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4014552 Yeah. I'm trying my hand with these guys. Loved the movies since I first saw them. Gave me nightmares afterwards though. :fluttershysad:

4014557 You should give them a shot. The Xenomorph is one of the best movie monsters out there, and my all time personal favorite, for they are scary, terrifying, but cool and awesome the same. :twistnerd:
(Sorry, got excited for a moment) :twilightblush:

Don't worry about it. :twilightsmile:
I'm not a fan of horror movies (:fluttershyouch:) but I'll probably give Aliens a chance.

Comment posted by Great Noun Plural deleted Mar 7th, 2015

yes the xenomorphs shall consume! Tremble in fear of the ultimate killer! Love the story keep up the great work.

4014873 Thank you so much. :twilightsmile:

4014932 I love those adorable yet creepy bastards too. :pinkiecrazy:

4015107 Yes, they shall consume, all of Equestria! :flutterrage: Well not really, but things do definitely take a turn for the worse in the next chapter. Muahahaahahaha! :twilightblush:

this is looking good for the Xenomorph, but we all know that it will most likely fall at the end. I don't know why but I wont the Xenomorph to win for once.

You have earned a like, a favorite, and my attention :moustache:. I'm excited to see where you'll go with this. Just like the upcoming Alien Isolation, this will hopefully portray the Alien as unrelenting, remorseless, nigh-unstoppable, towering killing machine like it was in the 1979 original. There has been too many adaptations that depict the Xenomorphs as stunted, mindless, weak cannon fodder.

4027249 Yeah that's true. You see, I wanted to portray the alien as it truly was. Not some mindless monster like in the games or some movies, but a being that's highly intelligent, powerful, almost unstoppable and basically a force to be reckoned with. :yay:

Oh and just wait until next chapter, I did pretty well with the horror part. And yes, I can't wait to get Alien: Isolation. That game will probably give me plenty of nightmares, :fluttershbad: but oh well. :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Great Noun Plural deleted Feb 22nd, 2015

4081791 You know, I actually never thought about that. :rainbowhuh: Might do something like that later on.

4083176 Thanks! Loved your Fallout story, especially the part with Pinkie Pie and poor Rainbow Dash. :rainbowlaugh:

Excellent chapter my friend I await the next chapter with a smile.

Amazing chapter! Very well done including what Wayland-Yutani wants from the Xenomorphs, also the skirimish well written I look forward to the next chapter.

Comment posted by Great Noun Plural deleted Feb 27th, 2015

4096286 Why thank you. What did you think about the bit with the failed stare from Fluttershy?

Comment posted by Great Noun Plural deleted Mar 2nd, 2015

The only error I see is that you called the two male ponies colts. Colt is a male foal (child), not a fully grown male, or stallion as some say. But yea pretty good work. I feel as though the xenomorph is actually a threat like in Alien.:heart:

Nice chap. Sorry for being an a-hole and not showing up to edit... I'm lazy. :pinkiehappy:

Lovely. The Xenomorph is certainly a wonderful creature. Keep up the work my friend.

Really liking this story. the xenomorph has always been one of my favorite fictional aliens. I like that you made it into a character that thinks and reacts to everything around him an now I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of damge it can do and how much worse it would be for heroes if theres more than one.

Comment posted by Great Noun Plural deleted Feb 24th, 2015

we hear the insanity of who started the nightmare to begin with from his mouth a rant I bet of what he consider right in the name of science and the betterment of all and his crazy immoral experiments to find his desired result. :pinkiesick: but maybe something happen to him to affect him that bad like a encounter with the same monster in the past that put him on his horrible path.
:facehoof: there gonna kill him just from the video alone aren't they? after they destroy him some more while he immobile in bed would that make them monsters themselves? from there actions in name of there justice or revenge against him? would they be any better? need to stop now.

Comment posted by Great Noun Plural deleted Feb 23rd, 2015

When they meet Makoy it got me right there loved it can't wait for more

Love the evolution bits, please keep up the good work

Comment posted by Great Noun Plural deleted Feb 23rd, 2015

4156003 No she's not. :applejackunsure: Don't you remember that one almost giant Alien in Aliens Vs Predator 2010? That one that's about ten feet tall and you faced like two of them as the marine? :facehoof:

Comment posted by Great Noun Plural deleted Feb 23rd, 2015

Your new girlfriend killed right in front of you.

That's really f*cked up

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