• Published 16th Jun 2015
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I Just Walk Away - madhat886

They're tired of mentors never telling them what they need to know. They're tired of always being expected to forgive others, no matter what. They're tired of always being the one who saves the day when the people they save aren't worth it.

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Chapter 30

"So you 3 want to know an easy and safe way to be able to use the magic that you three are able to safely use," Moe said to Twilight, Trixie, and Sunset.

"Yes seeing how opening a small hole to another universe, just to be able to use magic is hard even for a master magic user. Not to mention how often magic doesn't work because of the rules that govern that universe we're in," Twilight said.

"Well from what I heard from the old timers, before those rules were made the mixing of the different types of magic from one universe to another wasn't pretty. Like how in the Land of Oz magic users melt with water, with someone opening a hole to that world connecting to the Harry Potter world," Moe said. (1)

"Let me guess when it rained magic users all started to melt," Trixie said.

"Yup and it was a complete mess," Moe said. "But now when there's a pretty powerful magic user that's causing problems, all it takes is a portal to Oz and some water. No matter what as long as they're magical water melts them."

"Wait I saw that movie with how the wizard first got to Oz," Sunset said.

"There are some worlds of Oz that don't follow the melting thing but there are many more worlds with the melting thing then there aren't," Moe said.

"Alright none of us are going to be visiting a land of Oz then," Twilight said. "So is there anything else?"

"Well stored magic works in most worlds but once you're out, that's it till you go to the world where you got the magic from. But as I said before sometimes the magic even stored just won't work. The only magic that will work in any world no matter what is True Magic," Moe said.

"True Magic?" Sunset asked.

"Remember Jeffro? He's a worker for the Hat's who uses True Magic. There are only two ways to ever use True Magic, one is being born into a universe that has it which is ultra rare to even find one, not to mention that you have to be born with the ability to use it in the first place. There is also just becoming a worker for the Hats and bam you get the magic," Moe explains.

"There's more to True Magic then just being able to use anywhere?" Trixie asked.

"Yeah the reason why it's so rare is because it's the one hit kill for any gods, demon, and things of that class level. There's a being that can never die, bam one hit from True Magic and it's gone, even if you try traveling back in time the thing that got zap be gone as well. Don't ask me how that works it just does. And there is no defense against it. The only thing that can stop True Magic is with True Magic or one of the workers or a Hat. With the Hats being able to just change the rules anytime they want. Like in that Overlord crap thing, where the Skeleton rewrote the bio of that sex demon into being in love with him. The Hats can rewrite anyone so that like someone at level 100 is reduce to level 1 or they're all powerful to them being all weak. It's the reason why the Hild and Kami of that Bleach crossover world couldn't do anything, as the worker... that clown guy riding the giant cat was able to override them. The Hats give some of the long time workers who have proven themselves the power to rewrite things like them," Moe said. (2)

"So how do other magic users handle things then?" Trixie ask.

"We stay in the universes that allow us to use our magic," a Harry Potter said from a nearby table.

"Ok we just use the tech stuff then. They always work thanks to the upgrades Rick did," Trixie said.

"Come on we still have a job to do," Twilight said.

"What kind of job?" Moe ask.

"Stealing something before it cause the end of the world type of thing," Sunset answers.


England -

Sherlock Holmes and his partner John Watson were busy as they help to guard an event taking place inside a warehouse, converted into a convention center. The convention is to display a shipwreck of a pirate ship discovered and brought up from the ocean depths. With it came a treasure that no one expected, a giant red crystal of some kind that was shaped into a obelisk that stands around 20 feet high. Heavy guard are station around the convention center as the other treasures were also on display.

"This is a waste of my time," Holmes said.

"Yes but we need to pay the bills," Watson said.

"At least people are more interested in the obelisk then asking me questions," Holmes said.

"Everyone is still talking about Trixie and her magical powers," Watson said.

"Don't remind me," Holmes said.

"There really isn't anyway to explain how she was able to do that without magic," Watson said.

"I still refuse to believe that what she did was magic," Holmes said.

"The candy was real and the chalk doorway worked till the chalk outline was erased," Watson said.

"I simply refuse to say it's magic when there has to be something she was able to do that made it look like it's magic," Holmes said.

The warehouse suddenly began shaking as screams were heard coming from outside. The metal roof was lifted and folded open like a lid of a can of spam. Peering down was the face of a giant woman with orange skin and red hair, standing around 50 feet tall. She reached inside not paying attention to the screaming people as she grabbed the obelisk taking it with her as she disappeared from view. Holmes and Watson raced outside just in time to see the giant woman running down the street still carrying the obelisk with police cars racing after her.

"Ok that was a giant, a giant woman," Watson said shaking his head in disbelief.

"Giants I can believe in," Holmes said as there was no other way to explain it, not to mention how many people saw it with them taking pictures and videos of the giant woman.

Author's Note:

1 - Magic draws energy from a source which isn't universal. Like the magic of The Slayer's world draws power from gods and monsters which aren't in a world like Harry Potter. Not to mention how magic works differently in one world to another like in one world you have to make an offering to be able to use magic, while another you have to dance to use magic, and other you have to make a blood offering. So most magic users stay in worlds that allow them to use the magic that they're use to using.

2 - True Magic is the silver bullet that kills any god, demon and beings of that power level no matter what. And is very rare with the only two ways to be able to use it is by being born with the power to use it or being given the power by a Hat. Nothing else works.

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