onto the street and send some soldiers to his home. I want everything taken seeing how he already received payment for his mentoring of my daughter and likely have already been spent.” (1)

“As you will our queen,” two soldiers said as they walk to the former teacher who is released from the chains holding him up in the air. They pick him up by his arms and drag him away.

“I really should just teach you myself,” Luna said.

“Mom you have a kingdom to run,” Sunset said.

“You’re scaring away all the possible teachers,” Luna said.

“The ponies anyways. If I’m going to be learning new magic, I’m going to have to look elsewhere to learn. Time to seek teachers from the other races and learn their brand of magic,” Sunset said.

“But remember unlike what you been doing with the pony teachers, doing the same to a Yak shaman will cause issues,” Luna said.

“Yes mom,” Sunset said taking her leave followed by the guards that were in the room with her.

Once alone Luna looks up at the statue of Celestia. While Lyra still hiding watching and getting it all on her I-glasses.

“Sunset is proving to have the drive to take my place once she’s ready to lead. I don’t understand why you replaced her with that Twilight girl. She’s a nervous wreck who is so eager to please you. While Sunset went and took her down along with those ponies that went with her to gather the elements. You left so much to chance, banishing the student who had the skills, smarts and just plain being competent. Unlike you I made her into not only an alicorn but my daughter as well, and now I have a daughter who is not only shaping to be more powerful than me or you once she reaches her peak. But she’s also helping me advance and improve the kingdom that hasn’t changed much since we ruled together,” Luna said to the statue.

Lyra eyes widen as she figures out that the statue isn’t a statue.

“But seeing how you’re now a decor for the castle. You can only watch and listen as the pony who could had been your daughter, blooms as my daughter instead,” Luna mocks that frozen form of her sister.


The R.V. -

“Another world where Luna made my counterpart her daughter instead of Celestia,” Sunset said.

“Come on get ready we’re almost there,” Trixie said.

“So who is going to be fighting Izuku?” Sunset ask turning off the screen.

“I am of course,” Trixie said.

“Which robot are you going to be using?” Sunset ask.

“The omnidroid,” Trixie said.


Chapter 66

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Terra, or, in the most ancient records, "Earth," is the Throneworld of the Imperium of Man and the original homeworld of Mankind and of the God-Emperor. It is the most sacred and revered place in all the million worlds that comprise the Imperium. Billions of human pilgrims from across the galaxy flock to Terra -- even the barren and contaminated soil that these pious folk now tread upon when they reach humanity's homeworld is considered sacred by the faithful of the Imperial Creed.

Terra is effectively a globe-straddling temple dedicated to the worship of the Emperor of Mankind. The planet is home to the primary headquarters of many important Adepta of the Imperium since it serves as the capital world of the Emperor's realm. There is a great fear of Space Marines amongst the people who dwell there, due to events dating back to the Horus Heresy, when much of the planet was leveled and terrorized by the actions of the Traitor Legions.

Before the Great Crusade, Terra was plagued by a long age of post-apocalyptic civil war and anarchy known as the Age of Strife, which only came to an end when the Emperor personally waged the Unification Wars to reunite all the Terran factions under His own enlightened leadership.

Today Terra is the slow-beating heart of the Imperium, a sacred world of power and majesty that has become legend for most of the people of the galaxy. It is the site of the Golden Throne; the demesne of the divine Emperor of Mankind. The breathtaking architecture of its soaring buildings strike awe into the hearts of the millions of supplicants below.

Forbidding statues of angels and Primarchs loom down from their eyries, their sightless stare driving out all thoughts of heresy. It is considered such a blessing to set foot upon Holy Terra that most of the pilgrims who manage to reach its polluted surface never leave.

Terra is perhaps the most massive Hive World within the Imperium, with an uncounted population that numbers several hundred billion human beings. The bulk of Terra's massive population is divided between the upper class that includes the Imperial nobility and Adepts of the Adeptus Terra and the masses of the lower classes who serve as basic laborers.

The upper class is comprised of the official servants of the Emperor and His Imperium, including Imperial officials, Ecclesiarchy clergy, the aristocratic families of the Navis Nobilite, military officers, scribes, and bureaucrats.

The teeming masses who comprise the Terran lower classes are far less-privileged, and many of them are nothing more than serfs or thralls who toil in the Throneworld's countless manufactoria, providing the infrastructure that keeps the heart of the Imperium's byzantine bureaucracy functioning. Terra has one moon, Luna, which is an inhabited and highly populous Civilized World of the Imperium in its own right.

The space around Holy Terra was always busy, with pilgrims always coming and ships of all kinds coming and going. But now ships wait for their turn to land on Holy Terra, under the watchful eyes of the navy and the defense stations that surrounded the planet. The news of the Emperor of Mankind being restored to life has caused a surge of the faithful to come to Holy Terra.


On Holy Terra -

Robute Guilliman walk the familiar halls of the imperial palace once again. He return to Holy Terra once news reach him of his father's return to the land of the living. There are wild rumors of how the Emperor of Mankind was restored from his dying and decaying body. From what he can piece together, his father is still bond to the Golden Throne till he fully recovers his strength. But all the tales he has heard one fact remains in all of them, his father is now able to talk for the first time in eons. And he is healing even now, the best and most advance medical equipment and doctors across the galaxy have been summon for around the clock care.

Guilliman had heard of such rumors before but with a message sent to him by a Adeptus Custodes, he knew it wasn't just a rumor anymore. The palace was surrounded by the masses both nobles and beggars alike, held back by the imperial guards and space marines, using both show of force and firing on the crowd to hold them back. All wanting to know what's happening with the Emperor and seeking knowledge of how he came back. A fact that's being kept hidden, with only those in the Inner Palace knowing how he was healed, by the orders of the Emperor himself. Even he, Guilliman doesn't know how his father was restored. All the message told him was to come home, which took him 8 months to do.

What Guilliman didn't expect was for his father to be waiting for him. His father was fully heal to full health and is even more powerful then he was before. His power boost allowed him to move off of the throne and was able to keep it powered as long as he was nearby. But his mood was grim along with the Custodes who knew what has caused his father to be so grim.

It had to do with the reason why the Emperor was healed in the first place. In the black ships that strip worlds of their psykers, one of the ships carried a very strange abhuman that was found on one of the world. A 6 year old girl with orange skin, a horn and wings. During the months for the ship to get to Terra, the girl was tortured by the priests on board, cutting off her horn and wings after she tried to escape. The reason why she was kept alive was because of how powerful of a psyker she is, with it taking 4 Sisters of Silence from keeping her from using her powers. Such power would be for the priest be useful in keeping their emperor alive.

By the time the ship reached Terra, the girl was broken and scarred from what she went through on the ship. And as the priest had guessed, her psyker energy did help in keeping the emperor alive and more so. It restored the emperor back to full health, who when he was restored enough leap from his throne and blasted his way down to the chamber where the psykers were being sacrifice and tore the coffin like machine that held the girl.

"What is so important with the girl?" Guilliman ask as he walks with his father down a hallway with an escort of custodes.

"Her name is Sunset Shimmer and your sister," the Emperor said.

"She's my sister?" Guilliman ask surprise as many questions ran through his mind.

"She is and no if you or any of your brothers wouldn't had restored me. I have no idea how she ended up on that planet she was taken from or which planet. I had all the crew members interrogated before having them killed, none bothered to learn about where she came from and I'm having every single planet that ship went to check out. I’m also thinking of having the entire order killed off as well," the Emperor said.

"Killed off?" Guilliman ask as yes harming a member of their family is a crime but the entire order.

"Sunset is more important than anything else. She is what you and your brothers should had been. Once she's fully grown her powers will be greater than mine. I reached my limit long ago and while her power did give me a boost, it's nothing compared to what she will be once she's fully grown. But because of what happen to her on the ship, her horn and wings being cut off, and not going with the mental damage done to her," the Emperor let out a sigh as he just shakes his head.

"But isn't she be able to recover from it?" Guilliman ask.

"She unlike you and your brothers wasn't designed to be able to deal with what she went through or recover. She is only a 6 year old girl who is now horrified of any human that enters her chambers. She sees any humans as monsters who only wish to do her harm. She's scared of me the most as she knows that I'm the one she was being fed to and now she thinks, I'm only keeping her around to be used like a cow. Feeding off of her when I need it," the Emperor said.

"There is something else isn't there? You're worried about something," Guilliman said.

"I am," the Emperor said as he stops at a viewing window that shows the inside of a room.

Inside the room is a grand bedroom with the grandest of furnitures that would leave any governor of any world green with envy. The room is filled with toys, books and other things for a young child. A servo skull dressed up as a flying yellow bird of somekind had come into the room with a tray of food and quickly left the room. Guilliman looked over the room and couldn't find any signs of the young girl within. Till he spotted movement as a trembling figure of a small girl came out of hiding from beneath a pile of toys. She darted to the table where the tray of food was place and quickly devoured the food before she drove into the pile of toys to hide again.

"As you can see she, she is far from being ok. No one can get near her with her screaming or hiding, or just curling up and laying down on the ground. We have to put her to sleep just to treat her and the clean the room," the emperor said.

"And what is the thing your worried about father?" Guilliman ask.

"I saw the inside of Sunset's mind when she was fed to me, and saw her mother, Celestia who is my equal in power. She left me after a big fight and looks like she was with child when she left. And knowing her, she'll be searching for Sunset and once she figures out she's here and finds her in this state... The only reason why the palace wasn't destroyed last time was because of Malcador stepping in when he did," the Emperor said.

"But you could stop her right?" Guilliman ask.

"I could but with her learning what happen to Sunset. And how she has been maimed with the lost of her wings and horn. Her rage will be unstoppable," the Emperor said.


The RV -

"And that's why we stay out of Warhammer," Sunset said not liking what happen to her younger counterpart.

"That's bad," Captain Planet said.

"Yup it is and what happen when Celestia got to Terra is something I'm glad I'm nowhere near," Sunset said. "It's the reason why we gave in and handed over all that money to Rick for the emotion gun."

"Really?" Captain Planet ask.

"Yup," Sunset bringing up another recording.

On the screen Sunset is standing over a defeated goddess.

“This is the Emotion Gun, it works on anyone making anyone no matter what lack of empathy they have, how twisted their morals are and blue and orange outlook, to feel compassion and guilt. Everyone even those beings with a complete lack of emotions are all left complete sobbing wrecks once used on them,” Sunset said to the bond dark goddess of a fantasy world setting she and the others had traveled to.

Sunset fired the emotion gun and hit the dark goddess. At first the dark goddess just stood still with a blank look on her face. For the first time ever she could feel and understand emotions like a mortal. She now knows what she is and what she has done, no denial or mind trick could stop her from feeling. The Rick’s who made the emotion gun when all out on it. So that whoever the ray it’s used in will be affected by it. With anything that would had prevented the ray from working , not working. The dark goddess fell onto her side crying, unable to deal with the new emotions and being made to care about what she had done. (1)

"We left that goddess to face the wrath of the other gods after we left," Sunset said.

"So how long till Trixie is going to fight Izuku?" Captain Planet ask.

"She did give him a week to prepare himself," Sunset said.

"Well, I hope he's ready," Captain Planet said before thinking of something. "Also what happens if he doesn't win?"

"Trixie is already has plans drawn up and making a scale model of Lulamoon city," Sunset deadpanned.

Chapter 67

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Loud screaming echoed throughout the schoolyard, Mitsuomi Takayanagi was screaming as he’s being fed into a wood chipper legs first. His arms are bloody stumps having both fed into the spinning blades of the chipper. All around the school are the bodies of all of his enforcers. All maim with limbs cut off and the males have been emasculation with all the parts thrown into the wood chipper.

The entire school are being forced to watch the maiming of the students. Soldiers armed with advance energy weapons and dress in horse like armor stood guard. They seen what the guns are able to do as the enforcers who tried to fight back were blasted and screamed in pain till their hearts gave out. As the guns cause direct neuro-stimulation of pain receptors. All of them with the effect lasting as long as the one firing the ray is holding the trigger. Which the soldiers didn’t stop till the one they’re using the gun on, heart finally gave out.

All guilty of the crime of attacking princess Sunset Shimmer the crown princess of Equestria on a planet on the other side of the sun, in sync with that of Earth. Sunset had decided to help with the now open relationship between the two planets. By becoming a transfer student and ended up going to Japan undercover with only top government officials knowing about it. And to make a long story short.

The school Todo academy she transferred into is one that allows students to fight each other. Which she got caught up in with her being attack by one of the enforcers after school. Which she killed in self defense as he was trying to rape her. And she called her mother about it. Which cause Celestia to come to Earth with a full military detachment that surrounded the school and rounded up all the enforcers.

“So you had no idea that Sunset is my daughter?” Celestia ask the head master of the school.

“I didn’t,” the head master cried out, his limbs all twisted around and in folds. News cameras are filming everything as reporters were allowed into the school grounds.

“Well seeing how the news crews are here. The next school will not make the mistake of letting their students do as they like. I had thought that the Japanese government would had made sure that my daughter would be place in a nice school and that the school staff would be informed about her. The government officials are going to make sure that something like this won't happen again,” Celestia said before turning to the rest of school staff. “And just to let you all know the government once informed about what happen and how you all been allowing things like the near rape of my daughter to take place, thanks to someone there making the mistake of sending her to this dump. You all have been thrown under the bus, where as long as there aren't any deaths, we can do as we like to you all. So that I won’t be cutting off all ties with your world.”

“Well looks like you’ll never be a fighter anymore, Mitsuomi,” Sunset said looking down at the name limbless school president. “Fighting styles are completely useless when you have no limbs at all.” (1)

“You bitch,” Mitsuomi gasp out.

“Well that’s rude. Looks like I have to take something else,” Sunset said as she used her telekinesis to hold him down as she sat down on his chest and grabs his head and press her thumbs into his eyes.

Mitsuomi Began screaming as Sunset slowly press down on his eyes, savoring the feel of his eyeballs slowly being crushed till they finally pop.

Celestia who is watching what’s happening on a tv on display in a store window. Looks away and walks off down into an alleyway. Another dead end for her. And another world where her counterpart is a better mother than she was. Using the mirror she teleports away to a new world.


Another world -

Celestia felt odd as she not only having a human like body but also that she’s sitting across her double. There is also Sunset who is clinging to her counterpart. Even as she’s sleeping the young Sunset of only 6 or 7 held onto her mother for dear life.

“You’re a fool for letting her go like that,” her counterpart said.

“I know,” Celestia said.

“When mine disappeared, I torn the castle apart looking for her. Than I found she had somehow activated the mirror that sent her to her father’s universe. As you can see what the humans of that world did to her. Her wings and horn taken, her dreams filled with nightmares of what was done to her. Than what they used her for, to use her like firewood to keep him alive. He did put a stop to it once he realized she is his daughter but the damage was done. At such a young age her soul partly taken and all that was done to her. She will never be anything like your Sunset. She refuses to go anywhere without me, Luna or Cadance for her to cling to,” Celestia said.

“I have nothing in my life. After giving up the throne to Luna, I look at what’s left in my life and found nothing. For all of my talk about friendship I have no friends, all I ever had were subjects. I had nothing in my life besides my duties as princess. I want to find Sunset and be the mother I should had been to her. I gave up everything and set myself to search for her even if it’s too late. I will do what it takes to earn her forgiveness,” Celestia said.

“I can help you in exchange in me making my own mirror. Once I can open portals to other worlds, I can search for something to help my Sunset,” Celestia said.

“Of course, I’ll help you to make your Sunset better,” Celestia said. Wishing that she could had been her Sunset’s mother when it would had matter.

Chapter 68

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Izuku Midoriya recheck all the systems in his giant fighting robot. The robot is modeled after Megas XLR and the controls are customized just for him so that he knows the entire layout and what to press. But unlike Megas the controls center is located in the chest and not the head. His giant robot he named Zero is what he’s going to use to battle Trixie for the fate of his world. Who is currently inside her own giant robot, the omnidroid and is rising up from the burning remains of U.A. High School. Which the robot had landed on.

A screen appears in front of the spherical body of the robot, showing Trixie’s face on it.

“Hello planet Earth. The great and powerful Trixie is here to conquer your world,” Trixie said.

“You just destroyed the school,” Izuku said.

“So?” Trixie ask. “I did gave you all, a week to get everyone in the school and the surrounding area. If our fight takes us to the city and there are still people there. Not my fault the Japanese government couldn’t get everyone out of the city in a week. And if during our battle things get broken, well it is a giant robot battle.”

The omnidroid used one of its 6 arms to grab a car that was left in the parking lot.

“Like some teacher forgetting their car. Which according to the license plate, belongs to Eraserhead,” Trixie said before dropping the car to the ground and bringing down that Omnidriod arm on top of it crushing it.

“Trixie you will uphold your end?” Izuku ask.

“Yes if you win me and my crew will leave,” Trixie said. “So are you ready?”

“I am,” Izuku said.

“Good,” Trixie said.

The Omnidroid pulled in its 6 tentacle arms into itself and rolled at high speed at Zero. Zero unleashed a barrage of missiles at the rolling Omnidroid that impacted but did nothing to the armor shell that was made to withstand high level superheroes. Zero jump to the side as the Omnidroid rolled pass and into the training area of the school.

The Omnidroid pop out it’s arms and the head pop out from the top. The head of the Omnidroid fired out a beam of energy that Zero had to dodge, using the training ground buildings as cover. Zero’s arm transform into a gun firing beams of energy at the Omnidroid doing little damage to the droid.

As the two massive war machines traded long range attacks, Izuku was bringing up data trying to find a weak spot. According to Coop there is always a weak spot in any giant robot, which his being the car head anywhere he controls Megas and that’s how he likes it. Scanning the body, he discovered the heat vents are located around the head. If he could block or damage the fans that keep the machine components from overheating, the robot would either blow up or overheat and a force shutdown will happen. (1)

Zero change ammo to glue pellets and activates his jet pack and jet boots sending the robot flying. Zero fired the glue pellets at the head of the Omnidroid as it was turtling up resulting in the head getting stuck. Zero thought that without the head Trixie inside the shell wouldn’t be able to see. But the Omnidroid flip over and a second head popped out. Firing its eye beam destroying Zero’s arm cannon. Zero switch’s arms blasting at the vents that lined the opening where the head had popped out. Damaging the heat vents so that they’re not venting out the heat as they should. Zero began hiding behind the buildings of the training ground as the Omnidroid chase after him. Zero blasted and fired his missiles at the Omnidroid doing his best to get the Omnidroid to overheat.

The screen appeared in front the Omnidroid again showing Trixie again.

“Trying to overheat the Omnidroid? Nice plan, too bad the parts I’m using are made to withstand the heat of lava planets,” Trixie explains.

Thinking fast Zero fires his plasma beams on the Omnidroid, sending intense beams of heat at the round robot. Zero dodge a piece of a building thrown at him, while continuing to fire his plasma beams on the Omnidroid. With the heat levels of the Omnidroid getting high, the robot turn into a ball and rolled away to cool down before the heat starts to effect it. Zero followed the Omnidroid as it rolled into the city and down the street crushing everything in its way. Then it crash into a building creating a hole in it's wake.

Zero stop some feet from the hole with all of his weapons systems armed. Bursting out from the other side of the street out of another building after digging underground, The Omnidroid using its super heated claws tore apart Zero's legs sending the giant robot falling. Using it's jetpack, Zero tried to fly only for the Omnidroid to blast its jetpack sending the robot crashing into a building.

Zero turning to face the Omnidroid, Zero super charged his plasma cannon and fires a one continuous beam at the approaching robot. The heat from the beam is creating so much heat that the Omnidroid couldn't fire back, as its systems are all overheating. Than the generator powering Zero's plasma cannon overloaded, causing his cannon to shut off.

The screen appeared again showing Trixie's face.

"I must say kids in one year you actually got a robot that could stand up to mine. But you only had a year while my robot is battle tested already," Trixie gloated.

"I'm out of ice puns!" Izuku shouted as he activates the zero energy cannon housed in Zero's chest cannon that popped out.

The hyper freeze ray struck the hot body of Omnidroid causing thermal shock. The armor of the Omnidroid began cracking as the heat and cold mixed. Izuku unloaded everything else he had left in Zero, cracking the armor shell of the other robot. When the onslaught ended the Omnidroid was in a broken heap. Exploding out of the broken heap came out a flying orb ship.

A screen showing Trixie appeared.

"Nice try," Trixie said as eight energy cannons pop out of the orb and fired eight beams of energy that combined into one big powerful one.

The blast hit Zero destroying the robot, followed by another explosions as a heavily armored car came flying out of the wreckage. The black colored car twisted around as the armor and wheels shifted, a tank barrel came popping out from the top of the car. Before where there was a heavily armored car, is now a tank. (3)

"Round 2," Izuku said inside the tank.

"Oh yes," Trixie said smiling ready to fight.


Chapter 69

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The Emperor of Mankind stared at the mirror that his ex-wife Celestia had came out of and went back into like she had done many times before. But this time might be the last time that she would ever come out of it from her world to his world of Terra. After what happen with their daughter Sunset, he wouldn't be surprise that she had destroyed her side of the portal. He really doesn't understand the time thing that caused thousands of years for him while it was only about 7 years for her. It really doesn't matter.

"Father?" Guilliman said having return to Terra along with El'Jonson who he found in the secret chamber in The Rock. Which his father told him about.

"Your sister is gone and your stepmother Celestia has shown her rage," the Emperor said.

"It's not that hard to see," El'Jonson said as the only part of the palace that wasn't a wreck was the throne room.

The entire palace had workers working around the clock in rebuilding the palace. To the two brothers the damage done was even greater than when their brothers had attack Terra. There are many chapters helping to rebuild the palace and even improving on some of the designs. (1)

"I didn't even bother fighting back or trying to stop her," the Emperor said shocking his two sons. "I know she could had killed me easily. But instead she just toss me around till she was tried of beating me while I didn't even try to stop her. I told her I deserve it for what happen. She left me because of what she saw I was turning mankind into and what I was doing. I don't even think I should even be emperor anymore. Not after what happen. Sunset is what you and your brothers should had been," the Emperor said.

"Father we need you," Guilliman said.

"I want you two to spread the word to all corners of the empire. That I am displeased with everything and that, I'll be making changes. I hope it be enough to show Celestia that I will do what is needed to change this empire I created into one where, if Sunset had appeared in it. She wouldn't had been tortured and mutilated. She is the only hope for any of us," the Emperor said.

"Is Sunset really this important?" El'Jonson asked having only heard of his little sister.

"Equestian magic is nothing but death to Chaos. Sunset wouldn't even had to try in destroying the chaos gods. Which is why even with Sunset gone, I'm still having Mars research in restoring her wings and horn. I had the ship that carried her strip down to nothing in the hopes of finding her lost parts but they had long since disappeared or destroyed. I had the entire crew and their closest family members executed and the entire group meet the same fate as what happen to your two brothers," the Emperor said.

"But how will she know?" Guilliman asked.

"Celestia long ago told me that she can see what happens in this world within the range of this mirror. I gave up so much and have so little to show," the Emperor said.

"That's not true father," El'Jonson said.

"This empire is crumbling, corrupt, and decaying from within. And this fate that's centered around me. Well at least I can really see if they're really that devoted to me. They're going to need to change from what they are into something that I can actually be proud of and all of the hardships that I have endured actually be worth it all. Or all that I have done, was all for nothing as the very people I have been protecting for all this time, aren't worth it," the Emperor said. (2)


Equestria -

"It does seem that he is remorseful for what happen," Celestia said to her counterpart. Both of them had watched the events of what's been happening in the world of Sunset's father.

"He's going to have to do more than that," the other Celestia said. Sunset isn't with her as she's with her aunt Luna. Giving Celestia much needed free time to do work without Sunset clinging to her. She really doesn't mind having Sunset with her but she does have an empire to rule.

"At least he is trying to make it up. I just waited and waited, putting it off till it was too late to mend things," Celestia said.

"That's the thing, he doesn't need my forgiveness. Sunset is the one he needs to earn forgiveness from," the other Celestia said.


Chapter 70

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The Emperor of Mankind looks over the Ogryn custodes that were created. The sheer amount of training and strength building that was needed to just have the chance of surviving the implants to make a custode wasn’t needed with an ogryn. Most ogryns stood around 8 to 9 feet tall, being taller then space marines and the same size as custodes. The ogryn custodes tower over them even his tallest of his sons would have to look up to them. At 16 feet tall the ogryn custodes are giants and are much more powerful then any pure human base custodes or space marine. The only problem is that the ogryns are still dumb, so dumb that the ones fighting for the forces of chaos, believe that what they’re doing is for their god the emperor.

It's just one of his many projects he's been doing around the palace. Even with his recovery to his full health, the emperor hasn't left his palace. The only thing he's been doing is governing his decaying empire trying to undo the eons of damage. He is now sitting at all the meetings of the High Lords of Terra, being very displeased with how things have been running without him at the wheel.

Since the dark days of the Horus Heresy, the number of seats on the Senatorum Imperialis has largely remained the same, fluctuating during various points of crisis before eventually returning to its original number of 12. Each seat is filled by a leader from one of the most powerful adepta and other organizations of the Imperium. A complex web of tradition, skulduggery, promises of support, threats of retaliation and considerations of mutual interest binds them together and determines who holds office and who does not.

Now that the Emperor is back he made changes to how things are done. Like he doesn't find people not praying to him or being apart of the Imperial Creed, he finds it insulting when people are force to worship him. And when the Ecclesiarch protested, the Emperor just grab him and had the rest of the high lords follow him out of the room. They follow him right to a balcony that overlooks the hive city below them. Where the Emperor who had been holding the Ecclesiarch in the air with one hand toss him over the side. He then turned to the remaining high lords, telling them that anyone who doesn't follow his word goes over the side.

Word also spread about how the emperor who had loved mankind for so many countless eons, has lost his faith in mankind. Which the emperor made it known that he has all but given up on mankind and openly talks to himself about why he had even bothered to save them. He is only doing what he's doing in trying to improve the empire, in the hopes that his daughter would comeback to him.

News of the emperor daughter being an abhuman with wings and a horn on her head with her skin being orange quickly spread. And what happen to her when one of the black ships found her, leading to her being fed to her father which awakened him. The organizations whose members were part of the crew that had tortured and crippled the emperors daughter have all been hit hard knowing that its because of members of their group that the emperor had lost his faith in mankind. They have all been working hard in regaining their honor in the eyes of the emperor and all members are have committed themselves in following any and all the emperors wishes.

They also been on the lookout for anyone that is like the emperors daughter. As the rumors has it that she came from another universe free of chaos where he mother rules. The emperor stays in the palace gazing at the mirror that connected to his wife's world. They're hoping if they find someone from that universe who ended up in their like the princess, the portal who reopen.


In another world -

"He is really trying," Celestia said to her counterpart.

"But as I said it doesn't matter if I forgive him. The only one that matters is Sunset and she is far from ever forgiving or trusting any human," her counterpart said. (1)


Chapter 71

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Sunset looks over herself as she's once again an anthro female pony instead of being human again, now that she's back in Equestria. She had learned that Twilight and the other element bearers are dealing with a new vileness named Darkfire. Sunset wanted to help but the girls said that they could handle it without her.

"Sunset!" Starlight Glimmer shouted waving to her friend.

"Hi Starlight," Sunset greeted her.

Sunset smiled as she hugs Starlight and felt her large breasts squeezed against Starlight's. Making Sunset remember how much more busty she is in her real form than when she's a human not to mention much taller. Which is a given seeing how pegasus ponies the shortest on average stands around 6 feet.

"Where are the others?" Sunset ask.

"There's in Fluttershy's cottage planning on the plan of attack on Darkfire," Starlight said leading Sunset down to FLuttershy's home

"Who is Darkfire?" Sunset ask.

"She's a unicorn who wants to take the crown and all that. The same old thing," Starlight said.

"Well I came to help," Sunset said.

"You didn't had to come Twilight and the others can handle it," Starlight said.

They came to Fluttershy's cottage just in time to see a dark blue unicorn break into the cottage by throwing a chair through it first before leaping through the broken glass. Followed by the sounds of fighting going on inside the cottage. Sunset tried to use her magic but found she couldn't.

"I'm guessing that's Darkfire and looks like she's using some kind of anti-magic spell or has an item on her," Sunset said.

"Well it's still six on one," Starlight said.

The sound of screaming as the sounds of things breaking and bodies being tossed around.

"Besides Applejack and Rainbow Dash, are the others be able to fight without magic?" Sunset ask.

"Oh ho," Starlight said realizing what she means.

Applejack is smashed through a window and hangs on the window's edge before she was grabbed and yanked back inside. Followed by several loud thuds and the walls of the cottage shake from her body being tossed against the walls. A loud bang was heard as Pinkie Pie used her party cannon but miss and caused part of the cottage to collapse.

Rainbow Dash's voice gave out a war cry, followed by the top of her head smashing through the roof before being pulled back down. This repeated a few times before her head was fully smashed through the roof and than pulled back down followed by more thuds, crashes and screams.

Pinkie Pie's cannon fired again and said pony's body came flying straight up and through the roof. Followed by her falling back down through a different part of the roof. The sounds of more fighting and crashes came inside before with heavy impacts on the front door. Which was pushed outwards from the impact of bodies nearly breaking in half, with the arms sticking out from the broken sides, Sunset could see that the two being pressed against the door are Rarity and Fluttershy. Both screaming as their arms twitched and wiggled as Darkfire pounded on them.

Twilight came flying out of a window with her tail being stretched out before she was yanked back through the window. Only to be sent flying back out and yanked by her tail like a paddle ball. Which happen a couple of times before she was pulled back inside and loud crashing could be heard inside.

"That's it, I'm going in there," Sunset said.

"Are you're sure?" Starlight asked worried.

"Watch me," Sunset said marching into the cottage.


A short time later -

"So you all could handle things without me?" Sunset ask Twilight and the others who are in the hospital. All of them are bandaged up or have a body part in a case.

"Ok we really did needed you," Twilight said.

"Not to mention all of you really need to learn how to fight without magic," Sunset said.

"But all you did was zap Darkfire with that human thing," Pinkie said.

"It's a taser and that's besides the point. You all really need to have something to use when you all don't have magic to enhance your strength or use," Sunset said.

"Well once we're all healed up we're going to take a trip to the human world and learn and get some of those tasers," Twilight said.

"I guess with all of you out, I'm in charge," Starlight said.

"And I'll help," Sunset said leaving with her friend.

Outside the hospital they saw Darkfire being lead away in chains by the royal guards. It was easy to see why she was able to beat Twilight and the others. For a unicorn she's a hulking amazon of a mare. Sunset had never seen such muscular or curvaceous figure outside of Celestia that is. She had mammaries the size of melons bulging from her chest with impeccable firmness. Though her waist is thin and her hips wide, her abdomen was absolutely ripped with finely chiseled muscles. As were her back, shoulders and arms. But didn't make her burly. She had a slender yet powerful build, as if the muscles was glued to her bones with a thin layer of fat that gave her softness. The only exception are her glutes and thigh muscles. Her thighs were thickly built and bulged to the sides like tree trunks and her buttocks plump while being incredibly taut as well. Sunset was truly amazed, outside of her ample breasts and butt there weren't an ounce of untrained fat on her at all. (1)

It was no wonder that only Applejack with her working farm muscles and Rainbow Dash always training. Were the only two who actually were able to put up a fight.

"Curse you and your little dog too!" Darkfire shouted at Sunset.

"I don't have a dog," Sunset said.

"Then who is that?" Darkfire ask staring down.

"What?" Sunset ask looking down and saw a small puppy next to her.

"That puppy isn't mine," Sunset said rubbing the puppy with her foot.

"Whatever," Darkfire said being lead into the paddy wagon.


Elsewhere -

Celestia gave out a sigh as she looked into another world and still no trace of her Sunset. At least her last trip did some good, she helped her counterpart in finding a world advance enough to heal her Sunset. And talked with that Celestia’s husband the Emperor of Mankind before she left. Telling him that he is Sunset’s father, the problem is that she didn’t even know she had a father till she was fed to him. There is no bond or relationship between them, he’s nothing but a stranger to her. She told him that he has to win her over, not as the Emperor or a father just expecting her to come to her because she is his child. But go to her and do what it takes to be a father to her, unlike what he was to his sons.

It does seems that many worlds she sees and goes to, her counterpart has the same problem. They spent so much time away and not doing anything with their Sunset that when they actually try to bond with them. They find nothing but a stranger replacing the child that use to want to be with them. (2)

She at least has something unlike many of her counterparts. Not much but enough to give her a chance to be a mother. She wouldn’t stop as Sunset is the only thing that matters now, and he was a fool not to see it sooner.


Chapter 72

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Guilliman and El'Jonson have been busy as they work together in keeping the empire together. With their father having lost his faith in humanity which he had record his message and sent out because of what happen to their sister, has struck every human in the empire to their core. The only ones not effected... mostly, are the abhumans and mutants which their father said he’s putting his hope in that they can be the ones he can put his faith in and are worth his hard work. And that baseline humans have to show him that they are worth it and for them to work to regain his faith in them.

The morale of the empire is in ruins, their emperor has lost his faith in them. Everything that the empire of Mankind is now he has nothing but contempt for. Displeased with everything and now looking to the abhumans and mutants as he lost hope in baseline humans. Which he told them himself using vox boxes and recordings that been spread out. Telling them that the only way for him to regain hope is if they actually do something to show him that all the crap he has put himself through was actually worth it.

And that he’s hates the faith that has sprang up around him and how they treat people who don’t believe he’s a god or follow the faith. He doesn’t care about people not believing or praying to him, as long as they continue to do something useful he doesn’t care. What he does care about is how people who do follow the faith go around kill and forcing the survivors to worship him. That is what offends him like no other, is not people not praying to him but people who make others pray to him.

That has caused the masses to stop praying and leave the church in droves, as their emperor told them that he’s displeased with it. From guardsmen to the knights were lost as their emperor has lost all faith in them for... everything that they have been doing in his name. Some followed the mindset of the Death corps in throwing themselves at the enemies of mankind in the hopes of redeeming themselves.

The orders that had a hand in capturing and torturing the emperor’s daughter, were hit the hardest. With members being mob by angry people, shot, or accidents happening to them. (1)


Another universe -

Celestia shut off the screen and opens another, having seen enough of that universe. She looks out the window of the hotel she’s staying at in this universe that is much different from hers. But like many others it’s one where she and Sunset had a falling out.

Down in the square is this universe Celestia, strip naked and her magic strip from her. Force to watch as magical copies of her are being thrown into the mob of monster girls, being raped and eaten. Some monsters being large enough to shallow a Celestia whole, like the snake woman who widen her jaws and shallowed her Celestia whole. A frog woman shallowed hers and got a big belly. Which many of the other monsters are able to do as well, like that cow girl who just shallowed hers. Others are being eaten by tails with mouths on their end. Plant girls sucking theirs dry, bug and vampires did as well, and blobwomen just engulfed theirs in their bodies.

All the copies of Celestia’s drying their finally moments and what they experienced before their rapist had their fun and ate them. All going back to the real Celestia, who had to experience the deaths of all of her copies. All under the cold glaze of Sunset who is sitting on the lap of her aunt Nightmare Moon who she sided with. Both enjoying Celestia’s torment of being eaten alive, by their monster girl army.

“Another bad ending,” Celestia said before opening a portal and leaving this world behind her.


Chapter 73

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Lyra look around as she taps her I-glasses that are recording everything that she's seeing. She had discovered a portal that lead to wherever this place is, at the base of the horse statue in front of the school. Now she's recording everything that she's seeing, which is some kind of fancy building from the looks of things.

"Bon Bon you hear me?" Lyra ask.

"Yes I can," Bon Bon said back on the other side of the portal.

"Good. Don't make any calls or anything to me. I don't want to end up like that guy in that alien movie where someone called him and got the monster's attention," Lyra said as she began exploring the chamber.

The first thing that Lyra noticed was how big everything is compared to her. There was a massive wooden chair in the chamber with her, it reminded her of how as a young child everything was just so much bigger. The chamber looks to be a storage room with several things covered in dust, but the mirror looked like it was new to the room from the lack of dust on it.

She found a massive door that while is in the shape of a door, like the chair and other items in the room, is much bigger than she's use to. Standing in front of the door brought back memories when she was younger and smaller where she had to reach up to reach the door handle. Opening the door Lyra found herself on an upper balcony overlooking a long hallway. She saw at one end of the balcony is a door and walk down to it.

Through the door, Lyra found herself in a massive bedroom. It’s like something out of one of those hotel rooms that cost a thousands a night to stay at. Expensive looking art and furniture dotted the room. But what caught Lyra’s attention is the person laying on the massive bed of the room.

Sunset Shimmer who had disappeared from school a year ago. She has changed since Lyra had seen her last. Sunset is very thin, her hair thin and even with her eyes open they’re lifeless. She is hooked up to medical machines, tubes and IV bags connected to her, as she is in a vegetative state.

At her bedside is Celestia dress in a very revealing white dress, that exposes her massive breasts. The dress also backless that allows the massive pair of wings on her back room to move around. She also has a gem embedded in the middle of her forehead. But what got Lyra’s attention is the haunted look of sorrow on her face.

Looking around the room Lyra spotted what look to be a laboratory on one side of the room. Chemicals bubbled over flames, rows of glass containers filled with ingredients or chemicals, chalkboards covered in formulas and numbers. A computer is running a program that’s counting down.

Suddenly one of the vials cooking over an open flame started hissing and smoke came out of it. Faster then Lyra expected Celestia had cross the room and took the smoking vial off of the oil lamp heating it. She poured the vial’s liquid into a waiting bowl filled with powder. Taking a metal spoon Celestia mixed the mixture together till she got a paste.

The computer suddenly beeped and two black pills came out of a machine that the computer is connected to. Celestia grabbed the pills and toss them into the bowl. And brought out a blender and poured the bowl into the glass container. She turns and grabs a beaker that has red liquid that’s dripping into it from another beaker from another by tubes and oil lamps heating them.

Celestia takes the red liquid and replaces it with an empty beaker, before she walks over to a refrigerator and takes out a a container that holds blue liquid. She pours the red liquid into the larger blue beaker making a purple liquid. She than walks over to a shelf and takes out a green bar. She dumps both into the blender and after putting on the top turns it on.

After a couple of minutes, Celestia turns it off and pours the well blended mix into a bowl. Taking a spoon with her she walks back to the bed with the bowl. Where she began feeding the still form of Sunset the mixture, being very gentle as she puts the spoon into Sunset's mouth and holding her up tilts her head letting the mixture drip down her throat.

The sound of a door opening got Lyra's attention as Luna enters the room and like her sister she has a gem embedded in her forehead and has a pair of massive wings on her back. She is followed by two female guards who carried supplies to refill the lab stocks.

"Any change?" Luna ask.

"No," Celestia said.

Luna said nothing else as she left with the two guards, leaving Celestia to continue to feed Sunset.

Lyra continued to watch wondering what happen to Sunset and what is that stuff Celestia is feeding her. Lyra eyes widen as she used her zoom on her glasses to look closer at Sunset. Celestia brushing, Sunset's hair aside revealed a large scar on the right side of her head. Looking like a blade or something had struck the side of her head. Lyra quickly got back to the mirror with more questions than answers. (1)

Chapter 74

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Catwoman peered into the window of the bedroom of the heiress of the Wayne fortune. She like everyone else surprised of the news of Bruce Wayne the playboy of Gotham suddenly having a daughter. The news is all a buzzed in who the mother is but Wayne has been tight lip about it.

She has always been wanting to have a go in stealing from Wayne, even if she is friendly with Bruce. His daughter is also sweet on her and likes Iris when she brought her over during her visit to the manor a couple of days ago. Which is how she's planning on getting into the manor.

Tapping on the glass window, she got the attention of the little girl inside. Crawling out of the bed came little Sunset Wayne, an odd name but with her flaming red hair it fits. Catwoman waves to Sunset and presented Iris to the young girl who's eyes lit up and crawled over to the window pushing a chair to it so she could open it. Catwoman smiles seeing how smart the 1 year old is.

"Mitty!" Sunset said who is still learning to talk.

"Yes Mitty," Catwoman said as showing her Iris and letting her into the room, into Sunset's arms.

"Nummy," Sunset giggles as Catwoman slips into the room.

"So you figured it out," Catwoman smiles at Sunset taking her up into her arms who hugs her.

"Meow," Iris said who is still in Sunset's arms.

"I know shouldn't have brought you with me," Catwoman said walking out into the hallway.

Catwoman walks down the hallway wondering where she should start.

"Sunset do you know where your daddy keeps all the valuable stuff?" Catwoman asked Sunset who is in her arms still.

"Bave!" Sunset giggles wiggling in her arms and which she places her on the floor.

Catwoman followed Sunset as she walks to the living room of the manor, all awhile dragging Iris in her arms. She stops in front of a bookcase. Reaching up on the self for one of the books.

"Ohh secret door," Catwoman said figuring that Sunset must had seen her daddy opening it up in front of her. She began pulling on the books till she saw the hidden button hidden behind one of the books. Pressing it caused the bookcase to swing open, with her quickly picking up Sunset being the case hits her.

"Bave!" Sunset said.

"Yes bave," Catwoman said going down the staircase.


Later -

Having been alerted by the lazer trip alarm, Batman cut his patrol short and headed home. Reaching the cave Batman got out of the car ready for anything. What he didn't expect was Sunset sitting on the floor playing with a cat.

"Sunset how did you get down here?" Batman asked looking down at his daughter who giggled seeing him.

"Maddy!" Sunset said reaching out for him.

"You shouldn't be...," Batman said picking up Sunset and looking down at the black cat that she's been playing with and noticing that it's Iris, Selena's cat. "Iris?"

"Welcome home," the voice of Catwoman said as she spun around on the chair in front of the Bat computer and faced Batman. "Or should, I say Bruce."

"Nummy!" Sunset said reaching out for her.

"Selena," Batman said as Sunset called Selena Nummy whenever she sees her.

"Sunset you gave it away," Selena said getting up and pulling back her cowl showing her face.

"So how did you get in?" Bruce asked pulling back his own cowl showing his face.

"Your alarm only works as long as no one opens a window from the inside and lets me in, just so she could play with Mitty," Selena said walking up to him.

"And she lead you to the cave," Bruce said.

"She's much smarter than she should be for her age," Selena said smiling at Sunset.

"What now?" Bruce asked her.

"I really don't know. I discovered you the billionaire playboy being Batman and you knowing who, I am. I really have no idea what to do next," Selena said.

"Mmmmm," Sunset began to speak looking at Selena.

"Yes Sunset?" Selena asked looking at her.

"Mummy!" Sunset said reaching out to her.

"Aww she thinks, I'm her mummy," Selena said taking Sunset into her arms.

"Mummy!" Sunset said rubbing her face into Selena's chest.

"So Bruce want to try to make this work?" Selena asked looking at Bruce.

"It's...," Bruce began to say.

"Mummy," Sunset said again.

"Sunset does want me to be her mommy," Selena said.

"Are you going to give up crime?" Bruce ask.

"Maybe," Selena said as she strokes Sunset's hair.

'It's working,' Sunset thought to herself as while she's stuck as a baby she still has her mind.

She seen how dad likes Selena and she already knows them being a costume hero and villainess, who flirt with each other all the time. And seeing how she's stuck like this for at least 18 years before she's ready to go back to Equestria. She might as well make the most of things and getting her new dad with her new mom would be a good thing in the long run. She'll be able to learn from both of them.


Chapter 75

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Lyra look around as she taps her I-glasses that are recording everything that she's seeing. She had discovered a portal that lead to wherever this place is, at the base of the horse statue in front of the school. Now she's recording everything that she's seeing, which is some kind of fancy building from the looks of things.

"Bon Bon you hear me?" Lyra ask.

"Yes I can," Bon Bon said back on the other side of the portal.

"Good. Don't make any calls or anything to me. I don't want to end up like that guy in that alien movie where someone called him and got the monster's attention," Lyra said as she began exploring the chamber.

The first thing that Lyra noticed was how big everything is compared to her. There was a massive wooden chair in the chamber with her, it reminded her of how as a young child everything was just so much bigger. The chamber looks to be a storage room with several things covered in dust, but the mirror looked like it was new to the room from the lack of dust on it.

She found a massive door that while is in the shape of a door, like the chair and other items in the room, is much bigger than she's use to. Standing in front of the door brought back memories when she was younger and smaller where she had to reach up to reach the door handle. Opening the door Lyra found herself on an upper balcony overlooking a long hallway. She saw at one end of the balcony is a door and walk down to it.

Through the door, Lyra found herself in a massive bedroom. It’s like something out of one of those hotel rooms that cost thousands a night to stay at. Expensive looking art and furniture dotted the room. But what caught Lyra’s attention is the person sitting on a bench, surrounded by a group of four nurses.

Sunset it had to be her as she recognizes her flaming hair. Her bare back to Lyra, she could see that it’s covered in angry, raw red flesh and weeping sores. The nurses are rubbing ointments, applying salves to her body. Her old bandages lay on the floor with rolls of fresh ones ready to be given to her. Bottles of medicines are on a cart at the ready to be used.

The nurses all work together as they treated Sunset’s body from her upper body to her legs. They covered her entire body with fresh bandages, covering her ruined body. Making sure that she could still move her body even all wrapped up.

One of the nurses walk over to a door, opening it and saying it’s time to someone waiting outside. A line of young girls came walking in, each wearing a different outfit. The presented themselves to Sunset, who look over each of them. Before she pointed to the one wearing a white dress with a blue see through blue cloak.

The woman in the outfit began undressing till she was only dress in a tank top and shorts. She then with the help of the nurses began dressing Sunset in the dress. The other women filed out of the room, leaving the others to their work. Once the dress was on two of the nurses work together as they fitted a harness on her back, the other two fitted a mask on her face. With a device that remained Lyra if bellows which caused Sunset to start breathing heavily as the bellows on the back help her breathe. (1)

Now dress and fitted with her breather, Sunset motion for someone to give her the staff with a large dark purple gem on top of it. The gem has what looks like a dim sun inside of it. One of the nurses gave Sunset the staff who then walk out of the room using the staff as a walking stick. The nurses and the woman who was wearing the outfit that Sunset is now wearing went to work in cleaning up.

Lyra quietly left the room wondering what happen to Sunset.


Chapter 76

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Lyra look around as she taps her camera built into her helmet that is recording everything that she's seeing.

"Bon Bon you hear me?" Lyra ask.

"Yes I can," Bon Bon said back on her end.

"Good. Don't make any calls or anything to me. I don't want to end up like that guy in that alien movie where someone called him and got the monster's attention. The others are in their places over and out," Lyra said as she began exploring the chamber.

The first thing that Lyra noticed was how big everything is compared to her. There was a massive wooden chair in the chamber with her, it reminded her of how as a young filly everything was just so much bigger. The chamber looks to be a storage room with several things covered in dust, but the mirror looked like it was new to the room from the lack of dust on it.

She found a massive door that while is in the shape of a door, like the chair and other items in the room, is much bigger than she's use to. Standing in front of the door brought back memories when she was younger and smaller where she had to reach up to reach the door handle. Opening the door Lyra found herself on an upper balcony overlooking a long hallway. She saw at one end of the balcony is a door and walk down to it.

“Lyra, this is Dale on your right,” a man said over the com. Dale stood on the other balcony on the other side of the hallway.

“Have the others…,” Lyra’s question died as music began being played causing her and Dale to turn to the source which is beyond the doors on the balcony.

Both of them walk to the sound of a pipe organ being played, guns at the ready. Opening the doors they found themselves in a large room with a massive pipe organ at the end. The wall the pipe organ is placed against has a large stain glass window with the picture of a sun and the moon on it. But the sun isn’t Celestia’s sun.

The one playing the pipe organ isn’t a pony but a human. The human is wearing what looks like a military uniform. A thigh length grey coat and matching pants with red and yellow highlights. They had on red tinted armor, gauntlets, boots, a metal chest plate and what looks like metal wings on her back folded down as a cape. And wore a helmet in the shape of a unicorn with a glowing horn.

The figure stops playing the pipe organ.

“Took you less than a day to come here,” the human who sounds female said.

Neither Dale or Lyra said anything.

“Haven’t you wonder why you haven’t seen any guards anywhere. I told them all and the other staff to go home leaving the castle undefended and keeping them from being slaughter when you humans and the ponies with you arrive. I had expected you later but coming early works just as well. You came to deal with this Equestria Celestia after the last one tried to turn all humans into ponies in the Conversion war. I already took care of her and took her place,” the woman said as she rings a bell.

One of the doors open and Celestia came walking in, but not the alicorn they came for. Her horn was cut off as well as her wings. She is covered in whip marks, her cutie mark is gone, having been cut off. She carried herself as someone completely broken, as she push a cart with snacks and drinks on it.

“As you can see I have long since broken her, and now she is nothing more than another servant in the castle,” the woman said.

“Who are you?” Lyra asked having the strange feeling that she knew the woman.

“Lyra? It’s been years but of course that’s my counterpart for your Equestria,” the woman said as she sat up and turns facing the two soldiers.

The woman standing before them has orange skin and when she took off her helmet revealed that she has long flaming red hair with yellow strips like bacon. Lyra stared at the woman and her eyes widen as she remembers her time in magic school. She looks up at the stain glass window and stares at the sun symbol which is the same cutie mark that was on…

“Sunset?” Lyra asked. (1)

“Yes Lyra it’s me and I am now the queen of Equestria after over throwing my mother,” Sunset said shocking the two soldiers and the people watching the live fee.


Elsewhere -

Celestia sighed as it's another world where Equestria ends up on Earth and her counterpart tries to turn all humans into ponies. And to top it off there's also another Equestria showing up where her counterpart is overthrown by Sunset who remained human even after coming back through the mirror. Another dead end.


Chapter 77

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Lyra look around as she taps her I-glasses that are recording everything that she's seeing. She had discovered a portal that lead to wherever this place is, at the base of the horse statue in front of the school. Now she's recording everything that she's seeing, which is some kind of fancy building from the looks of things.

"Bon Bon you hear me?" Lyra ask.

"Yes I can," Bon Bon said back on the other side of the portal.

"Good. Don't make any calls or anything to me. I don't want to end up like that guy in that alien movie where someone called him and got the monster's attention," Lyra said as she began exploring the chamber.

The first thing that Lyra noticed was how big everything is compared to her. There was a massive wooden chair in the chamber with her, it reminded her of how as a young child everything was just so much bigger. The chamber looks to be a storage room with several things covered in dust, but the mirror looked like it was new to the room from the lack of dust on it.

She found a massive door that while is in the shape of a door, like the chair and other items in the room, is much bigger than she's use to. Standing in front of the door brought back memories when she was younger and smaller where she had to reach up to reach the door handle. Opening the door Lyra found herself on an upper balcony overlooking a long hallway. She saw at one end of the balcony is a door and walk down to it.

Lyra stops as the sound of doors opening broke the silence of the hallway. Looking down her eyes widen as she saw a line of Sniper Joes lead a line of ponies all chained together out of the room she’s heading too. The ponies are small and colorful coming in many different colors, one of them the orange one is wearing a cowboy hat. Two of the ponies are unicorns the white and purple one and the last two the yellow and blue one have wings.

Lyra waited till they were gone and carefully opens the door and enters the room they came from. Inside looks to be a throne room with three thrones. In front of the throne are three winged unicorns one white, dark blue, and pink all being held in cages and surrounded by Sniper Joes. And leading them is someone that Lyra hasn't seen for over a year. Sunset Shimmer who disappeared a year ago after news broke that she's the daughter of the mad man Dr. Wily.

Sunset is wearing what looks like a military uniform. A thigh length grey coat and matching pants with red and yellow highlights. They had on red tinted armor, robotic gauntlets, boots, a metal chest plate and what looks like metal wings on her back folded down as a cape covering a jet pack. And wore a helmet in the shape of a unicorn with a glowing horn.

"As, I thought once you all lose your magic you're nothing," Sunset said to the white winged unicorn.

"Sunset please stop this," the white unicorn said.

"I give up after I just conquer Equestria? I think not," Sunset said.

"Sunset what is this about?" the pink winged unicorn asked.

"Taking revenge on mom and taking everything that she kept from me. Revenge for her replacing me with a pony who would lick the sewers clean if mom told her to do it, so that she wouldn't have to deal with someone who actually thinks for herself and not just follow orders blindly," Sunset said.

"Twilight isn't... AARRGE!" Celestia cried out as she is shocked by a cattle prod used by one of the Sniper Joes.

"I had enough listening to you," Sunset said.

"What are you going to do now?" the dark blue one asked.

"Rule and drag this world into the future even if I have to drag it kicking and screaming to do it. And those who don't will just have their minds wipe leaving them as mindless animals like I did with Twilight and her friends," Sunset said. (1)

"Are they really mindless?" the pink one asked.

"They're now like the human ponies or like the pigs around here. No longer have any memories or knowledge of who they once were. They're just animals now," Sunset said to the three's horror.

"NO," the white one said.

"I do have to thank you mom for being a horrible mother and disowning me after, I didn't become the mindless tool you made my replacement into which you wanted me to be. If not I wouldn't have met father in the human world and would never learn from him of the power of technology. And using what he thought me and what resources that was leftover after his latest taking over the human world thing. I went and took all of your magic leaving you all worthless without them and with my robot army took over so easily," Sunset said.

"And you're going to keep us as cage animals?" the white one asked.

"Aunt Luna and Cadence yes," Sunset said as her left gauntlet transforms into a blaster and she points it at the white one and blasted her head off.

Lyra stumbles backwards and leaves before she's spotted, under the cover of the screams of the two other winged unicorns. Knowing that she needs to get back and get the news out that Wily's daughter has been found and she has taken over a magical world of talking ponies. Which just sounds silly once she actually thinks about it.


Chapter 78

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"I take this step for my country, for my people, and for the Marxist-Leninist way of life. Knowing that today is but one small step on a journey that someday will take us all to the stars,” a human said as he made the first steps on a surface of a space rock other then Earth.

The world cheered as the Soviet cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, became the first human being to set foot on the moon.

The static images, going live to Mission Command and millions of homes around the world, showed the space suit form of Leonov slowly turning around.

“What is THAT?” came his panic-ridden voice, and on the feed he stumbled backwards and fell against the lander with a dull clang being heard as the vibrations traveled to his helmet mike.

“Voskhod, this is command. What is what?” the communication came to him, quickly and seriously.

“That’s impossible,” he muttered.

"Stay with us," the voice from Earth said.

“Command, I think I may be experiencing hallucinations...” he paused catching his breath. “But, just in case, could you take a look at the area right in front of Voskhod?”

“One moment, Voskhod,” someone said, before conferring with the other people at Mission Command.

“Do we have a camera there?” someone ask.

“I think we can get a look at that angle, yes,” came the reply.

Tens, no hundreds, of millions around the world held their breath at this unexpected turn of events. What had he seen?

“Voskhod, this is Command. Can you describe what you’re seeing so we know if we catch it too?” someone asked.

“Uh, Command, it’s something you just have to see. But it looks like a tall woman with wings and a horn,” Leonov answered.

“Voskhod, a woman?” he asked, before hissing, “Why don’t we have that camera feed up yet?”

“Command I think it’s a woman. She’s just standing there, looking at me... I think,” Leonov said.

“Copy, Voskhod. We’re working on getting a camera now. Hold one,” the voice said.

“Got it!” one tech exclaimed triumphantly.

The camera switched abruptly, and all activity stopped dead for a moment.

“Voskhod, this is Command. We see it too.”

The gasp could be heard in almost every locale on the globe. 'Alien' came the mutter, in a hundred languages and a thousand dialects.

Celestria on her part just stared at the human in the spacesuit before turning her attention back to Earth. After years of searching and leaving everything behind her. She finally found where her daughter has gone to, now she only has to find the courage to face her. (1)


Chapter 79

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In the hallways of Canterlot castle, princess Celestia walks with a young human girl. Who looks like a pony but lacks the pony ears and tail, or wings or a horn, but there's more than that. Celestia couldn't help but stare at her, her clothes are worn and all but rags, she is dirty, her mane ratty, and looks like she hasn't had a good meal in months.

"You're sure you don't want to go back to your own world?" Celestia asked the human name Sunset Shimmer who came out of the mirror her mentor had created years ago. And now she's stuck here till it reopens in 30 moons and Sunset doesn't care about going back.

"Here, there. It's all the same to me," Sunset said.

"As thanks for helping in saving my sister, you can stay here in the castle," Celestia said.

"Does this mean, I'm one of the castle staff?" Sunset asked.

"Yes you can help around with the work around the castle," Celestia said.

"I finally have a job," Sunset smiles happy that she has a place to stay and work. Something that she didn't have as a homeless teen in her world.

Well here's your room," Celestia said opening one of the unused servant rooms

Inside is a small room, with a single bed, a bookcase, and a small bathroom with a toilet and a bathtub. Sunset just stares at the room frozen with a blank look on her face. Celestia wonders if she's shock of how barren the room is.

"Is this really supposed to be for me?" Sunset asked.

"Well, I know it's not much...," Celestia said stopping as she sees Sunset starting to cry.

"Not a mat... or a cot...," Sunset said between sobs. "Or a pile of blankets I have to share with strangers.... An actual bed? For nothing?"

"O..of course...," Celestia said taken aback at this display.

Sunset press her face on Celestia's chest sobbing, which Celestia could only stare down at the crying child.

"....thank you....," Sunset sobs.

Celestia could only stare down at the young child crying into her chest. A faint memory of a young filly enters her mind, but she can't remember where or when. Like she miss her chance at something. All she could do is wrap her arms around Sunset and pats her on her back.

"You're welcome," Celestia said.


Chapter 80

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Celestia looks around as she taps her I-glasses that are recording everything that she's seeing. She had discovered a portal that lead to wherever this place is, at the base of the horse statue in front of the school. Now she's recording everything that she's seeing, which is some kind of fancy building from the looks of things.

"Luna you hear me?" Celestia ask.

"Yes I can," Luna said back on the other side of the portal. “Do you really need to do this?”

"No one believed me when I saw Sunset step into the statue, I’m going to find out what happen to her. Don't make any calls or anything to me. I don't want to end up like that guy in that alien movie where someone called him and got the monster's attention," Celestia said as she began exploring the chamber.

The first thing that Celestia noticed was how big everything is compared to her. There was a massive wooden chair in the chamber with her, it reminded her of how as a young child everything was just so much bigger. The chamber looks to be a storage room with several things covered in dust, but the mirror looked like it was new to the room from the lack of dust on it.

She found a massive door that while is in the shape of a door, like the chair and other items in the room, is much bigger than she's use to. Standing in front of the door brought back memories when she was younger and smaller where she had to reach up to reach the door handle. Opening the door Celestia found herself on an upper balcony overlooking a long hallway. She saw at one end of the balcony is a door and walk down to it.

Opening the door she found herself in what looks like a throne room of some kind with her on a balcony that overlooks the room. Looking down she could see twin thrones side by side both massive, one having a sun symbol on it and the other a moon. The sounds of doors opening caused her to freeze as she watches what's happening.

Below her soldiers came in, one set dress in silver armor and the other gold armor, the soldiers got into their places standing there like the royal guards from England. Some of the guards have bird like wings or bat like ones. All of them are massive compared to her.

Walking into the room came a pair that caught Celestia by surprise as the pair looked like her and her sister. But both have massive wings on their backs, her counterpart also has hair the looks like fire, with redish white skin and Luna's counterpart looks like she had the night sky as hers and pure black skin. Both dress a royalty with pieces of armor gold for her counterpart and silver for Luna's counterpart. Both standing taller and bigger then all the others in the room.

Celestia's eyes widen seeing who is trailing behind the two, Sunset who follows closely to her counterpart. Celestia's eyes widen seeing the state Sunset is in, her entire body is covered in scars. The scars looks like cuts as if Sunset had fallen onto broken glass and lived, cuts that crisscross her body and over other scars. Celestia could make out the eye patch that Sunset wore over her right eye. The outfit that she wore of what could pass off as a top of a red swimsuit top and a loincloth revealed her scars for the world to see.

Both sisters sat on their thrones with Sunset walking next to Celesta's counterparts throne and climbed up onto the throne's armrest. Sitting on it like some kind of loyal pet. Or one so beaten that it's too scared to disobey.

Celestia not wanting to be caught slip back where she came from, wondering what happen to Sunset. (1)


Chapter 81

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Celestia looks around as she taps her I-glasses that are recording everything that she's seeing. She had discovered a portal that lead to wherever this place is, at the base of the horse statue in front of the school. Now she's recording everything that she's seeing, which is some kind of fancy building from the looks of things.

"Luna you hear me?" Celestia ask.

"Yes I can," Luna said back on the other side of the portal. “Do you really need to do this?”

"No one believed me when I saw Sunset step into the statue, I’m going to find out what happen to her. Don't make any calls or anything to me. I don't want to end up like that guy in that alien movie where someone called him and got the monster's attention," Celestia said as she began exploring the chamber.

The first thing that Celestia noticed was how big everything is compared to her. There was a massive wooden chair in the chamber with her, it reminded her of how as a young child everything was just so much bigger. The chamber looks to be a storage room with several things covered in dust, but the mirror looked like it was new to the room from the lack of dust on it.

She found a massive door that while is in the shape of a door, like the chair and other items in the room, is much bigger than she's use to. Standing in front of the door brought back memories when she was younger and smaller where she had to reach up to reach the door handle. Opening the door Celestia found herself on an upper balcony overlooking a long hallway. She saw at one end of the balcony is a door and walk down to it.

“Sunset you can do anything.”

A voice spoke out behind the door as Celestia was going to open it. What stop Celestia was that it’s her voice. Opening the door Celestia found herself in a room that looks like one of those rooms of the super wealthy, and laying on the bed is Sunset and another Celestia but with wings and a gem embedded on her forehead.

“There’s no point in trying,” Sunset said as she lays on her back on the back while Celestia stood next to it.

“Sunset please we need you,” Celestia said.

“Why don’t you get Twilight your daughter to do it,” Sunset said.

“Sunset you’re my daughter,” Celestia said.

“You never treated me like it or cared about me till now that you have to,” Sunset said.

“I do care about you,” Celestia said.

“No you don’t. You don’t love me, you threw me into that cell with no light for months,” Sunset said.

“You tried to steal the element of magic,” Celestia said.

“Something that I should have had,” Sunset said.

“It’s yours now,” Celestia said waving to the dresser with a crown and five necklaces on it. “You haven’t even tried them on.”

“Why, I’m worthless like you told me,” Sunset said.

“I was wrong,” Celestia said.

“Why should I do anything when you’re just going got stop caring when you don’t have to anymore and throw me away like before,” Sunset said.

“I won’t,” Celestia said.

“I can’t trust you,” Sunset said.

“Sunset I’m your mother,” Celestia said.

“And you never treated me as your child,” Sunset said looking at Celestia. “I remember you calling me a mistake.”

“What can I do to make you believe?” Celestia said completely lost in how to get Sunset to believe in herself and believe in her.

“I can’t trust you, can’t love you, can’t forgive you,” Sunset said. “All I want is to have someone besides you as my mother.”

Celestia left the room closing the door behind her where she met up with her sister Luna who has been listening in.

“I can’t believe that she’s the only one who can complete the ritual,” Luna said.

“She is and if I could I would had just erase her memories but if I do the ritual won’t work,” Celestia said.

“What we’re you thinking in treating Sunset like that? Why you even had her when you never wanted her?” Luna asked.

“I made a mistake and I never once tried to love Sunset not once and made her feel worthless for all of her life. Now in a cruel twist of fate the only way to save magic is in her hands. Only if she believes in herself and is full of love for the ones around her. The daughter I never wanted is now my only hope after I burnt the bridge long ago,” Celestia gave out a bitter laugh. Having to kiss up to Sunset to get her to save magic of their world. (1)

“Which you made sure she knows. We only have a limited time before our magic starts failing and there be no way to save magic,” Luna said.

“I know. Just get ready for the spell to turn her into an alicorn that should help her to trust in me,” Celestia said.

“Maybe killing Twilight in front of her to show you will give up anything to gain her forgiveness,” Luna suggested.

“Luna?” Celestia asked shocked.

“If we’re going to make any impact on your years of being a horrible mother, you’re going to have to do things that you don’t like as it’s not doing things to your satisfaction but hers. Sunset is your daughter and you need to be one if we ever going to have a chance of keeping our magic,” Luna said.

"Yeah but how do I just get her forgive me and love me when I never care for her at all?" Celesita asked lost at how to solve the problem when she's just use to problems being solved by others instead of her.


Chapter 82

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Most of the city is in ruins as Izuku Midoriya behind the wheel of his tank car burst through a wall of a shopping mall as he chased after Trixie who is flying away from him while blasting away at him with her pod thing. His car is firing missiles at the pod whenever he manages to lock onto it with his weapon system. Both of them have been playing cat and mouse, changing roles now and then.

Their missed shots struck a number of buildings, causing mass destruction as unlike what happens in fiction the attacks didn’t just disappear and did no damage to their surroundings. Out of control fires spread as there wasn’t anyone around to put them out, the automatic fire systems did help put out some of the fires but they were never design to handle fires caused by weapons fire.

Not to mention the number of gas stations hat have been blown up by Trixie trying to catch Izuku in the blast zone. Or buildings that either had parts collapsing or completely collapsing thanks to their structural supports being damaged by with weapons fire, or Izuku driving through them to evade Trixie’s attacks. Not to mention the number of vehicles that were left in the city that were destroyed in the chase and the earlier giant robot fight, causing the rebuilding bill to the city to be in the millions. (1)

Suddenly the blasting stop and Trixie was no longer in his sights. Trixie having enough playing around with Izuku and flies across the city till she made it to the ocean, where she kept flying. Once she was a couple of miles out to sea she turns her craft around and drop all of her bombs that can take out several city blocks till her stockpile was empty. The bombs went off with the last bomb exploding creating a massive wave and the next bomb blew up as the wave moved over it causing more water to be moved by the blast, followed by the next bomb and the next. Each bomb blowing up cause the water to move faster and more water being moved in one direction, heading for the city.

Izuku was driving around searching for Trixie who his radar told him she headed for the beach. As he got into view of the sea his eyes widen as a massive wall of water heading straight for the city. Izuku turn the car around and sped down the street as the tidal wave struck the coastline of the city and swept into the city. The water swept up cars, trucks, anything that was caught in its path, sending them crashing into buildings. The ships that were left dock along the ocean front also were sent crashing into buildings.

Izuku put the pedal to the metal and used the rocket boosters managing to keep ahead of the wall of water coming straight at him. A blast hitting the top of his car, that almost caused him to lose control, reminded him that he also has to worry about Trixie who is flying high above the tidal wave and is right behind him blasting away at him.

Trixie shot the in coming missiles fired from Izuku’s car out of the air as he did what he could to fend her off while racing the wall of water right behind him. Trixie fired at the buildings ahead of Izuku causing pieces of the buildings to fall onto the streets to block his path. Izuku had to either switch roads or speed through before the rubble hit the road.

Izuku fired several missiles ahead of him hitting the side of a tall building, taking out a large chuck of the side of the building. The building fell over causing Trixie to fly higher to avoid the building. The building did help slow down the incoming water, acting as a speed bump, but the water still came as nothing would stop it for long till it was spent.

Izuku eyes widen as he sees that the road in front of him was blocked by rubble from a collapse building from earlier in the battle. Going down a side street would just end up with him caught in the wave of water that’s sweeping over the city. He check behind him seeing Trixie still behind him but not firing as she knows that he’s trap, looking ahead the building is too tall to jump over and even that piece of billboard acting as ramp would allow him to jump it. Or allow him to crash into the building to drive through it as it’s on its side. An idea hits him as he took it all in and came up with a plan.

Izuku drove for the billboard ramp and as he was about to jump into the air, he spun the car around. As the car was airborne Izuku transforms the car into its tank mode and aims the barrel at Trixie and fires. The shell flew out of the barrel flying straight for Trixie’s craft, and struck the ship. Sending Trixie spinning out of control and into the side of a building and falling into the water. Izuku didn’t get to enjoy his victory as his tank struck the building falling down as the wall of water slams into him.

The camera pods broadcasting the battle hover in the air searching for any signs of either of the two fighters. The world watch wondering if Izuku survived the battle and winning the battle and the aliens won’t be taking over the Earth. And the aliens up above also watching to see if the invasion is still on or not.

Bursting out of the water came Izuku in the escape pod from his car. The pod only had a limited amount of fuel but was enough for him to make it to the rooftop of one of the buildings that’s still standing. As Izuku was catching his breath, Trixie came bursting out of the water. Trixie was dripping wet and standing on a glider shaped like a blue moth. Izuku activated the pod’s other function and it transformed into a small four legged mech armed with two energy cannons mounted on the sides. (2)

Izuku fired his blasters at Trixie who flew around him as energy bolts were sprayed wildly at her. Trixie toss bombs that she pulls out of her cape at Izuku who he targets before they get anywhere close to him. Izuku frown as his cannons stop firing as the power cells ran out, and he made the mech run away as Trixie continue to toss bombs at him. Izuku look through his inventory at what he has left, seeing that the only thing he has left is the grappling hook.

Thinking fast Izuku spun the chair around even as the legs continue to run towards the edge of the building and fires the grappling hook at Trixie. The hook gets caught on the glider pulling it towards the running mech. Izuku makes the mech keep running as he jumps off of it and it runs off the building. Trixie's glider is pulled downwards as the weight of the mech is too much for it and she is pulled down along with the mech. Trixie grabs onto the ledge of the building as both her glider and Izuku's mech falls down into the waters below.

As Trixie struggles to pull herself up, Izuku grabs her hands and helps her up. Once Trixie was on the roof she pulls out a blaster and points it at Izuku who is now defenseless.

"Rule one don't help an enemy when the fight is still on. You should had let me fall and it would had been a win for you," Trixie said smirking at the young hero.

"I save you and you still...," Izuku asked shocked.

"This isn't a game. This is how things are done and by the Conquers Law, I win and your planet is now mine," Trixie said.

"She's right," Mr. Awesome said appearing who has been watching the entire fight. "If we fight now after she won, she will have the law on her side and I'm telling you now. No planet has survived long once that rule has been broken."

"I really need to thank Japan and the hero club here. If they hadn't spent so much time telling you that because you don't have powers you could never be a hero for all of your life. I really wouldn't had a chance against you if you had the resolve and being able to believe in yourself. But even with all of that training you went through, doesn't change that you been told all your life that you're worthless without powers. One year of training and being around people telling you to believe it, won't change that. I really need to thank Japan and everyone in it for making this victory possible. I couldn't had done it without you," Trixie said looking into the cameras.

Trixie words would cause lots of things to happen afterwards. People around the world blaming Japan for the defeat as the one person pick to save it has been so worn down by them telling him that as a quickless that he's worthless, that he just didn't had the belief in himself to win. Making people avoid having anything to do with Japan, which will cause many hardship for years to come.

"So this is going to be a farming planet now?" Izuku asked.

"That's the plan but seeing how you did save me, I have another idea. From now on whenever one of my ships comes your planet has to give it tribute," Trixie said.

"What kind of tribute?" Mr. Awesome asked.

"Give us your trash," Trixie said stunning everyone listening.

"What?" Mr. Awesome asked.

"Your trash, while you all see it as nothing but trash and burn most of it. For me and my crew it's highly valuable. So I want all of the countries of this world to be ready to give my work crews all of their trash," Trixie said.

"All this just for trash?" Izuku asked.

"Worthless yellow rocks," Trixie said as she teleports away.

Leaving everyone on the planet wondering what's going on.


The RV -

"Ok what was that?" Sunset asked Trixie who is relaxing in the hot tub.

"What? We have the recyclers that make all of that trash into building cubes that we can make things out of. And do you really want to make them work on farms?" Trixie asked.

"Yes that's true but really?" Twilight asked.

"What you want to make Izuku into a pet?" Trixie asked.

"WHAT!" Twilight asked blushing red.

"Remember those counterparts that we met who had a Izuku as their boy toy? And that your counterpart was the one who made him into that?" Trixie asked.

"I try not to," Twilight said.

"Can we please not talk about running into sex craze counterparts," Kasumi said not even wanting to think about the other hers that she met. And the ones who have a sexual relationship with Naruto who she has come to see as her little brother.

"Yeah it makes me think of the me's who are into men," Naruto said shuttering about the thought of him and emo boy making out.

"At least that Earth be cleaner once we're done here," Captain Planet said.

"Give them plans for recyclers and every now and then we stop by and pick up cubes and all things will be good. And look Izuku is going with Mr. Awesome to continue his training as a hero in America and his mother is going to live there with him," Trixie said.

"He lost but he has gain so much more," Sunset said seeing Izuku like all of them just walking away from a place that never wanted him. (3)


Chapter 83

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Toshinori looks out of the window of his apartment oaks he gaze to the technological advance city across the bay. Musutafu City was completely devastated with much of the city in ruins and flooded after the epic battle between Izuku and Trixie last year. The sheer cost to rebuild the city and repair the damage from the flood waters which is salt water that cause lots of damage even after the water receded, was in the billions and climbing before Trixie stepped in. Trixie claimed the ruin city as hers as a depot for her tribute that must be gathered for her to pick up now and then.

Lulamoon City is the name of the new city.

It’s the most advance city in the world, that is ruled over by a Tactical droid that was left in charge of the operation. There are depots all over the world where the trash is collected and stored for tribute. All guarded by armies of robots, from the Droid series from the same place where the Tactical Droid came from, to other types.

The robots are all programmed to keep the trash safe for transport. Which they break down into cubes by feeding the trash into recyclers that break anything fed into them into material cubes. The recyclers have showed up everywhere from local junkyards to being used to clean waste water as the machines can’t do anything with water which they just drain into the sewers. Which has made things much cleaner as there are recyclers that filter the smoke from factories, making the sky cleaner. The fabricators also been showing up using the left over cubes and making new things.

The depots also became a place to get rid of unclaimed bodies. The robots just toss the bodies that have no one wanting to pay to take care of into a recycler and break the body into cubes. Which the robots did for free and when protest came up about it, the protesters were asked if they were willing to pay for burial of the bodies? And when the protest continued with attacks on the shipments and robots, the robots reminded everyone that they’re not a free planet anymore. The robots didn’t kill just maim the protesters as living reminders of what happens to those who is in charge. As for anything that happens that cause any kind of delay with the tribute, the robots never let any law enforcement or hero handle it, anyone or group were either executed or maimed. With whole crime groups being wiped out because of them trying to steal from the robots or entire government branches being wipe out with even the government leaders who know about the plan being executed.

Toshinori remembers what happen to the Middle East. The terrorist and others were just too use to people playing by laws while they didn’t and it all came to a shock when the robots didn’t play by the rules they were use to. The robots just executed all the fighters and track down anyone supporting them. The robots drag fighters out into the open and executed them and toss their bodies into recyclers.

The Iran government the source of money for many terrorist cells was overthrown, the oil that made them powerful to begin with made useless as the robots introduced a new biofuel called Blaze that is just as powerful as oil and could be made using the organic cubes from recyclers at a cheap price. Causing the stocks for oil to be all but worthless from what they were before. And with that many Middle East countries to fail as they didn’t had much of anything else to make money with, and the lifestyles they had all went down the drain. (1)

Causing many terrorist cells just to break up as there was no longer any funding. And that the robots track all known terrorist cells, killing them all and those who tried to protect them. Leaving very few men in some places in the Middle East. Which while there was some aide many other countries just left the Middle East to fend for themselves as years of them going with respect my culture but I don’t have to respect yours that’s been projected and not a lot of good examples of a Middle East culture that treats women fairly and not hostile to westerners. There wasn’t that big of a call to help them when they came asking for help, leaving the Middle East to fend for themselves.

The heroes of the Middle East which because of their culture were always few in numbers, the ones who fraught the robots were wiped out. The robots revealed the Sentinels based on the old Marvel comics. But without the badly made programming that allows them to expand from their program. The sentinels could like their comic counterparts adapt to any quick used on them and their energy beams fired from their hands could kill just about any quick user in one shot, and if that fails they just continue to blast the quick user till they’re dead. There was no fighting them, they were just too powerful and easily replaced with new ones. (2)

On the other hand the robots only do that stuff only when they’re attacked first and letting the people govern themselves. Only stepping in when there is an issues that would disrupt the flow of tribute. In cases like that the robots took over and ran the government of the countries they took over. Africa a land known for the warlords and poverty is now advancing as the robots there took over and ran things better. Which many people in those countries welcomed as the robots ruled better and provided security that their old governments couldn’t provide.

As for other countries the old governments continued to run but now are overseen by the robots. When there is an issue that could effect the units of tribute was when the robots would step in overruling the ruling government. Which like things that had needed to be done like building and repairing infrastructure like roads and water pipes. And they made sure that the area around the depots are heavily patrolled and any disorder quickly be put down. Resulting in the area around the depots to be crime free which cause many people to move there for safety.

Toshinori could make out the gold statue of Trixie that was built, with her foot press on the back of a statue on its hands and knees, which is a statue of himself. The plate on the base of the statue, thanked him and the entire hero system of Japan in breaking the spirit of Izuku Midoriya. Without which she wouldn’t had been able to win and now is the owner of their planet. He just lack the resolve and the belief in himself to beat her, even helping her instead of beating her. Because even with a year’s worth of training and being around people who are supportive of him, won’t just make Midoriya into someone who can just beat someone who has years of fighting experience under their belt. He came close for someone who only had one year with no other training to prepare. But there was no way Midoriya was ready thanks to Japan’s culture of telling him that without a quick he could never be a hero. (3)

Trixie did point out that she didn’t needed Midoriya to save her as she could fly on her own and still had plenty of weapons while Midoriya had nothing left to fight with. But Midoriya saving her did cause her not to just enslaved their world just make the give her tribute instead. Which Mr. Awesome said is the best outcome they could hope for, as long as they give the tribute of trash, which is them giving the aliens who conquer their world their trash. It’s better for all of them to go along with it and just leave the robots alone or the goodwill that Midoriya made with Trixie would be wasted.

Toshinori walk away from the window and sat down on the easy chair in front of the tv. He no longer could use the power of One for All as first Midoriya took it and then gave it to Trixie to give them time for him to train. Midoriya didn't show any sign of One for All, as he said he rejects the power that was given to him. He won't be anything like All Might, he would be a better hero than he ever be. And he's currently being mentored by Coop the pilot of Megas XLR as he has taken a liking in being a mech pilot. And has already help Coop in fighting giant monsters and villains using giant mechs or robots.

As for himself, Toshinori now lives in a apartment all by himself as he has nothing left to offer. The school is gone and there is no need for heroes around Lulamoon City as they robots handle things. The heroes and the students have left for other areas in Japan where there are still hero agencies.

But with what happen many of the former teachers couldn't find work and the students also had a hard time finding work. Thanks to how because of them, Midoriya didn't get the training that would had made all the difference in the battle for the planet. Like lots of people who put down Midoriya have been blacklisted because of how badly they treated him, is the reason why he didn't win.

The rest of the world is blaming, Japan for the defeat that cost them their freedom, because of their cultural mindset that tells anyone who doesn't have a power is useless and can't ever be a hero. Which during last months hero school sporting event, Mr. Awesome brought a group of young heroes in training to take part of the even. That they dominated as they used tons of support items and skills, and in the end they all revealed that they're all powerless just like Midoriya. With Mr. Awesome telling them that if Midoriya had the kind of support the kids he brought with him had, their world would still be theirs.

Watching the news Toshinori saw one of the rival schools taking in students without powers, giving them support equipment. So that they be able to be gadget using heroes, with many hero agencies now looking for heroes who don't have powers to join them. With the shame and humiliation that Japan has been facing and a market that's falling because of few people doing business with them. Japan is doing what it can to make themselves look good and showing that they're changing.

But for him, all he could do is live with the regret of failing a young man wanting to be a hero and telling him he couldn't without a power. Unlike how the one who gave him her power, told him he could.


Chapter 84

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Lyra look around as she taps her I-glasses that are recording everything that she's seeing. She had discovered a portal that lead to wherever this place is, at the base of the horse statue in front of the school. Now she's recording everything that she's seeing, which is some kind of fancy building from the looks of things.

"Bon Bon you hear me?" Lyra ask.

"Yes I can," Bon Bon said back on the other side of the portal.

"Good. Don't make any calls or anything to me. I don't want to end up like that guy in that alien movie where someone called him and got the monster's attention," Lyra said as she began exploring the chamber.

The first thing that Lyra noticed was how big everything is compared to her. There was a massive wooden chair in the chamber with her, it reminded her of how as a young child everything was just so much bigger. The chamber looks to be a storage room with several things covered in dust, but the mirror looked like it was new to the room from the lack of dust on it.

She found a massive door that while is in the shape of a door, like the chair and other items in the room, is much bigger than she's use to. Standing in front of the door brought back memories when she was younger and smaller where she had to reach up to reach the door handle. Opening the door Lyra found herself on an upper balcony overlooking a long hallway. She saw at one end of the balcony is a door and walk down to it.

Entering the room Lyra found herself in what looks like a bedroom that she has only seen in those ultra rich suites in those fancy hotels. But what caught her attention is the woman naked with massive wings on her back. It was the red hair with the yellow strip that caught her attention, Sunset who had been missing since last year. She is hanging from her arms from chains hanging from the ceiling and her wings are bond.

Sunset isn’t alone as there are a pair of other women with wings on their backs with her. The pair that caught Lyra by surprise as the pair looked like principle Celestia and her sister Luna. But Celestia’s counterpart has hair that looks like fire, with redish white skin and Luna's counterpart looks like she had the night sky as hers and pure black skin. They each have a gem embedded in their foreheads. Both are naked like Sunset and the lone male in the room who looks like Flash Sentry but with wings.

Sunset is sobbing uncontrollably as what looks like ground up bloodily meat drips down from her vagina that’s been torn open.

Celestia and Luna both wore strap-ons with large studded dildos covered in blood and chunks of flesh.

Flash Sentry is also sobbing asking why and how could they had done that to Sunset and…

Lyra place both her hands on her mouth to stop herself from screaming as she cries over the horror of the scene. She turns around and crawls towards the mirror to escape the horror. Unable to deal with what those two did two a couple in love… ready to… be… (1)


Chapter 85

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Continue form chapter 78 -

Pompeii was an ancient city located in what is now the comune of Naples in the Campania region of Italy. Pompeii, along with Herculaneum and many villas in the surrounding area (e.g. at Boscoreale, Stabiae), was buried under 4 to 6 m (13 to 20 ft) of volcanic ash and pumice in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79. And where the last of the 3 goddesses, Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkles, and Trixie Lulamoon, fell saving as many people as they could.

The 3 first appeared during the aftermath of the Great Fire of Rome, was an urban fire that occurred in July, 64 AD. The fire began in the merchant shops around Rome's chariot stadium, Circus Maximus, on the night of 19 July. After six days, the fire was brought under control, but before the damage could be assessed, the fire reignited and burned for another three days. In the aftermath of the fire, two thirds of Rome had been destroyed.

While emperor Nero was talking with the senators with what’s happening was when they showed up, appearing before the emperor. They offer to restore the entire city in exchange to be made the official goddesses of Rome, seeing how the other gods are offering nothing. They used their magic to restore a single building that was destroyed by the fire to show everyone what they could do. Emperor Nero accepted the offer and the 3 were made into the official goddesses of Rome.

They used their powers to rebuild the city, block by block and they worked with the city planners to design a city that will stand for ages. First they gave the homeless people temporary homes which are just hovels but better than nothing, they were built outside the city walls to allow the goddesses to work on rebuilding the city.

The goddesses gathered the building materials they needed for the building. Getting wood, stones, and other building materials they needed. When asked why they couldn’t just make things appear, the goddesses explained that while they are gods it’s not like they can just make something appear out of nothing. They need materials to work with before they can use their powers.

In a year with the goddesses working everyday, either all together or as they call it in shifts so that they could take a day off for rest. The first thing they did was improve the aqueducts and sewers for better supply of clean water supply and better sewers to have better sanitation for the city. They even built what they call sewer treatment plant where instead of just having all the waste of the city to flow into the waterways, it would be filtered first. The waste could be used as night soil and what’s left be a whole lot cleaner than it would had been otherwise.

They then improved the roads of the city so that it’s easier to get around. They began building new homes from single homes, to apartments all of which have running water and flushing toilets. They built schools, libraries, hospitals, parks, indoor market places which they call malls. They built guard stations for the soldiers who keep the city safe, courthouses, temples to themselves, bathhouses, storehouses and warehouses. For entertainment they built taverns, theaters, race tracks, and a massive coliseum. (1)

The 3 goddesses after they completely rebuilt the city could be seen around the city. Each doing what they’re the goddess of, Twilight Sparkles the goddess of knowledge, Sunset Shimmer the goddess of power, and Trixie Lulamoon the goddess of dreams. Their symbol is a triangle made up of three smaller triangles, the top colored purple, the left blue and the right red. The triforce of power, wisdom and dreams, for power needs wisdom to be used, wisdom needs dreams to inspire, dreams need power to make real and so on.

Twilight could be found in the schools teaching and spreading knowledge. Sunset could be found in the senate or at the army barracks, teaching both how to govern and battle tactics. Trixie could be found at the theaters and coliseum, putting on shows for the crowds and teaching others how to be dreamers.

All three would put on musical shows as they call it, the songs they did while playing musical instruments. Their shows were nothing like the romans had ever heard before or seen. Soon there were many people forming bands, having been inspired by the goddesses. That wasn’t the only thing they did as they invented the sandwich.

Their frame spread through the empire as they goddesses lived and help mortals, like the stories of old. They explained that gods roles are to serve mortals not to rule over them. Unlike the old gods, they’re teaching them how to think for themselves and be self reliant, instead of falling to their knees and pray for help. Which doesn’t work with them as they can’t hear people praying to them. They’re powerful not being able to see and hear everything. And yes they’re more than happy to help someone if they could but it doesn’t mean they can grant wishes or do anything.

The stories of gods being all powerful and knowing is just that, just stories that people tell and make it bigger then what really happen. They explained that while gods can live forever, it doesn’t mean that they can’t die, they’re just much harder to kill then humans. They can’t just do anything they want they have limits and they do need to rest, eat, and sleep like all living creatures. Twilight even gave out copies of her friendship journal for people to learn from and show that gods are flawed as they are. She even engraved the words ‘Perfection Is Impossible, There Is No Such Thing As A Flawless Being. Thinking Me And The Others Are And Expecting Us To Be What You Think We Should Be Is An Insult’.

Then came their visit to Pompeii where, all of them died. As the volcano was erupting they were attacked by a Christians sect with the leader claiming that the goddesses are really demons sent by the devil to led humans to evil. This led to a purge of Christians through the empire for the deaths of the goddesses. Which the Christians viewed as evil for saying that no God is prefect or flawless, as they viewed their god to be prefect and flawless.

This led to a splintering of the goddesses followers, with many high ranking members saying that their version of the teachings of the goddesses is the right way. Once Rome fell many of their teachings were lost of suppressed by the Christian church, the two faiths became bitter enemies and rivals through the centuries. With the church of the three goddesses becoming a main religion in the modern times, as unlike the Christian faith women always had equal power in the faith, known as the Triforce Church. But one thing remain the same the core belief of the 3 goddesses faith, ‘The greatest power is to make friends out of enemies.’

“In the end their followers believed in the belief, not the ones who they followed. Either for power, money or how they thought it should had been,” Celestia said.

Celestia is standing in the main temple of the 3 sisters after she flew from the moon taking Soviet cosmonaut Alexei Leonov and the other cosmonaut back to their home country instead of them taking the long way. She asked about them having any tales of three young women with powers appearing. She was pointed to the local Triforce Church, where she learned about the fates of her daughter and her friends. There she flew to the eternal city where the main Triforce church is located. And there she went through the records that survived, with the high priestess recognizing her as the mother of goddess Sunset.

Now she's sitting in front of the alter with the high priestess with a news crew filming them. Outside is a crowd waiting to see the goddess and those watching on the tv. For the first time since the deaths of the 3 goddesses, another goddess is now walking among them. And she has already proven she is a goddess but spinning the earth around so that it was day and then night before putting it all back to normal. Celestia explained that her daughter and her friends were just young gods and are much weaker then she is, for the older a god becomes the stronger they become. And they were just young gods in their 20's when they died by human standards, while she is by their standards thousands of years old.

“It is true but I like to think we kept their teachings alive,” the high priestess Holly said.

“Yes you followers of my daughter and her friends still kept the idea that it’s better to make friends then enemies and learned from the friendship journal that Twilight kept before she left with the others,” Celestia said as she read through the newest copy and besides some grammar changes, the pages are the same as she remembers.

“Is it true you don’t know what happens when you die?” Holly asked.

“No even we gods have no idea what happens. There are ways to keep your soul from passing but once what ever keeps you bound is gone, you go with it and into the unknown. No one has ever return to tell what happens. And ghosts and bond souls are dead but haven’t pasted on yet, so if there is an afterlife they haven’t been there yet. Not to mention I always found the afterlife to be just a comfort for the living,” Celestia said.

“Why is that?” Holly asked.

“It means that for those who believe in that, once you die and go to heaven or whatever. If you wrong someone, you can take comfort that no matter what they are in heaven and you can say sorry to them when you die. I seen so many people on different worlds using that to make themselves feel less guilty for their actions. For even if they killed someone not guilty of a crime they can take the comfort that they one they killed is in heaven and they don’t have to feel guilty for their actions. I don’t believe in an afterlife, my daughter and her friends are dead and I will never be able to tell her how sorry I am for being a horrible mother to her,” Celestia said.

"Gods are flawed as everyone else," Holly said.

"Yes, we are and always be," Celestia said. "I read that book with that faith your faith is a rival of, I can only imagine how much of it is just made up. Leaders changing things so that it would reflect their world view, like how the other branches of your faith books have been changes to reflect the beliefs of the ones who started those branches."

"Many will just say that it's written by their god and has never been changed," Holly said.

"That's foolish to believe that their bible has never been changed at all, as unlike the book of friendship that your faith uses. No one can say who actually wrote it and how much it has changed, I read it before Twilight and the other left and its how I remembered it. Sure some grammar has been changed but other then that it's like I'm reading the letters she use to send me," Celestia said.

"That's the reason why the Triforce and Christian has always been at odds with each other. They can't and won't believe that a god can be flawed," Holly said.

"If their god is real and that he will comeback to see them. They will see that he's nothing like what they thought him to be, or if their god is even a she," Celestia said. "I always hated how my followers always thought that, I'm prefect and flawless, it just made me have a big ego where, I couldn't see when I was wrong till it was too late to do anything. Which is why I abandon my followers as they just grew too dependent on me and expected me to do everything for them. Which is why if the old gods of your world are all real and not made up, as that does happen. They too just grew tried of their followers hold them to a standard that no one could ever live up to and just left. I'm happy that my daughter and her friends made sure to have their followers be able to be independent of them when they're gone and not to believe that they're prefect and flawless. Or think that just by praying and doing nothing will cause good things to happen, especially when they can do something to help."

"Your daughter's teaching does says when you can help someone in need, offer a helping hand," Holly said.

"There is also the fact that the bible being rewritten and changed from the first edition. Does also mean that all the evil that the god of the bible did, could be all made up as well. It happens more times to both gods and mortals than I can count where they're blame for things that they didn't do," Celestia said.


RV -

"Another Celestia who found her Sunset too late," Sunset said as she and the others went back to viewing other worlds.

"And they're all goddesses," Trixie said.

"Sunset do you think our Celestia is looking for us?" Twilight asked.

"If she does, she still has to prove to me that she is worth forgiving," Sunset said.


Chapter 86

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“You have no idea how much I resented my followers as they kept on putting their ideals onto me and expecting me to be what they think I should be. Taking liberties with what happen and making it into something else, saying that I can grant life back to the dead. Which we gods can’t do. Once you die you are dead, what I did was restarting the heart like how doctors use those defibrillators when someone’s heart stops, or when someone drowned I got the water out of their lungs and got them to start breathing on their own again. If I could bring someone back to life why aren’t I bringing back my daughter and her friends for those listening on in. Don’t bother asking me to bring anyone back or raise their souls as I would be doing that already. And I am not looking to have followers ever again,” Celestia said.

“You don’t want to be worshiped?” Holly asked.

“No as I refuse to be worship and place on a pedestal with standards that no one can ever live up to. Before I abandon my followers and their planet, I had to act like a prime and proper lady doing everything in a refine and elegant way. The only time I could be myself was when I return to Equestria,” Celestia said opening up to Holly as they continue with their interview.

“From Twilight’s book you lived on another planet but would return to the realm of the gods, Equestria?” Holly asked.

“The worlds of the gods are a higher realm then this one you mortals live. We gods come in different types and races like you mortals, just that we have powers and are immortal as long as we’re not killed and take care of ourselves,” Celestia said. (1)

“Take care of yourselves?” Holly asked.

“A god with poor health or allow themselves to become out of shape or become sick can die like you mortals. Ancient gods while powerful most have health issue as even we gods aren’t wholly immune to the effects of time. And no even the most ancient gods have no idea how they came to be. The best we can figure we gods are evolved like you humans from apes. Just that we had powers,” Celestia said.

“So you gods have no idea how the universe began?” Holly asked.

“None that I heard of. And if there is a creator to everything, there be no way it would choose this one planet and create only one race in its image like how many of your human religions believe,” Celestia said.

“What about the meaning of life?” Holly asked.

“The answer to that question is many. Everyone has different values and beliefs. I for one believe its what you do with your one life is that matters in the end. Which I have wasted,” Celestia said.

“Wasted?” Holly asked.

“Instead of caring and treating my child as the most important thing in my life. Instead I pushed her away and lost her, as I cared more about my followers then her. And that’s not even getting into what I did with my student Twilight. After they left and I had time to actually reflect on my life, I found how empty it is. My personal life had nothing outside of my work as the goddess of my followers. The lesson that my daughter and friends reached of making friends, is what I been teaching them but I had none myself, just followers. And when I actually look at my followers, I saw them expecting me to do everything for them and live to their ideal of what I should be. When I stop the act and just be myself and told them they need to be independent and handle things themselves. They turn on me claiming that I should be taking care of them, while giving little in return. It’s like taking care of someone who never show you respect and want you to always act and behave as they expect you to behave for nothing in return. I tried to explain that I would no longer act like how they think I should act and no longer do everything for them. My followers rioted and attacked me as they couldn’t believe that I their goddess would no longer care for them but expect them to be independent. I left them and haven’t looked back since,” Celestia said.

“You never went back?” Holly asked.

“I heard from other gods I met in my search that my followers have become savages living in ruins of what use to be thriving cities who make blood offerings in my name to get back their goddess who will take care of them. They’re nothing but children who once they’re on their own couldn’t survive. I left them the infrastructure, with running water, power, farms, transportation, knowledge, and other things they needed to be able to survive without me. And they still ended up wasting what I gave them, expecting me to always be there to take care of their needs. And why I abandon them to their fate, they are just a lost cause” Celestia said. (2)

"Really?" Holly asked.

"Why bother helping people who won't help in anyway when they can? I was doing everything out of my good will alone. Like someone helping others asking for nothing in return, but if you treat that person badly they won't be willing to help anymore. Which is what happen with me. And might have happen with the old gods of this world," Celestia said.

"Some of the old gods aren't that good," Holly said.

"The Greek ones being rape happy and petty. Sadly that is how some gods are, as you know that not all humans are nice the same goes for gods. And that goes for demons as not all demons are evil as not all gods are good," Celestia said.

"Demons are real?" Holly asked.

"Both gods and demons come from the same family tree like how dogs are related to wolves. Depending on the gods and demons they're either at war or living together. Also you humans really need to make sure you don't judge by appearances, from your standards a race is horrifying to look at but the same for aliens seeing a human. Here let me show you an alien I have met in my travels. And be prepared by your human standards this will be shocking," Celestia said as she waves her hands and the image of an alien appeared.

The alien stood several shambling inches taller than seven feet, with broad shoulders. Its hair straggled down either side of its face, lank and matted with glittering streaks of orange ooze. One lidless eye, weeping a colorless liquid, was roughly in the middle of its left cheek. There was no nose, just a semicircular hole above the chin, fringed with tendrils of pale skin that trembled in time with the thing's breathing. It didn't have a proper chin. The lower jaw was missing, and a row of jagged stumps protruded from the set-back upper jaw. Where it moved it left a trail of thick, jellylike slime, like that left behind by a gigantic snail. The thing had two seemingly ordinary arms that ended in crooked fingers. Beneath the normal arms it had several sets of paddle like, residual arms, becoming progressively smaller.

"What's that?" Holly asked staring at the thing.

"This is Frankie a Taro from the star system of Rocae, on the 5 planet Hae. Her kind are a race who managed to create a advance culture with them settling the planets of their star system. They're a very nice race when you mind your manners with them and not go scream and attack them because how they look like to you. You humans will have to really learn not to just attack and scream because of how someone looks if you humans ever go out and meet other races. I stayed with them for awhile and found them very friendly once they gotten use to how ugly I looked to them," Celestia said.

"You ugly?" Holly asked as Celestia is simply beautiful.

"Different standards of beauty," Celestia said as she made two images appeared. One is basically a beautiful woman with long red hair, cute little wings, and a pair of antennae. While the other is a horrible cross between a termite queen and a human woman.

"Different races?" Holly asked.

"Good guess but they're twins and one is born hideously deformed. The first is Princess What's-Her-Name and her sister Queen Pulsating Bloated Festering Sweaty Pus-Filled Malformed Slug-for-a-Butt," Celestia said.

"What?" Holly asked.

"I know a long name but that's how their planet does things. They are from a insect world and Princess What's-Her-Name was born deformed. While her sister Queen Pulsating Bloated Festering Sweaty Pus-Filled Malformed Slug-for-a-Butt is a true beauty among her kind. With her being the only one who doesn't recoil at the sight of her sister," Celestia said.

"And why haven't there been more aliens visiting Earth?" Holly asked.

"Earth is like the only waterhole in a desert for hundreds of miles around or like a small island in the middle of nowhere. There is really no reason to visit and I'm not going to lie your world and you humans are utterly insignificant to the rest of the galaxy and the rest of the universe. The only reason why anyone stops by is when they have no choice," Celestia said.

"We're really that insignificant?" Holly asked.

"You humans are doing well for yourselves but if you actually want to be special and known for something. You humans have lots to do before you're ready for the the rest of the galaxy, seeing how primitive you humans are still," Celestia said.

"We're really that primitive?" Holly asked.

"I have been listening to Earth's radio and watching this world so that, I would know enough of it before I came here. From what, I learn you humans are still primitive in so many ways," Celestia said.

"It does depend on the country," Holly said.

"That's not true. The country of the United States, holds itself up as the example for the rest of your species when it cannot even govern itself. Holding the high morel ground while people who aren't the right skin color, don't have the same rights. A government that covets what does not belong to it, and chases shadows of threats with utterly reckless paranoia. The same goes for the Soviet Union, that is the same in how they do things. I do not think your specie are primitive, I know it," Celestia said.

"So what should we do?" Holly asked.

"I'm not going down that road again. I'm not going to be a goddess ever again to anyone. It cost me too much and nothing to show for it," Celestia said.

"Then don't be a goddess, be a teacher instead," Holly said.

"For what?" Celestia asked.

"There is a reason why your daughter and her friends choose this world to make themselves home on. The city of Rome has stood even as the rest of the empire fell around it. They built this city to last, many of the things they built are still standing and still in use today. Why not stay and see what your daughter and her friends saw in us and teach us like they did," Holly suggested.

"I know what you're doing but I have been searching for a very long time and now that, I have nothing better to do. I might as well stay and see if there is anything worth staying for. You humans aren't special, not the chosen, if you humans never travel beyond the stars you all just die and the only one who will even remember you is me. The only way to change that is by doing something that will make you special. Life is meaningless and pointless, only if you never do anything with it. I will stay and see how you humans do, till you either show me why my daughter and her friends stayed or I just grow tried of you and leave," Celestia said.

"And then what?" Holly asked.

"Go back to the realm of the gods or just drift around the universe till I find meaning to my empty life," Celestia said. "That's the problem with being immortal. The utter boredom when there is nothing in your life to give it meaning." (3)

"Then let us humans show you some entertainment and give you meaning to your life. You might even make some friends," Holly said.

"I would like that," Celestia said.


Chapter 87

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Gabriel Agreste a famous fashion designer, and his assistant Nathalie Sancoeur stood in front of the Butterfly and Peacock Miraculous laying on top of a table. Gabriel’s son Adrien is with his mother Emilie in the hospital, along with G. Gabriel had nearly place his wife into a glass box before the young woman sitting at the table came to him, she was able to restore his wife by only barely.

“You said you could restore her,” Gabriel said.

“And I told you that I my magic is cut off in this world and even with you powering me up with that Butterfly Miraculous. It wasn’t enough for me to completely heal her,” the woman said as she holds up the broken Peacock Miraculous. “Using a magical item that’s broken like she did, it’s no wonder she was in that state. With how long she was using it, I could only do so much.”

“Emilie is now bedridden and is confuse most of the time with only a few times that she can even remember anything,” Gabriel said.

“If I had more of these Miraculous I could or when the portal opens again, I can take her to my world where my magic would be fully restored and I could heal her.” the woman said.

"Equestian magic is much more powerful then the magic of this world," Nooroo said.

"It's been centuries since anyone from Equestria has come to this world," Duusu adds.

"The Kwamis are correct, much more powerful and more user friendly. I read about the Miraculous back in my world and while both the Ladybug and Cat ones can grant a wish when together, it's a monkey paw wish. If you were to use the wish to restore your wife Emilie, something else could happen like instead of her, it be your son instead," the woman explains. (1)

"I see," Gabriel said.

"But don't worry there are other magic users in this world. Once, I have enough magical energy I can heal your wife but you have to help me gather the magical items, I need. We just need to deal with the groups that have them," the woman said.

"What groups?" Gabriel asked.

"These," the woman said as she revealed pictures of magical groups.

El Tigre

Lily the Witch


Rainbow Brite

The Owl House

Winx Club


"Each group has a magical item that once, I have in my hands. I'll be able to truly empower myself to how, I use to be. And heal your wife while, I'm at it," the woman said.

"I will help you," Gabriel said.

"Good," the woman said as she stood up revealing herself as Sunset Shimmer. "We got work to do then." (2)


The RV -

"A world where, I became a magical supervillain to gain enough magical items in that Earth so that, I could transform myself into a alicorn," Sunset said staring at the portal.

"You are a good villain. Bad for everyone else but you're a good villain," Twilight said.

"I like to think I'm the token evil teammate," Sunset said.


Chapter 88

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Celestia walk down the streets of the ancient city of Rome, where the modern and ancient world have melded together. Many of the buildings have stood since her daughter and her friends rebuilt it. With things having been added as new technologies appeared. Electric lights and water pipes were added to the still standing buildings. Repairs could be seen from where the old parts of the building were damaged for one reason or another.

Celestia read up on the city that her daughter built. It has remained one of the most advance cities in the world thanks to what she did. The city when it was rebuilt didn’t just have the old city wall to protect it from invasions, it had two outer walls to protect the city. The two walls protected the farmlands and smaller towns and villages outside the city. Which saved the city from falling even as the empire fell apart around it. The city of Rome remained the light in the dark ages that came with the fall of the empire, that split into two. The Western and Eastern Empires.

The old empire influence had been declining after it reached its perk and its territory shrinking. The lands that previously were firmly under their thumbs being either snatched up by opportunistic neighbors seeing the chance to take their old enemy down a peg, or gaining independence at the hands of separatist movements smelling the weakness of their overlord and deciding that the time is ripe to claim their right to self-determination either through political means or open rebellion. Leaving the Western half just a Vestigial Empire that only controls the land around the city of Rome.

The Eastern empire is where the Christians faith that was wiped out in the West survived. Replacing the Triforce as the main religion of the eastern empire and spread its teachings. The Christian sect continued to be the rival of Triforce, going against just about everything that the Triforce teach. Going so far as claiming that singing inflamed the spirit and is the work of the devil, mainly because of Triforce having singing being a big part of their faith.

When the Eastern Empire during the reconquering of the Western Empire, the city of Rome fells thanks to government officials letting the invaders inside. There the Christians did what they could to destroy the Triforce faith. When the armies of the East withdrew once the emperor who drove the invasion died, Rome remained in the hands of the Christians for the next several hundred years. Where the art of singing was stamped out with the Muslins spreading the idea of singing is bad to Asia. The last recorded death for singing was in Africa in the 1400’s where singing became a lost art. (1)

When Rome was retaken and the Triforce became the main religion. No one knew what singing sounded like anymore. Singing is one of those things where exposer is key to know what you’re expiring to do. The Americans attempt to recreate singing fell flat because of that fact. The only singing left came from isolated tribes which till recently, Christians mission continued to do their best to stamp out still clinging to the belief it’s god’s will. Which is how the Native Americans lost the art of singing. (2)

Celestia decided to show the world how to sing and have the world hear it. Hearing what singing is and once the genie is out of the bottle, the Christians can’t stamp it out again. And she knows how to do it thanks to the fact even when it was conquered, the city was left as it was as the emperor at the time made sure his soldiers killed anyone who tried to destroy the city built by the 3 goddesses.


The Colosseum -

The ancient Colosseum is still in use thanks to the 3 goddesses building it to last, like much of the city. Celestia flew over the arena and found it to be empty as night has fallen, which suited her just fine for what she’s planning. Celestia used her magic to activate the ancient devices that only magic could activate, which the magical arts also became a lost art thanks to the Christians stamping it out in the name of their belief.

All over the city projections of what's happening inside the Colosseum could be seen thanks to the stone pillars that have been placed around the city, with black stone blocks on top of them. All projecting the scene of the Colosseum into the night sky, like the old stories said they use to be able to, showing past performances. And in the first time, in a very long time, people heard singing.


The image focuses on Trixie Lulamoon as she stood in one of the entrance halls holding a staff in her hands. The stamping of feet could be heard as she stood there.


Trixie walks out into the field leading people on horses behind her. From the other entrance ways came other horse riders.

'Ladies and gents, this is the moment you've waited for (woah)'
'Been searching in the dark, your sweat soaking through the floor (woah)'
'And buried in your bones there's an ache that you can't ignore'
'Taking your breath, stealing your mind'
'And all that was real is left behind'

From beneath the arena raising on platforms came other performers gathered from all over for the show. Exotic animals were released unknown to the people of Rome like kangaroos, moa's and other animals that the goddesses have gathered around the world. On the middle pillar that is raising high in the air, is Twilight at the controls of the fireworks controls.

'Don't fight it, it's coming for you, running at ya'
'It's only this moment, don't care what comes after'
'Your fever dream, can't you see it getting closer'
'Just surrender 'cause you feel the feeling taking over'
'It's fire, it's freedom, it's flooding open'
'It's a preacher in the pulpit and you'll find devotion'
'There's something breaking at the brick of every wall, it's holding'
'All that you know'
'So tell me do you wanna go?'

As the performers danced and the horse riders stand on their horses as they rode around. The fire breathers let loose their flames into the air. Trixie points to Twilight who fires the fireworks into the air lighting the air in lights.

'Where it's covered in all the colored lights'
'Where the runaways are running the night'
'Impossible comes true, it's taking over you'
'Oh, this is the greatest show'
'We light it up, we won't come down'
'And the sun can't stop us now'
'Watching it come true, it's taking over you'
'Oh, this is the greatest show'

Four huge elephants came walking on either side of Trixie. Leaping down from the backs of the elephants came four gorillas who surrounded Trixie before turning to face the crowd and letting out a roar. Trixie points her staff into the air and a huge fireball burst out from the top where it lit up the sky.

'colossal we come these renegades in the ring'
'(Woah) where the lost get found in the crown of the circus king'

Out from the fireball came Sunset falling to the center of the arena. Who landed on her feet and released birds made out of fire from her hands that flew around the arena.

'Don't fight it, it's coming for you, running at ya'
'It's only this moment, don't care what comes after'
'It's blinding, outshining anything that you know'
'Just surrender 'cause you're calling and you wanna go'

From the air came the acrobats swinging from ropes. They leap from one rope to another as the fire birds flew around them.

'Where it's covered in all the colored lights'
'Where the runaways are running the night'
'Impossible comes true, intoxicating you'
'Oh, this is the greatest show'
'We light it up, we won't come down'
'And the sun can't stop us now'
'Watching it come true, it's taking over you'
'Oh, this is the greatest show'

The acrobats all let go of their ropes and fell to the ground where they were caught by Trixie and Sunset using their telekinesis before they hit the ground. And slowly set them on the ground where they joined the other performers in dancing and singing.

'It's everything you ever want'
'It's everything you ever need'
'And it's here right in front of you'
'This is where you wanna be (this is where you wanna be)'
'It's everything you ever want'
'It's everything you ever need'
'And it's here right in front of you'
'This is where you wanna be'
'This is where you wanna be'

Twilight fired all the fireworks into the sky and in a puff of smoke disappeared from the center pillar. The pillar goes back underneath the arena, both Sunset and Trixie went to their places. in the center.

'When it's covered in all the colored lights'
'Where the runaways are running the night'
'Impossible comes true, it's taking over you'
'Oh, this is the greatest show'
'We light it up, we won't come down'
'And the sun can't stop us now'
'Watching it come true, it's taking over you'
'This is the greatest show'
'When it's covered in all the colored lights'
'Where the runaways are running the night'
'Impossible comes true, it's taking over you'
'Oh, this is the greatest show'
'We light it up, we won't come down'
'And the walls can't stop us now'
'I'm watching it come true, it's taking over you'
'Oh, this is the greatest show'

Both Trixie and Sunset held out their hands in the center. Twilight appeared in a puff of smoke joining her hand in the middle and they dance around as they each glowed their own personal colors. Sunset red, Twilight purple, and Trixie blue, creating a pillar of colors of the Triforce in the air.

'Cause everything you want is right in front of you'
'And you see the impossible is coming true'
'And the walls can't stop us (now) now, yeah'

They broke apart and turn around facing the stands and beams of light from them burst into the night sky. The lights forms the symbol of the Triforce, red, blue, and purple in the sky for all to see for miles around. That formed into a winged horse with a horn, a blue body, red wings, and purple horns and mane.

'This is the greatest show (oh!)'
'This is the greatest show (Oh!)'
'This is the greatest show (oh!)'
'This is the greatest show (oh!)'
'This is the greatest show (Oh!)'
'This is the greatest show (oh!)'
'(This is the greatest show)'
'This is the greatest show (oh!)'
'This is the greatest show!'

The recording of the three goddesses took a bow, to the stands to a roar of cheering from the crowds, both in the past recording and in the present day.

Celestia smiled seeing this as she has brought back some magic into this world that was lost.


Chapter 89

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Rarity smiles as one of the boys of the high school smiles as he walks towards her table in the lunch room, the smile faded as he walks pass her. Rarity turns to see he’s talking with one of those monster girls, a cat girl. Rarity growls seeing how all the boys now are ignoring her and the other human girls just so they can get a girlfriend with one of those monster girls.

“Can you believe it? In one month since the Monstergirls showed up, all the boys are wrap around their fingers,” Rarity said to her friends.

“Tell me about it. All the guys on the teams are now all over the monstergirls. What do they have that we don’t have?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“A really big chest?” Pinkie Pie suggested.

“Hey,” Rainbow Dash growls as she’s completely flat in the chest area.

“She isn’t wrong those cow girls grandma has hired all have Q cups and are all over Big Mac,” Applejack said.

“They’re nice but they all just so open with the boys,” Fluttershy adds.

“Well let’s see, they don’t play by the ‘rules’ you and all the other girls follow,” Sunset said who is sitting next to their table.

“What do you mean by that?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“They don’t play hard to get, they don’t act one way and expect the boys to just know they’re playing around, explains things to the boys instead of just expecting them to just know what their thinking, they don’t go from loving to hating at the drop of the hat, they don’t expect the boys to buy them highly expensive things just for a chance of a kiss. Even without their bodies and looks, they can get the boys because they’re nothing like how the rest of you girls act,” Sunset said. (1)

“Well… the boys should just be happy that we’re giving them a chance like that,” Rainbow said.

“And that’s the reason why your boyfriend dump you the first chance he got,” Sunset said.

“Well you’re the one who release them in the first place,” Rainbow growled.

Sunset had found a underground cave where monstergirls have been sealed away by ancient women who didn’t like how their men were leaving them for monstergirls. They used magic to seal them in the cave and lock them away in a deep sleep forever. That was till Sunset came along and unlike everyone else could just walk into the cave and break the magic seal that kept the monstergirls asleep and sealed away.

“Yes and I’m finally have girlfriends who won’t treat me like trash and still expect me to care for them,” Sunset said who is sitting with a table full of monstergirls.

“I still can’t believe you’re a lesbian,” Rarity said.

“I’m not, I like girls and boys,” Sunset explains.

“I’m surprise you never hit on us,” Applejack said.

“As if I would be into any of you or any of the human girls around here. All of you act the same with boys and I didn’t want to learn first hand how you would act with a girlfriend. Some of you are hot but wanting to be with someone like you girls for years wouldn’t be a happy one for me,” Sunset said. (2)


The RV -

Captain Planet watched the screens of news stations of what’s happening down on the planet below them.

“I want to leave now,” Naruto said coming back onboard with the others.

“The nerve of those girls hitting on you and telling you to do stuff for them and telling you it’s not like they like you,” Kasumi said.

“Just like in so many anime and manga worlds,” Trixie said.

“The only good thing is those monstergirls are causing all the men to leave the women that they’re not married to,” Sunset said.

“Well some are also leaving their wives as well,” Twilight said.

“It be interesting to see what happen in a few years but for now Planet let’s leave this joint,” Trixie said to Captain Planet.

“Seat belts everyone!” Planet said as he starts the RV and heads out for the next world.


Chapter 90

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Rarity smiles as one of the girls of the high school smiles as she walks towards his table in the lunch room, the smile faded as she walks pass him. Rarity turns to see she’s talking with one of those monster boys, a cat boy. Rarity growls seeing how all the girls now are ignoring him and the other human boys just so they can get a boyfriend with one of those monster boys.

“Can you believe it? In one month since the Monsterboys showed up, all the girls are wrap around their fingers,” Rarity said to his friends.

“Tell me about it. All the girls on the teams are now all over the monsterboys. What do they have that we don’t have?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“A really big penis?” Pinkie Pie suggested.

“Hey,” Rainbow Dash growls.

“He isn’t wrong those cow boys grandfather has hired are big,” Applejack said having seen them naked in the communal shower at the farm for the workers.

“They’re nice but they all just so open with the girls,” Fluttershy adds.

“Well let’s see, they’re not jerks like the rest of you,” Sunset said who is sitting next to their table.

“What do you mean by that?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“They don’t play the complete jerk who is hurting inside. And follow the more a woman is treated badly the more they’re interested in the guy treating them that way. All for a chance to end up with one of you jerks,” Sunset said. (1)

“Well… the girls should just be happy that we’re giving them a chance like that,” Rainbow said.

“And that’s the reason why your girlfriend dump you the first chance she got,” Sunset said.

“Well you’re the one who release them in the first place,” Rainbow growled.

Sunset had found a underground cave where monsterboys have been sealed away by ancient men who didn’t like how their women were leaving them for monsterboys. They used magic to seal them in the cave and lock them away in a deep sleep forever. That was till Sunset came along and unlike everyone else could just walk into the cave and break the magic seal that kept the monsterboys asleep and sealed away.

“Yes and I’m finally have guy friends who aren’t jerks,” Sunset said who is sitting with a table full of monsterboys who he made friends with. “The girls left you all, the smart ones anyways because they finally have a chance to be with a nice guy, instead of jerks.”

“Where are the girls?” Fluttershy ask as Sunset was always has a table full of girls.

“They’re with their new monster boyfriends,” Sunset said.

Sunset is happy that the girls now aren’t all over him as he’s the only nice guy in the school. There are still girls who are into bad boys but those are getting fewer. As the girls now have a choice of either jerks or nice monsterboys. Plenty of adult women are also are turning to monstermen, as it seems that once over thirty a switch is suddenly turned on where the women who turned down guys who are just too nice, suddenly realized how much they screwed up. Choosing the guy who threat them as a piece of shit, instead of the too nice guy, who is really looking nice especially pushing the baby carriage and carrying the baby bag.

Sunset just wrote it off as human women being dumb till they reach a certain age. Seeing how he told girls about not going with a guy who is just bad for them. Which they just said that the guy is hurting inside and that she can change him, which never works. And when some of them come crying to him of how hurt they are, he doesn’t bother to help them as he did warn them. (2)


The RV -

Captain Planet watched the screens of news stations of what’s happening down on the planet below them.

“We want to leave now,” the girls said coming back onboard with Naruto.

“This world is what it was like for Naruto,” Kasumi said.

"This reverse gender world is a write off," Trixie adds.

“Seat belts everyone!” Planet said as he starts the RV and heads out for the next world.


Chapter 91

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Rarity smiles as one of the boys of the high school smiles as he walks towards her table in the lunch room, the smile faded as he walks pass her. Rarity turns to see he’s talking with one of those monster girls, a cat girl. Rarity growls seeing how all the boys now are ignoring her and the other human girls just so they can get a girlfriend with one of those monster girls.

“Can you believe it? In one month since the Monstergirls showed up, all the boys are wrap around their fingers,” Rarity said to her friends.

“Tell me about it. All the guys on the teams are now all over the monstergirls. What do they have that we don’t have?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“A really big chest?” Pinkie Pie suggested.

“Hey,” Rainbow Dash growls as she’s completely flat in the chest area.

“She isn’t wrong those cow girls grandma has hired all have Q cups and are all over Big Mac,” Applejack said, having walked in on the cow girls having fun with her brother.

“They’re nice but they all just so open with the boys,” Fluttershy adds.

“And they're nice to us too," Pinkie said.

"Pinkie they're nice to us because they're attracted to us," Rarity said who is fluttered by all the attention but is still uneasy having females all over her.

"And they have no shame. The only reason why they don't have orgies out in the open is because they do behave themselves around young kids," Fluttershy said.

"Other then that they seduce people and couples into having an open relationship and change the views of some women," Rarity said having had her parents hit her with a bombshell of them having a relationship with a spiderwoman name Dora. Who she does get along with as she's great with her little sister and helps her in making clothes using her spider silk. (1)

"Tell me about it," Sunset said who is surrounded by monstergirls at the table they're sitting at.

“Well you’re the one who release them in the first place,” Rainbow growled.

Sunset had found a underground cave where monstergirls have been sealed away by ancient women who didn’t like how their men were leaving them for monstergirls or how they more then willing to have a group marriage with the human women. As the monstergirls are more than willing to have sex with both men and women. The human women used magic to seal them in the cave and lock them away in a deep sleep forever. That was till Sunset came along and unlike everyone else could just walk into the cave and break the magic seal that kept the monstergirls asleep and sealed away.

“Yes and while, I'm ok having a girlfriend. Having a entire harem all in love with me is another," Sunset said who has at least one of each type of monstergirl in her harem.

“I still can’t believe you’re a lesbian,” Rarity said.

“I’m not, I like girls and boys,” Sunset explains.

“I’m surprise you never hit on us,” Applejack said.

“Seeing how you brought it up, to make up for lost time you girls can get to know some of my girlfriends and see if you're ok with being in a harem,” Sunset said.

"Oh ho," Rainbow Dash said not liking how Sunset girls are staring at them like a pack of hungry wolves.


The RV -

"Oh right that's it!" Sunset said as she and the others didn't even bother to go down to the planet.

"We're going to a non sex hungry monstergirl world," Twilight said taking the wheel and driving off.


Chapter 92

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“Princess of the Moon Kingdom, magical guardian, and without your magic you’re nothing but a 14 year old high school girl,” Sunset said holding the crystal while looking down at the form of the sorry excuse of a future ruler of a magical kingdom. Who is screaming after her tongue was pulled out, preventing her from ever using magic as all the magic users on Earth are level 2 magic users who have to talk to use magic. (1)

Sunset turn to the princesses parents and little brother who are tied up and have duct tape over their mouths. After she learn who Sailormoon is, all she needed to do was capture her family and hold them till Moon came home. Followed by her using a knife to cut into her little brother’s arm and placing the knife at his neck, for Moon to place the crystal on the table. And now with the crystal in her her hands as a power source she can use her magic again. (2)

“Don’t worry, I’m not forgetting the other scouts or those other magical girls. Too bad you all kept yourselves hidden and never contact each other. Just makes things easier for me,” Sunset said teleporting away to get the other magical girls magic objects.


The RV -

“Another me who ends up in a world where most of the magical girls shows set in a modern day setting are around. And she’s not fooled by the paper thin I can’t believe people fall for it costumes. And is doing what no villain did in that world. Find out who they are and attack them at home,” Sunset said.

“Shouldn’t we help?” Naruto asked.

“Nope as the only way for that Neo Tokyo or Silver whatever age of peace where Moon rules. Is by the magical girls not doing anything to stop the great freeze from killing off most of the people of that world off. And them taking over and such,” Twilight said.

“Seen it happen so many times with the Moon kingdom. So we’re not going to help people who are willing to allow something like the great freeze to happen so that their version of what should happen and with them on top to happen,” Sunset said.


Chapter 93

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Sunset sitting in her wheelchair on the second floor balcony with Moondancer and Twilight on either side of her. She's looking over the speakers so that it be ready for her mom so that everyone can hear her. The others are down with the crowd in the hustle and bustle of the town ponies who are putting the finishing touches on the part where they contribute. Many of the ponies been up all night to fix up everything to the liking of Sunset. Others are seated at tables enjoying the food many of which are still nice and warm. The last of the meals were made just as the train came in with the royal guards for the main event when the princess comes in to bring up the sun.

The 3 main branches of the Royal Guard position themselves for the main event. The first were the Solar Guard, the most elite of Equestria’s guard and Celestia’s personal guard. Their duty was to personally protect Princess Celestia from assassins and protect the capital of Canterlot and the castle. The next guard was the Unicorn Guard their general duty was to monitor and protect large cities like Canterlot while also being on call at a moment’s notice to create barriers to repel attacks. The Pegasus guard, comprised of Equesnia's best fliers with the Wonderbolts being a special unit. They handled all things sky based and were the guards and forces of all the cloud cities.

"I hope that you find everything to your liking princess Sunset," Rarity said who walk up the stairs to talk with Sunset.

"The food unlike before now has more then just apple dishes. The sky is now clear of clouds. The decorations isn't all fancy like the parties, I have been to before. And there be a follow up after the birds," Sunset said listing things off. "Yes mom will like this. But of course the first 2 only happen because of me revealing, I'm mom's daughter. Which won't please her at all."

"Well if there's anything we can do to make this up to you please just ask," Rarity said as humble as she could.

"I'm leaving with mom after this is all over with so there's no point. I hope the next place, I'm sent to have the sense to listen to suggestions before it become orders," Sunset said having turned on the speakers letting all the ponies below hear her.

"Princess...," Rarity said seeing that everyone heard her.

"I turn on the speakers to make sure the ponies who are too lazy or too prideful know that it's too late. So that, I won't be bothered by ponies coming up to me and pleading with me not to tell my mom on how bad things went for me here," Sunset said before glaring at the pink pony Pinky. "And in case any pink pony thinks that by throwing me a party would make me forget that she broke into the place, I was staying at. Or I even like parties to begin with." (1)

"Hee heh," Pinky laugh as she shrank underneath all the eyes turn on her.

"You and Fluttershy are the only two who were nice," Sunset said.

"I see," Rarity said walking off to join her sister. She was going to be the one to pull the cord to drop the drapes but Sunset took over that job.

"Cue the music," Sunset said looking down at Fluttershy.

The performance officially began as Fluttershy's birds began their song sounding out and echoing forth across the crowded hall.

"Ponies of Ponyvile, as her daughter, I princess Sunset introduce to you my mother princess Celestia," Sunset said dropping the drapes.

Sunset blink as she saw the shock looks of the ponies down below and the gasp they gave out. She turn around and froze in shock seeing not her mother but another Alicorn standing in her place. The dark Alicorn mirrored her mother in body in every way but is clan in armor that covered but still revealed her busty body underneath. And Sunset quickly realized who it is, as spending lock in her mother's room allowed her all the time needed to read through all of her mother's old thing and journals she kept.

"Oh, my beloved subjects. It's been so long since I've seen your precious, little sun-loving faces." Nightmare Moon announced as she was looking at the audience of ponies. looking over the still form of Sunset who stood in front of her.

"What did you do with our Princess?!" Rainbow Dash yelled out as she tried to charge at Nightmare Moon but she was stopped by Applejack grabbing her tail.

"Whoa there, Nelly..." Applejack as she grabbed Rainbow by the shoulder and forced her down Nightmare Moon than began a cold and cruel chuckle.

"Tell us, whom among you know who I am?” Nightmare Moon prompted as her demonic eyes skimmed over the ponies.

"...Yes. You're... Nightmare Moon," Twilight said who like Moondance has her arm wrap around Sunset for protection.

"Well, well, well, somepony who remembers me. Then you also know why I'm here?" Nightmare Moon ask eyeing the two unicorns who has her niece between them.

"You're here to... to..." Twilight Sparkle began to stammer. Having lost the confidence she had for that moment.

"She's not Nightmare Moon," Sunset spoke up.

"What?" Nightmare Moon ask looking at Sunset.

"She's Princess Luna. My mom's sister and my aunt," Sunset said revealing the truth shocking everyone.

"Sunset you can't be serious!" Moondancer said.

"Your mom doesn't have a sister," Twilight added.

"She is my aunt," Sunset said as she shoves the two away from her and rolls herself up to her aunt.

"You are a smart one my niece. How did you learn that?" Luna ask.

"I spent enough time in mom's room to go through all of her old things and the journals she kept," Sunset said causing Luna to give out a laugh.

"Reading through her old journals and going through her old things. Like how me and her use to do with our parents," Luna said chuckling. "So you know what happen between us then?"

"Mom banish you to the moon because you become this and wanted to bring forever night to the world. So you and mom fought and she used the elements of harmony to send you to the moon for a thousand years. Instead of trying to reason with you or talk things out. Just like with me and you can see what happen to me," Sunset said waving to her useless legs and her now wheelchair bond.

"So my niece you know how your mother treat ponies who don't follow her way of thinking or how they should be," Luna said.

"Yes, I tried to learn dark magic and when she learned of it, well this is the end results," Sunset said as she wheeled herself next to her aunt.

"Sunset?" Twilight asked as Sunset is now by her aunt's side.

"I'm with my aunt. I hate mom for crippling me all those years ago and I'm backing my aunt's rule," Sunset explains.

"You're just going to abandon your mother?" Moondancer asked.

"Why should, I care about her?" Sunset asked.

"But she's been so good to you," Twilight pointed out.

"Only after she cripple me and depower me so I can never use magic again. All she wants from me at this point is giving her a grandchild so that she can raise an heir as she wants," Sunset said.


The RV -

I'm a cripple who can't use magic and at the first chance, I got. Went and sided with aunt Luna," Sunset said watching the screen.

"There are sure a bunch of those worlds," Trixie said.

"At least this isn't one where, I'm used as pack mule," Twilight said.

"I kind of like it, you were a mule faced pack mule," Trixie smirks.

"While you were the one whipping my counterpart," Twilight said.

"Better then the one where you like it and scream for more," Sunset deadpanned.

"Let's not talk about that one," Twilight said blushing and changing the channel.


Chapter 94

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Sunset held the headpiece that Sailor Galaxia once wore and place it right next to the head piece of Queen Nehellenia. Sunset closed the display case and gaze at all of her trophies of all the defeated villains that showed up one after another. All of them would had faced either the Sailor scouts or the other magical girls. But unlike them, she wasn't a dumb high school girl who had no training in magic. And using her training defeated each threat quicker than those fools would had done.

"Is that the last of them?" Hotaru asked. The only scout who still has her powers. Sunset had taken her as her student after taking care of her father and his gang of witches. His glasses are in a display along with items from the witches.

"Looks like it," Sunset said looking at all the other display cases. "So many magical warriors, all facing villains at either were created by their factions or some other reason. But all using the gift of magic badly."

"Once we go and takeover Equestria, we can just turn off the magic?" Hotaru asked.

"Yes and all the other magical threats will find themselves powerless. Or dead if the only thing keeping them alive is magic," Sunset said. "How are the Daimons coming along?"

"The factories are creating them by the hundreds a day," Hotaru said.

Sunset had used her magic to become wealthy and built chemical factories to mass produce Daimons. That Hotaru's father had used before Sunset put a stop to him and his gang. She not only improved on the daimons but made them more controllable.

"Good the mirror will be reopening in 5 days and we'll need to be ready for my return," Sunset said.

"But is it really ok just to take all magic from this universe?" Hotaru asked. "Its like that show Star Vs Evil."

"Well seeing how all the magical worlds we been to that are connected to Earth all horde their magic and use it for only for themselves. Making sure that any non magical beings can't ever use magic or know of it. Wiping out their memories or even the entire race just to keep magic to themselves. Only sharing it when they're in charge over a planet. I really don't see why I shouldn't cut off the flow of magic from the source. After all can you really think of one magical world that shares their magical knowledge with others?" Sunset asked. (1)

"No, I can't," Hotaru said.

"And that's why I'm putting an end to the misuse of magic and hording it by cutting it off to this universe," Sunset said.


The RV -

"The me who cut off the tongues of the magical girls to take their magic and took care of all of their villains. Is doing the Star Vs Evil ending plot thing," Sunset said staring at the screen.

"Well in that universe all magic does come from Equestria and by cutting it off. All magic will go with it and even energy beings like Chaos and the likes will be gone as well as they all need magic to survive and live," Twilight said.

"And no one can stop her seeing how all the magic users there need to chat their spells correctly to use them," Trixie said.

"Which is why I had all of us learn to use wordless magic so that we don't have that weakness," Sunset said turning off the screen. (2)


Chapter 95

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Continue from chapter 88

Celestia step up to the stand where she would speak to the members of the press. It’s been about a month since she came to Earth and made huge waves in the social order of the world. Revealing that gods are flawed and are just people with powers. About there is no one who knows about what happens when you die, as no one ever came back to tell about it. And her bringing back singing to the world, that has spread like wildfire.

Singing is something that being expose to it is needed to know what you’re trying to do. People came copy birds singing but that’s it’s as the best people could do was copying bird cries which is nice to hear, isn’t human singing, they’re bird cries. Since Celestia began broadcasting the old recordings of the shows that her daughter and friends once held in the Roman Colosseum. Each new song cause more and more young people to try their voice at singing.

Of course for the Christians and other groups who share their views that singing is the work of the devil, has cause much unrest. With mostly the young not caring about what an old book says is right, as they don’t see why singing was banded in the first place. And is the main reason why Celestia was called to the press conference for all the unease she is causing.

“I have been asked to hold this press conference because of me reintroducing singing to the world. That has been causing unrest around the world. I do not regret giving back music to this world. The young and those who been searching for it now know what was taken from them, so that people who stood against my daughter and her friends, for power and wealth not for the belief of the god they use to gain power, just so that they could maintain their control. Seen it happen so many times on so many planets, a small group of people who maintain power by saying what they say comes from the god of the faith they control. Seeing how people have tried and failed to recreate singing since it was stamped out. There are plenty who enjoy having it back, instead of having to listen to the bird songs,” Celestia explains. (1)

The reports all erupted in questions, only to have their voices all silenced by Celestia making a glowing hand wave. The reporters all found that they couldn’t talk, no matter how hard they try to make a sound. All stared at the goddess before them.

“I will give you all back your voices after. I have more to say,” Celestia said to the stun crowd. “I call for questions you raise your hand and if you find yourself able to talk you’re the one who gets to ask the question.”

The crowd of reporters all settled down.

“The problem isn’t singing, it’s because of people who believe more in the belief, not the god which the faith is based around. Do you have any idea how many times my followers who meet me for the first time, can’t believe that I’m their goddess? The goddess that they built up or were told by others are so unlike me that, when they finally meet me. They can’t believe that the goddess they pray to and give so much to, is me. Many go into denial as the goddess they built up is so unlike me that I can’t be their goddess. The ones who can relate to me are stars of entertainment of all kinds, especially the movie and tv ones. Fans seeing their favorite star on the big screen and when they finally meet them in person, they find that they’re not like what they seen on the screen. If the god of the Bible ever comes to Earth, many of the most devoted follows of the Bible will be in complete denial that the god they gave themselves to, is what is standing in front of them. For the god in front of them can’t be their god as the god is not the god of the imagination that their belief told them what god is like and what they think god is in their minds. Any questions?” Celestia ask. (2)

“So god of the Bible wouldn’t be anything like is written?” a reporter asked.

“Of course not, if that was true than god would be evil and cruel than. How the Bible has god written, he went and cause the things to happen so that it became worse, like the Egyptian ruler’s heart to harden so that the plagues could continue instead of ending earlier. To win a bet cause nothing but suffering to a man to lose everything, and once the bet is over thinks that just by giving the man a new family it makes up for the deaths of the old one. It be someone killing your whole family and than telling you that they give you a new one. So many stories that has god being evil and petty, and that’s the god the believers want. A god if you don’t follow what the Bible says to live your life you go to Hell, which is so narrow that no one is pure or good enough to get into the Heaven of the Bible. How many saints who killed in the name of god would be in Hell for it is still a sin to murder, even in the name of god. As for forgiving that sin, won’t mean the punishment isn’t still going to happen. And everyone and I mean everyone in the entire universe all go to Hell who aren’t believers in one god on one planet, just because you humans think you’re that special that the creator of everything chose only you humans and only you humans to be the only special race there is. And the only proof to that belief is an old book, while here am I a goddess telling you that isn’t true,” Celestia said with a heavy sigh.

The sky darken as night fall, followed by the sun rising. This repeated several times before stopping.

“My power is based around gravity, to the point where I can spin this planet around like that of a one of those globes. I can move the Star in this solar system like it’s nothing. I have gone around this planet helping here and there, helping those who need the help. I am the real deal but even with all I have shown, people holds onto their denial and refuse to even admit I’m real. Because doing so would mean that their belief is wrong, and that is horrifying for them to face. They rather hold onto their denial than to ever admit that they’re wrong. I seen people break down as they finally face the truth and admit that they’re wrong. Or are in so much denial that they’re living in their own little world where what they believe is what is real and choose to ignore the reality that they’re living in,” Celestia said. (3)

Celestia makes a beer mug appear in front of her and takes a drink.

“Like this for example. I pulled a mug of beer from a nearby bar and take a drink. Do you have any idea of how many of my old followers telling me that I shouldn’t drink something like this. As they view me as being so refine that I only drink the most finest and most expensive wines and when I rather be drinking beer and eating a burger? I would actually like having the god of the Bible appearing on Earth. Not only would I have another god to talk to, but I can watch as the believers of the faiths based around him, face their god and learn how much their god isn’t like they imagine them to be. And yes the god of the Bible can either be a man or a woman or another gender,” Celestia explains.

“There’s more than one gender?” a reporter asked.

“Don’t start that, depending on the race there can be many different genders. Not counting the ones where they just say they’re a gender while not being that gender. One planet I visited had created 10 different genders when they like you humans only have two, male and female, with the odd hermaphrodite being born now and than. But they just created more genders and while I can understand living as the gender you want to be and getting an operation to change it or living as what you want but can’t afford to change gender. There are many worlds where either by medical science or something else you can change gender as easily as getting a tooth pulled. They instead just say they are one kind of gender and never change their sex. I couldn’t understand it so I just left and I’m telling you to just drop it as if it’s this confusing for me a goddess, it be even more confusing for you mortals,” Celestia said

“About the people you have been helping. You have been only been…,” a reporter was asking but found his voice gone.

“You want to know why I’m not helping the whites in the country you come from, the United States. Why I only visited the places where non whites live, helping them. Creating buildings and infrastructure for the betterment of their lives, instead of helping you whites who ignore the problem and hold a different standard of rights over them. I don’t help people who oppress your own people who aren’t the same as you, while saying you’re fighting for freedom. I refuse to help, I only help those who have need for my help. When your country gives the same rights to those who aren’t white, than I will help,” Celestia said.


The RV -

“Bravo,” Sunset said watching the scene of the goddess version of Celestia.

"Never like the way things are like in that time in America," Trixie said.

"Tell me about it," Twilight said with her and the gang avoiding going around during that time because of the culture of the time.


Chapter 96

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Ever Free High the school where the children of fairytale characters go to, to fulfill their destinies of their stories. But this year things are different, as two new transfer students had come to the school from the American tales. The descendants of Dorothy Gale, the twin sisters, Sunset and Sunrise Shimmer. The rumor mill is already running about the two sisters.

“This is Blondie Lockes with the latest scoop of the two transfer students,” the schools resident gossip expert and social media mogul in her magic mirror that acts like a smartphone, letting her be able to spread the news to anyone with a mirror. “According to my sources the two sisters were living on the streets and in a youth home till they were discovered to be the descendants of Dorothy Gale of the Oz books. Those who don’t know, the main branch of the family tree were in a airplane accident that resulted in the deaths of the blood relatives of the Gale family. It looked like the story would end with those deaths, but luckily the original Gale had more than one child and is how the twin sisters came to be.”

“Blondie the Gale twins are here,” Dexter Darling said as he spotted the bus that carried the twins in the front.

Blondie and a number of the other students rush to the main door to see the transfer students. The first to enter is a tall redhead with long hair that has a yellow stripe that makes her hair look like bacon. Unlike the other girls in the school she was dress very plainly. She wore a pair of brown work boots, a white shirt and blue overalls, no makeup or jewelry with the exception of a cheap waist watch. Followed by another redhead that’s a mirror copy of the first one and wearing the same outfit but with no watch.

But what really caught the attention of the students is how big both girls are. Both girls stand at 8’10” towering over all the other students and teachers with few exceptions like Tiny the only giant in the school. And with both of them of them wearing short sleeve white shirts showed of their burly builds. Both girls are built like brick houses, powerful bodies that put the boys to shame. Than there are their giant breasts that are squeezed into their shirts and being compressed by their overalls, with the metal clips straining to hold them back. And there’s also the outlines of their big butts even in the loose fitting overalls they’re wearing. Both sisters wear clothes meant for big and tall men but still have a hard time finding clothes that fit them. (1)

“Wow,” Dexter said staring at the two amazons.

“They’re big,” Blondie said and couldn’t help but look down at her small chest and at the pairs that the two transfer students have, and could help but feel envy at the kind of bodies they have.


The RV -

“So in this world my counterpart ran into her human counterpart and they became sisters. And because of Sunset being Celestia’s daughter even in her human form is big thanks to the fact that the ponies are antro ponies who are giants compared to humans,” Sunset said watching the screen.

“What did happen to your human counterpart?” Captain Planet asked.

“I don’t know,” Sunset said. (2)


Chapter 97

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A Commission -

Lyra look around as she taps her I-glasses that are recording everything that she's seeing. She had discovered a portal that lead to wherever this place is, at the base of the horse statue in front of the school. Now she's recording everything that she's seeing, which is some kind of fancy building from the looks of things.

"Bon Bon you hear me?" Lyra ask.

"Yes I can," Bon Bon said back on the other side of the portal.

"Good. Don't make any calls or anything to me. I don't want to end up like that guy in that alien movie where someone called him and got the monster's attention," Lyra said as she began exploring the chamber.

The first thing that Lyra noticed was how big everything is compared to her. There was a massive wooden chair in the chamber with her, it reminded her of how as a young child everything was just so much bigger. The chamber looks to be a storage room with several things covered in dust, but the mirror looked like it was new to the room from the lack of dust on it.

She found a massive door that while is in the shape of a door, like the chair and other items in the room, is much bigger than she's use to. Standing in front of the door brought back memories when she was younger and smaller where she had to reach up to reach the door handle. Opening the door Lyra found herself on an upper balcony overlooking a long hallway. She saw at one end of the balcony is a door and walk down to it.


Bond in magical chains that kept her from using her magic, Celestia stood in the middle of the throne room where the monster lords had gathered together.

Shiva Revilis the goddess of balance. Her upper body is that of a pale purpler skin woman with long thick silver hair that's kept in twin pony tails by a huge skull like helmet. The lower half of her body is that of a long silver snakes. She wore what she passes off as a dress with more of the front missing, with two sections of cloth covering her H cup sized breasts with a plunging neckline that just barely stays above her groin.

Alice Fateburn the 15th. Her upper body is that of a large purple skinned woman, with long white hair with two horns growing on the top of her head. Her lower body is that of a large purple scaled snake. Her slender but busty form betrays her hidden strength, she wears a black skimpy top that barely covers her K cup sized breasts and a short black skirt.

Fan Mei the fox queen. She wore a sleeveless white kimono that showed off her H cup chest. She wore nothing underneath as anyone looking could only see naked flesh, she also wore a long white fur scarf and a golden hairpiece. She also wore a collar with a large bell on it.

Dragona the dragon queen. Her buxom shapely body is only covered by a skimpy leather armor. The armor if it can even be called that, left much of her body exposed. More like an open leather coat, barely covering her ample H cup breasts and panty like bottom. Her skin is light brown with patches of red scales here and there, mostly on her arms and neck on her body. She has short light pink hair with two horns coming out and yellow eyes. On her back grew a large pair of leathery bat like wings and lower down is a long lizard like tail.

Lei Ling the orochi queen. She unlike the others appears as a young slender woman with long black hair and red eyes. She is dressed in a many layered kimono of different shades of red. She's like one of those dolls that are dress up in kimonos. She is the smallest in size and has the figure of a slim young woman.

Xueli the angel demon queen. A white skin demon with very long black hair that she keeps in twin pony tails that reach the ground. Her pale body is covered in tribal tattoos and has four pairs of wings on her back, the set on the right are demon wings and the left angel like wings. She's wearing a red Chinese style dress that has a hole in the middle that shows off the deep valley of her huge G cup breasts and expose her flat belly. The dress is also cut to show off her long shapely hips, the long sleeves of her dress aren't connected but held up by straps on the arms.

Sei Mei the nurarihyon queen. A dusty skin beauty with black hair that moves on its own. She's a powerful demon who uses her hair as a weapon, even hardening them to razor wire in strength. She has her long black hair done up making it look like there's a circle on the back of her head, held by a large hair piece that looks like a hat. She's wearing a green kimono that is worn loose revealing her shoulders and her large H cup burst.

Sharia the Great Demon Goddess. She is a long haired beauty who has large golden bat like wings on her back. She also wore next to nothing, wearing nothing but what could loosely be called panties, a collar, and sandals. Leaving her G cup size breasts uncovered.

Benfelite Neuros the demon queen. Who is a very busty dark skin woman with long purple hair. She's a bit taller then the others and she has a far more busty figure. She has large firm breasts much bigger then the others at K cups and a much curvier body to go with it. She has two large horns poking out of her hair, two pairs of wings one pair on her back and a smaller pair coming from her lower back. She also has a long purple tail. She's wearing nothing but armor that showed off 98 percent of her body. With strips and barely there underwear that just covers enough to hide her naughty bits.

Lunatine Sakiess the Divine goddess. Who is the rival of Benfelite. She is the opposite of her rival with her being a pale skin woman with long white hair. She is as tall and as busty as her rival. Only wearing a long white cape, with wrappings on her breasts and a skirt that's long in the back and mini in the front.

Each of them held a Sunset who using the mirror pool created 9 copies of her. Celestia remembered how Sunset was dragged before her cell to confirm who she is. Learning that Sunset is the runaway princess, the monster lords place her in the cell on the other side of the room giving Celestia the prefect view of what’s happening in the other cell that held her daughter.

Celestia had to watch as Sunset was gang rape by the monster lords, followed by all the other monsters they commanded. Celestia could only watch and tried to stretch out her arms to reach the broken form of her daughter. Unable to comfort her daughter who she had so many years to contact but never did, and her trying to comfort Sunset with her words when she wasn’t being rape was only met with silence from Sunset.

Now the monster lords have made clones of Sunset for each of them. Where Celestia was force to watch as the monster lords once again rape her daughter in front of her. But this time all of them had their own Sunset to rape and not had to share with the others.

“Now that we had our fun, we’re going to be playing another game. Seeing how we have used up your daughter you can have her back, only if you can pick which one is the original,” Alice said as she and the other monster lords held a Sunset close to them and held their mouths closed.

Celestia stared at each of the Sunset’s who over the course of the rape orgy, had been traded by the other monster lords repeatedly. Celestia had lost track of which of them is the original. She had to pick at random than.

“The one Sharia is holding,” Celestia said hoping that she picked right.

“Wrong,” Sharia said smugly.

“And now we feast,” Dragona said licking her lips.

Shiva Revilis unhinged her jaws and shallows her Sunset feet first. Who struggles as she tried to keep herself from being eaten. But her strength had been drained by the rapes and she couldn’t fight against the bigger and stronger monster. Sunset’s cried out to Celestia as her head was the last to be swallowed by Shiva and she found herself in her stomach where the cramp space kept her from moving. Sunset tried to stand up but the walls are too slippery and narrow, the walls tighten to keep her from moving and the stomach acid began to fill the stomach chamber.

Alice Fateburn the 15th snake body vagina opening enlarged as she forces Sunset into it feet first. Sunset grip the sides of Alice’s snake body trying to keep herself from sinking. But the muscles of the snake body kept drawing more and more of her body in, till only her arms were sticking out before disappearing into the snake’s body.

Fan Mei wraps Sunset in her tails swallowing her in their mass. Sunset’s arms and legs would poke out as the tails twisted and pumps away at her struggling body. The struggling stop and the tails pressed down and Fan Mei’s stomach swelled as somehow Sunset was passed into the Fox woman’s stomach.

Dragona opens her jaws wide and shallows Sunset head first . Sunset struggled and kick her feet as the dragon woman stuffs her down her mouth and into her stomach. Dragona being a dragon easily overpowers Sunset as she disappears into her stomach.

Lei Ling unhinged her jaws and swallowed Sunset head first. But once she reached Sunset’s knees Lei Ling being the smallest of the monster lords found she couldn’t fit anymore of Sunset’s body, to the relief of Sunset and Celestia. But instead of spitting Sunset out, Lei Ling instead summon her 7 other selves who each represents one of her heads. Together they forced Sunset’s legs to bend and fit down the main Lei Ling’s throat.

Xueli jaws open wide as she stuffs Sunset head first into her maw. With Sunset having her back to Xueli before she began eating her, is treated to the sight of Sunset’s breasts inching closer to her mouth with each shallow. Xueli grabbed Sunset’s breasts squeezing them down to fit them into her mouth, followed by the rest of her body.

Sei Mei used her hair to lift Sunset up above her, her jaws open wide and slowly force Sunset feet first down her throat. Using her hair she forced Sunset’s body into a better and more comfortable position within her stomach. Sunset gave out a cry as her head is the last to be swallowed.

Sharia gobbles up Sunset, by forcing her into her mouth head first. She enjoyed the muffle screams coming from Sunset who is sliding down her throat, feeling pleasure in her struggle. And once she was swallowed whole, Sharia enjoyed feeling Sunset trying to push herself in the tight confines of her stomach walls.

Benfelite Neuros tail opens up like a mouth and shallows Sunset’s head and slowly drew the rest of her body in. Swallowing up her body with her failing feet being the last part freed before being swallowed up. Sunset’s body could be seen making a bulge as it traveled up the tail till she reached Benfelite’s butt. Where the bulge was squeezed in, and Sunset found herself in Benfelite’s stomach.

Lunatine Sakiess swallowed Sunset feet first and stops her swallowing as she walks to Celestia. Sunset grabs onto Celestia and she in turn grabs onto Sunset. She had watched all the other Sunset’s eaten and she wouldn’t let this one go without a fight. It became a tug of war as Lunatine resume swallowing Sunset, while Celestia pulled with all of her might to pull her out.

But while Celestia was bound in place, Lunatine was free to move around which she did as she simply walk forward, all awhile swallowing more and more of Sunset’s body as she did. Celestia eyes widen in horror as the only part of Sunset that isn’t inside Lunatine is her face and arms, that she’s holding onto. Lunatine smiles as she bites down, chopping off Sunset’s arms that Celestia held onto to swallowing up Sunset. With Celestia screaming as she held onto the bloody arms of daughter and watch in horror as her screaming face was swallowed up by the monster in front of her.

Than the monster lords all gathered around the sobbing fallen ruler of ponies. Their bellies bloated with the bodies of her daughters, with them struggling as they’re being digested alive. They pressed their stomach together on all side of Celestia, making her feel her daughters inside their stomach slowly dying as their stomach acids ate away at them. (1)

From where she watched and recorded it all, Lyra crawled back to the mirror to escape this nightmare.


Chapter 98

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Unlike what happen in other Godzilla worlds, the modern weapons are able to harm and kill the giant monsters. Helped by the fact that there are superheroes in this world. Who have already killed the king of the monsters, Godzilla thanks to Thor using his hammer to take off Godzill’s head and having space ships to carry the remains into space and into the sun. (1)

Celestia watched on the tv screen of this world’s Twilight and Sunset battle against giant ants. Twilight is this world's Ironman or Ironwoman, and Sunset is the granddaughter of Steve Rogers who inherited the super soldier powers. And her mother is her counterpart who is everything that she wasn’t to her Sunset.

Celestia walks away from the bar that was showing the news. She walks into the women’s restroom and making sure that there’s no one inside opens a portal and steps into another world.


Another world -

Celestia watch as this worlds Sunset pulls off the wings of her counterpart, followed by her cutting off her horn. Another world where Sunset came back and brought an army with her to takeover. Her counterpart like her was completely unprepared in dealing with that kind of a force and lost.


Another World -

Celestia watched as a homeless human counterpart of her gave away a young Sunset to child services. Unable to care for her daughter that Celestia did the only thing she could do and gave her daughter a better chance at life.


Another World -

Celestia watched as her counterpart struggles to provide for her daughter in the trailer home they lived in. Both of them live a hard life but both of them have a loving relationship as they both support each other.


Another World -

Celestia a rich business woman walk by her daughter Sunset without even a glance at her. Leaving her daughter alone like she does all the time.

Celestia watched all this and saw herself with her Sunset.


Another World -

Celestia watched as her counterpart a superheroine wearing a skin tight body suit with her wings coming out from slits on the back. Flew into the supervillain a cyborg, knocking him away from Sunset who wore the same suit as her mother and has the same powers as her. Teaching her daughter how to use her powers bypassing the years of self learning and training that she had to do on her own.


Another World -

Celestia watched as her counterpart takes in Sunset to be her student and wonders how this one will turn out. She has been to so many worlds already, where it’s a coin flip in what her relationship with Sunset is like. Sometimes good and sometimes bad, with different outcomes in what happens afterwards.

Celestia has began to wonder if she shouldn’t just find a Sunset who needs a mother and take her in. Her Sunset made it clear that she doesn’t want her and she ruined her chances with her. It would be so easy to just forget about her Sunset and start with another.

No she couldn’t do that, it would admitting that she is like all those other Celestia’s who ruin things with their Sunset’s and makes no effort at all to fix things. She wouldn’t be like that, she won’t give up on making things right with her Sunset. She will be one of those Celestia’s who ruin thing and earn the forgiveness of their Sunset for being a bad mother to them.


Chapter 99

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In the Pentagon president Nixon is meeting with the top brass of the arm forces and other high level members of the government. Since the goddess Celestia first showed herself on the moon with the Soviet cosmonaut Alexei Leonov making first contact with her. They had all watched the landing and the entire world learned that they’re not alone and the first alien they met is a goddess.

“From what we managed to gather, gods according to Celestia are immortal but can be killed. With the older a god is the stronger they become, comparing it to like a seedling of a fully grown redwood tree. That is the only reason why her daughter and her friends died. In human terms when they were killed they were only between 7 to 10 years old. Celestia is far older and much stronger, with better control of her powers,” a army officer said.

“She’s basically Superman. We all watch her just stand there was those cops fired at her during that march protecting those black protesters,” a government head said.

“Before lifting them all up into the air and one by one rips their arms and legs off. With her telling one who pleaded with her that he has a family, ‘And those Civil Rights marches don’t have any or it only matters when it’s happening to you?’ And ripping his arms and legs apart. Then there was the klan march where she lifted them all up into the air and burst their eyeballs, snap their spines so that they can’t move or feel anything below their necks anymore,” Nixon imputed. “Oh and there was that march where she pulled all the guns from the cops and pointed them to their faces, forcing them to strip out of their uniforms and those who didn’t she shot their kneecaps with their own guns.” (1)

“Now the civil rights movement is gaining ground as the local governments are giving into their demands for equal rights. Anyone who tries to stop the movement has to deal with Celestia,” a government head said.

“I can only imagine what she will do if she takes an interest in Vietnam,” a general said.

“And what else has she been doing that’s positive?” Nixon asked.

“Celestia has been making once barren lands green, cleaning up waterways, building infrastructure that would had cost millions otherwise. But all being done in the minority areas and in less developed countries. Celestia refuses to help in anything else, as she refuses to help as we don’t give minorities the same rights,” a government head said.

"Celestia is also been active in areas of conflict and from what has been observed she is immune to everything that's been thrown at her. There's reports of her taking tank fire with no effect. She just catches them with her bare hands and throwing them back at the tanks, straight down the barrel of the tanks. As for what effects missiles would have on her, she would just toss them back with her telekinesis. She done it with all the RPGs used on her," a general said.

“What’s the use of missiles when all she has to do is send them flying back at us or if we’re lucky into space? She’s Superman with more powers than just super strength and she admits that she’s not as physical strong as she could be, but with telekinesis that can move planets she doesn’t need it. Is there any plans in handling her?” Nixon asked.

“The best we can come up with is nuking her. But it would need to be her not knowing it’s coming,” a general said.

“It’s not like in the comics where we have a magical sword, a ray gun or there’s something that weakens her. Or have people with superpowers. We have to face facts, there is nothing we have currently but nukes that would be able to kill her. And even than if she survives than we’re dead. She can just kill all of us by flinging us into space or just decided to smash the moon down on us or just throw the planet into the sun,” another general said. (2)

“And there is the fact she’s a sun goddess and said that she likes to bath in stars,” a government head said. (3)

“We need to get her on our side. Other countries are already doing what they can to woo her to their side. If the Soviets are able to get her to side with them, all of our defense strategies are out of the window,” Nixon said in deep thought.

"All the people she's been helping are those who either asked for her help and are the ones that she would help, or are apart of the Triforce faith who need her help. From what has been observe of her actions with other governments, she doesn't response to just about everything, the only thing that she shows interest in as a gift is sweets. She has been heard saying that she rather see the countries doing things that would get her to even be interested in being on their side," a government head said.

"Either, I sign into law what those civil rights marchers want and get into the good graces of Celestia. Or don't and risk another country having a goddess on their side," Nixon said rubbing his head not liking his choices.


Chapter 100

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Lyra look around as she taps her I-glasses that are recording everything that she's seeing. She had discovered a portal that lead to wherever this place is, at the base of the horse statue in front of the school. Now she's recording everything that she's seeing, which is some kind of fancy building from the looks of things.

"Bon Bon you hear me?" Lyra ask.

"Yes I can," Bon Bon said back on the other side of the portal.

"Good. Don't make any calls or anything to me. I don't want to end up like that guy in that alien movie where someone called him and got the monster's attention," Lyra said as she began exploring the chamber.

The chamber looks to be a storage room with several things covered in dust, but the mirror looked like it was new to the room from the lack of dust on it. Opening the door of the room, Lyra found herself on an upper balcony overlooking a long hallway. She saw at one end of the balcony is a door and walk down to it.

Through the door she found herself on a staircase that overlooks a throne room and is full of people. Lyra's eyes widen as she sees who the people inside the room are supervillains, as in a supervillain family. The Scotsdale family who are all villains and been a terror of Canterlot for generations. They're also all redheaded women in this generation and group into smaller gangs of which batch they came from. The Scotsdale sisters are all but for one multiple births, with all having super strength, durability all standing at 7 feet and above, with some having other powers than that.

The Glam Jams, who all wear extravagant clothes and makeup, and strike fabulous poses. The oldest of the sisters who taken up wearing glam rock outfits and wield musical weapons.

9 - Ann who uses a bass guitar, Bella who uses a electric guitar, Celly who uses a violin, Debby who uses a flute, Ellen who uses a drum, Fanny who uses a keyboard, Ginny who uses a tambourine, Hilda who uses maracas, and Izabella who uses a saxophone.

The Construction Team, are a construction theme villains who all dress in overalls gloves and hardhats.

6 - Jaida uses a hammer, Kali uses a large wrench, Luiza uses power tools, Miley uses a power saw and a crowbar, Netia uses a nailgun and a pickaxe, and Ovee uses a welding torch and a shovel.

The Death Team are a sport theme group all mastering a different sport and dress in the uniform.

8 - Pola is baseball, Quelle is tennis, Ryann is football, Stormi is golf, Tzipora is cricket, Urenna is hockey, Venezia is archery, and Wesleigh is fishing.

The Giggles who are all clown theme that creeps out everyone even their own family. They only talk using whistles, giggling, and animal noises. All dress in the same skin tight black outfits with white faces with different colored lips.

3 - Xanthia is a clown who moves around on all fours or in acrobat moves, with red lips and has a powerful sense of smell, Yelena moves around on jumping stilts and yellow lips, and Zaida is able to fly but has no speed in her flight only able to float very slowly, which she uses to sneak up on people by remaining completely silent and blue lips.

Big Brian twins who always work together. Both dress in business suits that are made out of Kevlar.

2 - Zayleigh who is a giantess at 10 feet tall and as powerful as she looks and Yulianna who is a powerful psychic.

The Barbershop Gals who are all dress as a barbershop group.

4 - Ruth, Flora, Maeve, and Isla, all have sound base powers.

Elementals who all have a different element power.

5 - Bradana has fire powers, Murdina has water powers, Ardbey has earth powers, Fiona has wind powers, and Assie has lightning powers. All dress in body suits of different colors, red, blue, orange, green, and yellow.

Techsquad are all technology and engineer expects who can build just about anything. They mainly do cyber crimes and build things for any one who can pay them. All dress in lab coats with different styles.

8 - Bonnie, Lorna, Mawina, Shona, Nora, Piesil, Shanath, and Euspeth, all of them are super smart.

Oz Gang are all into the Oz books and dressed up as characters in the books that matches their powers. (1)

7 - Edme dresses up as Jack Pumpkinhead her powers are over plants, Freya dresses as General Jinjur her power is making copies of herself, Gilbartha dresses as The Frogman has frog like powers, Gesha dresses as Scraps, the Patchwork Girl her powers is controlling fabrics, Grizela dresses as Dr. Popt, the Crooked Magician who is able to bend her body anyway she wants, Innes dresses as Reera the Red she has the power to transform into different animals, and Dawntha dresses as Dorothy Gale her power is teleportation.

Pop Guns they dress up as a fusion of pop stars and heavily armored soldiers. They are heavily armed with machine guns.

3 - Cora has the power of once she targets something her bullets will bend and turn in the air to hit it, Davina can create barriers, and Kina can keep things in a subspace pocket and carries the guns and ammo.

Darklight twins who dress tights and cloaks in all white or all black.

2 - Alana has the power of darkness and dresses in black, and Oban has the power of light and dresses in white.

Finally the youngest who is the only single birth and still sticks around with her parents.

1 - Sunrise the youngest of the sisters around Lyra's age.

Speaking of which the parents of the villainesses, Mr. and Mrs. Scotdale. Both are large and powerful, with Mrs. Scotsdale being bigger than than her husband standing around 9 feet and very large bodied, which allowed her to have so many kids. Both are sitting on the thrones.

"Kids now that we're in charge of this kingdom, we no longer going to have to deal with heroes or the law coming down on us. As we're the rulers now," Mr. Scotsdale said.

"And its all thanks to Sunrise's sister... where is she?" Mrs. Scotsdale asked.

"Sunset said about finding the mirror that let her go to our world," Sunrise said.

"And look what, I found," a voice behind Lyra said causing everyone to turn their attention to the staircase.

Turning around Lyra saw Sunset who had disappeared a year ago. And looking closely at Sunset and turning to Sunrise she saw how much they looked alike. People at school had mention how she looks like Sunrise but everyone knew that the Scotsdale family only had one last daughter not two.

"Sunset you're a Scotsdale?" Lyra asked.

"Yup and help my family takeover a magical kingdom," Sunset said.


Elsewhere -

Celestia sighed as she turns away and left another world where her counterpart failed to be a mother when it would had counted. Leaving Sunset when she went to the human world to quickly bond with her human counterpart's family. A supervillain family but a family that welcomed her into their fold and made her one of their own. Something that too many of her counterparts failed to do.


Chapter 101

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“So you have nothing to say?” Sunset asked Celestia, sitting on the throne of Canterlot Castle.

“I have nothing to say, you’re not my Sunset and this isn’t my world,” Celestia said sadly.

“No trying to talk us into giving back the magic to all those magical worlds and kingdoms?” Hotaru asked.

“I seen plenty of worlds where instead of sharing knowledge of magic it’s guarded and kept hidden. I seen worlds where it wasn’t hidden away and all the problems and threats that those magical warriors would had to face, either was easily taken care of compared to how it would had gone or the events needed to have them be the villains never happen. Instead like so many magic is just kept in the hands of a handful of people so that they be the only ones who can use it and never used it to improve things,” Celestia said.

“The magical kingdoms are all falling apart without magic and with that little technology they do have if at all, is worthless in keeping things running as they use to. There have been a few calls now and then from The ones who have a radio or something like that, calling for help. I explain to them what happen and why I turn off the magic. None of them been using it right and only keeping it to themselves, with them preventing anyone else from learning magic. All the portals are now sealed and the only one left will only reopen in a couple of years. By then the magic kingdoms will be all in ruins,” Sunset said.

“I know I have seen it happen many times in other worlds. Like what happens when oil suddenly runs out in the human worlds,” Celestia said. (1)

“The effects of no more magic had no effect at all on Earth. Besides the magic users from those magic kingdoms or are magical girls,” Hotaru said.

“Are you going to horde it to yourself?” Celestia asked.

“I’ll reveal myself to Earth in a few years once I’m sure that none of the magical kingdoms are in any shape to try to steal the magic that was never theirs to begin with as it’s only because of your counterpart not stopping the leaks. So that they know all what happen and use magic as a new source of energy,” Sunset explains.

“Then there is no reason for me to stay,” Celestia said.

“That’s it no trying to get me to change my mind?” Sunset asked.

“Why try to stop you when you’re doing what should had happen long ago. I see so many worlds where because a group of people think that by hiding something away and keep only to themselves, stop advancements and keep things that same, like I did. And you already are a better mentor than I was with how you been treating Hotaru,” Celestia turn her glaze at her counterpart who had her tongue rip out so that Sunset wouldn’t have to listen to her anymore, along with both her horn and wings removed.

This world’s Celestia is now nothing more then a servant of her student who took her throne from her.

“Both of us have failed in being there for our Sunset’s. I don’t know if you and her had a bond where she looked up to you as a mother figure. But I did with mine and only when I lost everything did, I finally realized that my Sunset wish the closest thing I had to a real daughter. Both of us had many students but Sunset was the only one that lived with me, who I cared for as she was still a young filly. I was her mother and didn’t realized it till it was too late to make amends. Which is why I been traveling from one world to another, like other Celestia’s have done before me. I met some who have made amends but too many just gave up or took in another Sunset, instead of finding theirs. I will never give up in finding my Sunset and make things right and earn her forgiveness. Which you need to do with yours. She kept you alive, even if it’s just to torment you. You should take this and earn her forgiveness for failing her. Or you’re just like so many other Celestia’s who only saw her as a pawn to be a replacement so that we can finally step away from the throne. That’s what I was doing with mine and Twilight before they both just walk away,” Celestia said walking away and opening a portal to continue her search for her Sunset.


Chapter 102

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Celestia opens the cell door and enters, on the bed is her greatest failure.

“So what do you want?” Sunset asked laying back on her bed in the shadows.

“Came to ask if you’re ready to help,” Celestia said.

“Of course not, besides it wouldn’t help if I did. The ritual needs me to see you as my mother and the daughter you choose over me as a friend,” Sunset said.

“Sunset please the magic is gone and things are just falling apart. Please just help and I’ll give you what you want,” Celestia pleaded.

“Too late to do anything. You’re not going to make years of abandonment just go away and a strong mother and daughter bond will be made. Or I suddenly have a close bond of friendship with the daughter you replace me with?” Sunset asked.

“She isn’t my daughter,” Celestia protested.

“And yet you treated her as one compared to me. So how are you going to fix this mess mom? Send me and Twilight on a quest and giving us a riddle we have to solve and not just tell us what we need to do instead? Where we get no help while you sit back doing nothing like you always do?” Sunset mocked.

“I have my royal duties,” Celestia said sharply.

“I wish I was aunt Luna’s daughter. She wouldn’t have just toss me aside and only care about me when she has no other choice,” Sunset said.

“I do care,” Celestia said.

“Empty words like always. I stop believing you love me years ago and with your endless campaign of showing me that you didn’t care for me has done it job. I can’t love you or trust you, you’re not a mother or you ever wanted to be one. And now only when the magic has been taken away and the only way to restore it is by the bond of you and me. Is when you suddenly care about me and want to be my mother. Too late,” Sunset said.

“It’s not too late,” Celestia said.

“Oh really?” Sunset said sitting up and into the light revealing her worn and aged face of around 50 years old. “Because of you refusing to make me into an alicorn or just telling me how. I’m now old while you’re still young. But not for long as I’m betting that without magic you’re starting to age once again and you’ll be like me.”

“I will make you an alicorn once magic is restored,” Celestia said.

“No deal make me an alicorn first,” Sunset said.

“But I can’t without magic,” Celestia said.

“Oh because I giving you an impossible task that you need to solve on your own, you can’t do it. While when you do it to me, you just expect me to do it with no help what so ever and any failure is on me and not you refusing to help at all? No so fun is it when it’s being done to you is it. I will never help till you make me an alicorn first so that you can’t just say I’m not ready for it or some other bullshit you always do to me,” Sunset said.

“We can at least start over and put the past behind us,” Celestia said.

“Nope as you lock me here for the last 20 years and I will not forget till you make me an alicorn and I kill Twilight,” Sunset said.

“Sunset you can’t just ask me to allow you to kill her,” Celestia said.

“You’re willing to give me up for her, you should be willing to give her up to get me to restore magic,” Sunset said.

“I can’t,” Celestia said.

“Then you have no deal,” Sunset said. “One life for everyone else. After all you taught me that. You care for others above me. But looks like you only will do that to everyone else but the daughter you pick over your real one.”

Celestia left the cell and enter another room where her other self waited.

“As you can see she refuses to help,” Celestia said.

“I don’t blame her, you haven’t given her any reason to help. You’re still acting like she’s a young filly instead of a grown adult who is bitter at her mother who cares for others and put their welfare above hers. You had 20 years to make amends with her and choose not to do it, till you have no choice and it’s way too late now. There’s talk about forcing you to step down and let someone else to rule instead. ,” the other Celestia said.

“My ponies have lost their faith in me,” Celestia said.

“And you are nothing without your crown. Do you even have any friends? When I step down to look for my Sunset, I suddenly found myself with nothing in my life of any real worth. For all my talks about friendship when it came down to it. I had none in my life, just subjects,” the other Celestia said.

“Enough, are you going to give me aid or not?” Celestia said.

“Not so fun being on the other side is it. I've been talk down to by many of our counterparts who were a good mother to their Sunsets. You still have your Sunset and you can complete the ritual. It will just take you years to do so, as you take all of her abuse to be able to crack through the shell she put around her so that you can make amends with her. No quick fix just you doing what you been putting off and earning her forgiveness. Of course you only have at the max 50 more years before she just dies of old age," other Celestia said.

"And what am I suppose to do? You heard her, she wants to kill Twilight," Celestia said.

"Because you love her more then you love your daughter. I suggest you spend as much time as you can with Sunset and actually get to know her. You have years to make up before she dies of one thing or another, and you become old. So you better get started,” Celestia said teleporting away leaving her counterpart with the mess she had made and found herself trap in. (1)


Chapter 103

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“Ok so in this world the vampires are more realistic?” Naruto asked Kasumi.

“Yes the vampires here are realistic in that the reason why they drain the blood from humans is because of the fact that’s overlooked in many fictions. Blood doesn’t have enough nutrients in it to keep a human size creature fed. And that blood is 90 or something like that made of water. So like vampire bats, they pee a lot to empty out their bladders,” Kasumi explains.

“And why the vampires switch to pigs and cows to get enough blood?” Naruto asked.

“Yup as draining humans for blood doesn’t feed a vampire enough to survive for long. They just starve to death for the ones who stick to humans,” Kasumi asked. (1)

“Why are we here again?” Naruto asked as he and Kasumi are the only ones on the RV.

“Twilight wants to study the culture of this place,” Kasumi said.

“Oh,” Naruto said as he headed for his room to play some video games he has been meaning to play.


Chapter 104

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On the screen showed the invasion of one of the many DC Earth's, one where Dick Grayson or Nightwing went and used a device that depowered most of the superheroes and supervillains. Leading a government task force, Crusaders to hunt down anyone left who has powers. And as the years pass there wasn't that many people left that weren't locked up. (1)

Then came the day that the Earth was invaded by the ones where the device used to depower the supers finally came. The device used was from Apokolips that's used to depower those with powers to make it easier to takeover. Which also sent a signal to Apokolips, and Darksied decided to finally stamp out the planet that has stop his plans to take it over. The Crusaders and the tech base heroes were quickly overwhelmed by Darksied's army of parademons and ground forces.

"That's the biggest problem in depowering the ones with powers in comic book worlds. They depower the heroes and villains only on one planet, leaving the villains from other worlds untouched. And overlords like Darksied are now free to conquer planets that either depower or gotten rid of the ones who had powers. The tech heroes and badass normals aren't enough to fight them off on their own," Sunset said.

"Like that Marvel world where Scarlet Witch depower everyone and those alien shape changers the Skulls took over," Captain Planet said.

"Or that DC world where something from space depowered the heroes and then was invaded. With Batman being quickly killed off as he's good, just not that good to fight a entire army," Trixie said.

"Really don't like those worlds," Twilight said.

"Doesn't make sense when you think about it. When the people know that there are space overlords who try to takeover their worlds before. They think it's a good idea to get rid of the ones with powers who beat them before," Kasumi said.

"Yeah doesn't work when you really think about it," Naruto said reading DC's Elseworld, 'Act of God'. "This story is just about how badass Batman is and never brings up the issue of all the alien villains off the planet who still have their powers and all the big hitters are gone."

"That comic isn't good and the worlds that, I have seen ended up being taken over or something else that Batman can't handle," Sunset said bringing up a view of one of those worlds.

On the screen Trigon is laying waste to Gotham after he step on Batman who tried to stop him and failed.

"Oh yeah we forgot about the supernatural villains like Trigon who would be free to attack without anyone with the power to stop him," Sunset said. (2)


Chapter 105

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Dick Grayson known as the hero Nightwing ducks underneath a ruin car as parademons flew pass overhead. It’s been a month since Darksied forces invaded Earth and took it over. The heroes and government forces were all killed or been captured, leaving only survivors and those like him still running free. Most of the ones who were captured are now working as slaves to Darksied.

Nightwing and what’s left of the government forces are now searching for recruits to help fight. Which is why he’s in Canterlot as right before the invasion, there were reports of a magic user running around with the agents there tracking the user down. With all the magic users either depowered or captured, the resistance needed everybody they can throw at the invaders.

The city of Canterlot is like everywhere else is in ruins but is better than most other places he’s been through. The parademons had torn through anyone who tried to stop them and slaughtered anyone else. Now everyone is just trying to survivor as the parademons search for survivors to take back to the factories being built to work or something worse. Canterlot city being a farming community was made into a work farm to feed the invaders in exchange for not slaughtering anymore of them.

Nightwing got to Canterlot high school where the survivors of the city have gathered. Which he learned from notes left in some of the homes he’s been in. The school has been boarded up and made into a shelter, where the survivors have all gathered for some reason. He also noticed that there’s a statue missing in the front but thought nothing of it.

Sneaking inside the school, Nightwing found it empty, room after room were empty. There were signs of people like in the city but all were gone. Inside the cafeteria were signs of people having been eating and all the food being taken. It looks like everyone in the city had decided to escape, not that there’s anyplace but the most remote locations left that is. But the strange thing was that all the rooms had something that’s flammable or explosive inside of them, from gas cans, oil cans, propane cans, even baskets of charcoal. Making the entire building one big firetrap.

The auditorium was where he found them, three adult women all talking to each other who looked alike, which Nightwing guessed are triplets. One is dress in a worn suit that have seen better days, the other is dressed in a fancy white dress, and the other in a bodysuit that’s black and ha