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    The train trip across Big Hill Summit wasn't the most comfortable Spuds had ever endured, but an unexpected travelling companion more than made up for it.
    Admiral Biscuit · 3.1k words  ·  67  1 · 351 views

'Spuds' Terkel is the voice of the common pony. Tired after a long weekend in Manehattan, he's only looking forward to the train ride back home . . . until he takes notice of who's pulling his cab. A chance meeting provides him with another interview into the life of a common pony.

Now with a reading by AShadowOfCygnus

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Also, backgrounded background ponies are the best!
Keep going!

He said this with the same certainty he would used to give his own name,

“Maybe if the see us, they'll remember us, if we need them again.”

Great little diddy, if you ask me. Two people just... interacting. The best kind of oneshot. :twilightsmile:

It's nice to see the nameless get their stories told from time to time.

Have a thumb up and a gold star. :twilightsmile:

This is probably the most obscure reference I have ever understood. On that note, this is a really sweet little fic, and your interview captures a lot of the style Terkel actually used in his books.

5138287 ha, now that you mention it.... (Googles name)....!!! I see what you did there... :raritywink:


It's nice to see the nameless get their stories told from time to time.

Sometimes they have the most interesting stories.


your interview captures a lot of the style Terkel actually used in his books.

The funny thing is that I haven't actually read any of his books yet, but the passage at the end seemed just like what he would have done.


I see what you did there...


Very great story. I see a "spin-off" story about Golden Agate, wonder what his foal will look like.

The so called commoner can have the strangest stories. The guy in the UK who won the lotto twice, and lost it all. The guy in Japan who was visiting relatives in Hiroshima. then went home. To Nagasaki.

To those silent servants. Those who only stand and wait. :moustache:

“My oldest sister works in the Palace. I write her postcards sometimes. She says she shows them to my little sister. I want—“

“Go ahead.”

You might wanna put some clarity into that to let the reader know that the Crystal Pony hesitated to speak any further.

Don't mind me or all the notifications, just catching up on stuff I missed. :pinkiehappy:

That's cool. Rinnaul did reviews of all the stories, if you want to get an idea what you're getting into before you read it.

“Because . . . because of King Sombra. In case he comes back.” The cabby fell silent for a moment. Spuds didn't say anything.

I'll admit, after reading this line I assumed that Golden Agate was afraid of Sombra's return.
The next paragraph made me mildly ashamed, as I should have been for what I'd thought.

A solid, nicely written slice of life.

Why does this story not have more views? :flutterrage:

It deserves so much more.:fluttercry:


I agree with you 100%.

Do listen to AShadowOfCygnus' reading; he gets Golden Agate's voice perfect.

Author Interviewer

It took me until the story was over to realize his name was not actually Spuds. >.<


I don't think I ever said what his actual name was.

Sometimes I wonder if it's obnoxious, the way I force everyone to get on the NITPICK TRAAAAAAAAAAAAIN!

was it was he almost said earlier?


All his exhaustion from before had completely fades away

Perhaps the most jarring tense changes come in the middle of sentences.

In other news, this is a nice story.

Corrections made, thank you!

In other news, this is a nice story.

Again, thank you!

Aw this, more of this Biscuit.

Maybe one day. :heart:

At least we now know more about his daughter than we did before.

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