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Just a dude who likes MLP and wishes to share my stories, focusing more in crossover


MAJOR CHANGES ON THE WAY! I'm not giving up with this story

Pinkie finds a new pony. A very quiet and mysterious one, and she hopes to know more about him and becomes his friend.

And I seriously don’t know why she wants to give that trash a Welcome Party. I just hope he dies violently with the new wave of violence on Ponyville.

But, on her quest to know more about this one, will she likes her answers? I just hope everything turns out fine.

Crossover with Hotline Miami, made by Dennaton. Play it, rage it and enjoy it ;)
INFO:Please, to the ones that played both Hotline Miami 1 and Wrong Number, be careful with spoilers.

Chapters (26)
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Comments ( 101 )

I love the fact you called the man mr.beard it was funny to read can't wait for more of your work.

6182870 Thanks :pinkiehappy:, Some characters will be named using the nickmanes they gain by the fans, minus Jacket, Hooker and other.

Pinkie Pie encounter a pony


she discover that


she give herself


enjoy his super duper Welcome Party he deserve


Learn how to conjugate verbs properly.


no one says that is gonna be easy

"going to" -- An informal expression like "gonna" should only be in the dialogue of characters, not in the narrative (or the description, in this case).

Oh, Pinkie's a clever one. She's sure as hell not getting taken out in the inevitable school shooting.

OOOOOO you should have him communicate with cassette tapes like in Payday!

Not gonna lie, I thought of doing this before, but I decided not to because of the story reasons, but hey, who knows. Anyway, thanks for the suggestion, though.

6473651 Alright, cool. So when would you say the next chapter will be released?

Man, I hate to say the possible date of release with the fear of not delivering and making you guys pissed, so I promised you, I going to do my best to deliver a new chapter the sooner possible, Hermano, with the special appearance of a good "Fan" (if you know what mean :D).

DON'T READ IF YOU AREN'T FAR IN HOTLINE MIAMI So did Jacket and Beard fight together in the Ghost Wolves in here oorr....?

Well, I guess I can say this.
Yes, they did, but it wasn't the exact war like in the game (Like two countries agaist each other), it was another war that I made up to combine with this Fanfiction.

6488743 Sweet. I've had a fantastic night. Had whiskey shots and a nice cigar with a good friend of mine. Little tipsy.

How's the chapter comin' along?

6563585 Good news, pal. The chapter is done. All I need to do is correct some English mistakes and correct other things and BAM, done. Just be pacient, amigo.

6568533 Happy that you like it, bro.

Oh god the grammar. Get the grammar nazis in here. Code red, code red. This needs alot of editing.

Thanks for letting me know. This is the last god damn time I get lazy and don't give a last check to see if everything is right.
Sorry pal.

Uh oh what will happen next! Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the next one!


Dang it, I wanted to be first, hahahaha :rainbowlaugh:
Thanks pal. Next chapter is coming.

6724844 Did someone ask for another chapter?
Let me know whatnyou think about it.

Chapter edited. How it is now, pal?

6770274 Well, just in my free time. I MEAN, I MEAN, ahhh...Why do you say that? :twilightsheepish:

6771412 hoxton reference

6771715 Oh yeah, mate. Kinda forget hehehe.

CHAPTER UPDATE: The chapter actually happen in Ponyville, not in Canterlot.

Hmm, i get the feeling that the Red Romance guy is gonna be one of those shady agents, to which Rarity and Fluttershy will show up and then raped and sold as prostitutes. though i could be over thinking it.

Awww yeah, can't wait to see more, i just hope jacket can kill all those mother f-------, including that fat pig of a stallion that beat up the changeling and her daughter

6867458 Red Romance actually IS a character from the game who do this. Do you know who?
6867527 Actually, it was a mare and a stallion who was about to beat the child, not the fat guy.
Thank you for your comment

Oh, my bad i meant the fat blue stallion with blonde mane that encouraged the beating.

And as for my guess .... would it be the Producer?

6871333 BINGO!
And about the fat guy. Don't worry, his time will come. But it won't be by Jacket's...hoofs.

fourth chapter in a row without our main star.


really loving the straying storyline.

6881432 Sorry if Jacket didn't appear much, but I asure you, he will gain much more chapter. So please, just be patient, pal.

i wonder how are you going to use our friend jack, and also i wonder why romance died, what was he into.

6947786 What do you mean by "romance had died"? If you don't mind me asking.

6949039 the pony writter who asked rarity to work for him. or at least i think its him

6949459 Ohhhhhhh, now I get it. I though you were speaking about romance in general, now I see you were speaking about Red Romance.
Don't worry, his death will be explain later :twilightsmile:

Is Dennator a who or a what?

7008852 Dennaton are the name of the game developer, formed by Dennis Wedin and Jonatan Söderström. The name Dennaton is actually a fusion of their names. Den, from Denis, and Naton, Jonatan, just changing the A for a O.

Wow. I like the way he reacted. Good job. Keep it up buddy!


7065627 Dang it, once again I failed in be the first hahahaha :rainbowlaugh:
Thanks pal :twilightsmile:

Nailed it, to be honest though i was expecting jacket to return to the apartment with his mask on but then i remembered that you never keep your mask on outside of missions. Other than that, it's exactly what i expect from a cold blooded butcher, good job

7074566 Hey, thanks pal :pinkiesmile: And you know, the thing that you though was going to happen is not a bad idea (It was literally going to kill the mood of the party hahahahaha :rainbowlaugh:).


7128556 The reaction that I wanted. Yay :yay:

Not bad. I need to know what happens next!

7149695 Thanks :twilightsmile:
I do my best to publish the next chapter as soon as possible

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