• Published 16th Jun 2015
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I Just Walk Away - madhat886

They're tired of mentors never telling them what they need to know. They're tired of always being expected to forgive others, no matter what. They're tired of always being the one who saves the day when the people they save aren't worth it.

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Chapter 12

Kasumi sat down in front of the Hokage desk with Tsuande locking her eyes on her the moment she walked in. She wore her normal ninja outfit but wore her powersuit underneath it, and have power-ups just in case. If things go bad she's going to need all the advantage she can get her hands on. She stared at the older woman in front of her a ninja with years of combat experience and is very powerful. She does have the advantage of having read the manga and watch the anime that she knows all of her powers and abilities, of course she remembers what the girls told her about fictional worlds having board strokes in what is made in other worlds.

"You really made a mess of things. His parents didn't want him to know who they are till he was of age," Tsuande said.

"It wasn't like you had signs around telling people not to point out who his parents are. I'm surprise no one ever pointed it out before. It's not like it was that hard to see how much he looks like his father," Kasumi said.

"I'm surprise myself," Tsuande admitted. Thinking about it she wonders why no one ever said anything about it, the villagers she can understand with them hating the fox but the other travelers and visiting ninjas from other villages who knew Minato never saw it either.

"So why am, I here?" Kasumi ask.

"The ninjas watching you and the girl Twilight lost the two of you after you two walk into the village. You two disappeared about an hour, which I had everyone searching for you two. They couldn't find either of you two till they saw you two walking back to your transport. So tell me what did you two did during that time?" Tsuande ask.

"Looking around," Kasumi said.

"You went to see Naruto didn't you," Tsuande stated.

"Do you have any proof?" Kasumi ask.

"I had Naruto brought to me and, I question him myself. What did you two did to him? He's now believes that he's nothing but a weapon for this village and that there's a mind jutsu place on him by his parents," Tsuande said.

"Told him the truth," Kasumi said.

"Who are you? You and your band? Where did you come from?" Tsuande ask.

"Why so interested?" Kasumi ask.

"Some members of one of the clans tried to scan you girls and to their surprise they found that none of you have any chakra at all. Which should make all of you dead. No one has no chakra in them," Tsuande ask.

"Simple we never had any to begin with," Kasumi said.

"Did you girls came for Naruto?" Tsuande snapped at her suddenly.

"Well since you ask. Me and my friends came here to see this village and see the place that Naruto's father came from. But as we waited to be let it, Twilight overheard Jiraiya and Kakashi talking about Naruto and the seal that made him always forgive and want to be apart of this village," Kasumi explains.

"So you four overheard what was happening to Naruto and decided to help him?" Tsuande ask.

"My friends have issues with him being only valued as a weapon for this village. And how the people he trusted only see him as a tool reminds them of their old mentor," Kasumi said.

"Oh, so that's why," Tsuande mutters before glaring at Kasumi. "Well it doesn't matter. He's going to have his mind wipe and the seal restored."

"And making him into nothing but a weapon, for a village that hasn't earn it," Kasumi said.

"It doesn't matter what he wants. He's just a weapon and nothing more," Tsuande said.

"Then there is nothing left to say," Kasumi said. "We're taking Naruto with us."

"You really think you can-," Tsuande began to say but was cut off as Kasumi kick her deck with enough force to send it flying into her and through the wall.

Kasumi quickly used a Cape Feather giving her the yellow power cape that allows her to glide in the air. And more importantly allows her to take damage up to the point of dying but once the power-up wears off she just goes back to normal. With any effect or things that effected her in her power-up form gone. Just like in the game.

She spun around as kunais were thrown at her from the ninjas hidden in the room. Her cape deflected all the projectiles and to the surprise of the ninjas she spun into them. The cape hit them with the force of a boulder sending them flying into the walls of the towers or through them. Kasumi stop to look around surprise how strong the cape is, but then reminds herself that in the game a cape hit was a one-hit kill for the enemies.

Her train of thought ended as Tsunade came up from behind her and punch her in the back of the head. Tsuande blink as Kasumi's body glowed for a second and the cape she wore disappeared. Kasumi used that shock to jump backwards from Tsuande before she could follow with another attack.

"That should had killed you," Tsuande growled.

"Not holding back?" Kasumi ask.

"Not this time," Tsuande said.

"Good," Kasumi said as she activates the special power-up she and the other girls have when they don't have time to play around.

Tsuande blink as Kasumi started flashing different colors but shake it off and leap forward at her. She slams her fist into Kasumi's face holding nothing back, causing the entire tower to rock from the blow, windows breaking and the building itself cracking. Tsuande let out a scream of pain as her entire right arm broke, she would be surprise that any bone was left intact and that including her right shoulder.

"Starman power-up, completely invincible," Kasumi said as she returns the punch with her own to Tsuande's face sending her flying towards the Hokage mountain. (1)

The people of the Leaf Village look upwards, first at their hokage and her desk being thrown through the wall of the tower, then the shockwave the broke nearly every window around the tower when Tsuande jump back up. Then finally at Tsuande again as she was sent flying from the tower and slam into the Hokage mountain. She slammed into her grandfather's head with enough force to send much of the rock face to fall from around the impact hole she made. Everyone look upwards from where Tsuande was sent flying from to see one of the young women who revealed Naruto is Minato's son standing in the hole she made. And her body is flashing different colors before stopping.

"Girls you heard what's happening. Twilight you and Trixie go and find Naruto," Kasumi said over her omni-tool.

"Right," Twilight's voice responded having been listening to everything.

"Hold it right there!" Shizune shouted as she and a group of ninjas appeared behind Kasumi.

"Me and Sunset will keep them busy," Kasumi said. before closing the link.

"Sunset?" Shizune ask looking around and didn't see the giant anywhere.

"Over here," Sunset said as she pokes her head out from between Kasumi's breasts. Sure they're covered by a power suit and Kasumi wore her normal ninja outfit over it, but Sunset still felt it strange to be hiding there.

"What?" Shizune ask shock seeing the giant who threw her mentor around now the size of a small doll.

"Mini Mushroom," Sunset said as she leap out from between Kasumi's breasts and ate a Mega Mushroom.

Shizune and the other ninjas all step back as they stared upwards as Sunset grew right before their eyes. She became big, much bigger then they saw her last time and getting bigger with her breaking through the roof. The Hokage Tower already weaken by Tsuande's shockwave began to buckle underneath Sunset as she kept growing bigger and bigger. The ninjas run for it as the tower began to collapse underneath Sunset's weight. Kasumi leap onto Sunset's back using her long hair to climb on till she reached her shoulder, finding it safer to be there as the tower fell over on its side.

The villagers and ninjas alike all stared upwards as a now Giant summon size Sunset stood among the ruins of the tower.

"Kasumi ready?" Sunset ask looking at her shoulder which Kasumi is ridding on.

"Ready," Kasumi said as she used another Cape Feather and flew down at a group of ninjas and did a power slam into them before gliding back up into the air.

Sunset followed suit as she used her massive size and strength to destroy buildings as the ninjas's attacks did nothing to harm her. All the ninjas of the village leap into action. The combat train ones run to defend the village while the non combat ninjas lead the villagers to safety. And while that was happening, Twilight and Trixie in their RV race into the village heading towards Naruto, who still has the tracking spell Twilight put on him.

"Where are we going?" Trixie ask as she's driving through the village, as in through anything that's in her way.

"The ninjas who took Naruto look to be Root members, so we should be heading to their base," Twilight said. She had place a spying spell in Naruto's apartment before she and Kasumi left. And the ninjas who came in and took Naruto wore the uniforms that the Root members wore.

"Dazon should be there then," Trixie said.

"He should be," Twilight said.

"Good," Trixie said having read the manga knows he's the cause of many of the problems in this world.

"We get Naruto then you get to blow up stuff," Twilight said.

"Right," Trixie said before hitting the gas sending the RV speeding up to rescue Naruto before his mind is wipe.

Author's Note:

1 - Starman power-up from the Mario games. There's a reason why it's so rare. And why Twilight and the girls keep some on them.

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