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This story is a sequel to Doctor Whooves: The Temporal Schism

With Earth now combined with Equestria, everyone is switching between being humans, and being ponies. When Twilight tries to get Ponyville under control, she discovers that Equestria has a Doctor of it's own, and that he's one of the few people who can help. Once the real Doctor escapes the clutches of Omega, he returns to Canterlot High to discover what has happened to the world. With the help of his copy, The Doctor must stop Omega, before Earth collapses on itself.

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*laughing* Two Doctors! Oh man the Daleks are going to flip over that one!:rainbowlaugh:

6200218 Not to mention that Omega looks like the Doctor.

6200226 Let alone the upcoming battle.

6200229 Yeah, you'll love what's coming next.

6200234 Yeah, bit of Flashlight, Soarindash, Lord of the Rings reference, blah, blah, blah.

“No, Doctor, I’m the Doctor.”

How in the name of Rassilon did I not see that!:pinkiegasp: That was a Fourth Doctor reference when he first regenerated!

6204150 Yeah.
With two Doctors meeting, I had to put that line in there, it just fit to perfectly.

6204170 Thanks!:twilightsmile:
You read the new chapter yet?

6204182 Yup, and I read it brilliantly.:twilightsmile:

6204207 Did ya like it?
It's not the best chapter, more just a set up for the next chapter.

6204209 Of course I liked it! Dude, I loved all your stories I read.:twilightsmile:

6204215 Wow, thanks. :pinkiehappy:
I'm currently working on the next chapter, which is sure to be a doozy. Let alone the title of it.


I found this on Youtube. It's Capaldi's theme and Tennant's combined.:pinkiehappy:

6204225 I've seen it before. It's on my user page. It's really cool.

6204231 You bet it is! You should do that for the next intro theme!:pinkiehappy:

6204235 I'm actually working on that too.
I'm using the Dimensions in Time theme.
Mind you, I still need a Christmas Special theme.

6204235 Okay! The new intro is complete, and pasted to chapter one!
As much as I thought the Dimensions in Time theme would work, it just, wasn't working for the tone of this story, and the graphics I had. So, I used the 2008 vs. 2014 theme instead.
And, it worked out beautifully.

Oh........wow.:pinkiegasp: The theme so works!:pinkiehappy:

6204619 Yeah. Thanks for the recommendation.

6206349 Although, I have bad news.
I had to take the intro down.
I got a copyright violation, and I was forced to take the intro down.

6206523 Yes, it did.
I still have the file, I could email it to you.

Wow......just wow. A mix of David Tennant's, Matt Smith's and Peter Capaldi's intros!:pinkiehappy:

6209105 Thanks!
Plus, the MLP intro, adding to the 'Doctor Whooves' part.

6206327 Do you do these intros yourself?:pinkiegasp:

Whoa K, our Doctor is pretty serious isn't he? And Tom Baker and David Tennant!!!!:yay:

6513474 Wait, why Tom Baker?
He isn't in this story.

6513532 Equestria's Doctor is on his fourth incarnation, so I thought a pony version of Tom Baker's Doctor.

6513566 No, he still looks like David Tennant's Doctor, he just is on his fourth incarnation.

6513614 There ya go.
And, Omega looks like the 10th Doctor too.
Isn't it just dandy?

Purple hemispheres buddy, but good work!:twilightsmile:

6515405 Fixed it.
And, thank you!
Aren't you happy this is back?

6515425 You went all out with Scorpius huh?:rainbowlaugh:

6515427 I like how Equestrian Doc was frozen in fear.:rainbowlaugh:

6515430 Well, would you be?
Huge Dalek approaches, you'd be scared, wouldn't you?

"Oh s-" Was the Doctor trying to say Oh shit before the Dalek cut him off?:rainbowlaugh:

What kind of Dalek voice can you see Scorpius's as? Deep, normal, light, or Special Weapons?

6515443 Like emperor deep or normal Dalek drone deep like Dalek Thay?

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