• Published 16th Jun 2015
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I Just Walk Away - madhat886

They're tired of mentors never telling them what they need to know. They're tired of always being expected to forgive others, no matter what. They're tired of always being the one who saves the day when the people they save aren't worth it.

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Chapter 9

Tsuande was doing paperwork in her office when a loud crash got her attention. Looking out of the window she spotted what was causing all the noise. Jiraiya was running down the street being chase by.... a train? Well the engine part of the train anyways. And there's a woman poking her upper part of her body out from the top throwing what looks like firework jutsus at him. And he's leading the strange vehicle towards the Hokage tower.

"Shizune!" Tsuande shouted out.

"Yes?" Shizune said coming in.

"What's going on?" Tsuande ask pointing out of the window causing Shizune to look out to see what her teacher is pointing at.

"What the?" Shizune ask wondering what's happening.

"GET BACK HERE YOU SHAMELESS PERVERT!" the girl throwing the fireworks shouted out loud enough for all to hear.

"Oh that's why," both Tsuande and Shizune deadpanned.

"Better stop this before the village is wreck," Tsuande said leaping out of the window.

Tsuande leap down and landed in front of the train like vehicle and grab the front of it. She expected to be able to just stop it dead in it's tracks but to her surprise the vehicle didn't stop it actually push her backwards, making her dig her feet into the street just to slow it down. She tried lifting the vehicle but to her surprise it's really heavy, much heavier then she would expect for something of it's size. She had to pump more chakra into her body just to lift it into the air causing the driver to stop Then she drop it and caught her breath, she hadn't needed to use that much power since she fought with her old teammate. The ninjas of the village quickly surrounded the vehicle.

"Hey!" Trixie shouted still sticking halfway out of the top of the RV. "Can't you see we're after that pervert!"

"And wrecking the village while you're at it," Tsuande said before turning to Jiraiya. "What did you do this time?"

"I have no idea. I don't remember ever using her as research," Jiraiya said.

"What else do you really expect from him? So many women he peak over the years and only interested in their bodies. I would bet if I was naked he would remember as that's all he cares about," Trixie said.

"True," Tsuande said.

"Hey!" Jiraiya shouted.

"All me and my friends want is to stake him to the ground by his limbs then take turns kicking his balls. And any woman here is welcome to join in," Trixie said.

"Hmm," Tsuande said stroking her chin with that thought.

"Hey!" Jiraiya shouted. "Are you forgetting all the damage she and that thing has done?"

"He's right," Tsuande said.

"We'll handle that. After we take care of him," Trixie said as she bang the top of the RV. "Sunset it's your turn!"

"RIght Trixie!" a voice boom inside the RV. The side door of the RV open and to the surprise of the ninjas a giantess step out. She stood over 11 feet and is dress in a red and yellow body suit that covered all by her head. She is armed with gauntlets that made her forearms look bigger then they are.

"Alright pervert this time you're not dealing with a little girl!" Sunset shouted as she glared at Jiraiya.

"Wait you peek on her when she was a little girl?" Tsuande ask glaring at Jiraiya.

"I...," Jiraiya could only say as he found himself at the center of death glares from the other female ninjas.

"He peeks on women at the baths. Are you really surprise he also peeks on young girls while he's at it," Trixie shouted out.

"No," Tsuande admitted with the female ninjas presents all nodding in agreement.

"So get out of the way so, I can pound him," Sunset said.

"Sorry but, I can't let you do that. He does deserve being beating but he's needed to be in good health," Tsuande said.

"Then, I'm going through you," Sunset said as she stomps towards Tsuande to get to Jiraiya who is behind her.

"Sorry but that's as far as you go, you might be bigger then me but...," Tsuande was caught off as Sunset pick her up and toss her aside. Tsuande landed on her feet and jump back in front of Sunset and grab her hands when she leaned down grab her again. But to her surprise like when she tried to stop the RV she found herself being push back.

"You're pretty strong for an old woman," Sunset said as her servos of her powersuit work at full power to overcome Tsuande's increasing strength as she pumps more chakra to push back.

"And you're strong for a girl your age," Tsuande said surprise of how strong the giant girl is. She's has to increase her chakra to a level that she saves for real fights.

"And, I'm taller then you are," Sunset said as she stood up at her full height lifting Tsuande by her hands off the ground and began spinning in place with Tsuande being spun around like an adult doing the same with a child. Sunset let go of Tsuande sending her flying through the air.

Tsuande quickly right herself as she flew towards a building and hit the building with her feet. She pump her feet with chakra to stop her from damaging the building and her legs. She sprang herself back in front of Sunset, this time ready for her. She's quickly realized that not only Sunset is a giantess but she is just as strong as she is, but only as long as she's holding back that is. But if she does go all out the village would be damage from the fight, as she doesn't know how much Sunset is also holding back. And while the Leaf ninjas around her would help her in the fight, the villagers who have gathered around would be caught up in the fight as well.

"Alright that's it. This ends here," Tsuande said as she firmly plants her feet into the ground and pumps herself full of chakra.

"You're right. I don't have to beat up Jiraiya," Sunset said.

"Oh you come to your senses?" Tsuande ask.

"No. My friends already did it," Sunset said pointing behind Tsuande.

The Leaf ninjas turn around and saw Jiraiya is a beaten mess with 3 young women standing around him. The white haired one who was throwing those firework jutsus now wore a cape and a strange hat covered in stars. The other girl who look to be the same age as the first one but has purple hair. Then the last who looks to be older, who while dress in a blue and white bodysuit like Sunset and isn't a giant. She is clearly the oldest with a figure that is showed off by the bodysuit she's wearing that hug her figure very tightly. Tsuande stared at the long woman with a figure that while she isn't as big as she is, she might still be in her growing phase, as she puts her ages in her early 20s. And there was the way she carried herself, she's a train ninja.

"Hi. My name is Twilight and while you all had your attention on those two we just went and beat him up for peeking on us," Twilight said. (1)

"And he's not going to be getting up anytime soon," Trixie said as she and Twilight might not be skilled fighters, but they did have the same power armor underneath their normal clothes that gave them super strength.

"Well let's go girls. We're here for a reason and, I waited for years to do it," Kasumi said.

"And what's that?" Tsuande said holding her hand up to stop the ninjas around her from attacking.

"I spent years training myself to become like Minato the 4th Hokage," Kasumi said.

"And don't let Kasumi go on about it," Trixie said.

"She just goes on about it," Sunset said.

"She met him when she was younger when her family was on a trip here and got her wanting to become a ninja. So once her family left the Element Countries and back home in the western lands, she train herself, even finding a runaway ninja who taught her. And once she learn that we her friends are heading here. She tagged along so that she could come here and fulfill her dream of meeting him again," Sunset said.

"You're here to meet Minato?" Tsuande said her tone soften as she realized that these girls didn't know about what happen to him. News of what happen only spread because of the other ninja villages and they coming from the western lands who don't have ninja villages wouldn't had heard of what happens here. (2)

"Hey! What's happen!" Naruto shouted as he came running up to the beaten form of Jiraiya.

"He was being a pervert and we beat him up," Twilight answers.

"Again?" Naruto ask.

"This happens alot doesn't it?" Sunset ask Tsuande.

"Sadly yes. But not as bad as your friends did," Tsuande said.

"No wonder he keeps doing it then," Sunset said.

"Hey what are you looking at?" Naruto ask as Kasumi is staring at him. She is studying his face like she's looking for something.

"You look just like the 4th Hokage," Kasumi said pointing out something that's been in everyone's faces but no one ever saw in all the years, Naruto has been alive.

"What?" Naruto ask caught off guard.

Tsuande's eyes widen as the woman before her saw something that no one else ever saw in the village. She already knows who Naruto's parents are and would keep it a secret as long as she could. She looks around at the other Leaf ninjas and the villagers who are watching. It's clear that all of them are seeing how much Naruto looks like Minato, now that it's been pointed out to them. (3)

"You must be Minato's son. This is great you can take me back to your home and, I can reintroduce myself to him. It's been years since, I saw him last," Kasumi said.

"But I'm not his.... son," Naruto said as his mind began racing with the very idea and how much it made sense.

"What you mean not his son? You look just like him," Trixie said.

"And isn't that his face up there on the side of the mountain? It's not that hard to see how much you look like him," Sunset ask pointing to said mountain.

"Even from what, I'm standing at. I can see how much you look like your father," Twilight said.

"Granny?" Naruto ask looking at Tsuande his face lost with the storm of emotion welling up inside of him.

"We need to talk in my office," Tsuande said as she walks up to Naruto and picks him up carrying him to the Hokage Tower.

'I hope this plan works," Kasumi thought to herself as she's going along with the plan that her new friends thought up of after learning how Naruto is being treated and being groom to become.

Author's Note:

1 - The cast of Naruto's world are all following the rules that their type of anime follows. Everyone just watching a fight happening and not helping whoever one you're with or doing something while everyone is watching the fight. Talking in the middle of the fight and both sides just standing there talking. Just standing there while someone is powering up or doing a long winded power move, instead of attacking. And of course no one attacking the villain who explains their master plan expecting that the hero will not just attack them or kill them. Also there's the whole letting the other guy get up in a fight and recover to fight more instead of just beating them till they stop moving. Twilight and the others don't follow those kind of rules that's found in almost all action anime and manga.

2 - In older days it could take years for news to arrive of what happen in another country. And the Element Countries don't really have newspapers from what, I remember that has news from all over, like in One Piece.

3 - Seeing how many children in anime and manga are just smaller copies of their parents, no one ever saw how much Naruto looks like Minato. Which is just a rule that happens so many times in fiction that it's the same as no one figuring out that Superman is Clark Kent even if Clark Kent is standing right next to a life size poster or statue of Superman. Twilight and the girls like in real life would see the family connection when comparing the face of the child to the parent. As often the kid is just a smaller copy of the parent.

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