• Published 8th Jul 2015
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Doctor Whooves: When Universes Collide - Draconaquest

Omega has crossed Gaea with Earth, creating an unstable planet, and only the Doctor can stop it. But, this time, it will take two sets of elements of harmony, as well as a second Doctor.

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Don't I know you?

The Doctor burst into Canterlot Castle, the seven girls trailing behind him. He glanced around, noticing that there were no guards present. “It looks like Shining Armor’s finest have gone on a holiday.” The Doctor said, before continuing down the massive corridor.

“We need to get to the throne room,” the Doctor explained, then glanced at Sunset, “I don’t know the way there.”

Sunset sped up ahead of the Doctor. “I know the way.”

Twilight walked up alongside the Doctor, and said, “I’m assuming that these versions of Celestia and Luna aren’t high school principals?”

The Doctor looked at Twilight, with a suspicious look, “How do you know so much about Canterlot High?”

“I…um…” Twilight stuttered, “I’ve been doing research on the school. With all the strange happenings there, I tried to figure out what was going on.”

“Well, Equestrian magic, raging she-demon, hypnotizing fish singers, alien shape shifters, and a disappearing blue box,” the Doctor said, “I can see where you might get suspicious.”

“How many of those were you?” Twilight asked.

“All except the raging she-demon, and the hypnotizing fish singers.” The Doctor said.

“Oh.” Twilight said.

Suddenly, the ground shook, and there was a bright white light, blinding the eight people. When the light faded, all of them looked like their pony counterparts.

“Okay, this is getting old.” Rainbow Dash said.

“Oh, come one Rainbow Dash, it’s not that bad,” Pinkie Pie said, jumping up and down, “Being a pony is fun!”

“I’ve ridden ponies before, Pinkie,” Rainbow Dash said, “and, it’s not that fun.”

“Okay, now I have that image in my mind.” Sunset said.

“What image?” Rarity asked.

“Don’t ask.” Sunset replied.

Rainbow cocked her head to the side, “Uh…”

“Anyway!” the Doctor interrupted, and turned to Sunset. “Princesses, remember?”

“Right.” Sunset continued down the corridor, the other seven following her.

When they arrived outside the throne room doors, Sunset gestured for the Doctor to enter. “No, ladies first.” The Doctor said.

“Why?” Sunset asked.

“I’ve had bad experiences with royalty before.” The Doctor explained, “Queen Elizabeth the First tried to behead me, still trying to figure out why, considering I married her, and Queen Victoria exiled me from Britain, after knighting me no less.”

“Okay.” Sunset said, with a confused look on her face.

“Hold on, you married Queen Elizabeth the First!?” Twilight shouted.

“Yeah, long story.” The Doctor said, and turned back to Sunset, gesturing for her to enter the throne room.

Sunset sighed, and pushed open the throne room doors. She saw Celestia and Luna in deep discussion. She walked forward, and then two scepters blocked her path.

“Who goes there?” A guard demanded, which got Celestia and Luna’s attention.

Sunset rolled her eyes, and teleported past the guards. “Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, I seek audience with you!”

Celestia’s eyes widened. “Sunset Shimmer? Is that you?”

Sunset nodded. “Yes. I seek audience with you.”

“Oh, drop the formality, we have work to do!” the Doctor shouted, pushing past the guards.

“Who are you?” Luna asked, walking down the steps of the throne.

“I’m the Doctor.” The Doctor said, stepping beside Sunset.

“Doctor who?” Luna asked.

“Well, that’s the question isn’t it?” the Doctor said.

“Hold on,” Celestia interrupted, “would you happen to be the same doctor who saved Ponyville from the creatures known as Cybercolts and Daleks a year ago?”

“Yep, that was me.”

“As well as the one who helped Cadance and Shining Armor save the Crystal Empire from the pegasus known as the Master?” Luna asked.

“Me also.” The Doctor admitted.

“Well then, I believe we can trust you.” Celestia said, “and, it seems you’ve already had gained the trust of Princess Twilight and her friends.”

The six entered, and immediately Celestia and Luna noticed Twilight’s odd look.

Celestia chuckled, “Has Nightmare Night come early Twilight?”

Twilight frowned. “Actually, this is my normal appearance.”

“Sister,” Luna began, “take notice that Twilight is a unicorn.”

Celestia focused on Twilight. “Hm…I see you’re right. But, why would Twilight be a unicorn?”

“If you’d let me explain…” the Doctor began, and was cut off by a groaning, screeching sound, as a blue box appeared on the right side of the throne room.

“Is that…?” Sunset asked.

Then, he doors opened, and the Doctor stepped out of it, wearing a light brown suit, with grey pinstripes, and a pale green tie. “Princess Celestia, Princess Luna! I seek audience with…” then he noticed the Doctor standing to his left, “you.”

“What?” the Doctor standing next to Sunset said.

“I’m sorry, what?” the other Doctor asked.

“But, what?”

“Who are you?”

“The Doctor.”

“Doctor who?”

“Just the Doctor.”

“But, that’s not possible.”


“Because, I’m the Doctor.”

“Doctor who?”

“Just the Doctor.”

“No, Doctor, I’m the Doctor.”

“Oh, you’re both the Doctor!!!” a voice shouted, as Twilight stepped out of the TARDIS, immediately followed by Cadance and Shining Armor.

“Twilight?” The Doctor standing next to Sunset asked.

“To prevent confusion, I think you might as well call me ‘Princess Twilight’ for now, as we have two Twilight’s now.” Twilight explained.

“I don’t understand.” The Doctor next to Princess Twilight said, “How can he be me?”

“Two worlds.” The Doctor next to Sunset said. “I’m from Earth, you must be from Gaea.”

“The Equestrian Doctor.” Princess Twilight said.

Twilight stepped forward, slightly looking upward to look in Princess Twilight’s eyes. “So, you’re my dimensional doppelganger.”

“I don’t like to think you as my doppelganger, more as my double.” Princess Twilight replied.

“Fine, dimensional double.” Twilight replied.

“Anyway,” the Doctor began, and looked toward his double, “now there’s two if us, twice the brainpower.”

“The cleverest ponies in the room.” The Equestrian Doctor said.

“In the whole world, probably.”

“Well, worlds.”

“True, true.”

“Will you two stop flirting, and just tell us what’s going on?!” Rainbow Dash shouted, who was hovering above them.

“Oi, we’re not flirting!” the Doctor shouted back.

“Not even close.” The Equestrian Doctor said.

“Get to the point!” Luna shouted.

“Okay, fine!” the Doctor shouted, and turned to address the princesses. “Do you have a meeting hall?”

“Yes, why?” Celestia asked.

“Good.” The Doctor then turned to Princess Twilight, “Call your friends; get them here.”

“Okay, why?” Princess Twilight asked.

“Just do it!” the Doctor snapped, causing Princess Twilight to back up a bit, and even the Equestrian Doctor to be in shock.

The Doctor then turned to Celestia and Luna. “Gather your guards, get the Wonderbolts, an army if you have one, and get them here. You need them.”

“Why?” Celestia asked.

“Because, an invasion’s coming.” The Doctor said, his tone almost threatening.

“An invasion of what?” Luna asked.

“Daleks.” The Doctor said, his tone completely serious.

Princess Twilight’s pupils shrank, as fear overwhelmed her. The Equestrian Doctor looked straight at his counterpart. “Daleks?”

“Yeah.” The Doctor replied, his gaze still at the princesses.

“Then we do need an army.”


Princess Twilight turned to Celestia and Luna. “I’ve dealt with them before, and you’d better do as the Doctor says. Both of them.”

Celestia nodded, and looked at the guards at the door. “Summon the rest of the militia, the Wonderbolts, as well as the five in Ponyville, and bring them to the Ball Room.”

“Yes, your highness.” The guards said, and left the room.

Celestia turned to Cadance and Shining Armor. “Summon the Crystal Soldiers as well.”

The couple nodded.

“Doctor, we will set up the stage for you.” Celestia said, as the Doctor nodded.

And Celestia said, in her most serious tone, “As of now, we are at war.”

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