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Yo... You really have to stop coming up with stories at random and never finishing them. That's a really bad habit you seem to have. Don't get me wrong, burnout or getting tired is an excuse, but come on... You make a story, get a few chapters in, stop then make a new one over and over and over again :facehoof:.... If you want to be a *good* author, you have to learn restraint and commit to one idea and see it through to the end before making a new one

Some of them are commissioned and once the money stop and I’m not really into the story I stop writing

I thought that was the case. No investment, no story.

So basically, you only care about money.

What about the ones that aren't? You said yourself that only some are commissions. Just because you have an idea doesn't mean you should start them. An artist, author or not, shouldn't start something they don't 100% commit to. I'm not talking about commissioned pieces, but ones you come up with yourself. When you and you alone come up with an idea, you finish it before starting another. Pumping out half formed stories after another is... saddening. Not sad that you do it but sad that us as readers will never actually see it come to a proper close to something that catches a readers fancy.

As I really can’t explain how a world like One Piece can work. So it’s all magic is the reason why.

One Piece's WorldBuilding

Well some of the stories are just there because of the commission. I write more on if I’m having fun when it’s not a commission. When a story isn’t fun anymore I just stop

True but I am doing this just for fun and giving out a story for free.

I had lots of Naruto stories but after the new series came out where he turns out to be a bad dad to his kids just cause me to lose my passion for writing his stories.


Blame the writers for Boruto.

And I do have to agree with the others that you tend to keep your many stories in hiatus, and just add new ones to the plie.

Some stories I just lost interest in for the ones I’m not being paid to write.

Writing is just a hobby for me and like all hobbies you can lose interest in and just stop. Like bringing into something like Warhammer in making scale models and then losing interest. Same for me with stories. I have fun writing some for awhile till, I just lose interest or something new comes up.

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