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Fantasy is more important than Reality. Always believe in Fantasy, lest you be lost to the frozen plains of reality.


As the spirit of chaos, Discord can sometimes feel lonely due to the fact that nopony will ever share his passion. Well, he's right, there is not a pony alive, dead, or yet to be born who will ever mirror his interests. But a certain all-knowing Illuminati Dorito might just be the friend he needs.

What happens when these two mischievous beings spend some time with the mane 6?

Random thing brought on by a bout of insomnia.

Featured as of 01/06/15.
Holly jeez, thank you everybody! So much :heart:

Chapters (5)
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This will be interesting. :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

This sounds fun. But, from what I know about Bill, this won't end well for Equestria. Someone going to get possessed ( maybe Discord ) and someone will cry.

... But, i don't watch Gravity Falls so, I don't know.

Oh, don't you worry! It is going to end wonderfully

What good timing! I watched Gravity Falls for the first time the day before, instantly got hooked and caught up on all the episodes yesterday.

When I saw Bill for the first time, of course, I immediately thought that he was like Discord. Seems there's growing popularity in having certain mystical omnipotent (usually male,) beings in certain series. You know what I mean -- that one blithe, nonchalant guy who can bend reality to his will and has his own agenda. Bill's totally in the same boat.

Something else I noticed though, is that compared to Discord, Bill is actually, like, evil. In retrospect, at no point was Discord ever really that malicious, more like he was just playing around. Bill though.... Let's just say that when Bill said that Discord's resume was disappointing, it was quite believable, even though if anyone else had said it it wouldn't be.

Let's just be happy that Bill's powers can only effect the mind and not actual reality, otherwise there'd be no hope for anyone.

Yup pretty much.

I'd watch it. Unlike MLP, which has its ups and downs, Gravity Falls has been consistently good every episode. Also unlike MLP, which has great storytelling potential that doesn't really ever get met, Gravity Falls is totally reliant on its narrative to work. They have to come up with the supernatural things that happen each episode, it's not like they have a mystical world to fall back on if they want to be lazy like in MLP.

Might not be your show but it's worth a shot. It's very much one of those cartoons floating out there right now that are greater than the sum if their parts.

never watched gravity falls......but now that youve brought this character to my attention this must change!

cant wait to see what you do with him:twilightsmile:

Bill has such a distinct-sounding voice that I can't help NOT reading this in his voice.

Well... We're all going to die... I'll get the pot helmets.

yes let the possession drive you to write:pinkiecrazy:

Oh, boy! This is going to be horrifying; Discord, make better friends FUN!:pinkiecrazy:

I can't figure out what to do on the link. it takes me to a blank yellow page

Okay, all you have to do is copy whatever text you want decoded, paste it into the text box in the decoder, and click the "Uncover a secret" button. In future I may be using more difficult cryptograms, and might just link to blog posts where I give the uncoded text



... methinks this needs to be in upcoming chapter :coolphoto:

Great story. Can't wait to see where this goes.

Can't wait to see where this goes. :pinkiehappy:

Where's the dorito thing come from I know bill looks like one but was it mentioned on the show or in the fandom?

Alex Hirsch (the creator of Gravity Falls) has said that Bill is an Illuminati Dorito

5108962 ok good cause I was browsing tumblr and I kept seeing references to Doritos

Well then, that's good timing. I just finished watching the last episode of Gravity Falls and now I can say without shred of doubt that Bill had some evil plan under his hat.

Great chapter.

Will the MLP character's meet more Gravity Falls characters?

Any chance at the end of the story you could show all the codes decoded?

Yes, there will be a chapter (or blog post I'll link to) with all the codes compiled and deciphered.
And... the mane six may or may not meet other Gravity Falls characters
Depends on how far I take this story

It taste like flesh

Ah, this should be interesting--and horrible. Mostly horrible, because despite Discord and Bill being rather chaotic beings, they're both fairly different. In comparison to Discord, you could consider Bill actually evil, because his actions are against the characters in the show and he shows no remorse for them. And we know he's cooking up something strange...

As for here, ooooh, boy, this should be a ride.

I can promise you there will be very hectic moments
But Bill is just here to have a good time, he may be up to something, but it might not necessarily be good or evil

I figured I'd finally get to reading this little gem :rainbowkiss:

The part where Bill brings up Discord's crush made me think of the deleted storyboards the cast showed at a convention I seen on Youtube :rainbowlaugh:

Discord has held the idiot ball today. Oh well, at least it'll be more exciting than when he joined up with Tirek :pinkiecrazy:

Now I crave jello for some reason...

What's always fun about reading Bill's dialogue is trying to figure out when his voice distorts. It's just so hilarious and spine-chilling to do so :rainbowlaugh:

I know :rainbowlaugh: That's my method of keeping his dialog in character
Just imagine it in his voice, and ALMOST ANYTHING WILL FIT
Stay tuned for the next chapter, as I am writing it right now. It will be muuuuch longer.
And the ciphers will start getting a bit more complex chapter 5 and onward.


You... I had this idea first :flutterrage:

I actually had the idea months before I wrote it :unsuresweetie:
Just goes to show how lazy of a writer I am

The randomness in this chapter is too funny. I love it how Bill blatantly stated how evil he was :rainbowlaugh:

Ahhh over the garden wall reference I thought bill was shouting that to the princesses I didn't see the authors box

Oh, just because it's in the author's notes...
Doesn't mean it's not Bill saying it :pinkiecrazy:

5252917 that's true I just thought it was part of the story proper


Your mind is not ready
... cuz Bill don't do bodies
they fleshy and weird :coolphoto:
don't worry, all his not so evil plans will be revealed soon*

*Disclaimer: 'Soon' is measured in Valve time

“‘Adorkable-ness’? WHAT IS THIS TRAVESTY AGAINST PROPER LANGUAGE, AND CAN I MARRY IT?” See this line everyone? SEE IT?! This was for some unknown reason one of the most hilarious things I have ever read.

Really cool story thus far. Although I thought Bill was omipowerfull in dreams only? I guess that would give him competition in Luna's line of work.

I take it because he now has a "real" body his powers transfer over right?

I feel your pain brother, only replace school with job. :ajsleepy:

I love Bill Cipher's hat trick :rainbowlaugh: Funny enough, I thought of his second appearance with Dipper when I noticed this updated.

That's the idea!
Later in the story, there will be some serious showing off of his powers.

5472033 Still their are some concerns I have. To me a demon is powerful but only at the expence of another. Where as a God is always powerful.

So I kind of cringe when I see the Alacorns and Discord so disturbed by him when in my mind their on the top of the food chain. Plus if they underestameted him it would make Bill's true power all the more impactfull

Those are just my two cents though :twilightsheepish:

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