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In the prequel to Unwanted Guests, Celestia, Luna, Cadence and Twilight hold an emergency summit over how to deal with Tirek and how to better protect Equestria from future attacks similar to Tirek's.

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"I propose that we form a group of ponies who are to deal with handling situations like Tirek," said Celestia. "A group of ponies who will protect our subjects and uphold the laws that we enforce."

How about these guys?
They've already got themed magical powers and a ridiculous headquarters as well as some experience in the field. Better even than that, they'll just go do whatever you tell them to without even asking to get paid. Why bother with some grouchy old loose cannon who's going to be wondering where his paycheck is every couple weeks and needing some kind of brand new secret and extremely expensive state-of-the-art ultramodern top-of-the-line bunker-citadel to operate out of?

6068554 There is going to be a story about a SWAT team formed comprising of several high ranking royal guardsponies led by Flash Sentry.

I'm vaguely remembering that the Royal guard didn't exactly cover itself with glory vis-a-vis Nightmare Moon. Or the Changelings. Or Discord's vines. Or Tirek. I'm really unclear on what a SWAT team could've done about Sombra; it's not like they could shoot tear gas canisters through his windows until he surrendered or something.

On the other hand, I suppose they could've taken Starlight's cult or arrested Trixie or Ahuizotl. The Mane Six shouldn't have to keep getting sucked into random brawls.

Ugh... just... why.

They summarily executed Sombra without as much as hearing, exiled Chrysalis and forgiven Discord. Why would they bother with trial now?

This is a nice prequel to Unwanted Guests and one sees good views. I liked it. It showed the opinions of the Princesses really well.

6068554 I see what you did there...

Another good fanfic from you.

"Princess Celestia," sighed Twilight, looking at her mentor with a confused look on her face. "I don't know if we should reform Tirek. If he were to be freed from Equestria, he could be able to break loose and finish what he started. Discord is one creature that can be reformed despite his betrayal, but Luna, Cadence and I are right. Tirek cannot be reformed, although we can try. But, I will stand by what you say since you have always been my mentor."

did you even research twilight's character?

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