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The title says it all, dear reader. This is a story primarily about Pony bottoms. And some other things, like cats. But mostly bottoms.

An Entry for the April 2015 Writeoff 'Great Expectations'

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Butt this story lacks coherent plot.

Sunny #2 · Apr 20th, 2015 · · 1 ·


There is a semblance of a plot in there, but it is a loose narrative thread because it represents the fragile and extremely breakable mind of the PoV character. They aren't exactly sane, you see :pinkiecrazy:

That said, I totally concede it is far from coherent! It's absurdist, and nonsensical, and stupid, and if it's not to your tastes, that is perfectly fine. Thank you for the lengthy comment!

5885888 if you're fifteen and write stuff like this in your journal, you'd be foolish. at least, if it was a physical journal.

5885893 butt face it, it's well rounded, enough for me to want to open it up and dig in.:pinkiehappy:

Author Interviewer

This is so great why does it have downvotes.

Way back in the 1970s I saw a braille copy of Playboy magazine. I guess some people really do read it for the articles. Just thought I'd share this plot thought :derpytongue2:

Majin Syeekoh

5885956 Because they can't handle the sheer awesomeness.

This is my third time reading this, and I still can't tell whether I love it or hate it.

Meh, I'd say it's no less pony-related than that story about the btler giving Celestia belly rubs, or that old fic "Twilgiht Sparkle Makes the Featured Box."

I feel like I just read a research paper with... adertisement? It has a nice refined tone to it, and it is bit random in some areas. Overall, I like it. Althought I can see why some wouldn't. I wouldn't even consider hating this.

On a related note, everyone has the right to decide if they dislike somthing. Even I am guilty of wondering how the hell some stories even got featured. Everyone has different tastes. But disliking something doesnt give anyone the right to be a braying jackass as I have seen so many times before.

I too felt like I was reading a report on national security mixed with a sub-par ghost buster's investigation.

The writing was bloody brilliant. So... Interesting.
Although I agree there was no 'proper storyline' I really don't think he needed one. He just pumped out the facts.

I have not read this story yet, butt I still have something of relevance to contribute! :pinkiehappy:


As I focused on my insane ramblings the two things I remember trying to evoke bits of where Pratchett (nearer the beginning, I believe), and later on the advertisement was a bit inspired by Welcome to Nightvale. The bit where 'And then suddenly, in the middle of my crazy ramblings, AD!' made me snort.

I read this for the plot.

Of course. :raritywink:

:raritywink: My plot is approved by Dragons everywhere!
:moustache: I the only Dragon you know.
:raritystarry: Oh those claws are awesome!
:rainbowhuh: Wut?
:twilightoops: Rarity ! Stop corrupting Spike!
:moustache: Aw Twilight.



People who are butthurt?

This story doesn't have much of a plot (except for the fact that it's all about plots :derpytongue2:), but I enjoyed it anyway. :twilightsmile:

this story is butts

Is there a story in here anywhere? If so, where? If not, why have you posted it on a site for stories?


There is! It's simply not self-evident at first. The point of view character isn't exactly mentally sound!

Too many butt jokes are running through my mind. Way too many.

:pinkiegasp: Such language, I cannot believe this words!

No, nevermind, do not imagine that! Forget that these words were ever written! Turn back, dear reader, there is only madness down that particular road.


They full nopony with the Sunshine Sunshine dance. It is a flaunting that they are the disciples of the Solar Princess, that they two aspire to hold sway over their own fiefdoms.

You have being hypnotized by this video...


5885888 Any story with the Random tag does not need to follow any prexisting rules, not even the basic a story must have a begining middle and end, or the post basic a story must have a conflict and and a focus, or the third tier a story must have characters a setting and an identifiable premise.

None of that matters in a Random story for that tag exists precisely to mark stories that violate the basic aspects of what makes a "proper" story.

As long at the tags are proper and it doesn't violate any of the site rules it's good to go.


EDIT: Of course to a point, If the quality of the writing falls so low is only right that the mods/pre-readers filter it from entering the database.


I'd prefer if you want to engage someone regarding personal matters you take it to PMs, rather than in story comments. Thanks!

5891417 Before I answer that allow me to ask a question of my own.

What part of my comment made you think is dumb exactly? :duck:


What do you believe to be the propose of the Random tag if is not what I described?

Now to answer your question I add "~Leonzilla" at the end of most of my comments for several reasons but the most important one is because I consider commenting an art form much like storytelling. I often put as much effort in writing them as one would expect an author to put while writing a story. Therefore to personalize my art I find it proper to add a signature to conclude it.

I'm not the only one in the site who does this kind of thing; but other people probably have their own reasons for it that are different than mine.

Either way if you are still curious just say so and I will gladly illustrate further.:scootangel:


5886720 Is it just me and my crappy Internet, or are the parts where a Spike emote would make sense to be replaced with a picture of Gardevoir eating a banana seductively?

I am not joking. There is a pokemon eating a phallic fruit on my precious FIMFiction.

A conspiracy theory, hmm?

Maybe they're plotting against him... :moustache:

Hello, Everyone, Let’s Play More Everyday.

How did I not see that before....

I remember reading this, but I didn't give it a score. Have a like, though it needs more research on the princess' evil plot.


The sequel. At Least 3000 Words (Mostly!) About Butts. Which I may do someday who knows

I was going to write about the powerful asses of the princess but yours looks better. Has better plot.

That sure was... something.

5919261 seems I can't simultaneously up and downvote a comment.

5922169 does that mean there is a prequel: Roughly 1000 words moistly about butts: chapter one Celestia fell halfway down a well.

6054366 I don't think I'd read something regarding moistly butts.

Truly a exceptional piece of work, one that shall stands the test of time, no matter what nefarious plots against it may occur.

8019924 Many thanks!

Ill be honest.. was not expecting to come across something like this today. Its apparently been on the site for a while and I want to question it, as anyone would, I think ill just contemplate how something about only butts can actually make some a certain amount of sense.

What is life?

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