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Life in Canterlot Castle is about more than just the Princesses. Many ponies spend their days working in the palace, toiling with their virtues unsung to keep life humming alone.

Meet Spot Shine, Aegis, Raven, and more. Take a glimpse through their eyes, even as Princess Celestia finds herself a bit under the weather.

Some knowledge must be earned, but remember : Some doors cannot be closed once opened.

First written for the June 2015 Writeoff 'A Matter of Perspective', and winner of Most Controversial.

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Comments ( 87 )

This is still one of my favorite writeoff stories, and it's just as good as I remember it. There are definitely a few more hints, but that's probably a good thing.
My only complaint is that you have an extra "lay" in the last paragraph.


Thanks, this has been fixed! And glad you still love it :rainbowkiss:

Might merit a Tragedy tag too. That would help the clueless out a little.

Also, ditch work and come party with us! :rainbowwild: We're open at 5, pizza at 8, ponies at 10, RHPS at 11.

I don't get what-

Wait. . . Luna isn't supposed to have green magic.



I probably can show up at some point, will see how fast I can get out of work. Though no costumes, no time to put together one of those :scootangel:


Take that final thought and reread it and I think you will find it has turned into something completely different.

I don't mean to make it a bone of contention, but this story is much too spooky! My coccyx nearly fell out of my pelvis, I was rattling so much. Let me tell you, I didn't find that humerus. It chilled me right to my marrow! Fear ran from my metacarpals to my femurs and back again!

P.S send calcium

P.P.S I am a skeleton

Fucking bugs

Not a problem!!! You will lol at Jewel's outfit. :rainbowlaugh:

Ah I remember this...

Hmm? This story story is multi-layered and there's not just one twist? I guess I have to read it all.

*Five minutes later.*


Okay, that's... really damn creepy at the end. Especially in conjunction with what's implied by "Luna" having green magic... I'm not sure what exactly was up with the other scenes, but that last one...

Really damn creepy. *Shivers*


Consider the actions of the characters in light of what that spoilered statement replies. Or, if you want a more direct explanation...

Luna isn't the only pony who gets replaced by a Changeling as the story goes on - the changes in perspective matter.

6668323 Huh. I guess I just missed whatever cues were supposed to inform us that something was "off" about those others. Except for Luna complaining about the doctor, presumably before she was replaced -- that was pretty blatant.

I suppose this is sort of an AU thing where instead of doing the crazy wedding invasion scheme, the changelings infiltrated more slowly and carefully, eventually taking over completely, to the point where Celestia herself was feeding all of them? Or perhaps Celestia was kidnapped and replaced, although that doesn't fit quite as well...


There 'when' and 'why' I leave vague. It's only really the 'what' that has a clear explanation in-story, even if it has to be teased out :twilightsmile:

This is.... majestic. :pinkiegasp:

So i am guessing that they have been drugging celestia to keep her restrained so they can take over. Shrugs. Okay story.

Though i don't buy they could capture luna. Or more so, that luna would not be able to tell Celestia what is actually going on. Dreamwalking and all that. And killing her is even more unlikely, cause that would only be possible via a violent ass battle that everyone is gonna notice.
Also they could jsut kill celestia instead >_<

So both luna would tell celestia and its unlikely Luna could even be subdued by changelings. Story is interesting at least.


Just for funsies :

It's not drugging, Luna's fate is ambiguous beyond 'she's not present', there are ways to dispose of someone that don't involve head-on attack if they went that route (And I am not saying they did), and they aren't going to kill their giant love-sponge.

I know you have strong feelings on things but there are multiple interpretations of both greater media and this story as a whole. Glad you semi-enjoyed though!

6720934 Saying that because its the only logical approach to killing a demigod. ONe does not live a thousand years without having the endurance to withstand it. Disease or accidents can kill them, or the blade of an assassin.
Besides we once saw Celestia survive a blast to the chest that once pierced a castle. Whether it be her possessing some healing factor or Dbz logic, it seems unlikely a dagger or poison could harm them.

Even if they drove luna off there is still the issue of luna returning..... And i doubt that canterlot would be as abandoned as it is depicted here before she did.
OR maybe they could somehow find a way to hold off an army of ponies lead by a very pissed off alicorn for a long time. Shrugs.


Who knows! The story does not come down on the deific or not status of alicorns. Perhaps they are just polymorphed giant squids and someone has figured out how to sing Squiddly Songs to them that lure them back into the Deep Oceans to frolic and taunt the sperm whales and seaponies!

What a good darkfic! I just hope everything worked out in the end, what with all the implications.



...okay, that was one extremely well done changeling story. (I'm guessing that Luna is lying in her room on the other end of the castle, as indisposed as Celestia is?)

Seems a bit dangerous for the changeling to read Celestia the story about changelings, though. As foggy as she is, they really don't want her putting two and two together and figuring it out.

But I guess that's hubris for you...

*Alondro smirks* And this is what happens when you don't agree with me and EXTERMINATE every one of those stinking, vile cherngelerngs of the face of planet! WITH EXTREEEEEEEEEEME RACISM!! (Screw mere prejudice. That's for wusses.)


6721335 Nope. every pony died from having their lurve drained for too long. And soon Celestia will die.

And then everything will die.

Cherngelerngs are disgusting, thoughtless parasites who'll feed until they wipe out their own food source and starve... much like locusts and gypsy moth caterpillars. They should be treated in the same way as we deal with such pests!


6722356 I really don't like this stupid changeling hate shtick you've been going on and on with.

Y'know why this is such an effective and unnerving dark story?

Subtlety. Like the dust on the tables at the end. Freaking brilliant. Many writers provide too little, or too much. But this is just right. Awesome story.

Also, I suspect Luna is actually Chrysalis herself. Seems like her to read an ironic storybook about changelings to Celestia. Cocky bitch.


Glad you liked it!


The nice thing about leaving much of it unsaid is that That well could be the case for Luna.. In truth, I don't have an answer, because I myself never decided on one; the uncertainty there is part of the story to the point where I can't answer because I myself don't know! As for the other part It's certainly a bit arrogant, but Celestia is likely in no shape to do anything about it, or put two and two together


It's a difficult point to hit. The first entry in the Writeoff I think went a little too subtle on defining what happened, so several readers didn't get it. I think it's better now, but the author's note is still there just in case one is lost and needs a little extra help. As for Luna - well, she is humming This Day Aria at the end, although it's not explicit so other interpretations may be valid!

Thanks for enjoying!

I'm gonna have nightmares...
Rrrrrgghh this is one of those good but bad changeling stories...

Nothing seemed off about the servants, but that might just be my headache. I picked up on the Luna thing, though.


Each step up the ladder is an escalation. If one goes back with opened eyes, the pieces should be visible.

Well, this shows the real frightening potential of the changelings. This was probably orchestrated by a queen that's not Chrysalis.

6722422 Hey, if people can hate Celestia for being white... :trollestia:

This is a very well put together story with a great use of subtlety. Skimming through a second time managed to solidify my suspicions as to what was going on, particularly the changes with Raven and Quick Check and the green glow in Luna's wake in the final scene.

I couldn't really pick up on any major differences with Spot Shine and Aegis but I may have just missed something and it was possible to work it out anyway.

Each transition is meant to be more obvious than the one before it - with Spot Shine, the hints are her going inside, and then the 'headache' - she'd just fed off Celestia. Then, splitting the guard up, one sent to Warm Heart, the other left for her to replace. The other is when Raven comes in complaining about being told it was 'just a headache' when Spot Shine knew it was more. With Aegis, the hint is him not being at his post, because he was preparing to snatch Raven

Glad you liked it!

I'm going to put down my predictions before I read the reveal. I think their may be changelings or some other malign entity poisoning the princess. Considering the emphasis on how much Celestia and other love, my first guess is changelings draining her love. It might also me an assassination attempt.


7313122 After reading the comments, especially those of the author, I can now say.

I called it!!!!!!!!


6726936 But they can't. Well, they technically can, but they are definitely wrong to do so. Just because Someone else is stupid doesn't mean it's okay for you to be stupid. I'm not saying you're stupid, but don't do stupid things because other people are being dumbasses.
6722356 They aren't abominations, and they definitely aren't thoughtless. They just need a natural predator to keep them in balance. Something that is perfectly suited to overcoming them and exploiting their weaknesses, something that is immune to their strengths, something that will hunt them and they shall fear above all else. Something to prey upon them. Something that they cannot fight, cannot trick, and cannot hide from, so that their only choice is to abandon everything they've worked for and flee.
Or we could build a wall and make the Zebras pay for it.


7313194 Giant pony spiders that eat cherngelerngs would work.

6723701 And in the sequel, Equestria is the desolate wasteland we saw in the final alt future... because the changelings suck at preserving their food source.

But seriously, are the cherngelerngs doing forced breeding to keep the ponies going? If not, the ONLY outcome is that the world dies.

One never knows how far things spread. I left it open ended - its possible they are confined to Canterlot and content to leave the rest of their food free-range. Celestia is basically an unlimited font of food.

7321374 I'm finding it hard to imagine pony spiders in my head. But If they have some advantage for hunting changelings, then they most certainly work.

7322977 I can imagine pony spiders... I could probably create some. (Alondro is an insane developmental geneticist... for realsies... be afraid.) :pinkiecrazy:

7325136 And EpicBrony Astral knows that it's usually best to leave when people start talking in the third person. Especially scientists.

7325497 Alondro is in your head now. There is no escape.

(Current photo of Alondro)



7326121 In that case, I am safe. Anything in my head will inevitably drown and dissolve in the ongoing maelstrom of my thoughts and ideas. Just like my attention span. Or anything I want to remember.
Which reminds me that I wanted to write a story. I wonder what it was about.


Hey, if you all want to keep the banter going that's fine, but taking it to PMs would be preferable since it's not really about the story anymore! Thanks!

7332057 *rummages around in your brain* It was about killer kumquats. :pinkiecrazy:

Author Interviewer

Last scene's maybe a little too forward about what's going on, but I seem to recall the original being too subtle. This is still great. :3

I admit the significance, if any, of the "Swift Spear" versus "Sharp Spear" bit eludes me somewhat. Still, not bad!

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