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Just a dude who likes MLP and wishes to share my stories, focusing more in crossover



Back from the dead, wakes up in a laboratory with no memory of his past. But a cientist, Core Estelle, who says to be his mother, told him that he died in a accident, that also took both his arms and legs, but he was brought back with new cibernetic prostheses to replace them. But, when the laboratory is attacked by man named Akan, Henry's mother help him to escape but stay behind, only saying to him to go to Canterlot High School and find a man named Jimmy. Now, Henry must find this man, because he may be the only one that can help him rescue his mother and kill Akan.

Crossover with the film: Hardcore Henry. I recommend if you are looking for a film that have some sweet scenes of action and violence, where the plot isn't the main focus.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 36 )

After reading the description I would recommend you track down an editor as there are many spelling errors.

7379243 hey no problem don't need to be upset. I was just giving some advice to a fellow writer.

Have you check the group?

7379254 Yes I did. I joined now, since I was trying to get a friend of mine to be my editor, but, it didn't work. I wanted to find a editor to just help with the grammar, since English isn't my first language, and help me correct a mistake made. But, to not just one story, but with all of my stories, but, I have a felling this is asking to much.
I see what I can do about the spelling problem, but, if you don't mind the question, what you think about the story?

7379277 ah well you should be able to find an editor for all your work or multiple editors. Its not asking to Mich for an editor to fix spelling and grammar as that's there job.

And I havent read it yet. As I'm reading another fic at the moment but I really liked the move so when I saw the title it instantly went on my to read list.

Though as I said I saw the errors which was why I commented.

I can give my opinion about the how the story sounds though.

From what I can tell you seems to have come up.with an good adaptation of the movies plot with enough changes to make it similar but also its own story that will fit within the EQG universe and o do look forward to reading it when I have cleared away some space.

7379306 Well, if you say so, I wll do my best to look for one :twilightsmile:
When you read, please leave a cooment. Every opinion counts to me, friend :pinkiesmile:

7379325 o usuallydo unless my oopinion has been stated by many others as it would be redundant

7379331 Ok.
It's just me or you also noticed that we tranformed the comments into a chat? Hahaha

7379342 welcome to FiMFiction. Comments can become big long discusstions for no reason :rainbowlaugh:

I like this allot and would love to see the full story. I also thought the movie was awesome . so great choice of character and I hope to see more in the future.

But as I was reading it I did notice typing errors not saying that made the story not as good just say I noticed a few here and there but nothing so bad just minor heck I am typing this up on my phone but I still thinks it amazing and the flow seems to be amazing and love it so good job.

7382245 Thank you :twilightsmile:
I will try to get a editor, friend of mine. Pinkie promise :pinkiesmile:

It should have been in 2nd person like the flim Other wise its pretty good

7382832 Well, the film was in first person, so I wanted to try and do something like it, but I'm happy to know that you enjoy it :twilightsmile:

7482486 If you are confume because of my spelling errors: corrections will happen soon, sorry :fluttercry:
If it is because this story is to crazy: welcome to Hardcore Henry, my friend :pinkiehappy:

Hey there buddy I got your first two chapters edited I'll be working on the 3rd and 4th chapters tonight. :rainbowkiss:
I'm sorry it took so long, but now that I'm taking my vacation I should be able to get it done in no time.

7577889 Thanks compadre, deeply :pinkiehappy:
Going to check your work and so use it. Thanks again.


you're very welcome. :rainbowkiss: I hope my edits worked for you :rainbowkiss:


If you don't write more... I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you. :twilightangry2:

7942414 Easy, friend, is kinda hurt to think in good ways of advancing the plot :V
But, I already started the next chapter. Also, what you are thinking about the story, so far?

7942810 Its amazing, and beautiful, and HARDCORE!!!

7942942 Thanks :pinkiesmile:
And don't forget: Akan is a cunt :raritywink:

"Fucking eat it"
Ye- wait what?!?
"WHAT?!?" The girls said in surprise and horror.

Greatest scene in the movie still made hilarious.

7957104 I'm happy to know :twilightsmile: Jimmy is one crazy lad :pinkiecrazy:

This story is great, but why is is name actually Hardcore Henry? It just feels off reading people calling him that, if it was a one off nickname someone gave him it'd be fine.

8017810 Well, in the movie his name is simply Henry, but since in the MLP/EG universe people's names look more like nicknames, I decide to use the movie's name "Hardcore Henry" and actually use as his name.

"Donacdum" Payday 2 Reference ;)

I'm gonna wait for the next chapter patiently

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