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I Just Walk Away - madhat886

They're tired of mentors never telling them what they need to know. They're tired of always being expected to forgive others, no matter what. They're tired of always being the one who saves the day when the people they save aren't worth it.

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Chapter 15

The Omnidroid one of the most powerful robots ever built. Design for the sole purpose in killing those with powers. It's the model 9 with some upgrades the Ricks made to it. It has many power cores throughout its body and an incredible amount of redundancy that prevents it from being taken down by simply ripping its main CPU out. And comes with a internal nanobot repair system that repairs any damage to its body. It also can be control by a control center that allows anyone control it remotely and their face can be shown on a screen on its sphere body.

"Ok it's powerful but along with all the stuff we brought, the treasure vault is almost empty," Trixie said looking at the amount of valuables they have left which isn't much.

She and the others are watching as the dock robots are loading their ship up with all of the stuff they brought. The station does have just about everything and they went shopping, enjoying themselves while they waited for all of upgrades on the ship to be finish. And with their bags of holding now much lighter and treasure vault near empty. The RV hallways are now being patrolled by the Fallout robots, making sure the entire ship is maintained and secure. Mister Handies are on standby in case of something that needs to be fix along with Protectrons. A full medical staff of Protectron medics, Protectron fire brigadier to take care of fires, and Utility Protectrons to help the Mister Handies. Eyebots are scanning the ship along with Securitrons, Assaultrons, and Sentry Bots. Twilight had brought up most of the overstock robots that Mr. House had in stock.

"Also what's with the weapon drones straight out of Batman?" Kasumi ask.

Twilight had also brought a Rattler, Twin Rattler, Cobra, Mamba, Diamondback drones. As well as several dozen Dragon and Serpent drones. Along with many different types of gun turrets that were on sell. Not to mention all the other weapons and gear that she brought, which she gotten, as well as several factory machines that will allow them to use junk to make anything from weapons, armor, machines, food items and even vehicles. Twilight said it's for making sure that in case of something goes wrong they'll be able to take care of themselves.

"I don't want us to be helpless or low and supplies," Twilight said.

"And we're broke thanks to you," Trixie said.

"I never thought, I would see a treasure vault that has mounds of treasure filling the room," Kasumi said.

"So we'll go in treasure hunting trips like we did when we first started out. Besides we now have the batmobile that can change into a tank," Twilight said watching as the copy of the batmobile is loaded into the RV.

"Worth it," Sunset said as they watch as the last of the cargo is loaded into their ship. They have brought and loaded up their RV with all the supplies that can come in handy and with the RV being bigger in the inside they have room to spare.

"And the RV now has a full size crew," Kasumi said as she and the others had to handle things themselves but now with a robot crew things be much easier.

"The robots are ok right?" Naruto ask having played the Fallout games.

"Yes the robots are all working as, I got a warranty on the robots. And gotten some Ricks to look over all of them just to be sure that their programs are all working and won't be easily hack or be effected by viruses that will make them go on a rampage and no Robobrains head with organic brains but syntactic ones. I even had them be upgraded with their own personal force fields and auto-repair systems. I also had the Securitron's screen faces replaced with an eye so it won't show human faces. And, I even gotten one to be program with the Yes Man V.I. to oversee all the robots," Twilight said.

"Why?" Trixie ask.

"So there be a robot we can talk with and he can download himself into any Securitron to help us out," Twilight said. (1)

"We also gotten rid of almost all the junk we have picked up. Good thing they buy vendor trash like in games here," Sunset said.

"How does that work anyway?" Kasumi ask.

"They recycle them or have buyers that will pay for what's junk for us but is a treasure for them. We could try that but unless we want to spend alot of time making the right connections it's just easier to just sell at the junk dealers. Not to mention it's safer," Trixie explains. (2)

"It is safe here," Naruto agreed.

"Where do we go next?" Kasumi ask.

"Let's just see where the portal takes us next," Twilight said as she and the others enter the RV to head back to home.


Inside the RV -

They travel back to their home base world and while the others are searching for another world to visit, Twilight is keeping herself busy. Twilight is in the new robotics room where the robot-workbench is located along with all the parts needed to build a robot. Thanks to the Star Trek replicators they are able to make just about anything as long as there's enough power and matter to make whatever they want. Right now she had built 7 new robots with personality chips installed in them with programs that wouldn't allow them to attack her or the others.

Forklift a Protectron model who is built for heavy lifting and is the strongest in terms of brute force. Forklift has a male voice and personality subroutine operating. He is build with Protectron parts with his hands being Vice Grips and his armor all Hydraulic Frames allowing greater strength in lifting, his head is protected by a Actuated Frame to go with his yellow paint job. He's slow but powerful and design for heavy lifting.

Bolt a Mr. Handy model that can fly thanks to his thruster with 3 thruster arms with two of them being pincers and the 3rd being a saw. He has Factory armor with a aqua paint job as he isn't meant for heavy lifting. Has one eye and two arms replacing the standard two other eyes slots. The left arm is a RoboBrain arm with a Hand Flamer. The Right is a Protectron arm with a Hand Nailgun. He is made to screw, weld, and nail things.

Tunnler with a female voice, has a Assaultron top and a RoboBrain bottom. Her top is armored in Hydraulic Frames and her bottom has a Mid Warmonger Serrated Plate with an orange paint job. Right arm has a Construction Claw, the left has a Hand Drill, and her head is a Assaultron Head Laser. She is design for digging and excavating, with her head laser for blasting through what her drill can't break.

Jolt another female with the limbs of an Assaultron and the body and head of a RoboBrain. All but her head is armored in Voltaic Frame and her head has a Cyclops Helm in a Manilla paint job. Left hand is an Assaultron Shock Claw and the right is a Lightning Gun. She is design for restarting power by jump starting them.

Wreck another female who's top half is that of a Sentry and bottom an Assaultron with a Assaultron Head Laser. She is armored in Hydraulic Frame. Left arm is a Hand Hammer Saw, left is a Construction Claw, on her back are two Shoulder Launchers. She is design for tearing down buildings, with the twin launchers for bringing down a building fast.

Weld a male who has a Sentry Head, RoboBrain body, Mr. Handy Thruster, and Protectron arms. He is armored in Hydraulic Frame for his head and Thruster, Actuated Frames for his torso and Grim Plate for his arms in a pink paint job. Left arm is a Cryojet and right is a Protectron Hand Laser. He is design for both welding and putting out fires or stopping something from overheating.

Tow a male who has a Mr. Handy body, Sentry Legs and RoboBrain arms. Is armored in Hydraulic Frame from top to bottom in a blue paint job. Left arm is a Protectron Hand Automatic Laser, right is a Assaultron Shock Claw. Tow is design for towing anything from vehicles to other large objects, with the shock claw for jump starting an engine. (3)

"You went and made construction robots?" Naruto ask Twilight who has been watching her build robots all of this time.

"Yup just in case we need them. Besides we got enough war robots already," Twilight said.

"Can, I make my own robot?" Naruto ask.

"Sure just tell me what you want it to look like," Twilight said but was cut off as Trixie's voice came over the speaker.

"Found a world that, I have been wanting to visit after seeing the movie that is base on it," Trixie said.

"Oh what it is?" Twilight ask.

"Come and see," Trixie said.

"No robot?" Naruto ask.

"Later," Twilight said walking with Naruto to the control room.


Jumper Verse -

A large spaceship appeared in the sky over Canada before it began flying all over the world. As the ship flew over the different parts of the world, from the ship probes of some kind with what many think are search lights scanning everything. Some people tried to shot the probes but they learn that the probes are all protected by force fields, the probes did not react being shot and continue scanning. The people of the world either watch the sky or stare at a TV watching as an alien craft flew around the world, ignoring all attempts in contacting it.

The ship suddenly stop and all the probes it sent out that have been flying around it all came back to it. Then the ship flew straight up into the sky and into space. The tv screens across the world were cut off as the board cast was hijacked and the news feed replaced by a face of two eyes and a smiling mouth.

"Hello people of this planet you call Earth. I am Yes Man a V.I. of the scout ship that is currently flying above your world. I am currently translating all of the different languages that you humans speak so that all will be getting the following important message," Yes Man said.

The screen change to that of a humanoid female judging from her female figure that is hidden from view by her spacesuit.

"Yes, I am an alien. I won't bother with small talk or telling you humans where, I'm from or what race I am. All you humans need to know is that, I just submitted my report on your planet and been given the order to give you this message. So if there are anyone around you who isn't watching, take this time to call them in to watch," the female alien said.

The world held it's breath waiting.

"Alright, I gave you all enough time. Your planet is coming up in our invasion plans and from the level of tech you humans have, my ship alone can take you all out. Right now as, I speak all the satellites that are in orbit around your planet is under my control and right now the milliliters around the world are trying to regain control of all the long range missiles that, I have taken control of."

The screen now shows military command centers with the people there trying to get back control of their different nations defense networks. With their main screens showing that all the missiles are arm and ready to launch. The screen goes back to the female.

"But of course a nuclear wasteland isn't something that my race wants. I'm doing it just to prove how useless your weapons are. And before you think that your standing armies can beat us on the ground. Tell me why would we waste time like that when we can simply fire from orbit where none of your weapons can hit our ships. I can end your way of life simply by towing a big hunk of space rock and let it fall on your planet. And according to the data of the history of your planet that's been downloaded. All it will take is a piece of rock around 3 miles to end all life. But of course that also isn't the reason why we want your planet. Is because it's a life baring planet in this section of space which in terms you would understand is the only island in a vast ocean. So we're just going to unleash a virus or gas on you all. Which lucky for all of you my ship doesn't have and the rest of the space forces are busy dealing with more advance races that are putting up more of a fight then you humans would ever be able to."

"The reason why, I was given the order to tell you all this is simple. There's nothing you humans can do to stop us. So prepare for what's coming in your own ways. Or just give up when we come we could always use a cheap work force. You humans could have given us a real fight and might even force us in coming to the table for peace talks. But thanks to the never ending efforts of a group who believe that only god which is seen as a form of mental illness for all advance races, that no one should have the power that could have made you humans be able to stand up to my race. I like to take this time to thank the ancient order of Paladins who have been hunting down and killing the only ones with the power who could have stop us. The Paladins are a group of religious fanatics who since the Medieval times have been killing off all the teleporters or as they are known here jumpers."

"Yes there are people on your world who can teleport which is a gift from a now dead race which my race already killed off. The power to teleport if research is done on how the jumper's power works would have been the stepping stone you humans would have needed for long range teleportant like all the advance races like mine have. And I'm uploading all of the identities and the places they live and HQ are at. I'm doing this because it's people like the Paladins with their only the make believe god should only be the one with that kind of power, thinking is the reason why my race has no challenge in our takeovers. In fact that's one of the reasons the reason why, I did the planet wide scan. Because every time my race comes across a world like yours with some people on it with powers. There is always a group with the belief that no one should have that kind of power and hunt them down. So people of soon to be conquered world that will either be enslaved or exterminated. You now have the information on the group of people who are to blame for making your planet a target and even if the jumpers were to come forth and let themselves be researched on. The time it would take for anything you humans be able to make in the time you have left will not be enough to fight back. As unlike many other planets my race has always embraced those with powers to make ourselves stronger as a whole. While you humans on the other hand have cut off your legs or is it shooting yourself in the foot... oh well. Maybe if you humans work your butts off, you might be able to do something before the invasion fleet gets here. See you never."

The screen now showed the ship in space with a portal of some kind opening in front of it. The ship flew into the portal which closed behind it. The screen shut off and the world reacted.


In the RV -

"Well Trixie you really did it this time," Sunset said watching how the world they left behind is reacting.

"As you or Twilight can say you never did something like this before," Trixie said taking off her suit.

"She's right," Twilight said.

"From what, I'm seeing looks like the governments are cracking down hard on the Paladins. Who are seeking to be lock up as there have been lynch mobs after them with many of their numbers being killed," Kasumi said.

"But the jumpers who came out are now being protected and researchers are now studying how their powers work and see if they can't make a machine teleporter," Trixie said.

"But they going to be use in tests to see how their powers work," Naruto said.

"Yes but its better then them being hunted down by those cult members," Trixie said. "And the world will advance because of it." (4)

"They're not a cult," Twilight said.

"Close enough," Trixie said.

"Where next?" Kasumi ask.

"How about we let Naruto choose next," Sunset said.

"Really?" Naruto ask.

"After scanning some safe worlds you can pick which one we visit," Sunset said.

"Thanks," Naruto said.

Author's Note:

1 - The fic is about how people who can freely choose what universe they want to go to would really do. As in getting advance weapons and gear that would allow them to survive just about anything they run into. As fighting fair is only for games or in fiction.

2 - Best thing I could come up with in how shops that buy anything stay in business.

3 - Building your own robot army in Fallout 4 is great. Too bad you can't use all of them at once like in the big battles at the end of the game.

4 - I never like how people use the saying 'no one should have that kind of power but god' thinking. Seeing how many times people with powers just want to be normal or use them to help others. Besides in real life if some people can teleport with the right research in how their power works. Space travel will be easy and cost much less then the rockets that use tons of fuel to reach into space.

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