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I never liked the quiet. Quiet happens when the audience gets bored. Quiet happens when somepony you love walks out on you, or when you crash into the stands during the show and nopony knows if you’re hurt, but they’re too afraid to ask... It paralyzes you, ya’ know?

Soarin' should be happy, but even as co-captain of the Wonderbolts, he always feels like he's flying solo. Something's missing, and he'll need to learn what's truly important to find it.

HUGE thanks to WordGuru(editing), SunX (editing), and Nuka-Cola Guy (proofreading)
Cover art by Neko-Me

Note: As the story header implies, there is also a mature-rated version of this story which can be accessed from my user page.

Chapters (53)
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Aside from the obvious, are there any differences between this story and the mature one?

Nope! This is an alternative for those that would prefer to skip the adult content altogether, including the intimate scenes and some of the language.

why do you bother making it SFW anyway?

A few people asked for it, and I wanted to be able to submit it to groups for publicity (for both this version and the main story). Unfortunately, it got downvoted into oblivion as soon as it hit EQD, I think partly because of the M/M shipping. It stings, and I wish it wasn't that way, but I don't want to stop, since there are some readers that prefer this version, and I appreciate them and don't want to give them an incomplete story.

It's possible this has all been terribly misguided, though. I get that.

you're still at it again?!

I have a stockpile of these. I'm updating every day in December, though my supply is running out. Luckily, editing them to be SFW is a fairly quick process. :eeyup:

7819632 lets test out the echo's of this place. Testing 1. 2. 3. Hello [...]Hello lets try that gain.

I love that scene. ^^ Though I wonder: did I screw up something in the story with the Wonderbolts' history?

Still the same amount of attention as usual...

Beautiful. And yet, it leaves me feeling somewhat sad somehow.

New chapters of the NSFW version are coming this weekend, and I'd like to get this version caught up when I can.

8027036 great, I will be looking forward to reading it.

Very lovely, cant wait for the next chapter, it's getting really... interesting... to say the least. :heart:

You know this space could be purposed for dance lessons.

Note: As the story header implies, there is also a mature-rated version of this story which can be accessed from my user page.

Where ?

Hi, Nic! It should be in the "Sensation" section, just under the "recent horse words" section. Note that you'll have to turn "View Mature" on in your settings before it even shows up.

Seeing this made me think there would be more hunger lol

lol! Well, there might be more hunger as the story goes on. I hope you're enjoying it so far!

Lol haha thanks
You're welcome

Think you could point me to the highlights
Cause 53 chapters....damn

I'm afraid the story isn't really episodic like that—it builds on itself over time, so if I were to just point you to the big moments, they wouldn't make much sense without context. You'll see what I mean as you get further in, and I hope you've been enjoying it so far.

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