• Published 8th Jul 2015
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Doctor Whooves: When Universes Collide - Draconaquest

Omega has crossed Gaea with Earth, creating an unstable planet, and only the Doctor can stop it. But, this time, it will take two sets of elements of harmony, as well as a second Doctor.

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Cannon to the left...

The two TARDIS's landed right next to each other in a small room, and each Doctor, each Twilight, and the one Sunset exited.

"You know I had a dream like this once." The Doctor said.

"Yeah, it ended badly." The Equestrian Doctor replied.

They looked at their surroundings, and it was similar to how it was when the Doctor first landed there. The lights were a very dim blue, and most systems seemed offline. "We need torches." The Doctor said.

"Oh, here!" Twilight reached into her coat, and pulled out five flashlights.

"Why do you have those?" Princess Twilight asked.

"Well, most girls carry lipstick or mascara, but I carry useful things like flashlights and thumb drives." Twilight handed each of her companions a flashlight, and they flicked them on.

They exited the room they in, and entered the hallway. "How old are you, Doctor?" The Equestrian Doctor asked.

"Oh, about nine-hundred and five." The Doctor replied.

"Really? You're that old?" The Equestrian Doctor asked.

"Yeah, how old are you?" the Doctor asked.

"About four-hundred and thirty-six." The Equestrian Doctor replied.

"Which regeneration are you on?" The Doctor asked.

"I'm an currently the fourth Doctor."

"I'm the tenth."

"Gee mate, how often do you get yourself killed?"

The Doctor chuckled. "Too often."

"Well, just take a trip to Gallopfrey and you'll get new ones." The Equestrian Doctor said.

"Gallopfrey? Don't you mean Gallifrey?" The Doctor asked.

"No, I mean Gallopfrey." The Equestrian Doctor reiterated.

"Hm..." The Doctor pondered this while the two Twilight were having a conversation. "So, you're me?" Princess Twilight asked.

"I seems that way, though we are different." Twilight replied, gesturing to her glasses.

"True, true." The Doctor stopped, and everyone bumped into each other.

"Why'd you stop?" Sunset asked.

"There's a panel here," The Doctor said, pulling out his sonic screwdriver, "I might be able to access it." He used the screwdriver to add power to the panel. "Let's see..." The Doctor pressed various buttons. "Oh, how do I bring up a map?" The Doctor asked himself, getting frustrated.

"Press the map button." Sunset said, pressing a button in the lower corner of the panel.

"Oh." The Doctor expressed, as everyone giggled.

"Ah, here it is."

"Here what is?" Twilight asked.

"The TARDIS power grid." The Doctor explained, "Unlike my TARDIS, this type 64 TARDIS was powered by a nuclear storm drive, rather than an Eye of Harmony."

"Eye of Harmony?" Princess Twilight asked.


"Do you have any idea if Gallifrey ever had any connection with Equestria?" Princess Twilight asked.

"I don't think so." The Doctor replied, "But, what we need to do is shut down the power system, and Equestria and Earth should separate."

"Brilliant." The Equestrian Doctor replied, pulling out his own sonic screwdriver, and connecting it to the panel. "I'm transferring the map it to my sonic screwdriver. We should be able to use the screwdriver as a tracking system to lead us to the power core."

"Right then, shall we make our way there?" The Doctor asked.

"EXTERMINATE!!!" A Dalek screamed down the hallway.

"Oh dear." the Equestrian Doctor expressed.

"Run!" The Doctor shouted, and ran down the hall, the others on his tail.

They reached a lift, and entered it, closing the door quickly. "How many decks down?" Sunset asked.

"Seven." The Equestrian Doctor replied. Sunset pressed the button, and the lift began charging down.

Seven decks later, they exited the lift, and entered a large blue room with dim light. The Doctor, however, stayed in the elevator. "Doctor, aren't you coming?"

The Doctor stayed silent for several seconds. "No." He said, and closed the elevator door.

The Equestrian Doctor skipped up to the door, pulling out his sonic screwdriver, and using it on the door. "Don't bother," the Doctor said inside the elevator. "It's deadlocked, good luck getting in."

"What are you doing?" The Equestrian Doctor asked, breathing heavily.

"I'm going to face Omega, myself." The Doctor replied.

"Why?" Sunset asked, her eyes wide.

"I caused this." The Doctor said, "I let Omega live, each time I met him. It's my fault. And I have to stop him."

"You're deluded." The Equestrian Doctor said, "Call the Time-Lords, maybe they can do somethi-"

"THE TIME-LORDS ARE ALL DEAD!!!" The Doctor shouted, causing everybody to take a small step back, "I KILLED THEM! DO YOU HEAR ME?! I KILLED THEM!!! IF THEY WERE ALIVE, THEY COULD STOP THIS! BUT, I KILLED THEM TO STOP THE DALEKS! I THOUGHT IT WOULD FIX EVERYTHING, BUT IT DIDN'T! IT MADE THINGS WORSE! AND NOW, EVERYONE COULD DIE BECAUSE OF ME! NOT NOW! I WILL STOP HIM, EVEN IF IT MEANS SACRIFICING MYSELF!!! The Doctor used his screwdriver to start up the lift. "Get to the power system, and shut it down. Quick as you can. Good-bye." Before anyone could reply, the lift was already charging upward.

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