• Published 8th Jul 2015
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Doctor Whooves: When Universes Collide - Draconaquest

Omega has crossed Gaea with Earth, creating an unstable planet, and only the Doctor can stop it. But, this time, it will take two sets of elements of harmony, as well as a second Doctor.

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Boldly they Rode...

Twilight approached the Doctor who was still moving, and struggling to get up. "Doctor, are you alright?" Twilight asked, helping the Doctor stand.

"Yeah, I'm..." the Doctor stopped, as a tiny bit of golden energy seeped from his hands. "Oh no, not now..."

Princess Twilight and Sunset Shimmer had entered Scorpius, and realized a major thing when inside. "It's bigger on the inside." They said simultaneously, gazing at the Dalek's insides.

"Time-Lord technology?" Princess Twilight asked.

"Well, Omega did create these Daleks," Sunset deduced, "It's possible some Time-Lord Tech was included in their construction."

"We need to find Scorpius's body and destroy it." the Princess of Friendship said.

"And get out before we're destroyed too." Sunset finished, and the two descended into the depths of Dalek Scorpius.

"Doctor, what's going on?" Twilight asked, as the Doctor ducked under the console.

"Regeneration," the Equestrian Doctor explained, "When a Time-Lord is dying he or she can regenerate into a brand new body, new person. It's a way of cheating death. I'm suppressing the energy at the moment, but I can't do it for long."

"But, if you can change, why aren't you?" Twilight asked, confused.

"Because, if I do, I'll become confused about what's around me, and I won't understand anything about what's going on," the Doctor explained, "So, I'm suppressing it for a while, but it won't last forever. But, right now, we need to turn off the storm drive."

"LIFE FORMS DETECTING WITHIN DALEK! ACTIVATE SECURITY MEASURES!!! Scorpius's voice boomed inside the Dalek machine, and the Princess of Friendship and her friend from another world found the creature inside the machine.

"That's disgusting." Sunset concluded.

"You're telling me." Twilight said, and powered up her magic. Both she and Sunset fired at the Dalek's squishy, squid-like head, but it was absorbed by an invisible force.

"Forcefield!" Sunset said, leaning backward.

"How are we supposed to take it down now?" Twilight asked.

Sunset looked around, and out of curiosity, fired a magical beam at one of the cables leading down to the Dalek body. The cable snapped off like paper.

"What are you doing?" Princess Twilight asked.

"The cables create the forcefield! Sunset said, "If we get rid of them, we can destroy the Dalek!"

Twilight smiled, and began shooting at the cables.

The Doctor and Omega had teleported to another place. This time a raging volcano. The stood across from each other, lava boiling beside them, as they stared into the same face.

"This can go on forever, Omega." the Doctor said.

Omega rolled his eyes. "Really? You're playing that card?"

"We share the same body," the Doctor explained, "We have the exact same strengths and weaknesses, we simply can't beat one another!"

"Keep telling yourself that Doctor!" Omega shouted, "You might win a medal!" And, Omega charged at the Doctor.

"DALEK SYSTEMS OVERLOADING!!! WHAT IS HAPPENING!?!?! EXPLAIN!!! EXPLAIN!!! EXPLAIN!!! Dalek Scorpius shouted, as Sunset and Twilight grinned at each other.

"Let's get out of here." Sunset said.

"Right." Twilight replied, as the two began to fly out of the Dalek.

"I don't get it!" the Doctor said, irritated.

"Get what?" Twilight asked.

"The storm drive shouldn't be running, I've deactivated it!" The Doctor groaned.

Just then, Sunset and Princess Twilight flew out of Scorpius, shouting the same thing: "Duck!!!" They tackled the Doctor and Twilight to the ground, just as Scorpius exploded in flame, and the storm drive shut down.

"Oh, so that's what it took to shut it down."

Omega crashed to the ground, as a beeping began to be heard. "What the...?" Omega mumbled, and looked at his wrist. "The nuclear storm drive is deactivated!"

"That would be my friends upstairs." The Doctor said, looking up.

Omega stood angrily. "YOU!!!!" and the pair teleported away.

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