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It's not as gay as the title makes it sound, I swear.

Soarin’ and Braeburn decide it’s finally time to come out as a couple to the Apple family. Everypony is willing to welcome them with open arms, but the couple in question sure seems to be making it hard on themselves.

A satire on serious gayfics everywhere. Rated T for scandalous innuendo.

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Well. I had something a little different in mind for my fic involving coltcuddling. This, however, may serve as some new inspiration. We'll just see. Anyway, good story!:rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy:

Oh, Braeburn, you klutz. But we love you anyway. :twilightsmile:

Nah, I ain't reading this.

The title and description already killed me.
Oh my God this is going to be a glorious read.

If you're not going to read this, why are you commenting?

As for the story, it's short, funny, and very well written. Very cool.

Love it. Great job. :ajsmug:

1014979 Because I am a friend of Bandbrony's, for your information.

Oh, screw it, let's get it over with....

1015027 I was BORED, have you ever been BORED?

By the way, I read your story.

Har-dee-har. It's alright. You nearly got a giggle out of me.

Did I mention my chest is stone and I have a cannonball for a heart?:trollestia:


I'm kidding it's pretty good, I'll give you a like, anyway.

Well that was interesting :rainbowlaugh:

I think I know where this is going to go... Good story though.

This was pretty easy to fap too.

Up until those lesbians showed up.

You killed my boner dude.

Surprisingly, I lol'd.

inb4 featured.

Never thought of Soarin'Burn shipping. Almost as wierd as RainbowSink.


This was a cute idea, but the actual writing wasn't so hot.

After having read some of the Srs business gay fics, I can safely say that this did, in fact, provide lulz.

this made me lol :rainbowlaugh:

Oh, I'll like it. I just know it.

*reads later*

Edit: Yup, I loved it. *fav'd*


RD and Applejack.

They said specifically that they were gay for each-other.


Ha ha, that was cute! Not quite a favourite, but a like well earned!:heart:

This was very good! I like that there were two ships in one story:yay: :rainbowkiss::ajsmug:

1051577The shipping has been doubled!!!

That was both hilarious and adorable.:rainbowwild:

As someone who does NOTHING but write serious gay stallion stories, 90% of the time SoarBurn.

This was funny and adorable.

They have nothing in common, but they have so little in terms of character that we MAKE THEM HAVE SHIT IN COMMON!

And that's where gay ponies come from.


They are pretty cute together, aren't they?

I'm afraid I cannot trust writers... They tell lies for a living. :raritywink:

I loved your satire, it really encapsulated the whole Soarin'xBraeburn shipping phenomenon. I think your characterisation of Applejack accurate as well, and AppleDash shippers worked well in the story. Ahahahaha.

1552534 That picture, just yes. :heart:

This was really good, don't really know how to put it in other words, it was just good. :twilightsheepish:

This works well.

i agree with tjamesbeard, i probs spealt that wrong, but yeah.

wait you mean that brey burn and ... and applejack and ... :eeyup::applejackconfused:
whoooa :pinkiegasp:

"It's not as gay as the title makes it sound, I swear." i laughing way too much at that :rainbowlaugh:
Nevertheless, I'm dissapointed :applejackunsure: :twilightblush:

Oh Braeburn... You and your big, gay mouth! :rainbowlaugh: Faved!

are you going to make more story's like this because that would be cool.

Oml, Breaburn and ur big gay mouth need to shut it, now before u die and make the ship die!:flutterrage::fluttercry:

“What?” The farm mare drew a blank. “Ah’m not sayin’ yer crazy cause he’s a stallion. Ah’m sayin’ yer crazy cause he’s a celebrity. Ah’d always pegged you as the more ‘low key’ type a guy.”

Let’s circle back around to that pegging thing—

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