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I Just Walk Away - madhat886

They're tired of mentors never telling them what they need to know. They're tired of always being expected to forgive others, no matter what. They're tired of always being the one who saves the day when the people they save aren't worth it.

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Chapter 32

The RV been set to Planet Breaker setting so that they be able to mine the asteroids in a star system they traveled to for a job for Rick. Besides picking up some precious metals copper, silver, and gold, with iron and tin like that, Rick gave them a list of what he’s looking for. Twilight looks down at the list and the amount that Rick is looking for, with the extra being advance payment for anything they need from him.

"Iridium a hard and dense precious metal with a number of industrial uses. Osmium a dense and brittle metal most commonly used in alloys.Palladium a very rare precious metal with a range of uses. Platinum a metal with a wide spectrum of uses. Rhenium a heavy metal with uses in jet and rocket engines. Rhodium one of the rarest and most valuable precious metals. All this could set us up for a long time back home,” Twilight said reading through the list of metals they’re after. She’s in the control room as the many robot crew are operating the mining machines and bringing in carts of ore.

“Why do you use Rick and not someone else?” Naruto ask being in the control room with her. “Like Washu or Skuld?”

“The reason why is unlike those two and others he really doesn’t care what we ask from him and only cares about being paid. If we go to Washu well it does depend on which one, she really isn’t interested in being paid and wants to do test on us or want us to do something for her in return. Which like with your world Naruto, would had taken a lot of time instead of just giving some gold and getting what we need right away. As for Skuld she being a goddess is bond to rules and can’t just be building things, also most of the stuff is magictech and don’t work in most other worlds,” Twilight explains.

“Oh,” Naruto said.

“Not to mention how they wouldn’t really be into helping to destroy the culture of a world like we did with your world, ending the ninja way and all that. Then there was dealing with that alien race that made the humans of that universe forget everything because of the fear they would be a danger to them later. You really think Washu or Skuld would be ok in creating a field around that alien race planet to cause a complete blackout for all their technology forever? No it’s just easier to pay Rick to do the dirty work that needs to be done,” Twilight said.

“So it’s just easier to get what you need from someone like Rick?” Naruto ask.

“Yup and believe me, he’s safer then the others who would make the things we need,” Twilight said. “Like you know that Jetson like world that has Potter in it. Well me and the others came upon one just like it but reverse with the magic users living on floating islands while the muggles lived in slums. With the magic users creating a field of magic that allowed their islands to float while also keeping muggles from traveling to other planets.”

“What happen?” Naruto ask.

“Unlike with the other world where all the magic users had to do was give up using magic to have a better standard of living that they refuse to ever change their ways, like people who refuse to change to fit in a new country and continue to act like they’re still living in their old one and not caring if how things were done back where they came from isn’t done where they’re now living. Which because of the comet destroying the magic laylines. No one could use magic by themselves anymore and even the most basic spell needs groups of at least 15 just for them to cast and in keeping their islands floating needs everyone casting the same spell over and over again, with their living standards falling to the 1800s standards of living. And with them forcing all the non humans off the islands and muggles trying to seek help during the bad times. Even with a government controlled by pure bloods it was still the other magic users breaking into homes and dragging and chasing non humans and muggles off the islands. With many non human races dying off as they were force to live on crowded boats and whatever they could find that floated, causing the magic users to be so hated that almost no one wants to help them,” Twilight said going on having read the history of that world.

“Twilight get to the point,” Naruto said seeing her going on a rant again.

“Oh yes the counterpart of that world the magic users were just like in the Potter cannon but for the fact their magic needed them to make offerings to be able to use, which they did so using muggles as offerings with the more powerful spells needing newborns to be use. After we discovered that we went around trying to find someone’s to help, which for one reason or other could but wanted something that would take more then what we’re asking for or would take too much time. And then there was one who was so PC that they went on and on in how it was wrong to destroy someone’s culture and way of life no matter what, even after we told them what kind of magic they used they still said it was still their culture and we shouldn’t destroy it. That’s when we first met Rick who overheard with him offering to help and when the person we were talking to protested, Rick went and teleported them away with his portal gun. Which later we found out that he teleported the person to the world we were talking about and they ended up being used as an offering from the very people they said we should respect their culture no matter what. So Rick went and cause magic in that world to stop working and the floating islands losing magic all slowly fell and sank into the sea. We didn’t want all the magic to just disappear like what happen in your world so that when they did fall, it wouldn’t cause giant waves or them falling onto one of the floating muggle cities,” Twilight explains.

“So why didn’t you help the magic users of the other world,” Naruto ask.

“They're breeding unicorns for the sole purpose for their blood and horns thinking it would restore their magic,” Twilight said. "would you really want to help people who raise and breed humans as livestock?" (1)

“Oh,” Naruto said.

"By the way where are the others?" Twilight ask.

"They said something about going to Earth and entering King of Fighters or something," Naruto said.


On the universe Earth -

The King of Fighters tournament brought fighters from all over in teams of 3 to show who is the best. This year tournament saw a new team of all female fighters joining. Kasumi a female ninja who is the teams best fighter, Trixie the great who is dress as a stage magician with a blue pointy hat with stars on it and a yellow cape, and the 12 foot giantess Sunset who has overwhelming strength and size. They called themselves Horizon team.

All the fighters wondered about the new team who just showed up to the tournament out of nowhere. They just went and signed up which turns out anyone could just do. Howard who setup the tournament informed everyone that the tournament had always been up for anyone who wanted in and didn’t had to make a name for themselves in smaller tournaments first, it was just that no one had ever done so up to that point.

The first fight was between the Horizon team vs the Fatal Fury team. Terry and Andy the Bogard brothers waited as their friend Joe Higashi entered the ring to fight Sunset. With them are their friends wanting to see how these unknown fighters would fight.

The fight at first had Sunset powering through anything that Joe threw at her with him making sure he wasn’t hit by her as from the hits she got in showed how strong she is. Even his ki attacks did nothing to her as they just hit her with nothing to show for it. Then Joe did a flying kick trying to knock Sunset off her feet but she caught him and spun him around before tossing him nearly out of the ring. But she had grabbed onto him by his shorts, which came off along with his underwear.

“Hey give that back,” Joe shouted as his face turned red as his friends and the crowd are all laughing at him. He didn't dare to get up as he's on his belly and didn't want to expose himself.

“You mean this,” Sunset said smirking as she held his shorts and underwear and rip them in her hands. “Too bad you can’t fight anymore.”

"Here!" Terry said as he tosses Joe a towel to cover himself.

"Thanks," Joe said covering himself and ran to the backstage.

"Alright who's next?" Sunset ask looking at the brothers.

"Terry, Andy be careful with her," Mai said.

"Everything that Joe hit her with, she didn't even felt," Mary adds.

"That's right I'm a juggernaut," Sunset said who is using both the Super Mushroom from Super Mario world and a skin tight force field to protect her.

"I'll go," Terry said getting into the ring, all fun and laughs with what happen to Joe but still he needs to stand up for his friend. Even if he and the others will never let Joe live it down.

"Sunset enough I'm next," Trixie said getting into the ring.

"Alright, I give up," Sunset said getting out of the ring.

"I have been looking forward to this," Trixie said.

"Have you?" Terry ask.

"Sure have and you're not the only one who knows the Tasmanian devil move," Trixie said.

"It's not the Tasmanian devil move," Terry said.

"You spin around really fast like a twister or like Tas the Tasmanian devil," Trixie said.

"You know that move does look like the twister Tas makes," Andy said never thinking about it till now.

"Let's see who's stronger," Trixie said as the bell rang to begin the fight.

Trixie began spinning around with her arms crossed against her chest as she began spinning around like a top. Terry eyes widen as she charge forward at him spinning with her cape acting like a copter blade. Terry used the Hurricane Kick spinning himself as well and charged forward. The two twisters struck together with them two being knock backwards once they made contact. The force cause both of them to stop spinning.

"That wasn't bad," Terry said.

"I notice something about fighters, none of you can throw energy attacks one after another can you?" Trixie said.

"Of course not, it waste too much energy," Terry said as no one can keep throwing energy attacks without wearing themselves out.

"Too bad for you then," Trixie said as she made her hands glow. "Unlike you fighters, I skip fighting training to learn to use energy attacks."

Trixie began throwing one ball of energy that blew up like a firecracker on contact. Terry had to dodge the energy attacks with Trixie showing no signs of letting up. He never seen anyone being able to do what Trixie is doing, firing one energy attack after another, never letting him get close enough to hit her. Even blocking his own attacks with hers.

"I never seen anyone being able to do that before," Andy said watching as Terry run around the ring dodging Trixie's attacks.

"She did say that she never learned to fight but to do that instead," Mai said.

Terry seeing he needs to do something before he's hit, rush forward with Trixie firing another volley of energy attacks at him. Only for him to jump sideways dodging the attacks and dart forward with his Burn Knuckle. He saw Trixie's eyes to widen as he struck her and sent her flying out of the ring for a ring out victory. But to everyone's surprise she recovered and stop herself in midair and simply floated in the air.

"Is she flying?" Mary ask the people around her.

"That's right. Instead of learning to fight I learn to control my energy to allow me to not only use energy attacks like you fighters with punches, but I can also fly," Trixie smirks. "And I know for a fact that there is no fighting style that is made to combat someone who can fly is there."

Still flying in the air Trixie began raining down energy attacks on Terry all awhile keeping herself well out of his attack range and her easily evading any energy attack of his own. As Trixie said there is no fighting style that is made to fight someone who is able to fly, especially one who can rain energy attacks down at you. All the fighters watched as something out of Dragonball was happening right in front of them, someone being able to fly and throw energy attacks like in the show. Finally having driven Terry back to the edge of the ring, with a final volley all of them hitting at Terry's side but for behind him Terry was thrown backwards from the blast knocking him out of the ring.

"Terry are you ok?" Andy ask him as he help his brother up.

"Yeah," Terry said shaking it off. "Look out for her, while it looks like she isn't much of a fighter. She has mastered her energy far above any of us."

"Looks like Howard is very interested as well," King said seeing how intense Howard is looking at Trixie.

"I wonder if we can do that," Joe said having return with new clothes in time to see some of the fight.

"Andy what are you going to do?" Mai ask him worried.

"Well seeing how Howard isn't going to make any ruling against flying. My best bet is getting her down to the ground and taking her out. It looks like she's a glass cannon, with the hard part is getting close to her," Andy said.

"Well too bad for you," Trixie said hovering above them. "I'm not going to be fighting you."

"I am," Kasumi said stepping into the ring.

"Can't have all the fun can we," Sunset said as she glance at Joe. "After all I could had just gone and rip your pants off like I did with him."

"Hey!" Joe said glaring at the giant woman.

"What's the matter don't like how no one is ever going to let you live it down?" Sunset ask. "But then again I did do something that hasn't happen to you before."

"And what's that?" Joe ask.

"I'm the only woman who has pulled your clothes off. Something that will never happen to you again," Sunset said.

"What?" Joe ask.

"Please as if you actually can get yourself a girlfriend," Sunset said.

"Hey!" Mai said.

"Would you knowing what he's like would date him or anyone of you other women?" Sunset ask the crowd of fighters. Which said women all did their best to look away as Joe look at them.

"Thanks alot," Joe grumbled seeing all his women friends all looking away.

Andy entered the ring to get attention away from Joe. He stared at Kasumi seeing that unlike Trixie she is a train fighter with the form fitting bodysuit she wore that hug her tone body. Seeing how she is like Mai she will be fast and use ninja tricks like her, but he has trained with Mai long enough to know how to fight a female ninja.

"I know that thanks to your girlfriend that you know how to fight a ninja. But let's see if you can handle this," Kasumi said as she uses a Double Cherry power-up pill. With the power-up that's been made better thanks to Rick unlike before where you can only make 5 doubles, she can make as many doubles as she wants but with the doubles still puffing away once enough damage is done to them. And the doubles only lasting half an hour tops before they just puff away.

In front of Andy are 6 Kasumi's who all rush him at once. At first Andy thought she was using a trick where it seems that there is a group of her when it's just one person using a illusion. He ignored the others as he focused on the one who is keeping back figuring that she's the real one. Only to be hit on his back as one Kasumi kick him, followed by another hitting his side and another, followed by another. Kasumi the real one smirks seeing Andy falling for her trick, thinking her doubles are all nothing but illusions. And unlike what normally happens where a group never all attack at once in worlds like this, she and her doubles don't play by those rules. She joined in the beat down on Andy attacking him all at once and then four of them each grabbed a limb and swinging him between them throws him out of the ring.

"We're nothing like any fighter any of you have ever encounter before," Kasumi said. (2)

Author's Note:

1 - Yeah Twilight and the other ponies aren't really into helping people who breed unicorns like livestock for the sole purpose for the idea that their horns is a cure all. Like Rhino horns which is just like your fingernails, which doesn't cure anything.

2 - The world of fighting games all operate by the rules that allows the fighters to do what they do. Not to mention how they all are able fight people with guns and win. And how having good fighters somehow allows you to takeover the world somehow and never going into how that could even work when the fighters can be killed by a bullet to the head. Which doesn't make sense at all when you try something like that in the real world, where fighting skills aren't that useful against firearms.

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