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I just recently started to write stories directly towards the FiM actively, though I have been writing for years, publishing numerous stories at Mibba and the eventual pony story, as far as to the MLP


I have heard her tell me all the stories of Diana and how wonderful she was, but I never saw her myself first hand. The strange thing is that I do recall things and recognise facets from the story in myself.

She never told me Diana is the pink mare otherwise known as Pinkie Pie, maybe she wanted to protect me from what others would say, if they got wind of these facts.

How can one be the daughter of a fictional character, when she is a mare, when I do have my mother here? Is this why she merely refers to her as Diana?

There is this strange detail about a birth mark resembling a box. I just reasonably noticed the blue balloon on one of the sides of this box. Had the mark been in any other place, I could have ignored it, but it clearly is on my flank, or thigh as we Humans call it.

If only I could be permitted to have the fortune to see her again and for her to hold one of her signature Parties?

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.....tell you what. I'll give it a like and a fav, with the promise that I won't have to wait a year for the next chapter.

I was kind of confused. Is Pinkie her mother, because you said Pinkie visited her mother?

5440629 I plan to have a new chapter available before the end of January, but no earlier than the seventh.

5443602 If you go by the definition that the Mother is the one to give birt, her mother is the Human woman she lives with. Pinkie Pie left months before the girl was born.


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