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Wait a second, the queen was killed in the last story, is this an alternate universe fic to the last one? Either way so far, u pleased the creed. Continue.....

Wow, starting the story with the gruesome death and destruction everywhere, can't wait for the next chapter.

That was bloody awesome! ...Ouch. Okay, that pun was bad even for me.

Still, really excited for this.

4662561 Why thank you. Me and Diablo made sure to start this story off with a terrifying beginning. :pinkiecrazy: :yay:


i really enjoyed all the death and destruction for an intro chapter. Call me macabre, but no Alien/Predator story is complete without without a lot of brutal deaths, even if it all was just a nightmare Celestia was having.

Aside from that, I'm no critic, but in my opinion, everything seemed to be well written, and descriptions were thorough enough that I could easily imagine the scene in my head. It may just be my anticipation for Alien: Isolation, but I even imagined it all in first-person from Celestia's POV.

4663024 :rainbowlaugh: Wow, first one to figure out what this scene was. Nice job. :pinkiehappy: Have a Twilight and mustache. :twilightsmile: :moustache:


Wait...what do you mean "figure it out?" The readers needed to figure out that this was a dream sequence?

It's in the title of the chapter. "Waning Dreams." Seemed pretty obvious to me.

4663620 I just said that because no one else talked about it. :trollestia:


Can't wait for more. No grammar errors I could see, which is definitely a massive step up.

For the rest of it, and what I feel for later chapters? Allow me to sum it up:


Ten hours in and no dislikes

Bravo my friend:scootangel:

I like it and I am wondering if the Predalien is going to be in this story?
(If you do not know what is a Predalien, it is a Alien and Predator hybrid. It's a real thing look it up)

4664738 I do not believe so, it probably will not. :ajsleepy:

4664752 Dang, but hay at least you have Predators. Also are the aliens going to return in this story. If so, one word .... Aliencorn. I'm jokeing about the Aliencorn thing.:pinkiehappy:

Part of me thinks this is a bad dream

But some part Of me wants this to be real

I thought it was Alien vs Predator?

4667167 aw man when this spin off is over you might try to put Alien vs Predator if you can?

We are planning to make this a trilogy. Part one focused on the Xenomorph. This one focuses on the Predator. Part three...:ajsmug:

4669076 Aww... you spoiled all the fun! :facehoof: Oh well! :rainbowlaugh:

3 days and still no dislikes, good for you.

Have you read Alien: Out of the Shadows, by Tim Lebbon?

Celestia being haunted by the Xeno in very vivid dreams feels somewhat reminiscent of how Ripley is haunted in much the same manner in that book. It's a chillingly awesome feeling, by the way. :pinkiecrazy:

Anyway, while I'm surprised that Celestia and Luna found out about the Doc's actions so quickly, it makes sense, too. "Paranoid" likely isn't a strong enough word to describe how everyone must be left after what they went through. I'm usually a rather forgiving person (everyone makes mistakes, after all), but no punishment is too harsh for the deaths the Doc's actions will soon cause.

4678620 Yes... his punishment will most likely be severe... :pinkiecrazy:

4669076 If there is going to be another one I wonder what the third one is going to be about? Maybe it will be a Alien vs. Predator. Or Maybe it will be about Applejack and the aftermath of the hole Alien vs. Predator thing. But may be it will be about a Predalien since we now know that the aliens are still alive and the predators are the main bad guys in this story. But you have the Aliens and the predators, but you do not have the marines. But hay, this is just what I think might happen. cdn.bloody-disgusting.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/It-Started-with-candy-Alien-vs-predator.jpg
Funny AvP pic

Comment posted by RevengeS197 deleted Jul 12th, 2014

this just keeps on getting better :pinkiecrazy:

Oh, boy, I really hope she realizes what she's getting into. I'm guessing Fancy will be giving her the full briefing of what they're after once he's sure she won't be backing out?

And with a Yautja incoming to boot! Things are going to turn bloody rather quickly.

I am going to guess that ahuizotl will be part of the group that Blueblood was talking about. And I really like this story

4694433 You could say something like that... yeah... :trollestia:

it was an excellent chapter. but you would think she wouldn't do it for the money but for the adventure, like Indiana Jones for an example he does things for the for the adventure, either by choice or by him getting kidnapped like in the movie Indiana Jones: kingdom of the crystal skull. but I still think its really good.:pinkiehappy:

4695215 We do not mention that movie, ever.:ajbemused:

4695215 Actually, we state in the chapter that she goes on this adventure for the whole purpose of getting another possible idea for one of her latest adventures. If that clarifies a few things for you. :twilightsmile:

4663647 thanks for sticking around and caring about the grammar. i'll try to make sure their paragraphs measure up. :twilightsheepish:

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