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This story is a sequel to A Ponyville Without Diamond

Diamond Tiara has had her cutie mark disappear, it was a terrifying day for the filly, then she saw an alternate Ponyville where the lives of other ponies went on as if she never existed. Those were humbling experiences for her, ones that changed her. Hopefully for the better.

Now she must face the potential wrath of an entire town and make amends to those she affected and she will take it one day at a time.

Just to be clear: The cover art was done by this guy.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 37 )

You have wrote it, and I have read. I love the beginning of this. I know others will be glad that Diamond is alright, but not be so forgiving. I know others will pity her because of what Discord did and not because she locked herself away for two weeks. I know Discord has to eventually confront her again, but not too soon I hope. Well, there should be at least two more chapters (she has to make it to school after all) and I look forward to reading them.

I'm actually a little disappointed with this. I enjoyed the humor and the what for from the first story, and I enjoyed the harsh reality that DT had to face with Discord. However, I doubt that she would have missed school (or if she did, I don't think it would have been for that long.) Really I feel like you missed a lot of character development in the first chapter.

There are going to be two more chapters, so hang in there.

I realize there are going to be more chapters, that's why I was disappointed. When doing a longer story you have a longer time to adress character issues. But you jumped in with a lot of change in a small amount of time. Not even an introduction (done seperate from DT) to adress the sudden niceness from the CMC. Yes their nice but they are also kids. Kids can be cruel (as we saw in your what goes around) and they have long mememories. They are more likely than the adults to hold a grudge, unless you build the reasons they aren't before hand.

Thank you for the input. Before I started, I was debating whether to keep it as a single chapter story or do this. I'll add those details in the next chapter.

That was a nice chapter. Hope the next one comes out as good. :twilightsmile:

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it. The next chapter is going to be a very emotional one. At least it was as I was writing it.

This is a well written piece with true emotion behind it, but I must confess to stifling a giggle when you mentioned poor old 'Randy' passing away. Not many people could turn a one-joke cast member into a crux for Diamond Tiara's change. Suddenly that hilarious scene in Twilight Time is so much more harrowing... Damn you for ruining it for me. Still, I like Diamond's speech, and am looking forward to see how everypony treats her when you complete your epic trilogy. As for your Note at the end, very interesting, but perhaps that kind of personal information is best left with a doctor?

Ah shucks, thanks for boosting my ego. :ajsmug:

On a serious note, I'm glad you're enjoying the stories. I hope the next chapter doesn't disappoint.

This was a very emotional chapter. More so than the last. Hearing that her butler died because it broke his heart to see Diamond like that. All I can say is...I don't know what to say.:fluttercry::raritycry::applecry:

That was a sweet yet sad chapter! :raritydespair: Poor DT and Randy. It's always interesting to see how characters are made to react to not being able to say good bye to such important role-models in their lives. Still loved it though. It was interesting how she thought of Berry and Derpy too.

I hate Diamond Tiara

I hate Silver Spoon

I love this fanfic! :pinkiehappy:

Dang, this chapter made me cry ...

I loved all three of these stories. I'm so glad you wrote them. Thank you.

Thank you for reading them.

Hmm, I'm mainly a fan of Silver-Spoon-reforming stories, but I'm interested so far. :twilightsmile:

:fluttercry: You HAD to add Randolph passing on, didn't you? Now I'm even more upset!

Nice ending. :pinkiehappy:

Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed the stories.

I'm sorry, but... this didn't work for me. And I know I'll probably get downvotes for this again, but I really need to say it.

It's too smooth. The exchange between Diamond Tiara and Discord was too easy, too quick. Too forgiving. Ponies won't object to her calling herself a monster, but he doesn't get anything for making her nearly destroy herself? And, let's not forget, leading to the death of another pony in the process?

Oh yes, remember Randolph? The guy who died because seeing Diamond Tiara miserable broke his heart? Well, who made her miserable? And who didn't say even a single 'I'm sorry', for that or for making Diamond deliberately think her life was entirely worthless?

No. It doesn't work out that way. I'm sorry.

Thank you for your input and I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it.

I think the decision to draw this out was very wise. I was pleased to learn of Diamond's well being and glad in her case "absence makes the heart grow fonder." Looking forward to reading how Diamond uses her new found allies for the strength to continue her journey. We know it won't be an easy one but we look forawrd to following her on this new path. :twilightsmile:

5070752 I think it was handled well. Applebloom and Sweetie were willing to forgive and forget but Scootalloo made it clear that she hasn't yet forgotten her past abuse (which is very much in character) but is willing to put that aside for now and just be glad Diamond is physically well.

Scoots still may harbor a small grudge but she is willing to set her personal feelings aside to make it easier on Diamond without scaring her back into her room, whether or not Diamond deserves her mercy and generosity.:duck::raritywink:

5100052 one would be compelled to ask why if you hate Silver and Diamond you are even reading this?

anyway great chapter very emotional and character building. You really give reason to feel for Diamond Tiara. Very well done. Your best yet in my opinion!:twilightsmile:

Appleloosa would be a long train ride, but the sights of the vast open plains and buffalo piqued a new curiosity within her. She already had an idea of what to write and decided to jot down notes before she went to bed.

okay just a minor detail here. I had to look over the whole paragraph again because I was unsure if Diamond had seen Appaloosa or just read about it.

"The sights" would indicate that she actually visited but I'm fairly certain you meant pictures in a book. "but the pictures (or illustrations) of the vast open plains" etc etc I think would have been more appropriate.

Like I said, it's a minor detail, but one that caused me some confusion.:twilightsheepish:

important thing is Diamond was inspired and you convey that beautifully.:twilightsmile:

I had this one planned to have multiple chapters.

Thanks. I'm glad you liked it. :twilightsmile:

I've seen a lot of DT reformation pieces, but your addition of Randolph is unique, and very moving. To a lot of older butlers, the family they serve is the family they have, and I can definitely see him caring for Diamond Tiara like a granddaughter.

Thank you so much for these readings!

No problem. Again, so sorry it took so long to release the previous reading. But the art I got for it was so beautiful, it was worth it.

Totally worth it.

Some days she wept about the monster she was toward others, while other days were spent in silent contemplation about how she can change.

The tenses aren't agreeing. If by the time she was weeping her being a monster had been in the past, then it should have been "she wept about the monster she had been", and if she still was a monster at that time, then "she wept... she was" indeed.

Also "days were spent", thus "how she could change", not "can".

Diamond's mother helped her to the kitchen and was set onto a chair across from her father.

First, who was set, and second, whose father? If the mother "helped her [Diamond]... and was set... across from her father", then who is her father? And if the father is Diamond's, then she "was set". And therefore it should be like "Diamond's mother helped her... and got her set..." or something like this.

Unless you know something I don't...

What her mother said was contrary to what Discord had shown her and began to realize that she was as much a part of Ponyville... no, as much a part of Equestria as everypony else.

Again, who began? The words Diamond's mother said? This needs correction.

“Why is everypony being so nice to me?”

This reminded me of Flowey from "Undertale".

After eating daisy sandwiches for lunch the Crusaders decided to take her and Silver Spoon with them...

"Her" whom :ajsmug:?

The colt shook the cobwebs out of his head.

Wait, actual cobwebs :applejackconfused:??

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