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I Just Walk Away - madhat886

They're tired of mentors never telling them what they need to know. They're tired of always being expected to forgive others, no matter what. They're tired of always being the one who saves the day when the people they save aren't worth it.

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Chapter 7

Twilight sat behind the wheel of the RV driving it towards the Leaf Village, the RV has transformed into a strange steam powered vehicle to fit into the world setting. The RV is now rolling on tank like treads allowing them to travel easily on the dirt roads. They discovered the world of 'The Magic School Bus' where they found where Ms. Fizz gotten her bus and ask the man who made it to do the same to the RV. Now the RV can transform into just about anything and non of it is magical, just pure tech which, Twilight can't put her head around how it's even possible given what the guy work with. Sunset just said don't think about it and it works so don't think about how it works. (1)

"Alright girls we're almost there," Twilight said.

"So Kasumi why do you want to come here anyways?" Sunset ask Kasumi. Both of them sat at the small kitchen table, Trixie is taking a nap in the bedroom.

Twilight has been driving for awhile now as they didn't want to just appear out of nowhere. So they teleported in the land beyond the boarders of the Land of Wind and have been taking turns driving. Using a translation spell the girls could understand what the people of this world are saying as well as them being understood. What would have taken weeks or months to travel, only took them 6 days with stops along the way to learn about how things are in this world. They would have gotten to the Land of Fire sooner if Trixie didn't put on shows at every village they stop at. But they did earn money that is used in this world. And many people did stare at wonder at their stream machine like train.

"I want to see if, I can't learn how to use the jutsus here and it be interesting in seeing how a world full of ninjas is really like," Kasumi said.

"Wait that won't work as they use chakra," Sunset said.

"I know but, I might still learn something by studying them," Kasumi said.

"Well that's true. And don't forget to use the data glasses," Sunset said as she puts on her pair that collects data and gives the users a read out.

"It's like those glasses in Daragonball," Kasumi said as the glasses also allows her to see how much power something is giving off. Which the glasses have for the uses to see how powerful some of the machines and energy weapons are. They are for the army after all.

"As long as none of you do the over 9000 thing," Twilight spoke up.

"Yeah it's been over done," Kasumi said.

"We still need to be careful even with our new tech we don't know how strong it will make us compare to the ninjas here. So don't get full of yourself," Sunset said.

"Hey keep it down," Trixie said poking her head out.

"Trixie we're almost there so get dress and make sure that if you put on a show that you don't go overboard," Twilight said.

"Right," Trixie said.

"And make sure you don't use any of those bombs," Sunset said.

"What? Those bombs can come in handy," Trixie said.

"I'm just glad we got those data storage devices," Twilight said not liking the idea that the RV is full of bombs. The storage devices turn solid objects into data, a simple device that replaced the shopping bags.

"Also Trixie did you really have to get that mini black hole?" Kasumi ask as she's doesn't like the idea of being near something that can destroy just about anything.

"What? It's just for getting rid of trash," Trixie said.

"Well it would come in handy in getting rid of something that can't be destroyed. But you are sure it's safe?" Twilight ask.

"It can only maintain itself with how much charge you give it and it's contain in a force field that only let things in and is inside a container with safety locks. And it turns on and off like a light switch," Trixie said.

"Just don't leave it on then," Twilight said.

"By the way Kasumi how will you be getting the knowledge needed to learn jutsus?" Sunset ask.

"Use your body?" Trixie ask bluntly.

"NO!" Kasumi snaps at her.

"Well didn't you said that the reason why you have such a sexy body is because the women of your ninja clan use it to get information? And thanks to generations of breeding you and your sister have such busty bodies," Trixie said. (2)

"Yes but, I might be train for that kind of work. I have never done it," Kasumi said.

"So you never had sex?" Sunset ask as she and the other girls stared at their ninja friend.

"No," Kasumi said blushing a bit.

"Just remember our story if anyone ask. We're traveling performers who also do odd jobs to make end meet. Kasumi is from a small ninja clan that was destroyed during the last ninja war and is our friend who also acts as our bodyguard," Twilight reminded everyone.

"Yes we know," Trixie said.

"You had us go over it 10 times already," Sunset said.

"It was only 9," Kasumi said.

"I was rounding it out," Sunset responded.

"Well we're here," Twilight said stopping at the massive wooden gates. "Be ready in case this world isn't like the show or manga. Everyone pick a powerup."

"Right," the 3 women responded as they grab a power up from the Mario verse. (3)

"And don't forget to listen in," Trixie reminded Twilight.


Inside the Village -

"Well?" Kakashi ask a ninja guard. Like many of the adults of the village he is injured from the recent invasion and has his arm in a sling.

"Never seen anything like it before. It's like a train but doesn't need tracks," the man reported. He and other ninjas have been following the strange machine once it got near the village.

"I heard of this machine," Jiraiya said appearing next to Kakashi.

"You have?" Kakashi ask.

"Yes one of my informants send me a message that a strange traveling group of 4 women are making their way across the Element Lands, putting on magic shows. The report came from a small village in the Land of Wind. From what my agent managed to find out they're from the western lands and are traveling around in their RV as they call it. He couldn't find out where they got a machine like that from. That Rv of theirs is very fast and able to travel through just about any kind of terrain. The report he sent me was 5 days old," Jiraiya said.

"Wait 5 days from Land of Wind to here?" Kakashi ask.

"Yes that machine of theirs can travel from here to Land of Wind in 5 days but of course they were putting on shows and stopping by villages on the way here," Jiraiya said.

"So is it safe to let them in?" Kakashi ask.

"Keep a close eye on them," Jiraiya said. "We're still weak from the invasion."

"Yes," Kakashi said as waves for the gate guards to open the gate.

"By the way how's Naruto?" Kakashi ask once he and Jiraiya were alone.

"The seal is weakening, the other one not the one containing the fox. Soon it will no longer be effecting him," Jiraiya said.

"He won't be under control much longer then?" Kakashi ask.

"No and we can't have him thinking of any thoughts that isn't about the good for the village. His parents knew what kind of life he would lived and made sure he'll stay loyal," Jiraiya said.

"At least he has his godfather looking after him," Kakashi said looking at him.

"I rather be out and gathering research for my books," Jiraiya said. "I have to teach him so much while fixing the seal. You're not a very good teacher. The only thing he learn from you was tree climbing and that's it."

"I could say the same about you being his godfather," Kakashi said.

"Just remember he's no longer apart of your team. He's my student and I'll be training him as the weapon he should have been for this village," Jirayia said.


In the RV -

"You girls heard that's?" Twilight said as she turn on her hearing device in her ear piece to listen on in what's happening around them. It work like those listening devices that people use to hear what people are saying far away but better thanks to all the advance tech they gotten from the future world. As they didn't want to enter a place that is planning on robbing them. It help them in the last few villages where some people wanting to take their wheels or treads with the RV being on tank treads now.

"Naruto in this world is only seen as a weapon and seems to have a mind Jutsu on him?" Sunset ask.

"Just great a board strokes kind of world," Trixie said. "This is just like Pokemon world all over again."

"You three been to a Pokemon world?" Kasumi ask.

"Yup and it's just like the anime but with one big difference. The humans in that world also breed and raise Pokemon to eat," Sunset said. (4)

"That must have been shocking," Kasumi said as she noticed that the girls don't eat meat. Well they have no problems eating eggs and milk and what's made out of them, but not meat.

"Yup it was. And this world ninja world sees Naruto as nothing more then a weapon even placing a mind control spell on him," Sunset said.

"So what do we do?" Kasumi ask.

"Well we can go to another world?" Trixie said.

"But Naruto is being used as a weapon," Twilight growled being reminded of how the princess had used her. She drove the RV into the village once the gates were fully open.

"To protect a village that doesn't care about him and a godfather who would rather have fun then take care of someone who needed him," Sunset said on the same train of thought as Twilight is.

"Well here we go again," Trixie said seeing the looks on their faces.

"Again?" Kasumi ask.

"They get like this when they discover that someone is being used as a tool. As the princess did with them. So we're going to be here for awhile," Trixie said.

"This happen before?" Kasumi ask.

"You have no idea," Trixie sighed.

Author's Note:

1 - If you read the books or seen the cartoon of The Magic School Bus, wouldn't you want to have a vehicle that can transforms into just about anything.

2 - Female ninjas in real life were dress in normal clothes and gather information by offering their bodies to get it. They did assassinated but were never train to fight as they do in anime and manga as they were train to gather information not fight or kill.

3 - The power ups work as they do in the Mario verse. As in no matter what kind of attack is used on the user that would outright kill them, all it does is change the user back to normal as in the game. So any user can be beaten around but as long as they don't suffer from a killing blow they won't revert back to normal and when that happens the wounds they got in their power up form are gone as well. As they just go back being normal as they were before they used the power up as in the game.

4 - The anime never did show where the meat people and Pokemon eat came from.

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