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I'm the oldest of ten kids, (ten I know right!) growing up I was always allowed to pursue my imagination. I started learning to write in 2006, and became a brony in spring of 2014.


Sometimes it's just a little mistake. Sometimes missing a single instruction or saving a couple of button presses can create truly horrible situations. How will Twilight fix this? And how will her reputation survive?

Edit: A hundred likes in two days? Guys, I can't even explain how awesome that makes me feel. You guys are awesome, you've put me on cloud nine for a couple of days now. I'd like to shoot a thanks to everyone who faved, liked and commented on this. It's well appreciated and was much needed.

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I'm absolutely shocked and disgusted that a respectable pony like Twilight could ever do something like this.

I'm with Luna, lightly-charred popcorn is delicious. You should do a follow up chapter where RD is making popcorn for the Mane 6, and makes a point of not using the popcorn button, and is all smug about it... until she realizes that she forgot to take off the plastic wrap.

You burn one bag of popcorn by accident and suddenly you're the single most terrible person in the whole building... :raritydespair:

I know those feels Twi, I know them far to well. :facehoof:

To her dismay, she had followed its instructions to the T. There was only one conclusion for what why it wasn't working for her. The book was wrong.

The book had lied to her.


Lightly charred Popcorn is good. It is kind of hard to time it so it isn't badly charred (which isn't good) and normal which is nowhere near as good as lightly charred.

5801413 hahaa that would be pretty funny. I might do that if I need to make another 3am madness story.

5801650 ":twilightblush: Well, at the very least, thank goodness all that smoke didn't set off the fire alarm....:twilightoops:wait, actually that's not good."

5802472 Ya know, with the crazy anachronistic tech of the ponies, I wouldn't be surprised to see that they have microwave ovens but not smoke detectors.

I was just re-reading this. Noticed some of my funny mistakes. Like the floor is crystal when Pinkie does her thing, but wood when Applejack pushes the door open, and Twilight moves two book cases. :twilightsheepish: oh well.

I upvote for grammatical correctness. I Fave for fun and interesting stories. Have both.

I sincerely think this author has a very stinky house to be able to write this in such detail.

Oh, wow. Yeah, that was cute.

Twi's opinion of Fluttershy and the closet was the best line.


I loved that line. I thought of it during edits, and had to rework flutters part of the story to get it in. Glad you liked it.

5803877 surprisingly, i actually dont even have a sense of smell. I was eating popcorn though, saw that instruction on the bag and thought "huh. It would be funny if..."

(Realizes it sounds like obvious denial.)
I want to thank everyone thats upvoted and commented. It's made my day. :twilightblush:

I was expecting her to have summoned a demon of some sort with blood transmutation circles on the floor. Glad i was wrong.:twilightblush:

You know, in my experiences, the Popcorn button always manages to be nearly perfect. If anything, it needs to cook it longer.

That made me chuckle. Through most of it, I was expecting her to have burned cookies or something; popcorn hadn't crossed my mind. And I'm with Nightwalker, the line about Fluttershy capped it :rainbowlaugh:

This was hilarious, and well worth the time it took to read.

Funny... I always ignore that label, and nothing bad has ever happened to me... well, except bargain-brand popcorn flavoring, but that was going to happen anyway.

5804246 Oh. I kinda was thinking more like... Nope. That's what I was thinking.:derpytongue2:

5804503 yeah, it depends a lot on your microwave. Newer nicer models get it perfect. Old and/or budget radiation boxes are set for 3.5 oz bags which aren't the norm anymore.

“Heya Twilight, Flut-" Pinkie's eyes began to water and she took a look around, examining her setting. Too quickly, her eyes were drawn to the mess, much of it still scattered on the floor. "… Nope!”

This. This nearly made me fall out of my chair.

The popcorn I buy actually says specifically not to use the "Popcorn" button on the microwave. *shrug*

How entertaining. I can't say I've ever been there, though; I abhor microwaves and refuse to use them.

I also suffer from anosmia (minimal sense of smell). It really gets in the way of cooking.

Does Popcorn really smell that bad burnt? I've never smelt burnt popcorn...

5805052 Yes. Yes it does. It's pretty horrible. It's a mixture of the hull of the popcorn burning, which has a sour smell to it, and the oil in the bag burning which is a bit rancid. The smell works it's way into any soft surface and you can smell it for about one to eight days afterwards. Freshly ground coffee set out and cleaning hard surfaces with vinegar water helps, but does not remove it.

If you're up for it, take a single piece of popped microwave popcorn, hold it over a lighter and take a good whiff. You'll never forget.

5805031 Actually, I have severe rhinitis. There's technically nothing wrong with my sense of smell, except that it's buried behind an ever present wall of snot and inflammation. I can smell clearly about four to eight hours a week, or if I inhale and quickly exhale through my nose.

TMI? Probably. Most likel- Ah who am I kidding. Yes that was TMI. Yes, I still posted it. :pinkiesick:

5805057 Does it smell worse than blue cheese being microwaved? Almost nothing smells worse than microwaved blue cheese.

5805172 *Goes to microwave blue cheese.* ... *realized he ate all his blue cheese, returns to computer*

No clue man.

5805175 Well, whenever you get the chance to try, don't. Not worth it.

Come on, Twi, honestly, who does read instructions before it's too late?

That was fun, and that last bit with Luna was just awesome :rainbowlaugh:

5805031 That must be what I have. On the other hand, it's actually really helpful at times in that you never get the full blasts of a skunk smell while on the road (something that the rest of my family is extremely jealous of me for).

Oh the irony! That's too funny! And why I don't make it, I can't for the life of keep the blasted stuff from burning. :rainbowlaugh:


The fastest route to my family reunion involves driving past a sewage treatment plant. I can barely smell it, but it's gag-inducing for everyone else.

At least she didn't use one of those unholy Jiffy Pop things. *shudder*
I hear there's a special level of Tartarus for that.

And now, the guy who turns failure into an art form:

Of all the ironically timed warnings that came too late, this one was most ironic.

That isn't actually irony. It's just hilarious.

Ah shoot sugar cube. Aint nopony ever believed that button was no good till they had one burn up on em.


You need to go through AJ's accent and choose either Ya or You to use. The biggest thing when writing accents is consitency. It's either ya or you; either Ah or I. Depending on how thick you a ponies accent to be.

small problems are small and fire breathing dragons make great fall guys when things get burnt.
Your Faithful Student


Decent story. Although when reading about an abomination, I was thinking something more along the lines of:


The Bloodborne Scurrying Beast, what with her earlier reactions she got. But yeah, It's always good to read instructions, or at the very least buy pre-made popcorn.


That does look like the beginnings of an attrocity. Thank you for the warning.

if ya think thats bad try a pack of sausage for 9 hours in the microwave now theres a smell that reaks *yes i hit 9 hours and not 9 mins by mistake dumb time cook on my microwave*

5893603 Finally got around to fixing those. Thanks.

Honestly I'm surprised that since I wrote and edited this in two hours while stupid tired that there weren't a lot more mistakes. Guess I was just really lucky with this one.

Decent story. Although when reading about an abomination, I was thinking something more along the lines of:

:D I went to great efforts to try and make people think things like that. Glad you enjoyed.

Well, this was random.

Good work and I have to side with Celestia on this one. How can somepony/one eat burnt popcorn?

Is that actually a thing?

My microwave, if anything, under-cooks the popcorn. There's always ten or so unpopped kernels.

6010855 yeah, its a thing. Theres always unpopped kernels in every bag. ... its kinda annoying actually, to have it torched with those still down there.

A moment of deep philosophy:
"Every microwave oven is different, and only through time and trial can one determine exactly how long it will take to pop popcorn..."

-Summon Bigger Stink-
Actually, I was reminded of an incident in the employee's break room in the basement of a place where I worked many years ago. Microwave ovens at that time used a pair of mechanical "egg-timer" knobs instead of key-pads. Somebody had put a sugary-frosted sweet roll in, turned the "Minutes" knob instead of the "Seconds" one, and then went away leaving it running. There were fan-forced open flames spewing from that oven when I shut it off--and that was the only time I've known a microwave oven to create a worse stink than burned popcorn.

In my early 20s, I worked the night shift at a truck wash. One night a truck came in from a slaughter house & we ended up with a cow's (?) brain. Some unknown genius stuck it in the microwave & it exploded. (The brain -and our boss.) I wish the microwave had exploded instead but I was not that lucky. As the newby, I got stuck cleaning it up.


Celestia's eyes widened as she looked at her darker sister eat even darker still popcorn

Ditch the "still" at the end.

Celestia's eyes widened as she looked at her darker sister eat even darker still popcorn. “Luna! How can you stand to eat that?”

Luna: quickmeme.com/img/47/47de8ae91a17e2c9befb975b136d68541dcc07918f3d89b2ad8677b43d2b4702.jpg

This was so random and unexpected that it's great! :pinkiehappy:


Celestia groaned and rubbed the bridge of her snout. Really why couldn't this letter have come five minutes earlier? Of all the ironically timed warnings that came too late, this one was most ironic. “Oh!” Luna said, teeth crunching on something. “Is it another letter from Twilight and her friends? Most Excellent, I have already acquired the popcorn!” munch munch

Celestia's eyes widened as she looked at her darker sister eat even darker still popcorn. “Luna! How can you stand to eat that?”

Lmfao! XD I thought I was going to fall off the bed from how much I was laughing :rainbowlaugh:

6642695 glad you enjoyed it!

burnt. popcorn. is. DISGUSTING!

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