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I just recently started to write stories directly towards the FiM actively, though I have been writing for years, publishing numerous stories at Mibba and the eventual pony story, as far as to the MLP


    Midnight Sparks lives in the room with a young girl.

    Once she manages to reach out, she takes the first step towards the freedom.  What this means, is for her to discover, as she is developing as a character and person.

    How does one live with, and indeed communicate; with one so utterly different, in almost every way possible?

    Who is she, and what does she want out of her life?  Can she get it, and does she manage to actually enjoy the life she is given?

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Time is short, and the mood is running low.

When the Princess is running out of options, Pinkie Pie is summoned.  While not even she could stop time or turn it back; but can she make the passing smoother?

A mare, summoning the last of hope, pushing herself well beyond, is there time for one last time?

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A girl gathers a stack of books into what she refers to, as Fort Book; hidden in the furthermost corner of the archive.  Where none is expected to search, and find her.

Incidentally, the design of the fort and a stack of books is summoning the inventor and architect.

Who is this mysterious individual?

In Twilight, everything is possible; to Twilight, everything sparkles.  Is this, where it all went wrong?

The keep of the castle, where the lord of books had been summoned.  As they say; Friendship is Magic, but what kind of magic is emerging?


For the glory of contrived conveniences piled sky high.

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Illustrated by: ??
Written by: Ponyess
Edited by: Ponyess
Re-edited by: ???

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The night is dark, as this one girl is crying herself to sleep.  Alone, and lonely.

One late night, her mother affords her a gift.

There is the glimmer of starlight.  One who listens, when none is really there to see the desperate tears.

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The trio of Sirens had broken up, shortly after the catastrophic failure at the musical showdown of a Battle of the Bands.

Without a voice with which to sing, they had lost everything.  Nothing holding them together. Lost and alone, they had been wondering the school grounds for weeks to come.

Of course; this offer, is open to a single Siren girl.

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This story is a sequel to Rarity Makes a Ponequine

Chancellor Neighsay feels personally offended; as Tilight Sparkle is challenging his authority. At least, it is how he feels, when she is standing him up; not just once, but twice.

What an upstart; thinking she could challenge him and the authority, he built up.

He thinks; Twilight needs to learn her place, if he needs to play it dirty, so be it.

Niece and Nephew should fit right into this plan; Twilight and her friends do not know or recognize them.

Two ponies are about to enjoy their time, Royally; while another will be facing a challenge he had never been prepared for. What the ponies are awaiting, is in a pair of very capable and slippery hooves.

A Marshmallow at the helm; riding the adventure as she pleases, to the destination of her choice.

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A girl is taken to the orphanage, after a tragic event where her family is taken from her.

The girl is introduced to the sisterhood, she never knew of before. The joy of a family, in ways she never dared to hope for.

A closeness, forged; by means out of her control and outside of her experiences.

How much joy and warmth, could one Diane possibly have to offer?

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The Supreme Commander is in control of her party.

This Anthology begins in the throne room in Ponyvile. The map on the table, directing a gate to another world and unimaginable possibilities and opportunities.

Pinkie Pie is running a tight ship. Yet, there is more than enough room for a party, friendship and more.

Could anyone see Pinkie Pie stand in the way of a party and fun had by all? Could she truly stand for not having parties and fun?

Consequences, there are always consequences.

Murphy will not be denied. Just as Mr. Checkovs gun is known to go of. Just make sure, not to be the one hurt in the process.

If Starlight and Twilight is one, is Derpy Hooves, Ditzy Do, Bright Eyes and Muffin the same pony?

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When the room had been painted in pink and decorated in the spirit of joy; the spirit of laughter is summoned.

Once a spirit is summoned, a Pony is materializing unexpectedly, spreading her joy in the room and the home.

What is about to happen, and how will the owner and inhabitant of the home react? The effect is soon to be realized.

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Pinkie Pie had promised a Party, and now a Concert, the one Concert you could never forgive yourself for missing.

While she had omitted the details of who was to perform on the stage, as well as what they were to play; you would know for absolute certain, the level of quality, as well as the commitment behind it all.

While it had been known to all, just what a mean Wizard Pinkie Pie is on the Drums, since the show that had originally been intended as merely a showcase at the school.

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