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I just recently started to write stories directly towards the FiM actively, though I have been writing for years, publishing numerous stories at Mibba and the eventual pony story, as far as to the MLP


I guess I had been her, Rarity all along, even if I had never known it. I was the designer and creator of suits and garments.

Generosity is an integral part of who I am with my friends. Creating, giving and sharing my gift with them is natural.

If only I had realised, what this one latest design and sharing it would entail, for me and my friends.

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:raritydespair: Darling! all that rubber will make you all sweaty!
:raritywink: so wear plenty of deodorant.

5143834 I don't know about the sweaty bit, but you would be very hot.

5143949 :raritywink: and when you get hot you sweat.

5143951 Depending on which 'Hot' was implied.
It is as likely to be you, as you look?

5147226 its nothing, I was just trying to be funny with the first comment.:twilightblush:
I really liked the story.:twilightsheepish:

(by the way, I meant hot as in the temperature)

5147439 if the suit had covered more of her, I guess the hot had been more temperature, than looks?

Now you warmed me up too with that, thanks.

Ah yeah, though it was just half the meaning of the expression.

I'm confused and disappointed, I must admit.

How the characters go with the pony names and (so far) barely react to the transformation is just... bland.

That, and I assume that 'jigglers' is slang for breasts? Why, oh why, of all the synonyms for that particular body-part would you go with what might be the least sexy and most immature sounding synonym?

And you have a real problem with having characters narrate what's happening instead of describing it.

:pinkiegasp: "And now, I eat a sandwich! It is very delicious and moist!"

See how silly that can be?

Still, I wish you luck on this story, even if it does not seem to be for me.

Oh, and as a final bit of feedback? The author's notes field is not included if people download the chapters, so you may wish to move that POW notice into the text proper.

5184918 Would it have been better, had I given them Human names for this scene?
The only Canon I could find applying is Equestria Girls, and they did not react on the changes there.

I could have chosen any of numerous other words for them, but it would feel as if it detracted from what I was trying to tell here. I can still use a few other words, if and when the story calls for it, in order to make an emphasis on some distinction. Right now I was pointing at the detail, but without an emphasis.

From what I recall of the story, they never put it quite that way.

Thanks, and best of luck to you as well.

How typical. I guess you can't please all, right? It is one of the few things the note can do, even if you don't see it in the down-loaded version.

stupid autocorrect I meant to say fic

The reason why I said it was dead is because it's been almost 3 years without an update usually by that point the story is dead

You mean that it has been hanging around for almost Three Years, already?

Most people have One or Two stories going on, at the most; so if a story is not progressing, it is fairly easy to assume it is dead, I guess.
In my case, the story falls out of focus, when the window in which its project could be found. If I can't see it, it is very hard work to find it again. My muse is a bit of a scatterbrain.

From where the story got, would you consider continuing to put in effort into this story?

I know about your scatterbrainess i have read a lot of your stories I'm going more off your track record 200 and something stories and only about 15 or complete

quick suggestion look over some of your previous stories maybe reading them again will rekindle your interest in them and you'll actually be able to continue one of them

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